by David Lee

Chapter 2

The Friday after the Memorial Day holiday, school finally ended for the summer. The eighth graders had paid their visit to Cosgrove High to get their schedules for the fall and had turned in their books to Central Middle School. They had said their goodbyes to favorite teachers and coaches and were ready to fly the middle school nest. They looked forward to next year with anticipation and trepidation, but most of all; they looked forward to the joys of summer.

On Tuesday of the following week, Zeke celebrated his 14th birthday. It wasn't a big affair. He invited Bryan to go with Gran and him to the Pizza Hut and then to their house for cake and ice cream. Gran was relieved that he didn't want a big party. She would have sprung for it, but both time and money were in short supply.

Bryan gave Zeke a Swiss Army knife for camping and Bryan's parents sent over a card with a ten dollar bill in it. But the best gift was his shiny new learner's permit. Gran had taken him to the county license bureau that morning and he had passed the written test with no mistakes.

Bryan had had his permit since March and had already been practicing behind the wheel with his dad. Zeke knew he wouldn't have as many chances to drive because of Gran's schedule and the price of gas, but it was cool to feel more grown up.

Gran had allowed Zeke to apply for a part-time job as a grocery sacker at Fareway. It paid better than mowing (some of which he could still do), and it would be on his record as job experience. It would also be good for him to be busy rather than to have too much idle time on his hands. He was too old for a baby sitter (even if she could afford one), but young enough to have lapses in judgment. While she would rather have had him work at Hy-Vee where she did so she could keep an eye on him; she knew she'd have to cut the apron strings someday. Maybe it was better to do so little by little. At least he wouldn't be working at Forbes Fine Foods and be exposed to that older Aldrich kid.

Zeke was thrilled at the idea of making some serious money of his own. Maybe he could save up for a car; or, maybe a new bike would be more realistic. He spent his imaginary fortune a hundred ways as he dropped off to sleep at night.

Bryan had an ample allowance and didn't have to work, but decided to apply at Fareway too. Both boys were hired quickly because Jim, the manager, knew their reputations from his daughter, Melissa, who had been in some of the same classes at Central. According to her, they were the nicest boys in school. He suspected she thought they were a couple of hunks as well, but he didn't tease her about it at home. If it frightened him to have his daughter interested in the opposite sex, it would terrify his wife.

Since extra help was needed on Saturdays and certain weekdays (usually Fridays); the guys work schedules would almost always be identical. There would still be time for swimming and goofing off. That meant being together for work and play almost every day. Bryan's mom was off for the summer and had the flexibility to drive them to their jobs if the weather was too nasty for cycling. Bryan's older brother, Todd, was taking summer school classes at the community college and could be counted on in a pinch. What a perfect summer this would be.

The first week, Zeke and Bryan were only to report for work on Saturday. Gran drove Zeke and Todd brought Bryan. They arrived early so they could transfer Zeke's overnight bag and sleeping bag to Todd's car. That was done quickly, and the two hurried to the stockroom where they were to meet with Jim Ackley.

After a brief orientation about putting cold foods in the same bag, keeping detergents separate, and not stuffing sacks too full, they were assigned to a couple of mature, motherly checkers. The store was busy and the boys couldn't believe the morning had already passed when their lunch break came. The afternoon went just as fast.

From time to time, Jim had monitored his newest employees from his office overlooking the registers. He was beginning to believe his daughter's assessment was correct. These guys were industrious. Now, if he could just keep them from being tainted by some of the older kids, things should be great.

Since Gran had to work late on Saturday night and again on Sunday, she was allowing Zeke to sleep over at Bryan's. Her church preached that the Lord didn't want people to work on Sunday, but she couldn't survive without the job and everyone had to take some Sundays at Hy-Vee. Thank God Fareway wasn't open on the Sabbath so Zeke wouldn't be in the same predicament!

Todd came to pick up the guys at the end of their shift. Zeke's things were still in the trunk of Todd's car, so when they got to Bryan's house, they hung his church clothes in the closet and stashed the sleeping bag there as well.

Gran was actually allowing Zeke to go to church with Bryan. He couldn't believe it! He had always been curious about what went on there, but had never had the chance to find out first-hand. He knew about the forums on gays in the church from the year before. Pastor Parker had reportedly made his stand, and then left when he knew he couldn't convert those liberals. Not everyone had thought Parker triumphant, but that was beside the point.

Mary Stillwell was tired from wrapping up her school duties and moving her things to a new room for next fall, but she still managed to put a fine meal on the table. Of course, her husband helped. Bryan and Todd pitched in as well. Zeke did whatever he could to be of use. She smiled as she watched three teenagers go through a mountain of food. She wondered how could they all stay so trim.

After the adrenalin rush of the first day on the job wore off, Zeke and Bryan were ready to retire for the night. They both stripped to their briefs as usual and climbed into bed. But sleep eluded them for a while.

"Bryan, are you still awake?


"I was wondering about something. Do you ever get funny feelings?"

Bryan hoped he knew where this was going, but played dumb.

"Like what?"

"You know, like tingly feelings in your dick."


"Like, do you do anything about it?"

"You mean like jack off?"

It was Zeke's turn to say a quiet: "Yeah."

"I do it quite a bit, do you?"

"Yeah, but it's a sin, isn't it?"

"Dad says it is natural and healthy for guys to do it. He says it keeps you from getting too horny and doing something stupid with a girl when you shouldn't."

"Wow, I never thought of that. It's sort of a bad thing that keeps you from doing a worse thing."

"No, Zeke, it isn't bad at all. Like Martha Stewart says: "It's a GOOD thing!"

Both boys giggled nervously.

"You don't think that it's wrong?"


"I hope you're right. If not, I'm going to become an awful sinner!"

Bryan giggled again. Zeke grinned as well. Both guys finally fell asleep.

Sometime in the night Bryan awakened with a sticky mess in his briefs. He had been having a very sexy dream and Zeke was in it. As he became wider awake, he realized that Zeke was cuddled up behind him. He could feel a warm wetness against his butt. He carefully reached behind himself to confirm his suspicions. Yes, his buddy's pouch was just as sticky. Bryan wondered briefly what Zeke's dream had been like. He also thought about how nice it had been to feel Zeke's softening piece. He wondered why he liked it. Then he snuggled back closer to his friend and drifted into another round of erotic dreams. Again Zeke was the central character.

Church at First Presbyterian was a real eye-opener for Zeke. The sounds of the large pipe organ were filling the 19th Century Gothic Revival structure as Bryan's family and he filed in. Summer services started at 9:30. The members of Zeke's church would be appalled at the idea of suspending Sunday school classes. Also, everyone knew that 10:45 was the appointed hour for worship. Eleven used to be okay, but the Reverend Parker had needed more time for his 45 minute sermons.

Zeke was not used to as much ritual, but he was a quick-study and soon was able to participate fully. Bryan marveled at how easily Zeke could join in the singing.

Zeke enjoyed hearing Bryan's sweet tenor voice juxtaposed to Brad's deep, rich bass. Mary had a good soprano sound and poor Todd was trying unsuccessfully to hit the low notes his father sang so easily.

Pastor Liz Thornton was an excellent speaker. Her current sermon series was on the book of Revelation. Zeke was surprised to hear her refer to it not as a timetable for the wrath of God, but a message of hope for those who were persecuted. She portrayed God more like a loving father than a vengeful judge. Zeke found himself hanging on every word. Her 15 minute homily left him wanting to hear more. She said that asking questions was good for one's faith. Zeke would like to ask her some. Pastor Parker never allowed anyone to question anything. What he said was TRUTH! Anyone one who questioned was of the Devil.

At social hour after the service, Zeke was greeted by Ben Aldrich and Adam Benson. Ben was the kid whose parents had thrown him out last year for being gay. His family members were active in Zeke's church and were friends of Gran. Zeke had been among the youths who prayed that the Devil might release Ben and let him be a true Christian. Ben's younger brother, Joseph, who was one of Zeke's friends from school as well, had told Zeke that Adam was Ben's boyfriend. They were even living together!

Zeke was taken aback by how normal, masculine, and friendly Adam and Ben appeared to be. They talked about school next year and welcomed the younger boys to join them at their table if they ended up with the same lunch period. Wow, upper-classmen actually being friendly to the newbie's! Next school year was looking up already.

Bryan had seen, and talked to, Ben and Adam numerous times last year and thus was not surprised at their friendliness. He knew all about Ben's troubles and his new life with Don and Travis. He was pleased to see that Zeke didn't say anything to them about Ben's former family situation. Ben seemed happy and thriving in his current living arrangement.

What really bowled Zeke over was seeing Alan Jenkins and Brad Jacobs. They were the guys who had gotten "married" to each other late last summer at the park. Zeke's minister had railed about it for two sermons. "It is this kind of moral decay that led to 9-11!" Pastor Parker had thundered while pounding the pulpit for emphasis. But these guys seemed pretty normal too, except for the fact that they were discretely interlocking their little fingers as they stood close together. They were visiting with Todd about their experiences at Iowa State last year. Todd had seen them both occasionally on campus, but had had no classes with either of them.

For the first time in Zeke's young life, he was beginning to question the veracity of what his church taught. Maybe God really loved His children and maybe He also loved people who were different from Gran and his group. Didn't Christ tell his disciples that He had other sheep "that ye know not of?"

As soon as lunch was over, Bryan suggested they swim a few laps in the big backyard pool. At first, Zeke was hesitant. People weren't supposed to have fun on Sundays. Besides, he hadn't brought a suit.

"No problem, Zeke. You know I have lots of suits because of swimming for the Y. You can take your pick."

Zeke examined the tiny bits of nylon that were offered and chose a blue one. It wasn't the skimpiest Speedo, but still barely covered what he was trying to pack into it.

"Man, I feel almost naked in this thing."

"You look GREAT in it! Here, let me adjust the front a little."

Feeling Bryan's hands against his bare skin so near to his pubes made Zeke begin to tingle. He felt his tool begin to pump up. What could he do?

"Don't worry about the woody; it'll go down when we hit the water. See, I'm getting one too." Bryan giggled.

Zeke felt better that he wasn't alone in being easily stimulated, but he also felt worse in a way. He wondered what could be going on inside. Why did he feel this way with his best bud? Why couldn't they control these unruly parts of their anatomies? Was this what people meant when they talked about raging hormones or was it the work of the Devil?

Soon the boys were splashing and dunking each other and generally having a great time. The tension of the bedroom incident had quickly dissipated. All was back to normal. Todd joined them and challenged them to a five lap race. Bryan won easily due to his recent Y season, but Todd was a close second.

"Man! I am out of shape," Todd exclaimed. "I'm going to whip your sorry ass by the end of summer!"

After a couple of hours in the water and sun, Bryan and Zeke went into the large locker room style shower in the pool house to wash the chlorine from their hair and skin. As they were shampooing, both guys checked each other out despite the fact they had seen each other naked countless times. Both started to chub up.

Bryan grinned and said: "Wanna do something about these bad boys?"

"Like what?" Zeke squeaked.

"Like spank them until they spew." Bryan was getting both horny and brave.

"I don't know. What if Todd comes in?"

"He won't. He always goes in the house to shower. Besides, I've caught him before. How do you think I really found out how to do it?"

Visions of Coach Newman popped into Zeke's mind and his erection reached its full potential. Bryan was impressed.

"Wow, that's big! I think it's bigger than mine. Can I touch it?

Pure, youthful lust was stimulating Zeke's brain. He'd gone this far, why not?

"I guess."

Bryan reached out a lather covered hand and tentatively caressed Zeke's throbbing cock.

"Wanna feel mine too?"

Zeke did. They began to move their hands ever so slowly. The sexual tension that had been mounting between them earlier came to a new peak as Bryan shuddered and sprayed hot cum on Zeke's abdomen. That drove Zeke over the edge. He let out a moan and baptized his buddy in return. Though the quantity was less than it would be in the future, the quality was unrivaled. Neither guy had ever before experienced anything to equal that moment.

As soon as the high subsided, Zeke began to feel guilty. He had stepped over the line. It had started when he had discovered how to bring himself pleasure and now it had ended in a sinful act with another guy. He had led his friend to sin as well. He tried unsuccessfully to hide the tears of remorse.

Bryan saw and responded.

"What's wrong, Zeke?"

"I'm sorry, Bryan. I got carried away. Forgive me."

"Forgive you? What you did with me was the greatest thing I've ever felt."

"You don't think it's, um, like gay?"

"I don't care what it's like. It was the best!"

Bryan then pulled his buddy into a hug. Zeke stiffened for a moment and then went with it. Two naked boys felt each other's heart beat as they locked in a caring embrace.

Todd started into the shower room, but backed out quickly with a perplexed look on his face.

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