Jay & Miles

by ColumbusGuy

Chapter 40

Home Places

POV: Greg, Mikey

The granite gatepost on the right of the graveled drive read in large but worn incised lettering. The post on the other side of the entrance simply had four numbers arranged vertically: 1854, which Denny had told me was the year his family's house was built. He lived farther away than I'd thought, as I watched the scenery go by; we'd left my house ten minutes ago, and crossed Broad Street going north past the Highway Patrol station before Denny finally turned left at the well-kept private lane. Ancient oak and walnut trees dominated the woods to either side, with decorative cherry trees closest to the manicured edges. A long, gentle curve brought his house into view for the first time, and I felt a little uncomfortable. Shit—it was almost a fucking mansion.

"I knew this was a mistake," I heard my boyfriend say with a sigh. "It's just a house, Reb…and for all its noise, I'd rather live in yours—it feels more like home to me than the place I was born in." His words, and the soft kiss he placed on my cheek, brought me back to myself. Living here, he should have gone to the school in Granville, but he'd chosen the more rural school his family had sponsored, having had enough of the snobbery at his school in Maine. And their vicious harassment. The way his voice almost caressed the word 'Reb' caused my doubts to flee, and reminded me that I'd won at our own version of Appomattox.

"Well, we gonna see this place, or just sit here in the driveway all night?" He smiled in relief, and pulled up to a three-car garage behind the two-storey brick house. A single storey brick ell came into view, and though it was not as ornate as the rest, it was still impressive. Denny unlocked the side door, and we entered a mud room off a large kitchen. To the left was a laundry, and two doors to the right led into the main house, or so I thought. The left one was a pantry, and the right led to a narrow room full of cabinets holding china and other dishes—then there was a swinging door into the rest of the place. I watched in shock as he grabbed a bag of chips and two cans of Pepsi before leading the way out of the kitchen. We'd had dinner at my house less than an hour ago, what were the snacks for?

"Come on; we'll hang out in my room," he said over his shoulder, giving me a wide grin. I caught a glimpse of a wood-panelled hallway before he turned left up the back stairs. To our right was a door leading into a large dining room, but I only really noticed Denny's butt as he climbed the narrow stairs. He pointed to the right at the double doors near where the main stairway lay. "That's my parents' room; mine is at the end to our left."

I wasn't sure what to expect when he opened the door, but besides the tall narrow windows and fancy woodwork, my room at home was a little bigger…sure it was only an attic room with three dormers, but all his space had on mine was ceiling height. The furniture was nice, with an antique double bed, tall dresser, and a desk by one of the windows, but the walls were bare except for a small shelf with a few trophies—not one poster or photograph marred their pale blue expanse. When I turned to look at the trophies, Yank kicked his shoes into a corner and blushed. Three of his awards were for running, one for swimming, and another for archery: all first or second places for events in Maine.

I felt his arms encircle me, so I leaned into him, letting my head rest on his shoulder. We stood like that for a while, enjoying the scent of each other and the warmth of our closeness. "Lift your foot," he said, using his toes to pry my own sneakers off. His lips brushed my cheek, and his hands pulled me tighter as he guided us to sit on the edge of his bed. My eyes widened at the silvery hue of his, and I laughed when he placed my hand on the middle of his chest, saying, "Doc, I think I need a treatment."

I was certain that my blush was visible to him, and I was right when he lifted my chin so he could look me in the eye. Sure, I'd had a lot of experience with Benny a year or so back, but that had just been some fun once we figured out we weren't going to be more than friends—with Dennis Watson I wanted this to be more than just sex. His first times had been unwilling, and I had come up with the 'treatments' to ease him into associating sex with love and safety rather than traumatic dreams. From his words, I had an idea that my approach was working, but I didn't want to rush it before he was ready; so far all we'd done was undress and I'd given him a bj or two in Jay's hayloft. I'd let him set the pace for everything we did, and especially what we'd done so far.

Since my mom and dad knew Yank's Uncle Rhys, I'd had no problem getting permission to spend the night, so we had lots of time and no need to rush at all. Denny was still hesitant about getting undressed in front of other guys thanks to his bullying in Maine, so I knew he wasn't ready for real sex yet. I was fine with that, and would wait as long as I needed to for him to be ready. "Got a deck of cards?" I laughed at the strange look he gave me, but he got up and went over to his desk, coming back with a fairly unused pack.

The cards' blue backs slid smoothly against each other as I shuffled, and then dealt them one at a time on the blanket between us; we were facing each other, knees almost touching, and I gave him a sly grin. I dealt out five cards each, then put the rest between us. "We're gonna play poker…but it's a variation I've come up with to help with your 'treatments…the Watson Variation has the loser remove a piece of the other guy's clothes rather than his own, with the option of touching or kissing the body part revealed. You can take as long as you need, or pass on the option…as I said, I won't force you to do anything you're not ready for."

Denny swallowed hard, then licked his lips. "I don't know, Reb…I mean, I trust you…but what if I can't bring myself to do the option every time?" His silver eyes were a troubled grey, and I saw a flurry of emotions in them. I took his hands in mine and leaned forward to give him a soft kiss.

"Only do what you feel ready for, Den—I'll never get impatient with you. It's gonna take time to replace all those bad memories from your old school with happy ones, and I'll wait as long as you need—you're my boyfriend, now and forever."

For the first hand, I had nothing, and couldn't tell from Denny's face if he had anything either. I tossed down two cards, and took two from the pile. "Aces high, nothing wild for this first game," I informed him before I took my two cards. He shook his head and also took two cards, and I watched him move one of them in his hand. "We each have two draws before we show our hands…" I said taking two more cards Shit—I'd have had a pair of jacks if I hadn't just discarded one—I had crap. Denny took two cards also, but I still couldn't tell if he had anything.

"Show and tell time, Yank," I said revealing that my highest card was the jack of spades. I waited a few seconds as he fiddled with the cards in his hand, then he gave me a wicked smile—he didn't have anything either—but his high card was an Ace! "Okay, Yank…stand up." I joined him standing by the bed, and looked him up and down, trying to decide what piece of his outfit I'd remove first. My mind was telling me to do his shirt, but my hands went to his belt, unbuckling it and pulling it free of its belt loops. I let my fingers trace the line where his jeans met his oxford shirt, and I gave a quick rub to the button just above his zipper…then we sat back on the bed.

We alternated dealing the cards, and we were fairly even, each losing his belt, then socks, then I removed his shirt. I put a little more attention into this than I had earlier items, taking my time undoing the buttons, letting my fingers rub his chest and nipples as I undid them, before slipping inside to ease it off his shoulders; he was breathing hard when my lips followed my fingers to his chest, licking and sucking at his pink nubs. I was getting hard from what I was doing, and a quick glance down showed Denny was in the same predicament I was. My goal wasn't to get him off—not yet anyway—but to get him horny, and associate undressing and being undressed with me as something fun. If he could make the transition to enjoying taking my clothes off, then maybe he'd find it easier to touch me down there. In Jay's loft, he'd barely touched me in that area, and that was after a lot of time had gone by—but this time he was doing better. Even so, I'd never go further than he was comfortable with.

When we were down to just jeans and briefs, I called a temporary halt; it was only 9P.M., so I opened the bag of chips, and stretched out on the bed next to him so we could watch his little television on the dresser. As we shared the snack, our bare arms were right next to each other, and I shifted so my hip was resting against his, letting my right leg land on top of his left one. I fed him another chip, and then licked the salt from his lips. I had no clue what was on because we were having too much fun…then he took the nearly empty bag from me, pulling me to my feet. "We need more soda," he said, and took my hand to go back down to the kitchen. We jostled each other as we both looked in the fridge, and I don't know if it was the cold air coming out, or our playful touches which was making our nipples hard. We sat at the big kitchen table to finish the chips, and our hands roamed one another freely, keeping us worked up the whole time. I heard a set of chimes, then a clock somewhere struck ten.

"Show me the rest of the place, huh?" I whispered in his ear, giving it a kiss. He giggled, but took my hand and led me into the panelled hall I'd gotten a glimpse of earlier, and then the two large rooms to either side. The hall had a massive hall tree with a mirror, and a few chairs, all in a style like you'd see in some Elizabethan play—all heavy wood with turned legs and cross-braces, with thick cushions on the seats and backs. There was also a tall grandfather clock and a big portrait of an old man with huge sideburns, who Denny said was his great-great grandfather—the first doctor in the area, and the man our school was named after. A large archway led into the dining room to the right of the massive walnut staircase, and it was a lot like the hall, except the panelling went only halfway to the ceiling. A huge table, similar to the furniture in the hall, could seat twelve people, and a bay window was at the end toward the front of the house. There were pictures of hunting scenes on the walls, which were cream plaster above the dark wood. The ceiling had plaster designs imitating the walls' panels.

I stared at Yank's ass as he pulled me across the hall past the large double doors to the front porch, and into a huge living room. On closer inspection, I could see it was really two rooms, divided by an arch almost as wide as the space itself. I was expecting more antique furniture, but the only pieces like that were the grand piano in the room's bay window at the far end, and a large sideboard which had been set up as a drinks bar. The rest was mostly chairs, low tables and a couple sofas in some fairly plain style he told me was Danish Modern. Near the big rosewood piano was a tall harp, and I saw a couple of music stands with sheet music. A set of shelves held other books of music, and cases for a flute, a recorder, and a guitar case leaned in a corner.

Denny had told me he played the harp, and I wondered if this was it. My arms went around his waist, and I pulled his back into my bare chest. "My, you sure got a big one…" I whispered, giving his neck a kiss. My fingers moved around to rub his crotch, and one slipped under his waistband. My other undid his button and I felt his zipper lower just a bit. "I've got an idea—we're gonna make out on the couch!" I pulled him over to the nearest one and lay down, letting his weight settle on top of me. My lips sought his, and I used one hand to undo my own jeans' button, and then raised my hips so we could line our dicks up side-by-side in our jeans. It wasn't long before my hands had roamed down his back and pulled his hips harder into mine, and we began to breathe harder by the second. Our chests were also rubbing, and sweat started making them slide easier on each other. Our zippers had worked open nearly all the way with our movements, and I used my hands to push his jeans lower on his thighs, and I gave him a low moan when he did the same for me.

I had to concentrate on keeping him distracted—I figured the hotter he got, the more he'd try without thinking about it—but at the first sign of hesitation, I would back off and let him set the pace. My hands and lips were doing a great job on his neck, chest, and torso as I slowly inched his jeans down past his knees…and he was doing the same to mine, being a bit more aggressive than he'd been in the barn a couple days ago. Then he did the first new thing: he raised up so he was kneeling by my feet, and peeled my jeans completely off. When he stretched out on top of me again, I used my feet to push his down onto the floor with mine, and gave him a ferociously lewd kiss. I thrust up into his groin, and the sweat of our bodies made the move almost frictionless. We were kissing and licking as much of each other's chests as we could reach, and our briefs were getting more than a little damp from the combination of sweat and pre-cum we were generating.

"I think we ought to go up to your room, don't you?" I whispered. All we'd need was to have him try to explain cum stains on his mom's upholstery. I led the way this time, one arm around his shoulders, and my other one keeping his dick hard and wet in his shorts. Denny's own hands were as occupied as mine as we flopped down facing each other on his bed. The short walk upstairs had given me a little time to calm myself, but I knew I wasn't too far away from coming, and the bulge in Denny's briefs told me he was in the same needy state. I let my fingers brush his smooth chest before going further down to trace the waistband of his blue briefs, and I drew my breath in when I felt his fingers very lightly do the same to mine…without any prompting from me. When I looked at his eyes, I saw they were a little uncertain, and his tongue licked his lips nervously. I leaned closer and kissed him softly, helping him to moisten their dryness.

Our eyes said all we had to say; I'd wait as long as he needed, and he would try pushing his boundaries a little each time we were together. My fingers were working his hardness through his briefs a bit before I began to pull them down and off his legs—and I let out a gasp when he cupped my package before he pulled my own underwear down. Until now, he'd never touched me directly, so I let out a hiss of pleasure when he tentatively brushed his fingers along my length. His thumb rubbed the head for a few seconds before he rubbed the underside of the head. He gave me a smile to show he knew how good it felt for me, and then he gave me a few strokes to show he was enjoying himself too. Of course, I did the same to him, using a little more pressure than his fingers had on me, and I was about to lean down to take him into my mouth for the last step of his 'treatment' when he stopped me.

Denny moved a bit closer, wrapping his arms around me, and his whispered words were a little hesitant. "I…want to try something new…is that okay?" I grinned and kissed his lips hard, letting myself relax so he could do whatever he wanted to do. I was surprised when he climbed over me and settled in behind me, his lithe body molding itself along my back and thighs. His right leg lay on top of mine, and his arms went around my chest until one was cradling my upper body and the other one lay across my hip so his hand could reach my cock and balls. His lips were nuzzling my neck and kissing me just behind my right ear, and when he shifted his hips a little, I felt his hard dick slide across my butt to rest against the crevice of my cheeks. He began to rub my chest and fondle my balls for a few seconds, before his fingers moved to encircle my hard shaft.

Now it was my turn to be nervous. Benny and I had done a lot of things, but we'd never fucked one another—we'd both agreed that should be reserved for our boyfriends, when we found them. I knew Dennis Watson was the boy I'd been waiting for, and was sure he'd be my first—but I couldn't believe he'd be ready for this step after being forced into oral sex at his old school. I could tell he was still tensing up over the prospect of returning the blow jobs I'd given him, and my games so far had been geared to getting him more comfortable with that…I'd not even thought he'd be interested in fucking anytime soon. It just didn't feel right that we'd be doing this right now—I was picturing it at a time when we'd both be able to share all aspects of lovemaking together. "Denny, I don't think we're ready to do this yet…I've never done it. Are you sure you're ready for such a big step?"

Denny pulled me around enough so he could look into my eyes, and his hand brushed my lips, letting me taste my own juices where he'd been stroking me. "I'm not ready for that, Reb…when we both are, I'll make it one special night." He kissed me tenderly before going on, "Right now, it's easier for me to play with your dick if I don't see it—so in a while, I'll be able to do the things to you that you've already done for me. Isn't that the whole point of your therapy, doc?" He laughed smugly before he resumed his position behind me, and my own giggles turned into hysterical laughter when his fingers tickled the short red hairs on my balls.

Very soon he was back to stroking my hard shaft with one hand, and tweaking my nipples with the other. His chest was moving against my back, and I realized he was rubbing his own dick along my butt cheeks, using them as a sort-of hand to stroke himself while he was doing me. The sweat was building on our bodies again, more than it had in the living room, and I was on the edge of losing my load if he kept this up much longer. His hard nipples were sliding around my back as he nibbled on my ears, then he moved one hand to grab my chest as he began thrusting harder onto my butt. The hand he'd been using on my dick was slick with my juices as he started long and eager strokes up the whole length of my shaft. I began to pant and moan, and felt his own breathing quicken in my ear. I writhed in his arms and against his body as he sent me over the edge, and my mind blanked out for a second as my orgasm took over. When I came back to myself, his hand was milking the last dregs of cum out of me, and his other hand was rubbing my load into my abs. I felt a hot sweaty body under me, and realized he'd rolled me on top of him as I shot. I wriggled around until I could kiss his cheek. "Now I get to finish you off…"

I was surprised when he laughed and pulled me tighter against him, and it was only then that I felt a hot wetness which wasn't sweat—he'd come on my ass and lower back when I'd shot my own load! "Sorry Reb, my artillery's out of ammunition for now…maybe in a few hours we can scrounge up more."

I got my biggest shock when he brought his cum-covered hand to his face and sniffed at it for a few seconds before he extended his tongue to taste my juices. I was numb for a minute as his face went through several contorted looks: distaste, curiosity, and finally his lips curved up in a smile. "I think I could get to like Southern Comfort," he said, referring to the famous brand of whiskey, "…as long as it comes from your squeeze-bottle."

I eased off him, being careful to stay on my side rather than get cum on his blankets…I forgot about that when I saw his load coating his crotch and chest…and I licked him clean as much as I could before moving up to share his nectar with him. He was no longer wary of this part of our lovemaking…it was mostly his own juices so he was okay with that…the big change was he seemed to like the taste of mine too. "Whiskey my ass—that's pure home-brewed 'white lightnin!' Beats your Yankee cocktails any day of the week."

He laughed at my joke, then got in the last word as he pulled me up to head for his bathroom. "Speaking of 'beating', maybe we can compare again in the morning…but you already know I surrendered to you days ago, my Dixie Boy. Now come on, we need to shower before bed…." His bath was an original clawfoot one, with an old hand-held shower attachment, but the awkwardness only made it more fun as we had to stand close together and get all soapy before using the thing to rinse each other off. Back in his room, I was wondering what we'd do for clothes since our briefs were all sticky with precum, but he pulled down the blankets and slid under them naked.

"We don't need shorts…less laundry for soldiers in camp…and who knows when there might be a surprise attack during the night?" I punched his arm and settled down next to him, and we fit together like we'd been doing this for years, me holding him to my chest with his head on my shoulder and our legs lying in a tangled mess. Denny had told me he had bad dreams once in a while, and I was prepared for him to have one, but he slept soundly all night, and when the light coming into his room woke me, I found he'd wrapped himself around me like an octopus. I brushed his hair back from his brow and went back to sleep…waking later to the feel of his lips on mine. "Up and at 'em, Reb…we've got time for one quick exchange of fire before lunch…my gun's all primed and ready!"

"It's such a shame," the whispered words seemed to float into my head out of nowhere. "He's pretty cute without those glasses…I can see why Jay likes him so much." I heard something that sounded like a soft slap, followed by what might have been footsteps heading off into the distance. At first I didn't know if the voice was part of the weird dreams I'd had about guys in corsets, and even stranger dancing, but the mention of Jay's name had to mean I was awake…and the warm body snuggled up to me had his familiar scent too. I felt lips brush my cheek and a hand pulled me closer under the blankets.

"I love you just the way you are, kæreste, with or without your glasses. You're my foxy boyfriend and I wouldn't trade you for all the tea in China." Those words filled me with a warmth like a summer day, and a little more of my dream came back to me—a guy who looked a bit like my Dane was dancing around in a gold pair of shorts…and I felt my dick getting hard from thinking I might actually see that in real life. Maybe I'd buy him a gold nylon swimsuit so he could wear it at the pond on his farm. If I was really lucky, maybe he'd let me take it off of him...yeah, I could see that so clearly in my head.

I could feel Jay's dick poking into my thigh as his hand moved down to play with mine through my briefs, and I moaned a little when he stroked my shaft gently. My left hand went to the same place automatically, and I shifted just enough so I could do the same thing to his. Our lips were lazily caressing, and I felt Jay's tongue against my lips just as I opened to let him in. I could wake up like this for the rest of my life and never get enough of his attentions. My eyes shot open and we jerked apart when the sound of chuckling and a wolf whistle intruded on our private moment.

"Time to dress, guys—I'd say 'get up' but it looks like you're both that way already!" Trebor's voice was full of mischief and I saw him duck to avoid a slap to the back of his head from his boyfriend Dave. They were coming out of their bathroom and carrying towels around their shoulders. That told me my dream was actually real—images from the movie we'd all seen last night. I sighed when I realized Jay hadn't been dancing in gold underwear for me. I guess I'd have to buy the swimsuit now for sure.

"It's almost eleven, guys…we've got time to eat before you head out. The dining room downstairs does breakfast until 11:30 on Saturdays." Dave's words were a bit muffled as he was gathering his hair into a sort of ponytail at his neck. It looked more like those pictures you see of guys in Colonial days rather than a real braid since he didn't grow it long enough for that. It looked good on him with his coppery skin and brown eyes. He was wearing nothing but his towel, while Trebor was in a pair of lime-green Speedos which were in stark relief with his pale skin and red hair. "Ten minutes and we're off…get it in gear!"

Jay and I waited for them to disappear into their bedroom before we got out of bed and went into the steamy bath. I looked at myself after wiping the condensation off the mirror, and grimaced…then I saw a plastic-wrapped pair of toothbrushes next to the sink. Jay jostled me playfully while trying to see himself in the mirror too, and we finally managed to wash our faces, brush our teeth and comb our hair without too many kissing delays. The only deodorant was Arrid, so we used that, and Jay handed me a tee-shirt to put on along with fresh socks. We'd showered before bed, so we skipped doing that again, and while he was pulling on his own shirt, I sat on the toilet to put on my white socks. For some reason, he kept the bag of clean clothes next to him, even when we switched places for him to pull on his own socks.

"Okay, what gives? I need some pants if we're going out in public…" I said with a frown.

His grin was wide when he pulled a pair of cut-offs from the bag before handing it to me. "You don't have to wear them on my account," he snickered. I reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of faded shorts similar to his, and began pulling them up my legs to cover my purple briefs…then I realized what he'd done. These were the first pair of cut-offs I'd made before actually measuring them for length, and when I had them on they barely reached my upper thigh—in fact, when I sat down you could see my underwear inside the leg openings. I couldn't go out in these things…and the smirk on Jay's face told me he'd planned this from the start.

"Dammit, Jay—I can't go out in these…I'll have to wear my pants from yesterday." My blond boy had fastened his own shorts, which were only an inch or two longer than mine, before coming to hold me in his arms. His left hand stroked my cheek and his other was rubbing my back through my shirt to calm me down. I was upset, but he had his usual effect on me, and I relaxed against him. He whispered something in my ear, and I let out a chuckle which was part frustration. "Yeah, I know they smell like popcorn and cigarettes…maybe the other guys have something I can wear."

Out in the living room, Dave had rolled up Jay's sleeping bag and put away the blankets, and Trebor had put our old clothes back in our bag. They were wearing tee-shirts and shorts similar to ours, and exchanged confused looks when I asked if they had any pants I could wear. What for, and You look fine, were their responses. Dave picked up a set of keys from the desk next to the door, and herded us toward the hall. Jay picked up his bedding and I grabbed our old clothes as we followed them into the hall toward the elevator. I was self-conscious about my shorts until Dave spoke as we waited for the doors to open so we could go downstairs.

"You look just like half the guys on campus, Miles…the only difference is that if it was a little warmer, half of them would be shirtless too. I'm sorry we couldn't lend you anything—this is our laundry weekend, and we're in the last clean clothes we've got. As it is, we'll be up half the night doing laundry."

The dorm's dining hall was large, and was set up a lot like a cafeteria with a serving area where you could fill your tray with different selections. There were scrambled eggs, various cereals, bacon, juices, milk, and even waffles or pancakes. Treb explained that on weekends the early meal started at ten and ran until 11:30, and dinner was from 6:00P.M. until 7:30. During the week this would be lunch, and breakfast would have started at 6A.M. to accommodate students with early classes. Only about ten people were there now, so we had no problem sitting at a table together, and we talked the whole time we ate. Finally stuffed, we left to make our way to the truck, and I saw Dave put a couple dollars in a box by the exit, along with a slip of paper. I felt bad when he said it was to cover our two meals, but he wouldn't take the money I tried to give him.

On the way up High Street to Northwood, we passed a Burger King next to the Arby's, and an IHOP just before we turned right to climb the hill toward our friends' relative's place where their van was parked. We passed a few other students, and a lot of them were in shorts and tees too, and I saw a few of them sunning themselves on the wide porch roofs of the old brick houses. Music could be heard coming from radios inside, mostly rock stations, and one house sounded like a real band was getting set up. Campus life was sure different from what I was used to, and I could see Jay thought the same thing when I looked at his amused grin. His fingers brushed mine for just an instant, and I let mine twine with his before separating. "College is gonna be so cool!" he laughed.

At the truck, we all exchanged quick hugs before I climbed in. Jay said a few words to our friends before they moved their Scooby Doo van so we could get out of the lot. Another car had been parked next to the truck when we got back from the movie, so they'd had to park behind us…apparently the car belonged to the person who shared the house with their relative. I watched the super-cool van drive off, and quizzed Jay about their conversation when we were on our way. "They needed to go to the store for laundry stuff, and a few groceries. They said they had fun with us, and would love to get together as often as we could manage." Jay poked me in the ribs as we headed south on a wide one-way street toward the freeway which would take us home. "Do you think you could stand to share Michael York with them when we go see Logan's Run in June?"

I'd have punched him but didn't want to distract him while we were in town and in a lot of unfamiliar traffic, but I told him I'd get him back for that, and then asked how he knew the way home. He told me Dave had said Summit went all the way down to the freeway, and only had a few lights, unlike High Street, and was closer than the outerbelt. When we came back to visit, we'd take Fourth, which was a one-way going north, one street east of this one. He pointed out Lane Avenue which went past Taylor Tower, and I realized that these two streets were a lot faster than we'd come yesterday. It wasn't long before we turned east onto I-70 and our backwater town.

With not much shifting to do, I let my hand rest on Jay's thigh and tried the radio, but there wasn't anything good on. I could hardly wait for him to install the new stereo we'd found in the attic. That reminded me of the porn magazine we'd also found…the one of Jerry's which had both guys and girls doing things together, and guys doing even more things without the girls. "Jay, if your brother's gay too…won't that put pressure on him or you to have kids? Your parents will want the family name to go on, won't they?"

I think we were lucky he was in the right-hand lane, because his swerve was onto the berm rather than into another lane of traffic. He gave me a sharp look as he got himself and the truck under control again. "What the fuck, Mikey…what brought that on?"

I told him my train of thought, and he laughed nervously before he grabbed my hand and squeezed it firmly. "First, Jerry might be bi, not gay, and he could still have kids if he found the right girl; second, and more importantly—I am 100% gay—a man's man to the core, if you get me. If I was the last guy on Earth, like Vincent Price in that vampire movie, the human race would just have to die out." He gave me a worried look. "You're the only person I plan on being with, elskede. I'm worried that you'll want kids for your parents, since you're their only son."

Without a second thought, I leaned in and kissed his cheek, wrapping my fingers around the Pegasus pendant he wore on its silver chain. "When I gave you this, it was my promise that you were the only one for me, and I don't give a damn if my family line dies out—I have cousins who will carry it on anyway. Don't ever think I'll leave you—we'll be taking our last breaths together when we're old and wrinkly."

Jay's snorting laugh made me giggle. "You say the cutest things," he said with a snicker. He eyed the rear-view mirror before signaling for the off-ramp which would take us north to Route 40, and the road to his house. "We're working on the truck, remember? That's the main reason I packed your old clothes—that and the fact that they make you look so damn sexy. I'll probably be staring at your legs all day rather than the truck."

"I guess we won't get much done then, 'cause I'll be staring at yours too!" Jay turned right, and it was only a few minutes before we were on the gravel road and in his driveway. He pulled up in front of the barn, and then helped me out. "I'm gonna take our clothes inside so they can get washed—be right back. Do we need to wash the truck before we start on it?"

I looked over the blue beast and saw the fine layer of dirt and dust which had grown on it during the week. "Yeah, that's a good idea—it'll make the sanding easier if we're not rubbing grit into the surface too. I'll grab a couple of buckets from the barn." I knew where they were from getting the loft ready for our 'playroom', and there were old rags in the small washroom we could use. I also found some liquid soap to add to the water from the sink next to the old toilet. When I got back outside with a bucket in each hand, Jay was leaning on the fender smiling at me, and holding the stereo's box in his hands. "Thought we could put this in while the truck is drying…"

As much as I wanted the new radio installed, I had no clue how to do it. The most I'd ever done was build model rockets from an old Estes catalogue. I did once change an electrical outlet, but that was the extent of my how-to skills, and I told him so. "I thought you and Treb talked about it last night…you bought all that stuff." At his downcast look, I put the buckets down and took the box from him. The instruction sheet looked fairly simple, but reading the steps, I was lost by the fourth item. "My dad's working today, what about yours? Can he help?"

He shook his head. "Already asked; Jerry's friend Tom did all the wiring…." He put the box in the truck behind the seat, where the bag of supplies was still stashed. "I guess we better get moving, she's not gonna wash herself." He took one of the buckets and began vigorously rubbing at one of the front fenders. I started off next to him, but what with our arms and legs rubbing together, and the dripping rags, we were both getting as much water on each other as on the truck. The front of our shorts and the lower halves of our tee shirts were wet, and I could feel some of the water squelching in my sneakers at every step. A glance at Jay showed he was much the same, and he flicked suds at me when he saw me looking at him. His white shirt was nearly invisible where it was wet, and my jaw dropped open for a second before I jerked away from his soapy hand which was going to smear bubbles on my nose. I wasn't expecting it when he rubbed them on my nipples instead, and I looked down to see my own shirt was almost as revealing as his…more now that the upper part was wet too. I blushed when he gave me a lewd look, and turned to go to the other side of the truck to work….at this rate it'd take hours to do just this one thing.

I let out a yelp and my bucket sloshed when I jumped—the bastard had got me on the ass with a flick of his wet rag! It stung like hell, and I rubbed my cheek to feel the damage he'd caused. When I spun around to glare at him, his grin got even wider. "Sorry, I think I broke it—there's a crack in your ass now!"

If looks could kill, he'd have been a pile of ashes at this point, but he put a pout on his lips and gave me his sad-eyed look for a minute, until I laughed at his lame joke. It hadn't taken him long to find his way around my bad moods, and he'd have me laughing with him pretty quickly by that one look. I really needed to work up a defense against it, but I hadn't been successful so far.

Even with me on the opposite side, by the time we were working on the truck's bed we were both wet from head to toe. Our shirts were plastered to our chests, and our cut-offs were sagging a bit with the water they'd absorbed. I could see the waistband of Jay's purple briefs, and I'm sure he could see mine as well. The only thing not soaked was our hair, at least from our ears up—we'd been careful not to get any soap in our eyes after the first time it happened. Seeing Jay all wet had my dick half-hard, and when he came toward me with his bucket, I saw he was hard too. He made a feint of throwing water on me, but then he reached for my bucket. He pointed to the hose coiled by the end of the barn. "You connect the hose and I'll go empty the buckets. Be right back…." He turned toward the barn, and when I wasn't expecting it, he turned back and tossed one of the buckets of water on me! I yelled out, calling him a motherfucking bastard, then stopped when he poured the other bucket over himself!

We were soaked to the skin and dripping water in little rivers, but I was speechless from the surprise of what he'd done…then I put my arm around his shoulders and kissed him. "Well, that's one way to empty the things…let's see what we can do with that big hose over there." He laughed heartily at my joke, and pulled me into him for a long kiss, grinding his groin into mine until we were both at full mast….

"I'll see what I can do with your hose later…," he whispered into my neck, letting his fingers run down my back to grab my ass for a more intense grinding. Reluctantly, I pushed him away so we could get back to the truck and the task at hand. Suddenly, rinsing the truck became the most urgent thing in the world, because I had a reward to look forward to if we finished sanding early. Okay, so maybe the rinsing took a little longer than I planned, but that was because Jay couldn't find the nozzle, so we had to use a thumb to make the water come out in a strong enough stream to do much good…and we had to trade off when our thumbs got sore or too cold. We tried not to splash water on each other since this wasn't warmed from the sun like that in the buckets had been, but it still happened a little until we were done and had the hose back on its hanger next to the faucet.

The bright sun would dry the truck pretty fast, so I suggested we get the sanding stuff from the barn…I had a vision of us lying in the loft until we dried off, but Jay told me he had a better idea. While I got the sandpaper and stuff from his dad's workbench, he went up the ladder and came back with one of the wool blankets. "It's dusty up there, and feeling that on our bodies would suck…we can lay this out in the sun behind the house and dry off pretty fast too." That look told me we'd probably do more than dry off, or I didn't know my boyfriend as well as I thought I did.

In just a few minutes, he'd spread the grey woolen rectangle out on the grass near their garden, then pulled me toward it. Before we could lie down, he untied my sneakers and took them off, then his own. It was somehow erotic standing there all wet, and I wriggled my toes in the wet cotton socks. Jay pushed me down on the blanket and began peeling off my shirt and socks, then I did the same for him. When I got to his shorts, I raised an eyebrow at him, and he nodded approval. "We're alone back here, and no one can see unless they come around the corner of the house…and we'll dry faster if we're naked." His shorts came off and I nearly dragged his briefs with them, and mine did the same when he grabbed onto mine. He spread our clothes out on the grass next to us, item by item so they could dry too, before he lay down next to me.

The sun was heating our chilled bodies up quickly, or maybe that was the kisses and touches we were sharing—I didn't know which—or care at this point. We were facing each other and it only took a little more effort before we were in a position to suck each other. I wish I could say we lasted a long time, but I'd be lying…we were so worked up from all the contact washing the truck, and the fact that we hadn't been able to do anything yesterday, that we both reached our climaxes in about five minutes. It was still good, and I loved the taste of Jay's seed—then it got even better when he moved around to kiss me while still holding my own load in his mouth. At some point in the warm sun, and pushed along by a wonderful sense of peace, we drifted off to sleep.

I'm still not sure what woke me—Jay's body wrapped around mine, the tickle of his breathing on my neck, or the faint sound of music….Music? What the fuck? I could clearly hear David Essex' Rock On in the background, growing louder by the second. I could also hear whispering, and muffled laughter. My eyes shot open and I felt Jay sit up quick when the whispers were replaced by Trebor's laughter.

"Hey guys, you might want to get some clothes on—come check out the cool stereo in your truck!" If I wasn't so groggy, I'd have realized much sooner that I was naked, and now that Jay was sitting next to me, our friend could see both our erections. I knew I was beet red, and wondered if Jay was too, but quickly forgot about that in a scramble for my clothes. I tried putting on the shorts I grabbed, but they wouldn't go on since they were Jay's…I took them off and put on the briefs he handed me, and they were mostly dry, as were the shorts and shirts we put on next. Our hurried movements were punctuated by Treb's laughter, and when Jay glared at him, Dave poked his head over his boyfriend's shoulder. "Dudes, relax! It's just us, and we've seen a lot more skin than that on the California beaches at home. Peace out, catch your breath and then come hear how good your truck rocks now. We decided to install your stereo while you guys took a nap. It's a bitchin' far-out system!"

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