Knots, Book 4

by Elias Scott

Chapter 16


I dreaded having to clear things up with Matt mostly because I didn't want to hear what he had to say. Jason wasn't a problem, so of course I talked to him as soon as I could on Monday. I waited for him at his locker and a surprised look crossed his face before he gave me a dirty look. "I'm a horse, huh?" "I see you got the point."

"Yeah, and thanks. Talking to Mr. Lynch was the right thing. He made me see things differently. I decided I'm not going to worry about it."

I grabbed on to) the top of his open locker door and leaned on it. "What does that mean?"

He shrugged. "Mr. Lynch told me my sex life is a private thing and I can keep it to myself if I want. Before talking to him I thought I wasn't being true to myself. That I was living a lie. But now, I realize my sexual preference doesn't define who I am. And since when do I have to carry a sign around that says, 'I'm gay.'"

I rocked back and blinked. "You got all that from talking to Lynch?"

"Not at first, but the more I thought about it the clearer it got."

"Does that mean you're joining the GSA?"

He laughed. "I could now. It's for everybody, right?"

"Yeah. But some people might think you're gay."

"Is it important what they think?"

His words made me feel like I'd done something good. I didn't care if he was gay or not. What difference did it make? "So are you going to join?"


"Why not?"

"My parents. To be honest, I don't care what the kids think. But I couldn't take my parents treating me like I had some dreaded disease. We all need to feel loved."

I frowned. "Shouldn't they respect your right to join a school club? Like you said, you're keeping your sexuality to yourself and joining the club doesn't indicate whether you're gay or not. Well, at least until I tell everyone."

He slammed his locker door. "Not funny."

"I'm just joking. You know that,don't you?"

"You're always trying to be the clown. Can't you be serious?"

I leaned against the lockers and crossed my feet. "Don't forget who got you to go to see Mr. Lynch."

He leaned against the lockers too and faced me. Suddenly, he seemed more confident. He wasn't the same scared kid that cornered me in my wheelchair. "You're right. And the thing I got from him is that I can take my time and I can decide when the time is right and right now it isn't right. I'm only a freshman."

I stood up straight. "I agree. Take your time and I'll wait a month or two before spreading the word about you being gay." I expected him to say, "Fuck you, Andy But that wasn't Jason's style.

"You'd never do that, so I'm not worried. I've got to get to class. Thanks for getting me to talk to Mr. Lynch."

I patted him on the back as he headed to class. "You're welcome."

Matt met me just before lunch. "We need to talk."

I couldn't help myself. "What about?" I thought I'd make him sweat.

"We need to talk about our relationship. Doctor's orders."

I played dumb. "He didn't say anything to me."

"Fuck you, Andy. When do you want to talk?"

I laughed inside, thinking how different Matt was from Jason. "Next month?" -

"Get serious and quit fucking around. We need to talk."

"Let me check my calendar." There wasn't any way I wanted to talk. But I'd promised Doc. Walker and I had to keep my word. I acted like I was taking a fake notebook out of my pocket and paging through it. "Let's see. I have some time tonight. What time do you want to meet?"

He smiled. "Glad to see you have time for me on your busy calendar. How 'bout after dinner. Come to my place around seven."

"Okay, it's a date. I'll be there."

We headed into the cafeteria and Gina was sitting with Martin at a table by themselves. Matt stopped cold, glanced at them, and nudged me. "Look, Gina's with Billy."


"I didn't know they were dating."

"Why do you care? You're into guys."

"To be honest, I don't know. Don't forget Gina was my first date. And now that I'm a sexual monster, I could probably give her a good ride."

"How about giving me a good ride first?"

He punched me. "Be patient. The time will come. But right now I'm more concerned about Gina and Billy." "Forget them. You got me."

"Yeah, what a catch."

That kind of hurt my feelings. "No more sex for you then."

"Come on, Andy. I'm still confused. I told Dr. Walker the same thing. That's why we need to talk."

Alan and Emily waved us over to the table. "Okay. I understand that we need to talk, but I really don't want to." We sat down with Alan and Emily.


Andy was hard to pin down, but he agreed to come to my house that night. The odd thing was, I saw Gina and Billy eating lunch together, and I got jealous. It surprised me. Why would I be jealous? I think I'd have felt the same if I saw Andy and Thomas having lunch together without me. Hell, I didn't know. The thing I did know was Billy had won the election and now he was winning Gina.

Emily could see something was up. "What's the matter, Matt? Don't you like seeing Gina with Billy?"

"Uh. Uh. Of course not. She can be with whomever she wants."

Then Andy, who never seems to know when to keep his mouth shut, says, "Now that she knows you're gay, she's decided to move on. What did you expect?"

I wanted to punch him in the mouth. "Shut up, Andy. Who said I'm gay. I sure didn't."

"You could have fooled me," Emily said. "Seems like you've done just a bit too many things with Andy, Thomas, Randy, and a few people I don't even know, to have anyone think otherwise."

I didn't know what to say, so of course I said something stupid. "We were just having fun. That's all."

"Seems like gay sex to me," Alan said.

Emily frowned. "So it was just sweet, innocent fun. I don't think most people look at it that way. I may be tolerant, but threesomes and foursomes are a bit more than I can handle. It almost makes you guys seem like perverts. Whatever happened to committed relationships?"

Then I said something I wished I hadn't said. "If that's how you feel, you don't have to hang with us."

Andy, the shit disturber, tried to slow the shit disturbing down. "Hold it. We've been friends through everything. So stop this shit and cool down."

Calm, easy-going Alan said, "Yeah, cool it. We're friends."

Finally, I got hold of my tongue. "Sorry, Em. I value your friendship. I don't know what got into me."

"I think you're jealous of Billy," she said.

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not!" Of course she was right, and I had no idea why I was jealous.

Then to make matters worse, Billy and Gina got up and walked over to our table. Gina had her hand inside Billy's elbow. He acted cool and casual. "Hey, guys. What's up?"

I wanted to get up and pound his ass. "Oh nothing. Just talking."

Billy turned to me. "Matt, you were a gracious loser. I appreciate that."

Now I really wanted to smack him up the side of the head. He called me a loser.

He went on. "Sorry, loser isn't the right word. You were a gentlemen and I appreciate it."

Gina squeezed his arm a little tighter and looked up at him with an adoring smile. It made me want to vomit.

Then to top everything off, Thomas and Colton showed up, looking like they were ready to eat each other.

"Why do you guys look like you all lost your best friend?" Thomas asked.

"Matt's acting like an ass," Emily volunteered.

At least Thomas was on my side. "Not Matt. He's a gentleman."

Billy cleared his throat. "I think we'll head back over to our table." He turned to me. "Thomas is right. You are a gentleman."

With that, they turned and left. Gina didn't say one word to me. Then Andy said, "Thomas, Emily was just talking about us all having sex together."

Thomas turned red and Colton decided it was best to keep his mouth shut.

I stood. "Andy, get up so I can kick the shit out of you."

"Hold it, buddy. I was just joking."

Andy may have been my best friend, but sometimes he was enough to make me want to kill him. "I don't care. I'm getting tired of your jokes. It's not funny. Emily's upset. Gina didn't talk to me, and now you're embarrassing Thomas and Colton. What else are you going to do before the day's over?"

"Sit down, Matt. I'm not going to fight you. Anyway, I'm sorry. But, Matt, everyone at this table knows what went on. It's not like it's a secret."

"Maybe so, but I'd prefer to forget about it, and I'm sure Thomas would too."

Thomas finally opened his mouth. "Andy, this stuff is personal. Keep it to yourself. Colton wasn't involved with any of that and I'd just as soon he not have to listen to you talking about it."

Andy waved us off. "Okay. Okay. Sorry."

Then the table went quiet and we just all stared at each other waiting for someone to say something. We ate lunch in relative silence and finally the bell rang.


I'd managed to get myself on Matt's shit list and I guess I deserved it. Sometimes I just don't know when to keep my mouth shut. Thank God the lunch bell rang.

Matt kind of ignored me as we got dressed for football practice so I finally walked over to him. "Hey, sorry about lunch. I'll be by your house at 7:00 like we agreed. Okay?"

"Yeah, and you'd better take this more seriously than you did at lunch. We've done some stupid things in our 16 years, and some of them I'd just as soon forget."

"What's that I hear about you doing stupid things?" Jackass Barnes yelled.

I flipped him off. "Fuck off, Barnes."

"Hey, you little shit. I could crush you with my bare hands."

"I'm sure you'd like to get your hands on this fine body, but you're shit out of luck."

Barnes was quick. "Oh yeah, Matt has dibs on that fine body of yours. Sorry, I almost forgot."

I rushed toward Barnes, but Matt grabbed me. "He's not worth it. You know what they say, Andy. Make love not war. Maybe you should kiss Barnes like I did Frank Kutcher."

"Maybe you're right, Matt, except I'll have to kiss his ass. They don't call him Jackass Barnes for nothing."

Matt nudged me. "Yeah, and you won't even have to bend down because his ass is on top of his shoulders."

Barnes was pissed at both of us, but he saw Coach coming out of his office and walked away as he said in a low voice, "I'm not through with you guys yet."

Thomas and Colton

Thomas and Colton's relationship moved slowly because Thomas didn't want to scare Colt off. Thomas had football after school and Colton's parents wanted him home after school so they only had the time before school started and lunch to spend together. Everyone knew Thomas was gay, so it was assumed Colt was too and he didn't care.

Colt had avoided talking to his parents about his relationship with Thomas, so his parents cornered him at the dinner table one night. Colt's older sister, Julie, was a senior and she already knew from everything she saw at school that Colt was gay. So when she was asked to leave the table so her parents could talk to Colt, she said, "I already know."

Colt kicked her under the table. "You don't know anything, so get lost."

"Okay. I'll go," she said as she turned to Colt. "If you promise to talk to me after."

Colt replied in a sullen voice. "Okay. We'll talk."

She left and Colt's parents sat on one side of the rectangular dinner table and Colt on the other. His dad started. "You've been spending a lot of time with Thomas. Is there anything you want to tell us?"


"You know he's gay, don't you?"


"Is anything going on between you two?"

"Uh, no."

Colt's mother reached out and grabbed hold of his hands. "Honey, we love you and want you to know that if you're gay, we'll still love you."

"I'm not gay. Thomas is just a friend. Just because he's gay doesn't mean I am."

His dad folded his hands on the table. "That's true, but have you done anything together?"

"Like what?"

Colt's dad looked down at the table and in a low voice said, "You know. Had sex?"

"What do you mean by 'had sex'?"

His mother tried to save her husband. "Have you kissed or done other things with each other?"

Colt did not like having this conversation. "Is kissing considered sex?"

"Well, not exactly," his dad said. "But most boys don't kiss each other, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, but I'd rather not talk about any of this. Can't we just let it go? Thomas is just a good friend."

His dad looked at Colt, who'd dropped his head. "Colt, look at me." Colton raised his head. "Look at it from our point of view. Thomas, as we know from that Dillon kid's trial, is pretty experienced. And now you're hanging around with him. We're just concerned is all. Like your mom said, we will love you no matter what. But we need to get things out in the open. We think you'll feel better about it. You don't have to tell the kids at school if you don't want to, but from Julie's attitude, it appears everyone knows but us."

"Julie's crazy."

"Do you want us to call her back in here?"


"So tell us. Are you and Thomas boyfriends?"

"Uh. Uh. Yeah, I guess. He's a good friend and he's a boy."

"You know what your father means. Be serious."

Colt just looked at their sad, but eager faces. "You'll love me no matter what, right?"

His parents nodded.

"Then yes, we're boyfriends and we've kissed."

To Colt's surprise, a look of relief lit up their faces. It soon left and his dad followed with, "Anything else?"

"Come on, Dad. Get off my back. We're boyfriends and we've kissed, so let's leave it at that. And if kissing a boy means I'm gay, then I guess I'm gay."

His parents' faces showed relief, but also concern. His dad stood. "Stand up and let me give you a hug."

Colton stood and his dad threw his arms around him and hugged him tight. "I love you, son."

His mother joined them and they had a three-way hug. Colt felt so relieved that he said, "Does this count as a threesome?"

Colt and Thomas had done more than kissed. Thomas didn't want to appear to be too anxious, but he was horny as hell every time he was with Colton. Colton was a little too, but since he hadn't really had sex yet, his horniness was small by comparison.

Thomas' parents were a little concerned about what went on in Thomas' bedroom when Colton came over, but they found him to be a nice, courteous boy and didn't want to seem too nosey. They were pleased that Thomas had found a new friend his own age that was not Matt, Andy, or Randy. They were pleased that Randy no longer hung around with Thomas. They had no idea what he was up to, and didn't care.

Thomas was one step ahead of his parents because he'd talked to Andy and Andy explained how he and Matt used to do things when they had sleepovers. Andy told him about having the air mattress and sleeping bag on the floor so if the parents came in before they went to bed to check on them, everything seemed fine. Thomas and Colt ended up having a few sleepless nights just because they didn't get in bed together until after their parents went to sleep.

They had their first sex at Thomas' because Thomas was more experienced and he made Colton feel safe. Once Thomas thought his parents were in bed, he locked the door just in case. He went slowly that first night. "Colt, get in bed with me."

It didn't take much urging. Colt climbed into bed with Thomas, who was naked, while Colt had his pajamas on. "Lean your back against me."

Colton moved in close and Thomas spooned in closer and put his arms around him. "You smell nice."


Thomas nibbled on Colt's earlobe and then licked in his ear.

"Oh fuck," Colt let out. "That feels good."

"That's the idea." Thomas kissed his neck, grabbed Colt's chin and turned his face toward his so they could kiss. Thomas reached down to find Colt hard. "What's this? Seems like you've have a growth spurt."

Colt didn't say anything.

"Roll on your back so I can straddle you and take your clothes off. Is that okay?"

Colt nodded in the dim light that shown through the bedroom curtains. Once on his back, Thomas knelt over him and unbuttoned Colt's pajama top. He spread it open and leaned down and kissed his nipples before rolling his tongue around each of them. He licked his way down to the top of Colt's pajama bottoms and stopped. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Hell no!"

"But I am going to stop." Thomas licked his way back up to the nipples and then planted a deep tongue lashing kiss on Colt.

Colt sat up with their lips locked so he could take his pajama top off. "Damn, the air feels so hot on my skin."

Thomas acted surprised. "Hot?"

"Yeah, hot. Crazy, isn't it?"

Thomas pushed Colt flat on the bed and pulled Colton's pajama bottoms and boxer briefs down with them. Colt's dick stood at attention. Thomas smiled. "Do you mind if I have a taste?"

"No. Help yourself."

"Maybe I should stop now, with you being a newbie and all?"

"If you stop now, I'm going to kick the shit out of you," Colt fired back.

"Okay. Okay. Have it your way."

Thomas grabbed hold of the six-inch shaft of Colt's cock and began licking slowly around the head. He kissed it and then nibbled on it. Colt got chills and started to shiver. "Damn. Quit teasing me. Take it in your mouth."

Thomas looked up while he continued licking. "Boy, aren't we in a hurry."


Thomas licked around it again and then slowly slipped his lips around the head of Colton's penis. Colt let out a moan and then an, "Oh shit. Fuck. I had no idea."

"What did you expect?"

"I don't know what I expected. This sure isn't like jacking off."

"Damn straight it isn't."

Thomas worked the head a little more and then went all the way down on Colt who said in a loud whisper, "Shit. I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!"

Thomas stopped. "You newbie's are all alike. Can't keep from cumming in the middle of foreplay."

Thomas put his mouth gently over Colton's cock until it stiffened and his orgasm began. Then he loosened his lips to avoid ruining his climax when the head became sensitive.

"Fuck. Shit. Damn, Thomas. Take that cum. Eat it. Swallow it." Thomas happily obliged.

Chapter Quotes

Faith is not about everything turning out OK; it's about being OK no matter how things turn out.

"I believe in the sun even if it isn't shining. I believe in love even if I am alone. I believe in God even

when He is silent." (do you want this on the line with 'even'? And wasn't this one in ch. 15's quotes?)

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