Merry Christmas, Elijah Lucas

by DJ Adams

December 21st

The school week before break was hectic. Which teacher had a Midterm, who had what project due and what labs needed to be finished. Elijah and Bruno wanted to be with each other but navigating all the useless school work was a challenge- So much so that they could only text intermittently and they were like messages in a bottle, sent only to be found and read later.

But there was light at the end of the tunnel: Friday had come and the boys' binding ties of schoolwork had been removed, although, it wasn't until Monday that they were finally able to see each other again, the first time in over a week.

Elijah lounged at home in his pajamas. It was Monday and only a few days until Christmas. His parents were both at work so he was home alone. So, here he was, wearing a pair of plaid flannel pajama bottoms and eating a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal while watching Cartoon Network. Hey, 13 or not, Elijah still liked those kind of things and he didn't care who knew it. Don't judge. At about 10:00AM, his phone vibrated. It was Bruno.



"u free 2nite"

"Of course!! What's up?"

"parents are gone tonight wanna come over and make dinner together :)"

Elijah smiled, recalling one of their conversations on their first date.

"Yesssss!! What time :)?"



"i cant wait 2 c u!!"

It was settled: There was to be another date tonight at Bruno's house.

Bruno put his phone down on the nightstand and laid back down in his bed. He had just awoken and was still naked beneath his blankets- Blankets that had a peculiar protrusion in the center of the bed, right about where Bruno's waistline would be.

Shadow rolled over onto his back with his head resting over Bruno's arm. Bruno pulled his pup closer and absently stroked the dog's belly. He closed his eyes and imagined Elijah once more- that wonderful, beautiful little face of his and that sweet smile and his cute laugh and his innocent, unassuming persona- GAH. Everything about him was marvelous to Bruno. His thoughts were interrupted when he felt a cold nose on his cheek, followed by a warm tongue across his face. Bruno laughed.

"Shadow, what am I going to do with you?" He giggled as he continued to run his hands through the soft fur.

They laid there contently for 1/2 an hour before Bruno finally peeled himself out of bed. He headed to the small bathroom attached to his room to take his morning leak- Well, try to take his morning leak. Every time Elijah flashed into Bruno's mind, it became that much more... difficult... to pee. Finally, he managed albeit a bit messily.

Bruno threw on a pair of boxers and left the bedroom to get himself some breakfast, Shadow was close in tow.

Elijah had already showered and ironed his clothes for the evening by the time his parents came home. He had picked out a pair of khakis, a red and navy blue sweater and a white collared shirt to wear underneath. He thought he may have picked out something a bit too dressy for the occasion but there was nothing wrong be being a sharply dress guy, was there? Elijah wanted to look good for his boy.

Elijah's preparations hadn't gone unnoticed by his parents. They weren't blind- They knew what this was all about and, frankly, it was good to see Elijah really rise to the occasion. The boy was much too quiet and pensive on his own and a boyfriend really would do him a lot of good- A bit young in years, Elijah was, but quite smart and certainly capable of handling a boyfriend. Mr. and Mrs. Lucas decided not to press the clothing or the radiant glow emanating from their son and simply elected to keep quiet.

Excitedly, at exactly 5:30, Elijah ran upstairs to get ready.

Bruno struggled through the door with his heavy backpack on his shoulders. He biked all the way over to the grocery and stashed his haul in his backpack for the ride home. He emptied the contents onto the counter.

Bruno's Mom entered the kitchen. When she caught sight of all the things Bruno had bought, she felt a bit guilty that she hadn't had time to drive him to the store in between her and her husband's preparations for the Christmas party they were heading to that evening. They, and a few friends, had decided on a night away from their kids so they all booked rooms at a local resort for the night.

"You carried ALL THAT on your back, Bruno?"

"Oh, uh, yeah. It was no big deal." Bruno feigned a smile, ignoring that his back actually was a little sore from the trek.

Mrs. Jørgensen grumbled- She knew Bruno had fed her a white lie but she let it go.

Mr. Jørgensen came into the kitchen. "Can you tie my tie for me, honey?" He asked his wife. Mrs. Jørgensen smiled and happily did as she was asked. He turned his attention to Bruno. "What time is your date with Elijah, tonight?" He asked.

Bruno blushed. "6 o'clock."

"You must be excited." He asked as Mrs. Jørgensen finished off his Windsor.

"You know it!!" Bruno beamed.

"Good." Mr. Jørgensen replied. He addressed his wife. "May I have a moment alone with Bruno?" He asked. His wife left without a word. "Bruno. I know that you really like this boy. I just wanted to let you know I understand that 'boys will be boys' so, in your nightstand, there is a bottle of lubricant and a box of condoms." Bruno's face turned as dark as it had ever been. His father continued. "If you two decide to go 'there', I at least wanted you to be prepared."

Bruno didn't know quite what to say. "Uh, thanks? Dad?"

"No thanks are necessary, Bruno. You're getting a bit older and those types of situations will happen more and more often. It's normal and it happens for every young man."

"I think you've made him feel awkward enough, honey-" Mrs. Jørgensen called in from the other room. Both father and son looked at each other and broke into a laugh.

Mr. Jørgensen smiled at his son, "Have fun."

"You, too."

With that, the parents took their leave to their retreat, leaving Bruno to do much the same with Elijah, once he arrived.

6:00. Exactly. As in, 6:00:00 and not a second more, the door bell rang. Bruno hustled to the foyer and opened the door. There he stood, not a single hair out of place and a timid smile on: An angel. Bruno stood in awe for a minute, taking in the presence of the boy he loved.

"Are ya gonna stare at me or invite me in?" Elijah said jokingly.

"Come on in, Elijah." Bruno said coyly.

"Thank you, Bruno." Elijah said with a sly smile. He walked into the house, past Bruno, looking of his shoulder without breaking eye contact. Ah, yes, the tango had officially begun.

Bruno tended to his sauce on the stove- It had been cooking for a few hours to ensure that it would be done for dinner.

Elijah donned a pair of reading glasses and began preparations for the recipe card in front of him. His lips pursed and little brow scrunched as he concentrated on what he would need. He moved gracefully on his toes around the kitchen, as if it were his own, finding the mixing bowl, the beaters and cookie cutters.

Bruno stepped away from the range and sat himself up on a side-counter, out of Elijah's way; It was like watching a toy- Wind him up and watch him go.

Elijah caught Bruno staring at him with a soft smile on his face. Elijah returned the smile. "What?" He asked.

Bruno's smile widened to flash his teeth. "Nothing. Nothing at all."

Elijah went back to work but intentionally stole glances at Bruno to tease him. Bruno descended from the counter and came behind Elijah. His arms went around him, in front of Elijah's chest, and pulled him into a hug from behind. Elijah sighed contently and nuzzled the side of his own face into Bruno's.

"Whatcha makin'?" Bruno asked.

"Gingerbread, duh!!" Elijah announced gleefully. "Wanna help?"

"Sure!! What do I do?" Bruno asked excitedly.

"You can mix in the flour for me." Elijah said while dumped one of the several cups of flour into the bowl. "Use the beaters."

Bruno took the beaters from the counter top and placed them into the bowl. He turned them on a bit prematurely and kicked up a while cloud of flour over the counter top and all over himself and Elijah. The two boys looked at each other and busted out laughing.

"And this is why I stick to pasta." Bruno laughed.

"I wanted a gingerbread man, not a dough boy!!" Elijah quipped.

The boys shared a hearty laugh. Their laughter died down and Bruno stood smiling at Elijah.

"What? Why do you always stare at me?" Elijah asked.

"Because you're beautiful." Bruno replied simply.

"You've always tell me that." Elijah said.

"I can't help it. It's true. You're the most beautiful boy I've ever seen." Bruno beamed.

Elijah just smiled and started the beaters up. Before long, the cookies were in the oven.

"C'mon. We've got a while before the sauce is ready. Let's shower. I have some clothes you can borrow, unless you wanna walk around here looking like Pig Pen and Martha Stewart had a baby."

"Haha!! Bruno Jørgensen, what am I going to do with you?" Elijah feigned exasperation.

Bruno moved in and gently kissed Elijah on the mouth. Elijah whimpered submissively into it. Bruno grasped the other boys' hips and pulled him into him. Elijah whimpered again as his crotch ground gently against Bruno's.

"You taste like brown sugar and flour." Elijah giggled.

Bruno giggled and ruffled Elijah's hair, causing a little puff of white flour to kick up again. The boys went up to Bruno's bedroom.

"Come over to my bureau. I bet we're the same size." Bruno said, peeling off his shirt.

Elijah did as he was instructed and walked over to the dresser, expecting Bruno give him some clothes to wear for after he showered. "Which of us showers first?" He asked.

Instead of answering, Bruno pulled the boy into another kiss, this time more impassioned as he gently helped his love free from his floury sweater. Elijah put as much into the kiss as well, giving it right back to Bruno. His arms flew around Bruno's neck and his silky smooth flesh rubbed against Bruno's also bare chest, as Bruno placed a hand on Elijah's hip and the other onto Elijah's cheek. Elijah again whimpered with delight. He really liked this side of Bruno; He was incredibly sweet and tender but he also wasn't afraid to assert the fact that he was coming to own Elijah. Elijah liked the idea of belonging to Bruno- It only seemed like it was the way things were meant to be.

"Both." Bruno said as he began to pant.

"Both what?" Elijah asked, pulling back from the kiss.

"Both of us can shower first." Bruno said, again pushing his crotch into Elijah's, letting Elijah feel the hardness of the boy tube that was concealed in Bruno's pants. Elijah moaned into the kiss at the feeling of Bruno's length next to his own, through the pants. Into the bathroom the boys went...

Both boys helped the other undress, in between loud and passionate kissing. There was kissing, slurping, tongue-ing, sucking, nibbling and moaning as the two expressed their feelings for one another in the way that only two teenage boys could.

They stood naked together in the bathroom as Bruno turned on the piping-hot water.

"Can I?" Bruno asked, turning back from the faucet. Elijah knew what Bruno meant so he nodded cautiously.

Bruno, ever so gently, reached out and took a hold of Elijah's hard, bouncing penis. The boy's eyes flinched but he never broke his direct eye contact. Bruno moved his hand back and forth across the shaft and kneaded the other on Elijah's balls. Elijah tried to moan but it was muffled by another of Bruno's lush kisses. He tried to find something to do with himself as Bruno stroked and kissed him but he couldn't keep his hands still; His hands roamed all over Bruno's body while Bruno calmly massaged his penis for him.

Bruno gently guided his love into the shower. Once inside, he gently pressed Elijah to the wall. Elijah's eyes closed in his state of bliss as Bruno continued to pull gently on his member. He kissed Elijah's neck and then to his nipple. It wasn't until Elijah felt Bruno eating out his navel that Elijah understood where things were going.

Before long, an indescribable euphoria washed over Elijah and his length sank into a warmth and wetness he had never experienced before. He opened his eyes and looked down to see his dick beginning to slide in and out of Bruno's mouth.

Bruno was a bit clumsy at first but he quickly got the hang of it. Elijah ran his hands through Bruno's soft, wet hair. Bruno had no trouble letting Elijah's 4-incher bury itself to the root.

"Ohhh, Bruno. Yesss. Oh, that feels good..."


"Ng!! Don't stop, Bruno. Oh, my god, keep going..."

Bruno loved the sounds escaping Elijah's mouth and, the more sounds Elijah made, the more Bruno got into things. It became way too much for the young Elijah to handle and, within a minute of entering Bruno's mouth, he let loose a torrent of cum with a wonderfully hearty moan that caused Bruno to smile to himself with achievement. Bruno greedily sucked and swallowed it down, sucking the semen from Elijah's cock before his body even had a chance to ejaculate it. Elijah's back arched and his hands grabbed fists full of Bruno's hair as he impaled him on his spike. That only caused Bruno to happily suck harder.

When his orgasm finally subsided, Elijah looked down at Bruno, who was still gently sucking and nursing Elijah's deflating member. He lightly pushed Bruno off and took his face into his hands, pulling him to his feet and into a tender kiss. Elijah could taste the sharpness of his own cum on Bruno's breath.

"Oh, Bruno. Thank you. That was amazing!! Oh, thank you..." Elijah cooed, commending Bruno on a job well-done.

Bruno kissed Elijah once more before asking, "Why don't we take that shower?"

Elijah nodded and the boys stepped back under the spray. Elijah dropped to his knees and took Bruno into his mouth. The move shocked Bruno as he wasn't expecting Elijah to be quite so eager. Bruno gently pushed him off. Elijah looked confused and have Bruno a questioning look.

"Not tonight. Tonight, I want to make YOU feel good."

"What about you?" Elijah asked.

"Don't worry about me. C'mon, now, stand up." Bruno said, taking Elijah's hands and guiding him back up to his feet.

Bruno took the bar of soap and began to wash Elijah's chest. Again, the two maintained eye contact in a dance that seemed to go on and on forever- The audacity of two boys in love to look into one another's very souls with an unwavering feeling of confidence and without reservation.

Elijah stood, allowing and enjoying Bruno's cleansing. Bruno lathered him up, first his chest before taking an arm. Still, they looked into each other's eyes and Bruno scrubbed the boy, making him clean and smelling of soap. The other arm, a leg, a foot, back up the leg and to the other -ignoring the rehardening penis along the way- and down that leg to the other foot. Back up his belly, to his chest and finally to his neck. Bruno gently gripped Elijah's throat and neck in his soapy hands, partly cleaning him and partly owning him. It made Elijah's stiff penis tremble with excitement. Bruno's gentleness in his grip around his neck was exhilarating; In another situation, Bruno easily have control of him or could restrict the air he breathed, all while looking into his soul just as he was doing at the very second- It was that which excited Elijah; He was loved and he belonged solely to Bruno.

Bruno's kiss was so gentle that his lips barely felt like they were even touching Elijah's. Elijah began to tear up. His tears fell as his eyes closed and his hands went up to the other boy's face. Both boys' bodies began to tremble from feelings that can't quite be put into words. Not so much lust. Love? Need? Affection? Ecstasy? Belonging? All of it or none of the above? It didn't matter- Bruno and Elijah were sharing the most beautiful moment of their young lives together and was overpowering.

Bruno cried, too. He pressed his body tightly against Elijah's. Elijah threw his arms under Bruno's and held his shoulders from behind. He nuzzled his face to Bruno's neck. Bruno cradled the back of Elijah's head closer with one hand and gently rubbed Elijah's back with the other.

They stood there, naked and primal and naturally, under the spray until the water was growing cold.

"I love you." Elijah whispered.

Bruno kissed the top of Elijah's head. "I love you, too." Elijah looked up and rested his forehead against Bruno's. They smiled solemnly, content with one another. "C'mon. Let's get out now. We still have dinner to eat." Elijah nodded his head.

The boys exited the shower. Bruno took a pair of towels from the linen closet and started to dry Elijah. Carefully, he tended to the boy before even beginning to dry himself. He was shivering by the time he was done but Elijah was nice and dry.

"Thank you-" Elijah said.

Bruno only smiled at him. Bruno dried himself, they dressed and the boys retired to the dining room for their pasta dinner.

Dinner went well. Bruno had made a wonderful Italian dinner for the two of them. Elijah's gingerbread men served as a festive dessert. Afterwards, at about 10:00, the boys decided to head to bed for the evening.

"What do you usually wear to bed?" Elijah asked Bruno.

"I usually sleep naked, actually. Shadow keeps me plenty warn." Bruno replied.

"Shadow? Who's Shadow?" Elijah asked, scrunching his brow.

"My dog." Bruno smiled. "He's an awesome dog but people tend to get intimidated by him."

"I love dogs-" Elijah smiled.

Bruno grinned. "I kept him caged downstairs. I'll let him out."

Bruno walked out while Elijah sat on the bed and swung his feet to and fro over the edge. A few minutes later, Bruno returned to the room with the black shepherd. Shadow caught sight of Elijah and his tail wagged furiously. He pounced Elijah flat onto his back and licked his face. Elijah laughed hysterically and rolled on top of Shadow. The two played on the bed, rolling over onto one another while Bruno laughed and looked on.

Elijah was just like an innocent child. How did Bruno get to be lucky enough to have a boy like this?

After a while, the boy and the dog settled down. Bruno got up and helped Elijah undress. He undressed himself, as well, turned out the light and climbed into bed. The three shifted until they were comfortable: Bruno spooning Elijah, who was also spooning Shadow. Bruno had taken Elijah as his lover and Shadow had accepted him as apart of the pack.

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