by David Lee

Chapter 64

Dinner at Rena's house the following evening was excellent. Despite her saying that she hoped to live up to the boys' cooking, she was no slouch in the kitchen.

It was probably a good thing the guys had carried Trevor and Marc's things before eating. At the end of the meal, they felt too sated and satisfied to move.

Rena wouldn't hear of their helping to clean up. She said it would give her something to do in the morning. She was retired, after all. Her job as a legal secretary had been demanding and now she had more time on her hands. She enjoyed having them all in the house and wanted to sit and chat for a bit. Since she had raised no sons, these young men were, for her, like having a son and his buddies in the house. It was great. She hoped they would all think of her as their grandmother.

The boys told "Grandma" of their plans for the following year. She approved of their decisions. She said she would match whatever Bryan and Zeke put into the mobile home fund and that Trevor and Marc could split their share of the proceeds when the place was sold again. She thought she could get her former employer to even draw up a simple contract so no one would get hurt financially if anyone decided to end the living situation.

"But, Grandma, I'm sure Mom and Dad will be furious with you for helping us; and what about Trent?

"Don't you worry; I'll start an education account of equal value for your little brother. And as far as your parents are concerned, they'll be damned lucky if I leave them anything!"

Christmas was coming soon. Rena hated to leave her grandson and his lover by themselves over the holidays, but her daughter in Florida was not getting any better. She was torn, but decided to head south as soon as she could. Zeke and Bryan assured her that Trevor and Marc wouldn't be alone for Christmas. They would all be very busy at the store and were expected to sing for the services at First Pres.

When Rena completed buying presents for her boys for Christmas, she included a couple of small gifts for Bryan and Zeke. She wanted them to know how much she appreciated their kindness.

Trevor and Marc were not terribly sad to have the entire house to themselves for a few weeks. If being at Zeke and Bryan's had been like a honeymoon, this was like setting up housekeeping. There were adjustments to be made. It took a few attempts before they were getting the hang of putting a meal together. They had a couple of spats over household duties; neither liked to clean the bathroom. Marc didn't separate the clothes very well when doing the laundry so some of Trevor's white underwear ended up looking less than pure. But it didn't take them long to iron out their differences. Early on, they vowed not go to sleep without making up (or making out as was often the case).

Trevor's brother emailed frequently. He told about some of the things going on in Bentonville, but didn't mention how he was being harassed by Marc's cousin, Colton. He figured his older brother and Marc had enough to deal with at the moment.

He did mention coming to do some Christmas shopping at the mall in Cosgrove. His parents were allowing him to accompany some older guys who were life-long friends of Trevor's. They'd all been cautioned not to make any contact with Trevor or Marc, but all had privately agreed to see them if possible.

On the Sunday afternoon before Christmas, four guys from Bentonville were hurriedly buying last-minute gifts. They wanted to get the shopping out of the way so they would have time to see Marc and Trevor.

At Grandma Rena's house, the two young men were fixing cheese and crackers to put out for their guests. Trevor was nibbling on cheese as he helped. When he reached for another piece, Marc playfully slapped his hand.

"I'll give you something to nibble on!"

"Promises, promises," Trevor responded as he pulled up Marc's sweater and began to chew on a nipple.

Marc squirmed.

"Hey, cut it out. I don't want to have to change my underwear before the guys arrive and I'm gonna to cream 'em pretty soon if you don't quit!"

Bryan and Zeke were expected in a few minutes with a veggie tray they were putting together. Trevor had asked them over to meet the other guys and, if truth be told, for support if the other guys proved to be hostile. These were his former buds, but since he hadn't had a chance to see them since being exiled, he wasn't sure how they'd react.

When Trent arrived with Bart, Jim, and Barney, Zeke and Bryan were in the kitchen waiting to see what the atmosphere would be like. They needn't have worried. There was high-fiving and hugging going on as they entered the living room.

After introductions were made, the young men talked about school, Christmas plans, and activities. Bart let it slip that Colton was being nasty to Trent. It was such a turn-around from the closeness the two had had before. Everyone in the room knew it had to be fallout from Trevor and Marc's being pushed out of the closet as well as thrown out of their homes.

Trent tried to steer the subject away from his problems. He said he was sure Colton was still his friend deep-down inside. It was just that Colton's dad was so very homophobic that the kid had no choice if he didn't want to get into serious trouble with his old man. Trent just hoped Colton wouldn't gain a big following among the other kids in school if he continued to be hostile.

The three seniors from Bentonville all talked about their girlfriends. It was obvious that none was gay, but that all of them still liked and respected Trevor and Marc. It made the latter two feel much better. The outcasts hadn't lost all of their friends. The guys promised to stay in touch by email at least.

Mary Stillwell insisted on hosting Christmas dinner. Todd would be at his in-laws, so that cut down on the number of guests. Grace was tired from her first year of full-time teaching and being pregnant at the same time. The Stillwell's house was larger and would accommodate the addition of Bryan and Zeke's two friends with ease. Those were sufficient reasons for Mary to have the dinner at her house. Grace graciously accepted Mary's offer.

Mary knew her son and soon-to-be son-in-law would aid her in preparations as always. (The boys could stay over on Christmas Eve.) She was pleasantly surprised when Trevor insisted that he and Marc could make dessert for everyone. Mary had heard their stories of culinary disasters and decided to have a couple of kinds of ice cream in the freezer just in case.

For the candlelight service on Christmas Eve, the choir sang several pieces. The director was pleased to have his two new basses as well as his young tenors. They really filled out the group nicely. With the early departure of some of the older members who went south for the winter, the group would have been a bit thin. Zeke had even managed to convince a couple of girls from school choir to sing in the soprano section.

It was late when Marc and Trevor got back to Grandma's empty house. That wasn't a problem because they had napped after work in anticipation of the night's activities.

The moment they got in the door, they began to shed their clothes. By the time they got to the bedroom, they were naked and hard. Tonight they were going to give each other their special gift. They were both 18 and they had waited long enough. Tonight was to be the consummation of their love.

The next stop was the shower where they tenderly and thoroughly washed each other's body; their hands and lips freely exploring every inch. Several times, they had to back off in order not to cum before they were ready.

After toweling off, Marc took both of Trevor's hands in his and looked deeply into his lover's eyes.

"Trevor Alan Thomas, I love you more than anything or anyone in the world. I pledge myself to you, body, mind, and soul. I will be yours until I die and beyond if God grants it."

Trevor smiled though his tears.

"Marc Anthony Morris, I love you as you love me – more if possible. I want no one else in the way I want you. I pledge myself to you. I will be faithful to you forever."

The boys held each other tightly for several minutes enjoying the intimate contact of their flesh. Then, hand in hand, they returned to the bedroom where they pulled down the covers and spread a beach towel on the bottom sheet.

Marc lay on his back with his knees drawn up toward his chest. Trevor took his time in spreading the KY jelly around and into Marc's quivering hole.

Slowly, Trevor stretched his lover until he was satisfied that he could enter him without undue pain. He reached for a condom, but Marc stopped him.

"We're both virgins; you don't need to do that. I want to feel your seed planted in my body."

Trevor complied with Marc's wishes. He greased his tool thoroughly before attempting to enter. Marc grimaced when Trevor broke through the muscle ring. Trevor froze in place until Marc's breathing slowed to normal and the smile returned to his face. Then, slowly and patiently, he worked his way in until his pubes rested against Marc's butt.

At Marc's urging, Trevor began the instinctive thrusting of his hips. He did his best to be gentle. He wanted to plow deeply into his lover's gut, but didn't want to hurt him. As a result of his holding back, his desire built to a higher level than he had ever experienced.

When the explosion began, it was almost unexpected. Trevor had been teetering on the edge for a few minutes when his release came like the drop of a rollercoaster down the steepest incline. The first blast was followed by many others. No one was counting. Marc nearly came too. just looking at the ecstasy on Trevor's face and the feeling of Trevor's hot seed pumping into his body. But Marc was determined not to lose his load until it was deposited in his lover.

The boys took a few minutes to cool off and clean up a bit before continuing. Then Marc took the active role while Trevor lay back to receive.

Marc was just as tender and careful in preparing Trevor. The night had been awesome so far. He didn't want to spoil it.

Trevor was more relaxed than Marc had been, so Marc's entrance was not greeted by any real pain. Trevor said he felt extremely full, but not bad.

With Trevor's coaching, Marc was able to fall into a pattern that stimulated Trevor's prostate with nearly every stroke. Trevor was enjoying this more than he had thought possible. Originally, he had viewed this position as being one he would take to please his lover, but he didn't expect to love it.

As Marc's whimpering announced him impending climax, Trevor began to stroke himself. At the last moment, Marc put his mouth on Trevor's forcing his tongue deep inside. Both boys achieved orgasms at the same magic moment.

After a few minutes of cuddling, they reluctantly got up to take a quick shower. It would have been nice to fall asleep immediately, but they felt they needed to remove the aroma of sweat and cum.

Christmas day dawned bright and sunny. There was just enough fresh snow on the ground to make the world look dazzling. The rays streaked across the contours of Marc's handsome face. His lover lay propped on one elbow just watching the rise and fall of his muscled chest. Trevor realized they were both in good physical shape, but he thought Marc was a perfect specimen of male beauty. He pictured Michelangelo using Marc as a model for "David."

Marc awoke to the feeling that someone was staring at him. He squinted as he partially opened up his eyes. Then, he made a surprise "attack" pulling his very willing victim down in a passionate embrace and kiss.

Both decided they might do well to rinse their mouths and empty their bladders before continuing. They made quick work of it knowing they would need to shower later.

Then, their making out began in earnest. Marc lay on top of Trevor forcing his tongue into his lover's mouth as far as he could. He made thrusting motions with his tongue that paralleled the motions of his hips. Both guys were caught up in the oral and genital stimulation to the point that they came in record time. Because they had yearned for a long time to have this kind of freedom, having it now tended to make their uninhibited contact all the more exciting.

Afterwards, Marc turned his body the other direction and lay on his side. The lovers quickly licked up the accumulated cum before it dripped on the sheets. Then, grinning, Marc turned back around to give his lover a big, deep kiss. When they eventually made their way hand in hand to the shower, both smiling broadly.

Marc and Trevor arrived at Mary's house around 10:00. They carried in three pies which actually looked beautiful. Then Marc went back out to get their overnight bag.

Zeke and Bryan were sitting at the kitchen table having brunch. They asked the new arrivals to join them. Mary loved hearing their chatter as she puttered at the counter. Most everything was prepared. Now it was just a case of waiting until the food was all cooked.

Marc and Trevor accompanied the other guys upstairs as they got ready for the day. They had slept in later than usual and were taking their time. Trevor checked his email account on Bryan's computer while Bryan and Zeke were showering. He sniffed the air noticing a slight aroma of cum. Evidently Marc and he weren't the only ones who had started the day off sharing love.

Sharing the shower, Zeke and Bryan played around a little, but not to the point of a second orgasm. There would be time for that tonight. Right now, the boys were enjoying some nibbling and embracing. Their hard, throbbing cocks were testimony to how much they were appreciating the moment.

When they were dressed, they rejoined their friends in Bryan's old room.

"We're glad you decided to stay tonight. We wanted to be with you," Bryan voiced.

"You didn't want us to be alone for Christmas," Trevor said as he bit his lip so as not to give in to the emotion he was feeling. "Thanks! Don't think that we don't appreciate your kindness."

Once Grace and Craig arrived, it was a livelier house. Zach was the center of attention and he loved every moment of it. He played with Zeke, of course. But he also loved his Uncle Trevor and Uncle Marc, as well as his Uncle Bryan. In his little world, all big guys were his uncles. None of them was unhappy with the title.

After snacking on leftovers around 7:00, Craig and Grace rounded up their not-too-pleased offspring and headed for home. The four high school seniors visited with Mary and Brad for another hour before bidding them good night and going upstairs.

Bryan invited their guests to join them in his old room for some bonding. They all stripped down to their underwear and climbed into the queen sized bed. It was rather close, but that was okay. Each pair of lovers was content to be wrapped around each other. It felt really cool to be able to do it without any embarrassment. It was the kind like what straight couples could enjoy without society's condemnation.

Around 9:45, Trevor announced that he and Marc had special gifts they wanted to give each other, and he thought they should probably do it in private. Zeke played "dumb' asking what those might be. Trevor's nibbling on Marc's chest was the answer all had expected. He and Marc hurried to Todd's old room across the hall, but not quickly enough to hide the fact that their boxers were standing out away from their bodies by several inches.

Zeke laughed at the condition of their friends. Then he slipped two thumbs into the waistband of Bryan's briefs and slid them to the bottom of the bed. Bryan did the same to Zeke's underwear. Now they were ready to repeat the morning's performance.

No one had to work the following day, so their lovemaking could be leisurely. Zeke told Bryan to lie back so he could give his lover an all-over nibble and tongue-bath. Bryan was clawing up fistfuls of sheet before Zeke was finished. He had to ask Zeke to stop because he was ready to blow. Zeke complied and went back to planting playful kisses on his lips.

Bryan then took the lead; doing to Zeke much like Zeke had done to him. By the time Bryan had reached the throbbing target between Zeke's legs, both were close to the edge.

The boys spent a little while just holding each other. Finally, they "went for the gold." With cocks firmly planted in hot mouths, they began to tease each other's perineum heading farther south with each movement of their hands. Then, gently, they slipped lubed fingers into the "forbidden" orifices. That was the clincher. It took very little anal stimulation before both were pumping out big loads. Not a drop was wasted, though some was shared.

In the room across the hall, Marc and Trevor engaged in similar behavior. They didn't do the anal thing again that night. They thought it might be too messy to do on someone else's sheets. Besides, they were still a little tender from their recent experience.

When school began again after the holidays, there was a lot to do. The student council met again to plan the agenda for the, as yet, unnamed organization they were sponsoring. Several students had been thinking of names to call the new group.

Many had come up with ideas for names that would be acronyms. Sam suggested: "Celebrating Our Differences," but most kids didn't like the sound of COD. Rachel recommended: "Students Against Discrimination," but again, SAD didn't seem right. Besides, it was too much like the anti-drunk-driving organization.

Other suggestions included: "Students Tolerating Other People," "Seeing Others As People," and "Students Promoting Equal Dialog." None of these worked very well as initials, especially SPED.

Finally, Lonny suggested: "Teens Against Bullying." That seemed to fit the mission of the organization and no one found "TAB" to be objectionable. When a vote was taken, TAB won easily.

Of course, student council wasn't the only thing occupying kids' interests. There were sports events, musical concerts, theater rehearsals, and (oh yes) classes. The year was speeding by.

Zeke and Bryan were nearly overcome with emotion when they were elected co-captains of the wrestling team. They had never dreamed their teammates would support them to that extent. Yes, there were some who didn't. Three guys had elected not to join the team that year in addition to the one who had gone to see Doug the day the guys came out at school. However, these were also kids who hadn't enjoyed much success on the mat. It was difficult to know for sure what prompted them to quit.

The boys talked to Coach Newman about it later. He told them having four guys decide wrestling was not for them was pretty close to the normal dropout rate in a large school. Hearing those stats, the boys felt like they might not have been responsible for the changes in the team.

Early in January, Zeke and Bryan received a fancy envelope in the mail with a familiar return address. Inside was a primitive-looking crayon drawing of a little boy flanked by two big kids. They were all holding hands and smiling.

At the bottom of the paper was an invitation for them to attend Tyler Wood's birthday party. It was on a Saturday, so the guys would have to miss work. But there was no question about their going. Besides, business was down after Christmas and hours would be cut to reflect that. Trevor and Marc would be glad to pick up the extra work.

It was close to the anniversary of their meeting Tyler. It brought back a lot of memories they didn't think about on a daily basis. Both guys were quiet that night as they climbed into bed.

"Are you okay?" Bryan asked his boyfriend.

Zeke smiled.

"Yeah, I'm fine! I'm not grieving for the dead anymore. There's too much to live for. There are lots of bright spots in life regardless of the bad things. Tyler is one of them. Zach is another. And, of course, the main ray of sunshine is you."

So, two guys shared their love by cuddling. While they always enjoyed bringing each other to the top of the mountain with sexual intimacy, they also relished nights like this when they were content to snuggle. After a couple of good-night kisses, they settled down to sleep. Their dreams were pleasant ones.

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