Everything Will Turn Out Alright

by Cy-kun

Chapter 23

"It's yellow." I said disbelievingly as I stared at the offendingly bright shade of Michelle's house.

"That's.....just wrong." Vicky said.

"Kinda explains a lot though."

"What do you mean?"

"You try growing up in a house that yellow and ending up normal."

"Good point." Vicky took my hand. "Second thoughts?"

I turned my head towards him and slowly looked him up and down for like the thousandth time that night. We managed to put together the perfect Malcolm Reynolds costume. An even more awesome accomplishment since everything was in Vicky's size too. The only thing missing was the gun, the stupid store has this dumb 'no toy gun' policy the fucking hippies, but the coat covered up the empty holster so it wasn't that big a deal. He was fucking sexy as hell and every time I looked at him I had to fight the blush that wanted to creep across my face as I remembered what we did back in my room after getting the costumes. "Hell no!" I squeezed his hand. "Let's go."

We walked up to the door and rang the bell. "Stop fidgeting." Vicky said.

"I can't help it." I growled. "Everything's too tight." I pulled at my vest again.

Vicky grinned. "Nope. I think it's just right."

"I can't believe I actually believed you when you said the costume sizes were different than normal clothes sizes."

"Me either. But I'm glad you did."

I stuck my tongue out at him and just barely got it back in my mouth before the door opened. A taller, more filled out version of Michelle stood on the other side. I opened my mouth to say hi but then froze. This woman was obviously related to Michelle but was she her sister or mother? She didn't look like a teenager but she didn't look all that old either and what little I know about girls tells me that hinting that someone looks old enough to be their own mother by calling them "Mrs Anderson" wouldn't be the best first impression. Luckily, the decision was taken out of my hands. "Hi!" she said in a bright, very Michelle like tone. "You here for the party?"

"Yeah." Vicky answered and I didn't even have to look at him to know he had his best 'sweet boy' smile on his face.

"Awesome. Everyone else is in the basement...."she trailed off and studied us. "I haven't seen you guys before. You wouldn't be Nate and Vicky by any chance would you?"

I fought down a sudden nervousness. What the hell had Michelle been saying about us? "Um, yeah. I'm Nate and he's Vicky." I said, only partially succeeding in hiding the nervousness.

"Ha! I knew it." she grinned happily.

"How?" Vicky asked.

"You're the only guys that didn't stare at my chest and practically drool when I opened the door."

I blushed. "Oh." Vicky said. I glanced quickly at him and saw his cheeks were a little red too.

"Wow, you guys are adorable. I can see why Shelly likes you so much." she grinned again and held out her hand. "I'm Kristen, Shelly's sister."

Shelly? Weird. We both shook her hand. "Nice to meet you." I said.

"So polite!" she walked in the house and gestured for us to follow her. "Come on, I'll walk you down."

We followed her through the small hall, past the kitchen and a staircase until we reached an open door behind the stairs. She motioned us to go down but instead of leaving she followed us. The basement was huge, one room that was almost as large as the entire house. The lights were turned down low giving it a slightly moody feel that the red and black banners on the wall enhanced and a space was cleared in the middle where a few people were dancing. It was actually a bit weird with all the obviously Halloweenish stuff on the walls and hanging from the ceiling (seriously where do you even find that many fake bats?) and the poppy, upbeat dance music playing but somehow it made made sense for a Michelle Halloween party. I didn't recognize anyone, mostly because of the costumes, which were pretty elaborate, but also a little because I'm terrible with faces and names. I looked around for anyone I knew, the entire lunch table was supposed to show up, but couldn't see anyone.

"Hey Shelly!" Kristen shouted. "Your boys are here!"

The music wasn't all that loud so pretty much everyone in the room looked over at us. I felt myself blushing again. God I hate being the center of attention. One of the people dancing, a girl dressed as Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender (at least I hoped it was the show and not the movie), came stalking over to us. "Ugh! Don't call me that Krissy!" Michelle said with extra bitchyness on the 'Krissy'.

Kristen just smiled. "Don't be rude in front of your guests. And don't spaz out when you realize how cute they are."

"Just shut-wow you guys really are cute dressed up-and get the hell out Krissy!"

Kristen laughed. "Ok, ok, spaz. I've got door duty until the rest of your friends show up anyway." She walked up a few stairs then looked back over her shoulder. "Just remember to keep the door open, Shelly. If mom or dad walks by and sees it closed they'll think you're doing drugs and having sex down here and kick everyone out."

"Ghaa! I hate you! Leave!" Michelle screamed.

Kristen just grinned at me and Vicky, then left.

Vicky and I looked at each other. "So," I said after a few seconds. "Shelly?"

"Ugh." Michelle huffed. "I hate that stupid name. I'm not 5 anymore, ya know? God!"

"The basement looks awesome." Vicky said, changing the subject. Probably a good idea.

Michelle brightened up immediately. "You think so?" she practically squealed. "Erica and I spent all weekend getting it set up." She turned and waved us down. "Come on! I'll show you around." She took two steps then spun around. "Holy crap!" she pointed at me. "Your hair is black!"

"You're just noticing this?" I asked.

"Well, yeah." she shrugged. "Your hair isn't usually what I look at."

Yeah. Definitely not asking the obvious follow up question.

"Oh." I said instead.

"He looks hot though, right?" Vicky said with a smile at he gave my hair a playful tug.

"Hey!" I ducked away. "It took me forever to get this right. No touching." I didn't even wanna think about how long it took me to get my too-long-for-Simon hair to look even a little bit like it was supposed to.

"Hell yeah he does." Michelle agreed with a grin. "So, who are you guys anyway?"

Vicky grinned. "I'm Malcolm Reynolds, captain of Serenity."

"And I'm Simon Tam, former doctor and fugitive on the run from the Alliance."

"I have no idea what any of that means." Michelle laughed. "Did you make that up or is it from a show?"

"Show." we both said.

"Cool." she looked at me intently for a few seconds. "Does your Simon guy always wear clothes that tight."

"No." I growled and glared at Vicky. He just smiled back happily.

"Too bad." she kept staring and I noticed her gaze stopped being above crotch level.

"So," I said loudly. "Is anyone we know here yet?"

Michelle started, then shook her head as if trying to collect her thoughts. "Oh, uh, just Erica so far. But there are a lot of people here who wanna see you so let's go."

I shared a quick, hesitant look with Vicky but we followed. It didn't take long to figure out what she meant. So far there were only about 15 people in the basement but all but two of those people were girls and every single one of those girls were fangirls.

For the first time since she invited me I started having second thoughts about being here.

I shook my head. Too late for regrets now and really if I bothered to think about it at all I should have realized who would most likely be invited. Or even wanna show up. It's no secret that Michelle hangs around with us and I can't imagine that the guys who can barely force themselves to look me and Vicky in the eyes when they have to talk to us would wanna be seen at a party where we were pretty likely to show up. Actually, it was surprising that there were any other boys here at all now that I think about it. Although now that I was paying attention they both seemed to be sticking pretty close to a girl so I guess they were the dragged-along boyfriends. They looked like they were having fun though. One was playing Wii Sports with his (presumed) girlfriend and the other was on the improvised dance floor grinding his (presumed) girlfriend so hard he was practically puppy humping her leg. As uncomfortable as it made me feel I couldn't tear my eyes away.

It's not every day you see Wolverine dry-humping a slutty cat.

"I can do that so much better than he is." Vicky whispered in my ear.

"Not in public you won't." I growled. No one was gonna get to see my Vicky doing anything that erotic but me.

Vicky just laughed nudged me with his shoulder.

A few of the girls noticed us and waved or said hi but most didn't even look up, or if they did it was just a quick look before going back to what they were doing. I assumed it was the hair throwing them off. Or the costumes. Ours were easily some of the best there. Not just on subject matter but quality too. Most of the girls were the usual girly things like babies, angels, cats and even one girl who just showed up in her cheerleader uniform. A few were more original, like Michelle's Katara or a geisha or a Lara Croft who was seriously lacking the two most important parts of any Lara Croft costume.

The guns.

Seriously, empty holsters are fine when they're covered with a jacket but out in the open they just make the costume seem less than.

We walked across the entire basement, past the two (yes, two. Extravagant much?) flat screens, large stereo system hooked up to an iPod dock, table laid out with various Halloween themed snacks (I made a mental note to go back for one or ten of the ghost shaped sugar cookies) and a seriously awesome life sized model of Jason (Voorhees not our Jason, that would just be disturbing) over to a relatively dark corner where three people were huddled together talking.

"Hey!" Michelle said. "Look who I found."

They all turned to look at us and I immediately recognized Erica. "He-" she stopped short when she saw me. "Your hair."

I tried to hold back my smirk. "What about it?"

"It's black."

"I noticed."

"Where's your blond hair?"

"Under the black hair."

"Is it coming back?"

"Yeah, it's only temporary dye."

She looked relieved. "Ok, good. Why did you...." she trailed off as she looked between Vicky and me. "Oh! I get it now, you're Mal and Simon." She laughed. "Wow, I thought you were going emo or something."

Vicky cocked his head. "You don't like the emo look?" I understood the confusion. Erica was always an eyeliner pen and a pink dye bottle away from being emo herself.

"No, I love it. Nate's hair is just way too amazing to cover up."

"I know." he sighed dramatically and stared at me.

"Shut up." I said. You will not blush dammit!

Vicky laughed and pulled me in for a quick hug. I heard a small gasp coming from behind Erica. Since being touched by Vicky + tight pants + fangirls wasn't something I wanted to deal with right then I was glad for the distraction. I turned my attention to the people Erica had been talking to.

The gasper, easily identified by the pudgy, lace gloved hand she was holding in front of her mouth and the way her eyes were practically undressing Vicky, was one of the goth fangirls that had watched me and Vicky kiss that day way back when. Not surprisingly the other person, taller and skinnier but just as goth, was the other one. I honestly couldn't tell if they were dressed up or not. Plump Goth was dressed in a way too tight corset thing with way too tight jeans with lace gloves and a see through shawl type deal and Skinny Goth was wearing a tight leather sleeveless shirt with tight leather pants. With goths you can never tell what's Halloween costume or casual wear. I seemed to remember Erica hiding behind them but I didn't know they were friends or anything. At least this one didn't seem like she was picturing either of us naked. And speaking of that.....

"Hey." I snapped. "Eyes up, he's not a piece of meat."

Plump Goth's eyes shot to me and she started to blush. "Oh, um, sorry?" she giggled nervously. How un-goth.

"It's ok." Vicky said and put his arm around me. He leaned in close. "I'm your piece of meat." he whispered in my ear.

I bit my lip to keep from moaning. Holy fuck, does he have any IDEA what that does to-of course he does, stupid question. "Unless you want a room full of fangirls to know whether I'm circumcised or not you really gotta stop being all sexy and touching me." Gasper gasped again and her twig friend started snickering. I slumped. "I said that too loud didn't I?"

"Yep." Vicky said.

"Uh-huh." Erica smirked.

"Totally." Michelle said.

"A bit." Skinny goth said and snickered again.

Damn. This time there was no holding the blush back.

Vicky squeezed me. "You're way to adorable but I may have been wrong about the clothes sizes. I don't really like the idea of everyone seeing your junk."

"You think?" I hissed.

Vicky looked worried. "Are you really mad?" he asked, suddenly not sounding even a little bit teasing. The pouty lip and the slight frown on his sweet face almost made me melt.

"No! Not at all." I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close. "I can never be mad at you." I said softly and kissed his forehead.

"AWWWWW!" came a chorus of four voices.

"Oh shut up." I said, more annoyed than embarrassed. I hugged Vicky closer and felt his body shake with what was probably incredibly cute laughter.

"Well, this was already worth giving up my weekend to set up." Erica said with a grin.

"Told you." Michelle said smugly.

"We're not entertainment." I grumbled.

"Yes you are." They both said together.

I groaned. With friends like these etc etc.

"So," Vicky said after extracting his head from my shoulder. "You gonna introduce us?"

"Oh, yeah." Erica flashed a quick embarrassed smile. I noticed that she was wearing her normal clothes, tight girl jeans and two black tanktops, but she had a piece of masking tape with the word 'Costume' written on it across her chest. Cute. "This is Gabby." She pointed to Plump Goth.

"Hi." she said and flashed a quick smile. "You guys rock. You're like real live shotas"

"Um, thanks. I think." I said. I'm slightly disturbed but not really surprised at that. At least this one isn't trying to make us do things in front of her. Unlike other people I could mention.

"Nice to meet you." Vicky said. He leaned close to me. "What's a shota?" he whispered.

"I'll tell you later." I whispered back.

"And this," Erica continued pointing at Rail Thin Goth. "is her brother, Aaron."

I'm sorry wait what now? That's a boy?

I heard Vicky cough next to me and gave him a quick look. He looked just as surprised as I felt. I turned my eyes back to Rail- Aaron and took a closer look. Pretty face, long hair, delicate features. Ok, all that says girl to me. Maybe Erica was fucking with me? No, wait, look at the chest. Totally flat. No girl bumps. Shit now I'm confused.

"Hi, um, Aaron?" Yeah I'm not being very subtle. Luckily she-he, whatever just smiled softly.

"It's ok. I get it a lot." Now that I payed attention to the voice it did sound a little more boyish than a girls normally did. Wow. I kinda feel bad for him. As totally unmasculine as I may look I've never been confused for a girl before. "If you don't believe me I could show you-" he started to reach for his pants.

"No!" Vicky yelled.

"Yeah, no, we believe you." I held my hands up. "Just....back away from the fly."

He smirked. "Oh well."

Gabby slapped him on the arm. "You're such a perv sometimes."

Ignoring irony, it's something I've become good at.

"Says the slut who came here just to see if they-"

"Shut up!" she lunged at Aaron and started slapping him

"Hey! What the hell?! Get away! Get away!" he started trying to catch her hands but even though he was taller she had the weight advantage.

Ok well this was getting a bit interesting. Erica and Michelle seemed to think so too because instead of stopping them they just stood there with eagerly amused little smiles on their faces. I was about to settle in, and maybe put a few dollars on the fat one, when Vicky grabbed my arm.

"Well, it was nice to meet you two but if you don't mind I love this song and I kinda wanna dance with my Nate." he started walking away, pulling me after him. No one noticed except Erica who gave us a little wave before turning her attention back to the slap fight. "Bye!" he said over his shoulder.

"Hey, wait." I stumbled after him. "I wanted to watch!" I cocked my head as I listened to the music. "And since when do you like Vengaboys?"

"Think we'll get a better chance to get away from them?" he cocked an eyebrow. "And why do you know who sings this?" he shook his head. "Besides I wanna see if any of those dance lessons rubbed off." He grinned.

I decided to tactfully sidestep how I knew the song and get right to the important, and potentially less embarrassing, part. "Wait, you want me to dance? In public?" I squeaked that last part.

Yeah, I kinda did take Vicky up on his offer of dance lessons a few weeks back and, if you tortured me for about a week and somehow managed to keep my from dying despite my best efforts, I might admit that it was kinda fun. Even the parts where Vicky wasn't basically just giving me a lap dance before one of us jumped the other. But in public? Around people we, sort of, know no less?

"Um, I don't-"

He shut me up with a quick kiss. "Don't be a girl, Nate. You've gotten a lot better-"

"-Don't see how I could have gotten worse-"

"-and I wanna show you off." he ignored me. "Even if it is in front of a bunch of fangirls."

I sighed and looked around the room. There were a few more people here than there was before, another boy even, but more importantly there were more people dancing. I thought back to the school dance and how being in a crowd actually made me feel more anonymous. Maybe I could do this. Hell, maybe it'd be fun. I had fun at the dance, right? And dancing with Vicky was always incredibly sexy. I spared a brief thought for my too tight pants but I was already too caught up in the idea of dancing that I didn't worry about a little thing like obvious erections.

I took one last look around and then at the stairs to make sure Jason wasn't here. There was no way I was dancing in front of him. The friendly insults had died down since the weirdness between us but there was no way I was gonna risk him having that kind of ammo against me in case things ever got back to normal. There were a few more people walking down the stairs, but thankfully no one I knew.

Oh and by the way 25 people tops my ass. There were already at LEAST 25 people here and a few more showed up every few minutes. Michelle is a lying little bitch.

"Ok." I said with a grin. "Let's dance."

"Wait!" Vicky said.


"I'm not dancing to Vengaboys."

I rolled my eyes. "Seriously?"

"Yeah." He crossed his arms and assumed a 'not fucking moving' stance. With his Mal costume it looked fucking sexy as hell and I wished there was a closet or a dark corner or a semi dark corner or a slightly less populated area of the basement or maybe just right here so I could rip off his clothes and-

“Ok!" Vicky said and pulled me onto the makeshift dance floor. "Songs over."

This pulling me around thing is getting a bit-ohhhh he's pressed against me. He was right too, he could do the grinding thing way better than that other guy. I'd almost forgotten what it was like to have an armful of writhing Vicky in a group of people dancing. But it was just like I remembered. Heaven.

Sexy, painfully erect heaven.

Vicky's arms wrapped around my neck and his hips were more than close enough to scandalize a Victorian chaperone, well assuming she didn't have a heart attack at the sight of two boys dancing that is, but they never actually touched mine. He was teasing and tantalizing and I fucking loved it even as I wanted to throttle him for not just shoving his crotch into mine. I had my hands on his hips and felt every twist and sway but I didn't pull him closer. I could have, but then he might get back at me by making me lead and there was no way I wanted to be responsible for not making us look stupid. So instead I did what I normally do when I wanna get lost and distract myself from the world.

I looked in Vicky's eyes.

Sparkling with more than a hint of mischief his gray orbs stared right back. It didn't do anything for my hardon but it did amazing things to the rest of the room. Like tuning them out. I still felt the occasional brush of someone dancing near us or heard a burst of laughter or raised voices from the non dancers but for all practical purposes me and Vicky were the only ones in the room. It was just like being back at the Back to School Dance. Except for one thing.

This time I could dance back.

I moved my hips in sync with Vicky and I was more than a bit surprised to see that I could actually keep up and not flop around like a beached fish on crack. I decided to get a little bold. I slowly slid my hands from Vicky's slim waist up his sides and under his duster as we danced. I saw his eyes widen in surprise and I smiled. When I reached his nipples and gave them a little tweak his eyes half closed and he bit his bottom lip. My smile turned into a very satisfied grin.

You're not the only one who can tease, sweetheart.

His eyes shot open and the sheer need I saw there was almost enough to get me to rip my costume off right there. He finally, gloriously closed the distance between us and I moaned as I felt his erection crush against mine.

I take back what I said before. THIS was heaven.

We danced like that for who the hell knows how long. Time didn't matter. What the hell was time anyway? Something stupid that only existed so I couldn't be with Vicky every second of every day. Well, time can go fuck itself because I don't plan on moving any time (see what I did there?) soon.

Somewhere in the back of my head I realized we were dancing to a Pink song that I knew the lyrics to (don't ask) but I didn't actually realize I was singing along until Vicky giggled.

"What?" I asked. My dancing wasn't nearly bad enough that I deserved to be laughed at, this time.

"Nothing, you just.....you have a good voice." he smiled.

Oh....oh no. I wasn't..... "Was I singing?" I groaned.


I groaned again and pressed my forehead to his so I wouldn't have to look at him. So embarrassing.

"Hey," he leaned back. I tried to keep our heads touching but he gently pushed my head back and looked into my eyes. "Don't do that. I'm not laughing at you. I just think it's really cute that you didn't even know you were singing. Plus it's not a bad song." Vicky grinned and started softly singing.

Two things. One, holy crap am I glad he's not making fun of me. I like to seem like I'm all into guy shit like sci fi and fantasy and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Statham blowing stuff up and kicking ass, and for the most part that's true, but I've got a serious weakness for female pop singers that I try my hardest to keep hidden, even from Vicky. But him not only not making fun of me but actually singing along made me love him even more.

Two, Vicky's a fucking amazing singer. Seriously, it's not fair how awesome he is at everything. I mean, it's just not possible. Statistically there HAS to be something he sucks at, right? Well, maybe his choice in boys......Nope. Not gonna do the self pity thing. Not with Vicky. He deserves better than being used for a cheap ego stroke.

I shook myself out of my thoughts and concentrated on the sound of Vicky singing as we danced. Before I knew it our foreheads were pressed together again and we were both softly singing along. No one else could hear us. We were in our own little world again and I never wanted to leave.

When the song ended he kissed me gently. "You're perfect, you know that?"

I blushed and smiled. Whether he sensed my moment of insecurity and was trying to make me feel better or not I didn't care. I could tell he meant it. "Yeah. But so are you." I kissed him again.

"That's why we work." He said after I pulled away.

The next song started up and I frowned. "Is that-"

"-Ninja Rap?" Vicky finished.

We weren't the only ones confused. Almost everyone else stopped dancing and started looking around, probably trying to figure out how the hell you're supposed to dance to Vanilla Ice. Good luck. As far as I know scientists still haven't figured that one out.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Michelle running over to the stereo system and stopped the song. "Ugh! Erica!" she yelled. "Why the hell did you put that on there?"

"You said put on one song from every band on your iTunes." Erica responded with a pretty decent evil grin as Michelle messed with the iPod in the dock and a Lady Gaga song started playing.

Yeah, time to stop dancing. Even with my weakness for girly pop songs I still can't stand Lady Gaga. Michelle and Erica were still arguing but I couldn't hear them over the music as I turned back to Vicky. "Wanna take a break?"

"Sure." he looked longingly at the snack table. "I'm thirsty anyway."

"Bullshit," I said, seeing where his eyes were pointed. "You just want those ghost cookies."

He smiled shyly. "Well, ok, yeah. I'm a growing boy I need food."

I glared. "Don't you dare grow."

"I'll be back." Vicky laughed, gave my hand a squeeze and walked over to the table. I frowned.

Cookies really don't make people grow, do they?

I shook my head. I'm about a year overdue for a growth spurt so even if they do I should get taller first. With that happy though firmly fixed in the front of my head I made my way over to the TV's.

I was halfway to the one with the 360 and the small group of people playing what looked like Super Street Fighter 4 when I was stopped by a less than welcome voice.

"Nate! Hey! Look who I found?" Michelle shouted. I turned and saw her pushing her way through a crowd, dragging two people behind her. The girl was wearing a white dress with a short, blonde wig and it took me a second to realize she was supposed to be Marilyn Monroe. Points for originality. The boy was wearing a gray suit and looked a bit uncomfortable. I cocked my head. He also looked a bit like-

"Hi!" Marilyn said with a smile and a wave as Michelle deposited them in front of me. "Nice costume."

"Thanks, Jen. You look great too." Oh yeah, master of the returned female compliment I am. I looked at the boy who I could now easily pick out as Jason now that he was closer, as if the angle that my head had to be to look at him wasn't enough of a giveaway, and had no idea who he was supposed to be. "Nice suit."

Jason met my eyes briefly then looked away. "Thanks." he mumbled.

I sighed. Normally I'd laugh at his obvious embarrassment but I didn't know how to act around him these days. Was he acting like this because of me or because of his costume? And what the hell WAS he supposed to be anyway. I was about to ask when Vicky practically materialized at my side with a plate full of cookies and a water bottle in his duster pocket.

"Hey." he said with a smile that turned into a grin when he took in their costumes. "Well, happy birthday Mr President." he laughed.

I'm such an idiot sometimes. Marilyn Monroe and JFK. So obvious. Jason gave a weak smile and shuffled awkwardly. Ok, I'll admit it, the bashfulness is somewhat cute. Even if it's Jason. "Oh don't be like that." Jen said with a slap to Jason's arm. "He wanted to go as Sam Spade and Brigid O'Shaughnessy but Kennedy and Marilyn are so much more romantic." She looped her arm in Jason's and smiled.

"Um," Vicky said. "Wasn't he cheating on his wife with her?"

"Yeah," Jen sighed dreamily. "They were star crossed lovers who could only meet under the cover of darkness, forever doomed to keep their love a secret. So romantic." She sighed again.

Girls are weird.

"Oh, ok." Vicky sounded unconvinced but just shrugged and took a bite of one of his cookies.

"So!" Michelle cut in. "Who wants to dance?" She bounced happily on her toes.

"We just got done." I said.

"Yeah, and I'm eating." Vicky said around a mouthful of cookie.

"Awww! You already danced? And I missed it?" she pouted. "That totally sucks."

"We'll dance." Jen said.

"Um-" That was as far as Jason got before he was being dragged over to the crowd of dancers. Our eyes met before he was swallowed up by the moving masses and I could see the panic in them clear as day.

I could almost hear the whip crack.

"Cool." Michelle said. She walked a few steps then turned back. "Don't you two dare dance again without telling me!" she said with a glare. I lazily saluted her and just before she turned away I saw her mouth tense as she tried to fight a smile.

"Wow. Aren't you glad I don't drag you around like that?" Vicky asked, totally serious. I gave him a look. "What?"

I shook my head and smiled wryly. "Nothing."

Vicky cocked his head then shrugged. "Wanna cookie?" He held out the plate.

"Sure." I took a handful.

"Hey!" he pulled the plate back and clutched it protectively. "I said one!"

"You had too many. Don't want you getting fat now." I grinned and shoved a cookie into my mouth.

Vicky stuck his tongue out. "I'm just gonna get more later. And I'm not gonna get fat." He lifted up his shirt and exposed his smooth, flat torso. "See? No fat."

I swallowed and licked my lips. "None." I said absently, totally lost in the sexiness that is Vicky's front.

He dropped his shirt and tucked it back in as I let out a small whimper of protest. Somehow, over the music and the noise of people talking, he heard me and grinned. "Good" he said just a bit smugly. Then he looked passed me and his eyebrows raised. "Hey, are they playing Street Fighter 4?"

Come on! Come on! Got my Ultra bar now I just gotta.....there! Shinryuken!

"Ken wins."

"Hell yeah!" I punched the air in victory. "Who's house is this? MY house! That's who! Woo!"

"Wow this is embarrassing." Sam said. He was sitting next to me on the couch and rubbing his face.

"What? Getting your ass totally OWNED by the gay boy?" I grinned. I was so fucking enjoying my win streak.

"No, having to sit next to you while you act like a tool." he grinned and made a show of sliding away.

I laughed and grinned back, thoroughly enjoying myself. Mostly because I'd been playing for a good hour and a half and no one was able to beat me. Hell, even Vicky left about 30 minutes ago grumbling something about cheating and unbalanced characters. I dunno what he was talking about, Super Street Fighter 4 fixed most of the balance issues the original had. It's not my fault if he can't beat a nerfed Ken. The other reason that I was enjoying myself though was Sam.

He plopped down right after Vicky left and picked up the controller. He didn't talk to me at first. Big surprise there. No one who played against me besides Vicky would even look at me. Better than outright insults but still a bit insulting. Still, being weirded out by out by the gay kid does have it's advantages. One of which being if I plant my ass in the middle of the couch they can't get too far away from me so when I sorta just slide a bit closer during the match they spend more time and attention making sure we're not touching than trying to beat me. Cheap? Maybe. But a good player would have been able to overcome.

Same started out the same way but after two games where I barely beat him he reluctantly looked at me. He even spoke. "You're good."

"Thanks." I was a bit surprised and more than a bit suspicious. Was this some kind of distraction trick?

"I'm gonna get your ass next game though." He said with a smirk.

"You want my ass?" It was out of my mouth before I could stop it. I'm pretty much conditioned give rapid fire smartass remarks on a good day and since I haven't been able to get them out of my system with Jason recently my filter is basically gone. If it ever existed.

There was no disgusted sneer or a punch to the face though, he just groaned. "Please. Don't let my girlfriend hear you say that. She's been trying to get me to 'experiment' ever since she saw you and your boyfriend kissing." He shuddered dramatically. I laughed. He threw a couch pillow at me.

Thus was a tentative friendship born.

Well, maybe more of a acquaintanceship than friendship, but still. It was actually kinda cool hanging around a straight guy who isn't Jason. Sam was the first person without tits to even act a little bit friendly with me since the Great Lunchroom Outing and it made me feel accepted. Not that I was being all emo and 'why won't they just LIKE me' or anything but it was nice to know that there were straight boys out there who would talk to me without worrying about 'catching the gay' or whatever it is they worry about when they're avoiding looking at me in the eyes.

"Again?" Sam asked, bringing me out of my thoughts. "But you gotta change Ken's attire. It's bad enough you keep kicking my ass but that pink cowboy outfit he has on is just too much humiliation." Which, of course, is the whole point of the pink cowboy costume.

I laughed. As much as I was enjoying my streak I was starting to miss Vicky. "Nah. I think I'm gonna go find Vicky. I'm getting kinda bored with Street Fighter." Plus my ass was starting to hurt. This is not a comfortable couch.

"Alright, man. You owe me a rematch at some point though. I need to get some of my pride back."

I grinned. "Maybe if you practice for a few months you might give me a challenge."

"Ok screw you, I almost had you a bunch of times and you know it." He flipped me off.

I stuck my tongue out at him. He was right. He did almost beat me several times. He got closer than Vicky did even. "Almost doesn't count." I put the controller down. "See ya."

"See ya later, man." He half-waved as I jumped over the back of the couch. That was fun, but now it's time to find my boy.

It didn't take long. He was back in the crowd of dancers again, as close to the snack table as he could get without bumping into the people getting snacks. I smiled at the way his eyes kept straying over to the slowly dwindling supply of cookies. My smile slowly faded as I saw him say something to someone close to him and laugh. I moved a bit closer and saw that he was dancing awfully close to some guy dressed as a pirate. My chest suddenly got really heavy and I wanted to run across the room and push them apart in the worst way.

Is this jealousy?

I'd taken a few steps towards them when that thought made me stop. Could I actually be feeling jealous of someone being near Vicky? That's.....a new one. I'd never really thought of myself as the jealous type before but maybe that was just because me and Vicky always stuck together? This is really the first time we'd been apart while together. The guy leaned closer to Vicky and whispered something in his ear, which made Vicky laugh.

Ok, yeah, wow, it's definitely jealousy.

I stalked over to them and was about to go into full on "get the hell away from MY man" mode when I recognized the guy Vicky was dancing with. It was Carl. I let out a relieved breath. Ok, friend dancing, that I could deal with. Which is probably a good thing because the whole caveman, carrying Vicky away over my shoulder thing probably wouldn't have worked, what with my insane lack of upper body strength and all. Still, it would probably be a good idea to make sure anyone watching them remembered just who Vicky belonged to.

"Hey sexy." I said as I slid my arms around his waist from behind and gave him a kiss on the side of his head. Holy crap, that was so smooth I think I just made myself swoon.

He gave a little jump before melting into me. "Hey yourself." he purred. "Finally get beat?"

"Nah. Bored. And I missed you." I rested my chin on his shoulder. "Hey Carl." I greeted.

There was a quick flash of some weird emotion on his face, or maybe it was just the lights I dunno, before he smiled. "Hey, nice costume."

"Thanks. You too." I started swaying with Vicky. "Are you a specific pirate or just a pirate?"

"Just a pirate." He shrugged. "Halloween really isn't my thing."

"Well, what is?" That was actually a great opening. Maybe I could learn a little bit more about the strange Carl.

"I dunno. Stuff." Or maybe not. Sigh.

"Ok then. Mind if I dance with Vicky?" I didn't wait for an answer, I just spun Vicky around so we were chest to chest.

Vicky laughed. "Look who thinks he's got moves now."

I let out an offended huff. "Hey! I have awesome moves. Don't I Carl?" I looked over Vicky's shoulder but he wasn't there. "Or, you know, just vanish." I muttered.

Vicky giggled and pressed closer to me. "You know, if you wanted to really show me some moves maybe we could go someplace private?"

I groaned. "I wish. There are way too many people though. Even the bathrooms probably have people hanging out in them."

"Well," Vicky got in close and whispered in my ear. "I was talking to Erica before and she told me there was a door that leads to a laundry room down here. Would make a perfect make out room." he said that last in a sexy sing song voice.

I swallowed my moan. "Where?" I managed.

"I'll show you." He took my hand and lead me off the dance floor. We weaved through people talking and dancing and laughing but I barely noticed. I was too busy thinking of all the things we could do to each other with a washing machine to bend over.

We broke out of the crowd at the same time Vicky broke me out of my thoughts by saying "There." and pointing to a door in the back of the basement that was mostly covered in shadows. I squeezed his hand and we picked up our pace only to slam to a halt when we saw Jen cut in front of us from the side and drag Jason through the door with her.

"Oh." I said, blushing.

"Damn." Vicky grumbled.

"So, uh, what now? Do we, uh wait for them to...." I shuddered. No way in hell was I finishing that sentence. I really didn't need to picture Jason going at it, especially not with a girl. Ew.

"Unless you wanna go in and join them, yeah."

"Ew! Hell no! No way! Are you crazy?" A horrible thought hit me. "Do YOU?!"

"Oh shit no!" Vicky looked horrified. "Jason and Jen? Gross!" he shuddered.

I took a deep breath. "Good. Good." Ok, really don't wanna ask this but.... "How long do you think they'll be?"

"I don't know." Vicky shuddered again. "Kinda don't wanna think about it either."

"Fair enough." Ok, now that my erection is good and thoroughly dead we should probably-


I jumped as the door they just went through slammed and Jen came running out. She looked like she was.....crying? She ran past us without even looking and pushed her way through the crowd. Michelle and Erica caught up to her by the stairs and she started gesturing wildly and probably yelling. What the hell?

"What the hell?" Vicky said.

"No idea." I looked back towards the door but it stayed closed. No Jason.

"You should probably go and talk to him, or something." Vicky suggested hesitantly.

"Why?" I winced. Of course, best friend. "I mean, you know how weird things have been right? What if I'm the last person he wants to see?" Plus I REALLY don't wanna go in there right after they did....whatever. They didn't seem like they were in there long enough to do anything.....too penetrative but I really don't know how long hetero sex takes. At the very least not needing lube would probably cut down on the prep time and oh my GOD I don't wanna think about this.

"Maybe, but he's your best friend right? You should go make sure he's ok. He'd do the same for you, right?"

I sighed. "Yeah. You're right." In fact he HAD done it for me before. A bunch of times. Even during the weirdness. I needed to start pulling my weight in this friendship. "Wait for me?"

Vicky smiled. "Of course." He kissed me. "Now go find out what's wrong before Michelle or Erica breaks down the door."

I looked but they were still talking to Jen. It looked like they were trying to console her. Shit. This wasn't gonna be fun. "Back soon."

I took a deep breath and made my way over to the door. Each step I took felt heavier and heavier until I had to stop and laugh at myself. Christ, it's not like you're walking to the chair Nate. Just go in and help your friend you fucking drama queen.

Pep talk done, I opened the door and went in.

The room was a bit bigger than a laundry room usually is. The washer and dryer took up about half of one side of the room and opposite them was a beanbag chair, a small card table and a ratty two person sofa next to a few stacked up boxes. I guess it doubled as a storage room.

Jason was sitting on the sofa with his back resting on one of the arms with his arms curled around his legs and his head facing away from me.

"Hey, are you-" Jason's head shot around and I saw tear streaks on his face. "-crying?" I finished lamely.

"Nate." his voice was rough. He cleared his throat. "What-?" he shook his head.

"Um, what's going on? Are you ok? Did Jen break up with you?" I asked as I walked over to him. I sat down on the edge of the sofa opposite him. I stayed as far away as I could. I didn't want him to think I was crowding him.

He laughed, but there wasn't any humor. "No. If anything I probably broke up with her." He wiped his eyes roughly.

"Probably?" How do you PROBABLY break up with someone? "What happened."

Jason looked into my eyes for a second before looking away. "I don't-I can't-" he sighed. "Can't you leave me alone?"

My chest felt tight. Is this it? Is he pushing me away? Can I really not help my best friend? No, I can't make this about me. If he needs space just give it to him. "Alright." I said and got up. "But.....I'm here if you need me."

I was almost to the door when he stopped me. "Wait!"

I spun around. "Yeah?"

He was sitting properly, facing me, but he still wouldn't look at me. "I-" he let out a frustrated growl and palmed at his eyes again. He shook his head back and forth violently then seemed to collapse in on himself. "Can-can I ask you something?" he said in a small voice.

I took a step closer. "Sure." My heart was pounding. Nothing good ever comes from someone asking to ask a question. "But keep in mind I don't know much about girls, dude." I added in a lame attempt to lighten the mood.

He choked out a laugh and even managed a weak smile and another second of eye contact. "This isn't about Jen-well, it is, kinda, but not-oh hell this isn't coming out right." He took a deep breath, steadied himself, then looked me in the eye and for the first time in weeks he didn't look away. "How did you know?"

"Know what?"

"That-that you were....gay?" he choked on the last word.

Kind of out of left-Oh. Oh? Oh. OH.

Ohhhhh shit.



No way. Uh-huh. Not happening. No FREAKING way! There is only one reason a guy would ever ask that question while crying and HELL NO! Jason isn't-He's not-I....... "W-why......do you wanna know?"

"Nate. PLEASE." he begged and his eyes started to tear up again. "It's important. I need-just tell me, ok?"

"No. I-Jason, no. Look, I get it, you're upset because you and Jen broke up but that doesn't mean...." Oh God I can't even say it. "You don't need to ask that."

"Yes, I do Nate." He was sounding more sure, less shaky. "I need to know. This isn't about Jen and me."

"Yes it is!" I yelled. "It is because if it's not then...and you.....and you just...no. No way. You're Jason."

"What does that mean?"

"Everything!" Didn't he get it? He was the straight best friend! That's how it is and how it always has to be because if it's not and if this never came up before now.....I don't even wanna go there.

"Nate!" he begged. "Please. I-I need to know this." he took another deep breath. "You're my best friend, can't you just answer the damn question?"

Oh, you bastard. You had to pull the best friend card. I slumped. "I need to sit down." I muttered and fell against the washer. I slid down until my ass hit the floor. Maybe I could just lie? No. He deserved the truth. Damn him.

"Nate?" Jason asked after I was silent for a few minutes.

I sighed. "It-" I swallowed. "It was before I moved here. When my parents were getting divorced I was kinda a mess and by the end almost all my friends didn't wanna hang around me anymore. The only one who stuck around was my best friend-" I looked at Jason out of the corner of my eye "-former best friend Riley. It was the day we were leaving. He came over to say goodbye we were both crying because we knew we'd never see each other again but right before I got in the car to leave he hugged me. Crushed me, actually." I smiled a bit at the memory. "While I was pressed up against him I got the hardest boner I'd ever gotten in my life and when he kissed me, on the cheek, total friend kiss, I almost had my first orgasm. Freaked me out. I spent half the drive down here thinking about it and the first time I ever did jerk off I did it thinking about that hug and that kiss. When we got a computer I looked up straight porn but it didn't do anything for me. I couldn't even get it up unless there was a guy in the scene. I gave up when I saw my first lesbian porn. It was gross. All that rubbing and wetness and those flappy lips-" I shuddered. "So, yeah I pretty much figured I was gay after that but, really, I pretty much knew since that hug because every day after that until I met Vicky that's what I wanted the most. To be that close to a boy again." I sighed and closed my eyes.

Jason didn't say anything for a while. Not sure how long. I wasn't counting. I just sat there waiting for everything to change.

"So," he finally said. "It was your best friend? You fell for your best friend?"

I looked at him, about to tell him that I didn't fall for anyone it was just a hug that turned me on more than anything else but my mouth dried up when I saw the trembling lip and the tear filled, way too expressive eyes. A wealth of horrible understanding passed between us. "Oh no. No, Jason, please don't tell me it's me."

He looked away. "It's either you or Vicky." he said in a small voice.

"What?!" I shot to my feet. "What do you mean?"

"I never had these....feelings before that day you and Vicky came over. You were all over each other and I got so jealous and turned on and confused and it just got even worse every time you two got all over each other or kissed or anything. Ever since we got together Jen wanted to do....stuff but I wanted to wait. I thought I was respecting her and being nice or that I wasn't ready or something but once I saw you two together like that I wanted to just be like that and so much more and I tried to forget about it because I always had sex thoughts about girls and I only jerked off to straight porn but lesbian porn doesn't do anything for me and maybe it really was the guy you know and every time I see you and Vicky together I get this, this weight in my chest like that should be ME but I don't know if I want you or Vicky or if I just want what you have and I'm so fucking confused!" he stopped babbling and tried to catch his breath.

Oh wow, this is fucked up.

Once he got his breath back he continued but at a slower pace. "Jen dragged me in here. She wanted to have sex. I guess she noticed how uncomfortable I got when she'd touch me or kiss me. She said we waited long enough and she wanted us to give our virginity to each other. I-I'm not good at saying no to her so I figured, ok, sure, maybe if I do it then I'll stop thinking about you and Vicky but then she was all over me and her hand was down my pants and I didn't get hard and she got annoyed and asked me if I was gay. I didn't mean to but I just started crying and crying and she yelled at me, saying I lead her on and that she loved me and I was a fucking asshole and then she ran out." he laughed harshly. "I didn't even feel bad. I just felt....relief. I was relieved that I didn't have to put up with her touches and suggestions and that I didn't have to keep making up excuses why I didn't want to do anything sexual. But then it was like, crap now I don't have anything to hide behind, you know? So I dunno. I think-I think I might be......you know, g-gay or whatever but I don't know. And I need to know, Nate. I NEED to know or I'm gonna go crazy. I need to know for sure. So...." he took a deep breath. "I need a favor."

"What?" It was out before I could keep it in. I don't think I've wanted to quit a conversation so hard in my life but I was too damn curious to see how this ended.

"Can I watch? You and Vicky?" he blushed hard. "Just to-"

"HELL FUCKING NO!" I jumped to my feet. "No. NO!" I shook my head. "No way. Never Jason. Never."

"Please!" He ran over to me, grabbed my arms and looked at me with pleading eyes. "I don't wanna join in or anything I just wanna watch. To see if it turns me on."

"No! Go watch gay porn!" I shook myself out of his grip.

"I can't! My computer has a keylogger program. It tells my parents everything I do online. I can't look up gay porn!" he shouted.

"Then come over and use mine! I'll leave and you can....find out....whatever. But there is no way you're watching me and Vicky have sex. I wouldn't even be able to get it up if you were in the room. It would be way too weird!"

"Then what the hell-" He was cut off by someone pounding on the door.

"Oh thank God!" I said and ran over to the door. I threw it open and saw Vicky standing there. "Vicky!" I grabbed him by the front of his shirt, pulled him in and slammed the door. "Tell Jason he isn't gay!" I shoved him towards Jason.

"What?!" Vicky screeched and turned back to me.

"Tell him he isn't gay and that he can't watch us have sex!" Ok, I was hysterical but this was just way too much for me to deal with. Now just right now, but ever.

"What?!" He yelled even louder and turned back to Jason. "You wanna what?!"

"I just-"

"And since when are you gay?" he looked at me. "Did you know he was gay? How did you find out?" he narrowed his eyes. "Was it just now? In this CLOSET?" He spun back to Jason. "What the hell happened in here? And what about Jen?"

I explained everything as fast as I could without tripping over my words. Jason broke in every once and a while to correct me and take over the explanation and I kept interrupting him when he kept making it seem like I was the irrational one in all this.

Honestly, we were acting more like we normally are together than we had been for weeks. It would have been a relief if it wasn't for the subject matter.

"So, let me get this straight." Vicky said after we were done. "You think your gay because you like watching me and Nate kiss and you don't like getting touched by Jen and you want to WATCH us have sex so you can be sure?"

"Exactly!" Jason threw up his hands. "You get it."

"Oh HELL NO!" Vicky yelled.

"What? Why not? I thought you got it?"

"I get that you're confused. Look. Maybe Jen just doesn't turn you on, ever think of that? Maybe she's too controlling or aggressive or something."


"It could be that you get jealous of me and Nate because we have the kind of relationship you want-"

"Yes! I do-"

"-with a girl! Ever think of that?" Vicky finished without breaking stride.

"Then why didn't I want to have sex with her before she got that way?" Jason asked.

"I-I-I-" Vicky shook his head. "I-" He was cut off by more knocking. "Oh thank God!" He ran over to the door and pulled it open. It was Michelle.

"What the he-"

"Michelle!" Vicky shouted and dragged her into the room by the front of her costume before slamming the door. "Show Jason your boobs."

"What?" she yelled.

"What?!" I screamed.

"No!" Jason shouted.

Vicky growled. "Just show them to him so we can find out if he's gay or not. If he doesn't get hard he is and if he gets hard he isn't. Easy. And it doesn't involve watching me and Nate screw."

"What?" Michelle said. "Jen was right? Jase are you-WAIT?! He's gonna watch you two? No fair! I wanna watch too!"


"That's no fair!" Michelle whined.

"Then show him your boobs!" Vicky said. "We need to know if Jason's gay."

"You don't know?" Michelle asked him.

"No, yes, I think I am." Jason sighed. "That's why I wanted to watch."

"Since when?" she asked.

We explained again. With even more interruptions because Michelle got us side tracked asking about Riley which I think made Vicky jealous so HE started asking a bunch of questions about him and then when we got to the part about Jen practically attacking Jason Michelle she started squealing and jumping up and down until she remembered how that ended then kinda sulked for the rest of the explanation.

"So that's it." I finished.

"So, we don't even know if Jason's gay, right?" she asked.

"Right." I said.

"Ok, fine." And with that she pulled her belt so it untied, whipped it off and threw open her robe.

So. Those are Michelle's boobs. Ok then.

Traumatized for life.

"What the hell?!" Jason yelled.

"Oh stop being a girl and just look." Michelle huffed.

I dunno if he did. My eyes were happily hidden behind my hands. Not that it did me much good. The sight of those....those....I can't even say it were seared into my retinas. I had the feeling I'd be seeing Michelle's girl parts in my nightmares for a while.

"So, anything?" she asked after a while.

"No." Jason said. "Nothing."

"Ok." There was some rustling. "Oh stop being babies. You two can open your eyes now."

I figured that meant me. I opened, hesitantly, and saw Vicky doing the same. "Did you...." I asked softly.

He nodded slowly and swallowed. Guess I'm not the only traumatized one.

I shook my head. "So, what happened?"

"He didn't get hard." Michelle said smugly. Why is she proud of that?

"Oh?" I looked at Jason.

"Yeah." he said. "Didn't do anything for me." He sighed. "Guess that answers that."

"No." I said shaking my head. "It doesn't. It just means you aren't attracted to Michelle or Jen. You could still want another girl. You need to look at everyone's boobs. Until then you aren't gay."

Jason opened his mouth, then closed it and cocked his head. "Nate, why are you freaking out more than me about this?"


"And don't say it's the watching thing because you were going nuts before I even said that."

"It's because-" Vicky started, then frowned. "Wait, this isn't about the watching? I thought this was about the watching?"

"It is but-" I was cut off.

"Forget the watching!" Jason yelled. "I'm sorry ok? I wasn't thinking, I just wanted to know! You have no idea how confusing this is, both of you never liked girls! I did. Or I thought I did. Then I see my BEST FRIEND making out with his boyfriend and I get all hot and bothered. Do you have any idea how many times I jerked off thinking about-" he choked and turned red.

I blushed too. "Please don't ever finish that sentence."

"No, finish it!" Michelle said eagerly.

"You're not helping." Vicky said. No one said anything for a few seconds. Or hours. Not sure. Then Vicky spoke up again. "So, you don't wanna watch us?"

"No." Jason shook his head. "I guess I already know what I wanted to figure out anyway."

"No you don't! You can't know because you aren't gay!" I shouted.

"Nate," Vicky said. "Why do you care if he's gay?"

"Because!" I yelled. "He's....Jason." I shook my head. Didn't anyone get it? Judging by the three confused expressions I guessed not. "Look, he's the straight best friend. You're-" I pointed to Vicky. "-the insanely hot boyfriend and you-" I pointed to Michelle "-are the preppy yaoi fangirl! Ok? It works. I like things they way they are and I don't want them to change!" I pouted. Yeah, pouted. Childish? I don't care. My entire life is changing and the one constant thing that's been there ever since I moved here has been Jason being my friend, my straight, not at all attracted to me friend. And now that was changing too. Our friendship would never be the same again and the sense of loss I got from that was just too much for me.

"Everything's different." I said in a small voice.

I barely noticed Vicky's arms around my shoulder and him leading me over to the sofa. He pulled me down next to him and my head automatically found his shoulder. "I'm not different." Vicky whispered.

I hugged him tightly. "No. You're the only thing that stays the same. Please never change." I begged.

"I'll always be here." he said.

"You're the only one." I squeezed my eyes shut to keep the tears from falling.

"You know," Vicky said after a few minutes of holding me. "Just because Jason's gay doesn't mean he's different."

"Yes it does. How can we have the same friendship if he wants to have sex with me?"

No answer. That's what I thou- "Michelle, do you think Jason's hot?" Vicky asked.

"What?" Michelle jumped. "Why are you asking me that?"

"Just answer me."

Michelle squirmed a bit. "Yeah, I guess."

"Do you wanna have sex with him?"

"Ew! HELL NO!" Michelle screeched.

"Thanks." Jason said dryly.

"Ugh! I didn't mean it like that! You're like....a cousin or something. Hot but not doable." she folded her arms and nodded.

"See?" Vicky said to me. "Just because someone thinks your hot doesn't mean they wanna have sex with you." He smiled, pleased with himself.

I wasn't convinced. "Ask him."


Ask him"

Vicky sighed. "Jason, do you want to have sex with Nate?"

"No!" Jason yelled.

"Bullshit! You wanted to watch!" I shouted back.

"I told you I wasn't thinking!"

"No, you said you wanted to know which one of us you were attracted to. So if you don't wanna fuck me then you wanna fuck Vicky." I glared at him.

"No! Well, maybe if you weren't together-" Jason blushed. "-Oh hell did I just say that? But you are!" He added quickly as he saw the urge to maim flash across my eyes. "I'd never do that to you Nate. Never. You're my best friend. I'd rather chop my dick off than hurt you like that."

"So, wait, you DO wanna have sex with me?" Vicky asked warily.

"No. I don't." Jason said strongly "I really don't. Honestly, I don't think I wanna have sex with anyone right now."

"Then maybe you shouldn't have practically begged to watch us fuck." I snapped.

"Are we still on that?" Jason said exasperatedly. "I told you a million times I wasn't thinking clearly! I don't wanna watch you two do anything! Just seeing you two sitting together makes me jealous."

"Ha! So you DO want to fuck one of us!" I have no idea why but I grinned victoriously.

"No, idiot! I'm not jealous of either of you I'm jealous of what you have! A relationship! I want that."

"With a guy?"

"Yes! It didn't work with a girl, did it?"

"That doesn't mean you're gay!"

"I wasn't sexually attracted to her! Or Michelle's boobs. I think that weighs pretty heavily in favor of the gay argument don't you?"

"No! Because you're not gay!"

Jason growled in frustration. "Yes I am!"

"You're just saying that because you don't wanna admit I'm right!"

"Wow, are you even listening to the crap coming out of your mouth?"

"My mouth? Really? Was I the one who wanted to WATCH my best friend have sex?"

"Jesus Christ! Are you ever gonna let that go?"

"Ever?" I yelled. "Ever? It just happened 10 minutes ago! I think I'm allowed to hold onto it for 10 fucking minutes!" I frowned. "And what are you laughing at?" I asked Vicky.

"Nothing." He grinned. "It's just, this is the first time in weeks you two have been acting normal around each other."

"What?" me and Jason said together.

He giggled. "Yep. Totally normal. No tension filling the room. You're looking each other in the eye for more than a few seconds." he nodded. "Yep. Completely back to normal." he smiled at me. "And you thought everything was gonna change."

I blinked. "What are you talking about?"

Vicky sighed. "Look, Jason thought he wanted to have sex with one of us, it turns out he doesn't. You thought he had a problem with us being together around him, he doesn't. The second you figured that out all the tension between you two went away and you're back to arguing like normal." He flashed a self-satisfied grin.

You know.....he was actually right. Like, completely right. It felt like a little bit of the weight on my chest disappeared. I felt a bit of hope. Maybe my friendship with Jason didn't have to change? It's gonna take a while to get used to the idea of Jason wanting dick but if we could still insult each other and argue and not feel weird around each other maybe it wasn't that big a deal? Maybe.

"Why are you looking so smug?" Michelle asked Vicky. "It's not like you did anything."

"Yes I did." Vicky grinned. "They never would have realized it if it wasn't for me. I'm just awesome like that."

I laughed. "My brilliant boyfriend." I hugged him tightly.

Jason laughed too. "So," he asked hesitantly. "Are we cool?"

I thought about it for a few seconds. Were we? Really? Honestly I didn't know, but I was willing to give it a shot. "Yeah. But you're never watching."

Jason groaned. Vicky giggled.

"So.....can I watch?" Michelle asked.

"No!" me and Vicky shouted.

"Grr! You guys are no fun." she turned to leave. "You better apologize to her." she said over her shoulder.

Jason sighed. "I will."

"Good." Michelle nodded, then left.

"Well," I said. "This was a weird day."

Jason laughed. "Yeah, but I feel better about, you know, things."

"Well, if YOU feel better..." I grumbled, but smiled to let him know I was joking.

"Don't be a dick."

"Thought you liked dick now?" Shit, again, speaking before thinking.

Jason blushed. "Hey, uh, do think we can lay off the gay jokes for a-"

"Yes!" I nodded quickly. I wasn't ready for another Jason being gay conversation. "Sorry."

"It's ok."

"So," Vicky asked. "What are you gonna do now?"

Jason sighed. "I dunno. I guess I still need to think about some stuff. Jesus, if I'm gay then I'm gonna have to tell people at some point aren't I?" he shuddered. "How do you people deal with this?"

"You people?" I mumbled softly. Vicky was the only one who heard and bit back a giggle.

"You'll figure it out." Vicky said, clearly enjoying his time as the all knowing sage of everything. Actually, I was too. Vicky being all smug and knowledgeable was seriously hot. But then again, so is everything he does.

"I guess." he shrugged. "I should probably go call my dad. Jen's mom drove us and I doubt I'm getting a ride back."

"You sure you wanna leave?" Vicky asked.

"Yeah, no offense but being closed up in a make out with you two hanging on each other isn't helping me think clearly." he blushed, but didn't look away this time.

"Wanna play Reach later?" I asked him.

"Depends." he grinned. "Wanna get your ass kicked?"

"You wish." I said and flipped him off. It felt good to be mostly back to normal with him.

Jason laughed. "Alright, well, see you guys later. And thanks Vicky."

"No problem." Vicky beamed. Yep. Totally hot.

"See ya." I said.

Jason waved, took a deep breath, then left.

"Alone at last." I said with a wicked half smile.

Vicky giggled. "Are you seriously horny?"

"I'm alone in a semi-dark, private room with you." I turned so we were facing each other and pressed my pelvis to his. "What do you think?"

Vicky groaned. "Ok, yeah, definitely horny." He pulled my head to him for a heart stopping kiss. I barely got my mouth open before his tongue shot inside. It was my turn to moan. God, I wanted him so bad. I hope it didn't take too much effort to get out of these damn costumes-

The doorknob turned and opened. "Nate? Some guy said you were...." I heard a gasp. "Oh."

I jumped away from Vicky, my heart pounding in my chest. Please don't let that be who I think it is. Yep. It was. Shit.

"Luke?" I squeaked.

Define fucked.

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