Crashing Bore

by Doc Sawzall

Or…The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

The buzzing of my phone alerted me to an incoming text, looking at the screen noticing barely five minutes had passed since he took a deep breath and pressed send, the last of several pics sent and a video clip he had nervously shared at the last. After the initial pic was transmitted, the response went a long way towards calming his queasy tummy, there was a request for more. He knew all the dangers, pics like the one he sent and those following could live forever on the 'net'. Each following pic was a bit more explicit and with the vid, there could be no doubts as to his intent. Even though his face was blurred or concealed there could be no mistake as to who's images were portrayed, if you knew the sender .

Gabe: if u r serious come over after lunch…rents will be gone till 5.

Rob: b there no later than 12:30

Gabe: come in thru the sunroom…you will need to put buster out

Rob: will do see ya then

It was freaking going to happen!! After the better part of three months of sending all sorts of signals, hints and no to subtle comments and innuendos, the deed would be done by the time he left Gabe's and head home for supper. He had been so fucking close six weeks ago; Gabe had agreed to give him a ride home after they finished competing in the gymnastics meet. Only to see those plans ruined when he failed to dismount properly from the High Bar.

Rob had just finished his tumbling routine, the last event for the JV squad that day and headed over to watch the varsity go through their paces. Gabe had been flying through all his exercises, his performance drawing raves and appreciative applause as he moved from discipline to another.

There were those there who spotted the problem with the High Bar, at just over nine feet tall, safety was paramount. At issue was one of the four supporting guy wires. It appeared to have lost its tension just as Gabe went into his dismount, it was enough of a wobble that as he began his landing, it threw him off slightly. All of those who were in attendance that afternoon at the meet claimed to hear his knee give way as he awkwardly landed. What wasn't in doubt was the damage to his leg. It'd be a miracle that he'd come back to compete for his senior year.

The only thing Rob remembered from that afternoon, was the sound and image of the ambulance leaving the school parking lot.

He had been so close to finally being alone with another boy, one he had confirmed was just like him, just better at hiding it. Gabe if anything was a paragon of rectitude, a friend to all, a kind word for everyone and someone who could listen. An innate ability to talk to anyone, to his fellow juniors like himself, to the coaches on the gymnastic team, teachers, and parents.

The first inkling that he had perhaps a bit more than a passing fancy, after all…what boys don't check out other boys' bits and pieces when they are out and about to be seen. The team in all its functions is an egalitarian unit. Everything is shared in the truest sense of the word. There's very little difference between the more accomplished members and the newbies. Everyone has a role to play as each year the team sheds those who matriculate to higher halls of learning and those who go forth seeking an honorable trade. It is critically important that the new leaders of the team to welcome the new arrivals, encourage their participation and lend an assist when they struggle picking up the program.

It was Rob's first practice when Gabe introduced himself to the group of his fellow beginners. He along with others would become their mentors, just as they were mentored. It was a dictum well and long established by Coach. A man who had seen more success and state championships than many of his peers. His first cardinal rule was that everyone, despite their ability could, and would become more than the sum of their parts. His second cardinal rule was that there was to be no hazing, it was the fastest way to find yourself dismissed and ostracized. His third cardinal rule was that above all else, everyone was to be encouraged to find it within themselves to make that last effort when nothing was left in the tank, to reach just that little bit further, knowing that everyone of your teammates were standing beside you. If you could follow those simple precepts and support your brothers, then it would all be what it should be…fun!

It had to be serendipity, fate, or kismet. The sweet hand of Lady Luck or simply the roll of the dice. Rob was floored when his name was called and assigned Gabe as his mentor. It didn't take long for Rob to realize that Gabe was all business. Colleges were looking at him, he had been All State his freshman and sophomore years, scuttlebutt had him winning the individual championship for his floor routine at the States this year.

Over the few first weeks Rob had never been worked so hard, homework and studying for tests done before practice. Everyone needed to maintain a minimum B average, B- or less and you quickly found yourself sitting on the bleachers, putting in the extra effort to get back to training. What Rob would belatedly come to realize was the extra effort Gabe put into his study habits. When stuck for an answer, it wouldn't be forthcoming from Gabe, what would happen was a series of questions that eventually led to Rob 'seeing the light' as it were.

His parents to put it mildly, were amazed at the change in their recalcitrant son. Stunned at the improvement in his grades and his general deportment. His room was no longer a mess, everything had to be 'just so' for those times fellow teammates may stop by to visit and play a computer game or two. His chores were done before being reminded to do so and one of the biggest changes were the nights where he was in bed before his assigned bed time.

Rob idolized Gabe, and thought more than once that he might be like him, that he also found fit boys very attractive. While he had seen Gabe in various states of dress and in the showers, Rob understood all too well the unwritten rule of the locker room, it was ok to glance, not ok to stare…and above all else…maintain eye contact!

It was in his workout and training sessions with Gabe that proved to be problematic. When Gabe wasn't mentoring Rob, the shorts he wore proved to be a mighty distraction. The cloth fabric left little to the imagination as he wasn't wearing anything under them. For Rob like all the other newbies, tight fitting compression shorts were required under the team uniform, consisting of shorts and a sleeveless athletic top. These were to be always worn, helping to build a sense of team identity.

Training was rigorous and intense. There were times when Rob and the rest of the JV squad were left wondering how they would ever catch up. Tired and sore after practice each day, many wondered if it was all worth it. It was the encouragement from Gabe and other mentors that kept the core of Rob's JV squad coming back day after day.

Two months into the school year and Rob could finally see improvements. He wasn't feeling so beat up after each practice, the floor routines were becoming a bit easier, the repetitive practices were beginning to pay off. More than that was the connection he thought he was building with Gabe. There were innocent touches, a hand here and there correcting his form, an encouraging pat on the back or a slap on his backside when the training kicked in.

What was frustrating was being so close and yet so far, that despite the innocent touches and occasional glance in the locker room, Gabe was for all intents and purposes a galaxy away. He was at a loss as to how bridge the gulf of unasked desires and questions that were between them. Worse, what truly made the situation so difficult was…is he like him. Could he have been misreading the situation, and Gabe was simply an older 'brother'. The disaster that would befall him if he had so misjudged the situation was almost too much to bear. He knew he had to watch himself, he was at a quandary as to what to do, it was obvious he'd have to figure out the first overture.

It had been a grueling workout, one of the hardest to date and Coach was pissed. A couple of freshmen had been dogging it, spoken to and when the Coach's back was turned, made a couple of rude gestures. With practice less than half over all were ordered to change into just their running shorts. The best that could be about the run along the cross-country course wasn't the embarrassment or the snickers from the cross-country team, it was how poorly they all did.

Rob hated being shown up and embarrassed as the result of the actions of others. Gritting his teeth and grabbing a bottle of water, he set off again, the pace a bit slower as he worked to establish some sort of rhythm. As he made the turn to head back to the school it was plain to see that no one had followed him, reaching the edge of the oval track, he knew he had given it his all. Doing his cooldown stretches he noticed Gabe and Coach coming out of the side door to the gym. They had missed the last bus and Coach would see them home, to sit tight and he'd bring the car around.

Gabe had brought his clothes; a shower would have to wait. Rob decided to lay back on the grass and as he did a thought occurred to him. Laying back on one elbow, that side of him mostly flat on the ground, that knee folded back up towards his other foot. With his hand gripping the other leg just below the knee, he created an opening in his shorts for Gabe to investigate if he was interested. Nervously he thought a moment or two should tell the tale.

Gabe was sitting on the bench in front of him, head down at first and when he looked up there wasn't any doubt as to what Rob was thinking or what was on his mind. It was a temptation he knew he'd best resist, there were so many ways it could go sideways. The thing was, and he wasn't sure how he knew or surmised, Rob had somehow sussed him out.

He knew Coach was on the way, he could hear the car start and begin to make its way to where they were sitting. There simply wasn't enough time to figure things out

All he could do was ask if he was interested in coming to his house after the meet on Saturday morning. There wouldn't be any practice with the event but two days away, they would have a quick meeting to go over individual preparations and everyone would catch the first busses home.

Standing up was going to be a problem but throwing caution to the winds, reached out to clasp Rob's hand, and let the chips fall where they may. Gabe hadn't quite finished asking Rob to come over when he answered in the affirmative just as Coach pulled up. Both tossed on t shirts hoping it would be enough to cover the obvious.

It was time to head over to Gabe's house. Freshly showered taking care to ensure everywhere was squeakily clean, Rob left a bit earlier so he wouldn't get all hot and bothered, but then again…he was in a different sense all hot and bothered! He had refrained from the joys of solitary self-pleasure for nearly 48 hours. Before he knew it, there he was, the door to the opening as if he was on auto pilot. Stepping into the sunroom he could not help but notice Gabe was well on the way to an erection as he studied his cell phone. He could hear the music that accompanied his video clip, the time for indecision over. Calling to Buster, he let the dog out into the fenced in yard.

Kneeling beside the couch Gabe was laying on, he placed his hands on the cloth covered promontory. His own erection straining against the cloth cover confines of his shorts. There was too much in the way of what he wanted to do, quickly removing his t shirt and shorts he knelt back down. Gently he lifted the elastic band of Gabe's underpants, tugging them down and away from that he was seeking. And there it was, after months of anticipation he watched it rise and fill out. Asking with his eyes and not waiting for an answer, he set out to do what he had come to do. Like Gabe, his time at the hands of another was all to short, mercifully there was an agreed upon promise of tomorrow.


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Crashing Bore

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