Always and Forever

by David Lee

Chapter 11

Another school year

Roy Carlson again found himself hand-operating the school's bell system. There was even less money in the district coffers this year, and he was lucky not to have lost too many of his teachers. Fortunately a couple of LA teachers had opted for early retirement or he wouldn't have been able to hire Travis Naughton. Fewer teachers, less money, more students, and higher expectations for achievement – this didn't add up in Roy's book.

Wednesday was a shortened day with an assembly and little else happening except for an opportunity for students to find their classes and to hear teachers drone on about class expectations and the like. Other than for some freshmen and a few teacher's pets, most kids had tuned out and were in the private worlds of their own minds.

Homeroom was the last scheduled event of the day other than practices. Brad and Alan sat there wishing they could be together somewhere away from everyone else. Tom sat there dreaming of Amy. Amy sat there thinking of retaking the SATs and almost everyone would rather have been elsewhere.

The day was warm, and most kids wore shorts. Some of the guys wore tight "wife beaters" showing off nice biceps and flat stomachs. Some of the girls were pushing the dress code with low-cut shorts and short-cut tops. The tops of thongs were visible here and there. All in all, a lot of firm, young skin was visible. Sex was on the minds of many of the teens. Who wouldn't be horny in a setting like that?

Alan and Brad had a couple of hours free between dismissal and practices. They were going to make the most of it. In Alan's car was a cooler packed with food and water. There was also a blanket and some bug spray. The boys had discovered a very private hideaway in one of the city parks while working that summer. That was where they planned to eat lunch, and possibly nibble on each other.

They parked in the lot farthest from the entrance and made their way to the secluded spot. When cutting brush that summer, they had decided to spare the cover that this place offered. As a result, they had to struggle through some undergrowth to get to the small clearing. The height of the grass proved that no one had tried to mow this area. It appeared to be unmolested.

Both teens were hungry as usual, but both were also starved for each other. Where to begin? It was a difficult choice, but food won out since they would need time to digest before marching band and football. The food, as always, tasted better in the open air.

Throwing the scraps and wrappers back into the cooler so as not to litter, the guys attacked each other's clothing with more gusto than they had applied to the food. Soon, naked and panting, they were lying side by side on the blanket. Although they tried to take it slowly and make it last, both were so horny from waiting that neither could hold out for long. When they came in each other's mouth, the force was great and the moaning intense. Cuddling together in the shade, they napped until the alarm in Brad's watch awakened them.

Sergeant Perkins who had been assigned by Lieutenant Gorman to patrol Sandler Park for "fags" had been sneaking through the underbrush. He had come close to the area where Brad and Alan were lying just in time to hear their moaning. He was mesmerized by the sight of the two teens in the throes of orgasm. He stood rooted in place not knowing what to do. He was not a voyeur by nature, but he didn't want to disturb them. Their beauty and passion moved him. When they appeared to be asleep, he quietly slipped behind a big tree, unzipped his pants, and stroked his fat six-inch piece. In no time, he fertilized the ground with his own generous supply of seed. Smiling slightly and feeling better about humanity than he had in a long time, he sneaked back the way he had come. On his car radio, he reported to headquarters that there was no suspicious activity in the park.

The following day at school was a full one. There were classes in language arts, math, science, and government. For Brad and Alan, those were mostly honors level classes. They were challenging and pretty interesting, but a lot of work.

The last period of the day for them was a pottery class. They knew almost everyone in the room. Several upper level seniors, including a few from their homeroom, had thought this would be a way to have fun and be free from the intense studying that the rest of the schedule demanded. Amy had decided to take it for another reason - Tom would be there.

Don had a new, young student teacher named Ann Brent. She was cute. Many of the guys would have signed up just to be in the same room with her. Libidos were running high on that warm afternoon.

The first project was a simple mug made from a rolled out slab of clay. Miss Brent quickly demonstrated how to construct it. Before she let the students begin theirs, she showed them how to pull a handle.

First, she made a big carrot shape out of clay. It was about four inches long and a couple of inches in diameter at the fat end. She held it in her left hand and began to stroke it downward with her moistened right hand.

"Be sure to lubricate your hand. Then squeeze gently and stroke. Not too much pressure. Just milk it down. See how much longer it's getting?"

Some of the boys were stifling snickers. Others were sitting glassy-eyed thankful that the table would hide their rising interest. Among them was Tom who was beginning to feel a sticky spot of precum in his underwear.

Don could empathize with the guys. He was biting his lower lip to keep from smirking too. He needed to find a way to tell Miss Brent what she was doing to the males in the classroom. That would take some thought and a lot of tact.

The pace of school began to pick up soon after it started. There were lots of activities for everyone. Homecoming would take place in mid-October, and there was the usual excitement in preparing for it and the usual scramble for dates.

Brad and Alan were sleeping over at Brad's house on the third weekend in September. They were cuddled in bed with the lights out, basking in the afterglow of great sex.

"Well, I suppose as co-captain of the football team, you'll have to take a date to the dance. I understand that we don't want to blow our cover this early in the year. It could be Hell."

"Alan, I've thought it over. There's no reason that I can't go stag. People know that Courtney and I had a bad experience last spring and I could still be hurting from that. No one knows the whole story. Her mother hushed her up quickly after she talked to the police. They keep things like that confidential, and I haven't told."

"But won't you feel pressured?"

"By whom? My family knows about us. Remember what your grandmother said to you about not hiding your eye color? I'm just about beyond caring what my team- mates think. I do a good enough job on the field. I don't owe them anything else. In fact, I think I'll ask you to the dance."

"Yeah, that would be cool. Next game, you'd be sacked every play. No one would cover your butt."

"Hey, I'm just yanking your chain. I'll play it cool. Now kiss me and let's get some sleep. I'm worn out from tonight's game and our after-game games. You pansies in the band don't know what being tired is."

Feigning offence at the remark, Alan hit him with a pillow and both boys giggled. Finally, they settled down in each other's arms and fell asleep.

On the campus of Iowa State University, Courtney was still awake. Her date with Larry, the cute guy from French class had been a disaster. It was their first time going out and he'd had his hands all over her. She figured he must have had an octopus on his family tree - somewhere not too many generations back. He had called her frigid. She and told him that he was a sex fiend and it had gone downhill from there.

The thing that frightened Courtney was that maybe she was frigid. A part of her wanted the attention and at least some of the petting, but when it got heavy, she froze up. She had these flashbacks of being taken against her will. She wondered if she would ever get over them. Reaching for a sleeping pill, she vowed to see the school psychiatrist soon.

Tom was having the best year of his young life. The transition of Travis moving in couldn't have been smoother. He now had two guys who looked after him and doted on him. Tom was dating Amy on a regular basis and her parents seemed to approve. They had heard of his former reputation and couldn't believe that this was the same guy. In a way, it wasn't.

Teachers, and even other students, had noticed the change in Tom. The surly, pouting look was gone. While that look had had its appeal, his new appearance made Tom even more desirable in the eyes of the girls and a few guys. Several who had thought Amy crazy for taking up with him were now green-eyed with jealousy. He was a stud!

A couple of sophomore guys had a crush on Tom, but they remembered how mean he had been to them as freshmen. He had called them "fags" because they were slight of build and had voices that still cracked at the most inopportune times. Yes, he was a stud, but he might be a very dangerous one.

Not all the teachers were ready to forget the old Tom either. Miss Primrose was the major thorn in Tom's side. Of course, he had been that to her in his sophomore year when she had last had him as a student. Miss Primrose thought that he was a regular little shit, but she would not have said the word if she'd had a mouthful. She had gone to the counselors' office the minute she had seen his name on her class list and had demanded that he be placed in a different section with another teacher. The counselor had patiently explained that the other sections were full, and that Tom's schedule wouldn't permit the change because of his advanced art classes. Miss Primrose was not amused.

The first writing assignment had been for the students to summarize and discuss a book that had made an impact on their life. Lots of kids were casting about trying to think of anything other than puberty that had made an impact on their lives. Tom knew immediately that he would use "The Great Divorce." He wrote the summary and told how reading it had been a life-changing experience for him.

Travis, who was teaching the other senior writing class, had read it over before Tom turned it in. His reaction had been emotional. While he did suggest a couple of grammatical changes, he had pronounced it a very fine piece of writing. And he could see why Tom had turned 180 degrees from what he had been in the past.

And it was a good piece of writing. Tom was in touch with his feelings; feelings he had long buried. His new faith had been the key that unlocked the final door to his heart. Once open, it would never close again. Tom could express himself nearly as well verbally as he could visually.

Miss Primrose did her best to find fault with Tom's essay. She had him come in after school to discuss it. She picked on minor flaws while ignoring the heartfelt content. Her goal was to make him angry so that he would fly into one of his famous rages and give her a legitimate reason to kick him out of her class.

As her tirade picked up steam, Tom felt his anger rise. Then he pictured himself in the quiet convent chapel. He felt his anger diminish. He tried to put himself in her shoes, and once he did, he could see what her agenda was. Realizing that, he felt sad because the boy he had been was making it difficult for the young man he had become.

When Miss Primrose finally wound down, Tom looked at her with sorrowful eyes.

"I know what this is about," he said softly. "It's not my writing. It's me. I am very sorry about my behavior in your sophomore lit class that makes you dislike me so much. I understand what it's like to hate someone. But if you can find it in your heart to forgive me and give me another chance, I will do my level best not to disappoint you."

Flabbergasted, Miss Primrose found herself speechless for the first time in memory. He was acting like a gentleman, not a young hellion. He had seen through her smoke screen and gently, but surely called her on it.

All she could say was, "Well, we'll see."

The second Sunday in September saw the congregation of First Presbyterian grow by several members. Susan joined by profession of faith, having been baptized in her mother's church as an infant. The experience of forgiving her mother had made a profound change in her life.

Tony had joined in the same manner, finding that his baptism as an infant in the Catholic Church was accepted.

Travis, Alan, and Tom all knelt before the font for the sacrament of baptism. All three had met with Liz for some classes on the tenets of the faith and had been accepted by the Session. Lt. Gorman had abstained from voting since he knew that Travis was gay. But, at least he did not make a scene. Maybe he would learn to live and let live. Liz certainly hoped so!

Pastor Liz was thrilled to be able to welcome these three men into the household of God. That was the official greeting, but she suspected that they were already counted among the saints before the application of the water. Though she thought that the sacraments were important, she believed that what was in the heart was paramount.

Upon arising, all three embraced Liz and each other. People who had known the "old" Tom felt tears forming at the significance of this step for the "new" Tom. Don was chief among them. Far in the back corner of the balcony, Tom's mother wept quietly.

Cosgrove High won the homecoming game easily. Brad was crowned the homecoming king at half time, and a blond cheerleader named Jennifer Hampton was crowned queen. It was just as well that Brad did not have a date since he would be expected to escort Jennifer to the big dance.

Jennifer was thrilled. She had dumped her boyfriend about a month before homecoming so that she would be free to go with someone else. However, the popular guys that she wanted thought she was a bitch for dumping Ted, so she would have been dateless for the dance. What a break! Brad was cute and popular and likely to be on the rebound since the fight with Courtney in the spring. He was also likely to be horny after the big victory. That sounded like the biggest break of all.

Brad picked Jennifer up for the dance as late as possible without appearing rude. He had not taken her to dinner. (He had eaten with Alan at Alan's home) He had not done anything to raise Jennifer's hopes or hormone levels. This escort thing was a duty to be performed politely and nothing more.

Alan went stag. A lot of the guys would be dateless and would spend the evening dancing with girls who had also come without partners.

Tom took Amy, and both looked radiant. Even strangers could see that this was not a one-sided attraction. They danced every dance together. The teachers who were the chaperones found themselves having romantic thoughts at the sight.

Brad was playing it cool. He detached himself from Jennifer early in the evening saying that it was his duty as king to spread himself around, just as she, being queen, needed to do the same. While Jennifer hadn't liked the idea, it did make sense and after a while she found that she enjoyed the attention of a variety of partners.

Ted Wallace, Jennifer's ex, spent most of the time warming a chair away from the dance area. Finally, Sarah Smith (who thought that Ted was her dream guy) got up the nerve to ask him to dance with her. It was a slow dance in which couples held each other close. At one point, she could feel how much Ted was enjoying the closeness.

Jennifer had found her way back to Brad for this late dance. She moved her body in very close to his. It was obvious that she was trying to rub herself all over him. She clung like a coat of paint. Brad was embarrassed by her actions to the point that it didn't turn him on in the least.

Watching from a nearby table, Alan was beginning to feel jealous. He understood that Brad had no choice of who was queen, but did he have to hold her so close? Then the couple danced close to Alan's table and Alan could see Brad's face. When their eyes made contact, Brad rolled his heavenward in an exaggerated manner. Alan smiled knowing that his boyfriend was not about to be unfaithful.

As soon as that dance was over, the lights began to come up signaling the end of the evening. Brad said that he was ready to take Jennifer home, but she said it wasn't necessary. She was going on to a party with some other kids. There would be a keg. Brad was welcome to come if he wanted, but either way, Jennifer was going.

After last spring's experience, Brad made sure that a teacher overheard them say goodnight. He loudly told her to have fun at Tim's party and that he was tired and would be going home to bed.

When he got home, he found Alan freshly showered and stretched out naked in his queen-sized bed. Brad grabbed a quick, but thorough shower and soon joined him. Their love-making was unhurried and exciting. They were learning how to bring each other to the brink and back off in time to prevent ejaculation. After cooling off with gentle kisses, they went for the passionate ones again. Alan pulled his mouth off Brad's cock long enough to beg for relief. Shortly after gulping down the monster again, both young men were moaning and shaking as they reached their goal. The aftershocks were nearly as intense as the original quake.

The two lovers drifted off to sleep in each other's arms without bothering to lock the door. There were no secrets anymore, and no one would dream of entering without knocking and being invited.

Tom drove Amy home after the dance, but not before stopping for a while on the road to the forest preserve. It was dark and quiet. No one was around to see them tongue wrestle. Tom was getting pretty hot and so was Amy. Both wanted to put on the brakes, but both also wanted to go further. Tom pulled back and sat panting. The bulge in his pants was undisputed evidence of his need.

"Tom, I am sorry for doing this to you. Really, I'm not a cock-tease. I'm very hot too."

"Amy, where did you learn that expression? I am surprised!"

"Hey, I have two older brothers who weren't as careful about closing the door as they thought they were when they discussed their girlfriends. I was too young to know what they meant at the time, but I know now. And, I didn't intend to be one of those dreaded types. I also know that Gina, my older brother's wife, used to have mercy on him when they were dating. That's what I'm going to do for you."

With those words, Amy undid Tom's belt and zipper. She reached inside the fly of his boxers and gently freed the beast from its confinement. Then, she began to stroke it slowly, lovingly, sensuously. Tom couldn't do anything but whimper in pleasure. All rational thinking shut down and was replaced by sheer delight. Amy stopped just long enough to let the back of his seat down. Now he was almost lying level. She pulled his shirt up and began to work her tongue on his chest. No one had ever done this to him. He had no idea how sensitive his nipples were until he found himself blasting cum all over his stomach. They lay there in a sticky silence which was broken only by the sounds of heavy breathing. Her hand remained lightly wrapped around his softening tool.

After a few minutes, Amy reached the Kleenex and carefully cleaned up the mess.

"Wow, I'll bet you could have fathered a nation with that," she giggled.

Amy began to straighten up her clothes, but Tom stopped her.

"I love you, Amy. You did a wonderful thing for me just now. It's my turn to bring you pleasure."

Lowering her seat back and loosening her bra, Tom began to gently work on her nipples as she had done his. He was rewarded with her moans of appreciation. When his left hand reached its destination under her skirt, she thrust her hips forward to meet his gifted fingers. Soon, she was experiencing the first orgasm she had ever had that was not self-induced. It was pure bliss. This onetime bully had lovingly taken care of her need even after his own was satisfied. He really did care.

Actually, Tom's "need" rose again and Amy decided that he could use more help. In a flash his pants and underwear were below his knees. Kissing him deeply, Amy rubbed her bare beasts on his chest. Then she started kissing her way down his neck and chest. She went further, licking his belly button. When, she reached his hot, hard shaft, she. tentatively kissed the tip. Tom was almost catatonic. Amy inhaled the masculine scent of his crotch and found it pleasant. She fondled his balls while continuing to stroke him slowly. Then she got really brave and ran her tongue over the end of his overheated cock.

"I'm cumming," he gasped just in time for her to avoid being blasted by the eruption.

The second cumming was even more satisfying than the first. After a second cleanup, the lovers got out of the car and straightened up their clothes. They kissed softly, still enjoying the afterglow.

"Amy, I love you. I want to marry you. Not before I can make a life for us, but someday."

"I love you too. I think we can make this work. We have to get into school near each other. I don't want you away from me doing this with anyone else."

"Don't worry. I can be faithful. Besides, I'm not sure anyone could do for me what you do. We haven't even fuc - gone all the way, and I have never felt this good. It really IS different with a girl you love."

After disposing of the used tissues in a trash barrel, Tom sprayed a bit of Amy's perfume in the car and then drove home with the windows open. The aroma from their sexual pleasure had been powerful.

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