The Girl for Me

by Failte200

Chapter 12


What's changed now, Daniel wondered. Apparently there really were people who were "girls inside", and there was a good chance he was one of them. Probably. Well, okay, almost certainly – but then again, in some ways, or at some times, maybe not – or not so much, anyway. Gawd! Why did everything have to be qualified like that - "somewhat", "in some ways", "more or less"? It would be so much easier if he could just be... a stereotype. If there were No Question, if he were somehow the Extreme Trans-Sexual, no questions asked, the epitome of trans-genderism, the very model by which other TG's were measured!

Instead, he was left with just as many questions as before, only cast in a different light.

To be, or not to be... a boy.

He still felt that he had a choice. "Being" a girl was something that he'd "liked". It wasn't like he'd die if he never put on another skirt. It was just something that felt good – especially around other people. It was... a luxury. A hobby. Something he could... give up.

Because it had it's downside too, he reminded himself. Boys don't get emotionally hurt the way girls do, he thought. Or if they do, they don't show it. And Boys who were Boys damn sure never bled from their bottoms. Or had to tell doctors why. Gawd.

He wondered if he could actually pull off being straight – going out with girls. Having sex with girls. Being the "top". Tops had it easy. Tops never got hurt. Thing is... yeah, girls were okay, in their way, but what he needed was boys. Men. Guys. He'd known that for a long, long time, so no use pursuing that train of thought. Whether he was a gay guy or a straight girl amounted to the same thing – it was the boys that made him feel good, and not just sexually.

He could still be on top, though, if Kevin would let him. Which didn't seem at all likely – what Kevin liked about him was his "girly-ness", always had been. Then again, Kev had tried to suck his dick – so maybe there were things about Kevin that Daniel didn't understand so much... Maybe they could, well, take turns or something. What would it be like to be the dominant one? The aggressor... The pitcher instead of the catcher. He tried to imagine it.

Yeah, he might be able to do that. If he could just keep himself from starting to feel girly. That might be difficult – pretty much everything about boys made Daniel feel girly – that's why he liked them. And besides – Kevin as catcher? Would he even do that, even once – just to see what it was like? Hell.

Fuck. Only one way to find out.

Snowmobiling was god-damned-fucking-totally FUN!

Kevin's "sled", as Daniel learned to call it, was cool. Fast, sleek, and red, it even matched his snow-suit. He felt stylin' on it, once Kevin had showed him how to work the controls. Not that there was much to it – the "gears" shifted themselves, there was no clutch – or rather, it clutched itself – all one really had to do was work the thumb-lever throttle and hold the fuck on.

And because there was no suspension to speak of, that really did mean hold the fuck on!

It could be kind of serene, too, in a Zen-like way, because Kevin had installed a custom muffler. "I'm not into noise," he'd said, "I'm into speed." So simply running the sled at top speed in a straight line across the lake was yet another kind of experience. The wind was louder than the engine.

They were at it for six hours, sometimes by themselves while the other waited his turn, sometimes together - sometimes Daniel driving, sometimes Kevin. It was great. But it was also getting quite dark, and they were getting chilled despite their triple-layer protection.

"Hey, Daniel!" Kevin shouted over the wind, "My dad's ice-fishing shack is in that little cove over to the left! Let's go warm up for awhile, okay?" Daniel – who was driving at the time - complied without a word. He was cold, too.

The ice-fishing shack was a ramshackle affair, which kind of surprised Daniel. He'd have expected teak and mahogany - not old, weathered gray pine that looked like it had never been painted. Kevin opened the padlock on the door, and the inside looked about like one would expect from the outside – same wood, with a circular hole in the floor showing the ice of the lake underneath. Dust was everywhere. But there was a couch, a recliner, a boom-box, and – most importantly – a Coleman flameless kerosene heater, with a tank full of fuel, which Kevin immediately set to work igniting.

There was also liquor. Quite a bit of it – rum, vodka, vermouth, whiskey, gin, and the bottle that Daniel examined while Kevin fiddled with the heater: EverClear. One-hundred percent grain alcohol.

Finally, the heater began to glow with warmth, and the boys took off their gloves and balaclavas to warm themselves around it.

"Got anything to eat in here, Kev? I just realized that I'm starving."

"I doubt it... I don't think Dad comes here to snack. I don't really think he comes here to fish, either. Probably just uses it as a safe place to drink." Kevin said, as he adjusted the heater, "So, Daniel. Have fun today?"

"Fucking blast! Most excellent. I have got to get me one of those!"

Kevin smiled – it was fun to see Daniel so excited. Not as fun as it had been buying girl-clothes at the Mall, maybe... but pretty fun. Still, he knew something was going on with his boyfriend – he just wasn't quite... right. Quite himself. There was something... phony... about Daniel. Of course, that might be because of what Kevin had done to him... maybe this was some kind of 'probationary period' or something and Kevin wasn't really out of the dog-house yet. Best to watch and wait, rather than assume anything. Kevin didn't want to screw anything up. Again.

Daniel was feeling good, in every way. The day had gone great, he'd done macho stuff, and enjoyed it. His mean-looking Evil Snow Suit helped. It was pretty neat – being a boy. Doing guy-stuff. Speaking of which – time to show some... aggression. He moved over, behind Kevin as he stood warming his hands, put his arms around him, and began nuzzling the back of his neck.

"Warmin' up fast in here, isn't it Kev?" he said, "Hey – that was an example of 'innuendo'. Get it?"

"Yeah, I get it..." Kevin was a little taken aback by the other boy's maneuvers. But what the hell. He turned around inside Daniel's arms. "Next you can show me one of those double-things..." He closed in for a kiss.

Or thought he was going to, anyway – Daniel was quicker, and closed the distance for him. Daniel's tongue came out almost immediately, too. Damn, Kevin thought, is he hot or what? But – no, he really isn't. Why is he acting like this? Should I ask? Nah... better keep my big mouth shut, for a change...

The kiss had been a challenge for Daniel. He could actually feel – now that he knew what to look for – his femininity rising when Kevin had turned around and was obviously about to kiss him. But beating him to the punch had quelled that feeling. He had made himself the aggressor again - the 'guy', the Top. Success. It should have felt better than it did, though. It would have been... nice... to have let Kevin go ahead and -

No. Don't even think about it. Not this time.

Daniel needed to re-group. Thinking about how it might have gone, if he'd let what he thought of as his "feminine side" win had thrown off the mood. He needed to get it back. He broke off the kiss.

"Let's have a drink. What exactly is 'EverClear', anyway? I've heard of it..."

"It's just pure alcohol, is all. No flavor, no nothing. It's pretty nasty."

"You've tried it?"

"This isn't my first time in here, Danny... I mean, 'Daniel'. Heh, I've tried 'em all. I think I like gin the best."

"Get us some glasses," Daniel ordered, taking a seat on the couch.

"Uh... y'know... we're both starving hungry. You ever drink before?"

"Sure I have. Well... tasted it anyway. Most of 'em are pretty nasty, I think, but rum is okay. With Coke. Never had it straight."

"I don't think we should get drunk, is all."

"Aww, c'mon Kev. Be a pal."

I don't want to be your 'pal', Danny... What are you up to? Kevin felt a vague fear looming, and wished Daniel were acting... normally. Well, if he was trying to prove something, might as well let him. "Yeah, okay. Rum, you said?"


"Daniel – it's really bad."


Kevin sighed, "Fine, fine..."

Not an expert drinker by any means, even if he did know a little more about it than Daniel did, Kevin poured what he thought was an appropriate amount into a tumbler. It was about two shots worth.

"Gah! You were right! God-DAMN..." Daniel gasped.

"You're supposed to swallow it all at once, not sip it."

"Really? Okay...." It took him three tries. And a solid minute of coughing. He handed the tumbler back to Kevin, "Right, let's go back to rum, okay? Jesus Christ..."

"Told ya."

Two more shots of rum. Kevin had one of gin. Enough to get warm on, but not enough that he wouldn't be able to drive home later.

They began to make out again there on the couch, still in their snowsuits. Kevin still couldn't get over how Daniel was acting. They unzipped each other's suits neck-to-crotch, so they could get their hands a little closer to each other, anyway. Daniel's hands headed for Kevin's groin, and Kevin's hands tried to guess where Daniel's nipples were through the thick thermal t-shirt. They knew each other's buttons.

Then Daniel did something new – he pulled one of Kevin's hands down from his chest and pressed it against his penis, albeit through the pants and underwear. Kevin groped for him, found him and began to squeeze. He wondered why Daniel had said he didn't like to be touched there – he sure seemed to be enjoying it now. He thought about mentioning it, but Daniel moaned quietly and the he decided against it.

"Let's get this stuff off," Daniel said, again taking the lead. They stripped, down to their thermals anyway. It wasn't quite warm enough in there to get totally naked, but at least they only had to fight their way under one layer of cloth now.

Again, Daniel positioned Kevin's hand on his groin, so Kevin could feel his erection. Soon, that hand was under the thermals, and Kevin was actually holding on to Daniel himself.

And to Daniel – it still felt good! No anxiety, no self-consciousness, no panic-attack... This was great! Full-speed ahead! All hands to battle-stations! Oogah! Oogah! I'm a guy – guy's have cocks. I have a cock. And... damn, it feels great! God, I wonder if-

Kevin said, as Daniel nuzzled under the collar of his tee-shirt, "Hey, Daniel, want me to-"

"Actually, Kev... what I'd like you to do is stand up, turn around, and lean forward."

Huh? "You... you want me to..."

"I got some Astroglide. Been in my pants pocket the whole time – should be pretty warm."

"You... uh..."

"What's the matter, Kev... Look – I'm not trying to get revenge or anything, okay? You taught me how it's done. I'll go easy on ya. Slow and easy. 'Kay?"

"Oh. Well... uh..." Kevin had no idea what to say. He couldn't very well just say 'no'. But... to do this? He'd never even considered the possibility, and it had seemed like he'd never have to, too! And now Daniel wanted to... fuck him? Well, hell – what the fuck could he do, anyway. Daniel had a right to do that, if that's what he wanted. But Kevin wasn't looking forward to it.

Without saying anything else, he got up and turned, putting his hands out against the wall behind the couch for support. Daniel snuggled up behind him, and pulled both Kevin's and his own thermal bottoms down. He began to snuggle Kevin's neck and hair again as he fondled his butt.

This was gonna be fun...

"Oh man that stuff's cold! I thought you said it'd be warmed up?" Kevin complained.

"Sorry. I'll try and warm it up more next time. Uh, Kev? You're okay with this, right?"

"Yeah. Yeah, Danny... just... take it easy, okay?"


Actually, Kevin was becoming more and more okay with it. After the initial self-consciousness, it felt kinna good, what Daniel was doing with his finger. Weird – but good. Of course, that was just a finger. Daniel's penis was quite a bit bigger than a finger... but still, Kevin knew how it worked. It might be okay, after all. Just not something he was... expecting. And quite frankly – Daniel was still being strange, somehow. This wasn't Daniel's thing – he liked being the girl. Weird.

So Kevin's okay with it after all... Daniel thought, Huh. I didn't really think he would be... it's not like him. Okay, I guess it IS 'like him', and I just didn't think so. Weird.

Several minutes later, Daniel had two fingers in, and Kevin wasn't complaining. He grunted now and again – but didn't complain. Time to get on with it.

Except – Daniel's erection had gone down. Not away - but not stiff enough for penetration. Well, no problem. Daniel began to stroke himself with a lube-covered hand. This shouldn't take long.

But it did.

And Daniel was becoming aware that it was taking too long. Kevin was probably wondering what was going on... Come on... come on... get hard... come on... Trying to will himself hard didn't help.

Kevin could hear Daniel stroking, and guessed why. That was the first logical part of the evening – him having trouble getting it up. The first thing that made sense. Of course he was having problems! This wasn't Daniel! This wasn't what Daniel liked! Wanted! ... Needed?

Kevin turned around and put his hands on Danny's shoulders as he frantically stroked at himself. "Danny? Lemme help," he said, then lightly kissed Daniel on the lips, and began to trail his way down. Soon Kevin was on his knees.

Oh shit! Daniel thought. This was where he'd panicked before – the last time Kevin had tried to suck him off. Oh shit! Okay – maybe it'll be different this time. Some things are different. I shouldn't watch – that worked for awhile last time... I shouldn't watch...

But he did watch. He watched as Kevin wiped off the excess lube, and then kissed and nuzzled around on his penis. The lip-kisses became mouth-kisses became lick-kisses, and still he watched.

Daniel saw that Kevin... liked it. He liked Daniel's dick! Obviously. A lot. Daniel was so enthralled watching, that he forgot to wonder why the fear wasn't rising in his stomach again. He couldn't get over it. Kevin actually liked it! And actually... his dick wasn't such a bad thing, really... It was kinna cute. Kevin sure seemed to think so, and... well, maybe he had a point. Daniel watched in absolute awe as his penis disappeared into Kevin's mouth. Fully erect again, but he wasn't even noticing that. He reached down and fondled a handful of Kevin's hair.

Having a dick isn't such a bad deal after all, when- Oh... oh my god... how is he... Oh my gawwwwd...

Daniel's eyes finally closed – but not because he didn't want to watch Kevin sucking him. He simply had other things on his mind.

After awhile, he felt Kevin pull his mouth off. He looked down to see Kevin looking up at him.

"You wanna try again, Danny?"

"No... no, for god's sake, don't stop..."

Kevin went back down on him. And Daniel only thought, Kev. Kev... Kevin... And later, KEVIN! KEVIN! KEVINNNN! K-

And Kevin swallowed Daniel – because he wanted to. No one could have been more surprised than Kevin himself.

Daniel turned around and fairly collapsed on the couch while Kevin got up, pulled up his thermals, and joined him, sliding down a little so he could easily keep fondling the other boy. That put his face just below Daniel's shoulder, and Daniel lifted his arm to give him a place to lean his head. Kevin was still trying to get over being so attracted to another boy's penis, and Daniel was trying to get over the feeling of being in the dominant position – the other boy's head under his arm, snuggled up to him.

It was pretty neat, being the 'boy'. He was getting good at it, apparently. Moreover, it seemed that Kevin didn't mind at all being the submissive one. Cool! Oh, wait...

"Okay, Kev – now I'll do you. You want to-"

"That's okay, Danny. Daniel, I mean. I'm good." Kevin was feeling mellow in a way he never had before, and wasn't really thinking about sex. Funny how it could feel that good to get someone else off. It was a new experience. So this is how he feels when he does it... Man. Live and learn.

"You... you are? Well, okay."

They stayed like that without speaking for half an hour more.

Then Daniel asked, "So... you ready to go, then?"

Kevin got up from the couch and stretched, "Yeah, I'm gonna get dressed and go start up the sled so it can warm up. How you feel about Mexican?"

"Sounds cheap. Don't go getting' cheap on me, Kev. Besides, the deal was that I was supposed to take you out this time."

"Heh, okay, okay. You and your 'deals'. You should be a lawyer. Be back in a bit."

They dressed in their gear again – except Daniel didn't put on his balaclava or gloves yet.

"I say we have another drink for the road." Daniel reached for the EverClear and poured himself half a tumbler. It didn't seem like that much. Actually, it was a little more than he'd meant to pour. The alcohol he'd drunk before was starting to buzz his brain.

"You're gonna hate yourself tomorrow," Kevin said, "Hey - what time is it, anyway?"

Daniel turned his arm to bring his watch into view – thus pouring the glass of alcohol all over his snow-suit – a classic bit of drunken slapstick. "Shit!"

Kevin – just getting his gloves on - burst out laughing when he saw what had happened. It couldn't have been more perfectly timed if he'd done it on purpose.

"It's not funny! Fuck!" Daniel said, looking down at himself and fruitlessly wiping at the nylon.

"It's hilarious. And I'm never letting you live it down, either. You're drunk, Daniel."

"I am snot!"

Kevin laughed so hard he couldn't talk.

"Oh... fuck you," Daniel said, and began giggling to himself.

"Maybe next time," Kevin laughed, and went outside.

Yeah... yeah, maybe Daniel thought. He looked around trying to find his gloves. His eyes landed on a cigar-box.

It had cigars in it. And matches. How macho was that... Danny unwrapped one of the cigars, and lit a match. A piece of match-head flew off when he struck it on the box, and Daniel's suit whoofed into flame. So did the floor under him. He screamed, trying to hold his head back and out of the flames rising from his own chest. He'd already singed his eyebrows off. His shoulder-length hair was burning, too. He screamed again, too terrified – and drunk – to do anything but stand there. His snow-suit's outer shell began to melt.

Kevin burst through the door to see Daniel standing there, flames all over his chest and stomach. He ran to the boy and grabbed him in a bear-hug, using one hand to bury Daniel's face in the shoulder of his own suit, for protection. But there were still flames, the hug hadn't got all of it, and he could feel the heat soaking through his pants as the legs of their suits caught fire from the flames on the floor.

He needed water. But there was none.

There was snow...

He lifted Daniel off his feet and turned around, running toward the door. Which had closed itself with a spring. And it opened inward. Fuck!

Kevin burst through the door without even trying to open it, Daniel's back taking the brunt of the force. The door-frame flew off, and the door with it. They fell six feet away from the shack, still locked in the bear-hug, Daniel still screaming into Kevin's shoulder. Kevin rolled in the snow, grabbing handfuls of it to rub onto Daniel's head, trying desperately to put out his smoldering hair.

All the flames were out. Kevin peeled himself – literally – off of Danny, and packed more snow onto his still partially-molten suit. Daniel had stopped screaming, but his hands were blindly grasping for Kevin, trying to pull him back down onto him again. Kevin resisted for awhile – until he was certain that no part of the other boy was still smoking – and then let Daniel pull him back down as he had been.

Daniel was crying like a baby, wailing, coarse and ragged. Threatening to break Kevin's heart. He tried to comfort Daniel as best he could.

"Shhhh... Danny... it's okay now... Shhhh..."

The shack was going up in flames.

"Danny, we have to get away from here. Are you all right? Can you walk? Danny?"

Between sobs, Daniel only nodded his head. He wasn't actually burned anywhere – although his ears felt raw – the thermal underwear and insulation in the suit had protected him from the fire.

"Okay, Danny. Lemme help you up..."

Once on his feet, Daniel clung forcefully to Kevin again, and they moved as one unit to the waiting snowmobile. Kevin bent over to set him down on the seat, then sat next to him. As soon as he did, Daniel turned to grab him by the shoulders and bury his face in Kevin's chest. Kevin held him like that for a long time, until finally Daniel's sobs had become sniffles.

Kevin asked again, "Danny? You sure you're okay?"

"Y-yeah, Kev... I'm okay..."

"We, uh, we'd better be getting back to the car."


Kevin checked Daniel out – his balaclava was gone, and he wasn't wearing gloves, either. No doubt they were in the burning shack. It was a good ten miles across the lake to the sled-house, where Daniel's car was parked. That was a long way to go in 30-below-0 air, not counting wind-chill. At least Daniel's helmet was still available.

"Here, lemme help you get this on..." It hurt going over his ears, but Daniel didn't say anything. That pain was the least of his problems.

After trying to wedge Daniel's collar up under his helmet to keep the wind away, Kevin said, "Okay, uh... put your hands in my suit-pockets and I guess we're ready. Still okay?"

"Yeah." Daniel didn't feel like talking.

Away they went, in the black night, across the silent lake, under the unblinking stars in the frigid, moon-less sky. Kevin went slowly – no more than 30 mph, in an attempt to keep the wind from freezing Daniel's neck and hands. It was going to take awhile.

And Daniel, snuggled as tightly as he could against Kevin's back, thought about things.

After about ten minutes, Daniel touched helmets with Kevin and said, "Kev? Stop a minute, okay?"

Kevin didn't ask why. He stopped in the middle of the lake – nothing around for miles. Distant lights from houses and businesses around the periphery of the lake beckoned, tiny yet bright. Kevin cut the engine, and it was absolutely silent. There was no wind, so they both took off their helmets.

"Something wrong, Danny? I mean, Daniel?"

"'Danny' is fine, Kev. Call me 'Danny'. I like 'Danny'..."

"Uh, okay, but-"

"Turn around for a minute. Facing me." Kevin got up and straddled the seat the other way around.


"You saved my life, Kev," Danny said flatly.

Not knowing quite how to answer that without sounding trite, Kevin said, "Uhm... you're welcome? What happened anyway..."

Danny took a deep breath, "I was trying to butch-up, is what. I was gonna smoke one of your dad's cigars. The match kinda... broke up or something. Lit off the EverClear."

"Ah. Butch-up?"

"Yeah. Uhm... gimme a minute," Danny said, and stared off into the night. Between the alcohol and the post-adrenalin depression, it was hard to think clearly about things, but one thing he knew for sure – he'd failed at trying to act like a boy. The way he'd clung to Kevin proved that well enough. Sobbing into his shoulder, burying his face in the collar of Kevin's jacket - taking comfort from his touch, smell, voice. Boys don't do THAT. He looked at the distant lights over the frozen waste of the lake and tried to think of a way to put it so that Kevin would understand.

"Trying to be a regular guy. Trying to be... like you. Normal."


"Stacey thinks I'm a trans-sexual," he interrupted.


"It means a female brain in a male body, in my case."


"Don't just say 'oh'. I want to know what you think, Kev..."

"I... uh, well, that would explain a lot..."

"Yeah, I know. It would."

"You sound like you wish it didn't..."

Danny stared at the space between them, "Fuck, Kev. I can't even be a 'normal' fag! Now I'm some other damn thing... what next? I'm so tired of... all of it."

"Why... why were... I mean – I thought you liked being a girl..."

"It's hard to explain, Kev. I sort of liked... the idea of being a girl. Or at least being like a girl. But I thought... I thought it was something I could turn off, y'know? I thought it was just something I did, not something I was. And... well, it seemed like... it was just getting me hurt. And it was embarrassing. But if I'm a trans-sexual, then that means... that would mean..."

"That would mean you are a girl after all." Kevin finished for him, getting impatient with the other boy. "Jesus Christ, Danny... I swear to god – I've never known anyone so hung up on 'what they are'! It's ridiculous!"

Danny looked Kevin in the eye and waited. Kevin soon realized what he'd said, and added, "Oh, geez, I didn't mean that... I... God. Shooting my mouth off again..."

"It's okay, Kev – I'm sort of learning to read between the lines with you. At least you say what you really think. Now tell me what you meant."

Kevin swallowed. He'd expected one of Danny's outbursts from what he'd said. But Danny understood him? Wow. He swallowed a second time, as he tried to figure out why he'd said what he did.

"I meant... I just meant that I wish you could just be you. You're great, Danny! You're fuckin' wonderful! Why do you have to be one thing or another? I... I just don't get why it's so important to you to call yourself 'boy' or 'girl'!"

"That's because you've never had to wonder about it. You know what you are! You've got your shit together! You don't have to wonder-" Danny saw that the other boy was shuddering with suppressed laughter. "What the hell is so funny?"

"I just never thought I'd hear you tell me that I 'had it together'. Gawd, Danny! I don't know shit – about myself or anything else! Did you know I have a boyfriend now? That I'm apparently gay? That I LIKE to suck dick?! Me? Fuck... I thought you were the one who had it all together! I'm just along for the ride! I'm nothing without..." Suddenly, his humor died like a candle blown out. What had seemed so funny was replaced with a different kind of light, arc-lamp brilliant. He said quietly, "I'm nothing without you."

Danny let that sink in. Kevin didn't have it all together? Well, no... Mister I-only-like-girls had come a long way from that, hadn't he... Calling himself gay – and in front of everybody too. Unashamed. Unafraid. He envied Kevin being out of the closet. I mean, IF he really is gay. 'Cuz if I'm really a girl inside, then he isn't. Sort of. Gawd – this makes my head hurt. Then, for some reason, Danny thought about the blow-job Kevin had given him. Successfully. There was something important about that...

"Kev? You... you really liked, uh, going down on me?"

"Heh. Gawd. Yeah, I did. I totally did, Danny... In fact, I can't wait to do it again. I still can't get over it. Me. Fuckin-A." Then Kevin remembered something he'd wanted to ask before, "You didn't... seem to have any problem with it this time..."

"I know. I think it was a lot of things – but mostly it was because you seemed to... want to so much. I never thought you'd... or anyone would... uh..."

"You never thought anyone would want to suck your dick?"

"Uhm... not really..."

"Why not? You like it, why would you think that-"

"Because it made me uncomfortable that it was even there, okay!? Because I didn't like it being there! Okay?! I wished it wasn't!" There. He'd said it. He braced for Kevin's inevitable laughter.

But Kevin didn't laugh, and only said, his tone surprisingly conversational, "Really? You... oh, I get it. It's a trans-sexual thing, isn't it... Because you're a girl, having a dick seems weird. But... you liked the blow-job..."

"I know. Like you say, I totally did. See? Every time something happens, it throws a wrench in the works."

"Did you really wanna fuck me?"

"Uh... well... sort of... I mean... Really, I kind of just wanted to see if you'd let me. But then... uh..."

"Hey Danny? Don't worry about it. When you wanna try again – I'm up for it, okay? Truth is – I was kinna diggin' it with your fingers... Heh. I'm so queer."

"You were? Oh, I mean... Kevin? Just tell me something: would you really rather have a boyfriend than a girlfriend?"

After several moments, Kevin replied, "You're my girlfriend. And boyfriend. Best of both worlds, Danny!"

"Most girls don't have a penis, Kev..."

"Yeah, well... my girl does. And I like her that way."

"What if... Do you... Uh... I could be a girl, y'know. Stacey says it's not that hard. Do you want me to?"

"Oh for GOD'S SAKE, Danny! I want to be with you! And I want you to be happy! If you-"

"I could have actual breasts and everything."

"If you want tits – get tits. If you want a vagina – get one. If you want a snowmobile – get a snowmobile. It's not important! Jesus H. Christ on a bicycle!"

Danny thought about that. "Actually... I would kinna like to have tits..."

Kevin was doing his shuddering with giggles again.

"What now?"

"Nothing. When's your birthday again?"

Danny smiled, "I love you, Kev."

"'Bout time."

"You have about THREE SECONDS to-"

"I love you too."

"... You're learning."

"I have a good teacher."

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