Oliver of the Adirondacks

by Dashiell Walraven

Chapter 32

Neal grinned wickedly at me, his bright eyes shining in the moonlight reflecting off the water. I'm not sure whether I felt acutely embarrassed, highly amused, or deathly afraid. We both turned in the water, to look up at Lizzie, seated in her Adirondack chair on the dock, looking like the goddamned Queen of Sheba, gazing benignly over her subjects.

"Come on in, Liz," Neal spoke in a low, conspiratorial tone, "the water feels real nice."

"Nah, I'm good," she said, as if completely disinterested, "besides, with the amount of sperm floating around you two right about now, I'd probably end up pregnant."

A little snort came out of my nose, which caused all three of us to laugh, but the laughter subsided quickly and fell into an awkward silence. It felt like something needed to be said, but I felt at a total loss for words. Somewhere, deep down inside my stomach, a strange brew of thoughts and feelings swirled, doing nothing to relieve my confusion. One thought did rise up out of the soup, and it kind of bothered me. Not being quite sure how to deal with it, I went with my first instinct to be sardonic.

"Hey..." I said, making a dramatic gesture of squaring my shoulders and sticking my hands on my hips, "Did you come out here just to spy on us?"

"Pfft, puhleeze," she waved me off dismissively, "it's not as if you two aren't the worst kept secret 'round these parts, but no, I was already sitting out here having a quiet moment when you two love-birds waded out for your little tryst." She said it humorously, but I detected a slight edge to her voice.

"Jealous?" Neal arched an eyebrow at her. Lizzie rolled her eyes and gave a derisive cough.

"Duh, you little fucker," she laughed, "I've been chasing Oliver ever since I figured out that boy parts fit into girl parts. You come along one summer and the next thing I know, you two are banging like screen doors in a wind storm." With that revelation, with everything suddenly out in the open, any trace of anger in her voice, evaporated. Still, it took me a moment to process everything before I could speak.

"What?" I gawped. Not one of my genius moments.

"Fuck it," Liz said a little impatiently. She rose up from her chair, tossed her towel over it, and jumped into the water, wading up to us. I glanced over to Neal, who seemed far more amused by the situation than I. As Liz approached through the water, I felt very anxious, almost as if my friendship with Lizzie was on the line. My chaotic state of mind didn't get any better when Lizzie went over to Neal and they embraced like they were two lost war-buddies finding each other again. They touched foreheads.

"Hey bitch," Neal said quietly.

"Hey numb-nuts," she said back.

"We good?"

"Yah," she nodded, "we good." With that, Liz let him go, wrapped me in a breathtaking hug and spoke softly.

"Don't look so god-awful worried, Oliver," she breathed into my ear, "I see what you two have, and I wouldn't dream of messing that up. That's not what friends do." She leaned back and looked at me, the moon reflected in the deep wells of her eyes.

"Thanks Liz," I said, with a sigh of relief.

"I only ask that you be careful, Oliver," she said, deadly serious, "You don't want to end up pregnant."

Neal's little snicker couldn't be contained, in moments he was full-on belly laughing, assuring Lizzie would join in. It took me a few of seconds of blinking and glancing between their two, mirthful faces, before my brain completed its calculations and allowed me to laugh along with them. I mean, it still felt kind of awkward, but we were all laughing and giggling, which is better than nothing.

The warmth of the water contrasted with the cooling evening air. From our vantage point, the distant fire throwing sparks into the air, looked like a beautiful, illuminated rose. As Lizzie slowly waded back to the beach, I stood shoulder to shoulder with Neal, who leaned into me; I leaned back. Without saying anything, I became aware that in our current position, our ears were not touching, as I expected them too. My left ear nestled into the coal-black softness of the hair just above his right ear.

"Hang on a second," I said, "am I taller than you?"

"Mm-hmm," Neal nodded, "You just figuring that out now?" I stood up straight in the water and tested the ground with my foot. It seemed like we were both on the same level. I looked into his eyes, suddenly and acutely aware that I was looking slightly downwards.

"But I thought we were the same height," I said, puzzled.

"If you remember," Neal said, somewhat dryly, "I was a tad bit taller than you when we first met." I did not remember that, but it could well have been true. I shrugged, the difference in height between us was not that great, but as I thought about it, I remembered how often this summer, adults commented on how tall I was getting.

"Well," I said, "You're almost 14 too, you'll catch up."

"Oh Oliver," Neal breathed, "I'm not gonna be tall, I already know that. Look at my father, he is not a tall man and neither are any of the guys in my family."


"Yeah, but it's okay," he grinned, "we make up for it in the size of our balls."

Neal cuffed the water, splashing me in the face. I ducked left, managing to avoid the bulk of the water, and returned fire. Laughing and cavorting in the warm, moonlit water, we totally missed my dad coming to the water's edge.

"Hey boys, time to come out of the water," he called to us, "Most of us are going to hit the rack and we don't want to leave you two out in the lake."

We both stopped and turned to look at him standing on the beach. I hesitated, suddenly aware of our state of complete undress.

"We'll be out in a minute, okay?" I said.

"How about now, Oliver," he said, a little impatiently. I understood why he might be irritated, it was not very often that I didn't immediately do as he asked. I glanced down to the water, which was about at my waist height, I could see my dong floating in the water. Thankfully, the raging erection I sported only minutes earlier, had faded.

"I think Oliver doesn't want to come out because we left our bathing suits on the bench." Neal said, characteristically tossing aside my concerns. I swear, it's impossible to embarrass that guy. With that, he nonchalantly strode toward the beach. It wasn't until his butt cheeks cleared the water that I snapped out of my anxiety about being naked in front of my father, and followed.

"Oh for Christ's sake, Oliver," my father smirked, "I don't give a shit if you two were skinny-dipping. Goddamn, if I had a nickel for every time I or somebody I knew splashed around in this lake stark naked, I'd be a very rich man." He took my suit from the bench and tossed it to me at the water's edge as I emerged. What I wasn't prepared for, was seeing Neal, who had walked all the way up to the bench where my father was, take his suit and put it on; his rigid penis sticking straight out in front of him.

Trying to appear as nonchalant as everyone else appeared to be about things, my pulse thudded dully in my brain. That meant Neal walked out of the water like that, in front of my father, his stiff dick leading the way. My father didn't seem to even take notice, but I couldn't help but feel weird about it, which was strange too, because up until that moment, I'd never felt self-conscious about being naked around my father, ever.

Oddly, even as I pulled my suit up, stuffing myself back into it was a bit more difficult because my penis chose that very moment to start to stiffen up once more. That seemed to be the moment my father noticed, his eyes lingering on my package for a moment before grabbing my towel and tossing it to me. I took the hint and wrapped the towel around my waist, effectively hiding my speedo-clad erection. Neal dried his hair with his towel before wrapping it around himself to hide his bulging swimsuit. Dad walked up the beach between us, hanging his arms across both our shoulders.

"Just a few days left of the summer, eh boys?" my father mused, as we walked.

"Yeah," said Neal, "My school starts again the week after Labor Day, so my Dad wants to get us home in time for Mom to do some back-to-school shopping."

"I imagine back-to-school is a very busy time at G. Fox," my father said, "bet they keep your mom and dad pretty busy."

"Yah," Neal agreed, "it gets pretty crazy for them. Not like Christmas time, but still."

I was not pleased to be discussing the end of our summer together, even as it was just a little under a week away. I knew it was their way, Neal and my dad, of giving me ground for a soft-landing, but I still didn't want to think about it just yet. I knew that once school started up again and things got back into the fall/winter/spring routine, I'd be fine, but I hated the way my heart ached, even just anticipating missing Neal when he left.

Later, in our tiny hunter's cabin, Neal lay with his head on my shoulder, one leg drawn up over top of me, our bodies glistening with sweat as we cooled off from our latest exertions. My fingers played idly in his hair, which had grown out during the summer, into a soft thicket.

"So," I ventured quietly, "what's it like, going to a private school."

"Kind of like regular school," he murmured, "only more intense 'cause you're there all the time."

"That must kind of suck," I observed. I didn't hate school, but I couldn't say it was my favorite thing to do.

"Meh," he shrugged, "It's got its ups and downs. I mean, yeah, sometimes it seems like more work than normal school, but then I get longer holiday vacations, and we start later and end earlier than everybody else. So that's nice."

"I wish I could go to your school," I said.

"Me too," Neal agreed, "or maybe I could go to one around here. I like this place better than Hartford."

"But there's nothing to do here like there is in Hartford," I sighed.

"Oh, I dunno," he said, tracing a finger lightly around one of my nipples, which stiffened at his gossamer touch, "I think I could keep myself occupied well enough."

Neal leaned in, engulfing my nipple in the warmth of his mouth. Despite the day's activity and that we had already once taken care of each other after retiring to the cabin, I felt my loins stir again. A moan escaped from deep within my chest, I felt Neal's penis pulse against my hip. I leaned down to steal a kiss from him. Our lips met and our tongues danced as he climbed up on top of me.

How I loved kissing those tender lips of his. The heavy snorts of his breath through is nose tickled the fine hair on my upper lip. My arms found their way around him, pulling him closer to me, I felt like we could merge, the two of us, into one, brilliant, incandescent being, forever tied at the middle, for all eternity in orgasmic bliss.

Suddenly, Neal sat up, reached for the bottle of lotion, and squirted a generous dollop into his hand. Grabbing me, he rubbed the hand cream all over my balls and throbbing penis. The cool lotion quenched a little bit of the fire, for which I was glad. Reaching back, he slicked up his butt and with one, smooth motion, impaled himself on my stony rod, plunging it deeply into that blazing furnace of his. It took my breath away.

Neal sat on my pelvis, my dick firmly buried in his backside, and gently started to gyrate his hips. My eyes fluttered as he rubbed the palms of his hands all over my chest and belly. Neal slowly rolled his body against mine, like gentle waves lapping along the shore of the lake. We stared into each other's faces, his bushy eyebrows knit together in concentration as he lazily rose and fell on my rigid spear. I took his penis in my hands, slowly pulling his foreskin back and forth over his purple, swollen knob. The kerosene lamp on the table slowly dimmed and finally guttered out as it spent the last of its fuel, leaving us in complete darkness.

I could barely see anything in the inky blackness of the night, the moon having retired hours earlier. In the quiet of the cabin, the wooden walls amplified every noise; Neal's heavy, rhythmic breathing, the occasional liquid squelch as my penis slowly slipped in and out of him.

"Uhng," Neal rasped softly, "oh gawd..." His smooth, rhythmic movements gave way to softly jolting shudders. His penis spat out three, generous jets of semen, one of which landed on my face and forehead. My fist tightened around his dick as I my testicles drew up, I was close myself. As Neal's orgasm rolled through him, he settled back onto me, driving me deeply into him. A long, growling grunt escaped through my clenched teeth as I surged into his clutching hole. Neal rose and sat down against me forcefully, once, twice and once more, each time eliciting a gasping, heaving breath from me as I strained to empty myself into his searing, hot chute.

We finally slept, after Neal kissed away his juices from my face and shared them with deep kisses. We were dead to the world after that, entangled in each other's arms. It wasn't until well after breakfast time had come and gone, that my Dad came knocking on the cabin door, and walked in. Groggily, I lifted my head to see him, staring at us from the doorway. Looking down, I realized we were both naked and uncovered, with Neal's hand casually wrapped around my morning erection.

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