Jay & Miles

by ColumbusGuy

Chapter 4

Miles Gets A Call

POV: Mikey

"You want me to do what?" My voice was hoarse with surprise and excitement--but even so, some of my shyness was coming through. I wasn't used to talking about personal things--especially not this --I could think it, I could even write it--but only in the privacy of my own journal! Now, my caller wanted me to do some of the things I wrote about... while he was on the phone!

-- Tell me what you look like...it makes it better, much better! I'm 5'10 with reddish-brown hair and blue eyes...I've got a really smooth chest--just perfect for you to run your lips over ….-- Kurt's voice was a little louder, more insistent. -- I want to 'see' you as we make out .--

"Umm...'kay. I'm 6'1, dark brown hair and brown eyes...um, just a few hairs, kinda decent legs...from biking." Good, I didn't mention the glasses...that description could fit a dozen guys at school! My dick had softened a bit, but the image of 'Kurt' was making it sit up again. I helped it along with a rub or two through the damp blue cotton of my briefs.

-- Sounds cool...I'm wearing faded blue jeans and a white sweatshirt with orange sleeves; I'm lying on my bed, on my back …-- I heard a thunk and then a clinking sound through the receiver. -- There, I just kicked off my shoes and opened my pants ….--

My breath caught in my throat as I could picture him doing just that; he was really going to do this--with me ! 'Mikey' was taking even more of an interest now, and the slightly cooler pre-cum was being joined by warmer as we talked. I didn't know quite what to say, so I just decided to do what 'Kurt' did….

"Um," God, why did I always say that! "I..m wearing a burgundy tee-shirt...white socks...um, blue underwear." That last part was said with a clearing of my throat, which had again gone dry. I heard a soft snicker from Kurt.

-- Whoa, boy--don't get ahead of me, I want us to cum together. I had chores to do first, and I'm a little sweaty...I can feel your fingers sliding on my slippery skin, moving up under my shirt, I can hear you sniff a bit as I lean in to press our lips tight...your tongue probes at my lips, licking across them until I open slightly; I suck it in for a bit and nibble before twisting mine around it. My hands run through your hair, pulling you in tighter …--

I rolled my head a bit from side to side, I could almost feel Kurt's kisses; I went to wipe my brow, and nearly knocked my glasses off: who needs to see now? I put them on my night stand and closed my eyes again, finding Kurt's sweaty form immediately. "Oohh...man!"

-- You like that, don't you? Like the feel of my lips and tongue, moving softly across your lips, down to your jaw...nibbling and tasting your neck as I work from your earlobe to your collar-bone, where I suck and bite a little harder, making a reddish spot on your pale skin….I nip at the soft hairs on your pecs finally making it to the hard nub of your tit! I chew on one as my hand flicks the other, making it as hard as the one I'm teasing. With my other hand, my fingers float across your stomach, seeking the waistband of your shorts….They're bulging and stuffed with your cock, aching for my touch, thoroughly wet now from your juices, aren't they? How big is it...'Steve' ?--

"E-eight...and a quarter….Yours?" He was right, my briefs were so wet the cloth was now a deep blue; I took my right hand from my nipple and ran it up my shaft--now nearly reaching the elastic band at the top--and moved the fingers to my mouth. I let out a moan at the bitter-salty taste, making sure I got every bit. With my eyes closed, I could imagine the taste was his, as was the faint smell of sweat and musk filling my room.

-- Wow, that's big...mine's only seven, but it's kinda thick. It's feeling really good with my fingers wrapped around it .-- I could hear the note of pride in his voice when he said 'thick'. -- Like mine, I can feel your long fingers squeezing and rubbing...softer then harder, long strokes from the base to the tip. My white shorts are almost see-through where you tease the ridge around the head. Sounds like you leak a lot more than I do !--

White shorts...oh god! "Don't...know," I struggled to get my breath, "I was at it about twenty minutes before you called…." It didn't even occur to me at this point to wonder why I admitted that...we were teenage boys whose parents weren't home yet--what else would we do?

"Kurt? What color are your socks?" He's gonna think I'm sick...but I had to know! I was hoping to make this last longer, maybe more details to picture would do it….

-- White, with three orange stripes around the tops …--That snicker again, but I just knew it was humor and not derision. -- I think I'll turn over a bit, so that one of my legs is between yours...feels so good having your calf against mine, my foot rubbing the arch of yours, then moving up a bit so my dick can rest against your thigh. Your leg is so warm, so soft; I can feel those muscles flexing and stretching to make even more contact with my leg….I can feel even more heat as my hand moves back to your bulge...drawing me in like iron to a magnet! Steve, I want you to do something for me...will you ?--

At this point, I'd have done anything short of murder, if it meant that we'd get off! This was on the phone, what could it hurt to indulge his fantasies a little?--he was certainly making mine come to life! I licked my lips to moisten them enough to part. "I'll do whatever you want, Kurt...just name it." Damn , where did that come from?!

I heard a soft intake of breath from him, and it was a moment before he went on. -- In a few minutes, I want you to put your index finger in your mouth and suck on it...but first, I want you to cup both your hands together and press them hard onto your dick, and slowly rub them up and down. O.K .?-- I wasn't sure what he was up to, but I was sure as hell anxious to find out!

-- I shift over a bit farther so that our dicks lay next to each other, and our chests are pressed together...I rest my hands on your shoulders, gripping tightly as I stare into your eyes; I can feel you get even harder, my shorts becoming damper as they absorb some of your juice. I thrust into you gently, sliding against you with a grinding twist...I do it again, harder, lowering my lips to yours with a long raspy moan. I can feel your skin getting slick from my sweat as it drips from my chest onto yours, from my brow onto yours, and I can taste the salt-sweetness of it as it mingles with the saliva we are making as we kiss! Just when I don't think it can get any better, you begin thrusting back, your hips rising to meet mine, your hands reaching around my back to scratch along my spine...your legs spreading to allow more frantic movement ….--

Jesus --how inventive could this guy get? I was perspiring so much my tee-shirt was sticking to my upper chest where my roaming hand had pushed it--my dark brown hair was nearly black where it lay against my sweat-slicked forehead. Even my feet were sweating where they rubbed against one another at the ends of my bent legs--for they had spread instinctively to match Kurt's story. The only thing which could possibly be wetter than my brow was the sodden fabric of my briefs--and they were showing pearls of white love at the spot where my cock head throbbed.

-- With a final lingering kiss, I raise up just enough to reverse position so that my head now rests by your feet ,-- here I could tell how deeply Kurt was into this...if his voice and breathing were any more labored, I'd swear he was having a heart attack. -- My lips part just enough so I can run my tongue along the white sock covering your foot, relishing the lingering scent from your sneakers. I nip at your cloth-clad toes a bit, before licking my way up your calves--all the time scooting backward as our crotches separate. As my lips reach your thigh, I get high from the heady fragrance coming from your tool. With a final push, my face is just inches above your groin...my hot breath mixing with the waves of heat rising from your sopping shorts. I take a ragged breath and my tongue reaches out to lap at the wonderful liquid you've made just for me ...--

"Kurt! Jesus, Kurt...I want to cum--I've never been so close for so long-- please let me shoot! Please!" I was nearly incoherent with lust, with the need to blow like I never had before--but I couldn't do it without Kurt!

-- Soon, baby...real soon .-- Surely he couldn't last much longer!

-- Got your finger ready? You'll know when to suck on it... then we can cum, just the two of us, just for each other! My hands reach under, cupping your ass, bringing you closer to my tongue...my fingers gripping each cheek gently through your shorts, pulling them apart. I let one of my fingers rest in your crack, gently massaging your hidden spot; I let a stream of air escape my lips as they crawl over the mound of your shorts, then my tongue makes contact! It swirls around the base before laving its way up toward the tip, darting and dipping to follow every contour, my lips molded around your long cloth-covered dick! The tip is so wet...my tongue picks up the pre-cum like a cat does cream...it works your head and ridge just enough that my lips can fully engulf it through your shorts, and with a slight jerk my hand creates enough slack that my lips sink all the way down to the bottom of your rigid, steely shaft! I bob my head up and down, sucking my cheeks in and out as I go, feeling the love ooze through the fabric, giving me that which only another boy can provide; I tense up as I feel your muscles go stiff...my mouth fills with spit in anticipation...the veins in your cock swell and the shaft grows thicker and harder !--

Now--it HAD to be NOW! "K-k-kurt! I can't hold it…"

-- With one final twist of my head and a sucking lick, I can feel your balls rise...and just as the first taste of your cum hits my taste buds...I jam my finger into your clenching hole! CUM NOW! My mouth floods with your sweet sperm, shot after shot hitting my tongue, making its way to the back of my throat where I finally let it go to my stomach. I graze your pulsing rod with my teeth, giving it that last bit of encouragement to drain your nuts completely. When I've gotten all there is, I move up and press our mouths together, our tongues shoving each other's cum into waiting moistness, mixing until we can't figure out who's is whose ….--

"HOLY FUCK !" God, it was like a fire-hose going off! The cloth of my briefs gave no resistance whatsoever to my wildly spurting cock--it even managed to get through my fingers and draw creamy white lines across my chest! Every muscle and tendon in my body went completely stiff, my breathing stopped and I couldn't see. How long it lasted, I don't know...seconds--minutes--hours? With a long, drawn-out shuddering gasp, I sucked in great lungfulls of air...that was all I could manage in my weakened, near-paralyzed state. I thought I had gone blind until I remembered to open my eyes.

"Kurt?" I could hear our breathing settle down slowly, allowing us to form soft words in addition to mere respiration. I could also hear quiet slurping sounds. "What are you doing?"

-- Hang on a second...the rag's in the bath …-- Faint rustling noises came over the line, but I didn't hear the squeak of bedsprings. -- 'kay; had to scoop the jizz off my chest, and figured I might as well suck it out of my pants too! Don't want it to drip on the carpet ….--

"Um...I...uh...it was fun, Kurt! Um…." Should I ask him? It was too embarrassing--but I have never cum that hard before! I didn't want to risk not having another experience like this one, but I didn't know how to ask...this was about sex !

-- After what we just did, you're not gonna be all shy on me are you? You don't regret it, do you ?--

I swallowed hard, tasting again the tang of my love juices, and that gave me just that little bit more of courage: "Ca-can we do it again? Not right now --but sometime? Please?"

Kurt let out a sigh I could plainly hear...he must not have always gotten such an eager and willing partner! He just got lucky with this wrong number--and I could feel a smile spreading over my face.

-- Sure we can! I'll see you in school tomorrow, and call when I get home !--

For a wild moment, I panicked! He went to the same school as me! I could feel my eyes widen and then, it dawned on me-- everyone in the three towns in our district went to my school--unless they had rich parents who sent them away to board! "Let me give you my number…"

-- I already got your number...talk to ya tomorrow...Steve !--

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