by David Lee

Chapter 66

When Zeke awoke on Sunday morning, his headache was mostly gone. He was propped up on one arm and smiling at the sleeping form in bed beside him. Bryan had been so tender the night before. He had helped Zeke with his shower, fed him a snack, and held him gently until he fell asleep. No mother could have given more loving care. Zeke was sure of it.

Since he wanted to attend church, he knew he would have to awaken his lover shortly. He started the process by flicking his tongue across Bryan's left nipple repeatedly. Bryan moaned in his sleep. Zeke worked "southward" to Bryan's bellybutton. Here he lingered for a long minute before resuming his path down the treasure trail. When he popped the tip of Bryan's cock into his mouth, he could sense that Bryan was waking up.

"Oh, God that feels good! But if you don't let me up to use the bathroom you'll have a mouthful of piss."

"Okay, I need to go too, but let's come back as soon as possible."

Bryan did his business, washed his hands and penis, and rinsed his mouth with Listerine. Zeke did the same thing one step behind. They didn't have a long time to play if they were going to be there on time, so the assumed their favorite position so they stimulated each other and received stimulation at the same time. Once the bobbing rhythm got going, it didn't take all that long. They had time for a quick rinse in the shower and a small bowl of cereal before rushing out the door.

Grace was surprised to see them at the worship service after last night's trauma. Zeke assured her he was fine and that Bryan had taken good care of him. Grace didn't ask what was involved in being taken care of. She was certain it would be more information than she wanted to know.

Craig insisted on taking everyone out for lunch after church. He didn't feel like cooking and he didn't want Grace to have to do it either since the new baby was due anytime. He also thought Bryan had enough to do taking care of Zeke without worrying about fixing a meal.

The rest of Sunday passed quietly. Bryan was still hovering over Zeke to make sure he was comfortable and that his every need was taken care of. Zeke loved the attention, but it made him sad for a moment when he remembered the same kind of "mothering" nearly four years ago when he had tried to drink himself into a stupor. He rued the fact that he had done something that stupid in his youth, but he didn't dwell on the past.

On Monday, the school was full of rumors about Zeke's injury. The usual misinformation was going around, but by noon most of that was straightened out. Zeke got lots of sympathy from his teammates and others. A couple of the girls thought (not for the first time) that it was too bad he was gay. They wouldn't mind nursing him in the way they suspected Bryan was.

Things went along normally until 5th period when the attendance office sent a runner to tell Zeke he was wanted on the phone. He hurried to the office to take the call worrying about what it might be. Bryan wanted to go with him, but knew their strict math teacher would not grant his request.

Zeke came back minutes later. Ms. Blanchard looked up at him over the top of her reading glasses.

"Well, Mr. Adams, from the look on your face I assume it wasn't bad news."

"No, it's great! I have a baby sister!" He announced to the class at large.

Everyone congratulated Zeke. It was clear even to Ms. Blanchard that not a lot of learning was going to take place in the five minutes remaining. So, she gave them their assignment and let them talk to each other for the rest of the period. It was rather out-of-character for her.

"What did they name her? Did they do what they were thinking of doing?" Bryan asked.

"Yes, it's Faith Elizabeth. She's named after my mother and Pastor Liz. It's really cool. We need to go to the hospital as soon as we can get out of here."

Faith Elizabeth Adams came into the world at 6 pounds, 2 ounces. She was not a big baby, but she was healthy and active. Grace let the boys take turns holding her. They looked happy doing so. She hoped they could have kids of their own. If they couldn't find a surrogate mother, they might be able to adopt. There were many kids in the world who needed a loving home. Grace hoped that society would let them become parents one way or other.

Craig came in minutes later. He had gone into work to straighten out an emergency situation shortly after he had coached Grace through the birthing. He came bearing flowers and Zach. This hospital was very family-friendly and encouraged parents to bring their other children so they would feel like they were a part of it all.

Zach commented that Faith looked very tiny. He wanted to hold her too, so with Zeke's help, he was allowed to have his new sister on his lap while he sat on Zeke's lap. He loved it. Zeke cradled them both so the tiny new arrival wouldn't be in any danger of being dropped.

The boys thought they'd better not overstay their welcome. Grace was a strong person, but it was evident she could do with some rest. They offered to take Zach home with them to let Craig have some time alone with Grace and the new baby. It was appreciated. Craig gave them a spare key to his car so they could get Zach's car seat to put into theirs.

It was getting close to dinner and neither guy could think of what to plan for it. The excitement had kept their minds on other things. So, they took Zack to their favorite Italian restaurant where they knew he could find something he liked to eat.

"Besgetti" was his response when asked what he wanted.

So Zeke ordered spaghetti for him. They didn't have to beg him to eat his dinner. He fed himself as best he could. It looked like he had about as much sauce on the outside as on the inside when he was finished.

The manager of Fareway, Jim, was eating out with his family. They came over to the table to speak to the guys on their way out. His daughter, Melissa, had gotten over being awkward around Bryan. She looked on the domestic-like scene and thought he would make a great father. Too bad he was gay. She wondered if Heather and she had pushed the boys in that direction by their offer of sex several years ago. Intellectually, she knew it probably didn't make sense, but in her heart, she wondered.

Some nearby diners also stopped by the table on the way out.

"You have a very well-behaved son, young man," the gentleman said to Zeke.

"Actually, he's my little brother," Zeke replied.

"Well, he looks enough like you to be your son."

After they had left, Zeke looked across the table into his lover's eyes.

"We've got to figure out a way to have some rug-rats of our own when we get through with college," he said.

A week later, when Faith Elizabeth was baptized, Bryan and Zeke were again designated as the god-parents. This time, Pastor Liz knew about their relationship because she had been asked to participate in their commitment ceremony. As before, she seemed quite comfortable that two guys would be chosen for the role. She was certain they could fulfill it if the need arose.

As was their tradition, the students of Cosgrove High put on an excellent musical in the spring. "Cats" was a favorite of many people who attended the performances. Zeke was great as Rum Tum Tugger. Bryan was equally good in the solo part of Mungal Jerry and Rumple Teaser. Trevor got to sing the part of Old Deuteronomy and Marc got to be Gus, the theater cat. Rachel's portrayal of Grizabella the glamour cat was outstanding. Her rendition of "Memory" was truly memorable.

Naturally all the families with kids in the show wanted to be there for opening night. Craig suggested that Grace take Zach while he stayed home with the baby. It would give Zach some quality time with his mother and Craig could bond with his new daughter.

Zach was very excited about seeing his "uncles" on stage. When Zeke began his solo, Zach recognized him at once despite the costume and makeup.

"Zeekee," he squealed.

Of course the people around him thought he was adorable. And on hearing his little bro, Zeke directed the rest of the number toward him. It made all of the hours of rehearsal worth it for that one moment even if there had been no more performances to follow.

Tyler Wood was in the audience too. He knew which of the stage characters were, in fact, his "big-boy" friends. He was equally enthusiastic. His actions didn't disturb the people around him, but many smiled at how involved he was with everything that was happening on stage.

Having witnessed the pleasure the little theater goers exhibited, the critic from the Gazette sought out both tots to interview during intermission. It was an interesting session. Tyler, being older, did most of the talking. Both little boys said Zeke and Bryan were the best in the show. The reporter made many notes as he listened to their chatter. In the end, he asked the mothers for permission to photograph the boys together for the story. He knew these two charmers would help get his review on the front page of the community section.

The critic's rave-review in the morning edition meant that the rest of the shows quickly sold out. Some parents who wanted to see their kids a second time had to stand in the back of the auditorium for the last performance. Fortunately for them, the fire marshal didn't attend that one.

Craig took Zach with him to the final performance because the little boy wanted to see it again. Zack had to sit on his lap due to the packed house. Craig loved seeing the musical through his son's young eyes.

The senior prom was the last big social event for the class. This year, Bryan and Zeke didn't worry about having any date other than each other. When they went to order their tuxes, the young clerk who had fitted them last year sent them to the Iowa City store because his store was out of what they wanted. The manager of the other store was as impressed by their physiques as the local guy had been. He offered them some modeling jobs in the coming year. He sent them to his friend at another store to see if he could use them as well. He could. It looked like they would be able to pick up some pretty good spending money by simply standing around looking good. Neither was eager to turn that down.

The prom was elegant. Zeke and Bryan danced with a number of girls who had gone without partners. But when it came to the final number, they went out on the floor hand in hand. There was no hesitation on their part. They didn't worry about what anyone else thought; they belonged to each other. What anyone else felt was immaterial.

While some couples went to after-prom parties and others to motel rooms, Bryan and Zeke went home to their own bed. They didn't need to have sex to prove they cared for each other. They were content to fall asleep cuddling.

Graduation was almost anticlimactic for Bryan and Zeke. There was never a doubt that they would graduate well in the upper part of their class. Both made salutatorian. Zeke barely missed valedictorian and Bryan made salutatorian by only a few points. He had never been as good a scholar as Zeke, but with Zeke's help and inspiration, he had done extremely well in high school.

With the last name of Adams, Zeke was one of the early students to cross the stage to receive his diploma; as Zeke Zrudsky, he would have been dead-last. This day was special in many ways. He was honored (along with others) for his high academic achievement and his athletic record. Despite having to give up wrestling at the end, he had had a triumphant high school career.

Bryan received similar recognition. In his heart, he credited his success to the interest and encouragement Zeke had given him. He knew that without his lover's support, he would not be in the position he was that day.

The party to celebrate their graduation took place at the Stillwell's house. The pool was part of the entertainment. A lot of their classmates showed up along with a multitude of other friends and relatives. It wasn't as elaborate an affair as some of their classmates' parties because the guys were having a reception in a couple of weeks when they would have their commitment ceremony. Hunter was going to wait to fly out for that one. Grandma Zrudsky, of course, was not invited to either event.

Two weeks after graduation, Zeke celebrated his 18th birthday. In a morning ceremony on that day, he became the spouse of his lover and best friend. It was a touching event. Both Fr. Jerry and Pastor Liz took part in the rite which was held in the Stillwell's yard. As well as many other relatives and friends, the guests included Ben and Adam, Rusty, and Bobby, Bryce, Aaron, Lonny, Trey, and Hunter. The latter pair had some plans to get together for a bit of fun while Hunter was in town staying with Grace and Craig. Rusty and Bobby were going to have the two guys stay over in their apartment a couple of times.

The highlight of the ceremony was the point at which the two grooms sang to each other. They chose: 'You Raise Me Up." They alternated singing verses individually and joined voices in a duet on the last part of the refrain. It was truly moving. Those seated near the couple could see the mist in their eyes as they expressed their love in the lyrics. They had always lifted each other up.

When the ceremony ended, the newly joined spouses greeted each of their guests. Grace and Mary had gone together to plan the catered brunch. It was very well done and no one left hungry.

Before the guests had begun to leave, the guys bade them all adieu as Todd drove the couple to the airport to catch their flight to New Orleans where they would depart on a cruise to Cancun the following day. Instead of worrying about making close connections, the boys had opted to stay overnight in New Orleans. They had booked a room with a king sized bed in a Marriott near the pier. From there, they could walk to the ship. Bryan, who had done this sort of thing before with his parents, was sure he could handle anything that came up.

On this flight, Bryan again requested a blanket. He knew Zeke would relax more on the plane if Bryan's hand was available to be held or to massage Zeke's favorite part. They might even want to catch a couple of winks of sleep considering the hour at which they had arisen.

It was tempting to try to become members of the "mile-high" club, but neither was sure he wanted to chance other people knowing about it. They settled for some furtive play under the blanket.

Zeke blanched at the cost of transportation from the airport to the hotel, but Bryan didn't raise an eyebrow. He was used to spending that kind of money. His generous tip was appreciated by the driver.

When the boys registered, the clerk offered another room with two beds, but Bryan assured him that the king sized one was fine. The young clerk gave an expressive smirk as he showed them the location of their room on the floor plan.

Once in the room, they stripped and climbed in bed for a short nap. Zeke set the alarm in his phone so they wouldn't oversleep. When it awakened them 45 minutes later, they showered together and put on fresh clothes.

Bourbon Street wasn't a long walk from their inn. They enjoyed the sights along the way. They took a few pictures in the French Quarter. The old church was especially interesting to them. They took turns getting each other in the photos. Eventually, they asked a tourist family to snap them together. They picked a family because they felt more trusting in handing their new digital camera to them.

After a great dinner at one of the better restaurants, they walked around listening to the music and enjoying the festive atmosphere of the famed street. Eventually, they sat to hear some traditional New Orleans jazz at a club. Of course, they were served no alcohol, but neither was particularly into drinking anyway.

On the walk back to the hotel, Zeke reached over and took Bryan's hand in his. Bryan smiled. They were in a strange place where they could be themselves. They felt freer than they did back in Cosgrove. Maybe it was time to come out of the closet to the whole world, not just their school friends. Of course in a city the size of Cosgrove, if the school kids knew it meant that many other people knew too.

They were still holding hands as they entered the lobby. The clerk who had checked them in was now checking them out (visually) and smiling at what he saw.

"I'm off at 10:00 if there is anything that I can do for you guys," he offered.

"Thanks, but I'm sure we'll be fine," Bryan responded smiling as well.

Back in the room, the boys took their third shower of the day. This one was for the purpose of being squeaky clean in order to make love. They didn't get too involved in petting while showering because they wanted to save that for bed. Tonight would be slow, leisurely, sensuous love.

It started with soft kisses that became more passionate as they progressed. Licking and nibbling followed. They were getting pretty hot when there was a knock on the door. Bryan grabbed a robe and went to answer it while Zeke remained under the tented sheet.

At the door, the young desk clerk held a tray with two glasses and a small bottle of champagne.

"Compliments of the house," he grinned. "We often do this for honeymooners."

"Thanks very much!" Bryan responded. "I guess it's obvious that we are newly married."

The young dude stared down at the bulge in Bryan's robe and then the one Zeke was making under the sheet. He gave another cheeky grin along with a "thumbs-up" to both guys as he bade them goodnight.

After a short toast to each other, the boys got back to where they left off. It didn't take long to find their place. The bit of bubbly made their love-making even more uninhibited than usual. They hadn't brought along their toys lest their luggage be searched, but they both had long and gifted fingers.

Bryan had, however, brought along some rubbers and lube. Tonight was the night when they would go "all the way." It had made them half hard all day just anticipating it. This moment was both exciting and scary.

Zeke asked Bryan to take him first. It was his birthday, after all, so how could Bryan refuse. Bryan carefully prepared Zeke with plenty of lube. He stretched his lover while kissing and nibbling on various parts of his body. Only after he was satisfied that Zeke was ready, did he slip on a rubber and place his hard, throbbing cock at Zeke's back door.

It took a little effort to push through the muscle ring. Then Bryan stopped until Zeke gave him the go-ahead. After a while, Bryan was in to the hilt. He remained still until he saw the smile return to Zeke's face. Then he slowly began to build up the rhythm. Once he got the angle right to stimulate Zeke's prostate, Zeke began moaning loudly.

When Bryan could hold out no longer, he began to pump the condom full of his sperm. The final stimulation of Bryan's throbbing cock put Zeke over the edge too. Without having touched himself, he blasted a huge amount of cum between them.

They should have earned an "A" for holding out as long as they did, but the quickness of their orgasms surprised both of them. The experience was awesome. They kissed and played almost as long after coming as they had before, while they finished off the bottle.

Then Bryan asked Zeke to take him. Zeke was happy to oblige. With the same tenderness, he prepared Bryan for the loving "assault" on his ass. Since they had both cum earlier, it took longer. There was no downside to that as far as they were concerned. Bryan loved the feeling of the real thing instead of the dildo. The sensation kept building and building.

When Zeke blew his load for a second time that night, Bryan wasn't quite there, so Zeke used his hand to bring Bryan the rest of the way. Again, it was awesome. They felt so connected that Bryan didn't want Zeke to withdraw immediately. Eventually, Zeke went soft and slipped out.

After another shower, the boys settled down for the night. Finally, they drifted off into a contented sleep.

Since the ship didn't depart until afternoon, the guys didn't have to rush. They showered together, actually to get clean. The slight ache in their rectums caused them to grin as the relived the previous night.

After they were dressed, they enjoyed breakfast in the hotel's restaurant. Then it was back up to the room to pack for checkout time.

When they went down to the lobby, the same guy from yesterday afternoon was coming back on duty. He promised to keep their bags locked up so they could explore the city a bit more. He recommended the River Walk area and they took him up on the suggestion.

Browsing the shops and watching the river was lots more fun than waiting at the ship's departure area for hours. The boys had lunch at one of the little eateries, enjoying some Cajun cooking before making their way back to retrieve their luggage.

Bryan was going to tip the clerk, whose name turned out to be Shawn, but Shawn insisted that it wasn't necessary. He gave them his card with his email address and invited them to stop again.

The checking-in process for the cruise was handled with surprising efficiency. It wasn't long before the boys were onboard walking to their room. They were on one of the upper decks and had a king-sized bed. There was a balcony with two chairs. It was screened from the ones on either side, so they knew they would have the privacy to sun naked if they wished.

It was an upgrade from what they thought they were getting. It seemed that there was more demand for the cheaper cabins and so some of the better ones went begging last minute.

As soon as they were settled, Zeke wanted to explore the ship. He took digital photos of nearly every nook and cranny. Bryan smiled as his lover's excitement. He remembered how overwhelming a ship had looked when he first boarded one as a child. It was like reliving the past through Zeke's experience.

This was going to be a honeymoon to remember. When they came home, they would move into their mobile home, and work in Iowa City at a new subdivision that was being built by the guy they had worked for the past couple of summers. Trevor and Marc had already moved into the place they would share. It would be a new adventure with them all living and going to the university together. There would be triumphs and problems and lots of fun and friendship. There would be plenty of time later to think about all the adjustments that would have to be made, but these next few carefree days were theirs alone. They knew that the love they felt for each other was going to last. This was just the beginning of their lives together.


Author's notes:

It was hard to end this story. I wrestled with the idea of continuing it longer, but am stuck with the original plan (as of now at least). A number of people begged me not to stop. I hope that they will be able to transfer their love to later characters.

If you liked this story, please look under "high school" on www.nifty.org or at https://castleroland.net/author-stories/?auth_id=114 for the one which is called: "Tales from Bentonville." It involves high school kids in a smaller Iowa town (fictional) not so many miles from Cosgrove. Trevor's younger bro is in it as well as Colton (who was mentioned briefly in this story). Zeke and Bryan have cameo appearances. However, the main character is a kid named Dane Johnson. I hope that it will please you as well.

A special thanks to Tim who edited for me through this series and Tom and David who has helped with revisions. They all have my undying gratitide.

While writing this tale, I heard from a young reader who was s having difficulty with parents who appear inclusive on the surface but wouldn't "let him be gay." I can't say much because he asked me to keep the details confidential. He appears as a fictionalized character, Joel in "Tales from Bentonville."

An update on "Joel!" The young man who inspired that character is now grown up and in a professional job. He is happily living with his boyfriend, who is also a young professional. I was thrilled that he contacted me to let me know.

Please remember this was written before every high school kid had a Smartphone and could text their friends at will. That would change a number of details in the plot. It was also before same-sex marriage became the law of the land.


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