Oliver of the Adirondacks

by Dashiell Walraven

Chapter 45

My reappearance among the living for Christmas morning, was just as humiliating and embarrassing as I expected. Neal walked in with me, and all the families gathered around the tree, and seated on the couches, amid piles of torn wrapping paper and demolished boxes, the entire body of guests, rose to their feet and applauded.

Mortified, my face grew hot and my hairline tingled. I smiled gamely, and waved everyone off. Eddie's dad cam bounding over and clapped his hand on my shoulder, causing me to wobble some. With my wing pinned to my side, I still wasn't entirely on point with balance. Neal helped me with my coat, sat me down on one of the couches, and fetched me a hot chocolate. While sipping, Neal helped me to open my presents, since doing so one-handed was kind of tough.

I got a nice assortment of sweaters, a beautiful set of eyepieces for my telescope, including both orthographic and Plössl types. I'd never heard of the Plössl before, and was anxious to try it out. That would have to wait for better mobility on my part.

As I was opening my presents, I noticed Brian Coopersmith standing back, looking doe-eyed and anxious while chewing on his knuckles. He looked like he desperately wanted to come over to me, but was afraid. I winked at him and waved him over, that being all the encouragement he needed, apparently. He bounced over, and practically jumped into my lap, before changing course and plopping down next to me. I gave a little wince from his jostling.

"You okay, Oliver?" he asked in the tiniest of voices.

"I'm good Bri, thanks for asking," I smiled at him. "Do you want to help me open some presents?" Brian nodded vigorously, with his huge, gap-toothed grin. Adorable kid, but braces definitely looked like they might be in his future.

"Here ya go, Coop," Neal said, handing him some of my smaller boxes. Brian tore into them with appropriate gusto, holding up their contents for all to cluck over. Dad got me a set of bow ties, which I'd expressed a passing interest in, I can't even remember exactly when. He remembered though, and the colorful variety meant I'd be well outfitted for a while. Everyone laughed and chuckled as he dramatically tied one around my neck, even though I wasn't wearing a collared shirt. After he finished with a great flourish, all the adults golf-clapped while I turned several shades of red.

Dinner, of course, turned out to be another ordeal. I felt like a helpless twit as Neal hovered. He insisted I sit down while he got my plate for me, cut my meat, and tucked my napkin into my belt (all the while discretely groping my basket under the napkin!). He even managed to scrounge up a straw to put in the tall glass of cold cider.

"Jeepers," said, in my best Jerry Mathers impression, "I could get used to this!"

"Don't," Neal mock growled, all the while grinning, "Just remember when it comes time for me to mess my life up to shit." Of course, all the little kids tittered and giggled into their hands at Neal's use of a naughty word; I couldn't help but smile.

All the boys wanted me to sleep with them again in the bunk room. I felt well enough, everyone's cheery well-wishes buoying my strength. I mounted the stairs with an expectant gaggle of young men following me as I made the painful climb. Truth be told, it wasn't THAT bad, and maybe I did make a little bit of a show of it for the benefit of my audience. It was funny, each of the boys tried to do a little something for me to help tuck me in. Several of the little ones gave me pecks on the cheeks, but little Brian Coopersmith planted his directly on my lips. He immediately scrambled up into the bunk above me and peered over, his bright eyes glinting with delight.

"Glad you're back, Oliver!" Brian whispered down to me.

"Coop!" Neal whispered to Brian from his bunk across from me, "Leave poor Oliver alone and go to sleep!" Brian gave a little wave and rolled over. For some reason, I didn't feel particularly sleepy at the moment, but neither did I feel energetic enough to get up and read a book or something. The boys feel asleep around us fairly quickly, but when I looked over, Neal had his head propped up on his elbow, looking at me. I smiled at him as he slowly got out of his bunk and padded over to me. Kneeling next to my bed, he laid an am across my chest.

"You alright?" he asked in the barest whisper.

"Yeah," I sighed, "you know, you don't have to go to all that trouble to nursemaid me."

"Shaddup," he admonished, "who else do I get to play doctor with?" We both chuckled. Laying his head on my chest, he looked up at me. "What am I going to do with you Oliver?"

"Mmmm," I said, play acting like Marlene Dietrich, "zat depends on vat you vant to do vis me..." I wiggled my eyebrows suggestively and pretended to blow a cloud of cigarette smoke into the air. He put his face down into my blankets to stifle a giggle. Slowly, I felt a hand glide up beneath my blanket, in the vicinity of my hip. I could feel the heat from the palm of his hand as it slid long my abdomen. It came to rest on top of my dick, which responded immediately. Wrapping his fingers around it, Neal began a lazy stroke, slipping the hood slowly back and forth over my crown.

I sighed, looking deeply into his eyes as he looked into mine. Words were superfluous now, there was no need to speak them. I luxuriated in his soft, gossamer touch, feeling the skin on my testicles tighten and relax with each, languid stroke. My dick pulsed strongly in his hand, sending a dollop of clear liquid cascading over this fingers. He rubbed it between his fingers, using it to slick my penis, intensifying the amazing feeling I was already getting. Even though it had only been a little over a day ago that Neal and I had fooled around, I thought sure I was building up to making a prodigious mess when I came. Neal seemed two steps ahead of me. As my breathing quickened, my penis swelled and my balls drew up, he quietly pulled aside the blanket, and suctioned me into his mouth. The air rushed out of me as I struggled to maintain quiet, I did not want the others to wake up. Mighty pulses coursed along my dick, starting from my butt-hole muscle, through to the vibrating shaft. Lightning bolts shot out of my dick as Neal worked his throat to swallow everything I had to offer. Mercifully, he stopped sucking and let me subside in his mouth.

As quiet as I as being, I could still hear my panting breaths reverberate around the little bunk room. I prayed that nobody would wake up to find me with my dick stuck into Neal's face. Luckily, like most, these boys slept the sleep of the dead. Neal let me slip from his mouth and kissed me before pulling up my covers and giving my dick a quick pat. He collapsed into his bunk with a self-satisfied smirk, pulling the covers up to cover his head as he rolled over. I expect he went to sleep as quickly as I did.

The next day, I ordinarily would have helped as nearly three-quarters of the guests packed up and checked out. The remainder would stay through New Year's, most of them being families where the parents were teachers, or who were able to take the whole two holiday weeks off. Lizzy actually ended up with most of her gaggle of little girls staying on, whereas all that was left up on the boys' floor were Eddie, and Brian.

Christmas had fallen on Thursday, so that meant that New Year's would do the same, as it always did. In between, we entertained ourselves by doing things like a bonfire by the lake as we ice skated. Garrett treated us to (very slow) snowmobile rides. We built a meandering toboggan run that ran from the crest of the hill, next to the Lodge, running down to the waterfront, and right out onto the ice for a good stretch. I tried it once, but the bouncing didn't help my sore ribs at all, so I contented myself with watching.

Most days, we wore poor little Brian out so much, he could barely hold his head up after lunch. His parents took him off to their room where he would sprawl on the bed for about an hour before coming back out, fully recharged and raring to go.

The Monday before New Year's Eve, I'd gone to see the doctor in the morning, and he unstrapped me to see how my rib was doing. After some painful poking and prodding, he declared me sufficiently healed that I could go without having my arm bound to my side anymore. The increased range of motion felt better, but it was still kind of limited. Doc anchored my busted rib with a couple of strips of medical tape, and then wrapped my chest up in an elastic bandage. He told me I could shower again if I wanted to, making sure I replaced the tape and bandage afterwards. Mom had ordered me new glasses, and because I used a standard, round frame, the optician was able to replace them quickly. By the time I returned home with my mother, able to see once more and use both arms again (mostly), I felt almost whole.

Brian had already gone down for his nap, and I considered that might not be a bad idea myself. I made the climb to the bunk room, and was surprised to see Eddie and Neal there, also taking advantage of some down time.

"Hey Oliver," Eddie said, looking up from a comic book. Neal rolled over and greeted me too.

"Oliver!" he cried out, holding his arms out to me in a mock display of overt affection. Eddie guffawed and watched as I went over to Neal and made a big deal of doing "air kisses" with him.

"Tut tut, young man!" I declared, "Be mindful of my tender body!" Our elaborate greeting done, we both retired to our respective bunks to chill out a bit as Eddie shook his head in bemusement. I tried reading an old issue of "Sky and Telescope", without much luck. Either my eyes hadn't adjusted to the new glasses yet, or I was simply too tired. Pulling off my glasses, I set them down on the table next to me. I closed my eyes and laid the magazine down on my chest.

As I lay dozing, I felt someone's presence next to my bed. I opened my eyes, to see Eddie standing over me.

"Hey Eddie," I said softly, "What's going on?" Eddie looked kind of nervous, rubbing his fingers into the palm of the opposite hand as he looked down at me. He clearly had something on his mind.

"We, uhm..." he started, "we're okay, right?"

"Sure Eddie," I reassured him, "we're good."

"Okay," he said. Neal rolled over and propped his head up on hand to watch.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Uhm, yeah," he stuttered, looking back and forth between Neal and I. "It's just that, uh, I wanted to ask you something." Even though he was about the same height as me, his voice made him sound like a small boy.

"Alright," I shrugged, "go ahead?" Eddie fidgeted some more.

"Uhm, can you tell me more about what it's like having a skin?" I glanced over to Neal, who shrugged, his eyes shining mischievously.

"I guess," I said, unsure where Eddie was going with this, "what do you wanna know?"

"Whelp..." Eddie started, the ice evidently now broken, "Can you feel the skin, or is it just like, I dunno, putting on a rubber?" Neal snickered and Eddie shot him a look.

"Eddie," I said, "I couldn't honestly tell you what putting on a rubber is like, but I mean, I can feel it, it feels like the skin on any other part of your body."

"Just more of it," he said, nodding his head.

"I suppose," I said, "I never really gave it much thought. Hell, I didn't even know other guys didn't have them until I started middle school."

"We've got a couple of guys who are not circa... circ..."

"Circumcised?" I offered.

"That's it!" Eddie said, snapping his fingers, "That's the word."

"Din'tcha ever get a good look at 'em in the locker room, Eddie?" Neal asked.

"Naw!" Eddie grunted, "I already got guys wanting to beat the liver outta me, I ain't gonna do that."

"Well how you gonna ever learn anything if you don't get a close-up look?" My eyes widened as I looked at Neal, I could see he was up to no-good by the smirk on his face and the glint in his eye. I silently tried to will him into remembering what happened the last time we messed with poor Eddie. I surely wasn't keen on repeating the experience.

"I know," Eddie agreed with a heavy sigh.

"Well," Neal said breezily, "You've already seen ours, anyway."

"Yes," he acknowledged, "I mean, it wasn't a close look or anything, just for a few seconds."

An awkward silence fell between the three of us. Eddie seemed like he wanted to say something, but was too nervous. Leave it to Neal to save the day.

"You know what?" Neal said, bounding out of his bunk and grabbing his towel, "I think I need a shower." Eddie and I just kind of looked at Neal, blinking. "Come on Oliver, "he said, "You too, you're starting to kinda reek."

"The heck I do!" I grinned at him, "I do not stink!"

"Come on, Eddie," Neal prodded, pinching his nose, "He'll go if you will, and boy does he need to." Eddie looked at me, looked at Neal, and then back at me before making up his mind. Ducking around the bunks, he grabbed his towel and beat feet down the balcony to the bathroom at the other end.

"You're a piece of work," I chided Neal.

"Hey, listen," he shrugged, "it gets Eddie off the hook for having to come right out and ask to look at our dicks, right? This way he doesn't feel weird about it, he can check us out all he needs to, and it's all cool, right?"

"I suppose," I said, dubiously.

Neal took my hand as we walked down to the showers. We didn't have to worry because being on the top tier, even if someone was looking up, the railings would have obscured all but our head and shoulders from view. Neal could have walked with his thumb up my butt and nobody would have known better unless they were walking right behind us. Still, it gave me a naughty thrill to hold his hand so openly as we walked.

In the shower, Eddie was waiting for us, having shucked his clothes. He was already testing the water temperature, before he plunged under it. I looked at Neal, who nodded to me as we both noticed Eddie had taken the center shower head. We split up, taking the shower heads flanking Eddie, and turned them both on.

I slowly turned under the hot water. I set the temperature fairly high, which helped to loosen the tape on my side. Wincing, I pulled off both strips slowly, and let the water cascade over the sensitive skin. It felt good to raise my arm up over my head and stretch, but my body was not shy about telling me when I'd reached its limit.

Eddie was busy shampooing his hair, which looked strange now that it was slicked down around his ears. His slender penis dangled over his generously sized balls. He still didn't have much pubic hair, but he definitely had a starter patch going.

Neal and I took our time showering. We lathered up and rinsed, and made no pretense of displaying ourselves to Eddie. For his part, Eddie also quickly set aside the notion that he "just happened to look". Eventually, he screwed up the nerve to ask me if he could feel mine. I glanced at Neal to see if he was okay with it, but Neal was grinning from ear to ear, he was all in.

"Sure, Eddie," I shrugged, "S'cool." Eddie stepped over and reached out for my penis. I sort of pushed out my hips and watched as he very tentatively, very gently, took my wet penis in the palm of one hand, and ran his fingertips over the top of my foreskin, where you can see the ridge of my glans underneath. It may have been the water evaporating off of me, but I gave a shiver when he did that. We both looked down as Eddie very carefully grasped the rubbery, loose flesh and rolled it around in his fingers.

Neal came around and stood next to us, putting a hand on Eddie's shoulder. Eddie turned and did the same furtive examination of Neal's penis, his eyes wide as he made his inspection.

"Wow," he said admiringly, "that is SO cool."

Naturally, under Eddie's gentle manipulations, my Lieutenant started to stand at attention. I looked down and saw that Neal's had stood up too, and was pretty much at full mast. Eddie, looked down at himself and grinned sheepishly. His slender pencil had gone vertical as well. Eddie pushed my foreskin back and forth over my head a few times, marveling in the way it expanded and contracted. I shuddered, as shivery feelings started to gather in my belly and groin.

"Does that feel good?" he asked, astonished at how my penis was starting to drip and react to his touch. I nodded my head spastically and grunted my approval. I knew I was going to spew soon if he kept that up. "Gosh, I wish I could find out what that feels like..." Eddie said in an awed whisper.

Eddie's voice caught in his throat as Neal reached forward and took Eddie's cock in his hands. Eddie blinked and got a lost, faraway look in his eyes as Neal gently stroked his skinny member. Eddie stopped rubbing my dick, but he didn't release me from his grip. He turned towards Neal, who maneuvered directly in front of Eddie, and then bent Eddie's dick down a little bit where he touched the tips of their penises together. Eddie's knees almost buckled as Neal began to stretch and knead his foreskin so that it slid forward to cover Eddie's head. Eddie tightened his grip on me when Neal did that, sending new waves of pleasure through me.

Neal looked up into Eddie's face, and they both stared into each other's eyes as Neal slowly began working his skin back and forth across both of their distended peckers. Eddie looked deeply into Neal's eyes, a look of heavy-lidded lust, combined with desperate confusion. Neal, for his part, didn't surrender his gaze. They stared intensely at one another.

Eddie's chin turned mottled as he clenched his jaw, the veins in his neck started to distend. Through his teeth, Eddie start making a "hnnng-hnnng" sound, snorting like a draft horse. Neal never let him go, dragging his foreskin back and forth over the tip of Eddie's dick. A study in concentration, the two boys locked eyes once more and started growling and groaning in synchrony. Eddie's grip on my dick was a stranglehold as he and Neal seemed to almost fight each other to each come first.

In the end, we all came at nearly the same time. I threw back my head and let out a long, sighing moan as I fired my semen all over Eddie's hand and thigh. He didn't notice because he was staring down at the action going on between him and Neal, whose hand was a blur over the two, conjoined penises. It was the most intense thing to watch the two of them, grunting and huffing together. The two boys froze, their neck veins standing out, Neal's foreskin ballooned and bulged as he and Eddie each fired their wads. Eventually, their uncoordinated jerking tore them apart, Eddie's rod, slick with their combined juices, slithered out of Neal's tortured foreskin. They both stood there, leaning on each other for support, breathing heavily as spent semen dripped from their quickly deflating cocks.

"Holy shit!" Neal said, chest heaving. Eddie sort of nodded, his reverie seemed to break, and he wandered back under the shower. We all did that, rinsing the evidence of our little "exploration" scene, down the floor drain. Finishing our showers in silence, we dried off, collected our clothes and returned to the bunk room. For myself, I was ready to sleep the rest of the afternoon away. Instead, we were greeted by a clear-eyed, energetic Brian, who was seriously disappointed he'd missed a chance to shower with the big-boys.

I was thinking, "You have no idea, kiddo!"

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