Gaymer Boy

by D K Daniels

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Kaito peaked out behind the computer monitor, stared at the boy, and then shot back into cover. The boy felt a lightning strike fork throughout his body, and he felt strange. The boy didn't know what to do, and certainly, he had never gotten somebody so daring as to confess their love to him in such a manner.

Kaito lifted the torn piece of paper from the keyboard; he had stopped his game in the middle of a quest. Which said a lot. Usually, once Kaito dawned the headset and booted up the MMORPG Lost Dawn, he'd fall helplessly into the world created by the developers. His mother and father were strict about the number of hours Kaito got to play. Every day for the past month, he stopped by Nethouse Game Café, located in Downtown St. Clement, where he could be around other like-minded players. So, every afternoon, while he was supposed to stay behind in school to study, he came to the café to game for thirty minutes before heading home. The teenager got so good at lying that he had worked the time slot into his schedule. However, Kaito felt cheated; his precious time was torn from him like a tree uprooted during a hurricane. The teenager scanned the torn paper with the scribbled message; the neat cursive font was appeasing on the eye. The note still intrigued him enough to stop his gameplay and ponder its meaning.

The note read:

"Hey, if you're not gay, my friend thinks you're cute. Here's her number: 077-555-6321. And if you are gay, here's mine: 077-555-1792."

Kaito peered around, then glanced at his neighbor, who didn't notice him. The kid sitting to his left was so absorbed in his video game Kaito wasn't even there. The boy reflected on who he saw when he snuck a peek. There was a boy and girl, the boy about 16-years-old. He was a fawn complexion, his skin smooth and unblemished, and his tousled brown hair counteracted his pigment. The brown eyes, the soft upturned nose, rosy cheeks, and smirking lips. Something was inherently special about this boy, but Kaito couldn't quite make sense of the situation, his comprehension of such matters lacking.

On the other hand, the girl was pretty and had long flowing blond hair, which parted in the middle of her head, and the color was heightened by the pinkish hue in her skin. She had affectionate, fun-loving blue eyes and a smile that wouldn't quit. Kaito was aware of the physical attributes of both kids, but now he was struck with the realization that he had been asked out. Kaito never took much interest in people, not that he didn't notice them, but his personal time was already rigorously governed by his study and gaming program.

The timer on the top of the screen beeped, alerting Kaito that the end of his session was close. It made him break his focus on the piece of paper, and he absently stared at the computer monitor. There was a minute left on the timer, so Kaito dropped the scrap of paper, then saved his game, followed by closing down all the tabs and signing out of his accounts before the clock hit zero. The boy managed to do it with five seconds to spare, and once the computer hit zero, it prompted him to pay for more screen time or leave the desk. The boy sat back, relieved that he managed to close all his stuff in time, and Kaito sighed.

Kaito's attention went back to the strip of paper, which landed in front of the keyboard on the desk. So, he plucked it back up. He stared at it for a few moments, wondering what he ought to do with the paper note. He didn't want to throw it away; something within himself told him to keep it. So, Kaito figured he'd hold on to it until he figured out what he wanted to do. The teen pushed himself from the desk, the desk chair glided on its wheels away from the counter, and he dragged his backpack from the floor. Unzipping the front pocket, he deposited the contact details of the two teenagers sitting across from him, and he fastened the bag. Kaito then placed the backpack on the counter, which forced him to nudge the keyboard aside. The bag was heavy, so he needed some leverage, and Kaito also wanted an excuse to look at the two teens on the other side of the partition. When he rose, Kaito felt faint, a rush of fiery revere sped up to his head, and his eyes felt strained.

Not now… Not Now…

Kaito occasionally got lightheaded; it was one reason he chose to wear glasses when he came in contact with a screen. But he stopped momentarily and leaned against the desk, not daring to look at his admirer. He needed to regain composure, so he waited for the world to drift back to him. The lull of the old life lingered; he could hear the hubbub of gamers, keyboards clanking, and teens yelling in frustration at the monitors for dying too often. It came back to him with a wallop, and suddenly he remembered where he was and who inherently stared up at him from the other side of the computer arrangement.

Kaito had a thought: He has beautiful eyes. Magnificent brown eyes, and that seems weird to acknowledge.

The boy who had passed the note looked apprehensive, not quite caught up on tenterhooks, but concerned about what Kaito would say if he had anything to say. Kaito finally made eye contact with the boy, his green eyes scanned over the sheer beauty in front of him, and he felt nervous. Kaito never questioned his sexuality. Whatever he turned out to be, he turned out to be. Now that somebody actively hit on him, he didn't know what to do. The boy believed there would be more time to think about girlfriends and boyfriends, assuming he'd navigate toward the latter, not that having a boyfriend scared Kaito. He had figured something was there… Something about boys he never cared to admit. While his frequent masturbation appointments consisted of mostly girls he'd love to fuck, Kaito's desire began to navigate toward more carnal desires, one where he wanted boys to be his fantasy. Most thoughts started tame but ended up with perverted finales.

It would start innocently: He's nice; I'd like to get to know him more. He's cute. Do you think he is single? Do you think he's gay? Do you think he'd be up for fooling around? He's hot… I wonder if he'd blow me. Or… What if… What if we fucked…? Do I give him my phone number?

Kaito hitched his shoulder strap, then dragged the rucksack from the table. He gave a slight nod of appreciation to the boy, then turned to leave. Kaito didn't know what he wanted, and he thought he needed time to think things through. After all, it was a big leap, taking to the battlefield of love. Feelings could be tossed around without much thought, which could be dangerous. But Kaito needed time to figure things out, and he had the cute boy's cell number. He couldn't be sure if the gesture was too forward, but the other boy had been forward, which canceled that presumption. Kaito probably felt a little rude for leaving the boy hanging, but he needed to get home, and he was nervous.

Kaito took the number 42 bus which headed into the city. The last stop for the service brought the rider straight to Lincoln Park in the city center. Entering the bus, Kaito waved his bus pass in front of the scanner, then he took a seat. It worked out cheaper for the boy, as he'd get bus rides for as little as $6, and the normal fare began at $7.20.

Kaito walked about half a block into the residential neighborhood of Newberry Hills after his bus ride. He glanced at the St. Clement Locomotive Steam Museum and strolled across the crosswalk. For most of his walk, he reflected on the encounter with the boy. Kaito wondered what having a boyfriend would feel like.

Kaito thought: Mom wouldn't let me date anyone. I have too many responsibilities, school work, and extra-curricular activities to contend with to have a relationship .

The boy sighed as he walked up the driveway of his parent's craftsmen home, the painting on the curb saying 82291. It was a modest home, a little on the small side compared to other houses in the neighborhood. The yard was landscaped and neatly maintained, and the garage sitting next to the dwelling was the only home on the street that didn't have a worn, faded basketball hoop hanging on for dear life from above the garage. It signaled a simpler time for most families, but Kaito could never relate to other kids on the block. The teen mostly kept to himself, worked on his miniature Lego models, focused on his violin practice, and anything his mom tossed at him to better their social standing. Kaito dug out his key, unlocked the door, and let himself inside. He unhitched his backpack, rested it against the wall, then sat on the lip of the raised platform inside the door. He went about removing his shoes and putting on his slippers. His mom noticed him in the foyer just as he had finished removing his shoes. The middle-aged woman cleared her throat, and Kaito peered over his shoulder, clearly startled, not expecting her to creep up on him.


The middle-aged woman smiled. Mrs. Nakamura was still a pretty woman, mature and highfalutin. At 39, Kaito was her only child, and despite the C-section cut across her once otherwise flawless stomach, the loose skin after the birth, accompanied by her postpartum, aged relatively well. For a long time after Kaito's birth, Mrs. Nakamura refused to wear anything too revealing, but the stretch marks were not as visible as they once were. Finally, the woman took pride in the body she owned again.

"Kaito-Kun, how was your day?" Mrs. Nakamura asked.

Kaito sighed, then looked back to his feet; he focused on slipping his left, then the right foot into the slippers and rose from the floor. The boy shrugged, then reflected on his day and how it had really been.

"It was okay, Mama," Kaito murmured.

The boy plucked his bag up from the floor, then walked toward his mother. The woman reached out, and Kaito went in for a hug, wrapping his free arm around his mom. The embrace was nice, warm, and comforting. When he finished the greeting, Kaito glanced up at his mom. The teenager smiled, and his mother returned the sentiment with a hearty, infectious smile.

"How was yours? Get much work done?" Kaito asked.

His mom shrugged, then sighed.

"Not much. I'm still trying to come up with a floral design for next season's catalog," Mrs. Nakamura added.

Mrs. Nakamura had been a businesswoman most of her life; before she had Kaito, she modeled plenty of summer and fall attire, then turned to clothes designing once Kaito was born. Her house dresses were a big hit with pregnant mothers, and now she primarily spent all her time targeting the middle-class suburban mother who had a lot on their plate. The attire she created was both fashionable and functional for the household environment. However, the woman mostly lived on previous success and hadn't anything to offer to designer labels for the past four years, and she felt that her status was slipping in the fashion world. Kaito nodded to his mother's statement; he'd often wonder what his mother got up to while he was in school.

Mom spent all day in her office, and she never had anything new to show after weeks of half-baked, half-finished, and half-regretted choices.

Kaito withdrew from the hug, looked at his mom, then wiggled the backpack strap, drawing attention.

"Okay… I'm gonna start homework," Kaito said.

The boy broke away from his mother, then walked to the end of the hallway leading into the kitchen.

"Wagashi is on the table if you are hungry," Mrs. Nakamura called out.

The boy peered over his shoulder, gave his mom an appreciative nod, and walked to the kitchen table. The kitchen was rather small, more like a galley kitchen, but the communal area, where the family ate, opened up into the living room. The table wasn't a typical sitting eatery, but one belonging to the modern western civilization. Kaito placed his backpack on one of the chairs, then slid into the seat at the head of the table. Colorful Wagashi lay on a plate in front and a glass of milk to the right. Kaito got busy, digging into the food on the table. He hadn't realized just how hungry he happened to be, but the food was greedily devoured, and his attention shifted to his homework. His mom was back in her office, and it would be a little while until dinner was put on the cooker. So, Kaito decided to wash up his dishes, then he got cracking on his assignments. Algebra wasn't his strongest point, but it was far from his weakest. Kaito found a rhythm with his math work, and he began to enjoy his time doing homework. By the time he looked up at the clock over on the wall, forty minutes had transpired. With this breather, his mind drifted elsewhere, back to the exchange with the cute boy earlier in the internet café.

I shouldn't be thinking about the boy. If mama knew, she'd undoubtedly detest the notion of me having a love life. However, it's too profound a situation to just pass up and not think much of it.

Kaito's attention drifted to the bag on the chair. The boy peered around, wondering if he should take out the scrunched paper note with the contact details of the cute boy. He looked over his shoulder to make sure the living room was clear, and with one last superstitious glance at the kitchen door, he leaned across, unzipped his backpack front pocket, and rummaged for the strip of paper. Kaito brought the paper to his book, lay it flat in the crease of his textbook, and stared at it speechlessly. He felt oddly proud to have received it, meaning he wasn't all that terrible looking in the physical attractiveness department. His mind was running in circles, wondering what to do with the note and how to proceed if he were to phone up the cute stranger.

Would it seem weird if I called? I don't even know the boy's name? Would it hurt the feelings of the girl? Of course, it had both numbers on the paper, meaning the girl probably knew about the boy's secret, meaning it wasn't such a big deal.

Kaito was startled when his mother rushed into the kitchen, went straight to the cupboard, cracked open the door, and pulled out a glass. She ran it under the faucet to collect water, then drank from it. Not wanting her to see the note, Kaito abruptly gripped the back cover of his book, then turned his textbook over, effectively shutting it.

I can't let her see it… She'll freak. She'll ask so many questions, and it would be so embarrassing.

Mrs. Nakamura pivoted on the spot, the glass held to her face, and she sipped at the water. She caught Kaito shutting his textbook, thinking he was done, not assuming much about it. However, the manner in which the boy had done it suggested he had something to hide, and his actions were suspicious and distrusting. She knew he was hiding something, the way his face grew sullen and how his posture seemed rigid, almost orderly.

"What are you hiding?" Mrs. Nakamura asked.

Kaito scanned around the room, not wanting to look at his mother.

Try not to panic. Don't make it obvious, and play it cool. Don't break, and mom won't have any evidence to use against you.

Mrs. Nakamura sauntered out from behind the kitchen counter, making her way to her son. When she stood beside Kaito, the boy dropped his head, almost ashamed of being caught. The boy's mother knew there was something up, and it presumably was something to do with the book, so her attention shifted to it. Kaito's hands had snaked their way across the book's back cover, protecting it and the secret contained inside. Now Mrs. Nakamura was skeptical of her son's strange behavior.

"Open the book Kaito. What don't you want me to see?" Mrs. Nakamura announced.

The boy didn't want to open up. Instead, he curled forward in the seat, clearly nervous.

Don't let this happen to me. I'll do anything… Just make my mom go away. I'm blowing this, and mom knows. It's the only person I know who might be gay.

Mrs. Nakamura wanted to see what Kaito was desperately trying to hide, and figuring she was the impatient type, she reached out and brushed his hands away. The woman lifted the book from the table, cradled it in one arm, and she thumbed forward with the other. Eventually, the page containing the note was found, and she looked at her son, demanding answers when she saw it. The paper was still wedged in the groove between the pages, and with a fueled sigh, she pinched the note and twisted it up in her hand. The woman took a moment to read the passage inscribed on the paper, initially only for her son's eyes. Kaito peered down at the table, feeling shame and humiliation.

You're a dope, an idiot. I shouldn't have brought it home. Your brain is the size of a half grain salt, and now I'd have to live with the humiliation of mom knowing about my secret and the boy who tried to pick me up.

The mother's shoulders sunk, then she peered over the note, locked eyes with her son, and sighed. She pulled out the chair with the backpack; she lifted it and placed it on the floor, leaning it against the table. Mrs. Nakamura took the seat beside her son, then sat in silence as she pondered how to broach the subject. Kaito knew what was coming, so he groaned and placed his head on the table. The world went dark as he curled his arm around his head and let it nestle into the cocoon. Yet, his mother reached out. The warming, kind hand resting on his forearm made him feel an odd mix of anxiety and a strange pang of gullible trust.

"Kaito-Kun!" Mrs. Nakamura murmured.

The boy still lay slouched on the table, ignoring his mother, so he didn't have to face the awkward talk of how gay is not the way. The boy recounted this chant in his head, wishing the scolding was already over.

Gay is not the way… Gay is NOT THE WAY… GAY IS NOT THE WAY…

Each time it repeated, the reverberation, the echo in his head, got louder, like some halfwit yelling at the top of their lungs in a large cave.

"Kaito! You know it's not the right time to think about love… You have your studies and other responsibilities right now," Mrs. Nakamura said.

Kaito was momentarily confused, he half expected. No, he knew his mother would turn this into a discussion, as with the gay thing, it was just not the way. However, his mother didn't do any crazy religious nonsense he'd seen on TV or read about online. The boy twisted his head, resting on his arm, and peered out from a tiny crevice, letting a sliver of light seep through into his dark world. The boy felt a surge of courage erupt in his bones, and he deemed it necessary to speak up. Somehow a faint word vibrated to the surface.

"But…," Kaito murmured.

Mrs. Nakamura shook her head dismissively. It was clear where she stood on this matter. Kaito needed to focus on his academic life rather than some foolish torrent of desires and love which coexisted between teenagers.

"Look, you have a lot to contend with in school and your extra-curricular hobbies. It could have repercussions further down the line if you pursue a love interest. I won't have my son fail, regardless of who he wishes to date, but this much is non-negotiable. You will focus on your studies, and when you are older, you'll thank me as you'll see this was a foolish waste of time. When you finish college, you can date women or men, but considering you are so close to your exam month, it's not advised to go and squander your time trying to win the heart of another boy or girl," Mrs. Nakamura said.

Kaito's mind began to wander; he wondered if he should just roll over and die from embarrassment or cry from being trapped. He'd never get the chance to date in high school if his mother had the final say. So, Kaito said nothing. He just accepted his fate and turned his muted soliloquy into an inner monologue.

I need to get out of here… Mom is embarrassing. I need to leave—right now—right now. I'll never have a boyfriend or girlfriend, and even if I did, mom would chase them off. I have violin practice; I'll use that as an excuse to escape and bobs your uncle.

The boy sat up; his eyes were sullen and forlorn.

"Okay, mom, can I go practice violin?" Kaito asked.

His mom agreed, and Kaito was quick to pack up and leave. The boy reached for the note before leaving, but his mom sank back in the chair. His mom kept the piece of paper, and that saddened him. Kaito trudged up the stairs to the second level of their home. He wished he had called that cute boy or spoken before leaving the café. The chances of them ever meeting again was nil, and Kaito couldn't be sure if he was a regular. He'd admit he had gotten used to the few kids and adults who came to game regularly, and that cute boy wasn't one of them. He was new, and the mystery of who he was wooed Kaito into an unwarranted mission to find out the kid's identity without his mother knowing. Kaito focused on completing his homework, which he had lied about finishing so he could be excused. Once Kaito concluded with that task, he went to the corner of his room, removed his violin from a case, and started to practice. It was a grueling experience for over ninety minutes, and when he lay down his bow, easing his violin back into its case, he figured he was fit for bed.

It was the usual routine. Kaito stood at the counter in the master bath, shaved, brushed his teeth, used the toilet, then hopped into the shower. The hot water cascading down over him was a relief, and his muscles relaxed, and the boy slumped in the shower. He reached out, bracing himself. The steamy shower had zapped some energy from him, and he used the tiled wall to stop himself from melting, turning to goo and flowing out the plughole like the rest of the water and suds. His thoughts drifted back to the boy at the internet café, and with the roar of the water spitting at him, then sliding to the floor, it acted as the perfect white noise to bring him back to the encounter. The boy's mousy brown hair, its tousled character, the pink lips, chiseled jawline, and fit body. In Kaito's perverted mind, he undressed the boy, and envisioning him in a naked state, made Kaito stiff.

My dick is hard. Should do something about it. Jerk off and blow a load.

And Kaito gave into that irresistible desire. The teen's hand snaked its way down his body, then he found his stiff cock. All it took was a single stroke to make his knees twist inward. Thoughts of perverse satisfaction echoed throughout his head.

Oh boy… I'm sensitive. I want to cum. Please make me cum.

Kaito manipulatively stroked himself, he felt those wonderful feelings all boys do, and when he got close, he erupted with a feverish shiver.

" UghMmmfffp …" Kaito groaned, his voice now lustful.

The boy stood for a moment, recomposing himself as he came down from his high, his head swimming in ecstasy and awe.

Shit! That was the most powerful ejaculation of my entire life. I hope I wasn't too loud when I moaned.

The boy poked his head out from behind the shower curtain and peered at the door. He cleaned up when he was sure his mother hadn't heard him. It was a painfully slow procedure. His dick was sensitive to touch, so it took him some time to clean up, and once he did, he got dried, pulled on a pair of underwear, and crawled into bed to read a book.

The following Monday, Kaito swung by the internet café after school. The boy he saw wasn't there, but he did go to the proprietor sitting at the desk inside the door. He inquired about the person who had been sitting across from him, and the owner stated that he didn't know, and if he did, there was a matter of confidentiality with his customers. Saddened by this, Kaito left and walked home with his head drooped low, and he figured his time to make his move on the cute boy had disappeared.

On Wednesday, Kaito had to skip the café because he had tennis practice. It was something his mother had been wanting him to try out for a while. At first, the youngster didn't care for it, but the sport grew on Kaito, and he was beginning to enjoy it. However, during his routine practice lesson, one-on-one with a trainer, Kaito zoned out, his thoughts drifting back to the mysterious boy. The coach started yelling at the boy because he had missed his cue more than a few times, and the session turned out to be a lost cause. The boy focused on the coach's words afterward. Well, it was the threatening remark suggesting that he'd drop him if he didn't get his head on straight. Kaito certainly didn't want that, as it would cause a whole heap of trouble with his mother. So, he figured he'd better pay attention to his surroundings and stop thinking about the boy. That was until his practice was over, where afterward, he locked himself into the disabled toilet and rubbed one out. As he stood, wiping his seed from his fingers with a clump of toilet paper, he figured he'd ask his mom for the piece of paper again if she kept it. So, after he washed up and left the sports complex, the boy walked home and did just that.

Mrs. Nakamura wasn't so hot about the idea, and the enthusiasm Kaito mustered up stopped dead in the water. Again, his mom wanted him to focus on his academic career, and they'd see in due course. Which was great news to Kaito.

She still has the note… She didn't toss it in the garbage. That means there is still hope to be able to find that boy. All I'd have to do is find the hiding spot and steal it. I'd be thirty if I was to wait for mom to give it to me voluntarily.

There was an eagerness now in Kaito, so he went off searching for the note. However, he couldn't find it; he scoured everywhere. Of course, the boy had to do it silently as his mother could hear him downstairs if he made enough noise. There was the unwritten rule of not entering his mother's room without her in it. However, the teen knew this was a rule he'd have to break to find the secret stash. The note would be kept in his parents' room if it had been hidden. After all the sneaking around, the painfully slow opening of doors and drawers, his search came up empty, so the boy went to bed feeling defeated.

It was a week since he came across the boy, and Kaito didn't really spend much time in the internet café due to missing such an opportunity. It hurt to sit in the place you could have gotten yourself a boyfriend, but on Friday, Kaito tried his luck once more. He was just going to stop by to check the place out, and if he didn't see the boy, he'd stay for a little while and maybe try and game to escape the blue depression of having lost something awesome. Kaito walked along the sidewalk, his backpack doubled strapped, and he stopped outside the window to the store, having bypassed the entrance. For a moment, he felt like it was a bad idea to go inside and relive all his dreams of what could have been, but he decided that the distraction couldn't hurt. So, he backtracked to the door.

Inside was dark, and a few kids and one or two adults were engrossed in their web browsing or gaming adventures. The café was rather deserted for a Friday, but that didn't stop Kaito glancing around, searching for the same two people who handed him the note. A man sat at a computer with his face so close to the screen he must have been blind. Two girls were sitting, laughing at some silly cat video, a boy actively taking notes from a computer and jotting it into a notebook, and a boy over in the far corner who wore a beanie and had headphones on. It looked like he was playing a video game, and he was entirely in his own world.

Kaito ambled his way to the receptionist, thought for a moment, then offered up some cash to pay for a computer. There were few people in the building today. So, Kaito chose a quiet location away from most other people to be alone and brood. It was nice to spread out without somebody constantly on your ass. Kaito booted up his video game, and what he thought would have been cool to escape the mundane didn't help. The lad played about fifteen minutes before he called it quits and changed over to the web browser, where he went to Tik Tok and spent some time watching mindless skits of other teens doing dances, lip-syncs, and the infamous devious licks challenge. The point of the challenge showing students in schools either stealing, vandalizing, or showing off like public menaces' for views and likes. Kaito disagreed with the trend. It sickened him that people could just be so clearly mindless about such actions. The people who were actively taking part were doing their community a disservice. While funds to better their neighborhood would have been suited to other things, it was going back into basic infrastructure that had become the target of the challenge.

After a while, Kaito got sick of looking at videos, so he logged off and thought about walking home, slower than usual, making it look like he still attended study hall. The teen stood up, shimmied the shoulder straps of his backpack on, and pushed the seat he'd been sitting in back into the desk. He walked to the exit, waved at the owner as he left, and pulled open the door.

The air was crisp, having cooled with the evening air, and the daylight was fast fading. So, Kaito decided to get on his way, and he started along the sidewalk. He couldn't help it, but he side glanced at his reflection in the window as he walked along the internet café, but he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the boy. It was the same boy who had handed him the love note. The beanie boy, the one who looked like he didn't want to be disturbed.

It's the boy who I've been thinking about the past week: Kaito thought.

The boy sitting inside the gaming café didn't take heed to Kaito, and so Kaito edged closer to the window. The boy was insanely cute, and now that he was within distance again to savor the boy's good looks, Kaito found himself dreaming of the lad being his boyfriend. It made Kaito's chest balloon, his heart picked up its tempo, and his palms grew sweaty. The boy inside sulked at the screen and sat back, clearly not happy with what was happening in his video game, he'd been intensely focused for a few minutes, but when it all came tumbling down, he noticed Kaito. Perhaps the boy sensed the shadow, saw the strange person staring in the window, and once he saw Kaito, the boy stared on in disbelief. Kaito equally stood idly by, anticipating his next move to come down from the sky, but he knew he had to do something when it didn't.

I can't stand here all day. Gotta do something. Gotta go back. Gotta get inside, don't I? And doing so would mean putting myself out there, possibly humiliating myself. What if the boy didn't want anything to do with me after all this time? Best get it over with, and no point in delaying it again. If I missed this opportunity, I'd regret it for the rest of my life.

Kaito took a deep breath then; he figured he'd go back to the door. He wasn't thinking; his body was just doing. The boy was rather thankful it didn't put up a fight, and he just followed his impulses as they zeroed in on the boy like a homing beacon. Kaito pushed the door to the internet café; the door squeaked as he entered. The door never did that, not usually, but it must have been something Kaito never paid attention to, and now every sense was amplified. The proprietor peered up from his desk; he was on his own computer, gave a crooked smile, and returned to his business. The guy was clearly too happy to be working in such a place. However, Kaito's attention went back to the lonesome boy. The kid twisted around in his seat, his arm draped on the back of the chair, as he actively stared back toward the door. Kaito caught his eye, staring across the room, and he suddenly felt nervous about approaching the teen. Kaito had so many questions.

What if he didn't want to be with me anymore? Where was his friend, the girl who had been there on the day he handed me the note? Not that I wanted her to be around, but it seemed like something worth knowing. What if I screw this up? I'm scared. I'm taking too long; just find the courage and go over there. Just don't act weird.

Kaito began to walk across the café toward the boy, his step less enthusiastic, more controlled and deliberate. His heart was racing now. It could take off like a kids' bottle rocket, blast through the ceiling of the internet giant and keep going for Saturn. His mind was racing.

Don't act weird!

Don't act weird!

You're getting too close to run away now.

And Kaito stopped shy of the boy. The cute teenager reached up and dragged his headphones down to his neck, letting them sit there. Kaito froze. The kid looked too hot; he was goddamn perfect. He hadn't spent that long looking at him when he got the message, but now he was standing next to the boy… Goddamn. Kaito tried thinking of something wholesome to say, anything really.

What should I say? Do I just say hi? Do I acknowledge the note he gave me?

Kaito swallowed hardly; he looked to the empty computer next to the boy.

"Mind if I sit next to you?" Kaito asked.

The cute boy looked to the computer terminal next to him, and he nodded and backed up a little, allowing Kaito some space. Kaito took the opportunity, and he unhitched his school bag and sat down beside the boy. Kaito didn't know what to do. So, he figured he'd turn to the computer to log in, but Kaito forgot it wasn't school, and he'd have to pay for his time. Though the guy at the counter seemed to notice, he allowed Kaito computer privileges from the other side of the room since he hadn't used all his time before leaving. Kaito looked over his shoulder, then smiled. He even gave the man a friendly wave to show how appreciative the gesture meant to him. Kaito turned back to the computer, then caught for air. He side glanced at the boy, who was looking at him intently, waiting for something, Kaito couldn't be sure, but he figured it was an introduction.

" Wah –What you playing?" Kaito asked.

The boy turned back to his game and looked at the screen. His lips curled up at the side, this faint smile seeping out, forming dimples. From the look of it, it had to be Lost Dawn, and Kaito could tell.

"Just Lost Dawn," the boy said.

The boy bit his lip.

Kaito was momentarily distracted by that flirtatious behavior, but he almost choked when the boy's answer caught up with him. It was the same game he played all the time, and to learn that the boy he liked playing the video game too, it was too good to be true.

" Fo –For real? Me too," Kaito said.

It was the truth; Kaito had been playing that game a lot lately.

The boy grinned, then nodded his head in acknowledgment. Kaito peered momentarily at the boy's screen, and it looked like he had been killed by a boss. No wonder the kid looked defeated when he was outside the window. The boy blushed once it became apparent that Kaito was looking at him with this crimson wonder, perhaps Kaito was blushing himself, but he never imagined he'd meet a cute boy who was into video games.

"Nice…," the boy chuckled.

There was a pause for a moment.

"Want help with the boss fight?" Kaito said.

The boy looked to the screen and pondered a moment. The teen's face lit up, and he nodded, so Kaito focused on logging into his gaming account. As Kaito booted up the game in the web browser, the boy held out his hand and cleared his throat. Faith had brought them together, and Kaito was eternally grateful for this chance.

"I'm Cameron," the boy said.

Kaito looked across to Cameron; his eyes shifted to the boy's hand, which was outstretched. So, feeling a single butterfly in his stomach take flight, one of many in the future, he shook the boy's hand.

"Kaito-san… or Kaito," Kaito muttered.

Kaito realized he referred to himself oddly.

Cameron grinned and then blushed.

"Nice to meet you, Kaito-san," Cameron said.

The two boys smiled at one another. They didn't have to acknowledge the note. Being there, approaching Cameron was an incentive to know who he chose. The boys, for the most part, got on well. They played Lost Dawn, fought side by side in the battle against the boss, and defeated their foe. They played for a lot longer than the boys ought to have done, and Kaito even had to get up, so did Cameron, and put more money on their tab, so the timer on their computer didn't run out. They played for the best part of two hours, laughing, working together, bonding. Kaito wasn't aware of how quickly the time went, but when he looked at the clock on the bottom right corner of the screen, his world blew up.

Shit! Mom is gonna kill me.

It was 7:22 PM, and he was supposed to have been home two hours ago, but he'd gotten caught up with Cameron, and he didn't want to leave the boy. They were having too much fun together, and so before he left, they traded phone numbers. It was a funny story, one which he told Cameron. His mother even sent him a message, and he simply brushed his mother off and sent her an abrupt message.


Got delayed. I'm on my way home.

The walk home was fast-paced. He ran most of it before getting to the bus stop. Once he had a moment to comprehend what he'd done, Kaito went off into a hysteric of laughing and giggling. People standing at the bus stop with him looked to see what was up. They probably thought he was one of those special kids who couldn't help it, but Kaito didn't care. Just thinking of Cameron was enough to make him feel all funny, and disobeying his mother, just once made him feel wonderful.

Kaito hurried along the sidewalk with his heart following along, thumping at a brisk speed too. It had been two whole months, and Kaito would admit he didn't feel the same. However, that was all because of one lucky person. It was now custom for him to stop by the café every day on his way home from school. Kaito turned the corner; the café was on the same street. Halfway down the road, his cell chimed, and he removed it from his pocket.


Tell Cameron he can come to dinner.

Kaito smiled. He was actually glad his mother had taken to the news quite well. She didn't get angry about Kaito falling in love with a boy, but she did roll her eyes, knowing that she had lost the battle with Kaito studying. It was all okay as long as he maintained his perfect A+ student status, and Kaito had managed to do it perfectly. Kaito tapped away on the keyboard and fired back a message.


Okay, love you.

Kaito stopped outside the door to the internet café, deposited his cellphone in his pocket, and entered the store. The venue was busy today, and the hubbub of paying patrons assaulted Kaito in the best way. People were having energetic conversations; there was the sound of video game gunfire and swordplay. It was music to his ears. There were two weeks left in school, and Kaito couldn't wait until the summer. The boy probably would have spent the entire summer gaming, but he knew his mother wouldn't allow it. But that meant he got to spend more time with Cameron. Perhaps they'd volunteer to do something. Maybe they could work at the café as ' helpers' just so they had an excuse to game all day.

However, Kaito pushed the thought aside, went to the receptionist, and the man smiled.

"Saved one for you… Right next to your boyfriend," the owner teased.

"Really?" Kaito asked, clearly shocked.

The man behind the desk burst out laughing, "No! He paid me to reserve it for you. I'm kind, but I'm not that kind."

The statement garnered a smile from Kaito, and then he made his way to his boyfriend. They had been dating for a month, graduated from holding hands, and had officially kissed for a week. Kaito approached his boyfriend, and he was lucky he got a seat; the place was packed. When he reached Cameron, he tapped him on the shoulder, and Cameron spun around in the chair, looked up, and smiled. The boy automatically pushed his headset down onto his neck, then he stood to Kaito. The two boys stood inches from one another, their lips so close, their eyes lovingly connected, and Kaito took the plunge. Kaito leaned forward and kissed Cameron, and when he did, he couldn't get enough of his boyfriend. Making out was certainly his new favorite hobby. When they broke apart, the two boys colored a deep shade of crimson, and they sat down, obviously eager to game.

"I missed you," Cameron said.

Kaito smiled harder, his heart accelerated, and the butterflies in his stomach took off like a dust devil.

"Missed you too," Kaito said.

It was the truth. Kaito adored Cameron. In fact, he'd thought of that encounter all day at school, and now, it was the pinnacle of his day. And so, the boys turned their attention to the computer monitors. Kaito saw that Cameron had already begun without him, but he was eager to get stuck in.

"Who are we fighting?" Kaito asked as he booted up his game.

"Oh, just this boss…," Cameron added nonchalantly.

"Want help with the boss fight?" Kaito said.

That question started this relationship, and Kaito marveled at it for a second, loving the memory. Cameron, twisted in his seat, looked at Kaito with big expressive eyes.

"Kaito-san, if I ever say no, promise me you'll denounce me as a true gamer," Cameron said.

Kaito grinned, and with that question, he nodded his head.


So, the boys got to their game. Kaito forgot to tell Cameron he was invited to dinner, but he did remember eventually. It was a struggle with the game, they fought incredibly hard, but for every advance they made, eventually, they still both got their asses handed to them, resulting in Kaito and Cameron losing loot. However, the boys didn't mind this as they were with one another. You could still get it all back, and being close to each other was all that mattered.

It was late afternoon; the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky, and they stood at the front door of 82291 Newberry Hills. It was dinner time, and Kaito was about to introduce his boyfriend. They had just rung the doorbell, and Kaito was nervous, just like Cameron. When he looked across and saw his boyfriend shaking, Kaito reached across, and the two of them joined hands, waiting for the front door to open.

With that, the door spread wide.

The woman at the door smiled, and in return, this made the two nervous teens smile back. This would be okay… It would go just fine. The forces of nature were hard at work.

The End


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