Knots, Book 5

by Elias Scott

Chapter 23


We had our foursome, and since I know many of you don't want to read about sex, I won't tell you what happened. There was the usual fooling around like we'd done in the past. You know it all, so there isn't much sense in going into any detail. But for those of you who want the details, read on. If not, you'll just have to wait until next week because this chapter is filled with a lot of sex. Like Matt and I said, "We'll start our diet after the foursome."

The biggest problem we faced was finding a place to fuck. Fortunately, Colt's parents were going out of town for the weekend and were leaving him home for the first time. They weren't expected back until Monday. He was against us coming over at first because he didn't want to betray his parents' trust, but his cock got the best of him. Talk about the mice playing while the cat's away. Colt was concerned about the neighbors ratting him out, so we had to wait until it was dark and agreed to park down the street and then walk to his house one at a time.

Matt and I had decided that this was going to be our last foursome, if that was possible. This put a lot of pressure on us to make sure we had awesome sex. Now if you believe this was going to be the last time, then you don't know us very well. Our intentions were very good. Matt and I had agreed to the idea of displacement, but like Dr. Walker said, there's always a little water left in the jar. But to be honest, we decided we weren't going to worry about any of that until the day was over.

We wanted the evening to be perfect, so we all agreed to douche before arriving at Colt's. Matt and I each did the other. I was ready to have sex with him right then and there.

Matt picked me up in his parents' car, and then we picked up Thomas, who climbed into the backseat looking a bit nervous.

"This all feels a bit funny, don't you think?" he asked.

I turned back to him. "What do you mean?"

"I don't know. It doesn't feel right."

Matt looked in the rearview mirror. "We can take you back home if you want."

Thomas squirmed in his seat, looked at me, and then at Matt in the mirror. "Maybe I'll just watch."

I laughed. "You can if you want, but you're going to miss out on a lot of fun."

"I wished you'd have never asked me."

"Look," I said. "Matt said he'd take you home. We don't want you to do anything you don't feel comfortable with."

"Like I said, maybe I'll just watch."

"Ok, whatever," I replied. Of course I knew it was just bullshit, but again, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. But in this case, I was sure Thomas was thirsty as hell.

Matt parked the car a block away and suggested Thomas go first since he'd been to Colt's house many times before. Matt went next, and I went last. Colt lived in a two-story house. His bedroom, his brother's bedroom, and his sister's bedroom were upstairs and his parents' downstairs. His brother was older and away at college, and his sister was at a sleepover since their parents were away.

Colt led everyone into the den, which had a huge flat screen TV. A long sofa sat directly in front of the TV with two recliners angled toward the screen on each side of the sofa. He pointed at the sofa and recliners. "Have a seat. I have a surprise for you." Colt clicked on the TV, set it to USB, and there, as if in a theater, were four guys chatting and making small talk. And before you knew it, they were kissing and taking their clothes off.

"Damn, Colt. Where'd you get this?" I asked.

"I downloaded it off the Internet and put it on a flash drive. I have a bunch of them. I found it on a free site. These sites don't give a shit if you're 18 or not. Thought you guys might enjoy it."

Matt and I were sitting on the sofa. Thomas was sitting in the recliner to the right of the sofa. Colt sat down on the other side of Matt. He grabbed Matt behind the head, pulled his lips to him, and began making out. I looked over at Thomas, who didn't move, so I got up, sat on his lap, and tried to kiss him. He turned away. I kissed him all around his face. I put my lips to his ear blowing lightly in it, and then put my tongue in as I started unbuttoning his shirt. I was halfway down when I put my hand inside his shirt and squeezed his nipples. No sooner had I done that than he grabbed my shoulder, pushed me off his ear, and then pulled me in for a hard kiss. Our tongues tangled together in passion, and I knew he wasn't going to just watch. He put his hand on my already-hardening dick, then unzipped my pants and put his hand in to grab my warm member.

I pulled away from our kiss, finished unbuttoning his shirt, and began kissing and licking his nipples. He slid his pants down so all he had on were his boxer briefs that held one nice-sized hard cock, which I quickly grabbed with my right hand as I continued sucking on his nipples. He groaned and said, "I'm glad I decided not to watch."

He pulled my shirt up over my head, grabbed the back of my head for a kiss, and rubbed his hands over my chest and abs. The air on my skin and his hands roaming all over really heated me up. "Let's get these clothes off."

Colt and Matt were already naked and in a 69.

Thomas and I stripped as we both looked at the TV and saw them doing the same thing. I looked at everyone and said, "Let's do everything they do."

"Great idea," Colt said, "It'll be so fucking hot. We'll have to plan to do this again."

Matt and I glanced at each other.

"Choose a guy that is in about the same position in the movie as you are, and do everything he does," I said, as if I was the boss. Of course, I'd always been the leader when it came to foursomes, or even threesomes. Everyone did as they were told.

All four naked TV guys moved to the sofa, so Thomas and I went over to the sofa to join Matt and Colt and we proceeded to kiss the guy we were already with just like the TV guys were doing. One of the TV guys rubbed the back of the guy from the other couple that was closest to him. So I reached around and rubbed Colt's back, which was still nicely tanned and smooth. Each TV couple rubbed their hands up and down each other's bodies and kissed and licked the other guy's nipples. Smiles of pleasure broke out on their faces. The couples began to kiss and lick each other's necks as we followed them step by step. It made me horny just watching them, but then doing the same thing ourselves made it even hotter.

I'm not going to talk any more about the TV guys, just understand that everything we did from then on mimicked what they were doing on the screen. I put my finger in Thomas' mouth and he sucked on it, and then we kissed again. Matt and Colt were rubbing each other's asses and kissing passionately. I reached back and rubbed Colt's fine ass as he and Matt kissed. I wanted Colt badly and could only hope all four of us would be together at some point before the movie ended. If not, I was going to do my best to make sure we were.

Matt knelt on the sofa in front of Colt, who was leaning against the arm of the sofa. Colt now had access to Matt's cock, so Colt began to suck him. Matt reached back and rubbed my ass, then ran his fingers up and down my crack. I turned back and smiled. Matt grabbed Colt's cock and began kissing him again, while Thomas sucked and licked my nipples before going down on my cock. I turned back and grabbed Matt by the chin and turned his face to me so I could kiss him while our dicks were being sucked. Damn, I wasn't sure if I was ever going to start my diet. Matt and I kissed lovingly while Colt and Thomas enthusiastically sucked on our dicks.

Matt got off the sofa and knelt on the floor so his ass was just below me and also gave him easy access to Colt's dick. I reached down and rubbed Matt's ass cheeks and then slapped this ass. He just let out an "Ah."

Thomas and I both knelt on the sofa facing each other and began kissing. I loved his lips and mouth. My cock was so hard, and I wanted to stick it in his ass right then. I'd had Thomas before and consequently longed for Colt. I kept hoping that we'd switch partners. I licked my finger to get it wet and rubbed my hand in Matt's crack and then gave him another slap. I passionately kissed Thomas while continuing to rub Matt's ass. Colt was breathing loud, and I could tell he was enjoying every minute of Matt's lips on his cock.

Thomas inched down to my nipples again, and I could feel a charge run from his lips to my dick. It even made my ass twitch. Thomas continued down my chest until he reached my cock. He took it in his mouth as I reached back and pushed Matt's bobbing head up and down as he sucked Colt. My breathing quickened. Matt moved back up on the sofa to kiss Colt and I took the opportunity to spread Matt's ass cheeks and rub his hole while Thomas did wonderful things to my dick.

Colt began sucking Matt's cock. Matt leaned back, so I had direct access to his face and mouth. We gave each other a deep, long, passionate kiss, our tongues lashing at each other. I whispered, "Matt this is too hot to stop."

He said, "Fuck it," as he kissed me again and pushed his tongue into my mouth as deeply as he could. Thomas was still working his magic on my magic wand. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the TV guys changed position. I followed the script. I got up off the sofa and stood on the left side of the sofa so Thomas could suck my cock while I knelt with one knee on the arm of the sofa. Matt came off Colt, and turned toward Thomas and began sucking his cock while rubbing his hands up and down Thomas' abs. Colt, who had been partially stretched out on the sofa with his head leaning against the right arm of sofa, moved in position to suck Matt. Finally, all four of us were tied together through our dicks and mouths.

Thomas jacked me off and then reached down to do the same to Matt, leaving Colt to lick and suck on Matt's balls. I was standing there able to watch it all. Thomas started sucking my cock hard. I put my hand on top of his head and gave him a little help. Everyone had a cock in their mouth except me. But I rubbed my pecs and abs and it felt so fucking good that it didn't look like the water was going to be replaced with very many marbles in the near future. It made me feel a little like I'd failed Doc Walker in some way that was hard to explain.

My porn guy moved. At first, I hated to move because I was loving Thomas' warm mouth on my cock, but it got better. I moved over in front of Colt who leaned back on the sofa so I had easy access to his balls and cock. I began licking his balls. In the meantime, Matt laid his head back against the arm of the sofa while Thomas moved into a 69 position over him. I could see the two of them sucking each other's cocks while I was moving from Colt's balls to his beautifully cut cock. I then licked my way up his abs and chest and kissed him with a horny passion that can only exist when you're finally having sex with someone you've wanted for a long time. I kissed him deeply, our tongues fighting for dominance as I held onto his cock. I broke the kiss and went back to Colt's hard penis and jacked it while I sucked it. Every now and then I'd pause so I could look at his beautiful face and body. All I could think of was that I didn't want to see any of this end, even though I knew it would eventually, at least for that day. But I was hoping for many more. Yes I was not only thinking with my dick but with my whole body and mind.

Matt and Thomas were still doing a 69. I couldn't help but look over every now and then. That's one of the things that's so cool about group sex; you can also be a voyeur while doing your own thing. Everyone was breathing hard. Colt had this beatific smile of pleasure on his face as I went down deep on his dick.

Thomas moved off Matt's dick and kissed him while keeping his hands on Matt's balls and then jacking his dick. It was a hot kiss. I kept sucking on Colt's beautiful cock and saw Thomas move so that Matt had access to his ass and Thomas could continue to suck Matt. Matt spread Thomas' ass cheeks, exposing his hole and began rimming him. I wanted Colt's lips and tongue on my ass. My ass was screaming for it. Matt poked his tongue in and out of Thomas' ass just like in the movie. Thomas lifted his head and gave out a moan of ecstasy.

I moved to Colt's right and put one knee on the arm of the sofa so he could have access to my cock. He put his warm mouth on my cock, and I rolled my head back and then looked over at Matt and Thomas. Now Matt was sticking his index finger in and out of Thomas' ass and then licking his hole. Shit, this was almost too much for my 17-year-old-heart to bear.

I started fucking Colt's mouth, and it felt so warm and juicy. I wanted to keep going, but my character moved. I pushed the recliner next to the right arm of the sofa so I could kneel on it and give Colt access to my ass. He immediately began rimming me. In the meantime, Thomas stood next to the arm on the left side of the sofa so he could drop his dick into Matt's mouth for a good sucking. But what came next was even hotter. Colt was rimming me and jerking on my cock, Matt moved so he could suck Colt's member and Thomas could suck Matt's. We were all tied together again in that each of us was touching someone in the foursome. I was letting out ooh's and ah's because Colt was doing such a fine job on my ass, while every once in a while licking my balls and jacking my cock. I turned back and told him, "Colt, Thomas has trained you well."

Colt put his mouth and tongue all over my asshole, spit on it, and then licked it again. I grabbed my right ass cheek and pulled it so my hole was more easily accessible to his mouth.

Matt moved on his back and leaned against Colt's hip. Thomas straddled Matt so they were both facing each other. Matt took both cocks in his hands and started to jack them off. Colt stuck his finger in my ass and I thought I might cum right then, but fortunately I didn't. That was the last thing I wanted to happen. We still had too much to do.

Matt got on all fours on the sofa while Thomas lubed his cock and Matt's ass and then penetrated his hole. We didn't have to worry about condoms because we'd all been tested and received clean bills of health. I moved in front of Colt who was sitting up on the left side of the sofa. This gave Colt time to lean over and kiss Matt. It made me a little jealous because their kissing and tongue action looked and sounded like they were loving it. Of course, Thomas had his dick in Matt's ass, and I could see pleasure spread across Matt's face, even in the middle of him kissing Colt. Matt started letting out groans of ecstasy as he moved from Colt's lips to his nipples.

Matt went back to kissing Colt while I sucked on Colt's dick. He had such a nice cock; I could have kept at it, but the TV guys still had more for us to do. Matt was still getting fucked by Thomas, who looked like he was throwing caution to the wind and was enjoying it as much as we were. I stood so I could straddle Colt's legs with my back toward him. I positioned his cock with my ass and slowly sank down on it with a loud, long, "ahhhhhh fuck!" I was riding up and down on Colt's dick when Matt leaned down and took my cock into his mouth. There is almost nothing better than getting fucked while someone sucks your cock, except maybe also having a dick in your mouth at the same time. I couldn't have planned this as well as it was turning out. It was so hot I began yelling, "Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah," while throwing my right arm in the air like I was riding a bunking bronco.

We were all bound together again. Thomas was fucking Matt, Matt was sucking my cock, and I was bouncing up and down on Colt's. Shit, it was good. I couldn't help but wonder what Doc Walker would think if he could see us now.

I stood and moved to the right side of the sofa so I was leaning against the arm and could easily fuck Colt's mouth again. Matt immediately began sucking Colt's cock while Thomas still had his dick deep in Matt's ass. Everyone was breathing hard, letting out expletives, and calling out God's name. Of course most of that wasn't in the clip, which was surprising.

I starting riding Colt's dick again while Thomas stood so Matt could suck his cock. I was yelling, "Oh yeah" and "Ah" and jacking off while I was going up and down on Colt's cock. In the meantime, Matt had Thomas sit on the sofa so Matt could straddle him with his back to Thomas' chest while he lined up Thomas' dick and sank down on it. It was awesome to watch Matt getting fucked while I was getting fucked. I was bobbing up and down with long strokes to get as much of Colt in and out of me as I could. Our skin was beginning to glisten from the sweat brought on by all the hot sex.

I looked over at Matt who was riding Thomas right next to me. I leaned toward him and his mouth met mine as we attempted to kiss while going up and down on Thomas and Colt's dicks. It didn't work very well, so I turned to kiss Colt while he fucked me. Matt did the same to Thomas. I hated to do it, but I had to get off Colt and suck his cock because that's what my guy did in the movie. Can't complain too much because I love sucking cock, and he had such a nice one. Fortunately, I didn't have to do it too long because I was soon straddling Colt again and sticking his cock back inside my ass and riding it like a cowboy.

Matt got off Thomas' cock and began sucking him before jumping back on his hard member and riding it again. He leaned back and kissed Thomas. It was so fucking hot to watch. My dick was bobbing up and down as I was riding Colt, and I began to think I might cum. But what happened next was cool. We switched partners. I sat where Thomas had been sitting, and Thomas rode my cock. Matt lay on the sofa so his head was next to my hip and his ass was on the arm of the sofa. Colt took his dick and stuffed it into Matt's ass. Matt was moaning when I leaned over and kissed him while Thomas was still going up and down on my cock. I rubbed my hands on Matt's abs. My heart was pounding out of my chest and the sweat was dripping off my face.

Eventually it was too much for Thomas. He jacked his dick and came while still riding me. After his full climax, he got off me and sucked my cock. Matt was still being fucked by Colt. Matt started jacking off until he came too. He shot a huge load. Colt moved over Matt's face and jacked off until he came all over his face. Matt took Colt's dick in his mouth, licked the remaining cum off, and nibbled on the head Watching that and also seeing and feeling Thomas' mouth on my cock brought me to the end. "I'm going to cum," I yelled. "I'm going to cum. Ahhhhh. Ahhhh," I let out as I climaxed and shot all over Thomas' face. I was completely spent. Thomas took my cock in his mouth and sucked what remained and then kissed me. Colt kissed Matt and then Matt kissed me. I loved kissing, so I did it as long as I could.


As you already know, we hadn't started our diets yet, and were in the middle of an awesome foursome. The whole evening was too good to be true. Copying everything from the porn movie turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. Not Doctor Walker of course.

When it was all over though and the passion settled down, I started to feel guilty. Andy, on the other hand, looked like he was ready to do it all again. But then something happened that shook us all up.

Colt had a hot tub in the backyard, and we decided it would be a great idea to jump in naked. We showered in the outdoor shower and then climbed into the hot tub. We were soaking and leaning our heads back against the sides of the hot tub with our arms spread across the edge. And despite the short bit of guilt I felt, I said, "Why don't we have sex in the hot tub? I'm ready whenever you guys are." Everyone nodded in agreement, and we were just getting ready to start over again when we saw movement in the house. It was Colt's parents who were in the den looking down at all of our clothes strewn around the room. Fortunately, Colt had turned the TV off and taken the flash drive out.

His parents looked around and then saw us out in the hot tub which sat on the patio just outside the den. They came out with inquisitive looks on their faces. Colt's dad asked, "What's been going on here?"

Colt innocently said, "Nothing. Just thought I'd have the guys over to watch some TV and sit in the hot tub so we'll be loosened up for football practice tomorrow."

"I see," his dad said. "Why are all your clothes lying around in the den?"

Colt didn't have an answer, but as you already know, Andy always has an answer. "We didn't want to take them off out here where it's cold. This way, our clothes will be warm when we're done."

I didn't say it was a good answer.

"We saw underwear on the floor," his mother said.

"Yeah, we're in the buff," Andy said. "Nothing wrong with that, right?"

What could she say? "I guess not, but we'd have preferred if you didn't."

Colt suddenly got brave. "Mom. Don't be such a prude. Guys shower naked all the time. Anyway, you can see nothing's going on. There are no empty beer bottles, roaches, or empty booze bottles. Just us. A few guys getting together for a little camaraderie. By the way, why are you home?"

His dad cleared his throat. "Didn't want to drive home on Monday. Too much traffic. We also wanted to check up on you." He smiled. "I'm just joking. Everything looks innocent enough."

All I can remember thinking was, I sure hope there wasn't any jizz on the sofa or the floor of the den.

Chapter Quotes

Conosci_te_stesso – Know Thyself – The sentence "Know thyself" is related to the temple of Apollo at Delphi. While scholars disagree, the general meaning is we should each recognize our own limitations and boundaries. – Obtained through Wikipedia and paraphrased.

Only as you know yourself can your brain serve you as a sharp and efficient tool. Know your own failings, passions, and prejudices so you can separate them from what you see. - Bernard Baruch

Know yourself. Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful. - Ann Landers

Why are people afraid of getting older? You feel wiser. You feel more mature. You feel like you know yourself better. You would trade that for softer skin? Not me! - Anna Kournikova

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