The Viking

by c m

It's five in the morning, and I can see the first glimmer of dawn creeping across the sky through the window in his room. I'm lying here, with him beside me, and I'm wondering what I've got myself into.

Of course, I shouldn't have been surprised.

I mean, I'd always thought of him as 'The Viking', and that's what Vikings do, isn't it? Rape and pillage. I suppose I should be grateful that at least I've been spared the pillage.

It's my fault for encouraging him, really. At sixteen he's blond, blue-eyed and gorgeous. He's also six feet two, very fit, and very strong. I've wanted him, if truth be told, since I first saw him when he was thirteen. He was less of a god then; just heart-stoppingly beautiful. I admired him from afar - and then I unexpectedly got the chance to meet him and get to know him. And despite the two year gap in our ages, we just hit it off. We share lots of the same interests – but best of all we make each other laugh.

He's not gay - or at least he says he isn't - but he's always been perfectly relaxed about the fact that I am. I told him about a year after we'd first got to know each other. His response was just mild curiosity. At least until yesterday.

Yesterday was his sixteenth birthday. I bought him a present - a little silver hammer on a leather string to hang round his neck. He knows I call him the Viking and it's our little joke. Thor's hammer. But I told him that I had another present for him later. After the party was over and everyone else had gone, he asked me what it was.

'I wondered if you'd like a blow job. No strings. You don't have to return it. Not unless you really want to.'

I saw him raise an eyebrow fractionally.

'Maybe you've had one already - from a girl. But gay boys do it better. Much better. I'd like to show you. My gift to you.'

He shook his head slowly.

'No...I've not had a blow job. Not even a hand job - well, apart from my own. And yes...I'd love that. But it will definitely be a one-way thing. I'm not sucking you, Chris, much as I like you. Are you sure you want to do this?'

I nodded.

'Yes. Very sure.'

'Come on then.'

The party had been at his house, and I was staying over. His parents had gone out for the night leaving us all to it. I was notionally in charge as the oldest there. I wondered if they'd have been as keen if they knew what was about to happen. I wonder if I would have been, as well.

Erik - yes, even his name was a good fit for my nickname for him - led me upstairs to his room. I followed him in and shut the door behind us. He turned to me.

'OK. Now what?'

'Now you drop your trousers. I pull down your briefs, kneel in front of you and give you the time of your life. Or, if you prefer, we can lie on the bed.'

I saw him smile.

'OK. But I want you naked.'

I swallowed hard. This was unexpected. Not necessarily unwelcome, but unexpected.

' too?'

He shook his head.

'No. I'll lose my bottom half, but I'm keeping my shirt on.'

I saw the challenge in his eyes. Well, if that's what he wanted, it was OK by me. I nodded.

'Good,' he said, 'then you can start by taking my shoes off.'

So he wanted to take control. Something I hadn't expected. But I wasn't unhappy to go along with it. If that's what he wanted.

I knelt down and he put a foot on my thigh. I unlaced the trainer and slipped it off his foot. Then the other one.

'Now take my socks off.'

I peeled the white sports socks off his feet, exposing two elegant feet with neatly manicured (or should that be pedicured?) toes.

'Now my belt.'

I pulled the loop of leather out of its clasp and unbuckled him.

He reached down and popped the stud on his jeans. I could see the hard lump straining at the fly. I went to unzip him but he knocked my hand away.

'Not yet. Your turn. Strip for me. Take your time.'

He sat on the bed as I pulled off my sweater, and followed it with my polo shirt. I kicked off my shoes and then took my socks off, one at a time. His eyes were fixed on me the whole time. I undid my belt and the button on my trousers, then slowly unzipped the fly. My arousal was all too obvious through the fabric of my briefs. I slowly wriggled the trousers down to my ankles and stepped out of them.

I saw his eyes travel to the bulge in my underwear.

'OK, now take my trousers off.'

I did so. There was a little dark spot on his underpants.

'Take your briefs off.'

I hooked my fingers into the sides and looked at him. We'd seen each other naked in the showers often enough - but we'd never seen one another aroused. I pulled the fabric clear of my erection and stepped out of them.

'Mmm. Nice cock, Chris. Bigger than I expected. Much bigger actually.'

I know what he means. I'm a grower not a shower. Floppy, I'm probably only a couple of inches long. But erect, I'm at the top end of average. And thick. I wondered what Erik would be like. Soft, he was much, much bigger than me. Well, I was about to find out.

'Now mine, Chris.'

I pulled the navy blue shorts down to his ankles. His erection sprang up as I finally freed it. He was every bit as big as I had imagined. Well, actually the more accurate word would be long – very long – but slimmer than mine. Much slimmer.

'God, it's beautiful,' I said.

'Have fun with it.'

I knelt between his legs and wrapped my hand round it. It was silky smooth and yet steely hard. I eased the foreskin back exposing the purplish head. I flicked my tongue over the tip and heard him gasp. Then I took him in my mouth and slowly slid my lips down the shaft. I heard the breath hiss from his lips, and then he was as far inside my mouth as I could take him; I've never been able to get over my gag reflex. Not that Erik seemed to care. He was lost in the world of pleasure that my lips and tongue were bringing to his most sensitive area. I fondled his balls. They were pleasingly heavy in my hand. I took my time. As I continued to work my lips up and down him, I eventually felt his balls start to tighten up.

'Oh God Chris, I'm going to cum.'

I kept going. I felt his stomach muscles contract and then he was bucking and kicking in my mouth as he released a stream of warm seed into my mouth. He tasted good. Very good. When the flow stopped, I ran a finger up the underside of his shaft to extract the very last drops. He flopped back on the bed as I finished by licking one final time around the tip.

'Fuck, Chris. That was amazing.'

He was still almost hard. I kept massaging his balls.

'Want to go again?' I asked.

He smiled.

'Come and lie beside me,' he said.

I did, and then he propped himself up on one arm before running a hand down over my chest and stomach and then wrapping his hand round my achingly hard erection. He smiled at me.

'I'm not gay, Chris, but I must confess, I've wondered what it would feel like to touch another boy's erection.'

'Feels bloody wonderful from my end,' I said.

He smiled again, then took my balls in one hand and squeezed. Hard.

I gasped. But he just kept maintaining the pressure.

'The answer to your question is that, yes, I do want to go again. But this time I'm going to fuck you.'

'No, Erik.'

The words croaked out from between my lips. Partly from shock and partly because my whole body was in pain from the pressure he was exerting on my balls.

'Yes, Chris. I know you want me to. You know you want me to. And I'm going to because I want to as well.'

'No Erik, please.'

His eyes bored down into mine. I went to sit up, but he tightened his grip on my balls sending waves of pain through me. So much so that my erection collapsed.

He released the pressure slightly, and then brought his face close to mine.

'I know how you look at me, Chris. I've seen the desire in you. I don't mind. I like you. And now I'm going to give you what you want. Just be honest with me. Tell me you want it too.'

I shook my head.

'Please Chris...there's no need to pretend. Now, all you have to do if you want me to let go of your balls is to tell me the truth. That you want me to fuck you.'

I shook my head again, and then yelped as he closed his fist even more tightly round my scrotum and squeezed. All I wanted was for the pain to stop.

'OK. OK. Yes, Erik, I want you to fuck me.'

Mercifully, he released the pressure.

'See? That was easy wasn't it?'

He sat up and knelt between my legs. I could see his cock was fully erect again. And despite the pain, and despite my fear, my only thoughts were how beautiful and sexy he was.

'Now just put your legs over my shoulders,' he said.

Silently, reluctantly, I did as he asked.

I saw him spit into his hand and then felt him push a finger inside me. To my shame, I felt myself getting hard again. Erik noticed.

'See? I knew you wanted this.'

I was too resigned to what was going to happen to argue. And a little voice inside me was saying that I was gay and I was going to be fucked sooner or later…so why not by this gorgeous boy? Because he's forcing himself on me, I told the voice. But the voice just laughed.

I saw him rub more spit on his erection, and seconds later he was pushing it inside me. The first thrust took him in about an inch, and I had the sense to relax just before his second thrust buried the entire length of his cock inside me.

To my surprise, it didn't hurt anything like as much as I was expecting. And I was suddenly grateful for the fact that, despite its length, his cock was at least slim. He started to fuck me rhythmically, sliding in and out and getting gradually faster. As he hit 'that' spot inside me, I couldn't help but groan with pleasure and then, now all too soon for me, he was cumming. He bent his full weight into me as he emptied himself inside me. I felt a drip of his sweat land on my forehead, and saw him smile.

'See? You enjoyed it. I know you did. I could feel it. You did, didn't you?'

'You raped me, Erik.'

'Tell me you didn't enjoy it.'

'That's not the point. I said I didn't want you to.'

'That was what your mouth said. Your body told me differently. It still does.'

And with that he took hold of my cock, still hard but now leaking, and proceeded to masturbate me. It didn't take long. I erupted; my desire and my shame spattered in pearly white all over my chest.


I lay there, confounded, in a mixture of misery, sexual release and, yes, I have to be honest, desire.

'I'll take your silence as assent.'

He paused.

'And now I'm going to fuck you again.'

I said nothing.

This time he was rough. He slammed in and out of me with no care or thought - despite my begging him to be more gentle.

'See? You like it. Gentle, rough, you just love the feeling of me inside you. You know you do.'

He leant closer to my face.

'I'm your Viking. And you're mine whenever I want you. You may not believe it right now, Chris, but I like you very much. I really like you. Fucking you is just an expression of that. And soon you'll admit that you enjoy it as much as I do. And you'll be grateful to me for tonight. Just as I am grateful to you. And I am, Chris, even if I had to take charge for us both to appreciate that.'

He kissed me lightly on the lips before lying full length on top of me. He was already hard again. And I got hard at his touch. He changed position, sitting with his legs straddling my chest and the tip of his cock brushing my lips.

'Suck me one more time, Chris.'

He pushed his cock more firmly against my lips. I let him inside. I knew I was lost. He pulled a pillow under my head so that I could work my lips up and down on him more easily.

'Stroke yourself,' he said.

I lasted scarcely longer than the first time, my cum splashing high up along his back and running back down his spine, into the crack of his buttocks. I moved my finger to his hole, lubricated with my seed. His hand quickly grabbed mine.

'No, no, no, Chris. Naughty. That's not for you. But this is....'

His cock seemed to swell in my mouth as he delivered his load. Less of it this time, but still sweet and delicious.

'Now time for us to sleep,' he said.

He pulled me to him and wrapped his arms round me from behind. And that's how we fell asleep.

And now I'm watching the dawn come up and wondering where we both go from here.

Three hours later and it's fully morning. Erik leads me to the shower and fucks me again up against the shower wall as the water courses down our bodies. And if truth be told, while I probably couldn't have stopped him anyway, I don't even try. He's right. I want him in me. It feels good. No, it feels wonderful. As he slips out of me, I'm desperate for my own release. Erik can see how hard I am. He gives my cock a squeeze.

'Masturbate for me, Chris. I want to watch you.'

'Do it for me, Erik. Please?'

He laughs.

'No, Chris, not this time. '

He slips his hand down, off my cock, to my balls. He starts to squeeze.

'No, Erik, please. Please don't. It's OK. I'll masturbate for you.'

And I do. My cum splatters over the floor of the shower and gets swept away in a swirl of white down the drain.

I feel Erik wrap his arms round me and hug me. Then he kisses me. Just once.

'You'll always be there for me when I want you, won't you, Chris?'

I look up into those blue eyes. I lay my head against his chest. I love him for who he is - even if I hate him for what he's done. No, that's not true. I love what he's done to me…I just hate him for how he's done it. But he is beautiful and sexy…and I can't help myself.

'Yes, Erik. I'll be there.'

And I am.

Over the next two years, whenever Erik calls, I go. In that time he has at least three girlfriends, but I'm the one he enjoys fucking most. I know because he tells me, his voice rasping in my ears as he fills me with his seed.

'Oh Chris, you're the best. No-one compares to you.'

By the time he's eighteen, he has the most amazing stamina as well as a monstrous sex drive. He'll often cum in my mouth before fucking me two or three times in a row - and then have me suck him off again.

Occasionally - very occasionally, as a special treat - he will take hold of my cock and jack me off, but mostly he likes to watch me masturbate for him once he's satisfied himself.

As for me, I know I'm being used - but I don't care. I cannot refuse my strong, handsome, blue-eyed Viking anything he asks of me.

And then, one day, something happens.

He's been away at University. His first term. Ten weeks at the other end of the country. It's the longest I have ever gone without him fucking me since that first time on his sixteenth birthday. Now he's back for the vacation. And, sure enough, he calls me. He asks me to come over. Of course I go. But there was something different in his voice. And there is something different about him, as he opens the door to me. He puts his arms round me and hugs me with a warmth I have never felt before.

'Come on,' he says, taking me by the hand and leading up me up the stairs along the well-worn path to his bedroom.

In his bedroom, I start to strip. This is how it always is. First I have to be naked, and then he decides how much of his clothing he wants me to remove. It is never all of it; sometimes he just keeps his shirt on, but sometimes he stays fully-dressed, simply unzipping his fly and fucking me, fully-clothed, with me bent over the foot of his bed. But not today.

Today, as I start to strip, he takes hold of my hands and shakes his head. Instead, it is he who strips naked as I stand there watching. As he steps out of his briefs, he is fully erect. Then he steps towards me and undresses me slowly and gently. I look at him in surprise, but he just puts his fingers to his lips and continues until I am as naked as he is. He takes me by the hand and leads me to the bed. He lies down and pulls me into him, my head on his shoulder, one arm around me. With his other hand he strokes my face.

'I hardly know where to start, Chris. I've treated you so badly for more than two years. I realise that now. Can you ever forgive me?'

I open my mouth to protest, but he puts his fingers on my lips.

'Shhh. Please, I have to say this, Chris. Being away from you has made me realise something.'

He sighs, and then turns those blue eyes back to mine.

'I told myself that the sex we had was just a game between us. A game that you enjoyed because you were gay and you fancied me. I told myself that so long as it was me doing things to you, then it was fine. It was just a sexual release for me and that it meant nothing. Role play that we both enjoyed. But I see now that not only was I treating you like some object to be played with - and God knows you don't deserve that - but that I was lying to myself too.'

Another heavy sigh.

'You see...I love you, Chris. I think I always have. But I thought sex with you was just a stepping stone to sex with women and finding a girlfriend and...being normal. But it isn't. When I have sex with a girl, it's you I'm thinking of. The only true words I've ever told you are that you are the best, that no-one compares with you. And they don't. And I'm so sorry for what I've done. So, so sorry.'

And then he starts crying.

'How could I ever have been so unkind to you, Chris? How could ever I have done it? You are kind and lovely and all I've done is exploit your desire for me. Please say you forgive me.'

And now I'm crying too. Partly because I can't bear to see his pain, but mostly because he said he loves me.

'Do you really love me, Erik?'

He nods through his tears and pulls my face to his and kisses me.

I want to keep kissing him, but I need to stop his pain first. I lift my lips from his.

'If you love me, Erik, then there is nothing to forgive. I never thought I could have you to myself; you're not gay. And it was my choice to accept the sex - the wonderful, wonderful sex - if that was all I could have of you.'

'Don't be kind to me, Chris. I don't deserve it. I know I've hurt and humiliated you. I hate myself - and all because I couldn't admit what was staring me in the face. I almost wanted to hurt you, God forgive me, to prove I wasn't gay. But being apart from you for ten weeks has made me realise that gay is exactly what I am. And I've hurt the one person in the world who deserves it least.'

'I say again, Erik, that there is nothing you have done that I haven't been happy to go along with. And what matters isn't the past, but the future. I love you, Erik, I always have, and if you love me then my world is perfect.'

He stops and looks at me. He shakes his head slowly from side to side.

'You mean it? You can really love me after everything I've done to you?'

'Yes, Erik,' I say, kissing him again, 'I really love you'

'Then prove it,' he whispers.


'Fuck me, Chris. Like I've fucked you.'

I look into his eyes and see the truth in them.

'Have you been fucked before?

He shakes his head.

'No...once I realised what I was...what I felt...I knew it had to be with you. Only with you.'

'It's going to hurt, Erik.'

'I don't care. What's a little pain after what I've done to you? I want it to hurt, Chris.'

'No, Erik. I don't want to punish you. You don't need to be punished. I want it to be wonderful for you. As wonderful as it is for me. But it will hurt a little.'

'Please, Chris. Just take me. Now.'

I get up and take the tube of jelly from the pocket of my jeans where I've left them on the floor. I always bring the lube when Erik calls. It's my job to do so. I go back to the bed and lift his legs up over my shoulders. I squeeze a generous squirt of jelly onto my fingers. I use them to open him up. I truly don't want to hurt him. I put my more on my cock before entering him. I am as gentle as I can be, but I'm thick and I can see it hurts. He bites his lip to avoid crying out. And then I am buried inside him. Slowly I see the pain subside and the first hints of pleasure arrive. There is almost wonder in his eyes as he smiles up at me.

'Oh Chris, oh my god.'

I take hold of his erection and stroke him in time with my movements in and out of him. He comes in a mighty series of spurts and this sends me over the edge. I collapse on top of him.

Over the next two hours we make love over and over. Erik performs oral sex on me for the first time. And then again. And when he fucks me, it's with a tenderness that reduces me to tears of joy. When we shower it is I who fuck him up against the wall. We wash each other slowly and tenderly, then go back to bed and just lie there, holding each other, each of us telling the other how much we love him.

And things just get better and better between us. We become a couple. We do all the things couples do – including having rows and making up. But we stay together. My Viking and me.


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2018 Inspired by a Picture Challenge - What?

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The Viking

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Authors deserve your feedback. It's the only payment they get. If you go to the top of the page you will find the author's name. Click that and you can email the author easily.* Please take a few moments, if you liked the story, to say so.

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