Jay & Miles

by ColumbusGuy

Chapter 36

Love Bites

POV: Jay, Benny

The ride over to Mikey's house was quiet since there wasn't much on the radio at that hour of the morning, and I really wanted to find the new radio Jerry had bought with FM and a tape deck. I didn't know what kind it was, the 8-Track or the newer Cassette style, but anything beat regular AM with its seemingly endless commercials and news broadcasts. It seemed like they used to play more music when I was little, but I didn't know if that was really true, or just my imagination. I knew FM played more music now—and that was enough for me to want it in the truck as soon as possible. I would ask my friends if they knew how to install one, but I wondered how hard it could really be with the instructions. Since school was ending by 12:30 today, maybe I could get Mikey to help me look for it….

"Hi Mr. Stevenson!" I jumped out of the truck and walked over to Mikey's dad as he stopped on his way to his Suburban. He gave me a smile, and I had a hard time believing he was the aloof man Mikey had described, but he'd admitted it, and was trying to change his ways…I looked around but didn't see my boyfriend. "Where's Mikey? Is he sick?" I tried to keep the worry out of my voice—but I guess I didn't do a good job of it since his dad patted my shoulder in reassurance.

"He overslept…you must have worn him out last night with all that studying. He'll be out in a few minutes." He glanced at the truck and noted the lack of progress on the paint prep. "When do you plan on starting the sanding? With the holiday weekend, you can take my sander this afternoon if you want."

I blushed a little at his comment about wearing Mikey out, and I hoped he didn't notice it in the pre-dawn gloom. "Thanks, sir…I'd like that a lot. We might be able to start this weekend since we don't have as much homework over Easter; we didn't have a lot to study last night, so we finished that up, and I taught the guys how to do milking…." The shock on his face was priceless, and then he began to laugh. "Mikey got the hang of it pretty quick, once he loosened up. We milked three cows, and our other friends did the last two."

It was a few seconds before Mr. Stevenson got himself to stop laughing, but he finally did, so I decided to jump right in with the surprise for Mikey. "I was hoping that you could join us for Easter lunch on Sunday…we always do a roast, and I'd like to invite you since you're letting Mikey help me study. It'll also allow you to meet my parents, and I know they'd like to have you."

"Jay, the offer alone tells me what sort of people you are, and that I was right about you being good for my son…but we are planning on going up to Marion to spend the day with Ann's sister and her family." He saw my face fall at those words, and I felt his hand shake my shoulder a little to bring my gaze back to his eyes. He pulled a $20 bill from his wallet and handed it to me. "Mikey and his cousins are a little too old for playing now, so I'll tell you what—use this to buy some primer and sandpaper to work on the truck tomorrow—and we'll let him stay at your place until we pick him up Sunday evening…how's that sound?"

There was no way I could hide my enthusiasm from him, and he ruffled my hair before I told him how to get to my house…it was fairly easy, and he nodded to show he could find it. "It's a yellow Victorian with a big porch, with oak trees in front and a barn at the north end…" I trailed off when I heard their back door shut, and I managed to get him to not let on to Mikey about our plan before he walked up to us with a questioning look on his face. "I was asking your dad where you were, sleepyhead. If we're late today, it's your fault not mine." I grinned when he put his last bite of toast and jelly in his mouth, giving him a chance to stick his tongue out at me, unnoticed by his dad.

"Bye, Mr. Stevenson!" I waved at him as I headed for my truck, and pushed the starter button once I was inside. Through the split-windshield, I watched the two talk for a second before Mikey's dad reached out to touch his shoulder, then hesitated before patting it a few times. I saw Mikey look up into his eyes uncertainly, then put his own hand on his father's arm. He was about to step back when their eyes met again, and Mikey was drawn into a hug by the older man, who let go with obvious reluctance. I didn't hear what they said, but when Mikey came toward the truck, I could see him wipe his eyes. I revved the old Ford's engine a few times as he closed his door, and I took his hand in mine with a soft squeeze as our eyes met. I could see he was a bit shaky just then, so I only smiled as I turned the truck to follow his dad's car out the driveway…him to work, us to school.

At our usual dirt road turn-off, I pulled over and stopped. I shut off the motor and turned to take my boyfriend into my arms. I stroked his back as he leaned into me, and I could hear a couple sniffles as he got himself together. I kissed the top of his head, and took a big sniff of his apple-scented hair, which earned me a punch in the arm and a soft giggle. I smiled when I also picked up the aroma of his British Sterling cologne I'd given him Wednesday as our first week anniversary present. It was my turn for a tiny laugh when he rubbed the tip of his nose on my neck and nibbled my ear. "What's the secret word today, elskede, so I can see if we match? Or shall I just rip open your pants to check?"

Mikey laughed at me and sat up against the passenger door with his legs spread open. "There's no point…you can wait until school's out—we get out at noon remember?" Technically we got out about half-past, but who stayed until the end of lunch when that was their last period? I reminded him what happened last time he hadn't told me—how I'd taken him into the rest room and dragged him into a stall to check out the color of his underwear, and he stopped batting my hands away from his crotch. "It still doesn't matter—you lose automatically because I know you don't have ones this color."

"Says you," I snorted, and undid his belt and pulled down his zipper. The sunrise was giving just enough light to make out colors now, but I couldn't tell, so I made a big production of digging around to open his pants further. What can I say—my new favorite hobby was playing with Mikey's pole. I sucked in my breath when his briefs finally came into view; his growing hardness was semi-visible because the material holding it in check was a fine cotton mesh, looking like the stuff football jerseys were made from—and it was nearly the same light tan color as his skin! In the dim light, the only reason I knew he had them on, besides the feel of the cloth, was that I couldn't see his pubic hair as well as I could when he was naked.

"Fuck, Mikey…" I couldn't go on. My mouth had dried up, and no amount of licking my lips could get them to work, and my fingers just lay on his hard bulge, gently stroking, as my eyes drank in the sight of those amazing shorts. I don't know how much time passed, but I came back to myself when he pulled my hand off his dick and licked my fingers. When he leaned forward to kiss me, I could taste his slightly sweet pre-cum clearly. "Did you come?" When I looked down at his lap, I could now clearly see his dick through the wet material…it didn't look as messy as if he'd shot his load, but I had to ask since the thought of missing one of his orgasms made me crazy. If we lived to be a hundred, I never wanted sex with my Mikey to become routine.

"One more stroke and I would have…you looked so happy I didn't want to stop you, but I don't have a gym locker with spare clothes to change into." I gave his fingers another kiss to make sure his juice was gone before holding them in my lap, and it was only then that I realized how close to cumming I'd been myself when my dick throbbed under his light touch. I didn't have spare clothes either because I'd finished my Phys Ed requirement by the end of my sophomore year, so I rested our hands on the back of the seat and let our breathing return to normal and let other things to calm down.

"Do you want to start helping on the truck tomorrow, when we get back from Dave and Trebor's place?" I didn't tell him they would be eating dinner at my house tomorrow, or that he was spending Saturday night with me too. From Wednesday's events, I knew he loved getting surprises, but I also remembered that he tended to worry about them if he knew they were coming, so this weekend was my experiment to see how he coped without any warning. I told him about the radio Jerry had bought, and said if we found it, we could pick up any supplies at Radio Shack while we were there with our friends, later this evening.

Mikey squeezed my hand and smiled. "That sounds fine…don't let me forget to pick up the sander and grab some clothes after school. I still can't figure out why they said to wear old clothes tonight…." I shrugged my shoulders and backed the truck out onto the road, turning south toward the high school. It was just after 7A.M. when we got there, and I pulled up next to Denny's Corvair. By the time we got out, Greg had climbed out of his boyfriend's car, and we stood around chatting for a few minutes before Benny's Barracuda roared in, followed closely by Calvin's old Buick.

We'd been talking about whether we'd study tonight, but had agreed there was no point since we would have almost no homework today. I suggested we go somewhere else for lunch rather than stay at school, so then Mikey and I could start our 'radio quest'. I told Greg and Denny about the plan to work on the truck tomorrow, and the two of them said they'd be by to help, with a furtive glance at Mikey. They knew our college friends would be there, but didn't want to give away the surprise. We began speculating about Calvin and Benny; I told them that the two were going to be invited to study with us starting Monday, and Greg gave me a grateful smile.

"I don't know about Calvin, but Benny has no real place to be alone unless his brother is out and his sister's at OSU. It's almost as bad as it is for me and this dumb Yank," he said with a fond smile, poking Denny in the ribs. Denny poked him back, but I didn't miss the way his hand lingered on Greg's waist before he dropped his hand. Mikey and I both smiled when Greg took that hand and held it in his own between them, out of sight of anyone passing by, so I let my own wrap around Mikey's as we leaned against the side of my truck.

"Jay, do you think they'd like to see the barn on Monday? It doesn't feel right that we keep it just between the four of us if they don't have a place…" Mikey looked at our two friends before turning those hazel eyes on me again. I saw Greg and Denny exchange a glance, and they both nodded, and Greg added that Benny was very discreet and could be trusted to keep it a secret. I grinned at them and was about to answer Mikey when the two in question rolled past us to take up places further back in the parking lot. I saw Linda climb out of Benny's car and make her way toward us, but Benny waited until Calvin got out of his own car before following my sister. As the pair got closer to us, I saw they were walking closer together, like two best friends, and nudged Mikey with my elbow.

"Maybe they already have a spot…but we'll ask just to make sure." Four pairs of eyes watched them approach, and Linda got to us first, glaring at all four of us. She saw my look and stuck her finger in my face. 'Don't even think about embarrassing them—I could tell your friends a thing or two…" I had no idea how much she knew about me and Mikey, or our 'fun time', but I wasn't willing to risk finding out for Mikey's sake, and our two friends were pretty well cowed by her glare.

Mikey smiled at Cal and Benny, and gave them a half wave. "Hey guys! We're going to eat somewhere else for lunch today, want to come along? Greg has told me how nice you guys are, so I'd like to get to know you better?" Both the newcomers looked at Greg, then at each other before nodding. As we chatted about meeting at my truck after 5th Period, other cars had pulled into the lot, and it wasn't long before the warning bell rang for us to get moving. As we hitched our book bags over our shoulders, I caught Linda looking at me for a second before heading in—she gave me a smile and a thumbs-up as she shot a look in Mikey's direction.

We still didn't know if Calvin and Benny had done anything since yesterday morning, but Greg's mentioning that they'd both been gone at lunch had my mind whirling with speculation. I wondered if Linda knew anything, but she was awfully good at keeping her secrets hidden, so I figured I wouldn't find out until one of them told us. At least they seemed to be friends again, and that was a start.

"Holy cow, Benj—where'd you get that?" I didn't know what Finn was talking about until I felt his fingers on the 'bite' Callie had put on my neck yesterday. Water was still dripping into my eyes since I'd just stepped out of the shower, and I grabbed my towel to dry off. I rubbed my hair vigorously and then worked my way down, making sure to get all my parts dry before tossing the towel in the hamper. My little brother was still standing at the sink with his toothbrush in one hand, but at least he'd rinsed out his mouth before I finished. He could see me turning a little red, and his mood changed to teasing as I pulled up my white Polo briefs. As I adjusted things, his other hand went to slap my ass, and I jumped a bit and winced. How long was I going to feel sore? Shouldn't it have worn off by now?

Finn put his toothbrush back in the holder and wiped his face with the rag to get rid of the stray bits of toothpaste, and his eyes caught mine in the mirror. The laughter died away and his eyes got wide as he turned to look at me. His hand went to my hickey once more before sliding to grip my shoulder, and he stepped close enough to get a good look at my eyes. His right hand reached down and squeezed my left one, and he pulled me into a tight hug, running his hand up and down my back. His chest, not as developed as mine but still muscular, was warm against mine since he too, was dressed only in his underwear…I always let him shower first since he had to catch the bus. He held me tight for a few seconds, all teasing was gone and he was letting me draw from his plentiful supply of good vibes. I remembered all the times growing up when we'd been there for each other, even though we had no friends in common, and the only time we spent together was at home. It began with me looking out for him when we were little, listening to his day at school, but over time, he'd started doing the same for me, and now we could rely on each other when we needed to open up about stuff we didn't feel comfortable sharing with our parents.

I was fine—sore—but happy, and I told him that as I combed my hair in the mirror. "We got a little carried away after dinner; we've liked each other since meeting at wrestling tryouts last fall, but then he quit, and until yesterday, I thought he did that because of me…when we talked again and realized how stupid I was, it was like the past four months hadn't existed—at least for me…." I saw Finn's eyes on me in the mirror, and he began to grin.

"So, I guess he felt the same way? Did you give him one of those too, and is he your boyfriend now?" It was like being hit by a burst from a machine gun, and I had to laugh at his eager concern. I saw one of his hands reach down to discreetly rub himself when he asked about whether I'd given a hickey to Calvin…but I wasn't going to give him any details. What we'd done last night was still too new for me to share, and I wanted to savor it for as long as I could. I left the bathroom, and wasn't too surprised when he followed me up to my room, still trying to get an answer to his question.

"All you get is 'Yes'…you figure out which one it answers, or all of them. You better go get ready or you can walk to the bus stop…" I pulled jeans out of my little closet, and was reaching for a 'Wildcats' sweatshirt from my drawer when he slapped my hand and opened the next one down, pulling out one of my better shirts. The medium gray set off my hair and eyes nicely, or so he said before heading down to his room. As I held the shirt up to my chest, I supposed he was right—and now I'd have to actually think about what I wore every day. When I sat on the bed to put on my shoes, I stared at them before skipping my usual worn sneakers in favor of an almost-new pair in gray—at least I had shoes figured out.

Breakfast was cereal, Cheerios for me, Trix for Finn. I gave in to his prying enough to tell him who I was seeing and what he looked like, not that he'd know him. "His name's Calvin, long blond hair, about four inches shorter than me, and about thirty pounds lighter. He wears Army camo shirts and pants…" I rinsed out my bowl and headed for the front door, and my brother caught up with me by the time I got to my car. He was a little winded, which was good because it meant he wouldn't try to pester me for more details. When he climbed out at the bus stop, the look he gave me and the way he said 'Calvin, huh' made me very glad his lunch period was the first one…I think he'd have tried to pump Calvin for information if he shared the same one with us. I dreaded the day the two of them would meet, but I knew it had to happen sooner or later, and I preferred to control how it took place, so I decided to ask Calvin over for dinner one night soon. My dick got hard just thinking about him, and stayed that way until I pulled up next to Linda's house. I honked the horn once rather than go inside. I was a little nervous wondering what she'd ask me about Calvin—I knew she wanted what was best for me, so I was expecting her to grill me about him, but I didn't think I was ready for that yet. She knew pretty much everything from my talks in the past four months, but last night's events were huge—in more ways than one.

How do you explain that it just felt right, and had almost from the first day you'd met someone? I jumped slightly when her first words brought me back to the present. "You look like the cat that ate the canary…" Damn, this was going to be harder than I thought if she could read my feelings so easily. Her brown gaze bored into my soul for a few seconds, and she didn't say a word. I started to fidget and reached for the keys to turn on the engine when she laughed. "Relax, Benny…I know how much you like him; all I'll ask is if you two came to any decision about being boyfriends?"

I think my sudden sigh was audible over the noise of the engine, or maybe it was the way I loosened my grip on the wheel, because she laughed and laid her hand on my shoulder—the one which bore Cal's mark—but I was lucky that the collar of my shirt hid it. There'd have been no end to her questions if she saw that after just one day of being with Calvin. I swallowed once and took a quick glance at her before focusing on the road again. "Yeah…we talked more when I drove him home at lunch to get his spare keys—we're going to give it a try." The smile on her face was dazzling, so I decided to give her one more bit of information.

"I'm gonna ask him today if he wants to hang out after school…maybe do some shopping." That sent her into convulsions of laughter. "Come on, Lin! I didn't like shopping for girls' clothes—I'm hoping he will get something other than those Army things to wear…and no, he'll be picking things out since I haven't got a lot of style." She quickly agreed with that, and then said I looked nice today, but I had to tell her Finn picked out the shirt. We didn't stop snickering and giggling until I saw Calvin's car coming toward the school lot just as we got there.

Linda went on ahead to join her brother and his friends while I waited for my Callie to get out of his car…I almost opened the door for him, but turned the gesture into a wave as he grabbed his books and shut the door, dangling his keys in his other hand with a smug grin. I could feel my face heat up with embarrassment, then our eyes met and other things began to heat up too. My 'hi' came out as a whisper, and I let myself undress him with my eyes for just a second…he wasn't wearing the tee-shirt today, so his fatigue shirt exposed the top of his chest, and I could see a faint mark at the base of his neck when he moved to look toward Jay's group. "You okay, Benny?" his voice was low-pitched, and I felt shivers go up and down my spine just hearing it.

Cal's words took me back to what we'd done at his house after dinner—not that those events had left my head since—I'd dreamed about it all night, and woke up with my briefs soaked, and a still-hard dick. Seeing him in that singlet and feeling his hardness against my hip as we began to 'wrestle' proved to be more than I could handle as we grappled and strained and rolled around on his floor in an effort to pin one another's shoulders for the count. Cal was surprisingly strong and agile despite being slightly smaller than me, and feeling his body slide along mine, or straddling my chest to hold my shoulders down was far too exciting. The smoothness of the nylon suits meant we could have far freer movement than the old wool uniforms allowed, and soon our skin was sweaty and slick with the energy we were both putting into winning. It didn't help that some moves we did weren't exactly fair, like grabbing each other's dicks or balls and squeezing pretty hard to get the other one to let go, or thrusting our dicks into each other's butt crack when we were on top. At more than one point, Cal slapped my butt when we'd break apart, and at other times fingers would pinch nipples until they were standing at attention. I pinned Calvin first, but he quickly evened the score by unexpectedly flipping me onto my back and pinning my arms with his knees so that his crotch was only inches from my sweating face. I could see that his suit was getting pretty damp there, and I was sure when he felt mine that it practically squished from the oozing I'd done. For fifteen or twenty minutes we stayed agonizingly hard, sweaty and focused on the goal of winning three out of five; though I was wanting him to fuck me, I wasn't going to make it easy for him.

In the last struggle—we were tied at two each—I could feel Cal putting more power into his moves, and wondered where that was coming from—we had both built up a lot of sweat, and we were also leaking plenty of other fluids, but I was losing my concentration as the thought of him inside me took over…I got a look into his eyes, filled with the fire of lust and hunger…then he made a move which brought his crotch against my slightly raised ass as he leaned over my chest to force my shoulders down for the final time. "Your ass is mine!" he growled into my ear, and I felt myself shudder as my dick erupted in my singlet. I don't know how many spurts I let loose, but I was lying there like a wrung-out dish-rag when he flipped me onto my stomach and climbed onto my thighs.

There were a few seconds of fumbling, and when I turned my head enough to get a glimpse of him, his dick was sticking out of the leg-hole of his suit, and it was hard and wet, and red. I could see his hand under the fabric of my suit, and felt his fingers gather up some of my cum before moving to my ass. His fingers rubbed it in, then pulled the suit aside…then he lowered his thick rod between my cheeks, and I felt it slide around to lubricate things with his pre-cum. I felt the head against my hole, and felt pressure as he leant down so that we were in contact all the way from our shoulders to knees. I couldn't see what was going on, but I could certainly feel it—and I gritted my teeth and hissed as he tried getting that thick thing into me. I don't think either of us was really in control at this point…we'd succumbed to our passions completely, and nature was going to take its course no matter what.

I felt the pressure, and a hell of a lot of pain, but that wasn't fully registering with me because I wanted him so badly…we were nearly the same length at about seven inches, but he was thicker than me, and I felt that intensely as he was starting to work his way inside. His arms slipped under mine and gripped my shoulders from the front so he could get leverage for his thrusts, each one sending his dick another fraction of an inch deeper into my butt. I could feel his sweat dripping onto my shoulders as he nibbled the back of my neck, and feel the slickness of his nipples as they slid along the exposed parts of my back. I was hissing like a tea-kettle as he pushed deeper, but whether it was instinct, or some last remnants of conscious thought, he was taking his time rather than forcing himself in with one huge plunge. Then I felt his sparse soft pubic hairs on my cheeks—he was in all the way! I could feel a few tears on my cheeks, but it didn't hurt quite as much as it had at first…then he pulled back and in again by pulling himself forward with his lock on my shoulders. Okay, the pain was back—but not quite so bad this time….He was making noises deep in his throat which weren't really words, then about two minutes after he was fully inside me, he thrust as deep as he could and growled a 'Yes!' before putting a bite on the back of my neck. I could feel him shoot inside me, and it was even bigger than the loads he'd shot in the darkroom earlier in the day. His head sank down next to mine as he lay on my back, still inside me, and his lips sought out mine for a deep kiss.

We laid on his floor for a while just gathering our emotions and catching our breath. His weight pressing down onto me felt really nice, despite the soreness of my ass, and I could have stayed there all night, but tomorrow was a school day. Eventually, he rolled off me, and I turned over to face him. We were a mess; then I saw his eyes widen when he spotted the tear tracks on my face. He started to babble apologies about what he'd done, but I silenced him with a long kiss. "Callie, we both wanted it…just next time, maybe we could find something to make it go in easier?" He swore he would be more careful, and then snickered when he got up to get something from his nightstand drawer—it was a bottle of Johnson's baby oil.

"I use it for jerking off, so I guess it'll be okay to make love with my boyfriend." He put it back, then headed for his bathroom. "Stay there…I'll get us cleaned up." He was gone for a few minutes, and I lay there, my butt aching a bit, and I could feel something leaking out of me, so I turned back onto my stomach, afraid I'd make a mess on his rug. My fingers tenderly explored, and came up with his juices, so I relaxed a bit more, knowing the only damage I'd suffered was the pain…it had felt like a 2x4 was inside me, so I'd begun to think the worst. I heard sounds from the bath, and he came out again, totally naked, and helped me to my feet. He led me into the bathroom, and I saw the old-fashioned claw-foot tub was half-filled with water and bubbles; Cal removed my singlet, then my socks and helped me get into the tub...then he climbed in and sat behind me. The warm water felt great on every part of me that ached, and his hands wrapped around my chest and covering me with suds felt even better.

"Close your eyes, Benny," he whispered, and then I felt water pouring over my head as he rinsed my hair and ran his fingers gently over my scalp to make sure it was thoroughly clean. His lips were on my neck and licking my ear when I turned my head to kiss him, and I tried to move so I could clean his hair as well, but he held me in place. "This is all about you, Benny…making you feel good…taking care of your needs. I'm showing you how much I love you—next time, it'll be your turn."

I giggled when he made a face as he poured soapy water over his own head, and raked his fingers through his hair making him look like that demented Einstein poster with his hair all sticking out—but Cal's was too long to stay that way even dry, and it fell back to his shoulders pretty quickly. We dried each other off and got dressed again, then lay down on his bed to cuddle. I jumped when there was a soft knock on his door. Shit—it was his grandmother! I tried scrambling away, but Calvin held me tighter so I couldn't move…and I totally freaked out when he said, "Come on in, Gram…"

I struggled harder, and started to ask what the fuck he was doing, when the door eased open and Beth's head poked in. She had to see the rumpled-up rug and our shoes scattered on the floor where they'd been kicked during our match, not to mention two boys lying half on top of each other, one clearly scared and the other grinning his ass off—but all she did was give us a warm smile. "It's after eleven—if Benny's staying over he needs to call his parents." I was too stunned to do anything as she came in, kissed Calvin on the cheek, then kissed my forehead! As she shut the door behind her on the way out, I heard her say, "Night, boys."

It had to be past eleven-thirty before Callie had me calmed down enough to drive home…I wanted to stay so badly, but I hadn't planned on being out even this long. I kept thinking about Beth's reaction on my way home…and Cal's words to explain it: "She knew before I did, and so did grandpa…."

As I turned to head up to Linda and Jay, my hand brushed against his, and I twined my fingers with his for a few seconds until we left the sheltered space between our cars. He felt so warm and solid, and I gave his fingers a final squeeze. "Yeah, I'm great—" I dropped my voice to a whisper. "It still hurts a little, but it's a good thing." I went on before he could apologize again, as he'd done last night. I tried making my tone sound sexy, but I didn't know if I succeeded. "When can we do it again?"

Before we got to the others, I asked him if we could get together today, mentioning that I'd love to take him shopping since his grandmother said he needed some new clothes…and he agreed with a big smile. "I hate shopping, but I'd love to do it with you."

"Well, I have only one rule for this trip—no Army clothes. Your body is too friggin' hot to hide it like that all the time." Now Cal was blushing up a storm, and I snickered at him as we got close enough to join the others in their conversation. We got a few fairly obvious stares, clearly wanting to know what the situation was between us, but all I said was that we were getting to be friends again, then Mikey asked us to join them for lunch in town, but just where hadn't been decided yet. Greg gave us a nod, and after exchanging looks with Cal, we agreed. That worked out well for us, since it would mean we were already closer to the stores, and could do the shopping right after we ate. We still hadn't figured out where we were going when the bell rang, so we agreed to talk it over at Jay's truck when our lunch began around noon.

As we walked toward the school, I trailed behind a step or two so I could watch Cal's ass, but he turned and yanked my arm to bring me up so I was in step with him, and he whispered 'Pervert' so only I could hear him. He made sure I entered the doors just before him, and I felt his hand rub my ass cheek for just a second or two before he followed me inside.

I could hardly wait until Cal and I were alone again….

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