Everything Will Turn Out Alright

by Cy-kun

Chapter 14

The first thing I noticed was the darkness. It surprised me. Not the darkness so much as me noticing it. You only really notice something when you don't already know it's there and it seemed like I should have known that I was in a dark room. Actually, I guess it wasn't fully dark, there was a small bit of light coming from behind me but it looked artificial and distant. I blinked my eyes a few times and tried to adjust my eyes to the new(?) lack of light. How the hell did it get so dark?

The second thing I noticed was that I was laying on the couch. Which, again, surprised me but this time I was surprised by the couch and not the fact that I was noticing it. I don't usually suddenly find myself on couches in the dark. This whole situation was getting weirder and weirder by the second. By this time my eyes were getting used to the darkness and I could make out a few more details.

The third thing I noticed was that my forehead was pressed against the forehead of a beautiful boy who had his eyes closed and was breathing in slow, regular breaths. His arms were wrapped loosely around my upper body and one of my hands was resting gently on his hip. The artificial, distant light (neighbors porch light?) lit him up just enough so that I could see his lips were slightly open and there was just the tiniest bit drool on the corner of his mouth. I sighed softly. Even that looked adorable on him.

After that I kinda stopped noticing things.

It was pretty obvious what had happened. After watching the sunset we'd fallen asleep together on the couch. It didn't bother me really even though it probably should have. I was in boxer briefs and a T-shirt and Vicky was wearing nothing but a pair of cargo shorts. If my mom had walked in just then, us together on the couch in our current state of semi undress would have been one of the first things she'd have seen. Not that she hadn't seen us in less (insert mental shudder here) but having her walk in on me and Vicky asleep had kinda become a phobia of mine after the 'lube incident' and everything that followed. It was cool though, I knew she wasn't home because there were no lights on in the entire house. I frowned slightly at that, my mom usually gets home from work before it gets this dark, but gave a mental shrug and stopped thinking about it. She's been late before and if it kept her from walking in on us again I wasn't gonna complain.

I tried to remember exactly when we fell asleep but when I thought back all I could think of was looking into his eyes after our kiss and watching the sun reflected there. Had I really fallen asleep looking into Vicky's eyes? Damn, that I'd love to remember.

He looked so sexy lying there dead to the world. I had to touch him more. I slowly started to move the hand that I had on his hip in small circles on his side. He shifted slightly and I froze, scared that I might have woken him up, but he settled back down and his breathing stayed the same. I started moving my hand again, this time running my fingers up the side of his body. There was a small dip in his side, sort of a slight downwards curve that started at his hip and turned back up towards the bottom of his ribcage, and I spent most of my time exploring that. The light from across the street somehow seemed to make my skin lighter while it made his darker and lost myself staring at the contrast between my hand and his side.

How could somebody this perfect exist?

Don't answer that. It's rhetorical.

After all this time I still sometimes have trouble believing that I can be so lucky to have him. It's not that I doubt what we have, never that, it's just that I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm not one of those new age 'everything needs balance' weirdos but it just doesn't seem right that I can be so incredibly happy without something horrible happening to bring me down from the clouds of total bliss to the stunted apple trees of mild content. Like I have Vicky.....but my mom has cancer or I have Vicky.....but I got hit by a car and can't use my legs anymore or I have Vicky.....but George Lucas decides to remake the original Star Wars movies. You know, something terrible or emotionally scarring like that.

I dunno, maybe I should stop overthinking these things. I have Vicky, he loves me, I love him and so far nothing too terrible has happened to me. Honestly, the worst thing was the sex talk and that only left minimal emotional scarring so maybe I'm just one of those lucky people who all the other unlucky people despise and envy. Which would be kinda cool in a sick sort of way, heh.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I never noticed that Vicky's steady, deep breathing had gotten quicker and slightly less regular. I never noticed that his arms had tightened around me. I never noticed that he was trembling ever so slightly under my touch. So, I was more than a little surprised when I looked back at his face and saw that his eyes were open and he was staring at me.

"Hi." he said in that sweet tone he has that always takes me back to our first meeting at the pool.

"Hi." I said back.

Vicky giggled slightly. "That tickles."

"Should I stop?" I asked teasingly.

"Nope. I like it." he said and sighed. He pressed his forehead towards mine and closed his eyes. "This is nice."

"Yeah." I whispered softly.

I started moving my hand up and down more of his body, going higher and lower with every back and forth motion until I was slowly dragging my finger up to his armpits and down to his pants covered thigh. Whenever my fingers would brush his side just below the start of his chest he'd twitch slightly. I grinned, it was one of his most sensitive 'tickle spots'. It was so tempting to start tickling him but we were sort of having a moment here and I didn't wanna ruin it. We had so many moments ruined today I wanted to hold onto as many as I could until my mom got home.

"When's your mom gonna get back?" he asked quietly, mirroring my own thoughts.

"I dunno." I murmured. "She should be back already."

"Hm." he sounded thoughtful. "It'd be a shame to waste our extra time, don't you think?"

I stopped stroking his side. Could he really be suggesting THAT? With my mom possibly coming home at any time? "She could be back any minute." I said. Any other time I wouldn't have said anything but that new phobia of being caught sleeping with Vicky most definitely includes being caught sleeping WITH Vicky, if you know what I mean.

He opened his eyes and looked into mine. Even in the darkness with my head casting a shadow over his face I could see the wicked little half smile form on his mouth. "Then we shouldn't waste any more time, right?"

He had me at the smile. I wonder if he has any idea of the power he has over me? This boy could get me into a room filled with spiders, bees and Uwe Boll film festivals with just a grin and a suggestive look. Hell, he probably wouldn't even need the look.

I didn't answer with words, instead I just ran my tongue across his lips and gave him one soft kiss. He still tasted a little bit like Lucky Charms. It gave him a very pleasant sweet taste to go along with his hint of strawberry body spray and hair that always smells freshly washed. I smiled at him, got off the couch and held out my hand to help him up. His half smile turned into a full blown grin as he accepted my hand and got to his feet.

He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. "See you upstairs!" he said with a laugh as he took off running towards the stairs. I just stared after him for a few seconds before I followed at a walk. If he's just gonna run off and leave me down here there's no way I'm gonna run after him like some sex starved girl!

Actually, yeah, there is. I don't think I took more than three steps before I broke into a full run and took the steps two at a time. When Vicky's in full on 'cute seductive' mode there really isn't anything I wouldn't do for him. I'm just glad he doesn't have any really weird fetishes.

I barely had enough time to race into my room and notice that I couldn't see Vicky anywhere before I was grabbed from behind and pulled into a needy kiss. My mouth opened in surprise and was immediately filled with Vicky's tongue. This was a complete role reversal from earlier today when I was the lust filled aggressor and Vicky was just laying back and enjoying the attention. Did I mind? Hell no! Our needs had changed and even if they hadn't I wouldn't care. That whole leading and following thing most definitely applies to sex also.

Somehow we made our way over to the bed, kissing and touching the entire time. The back of my knees hit the edge of the mattress and Vicky broke our kiss and pushed me down onto the bed. I giggled at his eagerness and crawled back on my elbows so that I was fully on the bed. Vicky ran his eyes across my still mostly clothed body and grinned at me again. Even though this one wasn't at all wicked it still sent a shiver of anticipation through me and I felt my legs automatically spread just a bit. Vicky saw and let out a giggle of his own.

"Someone's having naughty thoughts." he said playfully.

"Someone better get his pants off and get over here before someone else's naughty thoughts cause him to take care of himself." I shot back and teasingly started to lower my hand towards the erection that was straining against my boxer briefs.

"You're not gonna." he stated confidently but unzipped his pants and dropped them to the ground anyway. He was standing before me in nothing but his boxers.

My breath caught in my throat. We hadn't bothered to turn any lights on in my room and the only illumination came from a dull yellow street light across the street from my house. It bathed Vicky in an amber glow that cast shadows on every line and curve of his body. So. Fucking. Sexy.

I started to lift up my shirt but Vicky quickly shook his head. "No, I wanna do it."

I let go of my shirt and spread my arms out, inviting him to do whatever he wanted as long as he would get over here and do it instead of standing there looking all perfect and making me want him. He didn't need the invitation. Vicky got on the bed and crawled his way up my body like he did earlier except much slower. His eyes were fixed on mine the entire time and I swear my heart must have relocated to my cock because that's the only explanation I could think of for the sudden rapid pulsing I could feel down there.

Vicky was almost face to face with me when we both lost our patience at the same time. I grabbed him and pulled him towards me right as he jumped forward and pushed his crotch, and his erection, hard into mine. I groaned out loud at the touch and he closed his mouth over mine shoving his tongue in deep. We kissed greedily and ground our cocks together. Then he started....swiveling his hips and I gasped and almost came right there. Wow! How the hell can a 13 year old boy who was a virgin in every way just over a week ago be so damn good at this? He bit my bottom lip and I whimpered. (Ok, fine, so maybe I do whimper occasionally....) Not that I'm complaining or anything....

I ran my hands up and down his bare back, exploring every inch of the familiar yet still incredibly exciting territory. After kneading his slightly muscled, but still boyishly soft, shoulders I let my hands glide down his back and slipped them under the waistband of his boxers and squeezed his ass. He ground into me even harder and moaned slightly into my mouth. I squeezed him again and he broke the kiss, sat up a bit and pulled me off the bed just enough to roughly pull my shirt off and toss it away. He practically pounced back on me and pushed his lips to mine. When our bare bodies touched we both shivered with delight. This time it was Vicky's hands that were doing the exploring. He ran his hands quickly, but still sensually, across my sides and chest only stopping to give my nipples a little tweak whenever he passed them. Ohhhhh, I fucking loved that. Never again will I question why guys have nipples.

With one long, almost painful, suck on my tongue Vicky broke our kiss. My mouth immediately felt empty. My higher brain functions had decided to take a break and were currently kicking back in some lawn chairs and watching what was going on so I couldn't figure out why Vicky would stop. I couldn't even make my lips close as I lifted myself up and tried to get my mouth back to his. Vicky's head came back towards me again but instead of locking lips with me he went right for my neck and bit it. Hard.

Yeah, ok, that was definitely a good reason to break a kiss.

I moaned and automatically twisted my head to the side to give Vicky better access to my neck. He kissed and bit and licked while I moaned and squirmed and shivered. I was so lost that I barely even noticed that his busy mouth was slowly working it's way down my body. He was sneaky. If he had stopped to suck or bite or lick my nipples the lightning bolt that would have went from them to my dick would have given him away. He bypassed them though, instead licking and nibbling down my side and across my stomach until he got to my waist and stopped. That was my only clue that he'd moved and by the time the haze of lust and pleasure had faded enough for me to wonder why his mouth wasn't on me anymore my boxer briefs were already being slowly slid off.

And then his mouth was back on me.

It was like the first time all over again. His lips eagerly swallowed my hardness and I grabbed my sheets, arched my back and bit my lip. It was all I could do not to cum right then and there. It wasn't just the built up tension of the day or the lust of the moment, for a few seconds I literally couldn't remember any other time Vicky had done this to me. And when those memories finally came back I couldn't remember a time when it felt half this good.

Considering how good those other times felt that's saying something.

As he sucked he did this wonderful.....swirly thing with his tongue that was driving me crazy. I was getting so hot that he actually had to hold my hips to the bed to keep me from shoving my cock down his throat by accident. When he wasn't keeping me from impaling his throat his hands were roaming over my legs, stomach and ass. Every once and a while he'd let one of his fingers dip down between my cheeks and brush up against my hole. He never pushed it in and he never kept it there for more than a second or two and it was a good thing he didn't. Any longer and I would have exploded into his mouth and passed out from the pleasure and I so wanted to be awake for the next part of this.

Eventually, long after I stopped counting how man times he's almost brought me to orgasm (I stopped at 13 if anyone's interested), Vicky let my cock go. Even as my body was forcing me to groan in complaint at being released by that talented mouth my mind was completely focused on the next objective. Before I even realized I'd moved I grabbed the lube and tossed it to Vicky. He wasn't expecting it but he caught it anyway, my coordinated angel, and grinned at me.

As he prepared himself I felt a nervous anticipation rise in me. Would this feel like the first time too? I kinda hoped it wouldn't. As amazingly awesome as sex with Vicky always is and as much as I loved our first time the best sex we've ever had was when we made love the day after we were outed. Like Vicky, it was perfect. But it was all about emotion. I didn't want to try and recreate that. If that was ever gonna happen again it would need to be spontaneous. What I wanted was to experience the "fucking" version of that, to be in the perfect storm of sexual pleasure.

Or maybe I'm just thinking bullshit because I'm fucking horny and I wanna get fucked raw.


After Vicky got himself all lubed up he grabbed my hips (cold lube hands!) and gently turned me on my stomach. Not my favorite position but still pleasurable enough. I guess there wouldn't be any perfect sexual storms tonight. I didn't mind much. I could still look forward to getting fucked raw.

I could feel him climb up on the bed behind and my impatience started to get the better of me. I spread my legs and lifted my hips up just enough to spread myself open for him. He either got the hint or wasn't planning on any more foreplay because he wasted no time in rubbing his head around my hole (cold lube cock!) and pushing into me. He slid in easily and I started to wonder when exactly I stopped needing to be stretched out. I had a split second of worry that maybe I was getting all used up and loose but the moan I heard from Vicky as he sank fully into me dispelled that fear.

He started moving in and out of me and I let out a moan of my own. This position may not have been as good as when I'm on my back looking into his eyes but a dick in the ass is a dick in the ass and Vicky is very talented at putting dicks in asses. He plunged in faster and I could feel the small twinge of discomfort that I always felt in this position start to flare up but it wasn't nearly enough to lessen my enjoyment. The boy I loved was fucking me and I'd take an ass load (pun very much intended) of pain if it meant I could experience that.

And that's when it happened.

Vicky slightly changed the angle of his thrusts and my back arched just a tiny bit more at the same time and he hit something inside me. It was like a universe suddenly sprung to life in me, my own personal big bang. Every inch of my body tensed up and I let out a cry of pleasure so loud that I'm surprised none of the neighbors called the cops. Every thrust hit that same spot inside of me and the pleasure was so damn consuming that I could only think when he pulled out. Oh-thrust-God-thrust-he's-thrust-hitting-thrust-my-thrust-prostate-thrust-with-thrust-his-thrust-PENIS! Every time he pushed in I moaned louder than I'd ever moaned before and I grabbed a pillow and bit down on it to try and muffle the sounds.

I had my perfect storm after all.

My legs got too weak to hold me up anymore and I collapsed to the bed. Vicky never hesitated he just followed me down thrusting into me all the while. He laid his chest to my back and hooked his arms under my shoulders and PULLED himself into me. My eyes were squeezed closed but I was still seeing stars. I was moaning into the pillow too much to hope to say anything but if I could I would have been begging him to go faster and harder. Maybe he really could read my mind because he did what I wanted. He pounded me hard and forceful, like the jackhammer all the little jackhammers idolize and wanna grow up to be like.

Every thrust hit me directly in the prostate and every time he pulled back I thought the next one would be the one to bring me to the most violent orgasm of my life. It never happened though. I kept getting closer and closer but I couldn't get over the edge and somehow that was even better than an orgasm. A never ending feeling of being about to blow. If heaven exists I can't imagine it would be much different.

Through the noises I was making into the pillow I could hear Vicky's breathing start to get heavier and I knew he was close. I was torn between wanting him to cum so he could feel just a small amount of the pleasure he was giving me and wanting him to hold back so he could keep giving it to me. When he finally came he simultaneously pushed and pulled himself into me deeper than he'd ever gone before until his head was almost crushing my prostate. I let out the loudest scream yet and I couldn't tell if it was from pain or pleasure. Or both.

He's cumming on my prostate. HE'S cumming on my prostate. He's CUMMING on my PROSTATE.

The thought was almost as erotic as the action and I knew what I'd be thinking about the next 6 million times I jerked off.

When he was finally done he collapsed to my side and slid out of me. I didn't even take the time to hate the feeling of emptiness, I flipped myself over, grabbed my aching penis and furiously masturbated myself. It didn't even take two full strokes before I was spraying cum all over me in a way I'd never done before. Chest, neck, face, hair, all had at least some sticky wetness on it. Mostly my face. I'm just glad none of it went up my nose.

After I was done with my Vesuvius reenactment my whole body went limp. I was overloaded on pleasure from both ends and I don't think I could have moved if the bed was on fire. Hell, with as hot as I'd been a few seconds ago it probably would have cooled me down.

I'm not sure how long I lay there, this was another of those situations where time kinda lost track of me, but eventually I came back to the world and saw Vicky propped up on his elbow staring at my with a very satisfied grin on his face.

"That was amazing." "You're a mess." We spoke at the same time.

I ignored his joke. I needed him to know how great he made me feel. "Seriously. I can't even....that was just.......wow. It was perfect."

Even in the dark I could see him blush. "Yeah, well," I could tell he wanted to go for another joke to cover up his embarrassment at my praise but he trailed off as he looked into my eyes. He must have seen how serious I was because he cut himself off. "Yeah. It was." he looked away shyly. "But only because it was with you."

I hope he never loses that way he has of going from being totally confident to adorably shy in the span of a heartbeat. It's one of the things I love the most about him.

I lifted his chin up and gave him a soft, loving kiss. When we pulled away he licked something off his lips and giggled. "Sticky."

Oh God, I'd completely forgotten. I was still covered in cum. I laughed. "I guess I should probably get cleaned off or something."

"Yeah, probably." he was laying on his side and the light from outside caused the sweat on his body to glisten. It looked to me like his inner beauty was shining through, wanting to be caressed by my eyes the same way his outer beauty was. And because I'm still me this incredibly poetic thought was followed by an almost irresistible desire to grab him and rub my cum drenched body over his. Yeah, I'm weird, this shouldn't surprise you by now.

I resisted though. My mom really could be home any minute and I needed to get cleaned and dressed.

I gave Vicky one last loving look and a quick kiss before I got up to go wash off. My legs were still a little bit weak and I stumbled a bit after getting up which caused Vicky to giggle.

"Oh yeah, I'm good." he said with an exaggerated eyebrow wiggle.

"You're so lame." I said fondly.

"You still love me." he shot back.

"Yeah, I do." I said softly. We gazed into each others eyes, identical smiles on our faces, for a few seconds before he grabbed a shirt (not sure who's) and balled it up.

"Go. Get cleaned up." he said playfully and tossed the shirt at me. I dodged it, can't get whoevers shirt that is all cummy now can we?

"Fine! Fine!" I threw up my hands in mock exasperation. "I can tell when I'm not wanted."

The sound of Vicky's laughter followed me out of the room.

Considering the mess I'd made of myself it didn't take all that long to clean up. I was wrong when I said most of it got on my face though, that particular 'honor' was reserved for my hair. I actually panicked when I saw myself in the mirror. I'd heard what happened when you get gum stuck in your hair and it was so sticky and matted that I thought I'd have to shave half my head. Lucky for me it all came out after holding my head under the running shower for five minutes. Now that I think about it I probably should have just jumped in the shower and cleaned off that way but I had this mental picture of my mom coming home while I was in there and Vicky having to explain to her where I was and all the unpleasantness that would follow THAT little conversation that I kinda developed a short lived complex. I probably spent more time trying to figure out how to clean my hair without turning on the shower than an actual shower would have taken.

One hair washing and two ruined face cloths later (I'd throw those out tonight, cue Mission Impossible music!) I was clean and back in my room with a fully clothed Vicky. He was propped up on my pillows with his hands behind his head and had this content little smile on his face. At some point he'd turned the light on and I could feel his eyes glued to my naked body as I went around picking up my clothes. Every time I'd bend over he'd let out a high pitched wolf whistle and when I'd turn around he'd be pretending to look anywhere else but at me.

So lame. God he's perfect.

I got dressed, same shirt but in sweatpants, just in time. I was pulling on my last sock when I heard a car pull into the driveway. Mom's home.


"My mom just pulled in." I said.

"Damn." Vicky sighed. "At least she didn't get back 15 minutes ago."

I chuckled. "Yeah, that would have sucked."

I walked over to the bed and bent down to give him a kiss. When my lips touched his he grabbed me and pulled me close.

"Ah! Too tight!" I pretended to struggle for breath.

Vicky giggled. "You'll live." He kissed me again. As much as I would have LOVED to get into a long make out session with Vicky I was pretty sure my mom's first stop after getting in the house would be my room to check on us. Looks like it's up to me to be the strong one and resist.

"Come on," I laughed after breaking the kiss. "You gotta let go."

"Don't wanna." he murmured like a stubborn kid.

"My-" he started licking the outside of my ear. "Um....we really-" he bit my earlobe. "Oh, mmmm, wow....no, we-" he stuck his tongue in me ear. "Ohhhhhhh yeah."

Strength is overrated. Resistance is futile. And why did I want to in the first place?

"Nate! Can you and Vicky come down here?" my mom shouted from downstairs.

Oh. Yeah.

We both let out identical sighs of disappointment. At least they weren't sighs of frustration. We'd definitely worked all of that out of our system.

"What are you grinning about?" Vicky asked.

"I'm kinda sore and I was just thinking about why." I smirked.

Vicky giggled and blushed slightly. "Try not to limp too much when we go downstairs. I don't want your mom to know I broke you."

I giggled too, disentangled myself from Vicky and walked towards the door. With an exaggerated limp of course.

Vicky snorted. "And you say I'm the lame one."

I turned around and struck the most outraged pose I could, hands on my hips, chin raised, mouth open angrily. "How dare you!" I said with as much Monty Pythonesque proper indignation as I could.

Vicky just laughed. "You are so gay."

"Fuck you." I said with a laugh of my own, pose and manner of speech abandoned.

"Mmm, maybe tomorrow." he teased.

I couldn't help looking over at the clock at that. Damn, 21 more hours before I'd be home from school again. Vicky saw where I was looking and grinned. He'd just opened his mouth to say something when my mom shouted again.

"Nate! Vicky! Get your clothes on and get down here!"

We both turned equal shades of red. If we were actually naked we probably would have just grumbled and threw our clothes on. It's weird how having someone think you're having sex when you actually aren't can sometimes be more embarrassing than if you were.

"Maybe we should....." I mumbled.

"Yeah." Vicky said.

Surprisingly my mom didn't have the knowing smirk I'd expected to see on her face when we got downstairs. If anything she looked preoccupied. Not that I'm complaining mind you, if she wants to skip the teasing and all that who am I to say anything?

"Alright boys, it's time to take Vicky home." mom said hurriedly.

My heart sank. I'd been so used to Vicky staying over that it never even crossed my mind that he'd have to leave.

"Mom, can't Vicky stay for din-" I started.

"Not tonight. Vicky's been here all day and since I had to fight against the two backpacks leaning up against the door to open it I'm guessing neither one of you did any homework?" It was phrased as a question but she didn't wait for an answer. "Which is exactly what you're going to be doing during dinner."

"Well, can-"

"And no, Vicky can't stay and do homework with you." This time there was a smirk. "I'm not stupid Nathan, I don't think for a second you'd be able to concentrate on your work if you did it together." She looked over at Vicky who quickly lowered his eyes away from my moms. "Either of you."


"I should call my dad." Vicky said, disappointed. "Let him know I'm coming home."

"I already talked to your dad. He knows I'm bringing you home." my mom said.

"You talked to his dad?" I asked.

"Yes, I did. There's this wonderful new invention, it's called a cell phone, let's you talk to people whenever you want. It's really useful for things like this." she rolled her eyes.

Jesus, sorry for asking a fucking question. No need to go all snarky bitch queen of the universe....

"Whatever." I grumbled.

"Ok, come on, get your bag and let's go. I still have to make dinner and make sure Nate gets all his homework done before his bedtime."

"Mom!" I yelled as Vicky giggled. "I'm 13 years old, I don't have a 'bedtime'."

If I was expecting a teasing comment I was disappointed. "Ok ok, let's just get to the car."

That was weird. She's usually not one to stop embarrassing me before she really starts. Again, not that I'm complaining.

Vicky gathered up his bag, we got into the car and drove off.

My mom kept her mouth shut in the car too. Not that I was paying too much attention to my mom's mouth. Not when Vicky's was so much more interesting. I may have a lot of inhibitions about doing things with Vicky around my mom but making out in the car isn't one of them. It's very easy to pretend that the few inches of thickness on the back of her seat is enough to block out anything we do from her. It's stupid, I know she knows what we're doing, but for once my imagination is working for me instead of trying to give me a heart attack.

As often happens when I'm enjoying Vicky....or Vicky's enjoying me....or I'm looking at Vicky....or thinking about him....or thinking about thinking about him....or, well, anyway I lost track of time. We were stopped at a red light for a pretty long time when my mom cleared her throat very loudly. I very reluctantly broke my kiss with Vicky, and, heh, removed my hand from his, ahem, crotch (how did that get there?) and looked up to see that instead of being at a red light we were actually in Vicky's driveway.

Vicky looked as surprised as I was and he quickly wiped his mouth as I pulled his shirt down. We giggled shyly at how carried away we'd gotten in the car and then I handed Vicky his bag. He took it, smiled at me but made no move to leave.

"Oh for the love of..." my mom sighed. "You guys are gonna see each other tomorrow. I don't know why you always have to act like one of you is about to board the Titanic when you say goodbye." Her words were impatient but I could hear the smile in her voice.

I rolled my eyes and Vicky laughed quietly. "I'll see you tomorrow." I said and gave him a quick kiss. A sudden, slightly evil thought popped into my head and I grinned. "Oh, and when you see Jason tomorrow ask him if he wants another hug."

Vicky raised his eyebrow. "Why?"

"I'll tell you later. Trust me, it'll be hilarious."

Vicky shook his head and laughed. "If you say so." he leaned in and gave me another kiss. "Bye Nate." He opened the door, got out and then ducked his head back in. "Buy Julia!" he said and then closed the door before she had a chance to respond. He walked up to his door, somehow managing to look mouthwatering while lugging 20 plus pounds of books, and turned to give us one last wave before heading inside.

"So what's for dinner?" I asked as my mom backed down the driveway and pulled onto the road.

"I already ate so what do you want?" mom answered.

"Um, chicken I guess. And what do you mean you already ate?" I snorted. "You go on a date or something?"

She glanced over at me. "What? Is it so far fetched that I might have been on a date?"

If I had been eating or drinking or inhaling I probably would have choked. "What?! Were you....." I couldn't even finish the thought. Some things are just too disturbing to say out loud.

Now it was my mom's turn to snort. "Nice to know I have your support if I decide to reenter the dating world." she said sarcastically. "And if you must know I went out with some friends after work. We had dinner and a few drinks."

"Since when do you have friends?" It slipped out. I really didn't want to continue this conversation but there was this slight hesitation in her voice that made me think she was being less than truthful and my natural instinct when I think I'm catching my mom in a lie is to press her. "And where did you go?" Shut up, Nate!

"You're being awfully nosy." she said slowly. "Maybe I should ask you how you spent your afternoon, hm?"

"Shutting up now." I said quickly. The threat was unneeded. I was more than happy to stop this conversation before it got started.

We were silent for the rest of the car ride. Thank fucking Christ.

I was sitting at my desk popping pieces of cold rotisserie chicken into my mouth and looking down at my unopened book bag when I realized that I had no idea what the hell my homework was. In fact I was pretty sure that once I opened the damn thing I wouldn't even have any of my notebooks in there. Might as well find out. I set my tasty chicken aside and opened the bag.

Books, crumpled up papers (seriously? What the hell is wrong with me?) and, surprise surprise, my notebooks. Well, at least I can DO the homework, now I just need to know what it is.

I thought about calling Vicky but every time I'd tried to call him it either rang forever and no one answered or it went right to voice mail (seriously what kind of fucked up phone plan does he have?) so that only really left one option. I kinda didn't wanna talk to Jason, what with the whole 'erection hug' thing still less than 6 hours in the past, but even though avoidance is usually my preferred method of dealing with these things I was gonna end up calling him at some point. The only question was whether it would be now or after another hour of obsessing over not wanting to do it. I decided to take a bold new direction in my life and skip the obsessing.

I could always find something to obsess about later if I missed it.

I plugged the phone back in and hit 2 on my speed dial. It used to be 1 but I moved him to 2 after I put Vicky in 1. It just didn't seem right to have anyone in front of him, you know?

"Hello?" came the deep, rich voice of Jason's dad. I felt a smile curl my lips.

"Hi, Mr-"

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" he cut me off. "You know better than that Nate, call me Bill or don't call me at all."

I laughed. Jason's dad was the first adult I'd ever met that ever asked me to call them by their first name. He was a big guy, tall and incredibly intimidating and the first time I met him when I was 10 I practically crapped my pants. He was like a big kid though and pretty ecstatic that his son had finally brought home a friend and he went out of his way to make me feel comfortable. He played video games with us and acted like a total dork to get us to laugh so he could beat us and when we still beat him (looking back, I'm pretty sure he let us) he'd grab his chest, groan and fall limply to the floor like we'd just struck a mortal blow. He was awesome. It took me a long time to get used to calling any adult by their first name, however, so I always greeted him by his last. Every time I'd start to say "Mr" he'd cut me off and tell me to call him "Bill". Eventually it kind of became a game between us where I'd try to get his whole last name out before he could cut me off. I've only ever won twice and both of those times have been "sneak attacks" after he picked up the phone when I was calling for Jason. I guess he's finally gotten on the ball with that. I'd have to think of another way to get him.

"Ok, ok, Bill." I said with mock exasperation.

"And don't you forget it, kid." he laughed his big booming laugh. "So, I haven't seen you around a lot over the summer, been keeping busy?"

I tried really hard not to blush even though he couldn't see it. I couldn't exactly say that the reason I hadn't been around much was because I spent the first half of the summer hanging around the pool staring...oogling...ok, fine, leering at boys and the other half hanging around the pool getting all frantic and depressed because Vicky never showed up again. "Yeah, been busy." I managed to get out. Shit! I totally sounded like I was trying to hide something and when adults notice teenagers hiding something they usually tend to think it can only be one thing.

Please don't ask about a girlfriend. Please don't ask about a girlfriend. Please don't ask about a-

"It's always good to keep busy." Oh thank- "So, I heard you and Jason made a new friend eh?"

Crap! Ok, not a girlfriend question, but still not a safe topic. Ok let's move the conversation away from this, nice and natural like.

"Yeah, his name's Vicky. He's really awesome." Dammit! I can't not gush about Vicky! Abandon ship! "Um, I, can I talk to Nate? I mean Jason! Um...." Oh, fuck me.

Another booming laugh. "Well, looks like somebody's a little flustered." Oh God no. Please just stop talking about this! If there's one thing I don't want to deal with right now it's Jason's scary, intimidating child of a father finding out that I'm gay. "Don't worry, I won't pry. You probably have something vitally important to talk to Jason about so I'll just go get him." Oh thank fuck. "One thing before I go." Oh fuck. "What can you tell me about this girl I hear Jason's dating? He's been pretty tight lipped about the whole thing, even to his old man."

Ok, this wasn't that bad. This I could deal with. "Um, I kinda got in trouble for telling his mom she existed so....."

He sighed. "Yeah she told me you told her. Oh well, it was a long shot anyway. Maybe I'll stalk him on his next date?" He let out another laugh. "Alright I'll go get Jason. It was nice talking to you again Nate, don't be a stranger ok?"

I smiled. I always liked going to Jason's house. It always had such a friendly family atmosphere. Something I'd never really had growing up on account of the constant fighting between my mom and dad. "I won't. It was good talking to you too."

"Nice to know I haven't gotten completely boring in my old age." He laughed and then before I had time to say anything else he shouted "Jason! Phone!" and then in a much lower tone "He'll be down in a second. Goodbye Nate."

"Goodbye Mr-"

"Ah! What did I say?"

I chuckled....ok well I giggled but I just can't call it a giggle when I'm doing it where Jason's dad can hear. "Bill."

"There we go." I heard the sounds of someone lumbering down the stairs even through the phone. "Here he is."

"Hello?" Jason's voice came over the phone after it had been handed off.


"Oh. Um. Hi." He sounded nervous and just a little bit, ok a lot, unenthusiastic about this conversation. Not that I blame him. This whole thing is just way too awkward for words.

"Hi." Dammit Nate stop being a pussy! "Look, can we maybe just forget about what happened? It was.....not pleasant for either of us and if we could just, kinda, forget it completely and not freak out about it-"

Jason snorted.


"You telling someone not to freak out. It's funny."

"Fuck you ok? I'm trying to be cool about this but if you wanna be a dick....." Shit, did I just say dick?

Awkward silence.

"Um, yeah, ok, um, sorry." Jason stammered.

I sighed. "Let's just forget it ok?"

There was a few seconds of silence and I was starting to get worried but then he said "Yeah, ok."





"So what's the homework?"

"Um....wait, what?"

"What's the homework?" I repeated impatiently. I thought the question was pretty clear myself.


"Because I'm spying on you for the teachers." I let out an exasperated sigh. "Because I don't know what the homework is! Why the hell else would I ask?"

"Jesus! Bite my head-" A pause. "This should not be this fucking weird." he muttered almost under his breath. "So that's why you called?" This last was at normal volume.

I decided to ignore his mutterings. "Yeah. You think I wanted to have this awkward ass conversation with you now instead of putting it off as long as possible?"

"Good point." he grumbled. "Fine, you know I can only give you the homework from the classes we have together right?"

"Of course." I said with an implied 'idiot' as the end. "I just need enough so my mom thinks I did it all and let's me, you know, sleep."

Jason chuckled. "Awww poor Nate. Can't go beddy-by unless mommy says it's ok." He started making some baby noises. Cooing and goo-goo ga-ga and the like. And he says I'm immature.

"You know, I could always just tell your parents all about Jen the next time they ask." I said offhandedly.

He shut up immediately.

"You really suck, you know that?" he said exasperatedly.

I could resist. But I'm not in the mood. "No I don't know that. Vicky's the one who knows all about my sucking-"

"Jesus fuck Nate! Can you at least lay off that shit until I forget what your fucking boner pressed into my crotch feels like?" He ended with this little choking sound, kinda like he couldn't believe he actually said that and was trying to swallow the words back in.

I should stop. This was obviously bothering him and it wasn't exactly something I wanted to talk about either but.....well....I'm an asshole. I've got no better excuse. "So.....you're still thinking about what it felt like?" I said teasingly.

"No! Ye-no! Dammit that's not-.....you su-...GOD! I hate you sometimes!"

I won't lie. I laughed. I laughed until there were tears running down my face and I could barely breath. Death by mirth. It could so happen.

I got myself under control a few minutes after Jason stopped yelling and cursing into the phone. The second I stopped laughing I started to regret pushing him this far. Not because I thought I did any damage to our friendship or anything but because I knew he'd get me back for this and I was not at all looking forward to that. At the very least I had a feeling that Vicky was about to learn a lot of embarrassing secrets about me over the next few days. Or maybe not. If Vicky did what I suggested and asked Jason about a hug he might turn his wrath on both of us. It would suck to get Vicky involved like that but at least the short lived superhero career of Commodore Urine would stay a well buried secret.

Don't ask.

"So about that homework?" I asked calmly after the laughter died down.

Silence. "Nate. Fuck you."

"Are you really pissed at me?"


"Jason?" Shit. I didn't mean to piss him off. I swear!

More silence. And then a sigh. "I'm not pissed. Just.....just never mind. I don't wanna talk about it."


"I don't wanna talk about it." he said firmly. "I"m fine, I don't hate you...much...just leave it alone and for fuck's sake stop being such an asshole ok?"

"Alright, alright. Sorry." I was too. For the most part.

"You're forgiven ok? Now let's move on. You wanted homework right?"

"Yeah." See, I know when to drop things. I still wondered what was bothering him so much but I had a feeling that as much as he didn't wanna tell me, I didn't really wanna know, so I wasn't gonna push it.

"Ok, hang on a sec. Let me get my notebook."

He got it and read off the assignments. I copied them down. Not too bad, mostly book work. I even had most of the books to do it. Go me, I guess.

"Thanks." I said after I was done copying everything.

"Yeah yeah. Next time pay attention so you don't need to bother me." I could hear the smirk in his words so I knew he was joking. Mostly anyway.

"Sorry for disturbing you, your highness." I said as solemnly as I could.

Jason laughed. "You're forgiven, peasant."

Even though he couldn't see I stuck my tongue out at the phone. "Alright, I should probably go do this crap or something."


"I'll see you tomorrow."

"See ya." He hung up.

I put the phone back in it's holder, opened up my first book and got to work.

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