Knots, Book 1

by Elias Scott

Chapter 7


Gina couldn't get Matt out of her mind. A smile crossed her face when she thought of his kiss on the way to the mall. It felt good. He looked all strange and tongue tied after he kissed me. It was funny because he stepped back as if he thought I might slap him or something...

We held hands in the show. I let our hands rest on his thigh. Maybe that was too bold. I'd hate him to get the wrong impression. He surprised me when he kissed me again. I slipped the tip of my tongue into his mouth. Probably another mistake. He made a funny sound and pulled away. Guys are strange sometimes. But you know what, when we got to my house, he kissed me and did the same thing.

I don't think either of our parents would approve. But you're only young once and it was just a tip of our tongues. Not real French kissing.

He asked me out and wanted Emily and Andy to go. It upset me because I wanted Matt all to myself. He's always with Andy. I think he likes him more than me. He looked offended when I complained. But at least he asked me out.


I rushed home from Gina's, got my bike, and rode over to Andy's. His dad answered the door. "Welcome Matt. Good to see you. Andy's in his room."

I headed across the living room and down the hallway. Andy's room was at the end of the hall. The door was closed. I walked in as usual without knocking. He was lying on the bed in his gym shorts staring at the ceiling. "Don't you ever knock? I could be beating off or something."

"Like I care. Might get a chance to see that big cock of yours."

"I always knew you were queer."

"So your best friend's a homo?"

"Yeah, but I'm nice to him because I've been taught to be nice to minorities."

"Funny. But I'm the one who went on a date, not you. Maybe, you're the homo."

He ignored me. "I've been thinking about asking Emily out. Never thought you had the guts to ask Gina, but you fooled me. How was the date?"

I was tempted to make a bunch of stuff up like Andy would probably do, but didn't. I walked over and sat at his desk. "We had a great time. I even kissed her. Can you believe it? I was afraid she was going to slap me, but she just smiled. We were already holding hands."

"So you actually kissed her and held her hand?"

"No, I'm making it up. Yes, and I kissed her at the show too. She slipped the tip of her tongue in my mouth."

Andy's eyes got wide. "You're kidding. Really? What was it like?"

"It's hard to explain. It's like fire shot from our lips to my toes."

"Made you horny huh?"

"I think so."

He nodded and smiled. "Yeah, it made you horny."

I nodded. "Maybe so. I asked her out again and thought maybe you could ask Emily out and we'd double date."

He got a nervous look. "What makes you think I like Emily?"

"Don't act like you don't. You were all excited when we were at the mall."

"But I don't know if I want to ask her out."


He sat up in bed. "I was surprised you had enough guts to ask Gina out."

I didn't say anything at first but didn't have the heart to lie to my best friend any longer. "I've got to confess. She asked me out."

"Now the truth comes out. Why hasn't Emily asked me? I'm sexier than you."

"Guys are supposed to ask the girls out dumb shit. But like you, I was a coward. I did ask her to go to the dance at the community center and suggested you and Emily might go with us. I'm sure Gina's already talked to her. She'll be primed and ready."

He got up, grabbed his shirt, and walked to his desk. I stared at him. He looked at me. My eyes moved to his shirt, disappointed he was going to cover himself with it. I was more confused than ever. I'm looking at Andy and marveling as his body and thinking maybe I am gay, while thinking about what a wonderful time I had with Gina and what that little bit of tongue and our hands on my thigh did to me.

He spread his arms with the shirt hanging from his right hand. "So gay guy. You like what you see?"

I guess I was wrong. He did see me looking. "Yep. Love those beautiful muscles. Like I said before, I'm jealous of that bod of yours."

I sat on his bed. He sat on the top of his desk. "Thanks. I hope Emily thinks so too."

I laid down. "Call her now."

"I don't want to seem too anxious. It might give her the impression I'm desperate."

"You are desperate."

He jumped on me, straddled my hips, and lightly punched me in the chest.

"I'm not desperate, but I'll beat up anyone who says I am."

I grabbed the back of this neck and pulled his head close to my face, looked into his gray eyes, and thought about kissing him to see what it was like. He looked like he wanted me to. Instead, I pulled his head to my chest as I rolled off the bed and tumbled him to the floor. "Come on coward, call."

"Okay, you don't have to get so rough."

I sat on the edge of the bed as he pulled himself off the ground.

"You jumped me," I said.

"I'm hot for your bod just like you're hot for mine. I like all those muscles that are hidden under your tanned skin and thin frame. I wish I had your weight."

"You're the one who's always running around with his shirt off."

"True, can't say I don't like what I see in the mirror, but it doesn't mean I don't wish I had bigger muscles and more weight. Maybe I should get into body building."

"I keep telling you to get into gymnastics. Listen to your best friend. I have your best interests in mind."

He picked up his cell phone. "I know. I've been thinking about it. Even watched some gymnastics on TV the other day. Those guys are built and tough. I'm not sure I could do it."

"Are you going to call or just kill time with this conversation?"

He pressed seven numbers.

"So you already know her number?"

"I've been thinking about calling her. Just never had the guts."

"You're a step ahead of me. I never did get Gina's number."

"So in the end, I'm the one with the balls and you're just a wimp who waited for a girl to ask him out." He pressed send.

"Hello Mr. Cooper, this is Andy Gibson. Is Emily there?...She is? Can I speak to her?...I can't...Oh, you're just joking."

Andy twirled his finger around his ear to let me know Mr. Cooper was a bit crazy.

"Thanks." He looked at me. "He's getting her."

I rolled my eyes.

"Emily, this is Andy...You know Andy Gibson...You don't know any Andy Gibson?"

Andy mouthed the words, "She's as crazy as her dad."

"Remember the mall. I'm that Andy Gibson...Oh, you remember now...I was wondering...Yes wondering...Wondering if you'd like to go to the dance with Gina and Matt?...Yeah, I'll be there too...What I mean is, would you like to go with me to the dance and double with Gina and Matt?"

I'm bent over laughing. He's giving me dirty looks and trying to stay composed at the same time. He ran his index finger across his throat.

"You know double date...You would? That's great. I'll call you back after I talk to Matt and have more details. Oh, by the way, Matt forgot to ask for Gina's phone number. Can you give it to me...What do you mean it will cost me?...A kiss? I think a kiss from me is worth more than just a phone number...Well, it was worth a try. Matt's right here. He can write it down. Okay. 555-4931...Sorry about that Emily. Matt wasn't ready. He was making faces at me and laughing instead of getting a pencil and paper. Give it to me again. 223-4931. Thanks! Bye."

He pressed end. "You are a real ass and she's a bitch. Put me through hell. No wonder guys don't want to ask frigging girls for a date. You heard it. Made me feel like an idiot."

I patted him on the back. "Yeah, but you got the date. That's all that counts."

"Guess you're right. Plus I'm already set up to give her a big kiss just for getting Gina's phone number for you. What would you do without me?"

I smiled. He was funny and a special guy. I wanted to hug him to let him know how lucky I was to be his best friend, but thought he wouldn't understand, so punched him the shoulder and said, "Cool man."

Gina and Emily

Emily called Gina right after Andy called. "Andy asked me out. I thought it would never happen. But then I couldn't help myself. I kept giving him a bad time. Don't know why he didn't hang up on me. I acted like I didn't know who he was and made him give his full name. Matt wanted your number and I made Andy promise to kiss me for it...I don't know why he didn't have your number

"You're right. What's wrong with him?"

"Don't be mad. He's a guy. What do you expect? He probably just forgot to ask because he was fumbling over himself just getting ready to ask you out."

Gina smiled. "He was nervous."

"So was Andy. He asked if I wanted to go out with you and Matt. Too crazy. Me going out with you and Matt instead of Andy. He realized his mistake and finally asked me to the dance."

"Emily, we got two of the hottest guys in our class taking us to the dance. The other girls'll be jealous."

"Well, for two of the hottest guys in our class, they don't seem to know much about girls. I guess it's our job to teach them"

"Yeah, we'll enjoy teaching them too"

Emily looked in the mirror and swung her hips from side to side. "Sounds like you were kind of a tease with Matt. It's not a good idea to lead them on like that if that's all their going to get"

"Yeah, I'd hate to have them think we're cheap hoes.

"I know we're good girls and all. But sometimes I'd like to know what it's like to be bad. I have that in me. You're more the goody goody type"

Gina smiled. "I'm not sure if I should be insulted or flattered. Anyway, you need to be careful."

"Of course I'll watch it, but I'd like to rub my hands all over those fine muscles Andy likes to show off all the time"

Gina took the rubber band off her pony tail and shook her hair out." I think he's kind of skinny, muscles and all."

"I think he's hot. I really like that skinny guy. Better than being skinny like that tall skinny guy, Alan Hodges, who doesn't look like he has a muscle in his body. He's been like that since we were in the 5th grade."

"I like Matt's body. It makes him look strong and confident. There's something about Andy that makes me think he isn't as confident as Matt. I can't put my finger on it."

"Naw, they're just different. Matt's hot too, but to each his own as they say. I wouldn't kick either of them out of bed. But my choice is Andy. Expect Matt to call you now that he has your number. They need to tell us when they're going to pick us up, that is if they have any idea what to do next...Call me when you hear anything. Bye.


Oh my God, I thought Matt was going to kiss me. It took everything in me not to kiss him. I'm not sure why I didn't just do it. It was the right time. I could see it in his eyes. I felt my dick getting hard. Instead, he pulled my head to his chest and rolled us on the floor. God I'm a coward.

So now, I have a date with Emily. I can't believe Matt led me to believe he'd asked Gina out. Here, all the time I was feeling like an idiot because I didn't have the courage to ask Emily for a date. Seems I'm a coward with girls too. But now we're even. We've each asked a girl out on a date.

I was going into it with mixed feelings. Felt a little like a fake, since I think I prefer guys. Not quite sure, but pretty sure. I couldn't seem to let what happened go. Here I am talking about it again two paragraphs later. I wanted to kiss Matt, strip off our clothes, rub our naked bodies and dicks together, and then suck his cock. But that same day I got mad at myself for having these thoughts. I couldn't get rid of them. They kept coming back.

In the end, I figured it couldn't hurt to give Emily a try. I was a virgin no matter how you looked at it. I started to look at my relationship with Matt and Emily as a test drive to see which I liked best. But I kept thinking I'd sure like to have Matt's dick in my mouth and lick that sweet ass of his.

The funny thing is, I didn't think about these things when I jacked off at night, in the morning, or anytime I was in the John. I'd get hard and just give my "instrument of pleasure," as Matt likes to call it, a good work out. Thinking of Matt as a sex object didn't seem right. Anyway, my cock had to be getting a lot stronger because it was getting plenty of exercise. Gay internet porn was my masturbatory heaven. They say you have to be 18, but who checks?

I told my parents about my date at dinner that night. My dad told me to behave myself. I'm not sure exactly what he had in mind, because when I asked them what he meant, he said, "Just behave yourself. That's all."

I suppose he meant don't have sex, but he never said it. They've never talked to me about sex. They were too embarrassed. The only stuff I got was in school, and it's embarrassing with the girls in the class. Hell, it would be embarrassing with just boys in the class.

I wondered if I should get some condoms. Didn't figure I'd need them on a first date. Maybe Matt will bring some. Naw, he wouldn't. Too shy. They tell us to be ready just in case. I'd probably panic if Emily was ready to have sex. With my luck, my dick would lay low and go on vacation. You know, performance anxiety and all that. I'd heard guys talking about that. I guess it could happen when you're ready to have sex with a guy or a girl the first time. I'd be so excited, I'd wet my pants or cum before my cock got hard.

I couldn't believe it when Matt said Gina gave him a little tongue. Maybe that's all I'll get too. If not, I'll give a little to Emily. I'll probably get slapped.

Well, all I know is I have my first date with a girl, and if it hadn't been for Matt pushing me, I might still be dateless. I could just hug the guy I love him so much. And like I said, I wanted to do a lot more than that with him. But for now, I guess I'll have to settle for Emily.

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