Always and Forever

by David Lee

Chapter 5

The consequences continue

A big black and white cruiser pulled up in the Jacobs' drive just as they were leaving for church. Sergeant Perkins got out and ambled up to Mr. Jacobs.

"Brad home from the prom yet?"

"No. We don't expect him until about noon. You know how those all-night parties are. I expect he is sleeping at a friend's house."

"His date was Courtney Forbes, wasn't it?"

"Yes. Is something wrong?"

"I think maybe the missus and the kids should go on to church and we should sit down and talk, Jon."

"NO!" exclaimed Fran. "If anything's wrong, I need to know as well. I am not a shrinking violet! The kids are old enough to know too. We're a family and we'll meet whatever this is as a unit."

"Okay ma'am. I was trying to spare you and the kids. If that's how you want it, here it is. Courtney is in the hospital unconscious. She has been abused and raped. She was last seen with Brad when the limo driver dropped them at her cousin's apartment. We need to question your son. Since he's not home, things look suspicious. You may want to contact your lawyer."

"Oh God," Fran moaned. "What do we do now?"

Fran put her hands to her face for a moment. When she brought them down, she had a look of resolution and determination in her eyes.

"Sergeant, I'll make some calls and find my son. I know he's not capable of doing such an evil thing. When I find him, I will personally bring him to the station, so he can tell you where he was. Please give me two hours before you go looking."

Perkins agreed and left thinking to himself that Fran Jacobs had no idea what young men were capable of. He did. He'd seen it all.

Susan picked up the phone on the second ring.

"Yes, he's here. He and Alan are getting showered up and dressed. Yes, he's been here most all night. We talked until after 2:00, I think. Alan will bring him home as soon as they're ready. Sure. No problem. I'm glad I could relieve your mind. Okay. Goodbye."

"Guys, you need to get to Brad's on the double. Fran wants him home. She didn't say what the hurry was."

Brad and Alan were both shocked to hear the news that they were greeted with at the Jacobs' house.

"It's my fault. I never should have left her! If I had stayed and done what she wanted, this wouldn't have happened."

Fran's heart had dropped to her feet when Brad said it was his fault. Then she began to realize that there was more to the story. Alan convinced Brad that he had to level with his folks. His younger siblings were excluded from the discussion as Brad related what had happened at the apartment. Being a gentleman, he said that there was a disagreement and he felt it would look bad if the two of them stayed there unsupervised. But, it was hard to explain away the setup with the apartment, the wine, and no other guests.

"Son," Jonathan finally said, "you did the honorable thing. You were right not to take advantage of an intoxicated girl. You cannot hold yourself responsible if someone else did."

Alan insisted on going to the station with Fran and Brad. Jonathan was torn between staying with his other kids and going too. Finally, Garret convinced him that they were practically adults and would be fine on their own. His place was with Brad.

Lieutenant Sam Gorman listened to Brad's explanation of his whereabouts. As he had with his parents, Brad used the "G" rated version of the facts, stating that he and Courtney had had a disagreement He had felt he shouldn't be alone in the apartment with her and had left. Alan had picked him up almost immediately and they had been together for the rest of the night, first at the Dairy Queen where they had been seen by several people; and later with Alan's mother in the house. Yes, she had seen him too and the three had talked until after 2:00 a.m.

While the lieutenant was inclined to believe the story, he knew he must make sure to get all the evidence in order. Was there a possibility that both boys had left the house after Alan's mother was asleep? The doctor had suspected that Courtney had been assaulted by more than one individual.

"Are you both willing to submit to a DNA test?"

"Yes!" was the immediate response from both.

Nurse Prescott was on duty in ICU again and questions were whirling around in her head. Another young person in pain! What was the world coming to? She could understand automobile crashes and other accidents, but rape! That was unspeakable in this small city. Why would anyone want to hurt that beautiful teenager? Who could be so cruel?

Courtney was coming back to consciousness. "Brad, I'm so sorry."

Cynthia Forbes stiffened. What was this "sorry" bit? Brad would pay for hurting her daughter. He would die in prison if she had her way!

At that moment, Brad and Alan appeared in the waiting room outside the door. Cynthia heard them and knew who was there.

"You have a bloody lot of nerve showing up here! Have you come to see your handy work? Haven't you brought enough grief? GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SIGHT!"

Two nurses came running at the sound emanating from near Courtney's room.

Alan spoke quietly, "Brad didn't do this. He was with me. I know."

Mrs. Forbes calmed down slightly, but was still breathing like she'd just run a marathon.

"If you didn't do this, it's still you fault for leaving her where it could happen!"

"We had a disagreement. When I left her at Melissa's apartment, she was fine. I have no idea how this could have happened. I guess if I'd stayed, it wouldn't have."

"What do you mean about Melissa's apartment? You were supposed to be at a supervised all-night party."

Brad shook his head slightly and frowned.

"I thought there would be other guests there too, but no one showed up. And I guess Melissa had to go out of town."

Cynthia looked like a volcano about to erupt. Her blood pressure must have been off the scale.

"Just get out of my sight!" came her reply through clenched teeth.

In his room alone, Tom surfed through the TV channels once more. There was nothing that interested him. Nothing could take his mind off the fact that he would be released tomorrow and was expected to be back in school on Tuesday. A lot of his false bravado had flowed out with the loss of blood from his veins. He didn't feel especially angry anymore. He didn't feel much of anything. Maybe he would when the medications wore off. Maybe he would have to find some other drugs to ease the pain. But that would be too much like his old man.

After the scene outside of Courtney's room, Alan tried to calm his boyfriend.

"Take it easy, Brad. She'll feel different when the truth comes out."

"What if it doesn't? What if I get charged with rape?"

"That can't happen! There's DNA evidence and that doesn't lie. Let's get your mind on something else. Why don't we visit Tom like Mr. Hanson asked us to? We're here; what would it hurt? Hanson seems to think he's worth saving."

There was a slight knock on Tom's door and two boys came in. Alan spoke first.

"How's it hanging, Tom?"

"Why the Hell would you care?"

"Hey Tom," said Brad, "Mr. Hanson told us we should come and cheer you up. You've had it rough, and now I understand more about why you wanted to push people around. I know I didn't help by calling you names and stuff. I'm sorry. I hope you'll forgive me someday. Come on Alan, we'd better let him rest."

Brad turned on his heel pulling Alan with him.

"No, wait," Tom said to him. "You're asking ME to forgive YOU? I'm the one who bullied you."

"Yeah, I know. But Mr. Hanson and Pastor Liz have made me see that it was because you had been hurt a lot yourself."

"You mean you don't hate me? You don't want to kick my ass around the block?"

"Hey, I admit that the thought has entered my mind, Tom, but I'm not sure I could do that to your overgrown ass."

This brought a slight smile to Tom's face; the first one in a long time.

"You never could kick my ass. I could always get the best of you. Remember all the stuff we did together? When we wrestled, I always won. Remember back in 3rd grade how we used to hide in that tree in your front yard and wait to drop water balloons on the girls?"

"Yeah, Tom, I remember. I also remember that we sat up there half the morning and no girls came by and we ended up throwing the balloons at each other. We were all wet when we came in and we thought Mom would kill us, but she laughed. And remember going to the den meeting at Todd's house later. Remember his mom's sugar cookies?"

"Sure do. Those were fun times."

"Tom, what happened? How come you had to become such a dick?"

"I don't know. I guess things changed or something. It wasn't long after that when my dad lost his job and started drinking and taking everything out on me."

"You never said anything about getting beat up."

"I know. I was ashamed. I felt like it was my own fault and that I deserved it. At least that's what the shrink tells me. Oh God, I wish I could go back to third grade. It was nice back then. It was safe."

"You can't go back, but you could try to go forward. Maybe, you could try to be like you used to be."

"Who would let me? Would you? Do you mean that you'd forget the shit I've given you and be friends with me again? Could you forget that I called you guys fagots and tried to beat you up (and wanted to kill you, he almost said)?"

"Yeah, dumb as it sounds, we might be willing to give you a chance if you drop your attitude and try to change. Wouldn't we Alan?"

"Sure, we could give it a try."

"Guys, I don't know why you are doing this. What do you want from me? I don't have anything to give you. And I sure as Hell don't want your pity!"

"Mr. Hanson seems to think you have some art talent and we think you might be worth something too." Alan replied. "And, you sure as Hell won't get any pity from us."

"Give me your word that you won't repeat what I am going to say," pleaded Tom.

"Okay, unless this is about a major crime," Brad grinned.

"No, I just don't want people to know I'm a wuss. I can't go back to school; I can't face all the kids. They'll all know I tried to off myself and I even fucked that up. I'm scared! There, I've said it. Now are you going to tell?"

"No way, dude," both boys said together.

"We don't want revenge," Brad assured him. "And we don't want to give you another reason to beat the crap out of us.


"I guess I don't feel much like doing that anymore," Tom replied.

"Well, let's see if we can make you feel better about school then. We have homeroom together and lunch. You're in art with Alan. You can hang with us during those times. And if anyone hassles you, let us know. We've got your back! And I'll bet you can count on most of the kids from homeroom to help you."

When Mr. Hanson came to visit later, he found that Tom seemed a little more upbeat. Tom told him about Brad and Alan's visit and just enough about the olive branch that they had extended to let Don know that maybe he could face school.

"That's great! I have some more news for you. I talked to the social worker, and you can stay with me at least until you turn 18 this summer. Then you'll have a chance to decide if you want to be my foster son on a more permanent basis. There's something that you need to know before you make up your mind. Later this summer, I plan to ask Travis Naughton to move in with me. He's the guy who was here the other day. He's my boyfriend and within the year I plan to make him my spouse - or as close as two guys can do that in this state. This might be a shock for you, so you don't have to give me an answer right away. Obviously, once you're an adult, you may do as you please."

The shocked expression on Tom's face was not the revelation itself, but how casually it had been delivered. There was no secret anymore, nothing to blackmail with. No apology had been made. Wow, Hanson had just come out and said it.

"I know tomorrow's a school day, Mom, but Brad needs me. He's hurting a lot over this thing with Courtney. Mrs. Forbes blames him. Worse yet, he blames himself. Please call Fran and say it's okay. I'll owe you forever!"

Susan did make the call. After a long conversation, the women agreed to let Brad stay with Alan.

Fran really wanted him home, but she knew she shouldn't smother him at this age. And, Alan was special to him. Special… Brad had passed up a chance to go all the way with Courtney and had spent the night with Alan instead. (Yes, Fran had figured out what the "disagreement" was really about.) What did that mean? How close were Alan and her son? Neither boy acted limp-wristed, but could they be closer that just friends?

"Man, you're tense! Did you bring some oil?"

(Alan was really concerned about Brad.)

"Yeah, I brought it plus a big towel, so we won't mess up your bed. Am I a thoughtful boyfriend, or what?"

"Okay, let's take a good hot shower together and then I'll give you a massage you won't forget."

Later, clad only in towels, the boys scurried from the bathroom to Alan's room. Alan turned on a small light and spread Brad's large beach towel on his bed. Removing both of the towels from their bodies, Alan had Brad lie face down while he poured oil on his back. Starting at the neck, Alan worked toward Brad's shoulders and down each arm. When he got to the middle of Brad's back, he could feel the tension in his muscles. Slowly, but firmly, Alan kneaded and caressed his boyfriend's body. When he got to the waist, he stopped and started working up the left leg and then the right. Taking both cheeks in his hands, he lovingly worked them until Brad thought he would explode from the sensuous feeling.

"Now turn over, Lover."

Alan again straddled Brad's firm young body. This time their hard cocks pressed into each other. Alan rose up on his knees and placed Brad's raging hard-on into the crease of his butt and then lowered himself again. It felt like a hot poker next to his rectum. The sensation was overwhelming for both of them.

Starting with Brad's facial muscles, Alan again tried to make contact with every square inch of his boyfriend. He took extra time with Brad's sensitive nipples - sometimes using more pressure and sometimes barely touching as he flicked across the hard nubs. Then he worked his way down the firm abs toward the pubic region. Again, he avoided Brad's crotch and began with his right foot and worked up to the point of just brushing his balls occasionally. Next, he worked from Brad's left foot up to his groin. By then, Brad was ready to burst. Alan lowered his face toward Brad's dripping phallus and licked the precum that was beginning to flow quite freely.

"Alan, turn around so I can do you too," Brad panted.

"No, Babe, tonight is for you. Lie back and enjoy."

At that point, Alan stopped talking because it wasn't polite to talk with one's mouth full, and at the moment, his was very full. For a while, he gently took in one ball and sucked on it. Then, so as not to play favorites, he gave the other the same treatment. Brad's incessant moaning let him know that he was doing fine.

Just when Brad thought it couldn't get any better, Alan took almost the entire seven inches into his throat. Fighting the gag reflex, he managed to momentarily bury his nose in Brad's pubes. That was too much for Brad's overloaded system. Grabbing handfuls of beach towel, he stiffened and thrust upward. "Unnnnnngh," was as articulate as he could get in expressing his ecstatic feelings. Alan pulled back enough to prevent the blasts from going directly down his throat. He caught the whole load in his mouth to savor the taste before swallowing most of it. He saved a bit to share with his lover in a passionate tongue-wrestling kiss.

Brad reached down and gently massaged Alan's throbbing cock. After about five strokes, it was all over - literally all over. Alan blasted like there was no tomorrow. Brad cleaned up Alan's stomach and chest with his lips and tongue, coming up to share the juice with Alan in another kiss.

Relaxed and spent, the boys cuddled together and fell asleep almost immediately. They would awaken in the morning ready to face whatever came their way.

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