Knots, Book 3

by Elias Scott

Chapter 23


I couldn't believe it. Matt and I were going to meet up with Derrick that Saturday, which couldn't come soon enough as far as I was concerned.

I managed to get my parents car and we got there about a quarter to two. We got there early so we could surprise him and see if he was up to no good. Yeah, we were both a little scared.

We hesitated before we knocked on his door. Derrick yelled, "Be right there."

He opened the door shirtless. What an awesome body he had. It was toned and ripped. The body was one of a man and not a boy. He was smooth except for some light brown hair on his chest. Matt and I suddenly felt like little boys.

"I was just trying to get the place presentable," he said as he grabbed some papers off the kitchen table and stacked them neatly before putting them in a filing cabinet next to a desk that was nestled in the space between the kitchen and bathroom. The place wasn't fancy. It was a studio apartment that had a kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom all in one room. The bathroom was the only other room in the place. Matt and I glanced over at the king size bed that was shoved in the corner to the right of the door to the apartment. It was neatly made with a plain blue comforter on top. Derrick had three paintings on one wall. He pointed to them. "I painted them myself." Matt and I glanced at each other with impressed looks on our faces. The paintings were of three naked guys with nice bodies and beautiful dicks. There was a picture of him with a few other guys, all with their shirts off. Derrick pointed at a picture on his dresser. "That's a picture of my parents, my sister, Carla, and me a couple years back." He looked hot then too.

He motioned for us to sit on the brown sofa which was against the wall opposite the bed. "You want something to drink?" Matt and I both shook our heads. "I'm not going to drug you if that's what you think."

Matt scratched his cheek. "We believe you, but until we know you better we'll hold off on any eating or drinking."


"Well we might do a little eating," I said.

Derrick smiled. "I like the sound of that. Well, don't just sit there, get your clothes off."

"Are you expecting anyone else?" Matt asked.

"You've gotta be kidding. Do you think I'm going to share you two with anyone else?"

"Just checking."

Derrick unbuckled his pants. "Get your clothes off. I don't want to be the only who's naked."

Matt and I tentatively took off our shirts and then stripped down to our boxer briefs where we paused.

Derrick walked up to me and pulled my shorts down. "Let me help."

Matt grabbed the sides of his briefs. Derrick slapped his hands away, and gave the shorts a quick pull. Derrick had Matt's cock in his mouth before the shorts hit the floor. He took all of Matt's cock in his mouth and sucked it until it was nice and hard. Mine was already erect. Derrick licked around the head of Matt's cock and then took it in his mouth, going all the way down. I looked down at Derrick hardened member and it was a man's cock, not a boy's. We may have been sixteen, but our bodies and magic wands didn't possess the magic his did.

He soon had my cock in his mouth. He ran his hands up and down my abs and chest as he sucked away. It felt so good as I looked down at the rippling muscles on his back. Derrick jacked Matt while he sucked my cock. "You both have nice cocks. They make me salivate. Your bodies are so smooth and young. I'm glad you guys decided to come over today."

I moaned and then managed to say, "So are we."

He spun me around and spread my ass cheeks. "Let me at that hole of yours. Um, nice ass. No hair. Just the way I like them." His tongue was at my hole, licking and slurping. He spit on my asshole and licked and sucked some more. Derrick pulled off of my ass just long enough to say, "Matt, turn around so I give your ass some action too."

Matt did as he was told and soon Derrick had his mouth on Matt's hole. Matt started groaning. "Shit. Your tongue feels so good."

Derrick brought his tongue back to my ass. I turned back so I could look down at him. "Ah, I told you we might be doing some eating. How about I eat you?"

He looked up and smiled. "Are you sure you want me to stop?"

"No, but I think one good licking deserves another."

"Sounds good to me. Let's go to the bed." He moved to the bed and got on his hands and knees. "Matt kneel in front of me so I can suck your cock while Andy rims me."

We were all breathing fast. Derrick had some kind of cologne or after shave that really turned me on. "I hope your ass smells as good as the rest of you."

"It does. And tastes as good too."

I spread his cheeks and he had a hairless ass too. I think he shaved it. I spit in his ass, licked around his hole, and then stuck my tongue in and pulled out when I thought of something. "I hope you showered before we came?"

He gave a quiet but scary laugh as he pulled off Matt's cock and turned back to me. "No, but I took a shit."

I pulled back. "You've got to be kidding me!"

"Of course I'm kidding. I'm not a kid. I clean myself up and am ready for anything. How about you two?"

Matt grabbed Derrick by the shoulders and pulled him up so he stood erect along with his cock. Matt looked down and smiled. "I want that beautiful piece of manhood in my mouth."

"Lick and suck away," Derrick said.

Matt laid flat on the bed facing Derrick so he was better able to get Derrick's cock in his mouth. What a beauty it was too. I had to stop licking his ass long enough to stick my head around and watch Matt take that beauty in.

I went back to Derrick's ass and he started moaning and cussing and praying to God. This went on for about five minutes or so until he said, "Andy, you've done such a good job on my ass, I want to fuck yours."

I pulled my tongue out of his ass and laid on my back. He spun around and was getting ready to put his cock in my ass when I said. "Some girl once said to me, 'A condom is the price of admission.'"

Derrick groaned, went to his dresser, and pulled out a string of five lubricated condoms. "Will these do?"

"Yes. Now get the damn thing on because my ass is screaming for that beautiful man meat."

He slipped it on and then slapped his cock against my hole.

"Damn Derrick, quit flirting with my asshole. Stick that damn thing in."

He moved the tip of his cock to the opening of my hole. "Are you ready for this rod of mine. It's pretty thick. Do you think your teenage ass can take it?"

"My ass is stretched and trained so quit fucking around and fuck me."

He at least took his time and pushed in slowly while I groaned with ecstasy. "Damn that thing feels good. Shove it all the way in." He pushed one more time until his pubes pressed against my ass cheeks. "Ahhhh," I heard myself say.

"You like that man meat, Andy?"

"Yeah." I turned back to Matt. Matt, I've never felt anything like this. You're going to go crazy."

Matt looked like he felt left out. He started toward Derrick ass, but then got in a position to kiss him. It made my dick even harder seeing Matt kissing Derrick hard and fast. Damn, it was so hot, I thought I was going to cum on the spot. Matt pulled away from Derrick lips and took my cock in his mouth. What a feeling. I was getting it from both ends. I yelled and prayed and couldn't hold it any longer. "God, I'm going to cum, Matt." Matt stayed on my cock gently licking is until I started to explode. He took it in his mouth and let the cum shoot into his mouth before swallowing. "Yum yum good," he said as he licked his lips and smiled down at me.

I remember thinking that this was the last thing I thought I'd ever see Matt doing. He'd come a long way since I attempted to seduce him. Problem was, I wasn't sure if this was good or bad. After all, I was the reason he began his career as a gay boy or like he loved saying, a bi boy.

Derrick pulled out of me and turned to Matt. "Okay, it's your turn to have this man meat in your ass. How do you want it? Doggy style or missionary?"

"Neither. I want to sit on that fine specimen and ride it up and down."

Derrick laid on his back. Matt grabbed another condom, took the old one off, and slipped on the new one. "Ok, I'm ready for that fine cock of yours." Matt had his back to Derrick as he put his ass over Derricks cock and sat slowly on it as it slid into his ass an inch at a time. All I heard out of Matt was an "Ahhhhhh fuck that feels good."

Soon he was moving up and down on that beautiful dick. I was on the sofa, taking it all in like a voyeur. There in front of me was a fine looking man with a flat stomach, hard taut muscles, and veins running the length of his arm. His chest was toned and his biceps while not enormous, bulged as he held onto Matt's hips. Matt looked like a kid having sex with a man. Actually, he was a 16 year old boy having sex with a man. Yes, Matt was fine; he had a beautiful tan from our spring mowing jobs. His cock was hard and bouncing up and down as he rode Derrick's cock. Matt had a similar build to Derrick, but it was smaller and wasn't as mature looking. I couldn't help but think that one day he'd be as fine as Derrick. Although, there's something about a teen boy's body that is special because it only lasts for such a short time. At the time, I didn't quite realize that. We were always so anxious to grow up and be men when we should have just enjoyed our smooth bodies and youthful appearance.

The action started to pick up as Matt began bouncing faster and Derrick started thrusting up hard into Matt's ass at the same time. Matt leaned back and Derrick put his arm around Matt's chest, and pulled Matt against his chest. Matt turned and kissed Derrick while Derrick continued his thrusting. My cock got hard watching them that I began beating it so fast and furious that I was almost ready to cum when they did. I never realized what a turn on it would be just watching other guys having sex.

Soon they were both yelling expletives as Matt sat up and they came at the same time. Matt squirted his load into the headboard and Derrick stayed in his ass until his orgasm was over. He laid with his arms spread out and his eyes closed. Matt didn't move. He just let Derrick's cock rest in his ass. I said, "Derrick, you know Matt charges for parking when you leave your cock in his ass." I remember telling Dillon he was going to have to pay me to park his dick in my ass the first time he fucked me. He'd gone in slowly and paused as my ass adjusted to him. Suddenly, I wanted to cry. But I held it back.

Derrick opened his eyes and looked at me. "How much?"

"A free meal at the Outback."

"Done," he said. "But you need to pay for the use of my apartment."

"How much," Matt asked.

"Another Saturday like this. Do you two think you can handle it?"

We both nodded as all three of us headed into the bathroom to shower. It didn't take long for us to all spring boners again as we lathered one another in the shower. Before we knew it we were on each other again with another bout of sex. I love shower sex.


Damn, Saturday was hot. Andy and I knew that one day we'd be as old as Derrick, but right then we were only sixteen and having sex with an older guy. Andy's already told you the intimate details of that afternoon so I'll fill you in on a little of what happened after.

We got dressed and Derrick walked us downstairs to Andy's car. He pointed at a green Toyota Tacoma pickup with Off Road written on the back fender. "That's mine. We'll have to take a trip into the country and do some off road hill climbing along with a few other things. Are you interested?"

Andy and I both nodded.

"Good. Today was great. Hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did."

We nodded again. At first, we were both at a loss for words until Andy patted Derrick on the back. "We'll be see you at the Outback on Friday night for our free meal."

Derrick smiled. "And I'll see you here again on Saturday, right?"

"Yep, that's the deal," I said.

Derrick gave us a broad grin. "I know a few other guys who would might like to join us. Are you interested?"

Andy and I looked at each other.

I shook my head. "Not really."

"Come on. It'll be fun. They're my age. We get together all the time, and when I told them about you two, their dicks got hard just thinking about it."

Andy stepped away from Derrick. "You're going too fast. We're not ready for anything more than what we're doing. How do we know we can trust you guys?"

Derrick remained upbeat. "How 'bout this. They'll watch us fuck."

I remembered looking over at Andy while he watched Derrick fucking me and I could tell it really turned him on. Imagining two or three guys watching us seemed cool and scary at the same time. I heard myself say, "Have them join us for dinner on Friday," And then wondered what the hell was wrong with me. My dick was doing my thinking for me.

Andy got excited. "Great idea, Matt. We'll check them out and let you know what we decide after dinner."

Derrick had a big grin on his face. "Sounds good to me. See you Friday."

"Yeah, see you Friday," Andy and I repeated in unison.

Andy and I didn't play a spring sport so we decided to walk to school and back. We were only a few blocks away when we saw a green Toyota Tacoma come round the corner in front of us. Andy turned to me. "I think that's Derrick."

The truck slowed as it got closer to us and then stopped beside us. Derrick had some nice looking blond with him. "Hey guys. This is Jack Vogel. He's one of the guys I was telling you about. He wanted to check you out. Hell, I wanted to check you out."

"Nice to meet you," I said as I Andy and I started walking again. "We have to get to school."

Derrick drove to the intersection, made a U-turn, and followed us slowly all the way to school.

Andy nudged me with his elbow. "Isn't this a little creepy?"



Derrick showed up with some guy when Matt and I were walking to school. He followed us the whole way there. It kind of freaked Matt and me out. We soon forgot about Derrick and Jack because about a hundred people were demonstrating in front of the school just like Mr. Evans told them to. Their signs were much fancier this time.

Here are a few:

"No GSA."

"God hates fags and friends of fags."

"The GSA will corrupt our children."

"Gay children can be saved."

"Hate the sin and love the sinner, but no GSA."

"Soon they'll allow KKK clubs on campus."

"Sex should be between a male and female."

There were others, but these are the ones that stick in my mind. I wanted to grab Matt's hand and walk through the crowd, but I was afraid he'd slap me if I did. Instead we walked through them like we were parting the Red Sea. We stopped for a second to look around for anyone else who was at our last GSA meeting and saw no one, not even Thomas or Ollie.

We headed to the cafeteria and found them sitting at our table with scared looks on their faces.

"Relax," I said. "They're harmless. We just need to stand firm."

Ollie gave me an inquiring look. "What about the others. If we're scared, it's going to be worse for them."

"You're right Ollie." I turned to the group. "Spread out and find everyone who was at the meeting that you can and remind them to be at the meeting in Room 220 at lunch. Encourage them and tell them there's strength in numbers."

Thomas tried to appear confident, but it was obvious he wasn't when he said, "Well, we're lucky if we have seventeen GSA members show up while they have over a hundred in front of the school."

"You're right," Emily said. "But they're just a bunch of followers who can't think for themselves. We can think for ourselves and we're starting something new that's never been done here before. We need to let our members know we're all in and we're going to fight back. We can make signs of our own. And maybe a few of the people who were at the last meeting actually got a few other people to join. Think positive."

I looked around the group when Emily finished, and their faces were stone cold. So I did the only thing I could, "Okay, get your asses out of here and locate anyone you can. And look confident. Get those scared expressions off our faces. We're going to do this. Now get going." They all moved out like they just lost their best friend, but I pushed past them as if I was filled with confidence and said, "Let's go!" They began to move a little faster as I told them to split up into groups of two and where to go.

In the meantime you could hear all the chanting going on outside. "No GSA. No GSA."

So how many people do you think showed up in Room 220? I'd like to say one hundred, but you'd probably never believe it because I couldn't believe it either. We had almost thirty-five. We had the new ones add their names to the signup sheet and they agreed to meet at my house to make signs. My dad even went out and bought stakes and cardboard. What a guy.

About twenty people showed up and we spent a couple hours making signs. Some of them were:

"God loves everyone."

"God is love, not hate."

"GSA helps teens."

"GSA promotes tolerance and not bigotry."

"GSA allows gay and straight youth to work together."

"GSA members love everyone."

"GSA clubs prevent suicide."

"GSA prevents gay teens from feeling hated and isolated."

"Love is Love"

"Love knows no gender."

"Love is never wrong."

Twenty-seven of us met across the street from the school the next day, the same day as the school board meeting. We carried our signs high and never said a word. A lot of angry disgusted looks shot across the street toward us, but we ignored them until the bell rang. We crossed the street and walked through the crowd as they called us fags and sinners. I led our group through the crowd, and when I turned around to face them as I walked backwards, I was surprised to see smiles on their faces as if they too had just parted the Red Sea.

And guess who showed up after school? Yes, Derrick and Jack. They followed Matt and me home. We began to have second thoughts about what we had done.

Chapter Quotes

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do. -Andrew Carnegie

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age. - Sophia Loren

Age appears to be best in four things; old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read. - Francis Bacon

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