Knots, Book 3

by Elias Scott

Chapter 13

Dillon's Testimony

Banta called Dillon Burke to the stand. Dillon was dressed in a tailored dark blue suit with a red, white, and blue striped tie. He walked up to the witness stand looking every bit like a businessman. He stood erect and walked with confidence. It was hard to tell if it had been rehearsed, but Dillon fit the part perfectly.

Dillon was sworn in and sat in the witness chair, moving around a little in the chair until he was comfortable. Banta got his name, his age, and the grade he was in school.

"Mr. Burke, what was your grade point average prior to you being taken out of school for the alleged crime of statutory rape?"


"You were the varsity quarterback at the same school where Matt Spence, Andy Gibson, Thomas Galbraith, and Randy Barnson go to school?"


"When did you first meet Andy Gibson?"

"Shortly after he broke his leg playing football."

"What were the circumstances surrounding your meeting?"

"Andy looked down and depressed because his best friend had taken his quarterback job. I thought I could help, so I stopped to talk to him one day in the hall while he was limping to class on his crutches."

"How did he react?"

"He broke a smile, and it made me feel good that I'd made him feel better."

"Did you at any time during these meetings talk to him about sex?"


Banta paced back and forth before asking his next question. "Did he ever talk to you about sex?"


"What did he say?"

Dillon shifted in his seat. "He talked about all the girls he was hooking up with."

"What did you say?"

"I didn't have to say much. He already thought I was a ladies' man and told me so. But of course his broken leg put him on the injured reserves, so to speak. I was just trying to cheer him up. We were both quarterbacks and he thought it was cool that I took the time to talk to him."

"Andy Gibson testified that once his leg was healed, you took him out to practice football. Is that correct?"

"Yes, he was all excited and he loved riding in my car."

"Did you ever take him to your house?"


"Why was that?"

"He asked me to drive him to my house so he could see where I lived and see my bedroom where I kept my pictures and trophies."

"Did his asking to see your bedroom lead you to believe he wanted more than to just look at your trophies?"

"Not at first. He seemed to admire me and of course I liked that. I was flattered and was happy to bring him to my house."

Banta walked over to the defense table, picked up a pen, wrote something on his legal pad, and then threw them both on the table. "What happened when you got to your house?"

"I showed him around and then took him up to my bedroom so he could see my trophies and plaques and pictures from when I was a kid."

"Andy Gibson said you purposely showed him gay porn while you were in his room. Did you?"


"So he lied?"


"Why would he lie?"

"Because of what happened next."

"And what was that?"

Dillon shifted in his seat again, glanced at the jury, and then out at the spectators. "I sat down at my computer to show him some video from my last game. He came up behind me and asked if I had any porn."

"What did you say?"

"At first I didn't know what to say. He was a freshman, but an experienced one so I thought it couldn't hurt."

"What kind of porn did you show him?"

"Hetero stuff."

"Did you show him any gay porn?"

"No, but it must have done something to him because he moved in closer and put his hands down my shirt and began rubbing my chest."

"What did you do?"

"I pulled his hands out and asked him what he thought he was doing?"

"He said he liked me and wanted to have sex with me."

"Did that surprise you?"

"Yeah, at first, but then Andy is kind of wild as we've already heard in court, so I just told him I wasn't into that kind of stuff."

Wheeler stood. "Objection, Your Honor. The witness is giving his opinion."

Judge Fienberg replied, "Objection sustained."

"What happened next?"

Dillon cleared his throat. "He put his hand on my crotch and while I didn't want it to happen I started to get hard. And after that one thing led to another."

"When you say one thing led to another, you mean you had sex?"


Now Banta could have asked a few additional questions to cast more doubt on Andy's testimony, but he decided that might have just the opposite effect so he let it go and went over to the defense table to pick up Thomas and Randy's testimony to read what Dillon did with them.

"Thomas Galbraith and Randy Barnson said you basically seduced them. Is that true?"

"No. They've been lying. Andy was lying. Matt was lying."

Banta looked at the defense table and saw Leonard give him a nod. With that, Banta sat down and Leonard got up and stood before Dillon.

Leonard smiled at Dillon and then the jury. "So your testimony is that all these boys lied. Why would they do that?"

"Jealousy. I was the varsity quarterback and when they heard about the other boys, they got jealous and made up stories about me."

"Did you seduce Thomas Galbraith or Randy Barnson?"

"No, I did not."

"Please give us your side of the story."

"I know these boys are young and all, but they were pretty advanced when it came to sex. It all started just like with Andy. I took them out and worked with them and then they wanted to come to my house. They looked up to me. There were two of them and only one of me and when we got to my room, they jumped me like they wanted to wrestle, threw me on the bed, and took my clothes off."

"Did you put up a struggle?"

"Yeah, at first, but I then figured that if they wanted to have sex with me, I was willing. I suppose you could say I'm bisexual. The two of them were like wild banshees ganging up on me like that."

"Did you at any time prior to that day, indicate you were interested in having sex with them?"


"Did you have sex with either of these boys after you turned eighteen?"


"Did you have sex with Andy Gibson after you turned eighteen?"

Dillon looked down like he was embarrassed. "Yes, but only because he kept pestering me over and over. He'd cry and beg and I just couldn't take it. I didn't know what else to do."

Leonard paused. "Did you initiate any of the sex?"

"No. He came after me. He'd come over to my house and beg me to have sex with him. He begged me to take him out to the pond where we could be alone. It went on and on. I felt sorry for him."

"Did you feel that you were breaking the law by having sex with him after you turned eighteen?"


"Why's that?"

"We'd been having sex for a long time before I turned eighteen. Why should one day change anything? But at the same time I had concerns, and that's why I told him we needed to stop. But like I said, he kept at me, and I figured we'd been having sex anyway so rather than see him hurt, I gave in to him."

"Do you think that might have been a mistake now that you've had time to think about it?"

"Yes. Not because it was wrong. But by having sex and maintaining a relationship with Andy, it gave him the impression I wanted to continue with our relationship when I didn't. I should have just said no. But, as you know, hindsight is twenty/twenty."

"Tell us what happened with Matt Spence."

"Matt came to my birthday party. Andy had run off with Thomas and Randy and Matt was standing there alone. I walked over and talked with him. He told me Andy had told him about how cool my room was and all the things that he and I did there. He asked if he could come up to my room."

"Did you plan on having sex with him when he invited himself up to your room?"


"What happened when you got to your room?"

"Matt locked my bedroom door. I asked him why he did that and he said he wanted to do what Andy and I do in here. I was happy to oblige, and just as we're getting started, Andy knocked on my door. We stopped while I made excuses to Andy before unlocking the door."

"Did you at any time force Matt Spence to have sex with you?"


"Thank you. No further questions."

The judge rapped his gavel. "Time for lunch. Mr. Wheeler, you can cross-examine the witness when we return." He rapped his gavel again. "Court is adjourned until 2:00 PM."


Matt talked to Thomas and we decided to tell our parents we were going out for a run and we'd meet at the vacant house at 7:30; later than that would seem suspicious. But of course my parents wanted to know why I wanted to run after going to basketball practice. I told them I had a lot of pent up frustration and anger when in fact it was just that I was horny as hell.

So what do you think happened? Matt couldn't get out of the house, but I didn't know that until Thomas and I found ourselves alone at the house for fifteen minutes trying to make small talk. It was dark so I couldn't see his face but he sounded so shy and unsure of himself. Matt had already told me he told Thomas I liked him, so after fifteen minutes of our conversation going nowhere, I decided to just come right out and talk about it.

I pointed at the carpet. "Let's sit on the carpet and talk."

He gave me a hesitant look, but finally sat. "What do you have in mind?"

"I just want to talk."

"Okay. Let's talk." I wanted to move next to him and put my arm around him while we talked, but thought better of it. We both sat cross-legged facing each other. He waited for me to say something. I waited too until I couldn't take it anymore. "Thomas, I know Matt told you I like you and that I would like you for a boyfriend."

You can't imagine how hard it was for me, the brave Andy Gibson, to say that.

He nodded. I hoped he'd say something, but he didn't. He left me no choice but to ask, "What do you think about the idea?"

He looked up at the ceiling and then back at me. "I'm not sure. I really like Matt. You and I don't seem compatible."

That hurt, but not nearly as much as what he said next. "You're a lot like Randy, and Randy and I hardly talk anymore since he's gone all teen whore on me."

I raised my voice. "Are you saying I'm a teen whore?"

He dropped his head and looked at the ground. "Well, not exactly, but sometimes you don't think."

I shook my head. "Thomas, if we both thought about everything we did, you and I wouldn't be here right now. Why are you here if it wasn't to have a threesome?"

A blush seemed to cross his face in the shadows. "Good question. I suppose it's because I wanted sex with Matt and figured the only way I could have sex with him was to have sex with you too."

I wanted to slap him silly. But since when do you slap a potential boyfriend silly?

"You mean you don't like having sex with me?"

"I didn't say that. But Matt was the main reason, and I'll have to admit a threesome sounded hot."

I cleared my throat and scooted a little closer. "How 'bout a twosome?"

"You and me?" he asked.

"Yeah, you and me? Or are you afraid that will make you a teenage whore too?"

He smiled. "Okay, maybe you're not exactly a teenage whore like Randy. I was put off some when you hooked up with Randy and Kyle. But Kyle's the only other guy you've hooked up with that I haven't hooked up with. Randy's been with I don't know how many guys. I guess I can't rank you in the same ballpark as him."

"Thanks. I appreciate that. After all, I've only had sex with you, Matt, Randy, Dillon, and Kyle. I'm not whoring around. The only one of those you haven't had sex with is Kyle."

Another smile crossed his face. "When you put it that way, I guess you're right, even though it sounds like a lot. I'm sorry for suggesting you're a teenage whore. If you are, then Matt and I aren't far behind." He paused before asking, "How do you think Matt will feel if we have sex without him?"

I wanted to say he won't give a shit, but instead I said, "I'm not sure. But he's already told you he doesn't want a committed relationship with anyone right now and he doesn't want a boyfriend. He and I aren't exclusive. We're friends with benefits. After all, he's had sex with you right in this house. I caught you and didn't even interrupt you. Doesn't that make me some kind of a saint?"

Thomas laughed. "In a way, yes. We had hot sex that night, and you'd have fucked it all up."

For some reason, hearing Thomas say fuck seemed strange. He was just that kind of guy.

Finally I couldn't hold back anymore. "Thomas, we're here and we might as well make the best of it. I'm figuring Matt's parents wouldn't let him out of the house. What do you think?"

He didn't say anything or move for a second, and then out of nowhere he leaned in and kissed me.


Damn, I was pissed at my parents. I told them I was going out for a run and they told me I wasn't going anywhere.

I scowled. "I feel like I'm in prison. I'm only going out for a run."

My father smiled at me. "Right, Matt. I might have accepted that a few weeks ago, but not anymore. You've shown you can't be trusted."

"What do you think I'm going to do? Strip down and have sex in someone's front yard?"

My dad smiled again. "No, in someone's backyard."

His smile really pissed me off.

"Dad, this isn't funny. I've had to put up with all this court stuff, the kids at school, and Gina. I need to get out and run it off."

My mom looked up from her book. "The garage could use a cleaning."

They thought they were clowns. "I'm not cleaning the garage. I want to run."

My dad's smile disappeared. "Well, you're not going, so sit down and do your homework, watch TV, or go to your room."

I went to my room, laid on the bed, and pictured Thomas and Andy fucking their brains out. Of course, I had no idea what they were doing. Thomas was hesitant when it came to Andy and wasn't sure he'd do anything with Andy if I wasn't there. But I couldn't help but think Andy wasn't going to just sit there with Thomas looking all cute and hot and do nothing.

I tried reading. Didn't work. I went into the living room to watch TV. Couldn't take it and went back to my room. Then I said, "Shit," and went out and started cleaning the garage.

My mom smiled as I passed through on the way to the garage. "Have fun."


Thomas actually leaned over and kissed me. My dick was immediately hard.

"What was that for? I thought you pictured me as a teenage whore."

"Well, Andy. It's hard to explain. You like me and want me as a boyfriend. I'm flattered. Every guy wants to be wanted. And you want me. I'm not sure if I want you yet, but maybe I need to check it out and see if there's something there."

Shit, I wanted to grab him, rip his clothes off, and put my dick in that beautiful ass, but all I did was sit there calmly like it was just another day in the life of Andy Gibson. "There sure is something there on my part," I said.

"I know. But then there's Matt. I really like Matt. I sometimes find myself lying in bed at night thinking about him. There are times I think I'm in love with him."

Shit, I thought. I grabbed his hands. "Does that mean you never lay in bed at night and think of me?"

"Sorry, not yet."

"Is there a chance you might?"

"I'd like to say yes, but I don't know."

I was all mixed up inside. Matt was my best friend, still is. But Matt didn't want a full-time relationship. He was spending a lot of time trying to get Gina to talk to him. And in the middle of all that, I really loved Matt. Maybe not like Thomas thought he loved him, but I loved him and he loved me. I leaned in and kissed Thomas. He kissed me back.

He smiled in the shadows and whispered. "You really know how to kiss. It's gentle and loving."

I'm thinking, gentle and kind? What kind of shit is this?

I smiled back. "Thanks. It's because I am gentle and loving."

"Kiss me again, except longer this time."

I leaned in and placed a long gentle kiss on his soft lips. I didn't use any tongue, but let my lips linger on his like they were suction cups. He did the same. My dick got even harder. I gently pulled away. "Is your dick hard?"

He punched me. "You sure know how to ruin a mood. Maybe you are just a teenage whore. Well maybe not. A whore probably wouldn't say something like that. And to answer your question, yes it is."

I slapped him on the thigh. "Well then, let's fuck."

He laughed. "You are one unromantic asshole, but I'm ready if you are."

He pulled his shirt over his head and exposed his beautiful, smooth, well-formed chest and abs. I put the palm of my hand on his chest and held it there as his breathing increased. He reached over and pulled my shirt off and then leaned in, kissed me, and gave me a little tongue. Shit, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, die, and have no memory of this moment.

There wasn't any holding me back. I put my hand behind his head and pulled his lips to mine and kissed him hard, pushing my tongue in and out and all around as he did the same to me. We rolled onto the floor in a tight embrace, never letting our mouths part. I was so hot and horny and didn't let go as we rolled each other over with our legs locked onto each other like scissors. His hard cock pushed at my running shorts. It was time to get hold of that thing so I reached down and fondled it in my right hand until I finally ended our kiss so I could kiss and lick my way down his chest to his hard cock. I pulled his shorts down and sucked that baby. Slurped it like a lollipop, as if I had a sugar craving that wouldn't stop. He moaned as I sucked. He pulled my shorts off and put my cock into his mouth and I couldn't help myself because the next thing I heard was, "I love you, Thomas."

He stopped sucking my cock. Shit, there I go again, I thought.

And what does he say? "Well, Andy, I don't love you, but I sure love sucking your cock. I'd love to lick your ass too."

I smiled a smile he couldn't see. "Feel free to love my cock and my ass all you want."

He rolled me onto my back so his cock was in my mouth and mine in his. He licked the head, sucked it into his mouth, and then went down the shaft with those sweet lips of his. He sucked and savored my cock and then pulled my ass down and started rimming it. Oh my God. I thought I was going to cum right then. "Slow down Thomas, you're going to make me cum."

"That'll teach you to say you love me."

For a second I thought of Dillon and all the times he said he loved me. I sure hoped I wasn't being like Dillon.

"Sorry, it won't happen again," I said, knowing it wasn't true.

We stopped just long enough to prevent each other from climaxing. I moved so we were facing each other. I gave him a long gentle kiss with a lot of tongue before pulling back. "Thomas, please fuck me."

I could barely make out his grin in the dark. "I'd love to."

I smiled back. "I guess I'll have to take whatever loving I can get."

"Yeah, take it or leave it."

I rolled on my back and stuck my legs in the air. "I'll take it."

He reached into the pocket of his running shorts and pulled out a lubed condom and stuck it on while my asshole was screaming for attention. "Hurry up, Thomas. My ass is begging for your cock. Can't you hear it?"

He laughed. "Yeah. It sounds like a huge fart."

I had no idea he was so funny. "Knock that shit off and fuck me."

He placed the head of his cock gently against my hole. Then he pulled back, spit on his fingers, rubbed my hole, and then pushed his cock in slowly until he was in. "You're so nice and warm," he said.

I looked up at his face. "Your cock feels so nice and cold."

He replied, "Andy, I don't know how anyone can love you. You're just one crazy asshole."

We both laughed.

He slid his cock in and out slowly at first. It felt so good that I let out slow long moans as he gently fucked me. He may not have said he loved me, but he fucked me like he did. He jacked my cock as he fucked me. Then he bent forward and planted a deep kiss on my lips. I started moving my hips to get more of his cock as his tongue entered my mouth. It was so fucking hot. I managed to whisper in garbled tones, "I think I'm going to cum." He rammed me harder and I began to cum and cum and cum. I could never remember a time it was so hot. He kept on pumping until I felt his cock harden in my ass and warmth fill the condom and my ass.

"Shit, Thomas. That was fantastic. I still think I love you."

He grinned down at me. "Fuck you, Andy."

I smiled back. "You already are. You want to go for one more?"

He pulled his cock out of my bum. "Nice thought, but I gotta go."

I got up on my knees and pulled him close so our chests touched and the warmth and sweat of our bodies rubbed smoothly against each other. "Can we just lay here together for a few minutes?"

"Sure, why not."

Chapter Quotes

"To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves." Federico García Lorca , Blood Wedding and Yerma

"Let no one who loves be called altogether unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow." J.M. Barrie , The Little Minister

"…Love is fun but hurts so much the price you pay is high. And so I say don't fall in love, you will get hurt before you're through. You see my friend, I ought to know, I fell in love with you." Regina

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