Unintended Consequences

by Doc Sawzall

My cell vibrated for what had to have been the twenty-fifth time since I had gotten up this morning. At least another twenty-five or thirty e mail notifications had come while I was sleeping and thankfully, I had had the phone on silent. Now after showering, I knew I was gonna have to sit down and scroll through the latest responses to the classified ad I placed as a result of a crazy idea that sprang from the recesses of my buddy Todd's warped sense of humor. I'd wait till I got home. Stewie and me had some unfinished birthday business. It was however a chance to scratch an itch I had been harboring for some time.

I would be the first to admit and tell you it was a stupid idea of a colossal magnitude, one of our stupidest. It never should have happened but factor in a few joints, a case of beer and the night of my 18th birthday, acting sensibly had long gone out the window.

Stewie, Marcus, Todd and myself were in Stewie's basement, where else would we have been? Nearly every Saturday night for the past five, nearly six years we would congregate at Stewie's once his parents went out on their date night. We would be alone in the house for the best part of the evening and most often till the wee hours of Sunday morning.

It's where we had our first beers, joints and circle jerks. We'd fire up the gaming console and have at it all night and once we discovered internet porn…well let's say the hours spent gaming became fewer. We had become a gang in middle school and grew closer once we hit junior high school. I was the first of the bunch to turn eighteen and as such was the reason for the exuberant celebration.

To be sure, we had all dated through school, never anyone for any length of time, I think we were all immature and not really ready to give up the security and solidness of our circle and the depth of our friendships.

We all had hit puberty pretty much at the same time and it did change how we looked at things. Stewie's parents had a swimming pool and it wasn't uncommon for us to skinny dip on those Saturday nights when we had free run of the place. We were comfortable with seeing each other naked and would note the changes vicariously as our body's changed, some of us slightly faster than the others.

It was where we had our first beers, show me and pissing contests. Like any group of friends, we would have our disagreements and as soon as they flared, they were quickly over. The one hard and fast rule was no tacos, they gave Marcus the shits and gas. We weren't above innocuous bets while gaming of discussing sports. We were curious little midges and the internet seemed only to fuel our quest for forbidden knowledge. By the time we were fourteen or so we had been exposed to just about every kink under the sun.

There were certain sites we seemed to innocuously gravitate to. It was never overt but nothing was ever said as we cruised. We saw bisexual, straight and gay porn sites and videos. We viewed Reddit and Kik and discovered story sites as well. We were convincing ourselves that we were contributing to our knowledge base and understanding of human sexuality. And for the most part that was so true, at least for myself, once I was safely ensconced in my bedroom, and could surf the sites that most appealed and interested me. While I didn't live in fear of being discovered as being gay, I wasn't ready to advertise it either.

Inevitably, an evening of gaming, drinking and porn led to certain appendages outlining themselves in the fabric of our clothing, whatever we happened to be wearing at the time. We would all sneak glances at one another and I distinctly recall on hot, humid summer Saturday night when we were reduced to wearing just our boxers and t-shirts when we discovered a particularly intriguing set of video porn sites.

We were all rock hard, there wasn't any hiding it anymore. Todd was the last of us to turn fourteen and in most cases the instigator of any of the dares we did. It was all stupid stuff, run around the outside of the house naked, skinny dipping in the pool, drinking games, circle jerks and jerking each other off. In those games everyone got a chance to stroke everyone else. Once the ice was broken the first time it became second hand nature.

We all talked a good game about the girls we'd like to bang and date. I, like the others went out on dates, often we'd talk Todd's older brother into taking out to the movies or elsewhere with our dates in their family minivan. We all took our dates to school functions and dances and so forth. I was the first of our group to get to third base and on one such night on a dare, my date unzipped my fly while we were at the movies and tossed me off. The guys knew, it was pretty obvious even with my coat over my lap what was going on. It left a sticky situation and once the movie was over, I had to carry my coat in front of me to strategically cover the obvious evidence.

I dated Mary Beth off and on for a couple of years. It would sound callous, but she only lived a couple of streets over and I appreciated the convenience. She never had a clue that I was using her as cover but then again, I wasn't the only boy she was dating either. To save Todd's brother time, he generally dropped both Mary Beth and I off before the others. I would walk her on those occasions, the rest of the way home.

We would talk of inconsequential things and lightly hold hands as we walked down the sidewalk. When we would reach a spot between the street lights, Mary Beth would pull me over and we would kiss a bit. Our hands roaming would predictably lead to some growth down below. She had a couple of fast rules, absolutely no penetration and she wouldn't put it in her mouth. While she didn't know it wasn't my thing, as a horny teenage male, having someone else get me to cum was a no-brainer.

There was an elderly couple who lived between our two houses and I would mow their lawns, rake their leaves and shovel their drive and walkways. Their back yard was fairly substantial and while time was of the essence we'd go into the back yard and make use of some of their lawn furniture and picnic table.

She would undo my belt, open my zipper and fondle me. Over time she learned the strokes I liked best and how I liked to be held. Her fingers explored me, she would fondle my balls and marvel at the way my foreskin worked. She also gave me lessons in the female anatomy. I learned the pleasures suckling her breasts gave her. She showed me how she masturbated and gave me a very personal tour of her makeup.

Again, while it wasn't my thing, I could not refuse getting her off, if she was going to make me cum. I quickly learned the layout of her nether regions, how rubbing her button would make her eyes cross, while she was safe from me inserting myself into her, she would let me use my fingers. Once we started, she could get off a couple of times.

Mary Beth was fascinated at how my plumbing worked; my erection was a source of fascination to her. She learned early on how to tell I was getting close. She would fondle my balls and rub my perineum. She marveled at how tight my sack would draw up to my body and the way they both pulsed with each ejaculation. How quickly I went from tense and rock hard to limp and breathless. We'd clean up after we were both satisfied and get her home with a few minutes to spare. I would give her a chaste kiss good night as we reached her front door and make my way home, satisfied yet still yearning for that first time with another like me.

Like any teenage adolescent I lived in a perpetual state of surging hormones. Saturday nights at Stewie's didn't help. The more we looked, the more we found. We managed to convince ourselves we were furthering our education. As we expanded our knowledge base, we seemed to come back to the same video porn and story sites. There was one such story site that ran the gamut of just about everything, gay male, tv's, bisexual and lesbians. While we didn't delve into the gay side of the site that much, it was information for my personal spank bank.

Without access to credit cards we were limited to what was available for video porn till we discovered hamster, pornhub and xvideos. Every possible kink was available, once you selected one intriguing video, several others became available. Marcus and Todd really liked to watch girls going down on each other, Stewie seemed to like the hard-core professional porn. To me I thought to myself it was a waste. I couldn't understand how watching someone giving head to another would pull off at the last moment and spooge all over their partners face.

What was the point of fucking someone if you were gonna pull out at the last moment and spray cum all over your lover's nether regions? I know what cum looks like, to me the thrill is watching the moment it happens, I love the 'tells' the body gives as the moment arrives. Watching someone about to ejaculate inside someone, either orally or as a result of penetration is a huge turn-on for me.

I know what cum looks like and I have a need to have someone cum inside me, to be part of that magic as it happens. I know what cum tastes like, I've sampled my own enough. Then there was the night in Stewie's basement when I lost the bet. The thing was, it took all my will power to lose that bet.

It was just another Saturday night just before my fifteenth birthday at Stewie's, the parents were out of the house just after supper and we arrived shortly after. Money had been left for take-out and lo and behold, Todd's brother came through with a case of beer and a pint of cherry brandy. There were a couple of college football games we were going to watch as we settled in for the evening. It was a hot miserable humid day and the state of our attire reflected that. Lose, baggy shorts, ankle socks and t-shirts were the order of the day. I wasn't the only one going commando.

The house has central air and the basement was our den of inequity. Stewie's parents had turned the basement into a game room for lack of a better description. On Friday nights, Stewie's father had a poker game going and there was a large flat screen TV, the latest play station along with an air hockey table and an old-fashioned bowling game where you slid a metal hockey type puck to knock the pins down. There were a couple of couches and recliners and a computer and desk that we furthered our education on. The other side of the basement was a small kitchen area with a sink, fridge, microwave and a full bathroom. Stewie's mother left a variety of chips, crackers various snacks for our munchies along with pints of ice cream and yogurt cups.

The beer went into the fridge and the cherry brandy went into the freezer to chill. Stewie's parents weren't stupid and neither were our parents. They knew what was most likely going on with the pot and alcohol. The unspoken agreement was that we stayed downstairs, not leave the property and did not invite other friends over and cleaned up after ourselves the next morning. They were easy rules and we respected the freedom it gave us.

We ordered out Chinese and while we were waiting frolicked in the pool. The first of our beers were consumed with our dinner and once we cleaned up, we fired up the TV for the college football games. For the most part, it seemed as if all the ranked teams were playing walkover games against inferior teams. Every conference does it, schedule games against unranked opponents and it makes for a boring viewing experience.

Once the games were over, it didn't take long for the computer to fire up and grab everyone's attention. The beer and pot were holding out, it would last the evening as well as the cherry brandy. It probably was boredom more than anything, but for whatever reason they gravitated to one of the gay story sites. Most likely it was to gross everyone out but they landed on one story featuring a soggy biscuit. The gist was that a group of friends such as they were, had a contest where they jerked off on a biscuit, whoever was the last to cum had to eat the biscuit. I made a mental note as to how to get back to that particular story for my spank bank later in the week.

The mission was accomplished and we quickly gravitated to hamster and xvideos. Somewhere along the line we found pornhub and spent a good hour or two perusing what that site had to offer. The brandy was just about half gone and there were a couple of beer left for each of us. We polished off a joint and that time of the evening, we always seemed to arrive at drew near, if the condition of our shorts were a true indicator.

It was about this time the munchies hit and we raided the snacks, ice cream and yogurt. When offered a cup of the vanilla yogurt Marcus blurted out what he thought it looked like. He was of the opinion that it looked like someone had spooged into the single serve cup. Well that got us going as we chased him around the basement until Todd suggested we play a version of soggy biscuit only he called it yogurt delight.

We all hooted at that notion when Stewie upped the stakes a bit. Generally, when Stewie led, we all followed. Course I was interested for other reasons but Stewie suggested we all put our money where our mouths were so to speak. We'd pony up as much cash as we could muster and split it in order of who came and when. With the addition of what Stewie found in his mother's cookie jar we had a hundred and twenty bucks between us. The first to cum would get sixty bucks, the second would get forty bucks and the third would get the remaining twenty. The last to cum would have to eat the yogurt delight.

There was one last hard and fast condition Stewie told us, whoever lost would not be made fun of, disrespected or abused, and it would be his right to the call another game on another Saturday night. He made each of us finish off the remaining half bottle of cherry brandy and our last joint before we voted.

I was in for my own reasons, this was too good of a chance to pass up, Todd was pretty blitzed and would follow Stewie, the wild card was Marcus. When Stewie called the vote, Todd followed. I elbowed Marcus, made him look at Stewie and Todd, whispered to him not to be a wuss and he voted to play. I signaled my assent and the game was on.

The yogurt was placed on one of the barstools and a spoon next to it. We all stood around the barstool and on Stewie's command we dropped our shorts and proceeded to rub one out. We were all rock hard and, in my condition, it was all I could do not to get overly excited. In all of our sex games we never swapped spit or oral. Tonight, if I played my cards right, I was gonna taste the three other guys cum, at that time in my life it was the best I was gonna get.

Marcus was the first to cum, I could see his nuts clench, his breathing changed and with some effort he leaned over, tilted the yogurt cup towards him and fired off three successive volleys of thick, creamy cum. It blended in pretty nicely with the plain vanilla yogurt.

Todd wasn't much further behind, about a minute or so when he groaned and reached for the cup. I watched in fascination as his time came. He arched his back, held his dick out straight, pointed towards the cup and fired off five successive volleys. It was a bit thinner that Marcus's cum and pooled over the remaining surface of the yogurt.

Stewie was the one I was now waiting for and needed to outlast. He was uncircumcised like me and I knew from, prior experience from our circle jerks he shot a thick, heavy load. His output was nearly equal to Marcus and Todd's.

I knew I was close, fuck it was all I could do to hold off and keep it looking respectable. I looked over at Stewie and could see he was close, his eyes were heavily lidded and like me, his sack was drawn up tight. I watched as his face, neck and chest were turning red, the strain not to finish last clearly evident.

I wasn't much further behind, my hand was flying up and down my dick, I had to make it look good. I started to huff and pulled closer to the yogurt when Stewie crossed the threshold. The volume Stewie produced stunned me and I lost focus for a moment. For reasons I would find out later, he held the cup for me. It took a bit longer for me to spooge, Stewie placed his free hand on my but. The guys couldn't see Stewie's hand as he found my crack and his fingers located my rosebud. It was more than I could take, no one had ever touched me there in a sexual manner. He rested his chin on my shoulder drawing closer to me. Pressing against my hole one of his fingers partially gained entrance, and as I came, I could feel myself clench against his finger.

Stewie stayed up with me that night after I finished the 'yogurt delight'. Neither Todd or Marcus managed to stay up much past me finishing the boy's contributions to the yogurt. We dumped Todd and Marcus on the fold out couch and covered them with a thin blanket and left them to their own devices.

For the remainder of the evening after I ate the 'yogurt delight', I noticed Stewie looking at me as if trying to work something out, as if he was seeking a clue to a puzzle. To his credit he never mentioned the contest while we stayed up and just before hitting the sack, I promised to help him put the basement back together in the morning.

As I lay there trying to find some sleep, I couldn't help replaying what I had just done and how much I liked it. The guys were all expectantly watching as I grabbed the spoon and picked up the cup. The first though was to mix it all together but I did not want to spoil the taste I wanted so badly. I skimmed the surface and filled the spoon and brought it to my mouth and then quickly finished the rest of the 'yogurt delight'.


Stewie let me sleep in that morning and woke me after the guys went home. When I woke and did the bathroom thing freshly showered and a mouth full of clean teeth, I felt ready to face the consequences of last night. I walked out of the bathroom to see Stewie sipping a cold can of coke and eyeing me from the basement breakfast/card table.

In front of him was the pile of money we wagered last night, he pushed it towards me saying the guys, including him, wanted me to have it. He asked one other question, one that cut deep into the part I needed to keep hidden. He wanted to know why I held out, he knew he was going to lose the bet, why did I hold back he demanded to know.

Looking into his eyes, I saw something I hadn't seen before. A glimpse, a fleeting thought that he may be just like me, curious or possibly bi. Lying to him wasn't going to work, he'd sus me out in a New York minute.

He deserved the truth; we had known each other for most of our lives. That we had his place to play in on Saturdays and all of the other things we had done demanded no less than a forthright explanation from me. I thought all I could tell him was that I liked yogurt.

A wan smile crossed his face as he nodded his head as he waited for my answer. All I could figure was that we were finished. We had gone from simple groping, skinny dipping and circle jerks' phase and blown right past it to a gay phase, ruining whatever it was we had. I simply knew once that door was opened, it couldn't be closed.

I took a deep breath once I told him I liked yogurt and waited for the words that would hurt so frigging much. There was a pregnant pause and I forced myself to look up into his eyes as he spoke back to me, that I wasn't the only one that liked yogurt, that he liked it once in a while.

Both Stewie and I would turn sixteen shortly after that weekend. The whole sum of my oral experience, both giving and receiving was zilch as of that morning. By the time I left to go home, I had done both.

Stewie stood up and walked over to me, his erection plainly obvious as it tented the front of his boxers. Before I knew it, I was releasing it through the opening and marveled as it pointed skyward. Wrapping my fingers around I began to slowly stroke him, uncovering and then covering the shiny head of his dick. I could tell by Stewie's breathing how much he was enjoying my ministrations.

Stewie closed his eyes and tilted his head back and the cool of the basement contrasted with the warmth enaminating from his groin Little hitches became apparent in his breathing and it was time to move over to the couch.

I settled on my knees in front of Stewie and leaning forward took him into my mouth. Stewie moaned and reflexively thrust hips forward. The soft noises Stewie would make as I took him deeper convinced me I was on the right track.

Stewie dropped his hands to the sides of my head, gently running his fingers through my hair and outlining the contours. His touch was electric as he lightly encouraged me, setting my mind at ease as to what we were doing. Time passed slowly, minutes seemed like hours, the pace of Stewie's breathing slowly quickened matching my own desire.

Stewie drew a deep breath and I knew the moment was arriving, his impending release imminent. Stewie gurgled as his hips pushed further forward, his body tightened and then I felt the initial warm release of Stewie's essence as it coated my tongue. I continued to milk Stewie as he pumped into my mouth, only stopping when his body fully relaxed with a final exaltation of breath. I could feel Stewie soften in my mouth and as I pulled off, I milked him from the base of his cock where I could gather the last of his cum with the tip of my tongue.

I'd like to say how long I lasted once Stewie took me into his mouth. Thank god he licked, probed and explored my groin before commencing to suckle on me. The warmth and wetness of his mouth fired off all the right nerve endings and all too soon I was thrusting my hips upwards spraying cum deep within his mouth. Stewie to his credit kept nursing on me till I had to beg him to stop as I was too sensitive.

That was the first of many times over the next year or so that Stewie and I would pleasure each other. He took great delight in the fact that I received such pleasure in his body, so much more that he in mine. That he knew I was gay remained unspoken and I knew I had his acceptance and approval. Some days he'd instigate the action just as he did that first time, most other times it was me needing to safely satiate my cravings. We never kissed and his finger never went back to press inside me. He would allow me from time to time, to play with his ass, to probe that wrinkled opening, run my tongue over it and to taste and sample the delights I found within.

About six months before our eighteenth birthdays Stewie met a fine young lady and I was ecstatic for him. We messed around a little bit on the weekends we hung out. Marcus and Todd also started dating a bit more seriously. I think we all knew this would be our last summer, we had graduated high school and were off to college in the fall.

I was still seeing Mary Beth when the occasions demanded it but had yet to find another like me. I think it was Stewie saved me so to speak. Stewie was an important outlet for me as we lived in a very conservative community and state. I was looking forward to going to Boston College, it was the only way my parents would let me go to school in a liberal state.

That Saturday night we celebrated my eighteenth birthday was pretty much the same, we drank, smoked, looked at porn and did all of the usual things. Towards the end of the evening we were all pretty wrecked when Todd had the crazy idea to place a classified ad in the gay personal section of Doublelist.

He grabbed a pack of cards and shuffled them several times and had each of us pick one, the one with the low card had to be the person placing the post. We'd set up a junk e mail account for the replies to go to and a picture would have to accompany the advert. The only rules were, we had to reply to at least five of the responses one time only, and the pic had to be of one of us and be from the shoulders down. It would be up to the poster as to what would be shown, nude or otherwise.

Once we all had our cards, we were instructed to lay them face down on the table until we all had one. Once done Todd flipped his card over and had the three of clubs. Marcus flipped his over and had the eight of diamonds, Stewie flipped his over and had the three of hearts, this could be interesting, I thought as I went to flip mine over, there could be a tie breaker between those two, and I was feeling pretty good about my chances.

As I turned my card over, I grunted as I had the two of spades…what were the frigging chances! Everyone got a good laugh and as I groaned good naturedly. We argued a bit about the contents of the ad and what picture of me to use. We finally settled on the language and use a pic taken one Sunday morning when we were outside cleaning up the pool area.

I am standing looking at Stewie who's holding the camera. All I have on is a pair blue boxers and sneakers. The boxers, while covering me don't leave anything to the imagination. I'm a bit tumescent as I know I will be fooling around with Stewie, swapping bj's in about fifteen minutes. The head of my cock is clearly outlined, there's no doubt as to what it looks like, the length or the shape of it. We've cropped the picture so all that shows is my smooth, hairless body from my shoulders to my knees.

We attach it to the posting and send it off, within fifteen minutes the fake e mail box starts to get replies. I've linked my phone to the account so I can peruse the ads later.

Younger Shy Boy Seeks Older Man

I'm 18 6'1'' 165lbs white ddf blonde buzzcut/blue eyes 6" uncut/trimmed no facial hair. I'm new to this only have done mutual hand jobs and oral a couple of times but am interested in meeting an older man for some fun.

++actual dad types, married/single, suit and tie/ business casual, s+p hair, uncut++ but not necessary, in-shape dad bod, hung++ move to the front of the line.

I'm interested in talking first and taking for the first time, so if this catches your eye please respond! Must live and host in the Tampa area.

Details: 18 years oldLooking for 30 - 45 yrs. old.Full body pic required, all others will be deleted

We all had a blast that Sunday morning. Changing the rules, a bit after going through the responses we all picked two to reply to before we "closed' the junk e mail account. We all made short work cleaning the basement and pool area and the three of us made our goodbye's and left for home. I had my own chores to do and told Stewie I would see later that afternoon.

Once my chores were done, I took a quick shower and fired up my desktop. Opening a link to the account there were another sixteen responses. Five of those didn't have any pic's and I deleted them. Another six of those responses just didn't fit any of the criteria in the posting, it was obvious that they were much older or clearly not in shape.

Out of the final five, two were intriguing. The first was pushing the envelope at the top end for the age range but, clearly was in shape, if the picture was genuine. The final one came in about an hour ago and the respondent was thirty-five years old. Like the other, if the pic was genuine, then I wanted to meet this man.

'Mark', was height/weight proportional, had well defined body with a nice tan. His 'goods' were prominently displayed, a four inch or so soft uncut cock and a hefty set of balls. He was manscaped and for the most part was smooth. He was definitely in shape; you could tell he worked out.

Unlike the other respondent's, his reply seemed to be sincere. He offered to meet me in a public place first, that he wasn't in a rush on his part, that we would move at my pace, he wanted me to be comfortable.

I decided to fire off my own reply to his e mail telling him I was interested in meeting and we would need to work out details. I needed to make sure his pic was genuine so I asked him to take a pic standing next to his car wearing only his shorts.

From the pic in his first response, I noticed a mole just above his belly button. In his second reply I could see the mole, the guy was the same guy as the pics. I had to pause for a second and take a deep breath before composing my reply. He asked me to send him a pic of me wearing the same shorts with my dick showing through the fly.

I had to ask myself, did I really want to go through with this. I had offered Stewie a number of times to be the one to take me that way. He'd shake his head and simply tell me it just wasn't his thing. It left me with a need that was unfulfilled and here was possibly the answer to that need.

I found the blue boxers and quickly put them on slipping myself out the fly. I set my camera up, pressed the timer and let the camera take the pic and sent it from the fake account. I had nothing to lose and could stop this at any time I told myself as I composed my reply and hit send.


We had established a rapport through our e mails over the previous week and were at the point where we exchanged phone numbers for texting. We decided to meet at the Cheesecake factory at the International Plaza mall that following Sunday from our initial contact. My need for someone to show me the ropes as it were, was clearly understood.

Stewie was involved in all of the back and forth. I showed him all of the e mails and pictures when I went back to his house that Sunday afternoon. I once again offered him first dibs on my backside and he strongly considered it. I had dropped my shorts and turned so my behind was facing him. He lightly stroked my bum, slipping his fingers downward, barely grazing my offering.

Sighing, he withdrew his hand and expressed his regret once again, it simply wasn't his thing. He didn't refuse a bj and was more than willing to return the favor.

The week flew by, it was one Saturday night that I managed to behave myself. I woke up at Stewie's Sunday morning with a pretty clear head. We were going to take my car over to the mall and get there about an hour earlier than I was expected. Stewie was going to hang around in the background in case I decided not to go through with it. Getting their early gave us a chance to pull the plug if needed.

Stewie gave me the bag from the drugstore with the two enemas, I was to use them both, one at a time so that the second got what the first didn't get. We both knew it was important to be clean back there. When I finished my shower, I went out into the basement and relieved some of Stewie's pressure before he pulled his cargo shorts up. I told him that if things didn't work out later it was his turn to take care of my need, I wasn't going to let him say no if it came down to it.

I had agreed to text when we were on the way. My 'date' Mark, only lived about a half hour away. I was going to wear my TB 12 Patriots shirt. Stewie could never understand why I rooted for the Pats. Stewie was going to wear a floral print and Mark was going to wear a Seattle Mariners jersey. It was Stewie's idea that I go to the mall commando, he gave me a pair of shorts when wearing them left little to the imagination.

We left for the mall and found convenient parking. The Cheesecake Factory was easy enough to get to and once we parked the car, I texted Mark, once there, that we were on our way and should be there shortly after him. It was interesting watching all the folks walk by all wrapped up in their own little worlds. There were a few people who noticed my tumescence. It was difficult for me to keep things under 'control' down there. It was never far from the back and for that matter, the front of my mind, exactly why I was at the mall today.

I figured I had about a seventy-five percent chance of finally having someone enter me in the most intimate of manner and in doing so become a part of me. I had come to the conclusion that, for whatever reason, I was wired that way, it was part of who I was, that the need that manifested in me needed to receive and to give the same pleasure to my partner.

I vacillated between certainty and doubts. As the certainty would rise above the doubts my shorts would tighten in anticipation. There was no mistaking that a part of me was doing its best to override the rational part of my mind. I thought about how the next several hours would be fraught with possibilities of a need only imagined.

My shorts were becoming restrictive as the time grew closer, my breathing a bit more ragged and the nervous anticipation, was bleeding adrenalin into my bloodstream making it difficult to converse. It was clearly evident I needed to adjust myself, sliding my hand under the top band of my shorts I was able to free up some space for growth. When I looked up, I noticed this kid across the hall from me moving his hands deeply in his pockets. It was pretty clear he had been staring at me and liked what he was seeing.

I needed to bleed off a bit of nervous energy and told Stewie I was going to take a leak., I'd be right back. The caffeine in the coke I was drinking wasn't helping me at all. No sooner had I unzipped and started to piss when the kid who was watching me came in and took the urinal next to me and pulled out a nice erect circumcised cock. Giving me a show while I finished pissing, I explained I was meeting someone in a few minutes but thanks. At the sink while washing my hands he handed me a slip of paper with his number on it. He asked me to call him if I was interested in hooking up sometime. His name was Jarred and he was sixteen.

Stewie hit my shoulder about the time Mark was due and pointed just past the Cheesecake Factory. Sure enough, we saw someone with a Seattle Mariners jersey walking towards the entrance to the Cheesecake Factory, it was Mark, of that was no doubt. The butterflies in my mid-section were going off. It was then we recognized who Mark was.

Back in high school our parents made us take an auto mechanic's course as part of getting our learners permit and eventually our driver's license. The schools auto shop was run by Mark Gault who also served as coach for the JV golf team. Mark's parents passed away during our sophomore year in some sort of accident. He was left a considerable sum of money and his father's auto repair shop. He left school by the end of the year to take over the business and was doing very well. My family and others took their cars there for repairs and state inspections, myself included.

My nerves calmed a bit, I knew Mark would be safe to go with, and told Stewie that I should be fine. Mark was someone who had a body I appreciated whenever I saw him or passed by in school. Stewie insisted that he walk over with me and as we approached Mark there was a sign of recognition in his eyes. Before he could say anything, I told him I was the shy boy from Doublelist.

It was a bit awkward at first, Mark offered to by us both lunch and I explained Stewie was my driver as I tossed Stewie the keys. We talked for a few minutes, catching up on school and our graduations and plans for college. Mark said he would give me a ride home after and I told Stewie I would call him later tonight.

Mark wanted to know a bit about my sexual experiences on the way to his house. I told him the basic truth that nothing more than hand jobs and some oral. That I knew I was gay, that Stewie and I fooled around orally but that was as far as he would go.

I was one happy camper on the ride home from Mark's, my afternoon could not have gone better. The whole experience was surreal and ever so enjoyable. I knew I had made the right decision in looking for someone older for my first time if it couldn't be Stewie.

Mark was kind, loving and patient. He took his time and let me set the pace. His goal was to make this as pleasurable for me as possible. It was all that and more. I may have been a tad sore but the warm feeling deeper inside of me made it all worthwhile. It was so much better that I ever could have imagined.

Mark let me know that he didn't frequent Doublelist. It was more out of necessity he offered. He was looking for a bit of relief other than his hand. His former partner had an issue with credit cards, not fully understanding that you needed to pay them off, rather than max out the balances on each one. When they broke up a couple of months ago, he was nearly thirty-three thousand dollars in debt and had managed to spend an additional thirty-eight hundred on Mark's corporate Amex card.

They had been in a relationship for nearly ten years. In addition to the debt, Mark noticed smaller items of some value were missing from his house. It was the last straw, he booted him out, changed the locks on the house and the repair business and settled for dating his right hand.

Mark's house was set back in a private sub-division and judging by the outside it was well maintained and cared for. It was set back from the street and when he parked the cat in the garage, I was amazed at just how organized spotless it was. If the garage was clean the house was immaculate. The first room we came to was the kitchen, offering me a bottle of water he asked me if I wanted anything else as he drew closer to me.

I think the tent I was wearing gave me away. My erection was straining mightily against the fabric of my shorts. Mark had a growing problem as well. The house had central air I noticed as we walked in and was comfortably cool, now it seemed as if it wasn't working. I could feel the nervous perspiration on my arms and my I need to wipe the damp off my palms.

Mark, bringing his hand to my chin, lifted it up placing a soft kiss on my lips then drew back as if seeking permission. Smiling as I exhaled most of the air, I had been breathing all day, I nodded my head and leaned forward to meet his lips.

I not sure how it happened but Mark's lips somehow walked me to his bedroom and managed to take my clothes off. I feel the solidness of him as he presses against me, his lips and tongue caressing my adam's apple. My sides are gently grasped as his fingers play my ribcage. A wedge of coolness forms as our bodies separate, I gasp as he's found a nipple and suckles. His lips gently brushing mover my breastbone as he seeks the other.

I am paralyzed in his embrace, his hands cupping my bottom as he sinks to his knees, his tongue leaving evidence of its passage as he descends, my navel its next destination. His fingers kneading my backside, manipulating the muscles, pulling, stretching, prying apart. I am tantalizingly exposed; I feel the effect of the cool air of the bedroom as it wafts across my rosette. Fingers tenderly dart over the wrinkled surface as I shudder in reaction.

I am being played like a fine musical instrument as he further explores me. Involuntary, the gap between my legs increases as his nose nudges my testicles aside in seeking olfactory delights. My length is nuzzled tenderly, pulsing in reaction yearning for more.

I am guided to turn around, I feel Mark's arms wrap around me as he plants gentle pecks upwards along the ridge of my spine. His hands proffer security as they cup my breasts. I feel safe in his arms, I know what is to come and my desire inflames the rational part of me.

He's nested firmly against the vale. His warmth telegraphing his desire as he presses lengthwise against me. He leans against me as my hands reach to the bed for support. I shudder as his breath slowly finds its way down the length of my back. I'm missing the warmth of him as he pulls away and sinks to his knees. My legs voluntarily move apart as he returns upwards to cup each globe as he prizes them further from one another. His mouth lands at my tailbone, his tongue traversing down the newly formed crevasse.

I am fully exposed, his fingers cajole a further opening, a separation revealing the tautness of the aperture he seeks to pass through. Faintly his fingers pass over and create a mild tension as his tongue begins to probe. I am momentarily startled as the moist tip darts and swirls seeking further passage.

I hear a snap of the container top and a lubed finger replaces his tongue. Easily it slides in, working its way deeper. Soon it is joined by another as they work inside of me. All to soon I find myself on Mark's bed on my back.

He's hovering over me as he applies lube to himself, he glistens in the soft, diffused light that streams in from his bedroom windows. I marvel at the shape, the contours of what is soon to be inside of me. I am trying to catalogue each and every new thing, to do my homework for this lesson.

I can't help but admire Mark's body, to tell the truth I am enthralled, lost in a sense of wonderment. This brief moment, when we have separated to do what's necessary for the next step, gives me pause. Above me was a specimen of near physical perfection. Years honing his body through hard work and exercise had culminated in what appeared before me.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate those bodies of my peers, Stewie excites me no end, it's what I kept offering to him that he would not take. I even found that boy at the mall Jarred, intriguing and could see some time with him. But, at our age, we were men just not fully grown into what nature intended.

Mark had filled out, there's a solidity when he holds me, his feet are planted and he has deep roots. His age shows well on him, just a touch of gray at his temples. Like me he's smooth with a minimum of body hair, it's easy to see how toned he is, buffed is a word that comes to mind.

I rise up off my elbows to come closer to him. I reach out and cup the orbs that produce that which will reside deep inside me. I think it's a phenomenon, a wonder of nature this construction that intrigues, entices me so much. It speaks to the deepest, base need of what I am…and desire. I can't explain the attraction, it just is. I can't deny the necessity that drives that part of me. I reach for the lube squirting some on my hand and apply it to that which will be parsing me. It will break down the barriers that stand between me and my virginity, forever changing me. I nod that I am ready and lay back down.

I've have seen more videos and read too many stories not to know what's imminent as Mark lifts my legs, his knees move closer to me, placing himself against me as my legs now drape over his thighs. I feel the cool wetness and wince as he seeks entrance and presses forward a bit and retreats. He does this several times weakening my internal opposition. Pausing he leans over me seeking my lips as he holds his position, I lift my head, rising up to meet him as he pushes past the barrier as I gasp.

A searing bolt of pain blazes through me as I am fully opened. I know it will pass but the thought is no help against the reality. I feel as if I am stretched wide open as Mark slowly comes to rest against me. He's imbedding his flag so to speak; I want this and I know the pain will diminish as my body adapts. He's kissing my neck and face, whispering to breath, relax and push out, encouraging me to move past the discomfort.

Gently he thrusts, rolling his hips as I get a bit more comfortable. Several minutes, a lifetime it seems, pass and the initial discomfort has diminished as Mark's pace slowly increases. My feet rest on his shoulders, his arms pinned to the mattress beside my head, holding me in position. I shudder as the pace picks up as inexorably a threshold is crossed. I've gone from pain and discomfort to something quite different. He's grazing a spot inside me that sends waves of pleasure coursing through me. I can feel the contours of his length as it transcribes my passageway. There was no discomfort now, only an increasingly pathway to pleasure.

I encourage Mark, verbally cajole him, my ardor insists. There's a torridness to our coupling now, the mattress quakes while tremors are setting off my nerve endings. My utterances are becoming incoherent as his thrust become longer deeper if possible. Just when I think I've reached the pinnacle he slows; moderates his pace and I ride several waves of pleasure. I'm but a touch away from ejaculation.

I've lost focus, I can't concentrate to catalogue my feelings, to sear the means and manner in which I've been taken. I reduced to simple animalistic pleasure. Somehow the urgency rises and the pace quickens again, I can't stop what's happening to me this time as the assault hastens. Mark is battering against me now, driving me deeply against the mattress. I can't last any longer as I groan out my release, my internal muscles clamping down, as I spray my seed all over my chest Mark stiffens and I sense the warmth of his milt fill me.

We've showered, dressed and are sitting in the kitchen finishing a quick lunch of sandwiches and chips. Conversation was a bit awkward at first but we've passed that hurdle. Nearly at the same time we ask each other if we would like to meet again. Once we've done chuckling, we agree to meet the same time next week. I've got a lot to talk over with Stewie, and I hope some convincing to do, the summer is young and I think I just may text Jarred as well.

I think this just may be the best summer yet!!

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