Tommy Banks

by Doc Sawzall

Chapter 1

It was my last option, really it was. At this point in time, at this very fucking moment it was the only thing that was going to save my ass. Not that there was much of ass to save and the rest of me didn't amount to much either.

For the life of me and I couldn't figure out why Jarred Foley hated my guts, we were different as night and day, he's a football star, a senior with a scholarship out of this frigging former Cowtown. He's had his dick in more chicks than Moses had miracles.

Me, not so much and if the stories priests and others tell, my right hand, hey…the left hand just don't do it right, it's only good for holding the tissues when I cum. Anyway, my right hand by this stage should be covered in warts, my glasses should be made from the bottom of coke bottles and I should have hair growing in those tell-tale places it shouldn't be.

So, fucking Jarred The Fucking Stud who gets his dick wet every night has it in for little ole me who only plays home games of pocket pool. It's not like we have classes together or run in the same social circles. Does having one close friend count as a social circle?

I'm lucky if I hit 148 on the bathroom scale and that's before I take a dump and shower. I live on the last farm in Hutchinson Massachusetts. He plays football, I run cross country and I'm on the gymnastics team. When I am not doing chores or homework, I work out with my Uncle Ethan, he's teaching me Ti Chi and self-defense, he claims it will help me focus and be less impulsive.

I'm not sure I'm that impulsive, I don't get detentions, mouth off in class…ok so I did once and I will get to that…I participate willingly in class and I am prepared when I do, I am an honor roll student with a 3.75 GPA. I've pulled a prank or two like putting concentrated soap in Good Doctor's water fountain in the center of town. It was dark out, no one ever saw me and the bubbles looked pretty cool all lit up in front of his office. My fingerprints couldn't be found on the saran wrap that covered the urinal in the Teacher's Lounge., nope…nada mucho, can't tell you how that happened, wouldn't know a thing about that.

So, I'm considered a trouble maker and impulsive by the teaching staff because I stood up for myself. I'm fanatical about American History, it's my favorite class and I ace all my tests and pop quizzes. My least favorite has to be math, I struggle with it and…I am not so proud I don't ask for help.

Mr. Lewis, my geometry teacher, oh god how he loves to embarrass me in front of the other students. I will ask him to explain formulas I don't understand and he gets all Snidely Whiplash on me. He condescends with great distain to explain to me the error of my ways. It's all I can do to get a B- in that class and it is pretty F'ing frustrating.

Uncle Arik, who by the way is Uncle Ethan's husband, is great with math. He tells me he never used to be, but in running the farm it all became obvious and made sense to him. We'll sit at the kitchen table and go over my homework.

Uncle Arik won't do my homework but will sit with me for as long as it takes, until the concepts are easy to understand. What really pisses me off about Mr. Lewis is, he will give me crap about my homework and doesn't believe I did it, in front of the class. I know it pisses him off when he calls me to the whiteboard and gives me problems to solve and I do it with without any errors. I never look at him or comment, I just go up, do the work and shut my mouth. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

So…a week ago, with two weeks left in the school year, he called me up once again in an effort to humiliate me. He had on the whiteboard a whole series of theorems covering what we learned since the beginning of the class in September. I wasn't allowed to go back to my desk and do them. I had to stand in front of the class for nearly the entire period. And while I've been taught better, the asshole had the nerve to tell me, if I had time, I was to do the theorems we hadn't gone over yet. More to the point I was going to be graded and all of them would count against my final grade for the year.

So, I stood there and managed to get all of the problems done, every fucking one of them, with ten minutes to spare! Mr. Lewis walked over glaring at me, checked the white board and didn't find an error. That's when he accused me of cheating.

If there is such a thing, I blew my top calmly.

I walked back to my desk, gathered my books put everything in my backpack and politely told Mr. Lewis that we were going to the Principals office, my guardians would be called, that we would have a discussion about his false accusations.

He stood there getting redder and redder in the face, I thought he would have a stroke. Once more, I told him that I was going to the Principals office. He could either come with me or be called down when Uncle's Ethan and Arik arrived.

As I walked out the door the bell rang, at least the bastard couldn't get me for walking out of class. I hightailed it to the office, went up to the Principal's administrative assistant and asked for two things, an immediate appointment with the Principal and that my Uncles be called to come up ASAP.

No sooner did the words go from my lips to her ears did Mr. Lewis come barging in and noticeably he wasn't happy with me. He started very loudly to read me the riot act, so loudly the Principal came out of his office.

With no nonsense in his voice he told Mr. Lewis to calm down and quiet, looking at his secretary…opps, administrative assistant, asked just what the heck was going on? Holding his finger up towards Mr. Lewis while she explained that I had come in asking for a meeting and for my guardians to be called.

Looking at me, he wanted to know what did I think I was doing, disrupting a school day like this? I explained I had an issue with Mr. Lewis and I wanted my guardians present when it was discussed, that I did not think it was an unreasonable request and sat down putting my cell phone on speaker.

While skedaddling my way to the Principals office I had speed dialed Uncle Arik. I knew he'd be the one I would get to first. I gave him the thirty second explanation and told him that he and Uncle Ethan would be getting a call from the Principals office. He told me to keep my cell phone on, not to hang up and put it in my shirt pocket. I knew I was violating a school policy but as Uncle Arik explained, it was my word against a teacher's.

The Principal first tried to defuse the situation by asking to talk to is individually. I explained one more time that my guardians were to be called before I would discuss anything. Once again Mr. Lewis accused me of cheating. Looking at the Principal, I asked once more if he was going to make the phone call Once more, he tried to avoid calling them. Standing up and pulling the cell phone out of my shirt pocket, I held it up and asked Uncle Arik what should I do? They were refusing to call on my behalf.

He told me in a voice loud enough to be heard by everyone to hold tight, that all discussion about me was tabled until he and Uncle Ethan were present, it was also noted he had Uncle Everett's office tied into the call.

Well, that brought things to a halt rather quickly, I sat back down and did some reading for English while I waited. Mr. Lewis was told to go back to his classroom. While we were waiting, Tommy Banks stopped by the Principals office and told the Administrative Assistant that there was a video on You Tube and the Principal had better see it. She took Tommy into the Principal's office. A loud curse was heard five minutes later just as Uncle Arik walked in.

Someone, nudge…nudge…wink…wink, did I tell you I had a social circle of one…yeppers, that would be one Tommy Banks. We both fifteen, sophomores and fighting acne and trying to figure out this hormone thing.

There's a reason I live with my uncles, I'm pretty sure I'm gay. Of course, I'd need another like me to prove the theory. My mom died from a ruptured aneurism on one Sunday evening, she got up from the kitchen table to get something off the stove she dropped dead halfway between the table and the stove. It happened four years ago, and let me tell you it still sucks.

Dad manages my cousin Gustin's musical career. He won American Starmaker a few years back and his recording career just skyrocketed. They travel the world and on school vacations I get to join them if they are on the road. Working with the stage crew is fun but it's not all that exciting. It's ok at times, but it can be pretty boring.

Getting back to Tommy, I think he's gay as well, we're both a bit shy and I'm trying to figure out if we are better friends than friends with benefits, of course I would have to take the plunge and ask him. We've seen each other naked in the in the showers after PE and I would like to take the next step, it's big!

We get called into the Principals office just as Uncle Ethan walks in, you can't bullshit Uncle Ethan and he won't put up with any nonsense either. I still remember how mad he was, well at the time I thought it was the end of the world, when he caught me painting their black Labrador retriever with some white paint. I thought Rufus would look better as a cow, what did I know? I was seven, I got my ass paddled and can only express my undying love for latex paint.

Uncle Ethan has a certain gravitas, it comes naturally. He won the Medal of Honor while serving our country in Viet Nam. He was the only survivor of a troop transport plane crash in Germany on his way home, I'm fuzzy on the details, he won't talk about it all that much. Me, I'm just glad he's my uncle.

Sitting in the Principals office, Uncle Ethan cuts directly to the chase. He's in that I'm gonna ream me a few new assholes today mode and I know what's coming. His comments are succinct and brutally to the point. He's gotten the e mail with a link to the You Tube video. He tells everyone we're gonna watch it and makes the Principal play it on his PC. It's pretty damning and obvious there's no way I could have cheated. He asks me for my geometry work book, I hand it to him. He tosses it back to me and asks for the one I've been doing with Uncle Arik. I dig it out of my back pack and hand it to him.

Uncle Ethan then proceeds to ever so calmly rip Mr. Lewis a whole bunch of new assholes. Calmly explains to him, that his lack of ability to help a student in need, has forced that student to seek help outside of school. He tosses the geometry work book to the Principal and demands that any other qualified math teacher review my work, and then test me on it.

In summation, Uncle Ethan looks at Mr. Lewis and then the Principal, then back to Mr. Lewis. He tells Mr. Lewis he can resign or go to court and then be fired. The principal tries to but in when Uncle Ethan drops the neutron bomb, he lets them both know he will be talking his brother, Uncle Everett, Chair of the School Committee and if Mr. Lewis does not resign, we will be suing the school district. Given the You Tube video there shouldn't be any doubt towards the outcome.

Me, I'm sitting quiet as a church mouse in a reform home for wayward Tom Cats. Uncle Ethan turns to me, he calls my name and I look up to him. He walks over to me and places a hand on my shoulder and tells me just how proud of me he is and that I handled and reacted just as I should have. He was proud of me for standing up for myself in a dignified, respectful way. I fight the tears that are leaking out of my eyes and fail miserably, I jump up and hug him sobbing and cry into his shoulder.

Uncle Arik's been quiet up to this point, he got up to hug me and stopped, his fists are clenched and that's not good. He's mad, madder than a wet hen, it's his anger, it's under the surface, I can see it rippling under his skin. Its building up to a tsunami and I've only seen this side of him once. It was after mom died and I moved to the farm. We were downtown when someone who disapproved of two men living in sin and let his feelings be known. How sinful it was they were raising me. The asshole pushed me, knocking me to the ground to get at Uncle Arik. He let him have the first swing, then it was over. Thank god Uncle Ethan was there to stop him. Someone hurt a member of the family, it's the only thing that gets him like this.

In a very low, eerily quiet voice he let his feelings be known. There were volcanic combinations of four-letter words…four letter words with "ing", other prefix's and suffixes attached, along with bicycles, nuns, circus acts, sexually impossible acts, further mores, just what's fucks, along with thunder storms and lightning bolts.

That was just the beginning, he went on for the better part of five minutes without repeating himself. Don't believe me, I got the get out of jail card to use in the future, Tommy Banks, who everyone forgot about, was sitting in a corner recording it. That recording is our secret, did I tell you how much I like Tommy Banks?

Uncle Arik insisted he be present when my workbook was checked and me tested, demanded it be sealed in an envelope and then placed in the school safe. Looking at Mr. Lewis and the Principal, he calmly informed them that this was in fact not over, this was a simple and a very solid case of child abuse and the lawyers would have to figure it out. There would be repercussions.

Uncle Arik hugged me and held me tight comforting me, drying my eyes with his handkerchief. He told me how proud he was of me, that I was a fine young man and did the right thing. I was also told it was time for me to pick up a pass and get my backside back to class.

Tommy Banks, the one everyone forgot about, and I headed off to American History together. Mr. Duncan took our passes and asked me to see him after class. The rest of the day is kind of a blur, bits and pieces stick out, not much but they do. Mr. Duncan was concerned; he had seen Mr. Lewis and knew something was up. He listened to my version of what happened and smiled. He then told me if anyone gave me any crap because of this I was to tell him, he had my back. He's pretty cool for a teacher, he even used the other 'S' word for crap in front of me!

Lunch was next and PE just after with a study hall to end the day. Tommy was waiting for me just outside the cafeteria and we grabbed lunch together. I think we were both in shock.

I needed to let off some steam, my nerves were all jumbled and all over the place. I needed to run, so that's what I did. I asked for a pass in PE to get out of study hall from my cross-country coach, Tommy agreed to meet me downtown when I was done running and give me my backpack back.

I did a few laps around the track and took off to the center of town the long way. It took me the better part of two hours and it felt good. I had worked off a whole bunch of frustrations and came up with a plan for the weekend.

As I was coming into town, I saw Mr. Lewis and Jarred Foley going into the New Covenant Church, they preach the True Word of God, well that's what the sign says. They were going in, never saw me and I beat feet over to the ice cream shop, saw Tommy, and promptly forgot about the both of them, and the True Word of God. I had other fish to fry and a cake to bake if you get my drift!

I treated for the ice cream and knowing I was in need of a serious shower, we sat outside and talked over everything that happened today. When we ran out of stuff to say I decide it was time to spring my well planned, not impulsive, plan.

I kinda knew what I wanted and a bit nervous, but with everything that happened today I figured I had nothing to lose, so I asked him out!

Well not really out…out, but to come up to the farm Friday after school and spend the weekend on the farm. More specifically, I invited him to come up and go out to the cabin on Ant Island. The island is in the middle of this ginormous pond and very frigging cool. The cabin was built by Uncle Arik back when he was my age, there's a bunkroom a bedroom, kitchen/living room with a wood cooking stove and a hand powered well pump.

To get there you have to use a rowboat and once tied up to the dock your cell phone and other electronics' go into water tight box on the dock. The only device allowed is Uncle Arik's battery transistor radio, it picks up a few stations and mostly it is used for catching the Red Sox games. If you have to make a call you gotta have one foot in the water. It's the honor system and we are all taught from an early age to respect it.

So…as I finished stammering the invitation, I looked at Tommy with hopeful, pleading eyes and awaited his answer…he…just…said…YES!!

Finishing our afternoon together in the center of town we went our separate ways and watching Tommy stand, from what I saw I think he was as excited as I was….

I think by now you know I really like Tommy Banks!!!

Chapter 2

It was my last option, really it was. At this point in time, at this very fucking moment it was the only thing that was going to save my ass. Not that there was much of ass to save and the rest of me didn't amount to much either.

For the life of me and I couldn't figure out why Jarred Foley hated my guts, we were different as night and day, he's a football star, a senior with a scholarship out of this frigging former Cowtown. He's had his dick in more chicks than Moses had miracles.

Grabbing my backpack, I ran the mile and a half home in what had been world record time, wrestling with a dick that wouldn't behave. I ran into the kitchen and looked at the sign-up board for the cabin, knowing earlier that the weekend would be free, I decided to ask Tommy if he could come up. Looking at the board now I see Uncle Arik has marked his approval. I do a little dance right there in the kitchen and to put the explanation point on my feelings thrust my arm up and let out an emphatic Yes!!

Running upstairs I took a shower and floated downstairs for supper. I had a goofy grin. And soon lost it when I saw my uncles. We had a serious discussion regarding the events at school and the need to meet with Uncle Everett next week. Without skipping a beat Uncle Arik asked me if I needed a refresher on the 'Talk' and safe sex. Uncle Ethan spurted milk out of his nose and choked back a cough. I said I was all good with that but…Uncle Arik may want to give Uncle Ethan a refresher…I love my uncles, they 'get' me, and I 'get' them.

Tommy Banks surprised the stuffing out of me in PE. We had hit the showers; he had finished just before me. When I walked back to my locker which was next to his, he was bent over, one leg on the bench, towel next to his foot, clipping his toenails. And…I…saw…it! My eyes followed the dangling bits up to…where…it…was!

Faster than a speeding bullet, I had an instant boner, it would be able to vault me over tall buildings in a single bound! My towel wrapped around my waist looked like tent section at Wal-Mart. Hearing me at my locker, Tommy finished what he was doing as I was rapidly pulling up my underpants. He turned to his locker and I could see he was working on a stiffy as well. While not as hard as me he was sticking out.

Focusing on getting dressed and doing my quickest to cover up my growing problem, Tommy seemed to be moving slowly. He had to know but I was to stunned to say anything. We both finished dressing and left for our next class. I couldn't wait till we left for the cabin tomorrow, who am I fooling, I couldn't wait to get to my bedroom today, I was gonna punish the monkey! Did I tell you I want to play with Tommy Bank's naughty bits?

I'd be lying I told you I was focused at any time during the interminable wait for Friday afternoon, it wasn't visions of sugar plums that had me distracted, I kept thinking of all the possibilities that could happen, every one of them ended up with us naked together. I was like Pavlov's dog, every time the bell to signal the end of class, my dick did its best to poke a hole in my pants. Not every book made it into the backpack, I had to keep one out to protect the innocent from getting an eye poked out. It could have been very embarrassing; I was wearing button fly jeans!

Friday, June 9th, 2017 is a date I'll treasure for the rest of my life, of course things don't always turn out as you planned or hope they would work out. I had forgotten, actually miss-remembered, it was Uncle Arik's birthday. I actually had a card and a present. Chores and the festivities delayed our trip out to the cabin. To late afternoon dang it.

Tommy helped me out in the milking parlor and we were pretty sweaty and filthy by the time we rowed out to the cabin. We could have used the rowboat with the motor but it would have ruined the atmosphere.

We took our stuff up to the cabin and left it in the living room, we needed to bathe before anything else. I grabbed a bar of soap and a couple of towels. I gave Tommy a nudge as I headed for the screen door, telling him the last one in had to clean the outhouse! Clothes and sneakers went flying as we scrambled to get undressed. Eventually we left the discarded pile in the middle of the living room floor and jostled each other as we ran down to the dock.

We had fun dunking each other, tossing mud balls and generally having fun. I still hadn't a clue as to how I was going to get things started, but Tommy Banks solved that problem for me. We had settled down from the horsing around and were washing up. Some pond grit got under my foreskin and I had pealed it back to clean the end of my dick off.

I didn't notice he had stopped moving, when I looked up to him, he was staring at me totally hard. Tommy is circumcised and unlike me, he has a shower and a nice set of balls, a real handful. If I had to guess he was a good seven inches, decently thick.

Course none of this was going thru my mind at the moment, what was going thru my mind at that moment was how beautiful Tommy's cock was. Like a fool I was grinning back at Tommy as my dick stood up and saluted. It didn't dawn on me but at the time, in all the showers after PE, he had never seen my foreskin retracted.

Tommy asked if this was the conversation starter, the one we were both struggling with, and that broke the ice. I learned quite a bit that afternoon, not every conversation had to be spoken, that the hand of another was far more pleasurable and while I was a boy becoming a man, there were many things I didn't know about my body.

How the singular touch of a finger spoke volumes. A sly glance, a nudge of a need spoken by the eyes, and the eyes of the other promising deliverance from that need. Of how various parts meld and hold two together as one. From the first awkward shy fumbling's, the promising of a future…deeper coupling in the maturing relationship. Of eyes feasting on the perfection of flesh beholding. Of the sharing, the giving utterly of oneself to another unreservedly. The giving of thanks for the relief to be in the arms of another like you.

I'll never forget the relief I felt when Tommy's comment broke the ice or how relieved I was to realize, I wasn't the only one who was hard, true Tommy reached that state before me, I can only thank the good lord he made our dicks so pliable. A scientist would have his doubts no mind, it was passing gas he'd note, but I think I broke the sound barrier as my cock fully sprang to attention.

We moved close together, an outstretched hand seeking its mate shortly joined by the other hands. Our bodies tentatively, moving closer together. A hand suddenly cupping my breast, my hand gently tracing the outline of his jawbone. His hand slides towards my back as I cusp the back of his neck, inexorably drawing use together. The heat radiating from his body and the electric shock as our penises touch.

There's a natural GPS hidden in our bodies directing our lips towards each other, as we clench our bodies together, trapping our firmness beside one another. We start a dance that's as old as time itself. It is in our DNA; we are trapped in our past as we change the future before us. We are becoming part of the cosmos from whence our beginnings originated. We hold and grind and kiss, hands and fingers reaching, searching and yielding the flesh we behold. Time slows, its measured in the shared breaths, the delicate tracing of a fingernail over the fleshy goosebumps. And then the fucking mosquitoes found us. Did I tell you, Tommy Banks really…really likes me!!!

The pile of clothes on the living room floor would have to wait as would the wet towels. My lips were locked with another's. Our bodies compressed together as we stumbled into the bedroom. As I felt a hand leave my side and cup my breast, my hand rose and again traced Tommy's jawline on its way towards the nape of his neck.

The bed caught us and as we slowly fell into its embrace we separated. I brought Tommy to the edge of the bed as my lips sought and found the path downward to my heart's desire. Traveling along his throat towards hollow cleft just below his adams apple where the top of his rib cage formed. There was a bifurcated dilemma as I continued my travel southward towards his nipples. I let my hand tweak the one that wasn't being suckled, which resolved the issue much to Tommy's delight.

As I traveled closer towards his navel, I could smell him, smell that which made him unique wafting towards me setting me aflame. A clear bead had formed and was glistening at the end of his penis. There was however a need, a need that had been fifteen years in the making and it was clamoring for satisfaction. My nose was leading me to the origin of his singular pheromones. Spreading his legs further apart, placing them over my shoulders as my knees sank slowly to the floor I nudged his scrotal sac aside and buried my nose into his perineum. I was hooked, I was an addict, what I would be forever, was confirmed.

I was on sensory overload, the world outside my immediate surroundings ceased to exist, I inhaled with need, to what so strongly called out to me. And yet it failed to satiate me, there was more I must do, my need was overwhelming, it overpowered reason and logic. The need set my tongue on an insatiable quest, discovering the metallic taste as I darted towards his anus, to the salty wrinkled skin of the scrotum.

Letting his legs slide off my shoulders I moved northward above his testicles. I followed the urethral ridge towards the end of his penis, a thin gossamer strand connected the tumescent head to skin below his navel.

I'd like to say the oral sex I performed was on par with what I'd seen on the internet, the reality was far from it. While I managed not to scrape my teeth on Tommy's dick, it was all I could do to get half of it in my mouth. I made up for that shortcoming, pun intended, with a lot of tongue action and the caressing and fondling of his balls. I was staring down seven inches of Tommy and boy, was he thicker up close. The need wouldn't let me rest, I needed to make that boy cum and in my mouth. I was determined to avoid lockjaw; I kissed and traced the contours as I bobbed up and down. My hand firmly grasped the part of the shaft I couldn't fit in, the other manipulated his testicles, tracing the outlines as they became cloven towards his body. A synchronicity formed between us and we adjusted to each other, his moans continued to feed my need and let me know my efforts would soon be rewarded.

Tommy's breathing soon became ragged taken in halting inhalations, the time and distance between each breath was growing quicker, his hands would clench the bedspread and relax in time with his breathing. His vocalizations were incomprehensible unless you were there, as I understood what he and his body were telling me. My need could sense the end was drawing nigh, his testicles all but disappeared, what was left, was a tight drawn up shell.

A plea...not to stop…so…close, sooo…. close, a deep inhalation and Tommy goes rigid. I feel his perineum pulse, not once but four distinct times, as my mind registers this factoid, I feel those pulses travel through his urethra as he detonates volcanically in my mouth. I'm nearly overwhelmed as he fills my mouth feeding my need.

As Tommy ejaculates four distinct volleys I swallow what I can. That boy can cum and I savior what remains in my mouth, it's a taste I'm genetically predisposed to, my need, is purring. Tommy grows flaccid while I gently suckle. He's let me know with a touch he's become too sensitive. As I pull off and up from Tommy, I notice it isn't only his penis that's grown flaccid, all of the tension seems to have left his body, he lays there still, appearing helpless, weak as a kitten. I move up to be beside him with a gentle kiss is shared as I pull him into me as we lay side by side. His body has suffered a major earthquake, he trembles from the aftershocks for some time. As they fade so do we as we both fall asleep, satiated, and my need, for now is content.

Chapter 3

It was my last option, really it was. At this point in time, at this very fucking moment it was the only thing that was going to save my ass. Not that there was much of ass to save and the rest of me didn't amount to much either.

For the life of me and I couldn't figure out why Jarred Foley hated my guts, we were different as night and day, he's a football star, a senior with a scholarship out of this frigging former Cowtown. He's had his dick in more chicks than Moses had miracles.

It's the last week of frigging school, all of our finals are taken, we're on to half days and the teachers appear to be just as ready if not more ready to see this school year come to an end. To meet state guidelines, as it is explained to us, several classes are crammed together in the auditorium, gymnasium and cafeteria. No one cares or gives a hoot, it's like the weather forecast called for bouts of apathy, along with the humid weather. There's no AC in any of the spaces we meet in and we're all lethargic, including the teachers.

We are all pretending, the teachers…teaching and the students listening. How, I don't know, current events come up in a desperate attempt to create some interaction. That's when it started, it was a comment on same sex marriage and how sinful it was. The bible clearly states, we are told, homosexuality is a sin.

Well, that got my motor running, he's a jock airhead with a first class ranking. I shake my head in disbelief, that no one is going to dissuade him of his notions.

Standing up, I opened my mouth and all hell broke loose. It's a well-known fact his parents just went through a nasty divorce. I calmly point out that the bible clearly defines divorce as a sin, in fact, innumerable passages do so, far more than passages dealing with homosexuality, the bible talks about how terrible it is. There are severe consequences, such as the wife should be stoned. I ask him what kind of Christian was he? Was he a Christian who believes in the bible or was he the sort of Christian, that cherry picked the parts of the bible he wants to believe? That in itself was something I could have walked away from unscathed, but…it was the comment I probably shouldn't have made.

I let my frustrations get the best of me. I couldn't let it go; we were exposed just then to ignorance to the extreme. Looking at the clueless jock, I simply and quietly asked what time should we be in front of his church, and did we have to supply our own stones?

Pandemonium ensued. I saw Mr. Duncan coming towards me and at the last second, I saw Jarred Foley coming at me like a dreadnaught from the other direction…and he was a fuck of a lot closer. All of a sudden, I was standing in a circle of students, all by myself…but not for long if Jarred Foley has his way. He looks as if he's the bull in the in the bullring, that's been poked one to many times.

My nose was itchy and in bringing my hand up, I could distinctly smell crotch. Only it wasn't an odor I was accustomed to. At that point I felt the body heat of someone next to me. I then realize someone is cupping my balls.

All of a sudden, I am instantly awake, the memory of the previous hours come flooding back, I realize Tommy Banks is taking inventory of my nether regions as he explores and examines me. I feel his breath as it wanes against me. Involuntarily my legs part as a cool hand explores the warmth beneath my scrotum. There is serious exploration occurring as a finger traces a path over the wrinkled opening. The other hand is drawing my foreskin downwards as my erection solidifies. I sense rather than feel Tommy's head center over my belly, the feeling is confirmed as I feel the indescribable keenness and ecstasy as the tip of my penis parts his lips. I salivate in anticipation of what's to come as I become fully engulfed. My mind reels with the thought that through the efforts of another I will ejaculate, there's no other reason for being at this very moment.

Someone like me has awoken the other half of my need. My mind is fully aflame, my body fueling the conflagrations overwhelming me. My ardor is begging for satiation, there is no time, only the event transcribed along my distended length. Shockwaves course throughout by body, as his moist warm grip teases my sensitive glans. My need is aching, longing for and craving its release. I am consumed with the hunger of my need as the suckling compresses my universe into a singularity. It is as if I've been caught in the vortex of a black hole's gravity. I know it's not long now, that my need will pulse out into the loving humidity that surrounds it.

My need is nearing the summit, I'm becoming powerless to prevent the trajectory that will deliver me to my need's apex. My need is bringing me to the pinnacle and I am helpless to prevent it. My eyes roll back behind their lidded covers as my mouth forms a silent prayer for air, I've forgotten how to breathe. And then my need hits me, I am incontrollable as I ejaculate and ejaculate and ejaculate.

My need dissipates ever so slowly as my ability to breathe thumps me. I am all jingly jangly, my nerves are misfiring, never could I have imagined or guessed at the depths of the sensations that continue to consume me. Tommy slowly moves up beside me and I see what I feel, reflected in his eyes.

Jarred Foley's face is a twisted mask of rage, snarling, he blames me for his uncle, Mr. Lewis's firing. I had never made the connection and it is clearly obvious it's too late to do a damned thing about it. He manages to push thru the crowd and he's coming at me and there's no one to stop him.

It was my last option, really it was. At this point in time, at this very fucking moment it was the only thing that was going to save my ass. Not that there was much of ass to save and the rest of me didn't amount to much either.

For the life of me and I couldn't figure out why Jarred Foley hated my guts, we were different as night and day, he's a football star, a senior with a scholarship out of this frigging former Cowtown. He's had his dick in more chicks than Moses had miracles.

It finally dawns on me why he hated my guts, how in the fuck was I to know Mr. Lewis was his frigging uncle! That realization is coupled with the fact he truly wants to kill me. It's not my fault his uncle got fired, he brought it on himself!


I only have but a moment to center myself and figure out what the heck I'm going to do. Like the proverbial bull in the china shop, I'm the red flag and the only thing Jarred Foley sees. He has no form or finesse; he's relying on brute strength. He sends an overhand right that barely clips my jaw, it sends me flying. As I get up, I wipe my jaw and see blood on my hand, I'm fucking furious. I barely standing when he comes at me again and throws the same overhand right, I duck out of the path of the punch and hear a sickening crunch, turning, I see Mr. Duncan falling to the cafeteria floor, blood spurting from his nose and mouth. Now I am pissed!

It was my last option, really it was. At this point in time, at this very fucking moment it was the only thing that was going to save my ass. Not that there was much of ass to save and the rest of me didn't amount to much either.

Jarred Foley spins and turns towards me and launches another overhand right, I know it's coming, he's thinking I don't have time to react. That was his mistake and my opening, I've only one shot at this and stopping him.

He follows the overhand right with his body, as I am ducking out of the way, I pivot so our bodies are square to each other. We're so close that when I bring my knee up, I connect solidly with his balls. There's no doubt my knee found its mark. He grunts as the pain overwhelms him; a noxious rancid rush of air is expelled from his lungs as he bends forward to meet my right uppercut. I put everything I had into that punch, starting from my toes, I rose up to meet his jaw like a coiled spring. You can hear his teeth clattering together. For a moment Jarred Foley is suspended in air and as I pull back, I pivot on my feet, driving my elbow into his solar plexus. I barely avoid the vomit as Jarred Foley collapses to the floor.

Chapter 4

Its bedlam in the cafeteria once Jarred Foley hits the floor. Tommy Banks breaks through the ring of students, cell phone in hand, he's got everything on what just happened. One of the cafeteria ladies has called 911 and I can hear the ambulance coming.

It's only a matter of moments, as the adrenalin coursing through my body subsided. I'm shaking like a wet kitten coming out of the bathwater. Snapping out of it I go over to Mr. Duncan and sit on the floor beside him, I cradle his head in my lap as we wait for the paramedics.

Jarred Foley groans and several members of the baseball team stand guard over him, bats at the ready and I wonder just where in the fuck, did they come from? Someone hands me some wet towels from the cafeteria and I do my best to clean Mr. Duncan's face. My eyes fill with tears and a wretched, abject feeling come over me, me and my fucking mouth have gotten us into this mess I'm thinking.

That thought last but a fleeting moment as I realize I may have been intemperate, but I certainly had a right to express my feelings. It was never on my agenda to be part of the results of just what happened, what I don't regret is standing up for myself. I didn't throw the first punch, I was never so out of control that I hit, and knocked unconscious a teacher.

The paramedics are here, followed by the police. They tend to Mr. Duncan first and stabilize him. When they pick him up, he's just coming to, he's quickly loaded on to a stretcher and as he is wheeled out, they see me covered in both of our blood. I quickly make them understand it's my jaw that needs attention. Tommy has shown the police the video and they turn their attention to Jarred Fucking Foley, he may not be bleeding but he's in need of attention more than me, at least I can walk to the ambulance. It looks like he'll be going to the medical center, cuffed and in the back of the police cruiser.

It's early morning out on the island, I'm snuggled deep under the comforter lying next to Tommy Banks. We're getting better at our intimate moments, last night was the best yet. It's one of those rare mornings where I don't have to pee and to my everlasting surprise, the dog down below is just as relaxed as the rest of me!

Mr. Duncan recovered nicely and did not hold me accountable at all for what happened, he was trying to get between Jarred Foley and myself. He like everyone else are amazed that I took down Jarred Foley, he's in a heap of legal trouble, lost his scholarship and is facing some expensive dental work.

My uncles are cautiously optimistic that I've learned something from this episode, while they aren't pissed at me, they're hoping I've learned to think before opening my mouth. I still get the hairy eyeballs from some of my contemporaries' who attend the New Covenant Church, they preach The True Word of God. Only attendance is down, I've actually had a couple of them approach me and we have managed to have civilized discussions about our differences. We've agreed to disagree where we can't find common ground and respect each other.

Obviously, school is out for the summer and I find I have more chores and responsibilities, I don't mind and I am finding the life on the farm suits me. I'm giving serious thought to going to the Agricultural College when I graduate, I think my uncles will be pleased when I tell them.

So where does this leave me? Every single stolen moment I can find, I find myself in Tommy Banks arms!!!

And while my belief system may be my own, I give my humblest thanks for Tommy Banks!!!

From the notes of Ezra Tompkins, Spring/Summer of 2017

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