Oliver of the Adirondacks

by Dashiell Walraven

Chapter 11

Lizze-Bee helped to finish washing the dishes, while Neal dried and stacked them. I took care of the pots and pans, getting them scrubbed and stowed. We hung up our aprons, doused the lights, and walked into the great room of the lodge where most of the guests had gathered for the night's festivities. Several guitars had come out, and everybody was quietly singing "Silent Night", their faces warmly illuminated by the dancing firelight. Neal and Lizzie grabbed some vacant space on the floor near the hearth, while I grabbed three mugs of hot-chocolate. Loaded up with marshmallows, the steaming mugs smelled tantalizing and sweet. Neal and Lizzie took theirs from me, then Neal held mine while took my place on the floor between them. We all listened, humming along and sipping the scalding liquid.

Most the other kids there were sitting with their parents, though some did wander around and visit. Garrett came over and joined us for a while, singing along with the Christmas Carols, and giving Neal and me both a knuckle scrub on the skull, saying "Monkey Shampoo!" before getting up to fetch some more wood with my Dad. I offered to help, but Dad winked at me and told me I should relax and enjoy my friends; I'd done enough for one day. Without thinking about it much, I reached an arm around Lizzie and Neal, and hugged them in a friendly embrace. They both leaned into me for a second, and smiled; although the look on Lizzie's face when she saw Neal getting the same hug on the other side of me, was enigmatic. She didn't look like she hated the idea, but didn't seem overjoyed either.

Brian Coopersmith came over to sit in my lap as we sang. Since the night I'd helped him after he barfed his evening meal, he sort of adopted me as an older-brother figure. He came with three sisters, him being the youngest of the four children. He wasn't pesky about it, like some kids are, but he seemed to relish any attention I gave him, and I enjoyed his company. Brian's older sister sat next to Lizzie, and both of the younger sisters sat with their parents. Gradually, most of the kids started gathering around us, and even Neal ended up with another little boy seated in his lap, with two more sitting at our feet. Their off-key little voices helped fill the air as we sang and laughed.

The door on the porch side of the lodge flew open with a startling bang as the wind caught it. The windows rattled and a frigid blast of wind blew into the room. Dad and Garrett both appeared at the door, carrying to huge arm-loads of wood, stomping snow from their feet. Mom jumped up and started brushing the snow out of their hair and from their coats.

"Good Lord in heaven," my mother exclaimed, "is it snowing that badly?" Dad deposited his load of wood by the fire and started to brush himself off.

"It's a blizzard out there," Garrett said, a bit breathlessly, "all the cars have got a good eight inches of snow on 'em already. Looks like I'm staying here tonight, if that's okay."

"Of course, Garrett," Mom said, brushing more snow out of his dusty brown hair, "You can bunk with the boys, there's plenty of room.

"Dad?" I asked, "is it really blizzarding out there?"

"Total white-out, son."

We got up and pressed our faces to the windows, watching the snowy tempest swirl and dance in the floodlights. It was getting deep, and the snow in the air swallowed up the beams of light. The scenery outside the windows quickly receded into absolute blackness; I couldn't even see the lights on the shed down by the lake. The room was silent as we listened to the wind howling through the trees.

"Looks bad," said one of the men.

"I hope we don't lose power," one of the women said quietly.

"Whoa," little Brian's eyes were wide with wonder, "it never snows like this in Tenafly." A warm chuckle rippled through the room as everybody laughed Brian's remark.

"It's pretty, isn't it Brian?" Lizzie asked, tweaking his little, freckled nose.

With that, we all returned to the warm embrace of the fire to sing a few more songs before the kids started to look sleepy. The parents would be awake for a while longer, but I stood up and asked the kids who was ready to go to bed. I figured this was the best way to get them to bed since they seemed more willing to do this as a herd. I glanced over to my Dad, who was beaming at me. Once again, without even trying very hard, I'd managed to please him; it made me feel great.

Neal joined me in shepherding the boys off to the bunk room. Between the both of us, we helped some of the younger ones get out of their clothes and into pajamas. Several trips to the bathroom down the hall were made, teeth brushed, pillows fluffed, and blankets tucked under chins. I killed the overhead lights so the only thing left was firelight flickering through the door from the great room. Not long after that, slow and steady breathing filled the room as all the boys drifted off to sleep.

I shed my clothes, wrapped myself in my towel, grabbed my shower kit and headed for the bathroom. I set out my stuff on the counter next to the shower bay, unwrapped my towel, stood in front of one of the urinals to pee. I didn't skin back my foreskin, but as I stood there with my fingers idly playing along my dick, it plumped and started to get semi-erect. The bathroom felt a little cool, so I shook off, and started the shower on very hot. Very soon, warm steam filled the room, making it humid and tropical. I stepped under the flow of water, and found it to be a little too hot for my liking. After making several adjustments, I finally stuck my whole body beneath the spray, feeling the tingling warmth wash over me. The water matted my hair down over my eyes, and muted the sounds around me as it bubbled past my ears. Fumbling around, I found the cake of soap, and lathered up. When I opened my eyes, Neal was standing there with me, naked, and grinning from ear to ear.

"What?" I asked, smiling back at him.

"Nuffin',"he chuckled, "I was just thinking how I could have totally scared the shit out of you just now."

"Yeah?" I snorted derisively, "You and what army?" Neal turned on another shower head and climbed under it, luxuriating in the hot spray. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, letting the water run over his face and head. I took the moment to gaze at his lean body, the rivulets of water cascading across him, his hands slowly gliding over luminescent skin. Water ran along his penis, and poured off the tip. He soaped himself up, and rinsed almost completely off before opening his eyes again. Mischievously, he flashed his lopsided smile, and liberally lathered up his butt. He gave me a lascivious turn under the water, keeping his eyes on mine. Then, grabbing both butt cheeks, he pulled them apart, and let the water run between the two, pert globes. Water and foam danced down the little valley as he bent over. Even from my viewpoint, his hole looked pink and shiny. He flexed his muscles and made it wink at me, and I giggled as I shut off my water.

"Are you laughing at my butt?" he cried out, laughing himself even as he asked me. He stuck his butt out at me and wiggled it provocatively. "Go ahead," he teased, "go on and kiss it!"

SNAP! Came the report as I rat-tailed his impertinent little ass. The rolled up towel, wet at the very tip, made a sound like a bullwhip, as it cruelly bit into his tender buttock. The welt that arose, did indeed look like somebody might have kissed him there, but this was no, light, peck on the cheek!

"Ow, ow, ow!" Neal pranced around the shower stall, holding a hand over his stinging skin, "Oh son of a bitch that hurts!"

"Well only have yourself to blame, Neal," I said sternly.

"Oh, don't I know it," he said, leaning over and rubbing himself, "but you're gonna totally get it next, my friend." I had no doubt I would pay for this in due time, but we both chuckled as I wrapped my lower body in my towel, tucked in the top and rolled it over to make it stay on.

"Ahem," came an adult voice behind us, "everything alright in here?" I started and wheeled around to recognize one of the men from the group.

"Uhm, yeah," I said quietly, "we're good."

"Heard a ruckus in here and it sounded like somebody might have gotten hurt."

"Oh, that was me," Neal said, matter-of-factly, "Oliver snapped me with his towel and got me on the butt." Without any hint of shame or embarrassment, Neal turned his naked body and pointed to the raised, red welt. The man walked over and made as if to touch it, but Neal winced and moved away.

"I didn't even touch you yet!" the man said, with some amusement.

"Yeah, I know," Neal said quietly, "but its okay, you don't need to."

"Shhh," the man chortled, "I'm a doctor, let me take a look." Neal stood there, dripping wet and naked as a Jay-bird, while the doctor squatted down to poke at the small welt with this fingertips. He made some officious sounding grunts and hums, but appeared satisfied.

"So," the doctor said casually, "You're uncircumcised I see."

"Yup," Neal said, nodding, his eyes darted to mine for a second.

"That's mighty unusual, most boys born in the US are circumcised at birth," he intoned, "are you foreign-born, son?"

"I was born in France," Neal said, "My dad was in the army, but I was born in a French hospital. So I guess they don't do that there." The doctor nodded in accord. "Oliver was born here, and he's not circumcised either," Neal volunteered.

"Really?" the doctor said, "let me see." I glared at Neal for a moment, but the wicked grin on his face told me that this was, in fact, payback for the rat-tail. I knew it would come, I just hadn't expected it to be so quickly; quite the opportunist, my friend Neal. I sighed, and gingerly parted my towel for the doctor to look. Neither Neal nor I were prepared for the man to take both our peckers in his hand and expertly skin back the foreskin. I winced because I don't like to pull mine back that fast, and it sort of hurt.

"I hope you boys are at least keeping things clean underneath the hood," the doctor said seriously, "that's why we remove them as babies, because it makes your penis easier to keep clean." He ran an index finger around Neal's skin, and inspected it, almost looking like he was sniffing. Neal's penis hung limply as the doctor released it, swaying gently between his legs. The doctor turned his attention to me, pinching the foreskin on two sides and stretching it some, I winced again.

"Oooh, doctor," I danced a little, but he did not let up his grip on my penis.

"Seems somewhat tight there Oliver," he said.

"Yeah," I said, a little breathlessly. In spite of my mortification, I noticed my penis was starting to plump up under his touch. I screwed my eyes shut and chewed on my lower lip, trying to will it to go down.

"You'll need to stretch it more often Oliver," he said, demonstrating, "like so." The doctor moved the skin freely, rolling it over the knob and back several times. Despite my best efforts at thinking about dead kittens and being eaten alive by a fire ants, my penis rebelled and became hard as stone, pulsating in the doctor's big paw.

"Uhm, okay," I said, my voice higher than usual, almost whiney, "is that all?"

"Use a hand cream or some petrolatum to keep the skin moist while you're stretching it," he instructed, "at least three times a day."

"I'm sure he'll have no problem doing that doctor," Neal giggled. I looked at him hard, trying to communicate how uncomfortable I was with the situation; Neal simply continued grinning madly at me and winked.

"I'm sure you could help him with that," the doctor said playfully, "If you want, I can show you how to help your buddy here." I had enough, I turned abruptly, pulling my penis away from the burly doctor, and quickly covering it back up with the towel. Thankfully, away from the doctor's stimulations, it quickly wilted. Neal looked shocked, the mischievous smile gone, replaced by a wary, uncertain look. The doctor stood up, went to the sink and washed his hands.

"You two boys take care now," the doctor said flatly, "Keep yourselves clean, and try to avoid horseplay in the showers, somebody could get hurt." His voice sounded odd, a little strained. Shaking his hands dry, the doctor pushed his way out the door, leaving us standing there, looking at one another.

"Well," I said slowly, "THAT was weird."

"Dude," Neal said, nodding, "I am so sorry, I didn't think he'd do that."

"Me either," I swallowed, "I totally thought I was gonna squirt in his hand if he didn't stop playing with it."

"Ugh," Neal shivered, "it was almost like he wanted you to. I'm pretty sure he walked out of here with a boner."

"Really?" I asked, "I didn't see." Neal nodded affirmatively, grabbed his towel and wrapped it around himself. We strolled back to the bunk room together in silence.

In the bunk room, I peeled off my towel and quickly got into my flannels. Neal had wandered over to the window, to look out into the stormy night. His body in silhouette was beautiful to me. The sharp outline of his shoulders, the narrow waist, and the upswept tufts of hair just above his dark eyebrows, served to ignite the warm glow I got in my chest every time I found myself in his presence. The combination of the wild weather outside, the gentle snoring of a dozen young boys, and the image of my best friend standing there in the window, made me feel peaceful and content. And something else too. I stood and walked to him, pressing my chest against his back and wrapping my arms around him.

"Mmmmm," he hummed, ever so quietly. One hand drifted under his shirt to graze a nipple, while the other went further south, gripping him through his flannels. Neal lay his head back onto my shoulder and sighed; even as he melted into me, he became rigid and dripping. His penis protruded from his fly as I gently took it and moved the foreskin back and forth. My own hardness stuck out, wrapped in the cloth between his legs, all warm and downy soft. I pressed my ear against Neal's face, and turned, lightly kissing his exposed neck, a vein pulsed beneath my lips. The scent of his warm skin and damp hair filled my nostrils. I took deep breaths of him.

Neal turned slowly in my embrace and faced me, his eyes sparkling in the darkness. Our penises touched at the tip and Neal gripped the both of them together in one hand. Moving his hand slowly, he stroked them, back and forth. I looked down in wonder, one hand on his shoulder to steady myself, as he twisted his hand and worked his hood over my dick-head. Flashbulbs popped off in my mind as the exquisite sensation coursed through my penis. The warm skin clung to both of our dicks as the knobs collided and sparred beneath the snugly stretched hood. I stood as still as possible, but my knees were wobbling in delirious pleasure. Neal grunted, his hips gave a little buck, and a rush of hot liquid filled the skin around my penis and started to drip out onto to the bare floor. It was too much for me, as he gripped our dicks in the throes of his own orgasm, so he triggered mine. I breathed out heavily and leaned into him, my penis throbbing madly in his grasp.

We stood like that, quietly gasping, the alkaline smell of our juices filling the air around us; it was sharp and dank against my nostrils. Neal slowly pulled away, my dick emerging from his foreskin with a sloppy, liquid sound. A thin string of semen swayed between our dicks, until it broke and fell to the floor.

"Wow," Neal whispered. I nodded in agreement.

"Where'd you come up with that little trick?" I asked in as faint a whisper as I could manage.

"Dunno," he shrugged, "kinda seemed like a good idea at the time." I grinned at him as we tucked ourselves back into our flannels. Neal yawned heavily, causing me to yawn with him. I reached out and stroked his earlobe and neck.

"Thanks," I said.

"For what?"

"For being the best friend ever."

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