Everything Will Turn Out Alright

by Cy-kun

Chapter 5

My mom came up a few minutes later to tell us that she was leaving to go to Vicky's house to pick up some clothes and his toothbrush that their housekeeper had packed up for him. We both thanked her profusely for doing this but she insisted that it was no problem. I can't believe that I ever thought that she was, you know, pure evil. I finally got to take something out of the "Things Nate Stupidly Believes to be True" category.

We both decided to hold off on trying actual sex until later tonight. Not only were we both still a bit spent from our earlier sex play but we wanted our first time to be special. We wanted to take our time and get the most out of it. After all you only lose your virginity once. Well, I guess twice if you're bisexual but me and Vicky were both definitely gay. Plus it was much more romantic to have sex at night.

Since sex was off the table for the next several hours we got back to playing video games. We gave up on New Vegas and played Dynasty Warriors for about an hour until Jason signed on and wanted to play Reach. We switched out the games and luckily I had two headsets so we could both talk to him.

"So, do we have to keep this a secret?" Vicky asked me while we were getting set up.

"Keep what a secret?" I asked.

"Us, stupid." He hit me playfully. "Does Jason know that you're gay?"

"Yeah he's known for years, we don't need to hide anything from him." I replied

"Awesome!" he said with a happy, yet somehow mischiveous, grin.

We got everything set up, started the game and invited Jason to private chat. I wondered about the best way to tell him about me and Vicky.

"I got a blow job!" Vicky sang out once Jason got into the room. Well, that's one way to do it I guess.

"Uh, oh, um..." Jason trailed off. "Awesome?" He finally finished. I laughed.

"Hey, I thought you'd be happier for us." I said. "After all this did prove that you were right and I was wrong and you usually get all pleased with yourself on these infrequent occasions."

"Wait, what was he right about?" Vicky asked.

"That we were crazy about each other." I said

"He knew about that?!" Vicky exclaimed.

"Yep. Oh and so did my mom." I said.

"I didn't think we were that obvious about it." Vicky said with a nervous laugh. "I wasn't even sure you liked me or anything like that."

"That's what I said!"

"Well you're both idiots then." Jason cut in. "And, yes, I am happy for you guys but couldn't you have found a better way to tell me? I don't think I'm ever going to get this image out of my head."

Well, if that wasn't an invitation to do evil I'm not sure what is.

"Sorry about that Jason." I said apologetically. "And I'm sure Vicky didn't mean for you to have any images of his cock sliding in and out of my eager lips while I begged him to cum in my mou-"

"Jesus Christ!" Jason exclaimed but I ignored him and kept on going.

"-and I certainly won't tell you about how Vicky made me cum without touching my penis just by putting his finger in my ass-"

"Ok, seriously, stop!" Jason yelled. Vicky was rolling on the floor laughing so hard that tears were starting to come down his face.

"-and I won't say anything about the torrid homo sex we're going to be having later on tonight." I finished.

"You're a complete asshole sometimes you know?" Jason said angrily.

"Well, speaking of assholes..." I started.

"Ahhhh shut up!" Jason cried which caused Vicky, who had almost pulled himself together, to collapse into another fit of laughter which ended up knocking his headset off.

"Ok, seriously, I'll stop." I said while trying to suppress my own laughter.

Jason sighed. "You better. I really don't need to go to sleep thinking about my best friend's dick."

For once I decided it was probably best not to comment on that. By this time Vicky had recovered from his giggle fit and put his headset back on.

"Wanna go to sleep thinking about my dick instead? I could describe it for you." Vicky said while trying to keep a straight face.

"Oh God! I thought you were gonna stop." Jason yelled.

"I said I'd stop." I replied. "I don't recall Vicky making any promises."

"Great." Jason said. "Is this how it's gonna be from now on, you two guys teaming up on me?"

This time we both collapsed into fits uncontrollable laughter.

"Jesus you guys are like a couple of little kids!" Jason growled.

"Oh yeah, like your some kind of pillar of maturity." I shot back after getting my laughter under control.

"More mature than you." he replied.

"Bullshit!" I exclaimed. "What about the time that Michelle Anderson said 'camel toe' in biology? You didn't shut up about that for days."

"Well, what about the time you cracked up in the middle of English class when we were reading Master and Commander and got to the part about the poop deck?"

"You spent 50 dollars on Record of Agarest War to get the mouse pad with the boobs on it and never even played the game!"

"Yeah? Well you-" Jason started to say but was cut off by Vicky.

"Are you guys gonna argue all night or can we play some Halo at some point?"

We both fell silent, surprised at the interruption.

"It's like you guys are the couple with the way you fight." Vicky said with mock exasperation.

We were silent for a few more seconds and then Jason started to laugh. I joined in and soon after Vicky followed. His comment wasn't all that funny but the entire situation was just so stupid that the only way it could have possibly been resolved was with unrestrained laughter. When we finally calmed down Jason was the first one to speak.

"Let's play the game now ok?" he asked and without waiting for a response added, "And like I said before I am happy for you guys, just don't be so eager to push details on me in the future ok?"

"Ok" we said in unison and got in a game.

I did notice, however, that he didn't exactly make us promise never to tell him any details ever again. I decided to file that away for later use.

We played Reach until 10:00 when Jason got kicked off the Xbox by his mom. We said our goodbyes and Jason even sounded sincere when he said he hoped we had a good time tonight so I kinda figured he wasn't as mad about our 'detail pushing' as he seemed. Most likely he was just a bit jealous that he hadn't done anything sexual with his new girlfriend yet. I probably should have felt bad about shoving our sexual achievements in his face but I was just too happy about being with Vicky and too excited about what we were going to do tonight to worry about that just now.

My mom came up at 11:00 to tell us she was going to bed. She warned us not to stay up too late and not to make a racket and keep her awake all night. It took all my willpower to keep my face neutral at that comment. I didn't think she was talking about sex, she always gave similar warnings when Jason stayed over, but when you're planning on having sex with your boyfriend (oh my God I have a boyfriend now!) and your mother indirectly references concerns that you have about said sex it's hard not to link them together in your mind. We assured her that we would keep quiet and go to bed at a reasonable time. She said goodnight and left.

"Is she gonna hear us?" Vicky asked nervously.

"I don't think so." I said. "Her room is all the way down the hall and she's a pretty heavy sleeper. We should be fine." I smiled at him. He smiled back. We decided to wait another hour before doing anything to make sure that she was going to stay in her room and fall asleep. While we waited we messed around on the internet. Vicky wanted to look at all the social networking sites that his dad had blocked. We both thought Twitter was pretty stupid and pointless. (As Vicky said "Who cares what Ashton Kutcher bought at the supermarket?") We went to check out Facebook but you need an account to really look around and I didn't have one so we decided to make one up. Our fictional Facebooker was named Clark Ellis (we didn't put much effort into it) a 56 year old high school history teacher who's favorite TV show was Gossip Girl and who's profile photo bared a remarkable resemblance to an angry Mel Gibson. We quickly figured out that Facebook wasn't Vicky's thing either.

"I just don't see the point in putting your life on the internet for everyone to see." he said. "If you want to share things with your friends then share it with them in person like normal people and if you don't live near your friends you can always use phones, email or instant messaging. The whole things just seems like a place for people who don't have any real friends to put together a list of people that they say are their friends so they don't have to feel bad about nobody liking them in real life."

I kinda wanted to argue this point, after all I didn't think everyone on Facebook was a pathetic loser, but fact that "Clark Ellis" already had 5 friend requests after being an account for only about 15 minutes kinda made it hard. We did like all the guys who posted shirtless pictures of themselves on their profiles though, even if they did all looked like complete douchebags. We also thought all the underage kids who posted pictures of themselves holding handguns with their faces covered to hide their identities and then posted other pictures of themselves on the same profile with no face covering were hilarious. But we ended up getting bored with Facebook after about a half hour and went onto other things.

Seeing as I only had one chair in the room Vicky and me had to share and over the course of our internet wanderings I became very aware of his body against mine. After about 45 minutes of being on the computer it was all I could do to not rip off his clothes and ravage him right then and there. But I wanted to wait the full hour and Vicky seemed to really be enjoying making fun of all the different social networking sites and I wanted him to have fun.

However at midnight, exactly 15 minutes later, Vicky turned to me and smiled.

"Do you wanna go to bed?" he asked

For a split second I thought he meant did I want to go to sleep and I was a bit disappointed, ok very disappointed, but I quickly realized my mistake when I saw the playfulness in his smile. I grinned.

"More than anything in the world." I said and suddenly had an idea. "Wait one second though." I closed down my internet browser and opened up the display options. I searched around in my screen savers until I found the one I wanted and I hit "preview". My monitor went dark for a second and then filled with a beautiful rendering of a crackling fire. I turned off the lights in my room and the fireplace screensaver lit the entire room in shifting yellow-orange light. I moved the monitor so the screen was facing more towards Vicky, and the bed.

"That's better." I said

Vicky smiled. "Very romantic."

I walked over to him and took him in my arms. Even though it wasn't a real fire he still looked beautiful with the shadows cast by the "flames" flickering over his face. God, I wanted him so badly! I never before needed anything as much as I needed Vicky right then. We kissed hungrily, our tongues fighting to get inside the others mouth. I slid my hands under the front of his shirt and moved my hands up his body. I caressed his stomach lovingly as I moved my hands upwards. When I reached his chest I gave each of his nipples a squeeze and he moaned slightly into my mouth. We stopped kissing for a moment. Vicky lifted his arms and I took off his shirt and threw it in the corner, my own shirt following right after. The "firelight" danced across our naked torsos as we kissed again.

Lips still locked together, we moved over to the bed, fumbling with the buttons on each others pants the whole way. I got his unbuttoned first and he deftly stepped out of them after I pushed them to the floor. Mine came off soon after and I mimicked his stepping out of the pants while moving towards the bed maneuver. Our stiff cocks brushed together as we moved toward the bed naked. When we got there Vicky pulled me down on top of him and wrapped his legs around me. We broke our kiss.

"So who goes first?" Vicky asked. I didn't even have to think about it.

"I want you inside me." I said breathlessly. It was what I had wanted since that day at the pool.

"How do we do this?" Vicky asked. "Do you have some kind of lube or something?" As always, Vicky's surprisingly knowledge of sex only turned me on even more. I rolled over to the edge of the bed, untangling myself from Vicky as I did so. I crawled up a bit until I came to my nightstand and reached under it. I felt around for what I had hidden in the small space between the back of my drawer and back of the nightstand itself. I tossed the small bottle of lubricant to Vicky, who caught it easily and grinned.

"This doesn't seem to be a full bottle." he said playfully. "What have you been using it on?"

"Well, your finger wasn't the first thing to go inside my ass." I said and returned his grin. In fact I had an old toothbrush and a dry permanent marker that I liked to use on myself when I was alone. Somehow I didn't think I'd be needing those anymore.

Vicky poured some lube on his cock and rubbed it in before closing the bottle and dropping it on the floor. I lay on my back and spread my legs. Vicky moved up closer to me and positioned himself directly between my legs. I looked into his eyes. My last sight as a virgin would be Vicky's face and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Vicky rubbed the head of his stiff cock over my hole and I shivered with delight. He slowly started to push it in. The tip of his cock slid into my asshole and I felt myself stretch. He pushed in more and I felt his head pop inside me. That was it: my virginity was officially gone. For so long I'd fantasized about this but now that it was finally happening I barely noticed. All I could think about was how good Vicky felt and how I wanted more.

There was a slight twinge of pain, Vicky's cock was thicker than anything I had previously put in my ass and it took a bit of getting used to. He pushed about an inch of his cock inside me and then he held it there letting me get used to it. I didn't care if it hurt I just wanted him all the way inside of me. I grabbed his hips and pulled him forward. His penis slid in another two inches before he stopped himself and I moaned.

"Are you ok?" Vicky asked.

I was so far beyond ok I almost laughed out loud. Instead, I just nodded my head rapidly.

"Good." Vicky smiled down at me.

He pushed forward again and I felt his pelvis touch my balls. He was fully inside of me! It was such a beautiful feeling. I was so full and the thing that was filling me up was attached to the boy that I loved more than anything. I could have stayed like that forever and been content but I didn't want to be content. I was greedy. I wanted more.

"Fuck me" I whispered.

He pulled out until only his head was inside and then slowly pushed himself back in me. I grunted. He pulled back and pushed in again. I was in heaven, but I wanted more. I reached up and pulled him down to me and kissed him fiercely on the lips.

"Fuck me hard." I demanded.

He propped himself up with his hands and kept his face close to mine. He started thrusting again, slowly as first but quickly picking up speed. He pulled out almost all the way then violently shoved himself back in side me. I loved it. Every time he thrust back into me a let out a little whimper of pleasure. He moved faster, fucking me hard and I begged him for more. I looked into his eyes as he took me and even though I thought it impossible I loved him more in that moment that I did even before. He fucked his cock into my eager hole faster and faster until my whimpers became a sustained moaning. Nothing existed for me then but Vicky, his cock and the absolute bliss they were giving me.

He leaned down and kissed me hard as he continued to thrust into me. After we broke our kiss he kept his head down next to mine and I could hear his breaths of exertion. They turned me on even more. I moaned into his ear and and the sound drove him to fuck me faster and harder. I almost couldn't take the pleasure. This felt even better than the prostate orgasm he had given me earlier in the day. I knew right then that I was born to have his cock inside me. He kept thrusting into me and without thinking I bit his neck to keep from screaming out in pleasure. He let out a grunt and I worried that I may have hurt him but he started fucking me even faster. He plowed into me with such force that I was actually afraid the bed might break. He began breathing in short, heavy gasps and I instinctively knew he was close to orgasm. I needed his cum inside me.

"I need it! Cum in me now!" I gasped lustfully into his ear.

He thrust into me once, twice, three more times before stopping, throwing his head back and letting out a load groan.

"I'm....I'm......Ohhhhhhh!" he moaned and I felt his cock pulse inside me. I felt warmth flood my insides and I knew he was filling me with his seed. I could feel every pump his cock made as he came in me. His cock spurted a total of seven times before Vicky collapsed onto my chest with his half hard penis still inside my ass. He was utterly and completely spent. He lay on top of me struggling to catch his breath and my chest soon became slick with his sweat. His softening cock finally slid out of my ass with a soft plop and I felt a small dribble of semen leak out as it did.

I put my arms around Vicky's sweaty body and held him close. I loved him so much right then. Well, I loved him always but at that moment it was an intense combination of love and sexual satisfaction. He had just given me the greatest gift anyone could ever give and I wanted nothing more in that moment than to return the favor. But I would have to wait. The furious fucking that Vicky had just given me had taken a lot out of him and he needed to recover. I needed him to recover too because I didn't want anything to lessen his enjoyment of getting sex for the first time. I wanted to make him feel as amazing as he just made me feel.

Vicky's breathing finally returned to normal and he rolled off of me onto his back. I turned over and placed my head on his chest and lightly stroked his stomach. He rested his arm on me and I kissed his neck.

"Thank you." I whispered.

He was silent for a few seconds, just laying there with a satisfied smile on his face before finally speaking. "That was amazing."

I laughed softly. "You don't need to tell me." I could feel his breath hitting the top of my head as he held me. We lay there in each others arms for several more minutes before either one of us spoke again.

"Did it hurt at all?" Vicky asked.

"Just a bit when you first put it in." I said. "But it started to feel good very quickly." Understatement of the year.

"I'm glad. I can't wait for my turn." He grinned wickedly.

I giggled. "Neither can I." Some more cum leaked out of my ass. "Damn."

"What?" he asked.

I reached back and scooped up some of it. "Here." I held out my fingers to him. "I'm leaking."

He laughed. "Well, we can't have that." He sucked his semen off my fingers. "Hmm. I taste a bit different than you."

"Yeah, I'd noticed that too." I said as he rolled out from under me.

"Stay on your stomach." he said. He spread my ass cheeks apart and I felt more cum seep out. "That is so hot." he said before tentatively sticking his tongue between my globes and licking some of it up. He must have liked the way he tasted a lot because he shoved his tongue deep inside my ass and licked out as much of it as he could. I moaned softly. Damn but this boy was great at pleasuring. He finished licking and I saw he had some wetness on his face. Before I could say, or do, anything he licked the remaining cum off his lips and smiled at me. "There, now you won't get cum all over your sheets." he said as he lay back down beside me. I turned on my side and rested my head on my hand.

"You take such good care of me." I said sincerely. He smiled.

"Well, now it's your turn to take care of me." he said. My cock, which had been almost painfully erect since we first started kissing, somehow got even harder.

"Do you want it the same way?" I asked.

"No" he said. He rolled over onto his stomach and got up on his hands and knees. "I want it like this." he said over his shoulder and waved his ass at me. He gave me an wicked grin. I could so get used to sex loving Vicky.

I picked up the bottle of lube from the floor and applied some to my cock. I crawled back onto the bed and positioned myself behind Vicky. I rubbed my finger, which was still slick with lube, back and forth over his tightly puckered hole. Vicky moaned and pushed back against my hand, not much but enough to cause my finger to slip inside him. God, he was tight! I couldn't wait to get my cock inside there but I had to get him loose first or it would end up hurting.

I slowly pushed my finger inside him as far as it would go. He grunted with discomfort. I hated hearing any negative sounds coming from my Vicky but I knew pulling out now wouldn't solve anything so I decided to keep my finger in there so he could get used to it. After about a minute I slowly started to pull it out. Vicky grunted again but this time it turned into a slight moan. I pushed my finger in and out a few times and I could feel him loosening up slightly.

"Try using two." he said

"Are you sure?" I asked

"Yeah, I think I'm ready." he replied.

I hoped so. If he could take two fingers he could probably take my cock. I pulled all the way out and placed my two fingers at the entrance to his hole. I pushed in. They went in about halfway before he asked me to stop. I did. We stayed like that for a few seconds and then he pushed himself back into my fingers. I held still and let him get them inside him at his own pace. Watching my fingers slowly sink into his ass was almost more than I could take, I wanted them to be by dick in the worst way. Finally, after several stops and starts, my fingers were all the way in. His hole gripped them so tightly that I was starting to have doubts about getting them out again. Not that that would be altogether terrible, I suppose.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said.

"Does it feel good?" I asked hopefully.

"Mmmmm yes." he purred.

I smiled. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, put your cock inside me." he begged.

Who was I to deny that request? I pulled my fingers out and, after making sure my penis was still properly lubed up, I placed the head against his wrinkled pink hole. I pushed inside. Vikcy groaned as I entered him. I got the head inside and stopped. Damn, and I thought he was tight on my fingers! His ass gripped my head like a vise and I started to seriously worry about whether or not I'd be able to get all the way inside him.

Vicky apparently didn't have the same concerns because he started pushing back against my cock, causing it to slide in further. He let out a moan as it sunk halfway into his tight, no longer virgin ass. He paused, letting himself get used to having half my cock in him. As I waited for him to be ready for the rest I looked at the place where we were joined. I could see his hole stretched tightly around my shaft and at that moment I couldn't think of anything that would have been more erotic. Vicky started to push back against me again but I grabbed his hips and stopped him.

"I want to do this." I said.

He looked back at me and said simply. "Ok."

I pulled him back onto my by his hips. My cock sank deeper and deeper inside of him until, finally, I was pressed up against his ass. He moaned loudly and squeezed my penis with his ass muscles. Oh God, that felt good! He did it again and this time it was me who moaned. He giggled as I firmed up my grip on his hips. I needed to fuck this boy right now.

I pulled out almost all the way and paused, savoring the anticipation, before plunging back inside him. He groaned and I repeated the motion. I thrust slowly at first, wanting to make sure he really was able to handle my cock. His ass still gripped me tightly but Vicky only moaned when I thrust into him so I figured he could take it. I started pushing into him faster. I watched the shadows from the screensaver dance over the lines of his back as I fucked his hole. I thrust into him harder and faster, pulling him towards me by his hips every time I pushed into him. Soon I could feel him pushing back against me on his own and I let go.

After I released his hips he started pushing back into me with wild abandon. He moaned with every thrust I made into him and I let out a moan of my own. His ass was still tightly holding onto my cock and I was amazed that I was still holding out. Not that I was in any hurry to cum. I wanted this to last.

I noticed that Vicky was looking over his shoulder at me. His mouth was slightly open and I could hear little moans coming from between his perfect lips. I looked into his eyes as I fucked him. I ran my hands over his body, feeling his taut muscles ripple with every thrust I made. I fucked him faster. My cock slammed into his asshole harder and harder and he responded by pushing back just as hard.

"Ohhhhh god! Fuck me!" he yelled. "Fuck me hard! I love your cock inside me! Fuck my ass!"

Vicky's sudden torrent of dirty talk turned me on ever more. Hearing those words coming out of that sweet innocent looking boy almost sent me over the edge. He kept talking saying how much he loved having my big cock in his ass and begging me to fuck him even harder. I obliged. My hips were thrusting into him at speeds I didn't think were possible. I was breathing heavily, fucking was pretty exhausting.

Vicky's constant stream of filthy words and pleas for me to fuck him harder dissolved into a loud cry of pleasure. He looked back over his shoulder again and his face was lit up with an expression of pure ecstasy. I kept thrusting my cock into Vicky's hole and pretty soon I felt a familiar tingling in my balls.

"I'm gonna cum." I panted

Vicky moaned. "Cum inside me. Fill me up, Nate!"

I let out a loud groan as I came. I pushed my cock inside him as deep as it would go and held it there as I came inside him. I lost count of how many times my cock pulsed inside of him but eventually I stopped cumming. I pulled my now only half hard penis out of his ass and collapsed next to him on the bed. I was completely worn out. I had always wondered why people fell asleep after sex since I very rarely ever felt the need to sleep after masturbating, and then only after multiple orgasms, but now I knew. Sex was a lot of work. But it was so worth it.

Vicky lay on top of me as I caught my breath. His left arm and leg were thrown haphazardly over me and his head was on my shoulder. I lifted his head up by his chin and kissed him. He smiled at me blissfully.

"That was amazing!" he exclaimed. "I never thought getting fucked would feel that good. It was the best feeling I've ever had!"

I giggled softly. "I could tell you were enjoying it."

Even in the low light of the "fire" I could see his face turn red. "Yeah, well, I told you I had a dirty mouth." He laughed self consciously.

"I'm not complaining." I said with a grin.

I looked at the clock and noticed that it was after one. We'd been having sex for a little over an hour. I guess it's true what they say, that time flies when you're having gay sex with Vicky. Well, I doubt "they" actually said that but they should because it's true. It's damn true. Of course, the obvious and unfortunate side effect of having sex for more than an hour was that it made you incredibly tired. I'm pretty sure Vicky would have agreed with me on that but I never got a chance to ask him because he had fallen asleep on my shoulder.

Now I had a problem. I was about to fall asleep as well and I knew that locked door or not if my mom thought that something was wrong, like, say, if she knocked on my door and got no response because the two occupants were in a post sex sleep coma, she could get in. Not only did she insist on keeping the spare key but you could easily get around the lock by shoving an old credit card between the latch and the jamb and, accepting or not, I'm pretty sure the last thing any mother wants to see is her son sleeping naked with his equally naked boyfriend sleeping on top of him. I wasn't too keen to have that experience either.

On the other hand I couldn't bear the thought of waking Vicky up. He looked so cute, not to mention drop dead sexy and about a million other adjectives, sleeping on me. I knew I had to wake him up but I kept procrastinating all the while getting more and more droopy eyed myself. In my tiredness I hit upon what I thought was a great plan. I'd stealthily slip out from under Vicky, get into my pajamas, run downstairs, get Vicky's from the bag that my mom got from his house, come back to my room and, without waking him, carefully dress him in whatever bed clothes he had. Easy.

I failed almost immediately as I woke Vicky up while I was trying to slide from under him. When I got my shoulder free his head ended up falling onto the bed. He lifted his head up and blinked rapidly.

"Hey." he said tiredly. His eyes then shot open and he jolted upright. "What time is it?" he asked in a panic.

"Relax." I said soothingly. "You were only asleep for about 10 minutes." I smiled. "Do you have any idea how cute you are when you're asleep?"

His panic fled as quickly as it had appeared. "Not as cute as you are all the time." He said and gave me a kiss. My heart fluttered, I didn't think I'd ever get tired of hearing him say things like that.

Vicky made to get up but I gently held him down.

"Stay here, I'll get your bag." I said softly.

"Now you're the one who takes such good care of me." he said. He sounded like he was about to fall asleep again at any second but I saw only love in his eyes as he smiled up at me.

"You deserve it." I said. We remained silent as he watched me get my pajamas on.

I went down and got Vicky's overnight plastic bag. When I brought it back to him he tiredly fished around and brought out a pair of light pajama pants and a lose white Naruto T-Shirt. He got dressed and I got into bed with him.

"Goodnight Nate." he said.

"Goodnight, my love." I said back.

We kissed each other, snuggled up under the blanket and fell asleep.

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