by David Lee

Chapter 13

Zeke and Bryan did go stag to the homecoming dance. They dressed in their best clothes starting with their bikini underwear from the Goodwill. They felt sexy. It gave them a confidence and glow that made them attractive to some of the boys as well as many of the girls. Neither lacked for dance partners and both enjoyed the evening. For them, the best part lay ahead.

Gran had used some of the extra money she'd earned from overtime work to buy Zeke a new double bed. It took up more space in his little bedroom, but provided a bigger place to sleep. It also provided a better "playpen" for Bryan and him. Tonight they would christen it for the first time. They had plans.

Craig picked them up from the dance at the appointed time. Zeke got to drive the convertible back to his house. Though it was too chilly to put the top down, driving the sporty car made feel special.

After a cup of hot chocolate, which Gran had prepared for them, the two teens went to Zeke's room. Zeke didn't think Gran would enter his room unannounced, but moved his dresser in front of the door to be completely certain they wouldn't be interrupted.

They did a slow strip for each other down to the sexy bikinis. Then, they stood very close and helped each other finish the process. With their underwear around their ankles, they embraced and kissed. The throbbing pieces of flesh trapped between them were evidence of how hot they were for one another.

The boys stretched out in the 69-position so they could stimulate each other at the same time. It was great! Their senses were filled with the other's musk. The scent of fresh boy sweat was pungent, acting as an aphrodisiac to heighten their desires. It wasn't long before the only sounds in the room were those of slurping and quiet moaning. Neither would remember who came first because it was almost simultaneous. Again, the afterglow of cuddling and softly kissing was nearly as good as the orgasms.

It seemed like only a moment between homecoming and Thanksgiving break. The time went quickly because of midterm exams and activities. Bryan did better than he expected to in math. Zeke's tutoring had made the difference.

Though each boy spent most of the day with his own family, Zeke and Bryan made it clear that they wanted to spend some of the break together. So, Thanksgiving night found the pair spooned together naked in Zeke's bed.

The Friday after Thanksgiving, Grace Ann got an unusual call. It was from Sara Miller asking to speak with Zeke. When Gran rapped on the bedroom door, the boys scrambled to slip into their underwear before answering. She handed the cordless phone (another new luxury) to Zeke and stepped back into the hall.

As Zeke took the call, Bryan could hear only his side of the conversation.

"Well, I guess we could do that. You know it is going to cost quite a bit of money. Sure. We could probably help. Yes, he's here and I'll ask him."

Pushing the mute button on the phone, Zeke turned to Bryan.

"Sam's mother wants us to take him to the mall and give him a makeover. She's giving us complete freedom and her credit card. We have to stay under $500, but we can spend up to that. We are going to be like the Fab Five!"

Bryan's nod and his eager smile showed that he approved of the project.

Turning back to the phone, Zeke spoke to Mrs. Miller again.

"We'll be happy to do it. I hope we can fulfill his fantasy."

After a quick breakfast and some prep-time in the bathroom, two excited teens awaited Sam and his mother.

Mrs. Miller came in to introduce herself to Grace Ann so that she would know it was a legitimate trip. The two ladies sat over coffee while the three boys talked in Zeke's room.

"Mom asked me what I wanted most of all for Christmas this year and I said that I wanted a new image. I'm tired of being picked on for being a nerd. I wanted to look cool for a change and I knew that you guys could help me," Sam said excitedly.

"Well," Zeke replied, "We can help, but coolness is an attitude. You have to feel it inside. You need to know you're okay. Clothes and other things help, but it's self esteem that is most important."

Bryan picked up the thread.

"Sam, you're very smart and witty. You have to believe in your heart that you're just as good as anyone else. You have to walk and talk like you're comfortable with who you are. Okay, you aren't better than the quarterback who makes a forward pass in football, but you're no worse either. You don't need to act superior, but you have to stop acting shy. It may be hard, but you have to. Look at how open and easy you've become around us."

"Yeah," said Sam, "but you guys are nice to me. You're my friends."

"And, you'll have a lot more if you don't act like you're afraid of your shadow," Zeke interjected.

Soon the trio was seated in the Miller's car heading for the mall. The first stop was Lens Crafters. Zeke and Bryan spent several minutes picking out a group of frames for Sam to try on. They finally settled on some simple metallic ones that went with the shape of Sam's face. These were not the most expensive ones, but ones that were certainly "in" – kind of like Harry Potter's.

Then the problem was in getting any clerk to take them seriously. Finally, one younger man helped Sam with a fitting. Sam produced his prescription and credit card and the tentative deal was made. It was only finalized when the guy called Sam's mother to confirm that he was allowed to charge the cost to her credit card. The ultra thin lenses were fairly expensive.

The next stop was Penney's salon. Bryan had called before they came to make sure that his favorite stylist was available. Sally had been briefed on the assignment. After a quick assessment, she produced a few pictures of kids who looked something like Sam, but had cool haircuts. When the boys came to a consensus as to which they liked best, she proceeded to attack Sam's mop of hair. He emerged looking like a different boy, with his hair tipped and spiked.

The third stop was Old Navy. There, several pieces of clothing were selected and tried on. The Daring Duo (as they called themselves) thought that it wasn't necessary to spend a fortune at Abercrombie and Fitch to get a cool look. In a little while, they had spent the limit, but could have used more money to really change his wardrobe.

Then it was back to the optical store to get the glasses fitted. When that was done, they went to the mall restroom so that Sam could change into a new outfit. Zeke and Bryan relieved their bladders while Sam got dressed. When he was finished, they had him turn around like someone in a style show. He looked great.

The final stop was the food court for lunch. Sam's Mom had given him plenty of cash for them to get a good meal. She wanted to reward the boys for helping him.

Each guy wanted something different, so they split up for the moment armed with $10 bills to get the kind of meal they wanted. Bryan and Zeke got their meals first and were sitting down waiting when Heather came up to talk to them. As Sam came their way, she turned to Bryan as asked, "Who's your hot friend?"

Bryan and Zeke giggled.

"If you are really nice to us, we might introduce you," Zeke offered.

Heather did a double-take when Sam approached. She had the feeling she had seen him before, but how could she have overlooked this hottie? In the ensuing conversation, the penny dropped. This guy was the smartest kid in her science class. But, he had never looked this cool. She would have to get to know him. For the first time in his life, Zeke knew what it was like to be second string. He was amused by the whole situation. Some girls were so shallow! Well, at least this one was. Zeke feared that Heather was going to lay Sam right there in the mall. She was certainly drooling over him.

When she finally left, Zeke turned to Bryan and said in a stilted accent, "Igor, I tink ve haf created a monster!"

Sam's mother was not completely prepared for the transformation. She had dropped off a nerdy little boy; she was picking up a hot-looking young stud. She had to wonder if the change was too much, too soon. But, she had agreed to let him do it and he had wanted it so much. She decided to send them back to Old Navy for the other clothes he'd loved. It was worth it to see him so elated.

Sam was babbling all the way home about how great he felt. He was excited about how Heather had reacted since he knew she was one of the "in" crowd. At the same time, he was a bit intimidated by her. She seemed so mature and sexy. He still felt shy inside. But he vowed that he was going to try to act as cool as he thought he looked.

Sam also wanted to have his two friends stay overnight. After a few phone calls back and forth, all was arranged. Since Sam was Catholic, the church experience would be a new one for both of the other guys. They were happy with the prospect since one of their catechism assignments was to visit a church that was different from their own.

Sam wondered how you hosted a sleepover for two boys. They couldn't all be expected to sleep in his bed. It would be awkward to send one or both to the guest room. Eventually, he decided that they could camp in the basement recreation room. They could play video games and would have plenty of privacy. He called again to see if they could bring sleeping bags.

The Millers were very friendly and outgoing; the kind of people who could "work the crowd" at a cocktail party. Bryan couldn't understand how they had raised such a shy kid. Sam seemed to have a completely different personality although he was coming out of his shell more and more.

Sam, senior, was especially pleased with the makeover. He thought he could see his son gaining self-confidence by the minute.

Following a pleasant dinner, the boys retired to the basement to play video games and talk. After a while, Zeke and Bryan felt sleepy, but neither wanted to be the first to admit it.

When the lights were finally out, Bryan and Zeke expected to drift off to sleep very soon. However, their host was still wide awake.

"Can I ask you guys a dumb question without being laughed at?" Sam queried.

"Sure." Zeke replied, speaking for both of them.

"I heard some guys in the locker room talking about 'choking the chicken.' It's got to be something dirty. What does that mean?"

Bryan giggled in spite of himself. Sam was miffed.

"You guys promised not to make fun of me!"

"I'm not making fun; it's just a funny subject."

"Yeah," said Zeke. "It means to, you know, jack off, spank the monkey, stroke your joystick."

Sam remained mystified.

"What are you talking about?"

Bryan got back into the conversation.

"Don't you ever, like, play with your cock until it spews?"

"I've never done that," Sam admitted. "Will you guys teach me so I can be like everyone else?"

Both boys thought it over for a while. They had never done anything remotely sexual with anyone but each other. They considered how Sam might react and whether they could get in trouble if he told his parents.

"We can tell you what to do, but you have to promise not to tell anyone that we told you," Zeke offered. "Some parents don't understand."

"Can't you just show me? Couldn't we all do it together?"

After a word with Sam, Bryan and Zeke went to the next room for a quick conference. This room was set up to be an extra bedroom, so it had a lock on the door. If they did show Sam the "ropes," they certainly didn't want to be caught in the act.

"Okay, Sam, we'll do it," Zeke called out.

Sam bounded into the room ready for a new adventure.

Bryan took command once they had locked the door.

"Okay, we have to all drop our underwear at once. No cheating!"

On the count of "three," two briefs and one pair of boxers were on the floor and three naked teens faced each other. Sam was duly impressed by his guests' equipment. He felt shy again because he had not matured as quickly. The truth was that he was younger than Zeke by almost a year. He had started school early because of his test scores when he was a young child. So, it was no wonder that he wasn't as sexually mature. But, he had a little pubic hair and that was a good sign that he was on his way.

Sam was also surprised by seeing two uncut guys. He had never been close to any other boy, much less two who had cocks that looked so different from his. His curiosity overcame his shyness.

"I've never seen them with skin like that. Can I touch them?"

The boys agreed to let him feel their foreskins in the name of education. Of course, lust might have entered the picture in some small way as well.

Sam was fascinated. He pushed their hoods back to expose pink heads that looked more like his own. He did this several times until the boys thought they might cum from the stimulation.

"Sam, you're gonna have to stop or we are going to make a mess on the rug," Zeke croaked.

Sam didn't get the point to where this was heading. As an only child with no close friends, he had been extremely sheltered, making him more naïve than most of his peers.

Bryan suggested that they sit around in a circle on the floor with newspaper or something to catch their cum. Sam still didn't understand, but went to the bathroom to get a roll of paper towels from the cabinet.

While he was gone, Zeke asked Bryan if he thought they should quit or keep on going. Bryan voted that they see it through. He knew they would have a hard time sleeping if they didn't. A VERY HARD time, he thought.

With the paper towels in place and the door locked once more, the three sat cross legged on the floor with their knees touching. The two experienced teens started to stroke their raging hardons. Sam imitated their moves. It felt good, but kind of weird. As time progressed, it felt better and better. Sam stopped because he thought he was about to pee on the carpet.

"What's the matter, dude, don't you like it," Bryan asked with panting breath.

"I don't want to pee on the rug," Sam replied.

"You won't," Zeke insisted with breathing as ragged as Bryan's.

Bryan moved his knee against Zeke's in a subtle, but sensuous manner. That drove Zeke over the precipice. He came in a torrent. Bryan followed a split second later. Some of the juice landed on Sam's tool. The lubrication felt good. Sam scooped up more cum and began to flog his cock like a man possessed. In a couple of minutes, he experienced his first conscious orgasm. (He had had a couple of wet dreams and hadn't known what they were.) Suddenly it all made sense. Sam smiled broadly. He had entered manhood.

"Thanks, guys, you're the best!"

At breakfast, Sam, senior noticed that his son was acting even more like a "normal" teenager than he had before. He had a different, more easy-going manner about him. He had always been a kind of social misfit due to his high intelligence. Whatever these two boys were doing for Sam, it was a good thing. Cool peers as friends were just what the doctor ordered. These boys would be welcome in the Miller house anytime.

Mass at Immaculate Conception was certainly higher church than Zeke had ever witnessed. Bryan found that the form was not as different as he'd imagined it would be. Even some of the hymns were familiar. One was in his own church's hymnal and another was one he had sung in an ecumenical Taize service. The two visitors even went up to the communion rail with Sam, but crossed their arms to receive a blessing rather than the sacrament since they were not Catholic. Sam was pleased at their willingness to fit in.

After church, several girls who had never given Sam a second glance were now clustering around to talk to the three boys. Of course it didn't hurt that he was in the company of a couple of outgoing studs.

When lunch was over, Sam's father drove his son's new friends to Bryan's house. Since it was Gran's time to work on Sunday, Zeke would stay there until she was off duty. It wasn't that he needed supervising; it was a way for him to have company. Sam, senior got out of the car and shook hands with both boys. He looked each in the eye and just said, "Thanks!" The fact that his eyes looked a little misty let the boys know how deep his gratitude was.

Bryan whisked Zeke up to his room the moment they were in the house.

"My monkey has been very naughty this weekend. What should I do to him?"

"He needs a spanking," Zeke replied. "And I'm just the guy to do it."

After a few minutes of wrestling and kissing, both guys were naked. It didn't take long before both "monkeys" had been lovingly "punished." There seemed to be enough jizz to populate a whole city. When it was cleaned up, the boys put their briefs back on and crawled into bed for a short nap. Soon they were asleep in each other's arms.

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