Knots, Book 2

by Elias Scott

Chapter 3


Andy's parents weren't home when we got there. They left a note and I had two concerns battling inside. One, I wanted a quick blowjob from Andy and the other a fear that Andy would want to have sex with Thomas and Randy if they were willing. I prayed they weren't willing.

I thought I'd take care of concern number one first. "Andy, how 'bout a quick blowjob?" I pleaded as soon as we walked into his living room.

"Gee, Matt. There's no stopping you. Can't it wait until after Thomas and Randy leave? Better yet, maybe they'll want to join us."

I punched Andy in the shoulder. "It's not going to happen."

"But imagine how hot it would be," Andy protested. "Think of it, one guy sucking your cock, another cock in your ass, and you sucking someone else's all at the same time. As horny as you are, I'm surprised you're not up for it."

I shook my head. "Knock that shit off. I don't want to think about it. I'm in a weakened state already. The last thing I need is to go from my first sexual experience with my best friend to an orgy with two guys I don't even know.

Andy kissed me and motioned for me to head to his room. "To be honest, I could use a blowjob myself. Just thinking about those two hot guys coming over makes my balls ache and my mouth water. Let's do a quick 69."

We pulled our pants down, laid on his bed, and sucked each other to climax. The beauty of swallowing means there's no cleanup. We rolled off the bed, pulled our pants up, and headed to the living room to wait for what was my second concern. Any kid knows that peer pressure can make us do things we don't want to do because we can't say no. All those ads telling us to "Just say no", makes it sound much easier than it really is. And my fear was that Andy would pressure me into a foursome. As horny as I was, I couldn't guarantee I wouldn't give in. I prayed it wouldn't come to that.

Andy was in the bathroom when Thomas and Randy rang the doorbell. I opened the door and I have to say, the two of them were hot. No wonder Andy's balls ached and his mouth watered.

I invited them in and escorted them into the living room. "I'm glad you wanted to talk. Andy's in the bathroom and should be out in a minute."

They sat in the love seat, looked around the room, and squirmed.

I sat on the sofa. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Monday," Thomas stated.

"Monday?" I questioned.

Randy leaned forward. "We're scared. Aren't you guys scared?"

I couldn't believe Andy and I were talking about a foursome when they're just scared and we were too stupid to know it.

Andy walked in. "Sorry I wasn't here when you got here. What's up?"

I turned to Andy. "They're scared about Monday."

Embarrassment crossed their faces.

"Well, not exactly scared," Thomas clarified. "But were concerned about what's going to happen. We thought we could pull together and come up with a plan."

I had to agree. Andy and I had been so busy fucking that we hadn't taken the time to think about Monday. These two guys were way ahead of us. "What do you have in mind?"

Randy fidgeted with his fingers and spoke. "We thought we should stick together and if anyone attacks any of us, we should fight back. You hear of the gay guys who are always afraid of the bullies. We don't want to be like that. There's strength in numbers. What do you think?"

A look of disappointment crossed Andy's face, but he recovered quickly. "You're right. Matt and I talked about it."

It pissed me off when Andy lied. "To be honest, we haven't really talked about it much. All four of us are on the JV football team, and none of us have any idea how the guys will react. We might have more trouble with the varsity players. They can be assholes sometimes. But who knows, they might all be assholes."

Andy cleared his throat. "Football may or may not be a problem because we'll all be together at practice and we just won't take any shit from those guys. It might be more of a problem when we in the halls or in class and aren't near each other. The question is, what do we do then?"

"Let's all agree that we're not going to be wimpy chicken shits," Thomas said. "And if it takes getting our asses kicked, we won't take any shit. What do you think?"

I couldn't believe these two freshmen were so mature. Yeah, they may have become Dillon's sex toys, but they seemed to have managed to keep things in perspective. Or at least it seemed that way.

Andy balled up his fists. "I agree. We take no shit and take no prisoners."

Randy looked down at the floor. "What kind of things do you think'll happen?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. We could get the silent treatment or they could call us fags. They could get in our faces and ask if they can have a blowjob or if we like having a dick in our ass. You know, stuff like that."

"Someone told us earlier that the varsity guys want to blame us for seducing Dillon. You gotta wonder don't you?" Andy said.

I had to ask before they left. "How did you react when you found out Dillon raped me and he was having sex with Andy?"

They went silent and both looked at the floor. Randy started to cry. "It was terrible. The whole thing was terrible. It seemed so cool at first. Having Dillon offer to help us with football was a dream come true. But one thing led to another. He bribed us with money and trips to the amusement park, and sleepovers at the Oxford Suites. It was all innocent at first. He was like our big brother. Thomas and I don't have any brothers. Then he started showing us porn and we all jacked off together and then jacked each other off. One thing led to another, and before we knew it, we were sucking cock and fucking each other. Thomas and I never considered ourselves gay. Now we don't know."

"The thing is," Thomas offered as he raised his head, "It felt good and we loved it, but the guilt was equal to the pleasure. Pretty quickly it became something we looked forward to, and it only increased the guilt. It never occurred to us that he was doing the same thing with anyone else. His voice cracked. "And now that we know, we feel like boy whores, and that's probably what everyone at school will think too."

Randy looked at us. "It would have been better if we were raped. At least no one would think we did it because we wanted to. I'm not saying it was good that Dillon raped you guys, but people might feel sorry for you. I'm not sure they'll feel sorry for us."

Andy looked away and stared out the window.

I shook my head. "It doesn't make any difference if you were raped or not. They still think you wanted it, and it's your fault. All this shit is a no-win. We're damned no matter what we do. I'm going to have to live with the trauma of the rape for the rest of m y life. So while you might say you wished you were raped, be happy you weren't. It would just give you one more fucking thing to deal with."

Andy ignored my remarks, and unexpectedly asked, "Do you guys still have sex?"

Thomas and Randy looked at each other. Thomas spoke. "Yeah, sometimes. It doesn't feel right though, but we can't help it. I'm not sure what we might have done if Dillon hadn't come along, but now it all seems to be out of our hands." He broke into a half-smile. "Or in our hands if you know what I mean. We've tasted sex and now we can't stop. We've tried. Before all this happened, I looked at guys, but didn't think I was gay. Maybe I was all along and didn't know it. Randy feels the same."

Randy cleared his throat. "I'd rather not talk about this shit. We only came here to see if we can come up with a plan for Monday."

"I agree," I said. "The best we can do is have each other's back. Besides that, we should go with our parents and meet with the principal, vice-principal, counselors, and coaches before we do anything else. It's only Tuesday so maybe we can meet by Friday. Let's talk to our parents and see if we can all meet at my house. Would your parents come?"

Randy's face broke into a big smile. "Damn good idea. Must be why you're the quarterback."

I glanced over at Andy, who shot me a dirty look.

Randy went on. "I think both our parents will be happy to come even though they seem sad all the time. My mom breaks into tears without warning. My dad stares off into space. It's not much better at Thomas' house."

Thomas nodded and then got a worried look on his face when he heard the garage door open.

"Relax," Andy cautioned. "It's only my parents. We can talk to them right now and see what they think. Agreed?"

We all nodded.

Thomas and Randy stood as Andy's parents came into the living room.

"Well, who do we have here?" Mr. Gibson asked.

Andy stood and pointed at Thomas and Randy. "This is Thomas and Randy. They were the two boys whose parents reported Dillon to the police."

Andy's mom walked over and hugged them both. "Thank God for your parents. We'd have never known if it hadn't been for them reporting that evil boy to the police."

Mr. Gibson shook their hand. "Nice to meet you. What are you boys up to?"

Thomas' voice became hurried. "We ran into Matt and Andy at the country kitchen. They were with two girls. We knew them from football and thought maybe we should talk,"

"We decided we'd like all the parents to meet and then go to school and talk to the principal, vice-principal, coaches, and the counselors in the next couple days," Andy explained. "What do you think?"

Mr. Gibson looked at Thomas and Randy who avoided his gaze. "That's a damn good idea. Do you mind if I call your parents and set it up?"

The boys shook their heads.

"Give me your phone numbers."

I wanted the meeting held at my house. Andy's house had too many good and bad memories, the bad ones being the day the police interrogated us and of course the good ones were of our friendship and the awesome sex we were having. "Can we meet at my house? I'm sure my parents won't mind."

Mr. Gibson gave me a knowing look. "I understand. That's a good idea. Let me set everything up."

He called my parents, who were happy to have everyone over the next day, Wednesday. I later found out they were upset with themselves for not having thought of it before. Thomas and Randy's parents were hesitant at first but they agreed.

"You boys will have to be there too," Mr. Gibson explained.

I have to tell you, it may have been my idea, but the fact we would all be together with our parents in the same place at the same time made me nervous.

Thomas and Randy gave Andy's mom a hug, shook Mr. Gibson's hand, and then shook our hands as they moved toward the front door. Randy turned back toward the Gibson's with a sense of relief. "Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Gibson. You're the greatest."

Thomas smiled at Andy and me. "We want to thank you too. That was a great idea you had, Matt."

I blushed. "Thanks."

Andy nodded and escorted them to the door like a dog in heat. "You guys are welcome anytime. Just give us a ring or just come by if you want to talk. Matt and I'll be here all week."

Thomas nodded. "Thanks. We may take you up on your offer."

Andy closed the door. I gave him a dirty look as he walked toward me. I whispered, "What was that about? This is our time. We don't need those guys around."

He ignored me as he walked into the living room to talk to our parents. "Thanks for your help. Not every parent would be as cool as you guys."

Mrs. Gibson began to cry. "We're sorry, Andy, because we weren't there for you when Dillon raped you." She was almost hard to understand through her tears. "We know you must have felt ashamed and couldn't tell us. But we had our concerns and didn't talk to you. We're sorry."

Mr. Gibson walked over and hugged Andy and then me. "Sometimes terrible things happen in this world."

Andy turned away. I thought he was crying, but I think it was shame. He and I both knew about the lie he told about Dillon raping him.

Andy mumbled a "Thanks Mom and Dad. I think we'll go to my room."

Mr. Gibson sighed. "Have a good night boys. Things will work out. The parent meeting was a great idea. Wish we'd have thought of it. But it doesn't really matter. We're doing it."

We headed to his room and we returned to the topic of Thomas and Randy.

"You need to quit thinking of those guys as sex object," I growled. They're upset and confused. Can't you see that?"

"Relax, Matt. I was just trying to be friendly. They're hurting and I thought maybe it would be good for them to come by and talk."

"Bullshit, Andy. You're hoping those boys are horny enough and stupid enough to have sex with us. Well, at least with you. I told you. I'm not into that shit. And as far as I can tell, neither are they."

Andy grinned. "Do you really think I'm that devious?"


He gave me another shit-eating grin. "You can't tell me a foursome didn't go through your mind."

I didn't say anything at first. "Well, maybe. Just for a second or two. But like I said. The sex has to mean something. With you it does, even though it may have currently gotten lost in my horniness. But I still love you." I paused again and then smiled. "How 'bout a quickie?"

He kissed me as he moved us toward the door to lock it. He fucked me the way I decided I liked it best, missionary style. He either put my feet over his shoulders or held my legs out by my ankles or calves, but either way I was able to touch his incredible abs and chest. He'd bend down, suck my nipples, and kiss me as his cock moved in and out.

And like always, he told me I had to imitate him. I preferred his feet over my shoulders so I could rub my hands up and down his chest and abs as I fucked him. I liked jacking his dick, bending down and sucking his nipples, and getting his tongue into my mouth. But as hot as the sex was, something seemed wrong, and I couldn't put my finger on it.

I rolled out of bed when we'd finished, put on my boxer briefs, and slept on the air mattress.

Andy leaned over the side of his bed. "Is something wrong, Matt?"

"Nah, I just want to have a bed to myself."

"Is it about Thomas and Randy?"

"Maybe. But I'm tired. Let's go to sleep."

I dozed off, and when I awakened before dawn, Andy was laying next to me with his head on my chest. Tears welled in my eyes as I turned to give him a light kiss on the top of his head. I whispered, "I still love you, Andy" and went back to sleep.


I think I fucked up. Thomas and Randy are so hot; all I could think of was a foursome with them. That pissed Matt off. He was even more pissed when I asked them to come by during the week. I told him I was just trying to show I cared. That wasn't a lie because I really did care about having a foursome, or if Matt wanted to watch, a threesome.

Matt had a great idea about the parents meeting. I was a little jealous it was his idea and not mine. It kind of made me angry when Randy or Thomas said something about how he has great ideas because he's the quarterback. As if I'd never been quarterback. Oh well, as much as I hate to admit it, I let Dillon sidetrack me from football, and it's no one's fault but my own.

We had some hot sex after Thomas and Randy left, but when we were done, Matt moved down to sleep on the floor. I think he was upset about my wanting to have sex with Randy and Thomas. Maybe it made him think I loved him less or that he wasn't satisfying me, neither of which was quite true. Yeah, the sex wasn't as great as with Dillon, but hell, Matt's a newbie. I just can't help but wonder what kind of things Thomas and Randy did with Dillon. I bet they have a lot of experience and would be fucking hot in the sack.

You know though, they didn't seem to be into each other from what I could tell. They didn't put their hands on each other, hold hands, look dreamy-eyed, or any of that. But I don't think I'd do that with Matt in public either. I believe that kind of stuff should be private. Of course, that's just me.

Sometimes words aren't enough so I moved out of bed, laid down next to Matt, and put my head on his beautiful tanned chest. We were still like that when I woke in the morning.

The Families Meet

Mr. Spence called the school Wednesday morning asking for a meeting with the principal, vice-principal, counselors, and coaches for the next day, Thursday. They put him off saying it was hard to get everyone together at a convenient time. Mr. Spence suggested before school if necessary, and the principal agreed.

Mr. and Mrs. Spence added two leaves to the dining room table after dinner to make room for ten people. Thomas and Randy's parents arrived together. Thomas' parents were Jill and Tom Galbraith. Randy's were Becky and Jim Barnes. Introductions were made as they were escorted into the living room and offered coffee. They turned it down.

The Gibson's appeared and soon everyone was in the living room. Further introductions were made and for a time everyone sat and just stared at the floor before Matt's dad suggested they go into the dining room. The four boys sat at one end and the six parents filled the rest of the seats. Again, there was silence as the boys fidgeted in their chairs.

Jack Spence, Matt's dad, cleared his throat. "I guess I should start this off even though I don't know where to start. Everyone at this table is in pain. The boys have suffered a terrible loss, the loss of their innocence. And in a way, we've lost them to the terrible things that happened to them. But what is done is done and we need to move on. We've kept our children home for the week to spare them from what will happen when they return to school. But they will have to return and what we do here and tomorrow can make all the difference or no difference at all."

Tom Galbraith, Thomas' dad, leaned forward on the table. "That's our biggest fear, that it won't make any difference. We don't know how the administration will react or how the teachers and students will react. We'd have sent Thomas to a different school, but the closest one is fifty miles away and we're not sure how we could get him there. Same goes for Randy's parents."

"There's always bullying at that school under normal circumstances, Jim Barnes, Randy's, dad offered. It's going to be far worst for our boys given what's happened."

The boys sat and listened as their parents talked about them as innocent victims. Yet, they all felt guilty in some way and the conversation only made them feel worse.

"We're banding together," Matt stated. "We'll help each other out. I'm the starting quarterback and Andy's the starting running back for the JV's. That should count for something. Just let them give us any crap and they'll be answerable to the four of us."

"Fighting will only get you suspended," Randy's mother complained.

"We don't care," Randy said. "We're not going to take their shit."

That got a hard look from his mother.

"Okay. Calm down," Mr. Gibson put in. "I'm not sure if fighting back is the answer, but putting up with anything their classmates, coaches, teachers, or administrators dish out isn't good either."

The conversation went on like this until finally it was decided they'd meet in the morning and let the "powers that be" know they expected their boys to be treated with respect, and that bullying wouldn't be tolerated.

It had been an uncomfortable get together, but after they hashed everything out, the boys went up to Matt's room and the parents continued talking.

Andy pointed to the floor. "Make yourselves comfortable." Thomas and Randy looked uncomfortable.

Thomas turned to Matt, "What do you and Andy do all day?"

"Play video games, shoot some hoops, and get caught up on our homework. How 'bout you guys?"

"The same. It's boring," Randy complained.

Andy gave them a serious look. "Are you guys having sex while you're out of school or just playing it cool? I know you guys said you'd tried to stop."

Thomas shook his head. "Why?"

"Just wondered."

"Do you and Matt have sex?" Thomas asked.

"Why?" Andy shot back

"Just wondered."

Andy got the point as Thomas got up off the floor. "Maybe we'd better go. We'll see you tomorrow morning at school. I can imagine the looks we're going to get when we walk on campus."

Andy ignored the final comment and patted Thomas on the back. "The invitation is still open for you guys to come by this week. You're bored and we're bored. Maybe we could do something exciting."

Randy got up. Matt rose and faced the two of them. "Yeah, you're welcome to come by. We can shoot some hoops, throw the football around, and play video games. It'll be fun.

"Thanks," Randy said. "We might do that. But we'd better go. We have homework to catch up on, and it's going to be a busy awkward day tomorrow."

The parents were getting ready to leave when the boys got to the living room. The mothers hugged and the men shook hands. "Let's hope tomorrow morning goes better than we expect," Thomas' dad stated.

Everyone nodded as they headed to the door and said their goodbyes.


I wanted to scream at the meeting. They talked of our loss of innocence as if we were guilty of something. After all, aren't you either innocent or guilty? So now, all of us are guilty. I'm sure they didn't mean it that way, but that's the way it felt. Our parents were so afraid of hurting us that they acted like we weren't in the room. Maybe I'm just being too sensitive. What else could they have done? They wanted to help and that meeting of the parents and school people the next morning's meeting was my idea. To be honest, I was scared. This would be the first time any of us had to face someone other than our families. I couldn't help but wonder what would be going through the school people's minds as we sat across from them. Would they picture Dillon raping Andy and me (even though Andy wasn't raped), or of Thomas, Randy, and Dillon having threesomes at the Oxford Suites. Those images were going through my mind. Why would it be any different with them?

Andy was quiet when we got back to his house and into his bedroom after the meeting. He flopped on the bed face up. "You know, Matt, I keep thinking that maybe Dillon did rape me."

I gave him a questioning look. "How do you figure?"

"You know how Thomas and Randy were seduced. Dillon kind of did the same thing to me."

"Right! You might be able to say he seduced you, but he sure didn't rape you because he didn't force you to have sex. If I'm not mistaken, you wanted guy sex before Dillon ever put the moves on you."

He stared at the ceiling. "My mind's a little foggy on all that. Dillon took me out in his car, worked with me on football, got me in his room, showed me porn, and then put the moves on me. I think he seduced me."

I shook my head. "Well mine isn't quite as foggy. You tried seducing me before you ever had a relationship with Dillon. You haven't forgotten the 12-step seduction have you?"

He sat up in his bed. "That was just fun. I was playing with you."

"I guess Dillon was just playing with you too. The difference is you went along and I didn't.

An angry look crossed his face. "Oh that's right. You're Saint Matthew. Innocent of all sex crimes because he was raped and now is sucking, fucking, and licking the seducer's ass all because he wanted to keep poor Andy from killing himself."

"You're an asshole, Andy." I paused to think about his words and chose mine carefully. "I love you. You were hurting and I wanted to help. And you know what, there have been unexpected consequences. I should have know, but had no idea that I'd be so horny all the time and want to suck and fuck as often as we can. My act of love has turned me against myself because I wanted to wait. You've become my sex toy, a means to an end. Somehow those feelings of love have gone into hiding. I can only pray they'll return."

Andy moved across his bed and leaned against the wall. "Love, Love, Love. What bullshit. There isn't any such thing as love. Only desire and selfishness. Can you really say you're having sex with me only because you love me or is it because you want and need it, and because you're horny as hell? Like you said, there are unintended consequences. What you thought was your act of love, was really a desire to have an excuse to get your rocks off. And once you did, sex consumed you. I know all about it. You can't fool me."

His words hurt. They hurt because deep down I felt there was some truth in what he said. I jumped on the bed, gritted my teeth, and slapped him. "You're so full of shit." I slapped him again as he put his hands up to prevent me from hitting him.

He sneered. "What's the matter, can't you handle the truth?"

I backed away from him as an evil grin crossed his face and he began to smile. It caught me by surprise because he acted like our disagreement meant nothing. "You know, Matt, there's nothing better than make-up sex. Let's stop arguing and fuck."

My cock started to get hard and I lunged at him again, kissing his red cheeks and telling him how much I loved him. I got up to lock his bedroom door and then our clothes were flying everywhere. The sex was hotter than it had ever been, and I was even more confused than before.

Shit, we tied another knot.

Chapter Quote: If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins. -- Benjamin Franklin

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