Max and Me

by c m

Chapter 7

The next couple of days were unremarkable. The weather was good and we swam and saw Sigi – but there was no more sex involving him. Max and I made love every night and just enjoyed each other's company during the day. We made some plans for the next ten days, checking out Youth Hostels and inns and some hotels. We planned to walk, hire bikes, take the odd train and generally have a good explore of the region without being too tied to a particular itinerary. We also made a shopping list and went into the city to buy what we needed.

I also met a couple more of Max's friends – both of whom were curious to see the British boy who had stolen their friend's heart. I liked them. They were kind and generous with their friendship and did their best to put me at ease. My German was getting better, but was still far less good than their English.

Max's parents were kindness itself, and gave us both five hundred marks on the day we left for the Black Forest 'Just a little spending money'. I felt embarrassed, but Max told me not to be so silly. They took us to the station and we caught the midday train. Four hours later we were 300km south and walking, knapsacks on our backs, from Todtnau station to our first stopover at a Youth Hostel on the edge of the forest itself.

The hostel was busy. Max and I were two of eight boys sharing a dormitory. It took me back to school. The other boys all seemed nice enough, but it was a long time since I'd been in bedroom with Max and not been beside him in the same bed. I woke up at about 2 in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I headed to the bathroom for a pee and, as I relieved myself, I heard the door open behind me. Max appeared beside me.

"Can't sleep?"

"Missing you, Max."

"I miss you too. Why don't we slip into one of the cubicles and…."

"You are a very wicked boy, Max Schell."

"But you're coming aren't you?"

We headed for the endmost cubicle. I sat on the seat and Max dropped his briefs and rolled up his T-shirt. His cock was already stiff as I took him in my mouth. I put one hand on his balls and one on his left nipple and gave him an energetic, if somewhat unromantic, blowjob. His hands went on the top of my head as he came, blast after blast of cum disappearing down my throat. We changed places and he did the same for me.

"It's like being back at the Hague," I said to him.

He giggled. "Except I don't have red hair." Now it was my turn to giggle. "I didn't hear anyone come in, but I'll just check. Wait a moment."

He unlocked the door and went out into the bathroom. "OK'," he said, and I followed him out. The bathroom was empty. We kissed, then headed back for the dorm and got back into bed. With the taste of Max in my mouth, I soon fell asleep.

Looking back, now, I realise that I don't recall much of the detail of that holiday. I remember that the weather was mostly fine, although we got very wet twice. On the nice days, we often walked stripped to the waist and I remember that on one of those days we found a secluded grove, the light dappling through the trees, with the sound of water from a little stream nearby. We shed our packs, spread out a rug and just lay in each other's arms, kissing and cuddling. It was off the beaten track, and I felt Max reach for the zipper on my shorts.

"Fuck, Max. What if someone comes?"

"Oh, someone will be cumming alright." He grinned evilly at me.

What could I do? It was at once scary and erotic. Max pulled my cock out and sucked it. I was feeling horny as hell, and it wasn't long before I was dumping my load in his mouth.

"'See, I told you it would be alright. In fact, I think it's so alright you can do me now. But naked."

Max shucked off his shorts and briefs and stood naked as the day he was born in front of me.

"For fuck's sake Max, what are you doing?"

"'Ach, just do what you do best. Stop worrying."

I knelt in front of him and took him in my mouth. I loved the taste of him. My hands closed round his balls and rubbed them. Then I figured that if he was up for it then we'd do it properly. I shoved a finger up his bottom just before he came.


Max jerked upright and promptly flooded my mouth with his cum.

"'You should have warned me!"

"Why?" I smiled sweetly. "Didn't you like it?"

"Of course I liked it, it was just...unexpected."

"Come on...get dressed. We need to get on if we're going to make the hotel before six."

The best thing about staying at the inns and hotels was that Max and I got to sleep together. At the Youth hostels we almost never managed to have sex. At the hotels we had lots of sex to make up for it. Not that we needed an excuse. The truth was that Max and I both loved sex. On the days that we could, we'd cum four or five times. A typical night would consist of us giving each other a blow job, followed by me fucking Max, Max fucking me, me fucking him again, another blow job and a final fuck or maybe just a hand job. Sometimes Max would want to be fucked three times in a row - though he never wanted to enter me more than once in a session – which was fine. That was Max. And I was more than happy to be inside him just as often as he wanted.

The hostels were all a bit different from one another. One had communal showers which was fun as we got to see what all the other boys had. But we never had the same sort of experience as we had had in Cornwall of finding other boys who wanted to join us. Probably because we were moving around all the time we never got to know them well enough. Not that we minded. We were perfectly content fucking each other's brains out whenever we could.

Towards the end of the fortnight, we started to think about what was going to happen once we had to part. Max was able to live at home for the duration of his university course but I was going to be in College.

"So, Chris. I think we will both find it hard to have no sex for three months without each other."

"Very hard, Max."

"So what do we do?"

"I've been thinking. I'd be OK with you and Sigi doing stuff if you wanted to. He's like James really. And I know he wants to fuck you." I had been thinking about what I was going to say next for a long time. It wasn't what I really wanted, but I knew I had to offer it to Max. Better that than losing him. And he and Sigi were like James and me. "I'm OK with you two fucking if you really need to. Unless you think you can do without sex for all that time."

"Really, Chris? You are sure you are alright with that? Hmm. OK. Let me think. But what about you? You can't have James – he's at a different University miles away, and you don't fuck each other anyway."

"I know."

"I trust you, my Chris. I do. I think we are going to have to trust each other. If we can manage to hold out for each other then fine, but I think we know each other well enough to know that we are going to have wants and urges. I'm OK with you having sex with another boy provided it isn't just some casual thing. If it's with someone you know and like well enough to trust, then I'm OK with it. But if either of us does, we tell the other…no secrets."

I nodded. "No secrets, Max."

Max put his arms round me.

"Good. We'll both try hard. And if we fail, we use condoms, yes?"

"Yes, Max. Definitely."

"But Chris, there is also another risk. A bigger one. There is a real risk that maybe you meet someone who you prefer to me. No, no. Listen. It could happen. He will be there every day, I am hundreds of miles away. You are an easy person to love, Chris. You are sexy, handsome, gifted, kind and generous. If I met you and you were with someone who wasn't around, I would try to break you up and have you for myself. It's the truth. All I ask is if that happens, you tell me. Yes?"

"It won't happen, Max."

"But if it does?......"

"It won't."

Max raised his eyebrows at me. "OK, if – and it won't happen – but if…then yes, I'll tell you. And you do the same for me."

"Of course….but that will definitely not happen. I have my English lion and I am keeping him." He kissed me.

"Max – I really hope I'm strong enough to wait to have sex with you. I belong to you Max. Having sex with other guys who we have both met and like is one thing. Doing it with someone else is different. I love you Max."

He smiled a huge smile. "And I love you too, my Chris. I too want to be strong. I too want to wait. But…let's see how things go. Oh – but that excludes doing stuff with James if he is around. That is definitely OK"

"And the same for you and Sigi. Agreed?"


The end of the trip came all too soon and we found ourselves on the train back to Frankfurt. Sigi was waiting at the station to meet us. He hugged us both.

"I want to hear all about it. You fucked many guys, yes?"

We laughed. "No, Sigi," said Max, "we fucked each other a lot, but no-one else."

Sigi pouted. "Well what kind of boring story is that going to be then?"

"Don't worry…there will be enough to make you glad you asked."

"OOHHhh…ok then. I look forward to it."

A few days before I was due to return home, Max's parents arranged a farewell party for me. Friedrich was there and a couple of other boys from the hockey team, as well as the two other friends of Max who I had met. And, of course, Sigi. And his younger brother, Jürgen who was sixteen. Jürgen was, simply, stunningly beautiful. His mass of brown wavy hair was tinged with gold. His fresh, open complexion was flawless with full lips and a perfectly-proportioned nose. His eyes were almost violet with long lashes, and he had a smile that would have melted steel. My heart lurched. He also came up to me and introduced himself.

"Hello, Chris? I am Jürgen. I am Sigi's brother. He talks of you a lot so I wanted to meet you. I hope you are enjoying Germany."

"I'm enjoying it very much, thank you Jürgen. It seems to be full of very good looking young men – like you." I smiled.

He blushed bright red. It was cute. "Ah, thank you. Yes, of course I know that you and Max are…boyfriends, yes?"


"I know that Max is gay for a long time so it is nice to meet his boyfriend."

"And it very nice to meet you. I think Sigi and Max are best friends."

"Yes. They know each other a long time. Sigi telled me…sorry, told me, that you all swim together."

"Yes, we have done."

"Maybe next time I could swim with you too?"

"I'm sure Max wouldn't mind…but we usually swim naked."

"Oh...yes, that is all OK. Sigi has told me."

"And did Sigi tell you anything else?"

"He tell me you have a brown all over your body. that right?"

"A tan. A tan all over my body, yes."

He was blushing again. "And he called you 'English lion' because you have gold hair on you."

"'My English lion' is what Max calls me."

"And he tells me other things too but I think they are private."

I was intrigued. "Perhaps you can tell me all about that later."

"Maybe yes. Anyway. It is good to meet you."

"You too Jürgen."

He wandered off and I went to find Max.

"I see you've met Jürgen. Good looking, no?" he said

"Yes, he came and introduced himself. And yes…very good-looking - sexy in fact. He told me that he knew you were gay, and that I was your boyfriend and that he wanted to come swimming with us. Apparently Sigi has told him we do it naked and that doesn't put him off."

"Well maybe he should come next time. You would like to see him naked?"

"Would you?"

"I have seen him naked. But not for a while. He has a nice body."

"I think Sigi has told him a whole lot more, but he said it was 'private'."

Max laughed. "Well, that does not surprise me...Sigi is very...indiscreet – is that the word? He doesn't know he is, he just always says what's on his mind. Because very little embarrasses him, he assumes the same applies to everyone else. Jürgen is a nice boy, though. Now, come on, let me re-introduce you to Friedrich."

Friedrich had grown his hair since I'd last seen him. It suited him, the long blond curls making his face less severe. He smiled and held out a hand as we approached.

" is good to see you again, Chris. Still as good-looking as ever, I see."

"You too, Friedrich. Your curls suit you." I reached out and ran my fingers through them.

He blushed. "Well, thank you, Chris."

We talked idly about this and that while we drank beer and then Max's father announced that the barbecue was ready and we headed that way. I looked across and saw that Jürgen had a bottle of beer that he was obviously trying to hide. He looked at me and put a finger on his lips. I smiled and put my hands in front of my eyes to indicate that I hadn't seen. Jürgen smiled broadly back at me.

I collected a plate of delicious looking food and took it over to where Jürgen was sitting. I also took two bottles of beer with me and passed one to him.

"I'm not supposed to be drinking. My parents allow me one – but this is my second – and yours would make three."

"Well, it's up to you. I'll drink it if you don't want it."

He grinned. "Oh I want it. Thank you."

"Why don't you go and get some food and perhaps we can sit somewhere where you can tell me what else Sigi has told you."

"I probably should not have said that."

"It's OK, Jürgen. No secrets between friends."

"We are friends?"

"Of course we are friends."

Jürgen's face cracked in a big smile. 'Good. I like that. OK. I will be back in a moment.'

He came back with a massive plate of food.

"You must be hungry."

"I am always hungry. Mother says it is because I am growing."

"She probably has a point."

Jürgen shrugged and demolished two large sausages before my very eyes.

"So...tell me what else your brother told you."

Yet again he blushed. "Ummm...I hope you will not be cross. He told me that you had a very nice Schwanz, and that he had had oral sex with you and that Max had watched. And that he had watched you fuck Max. Is that true?"

"Yes, that's true."

"I wish I had been there to watch too," he suddenly realise what he had said and covered his mouth with his hand. He started to get up, but I put a hand on his shoulder.

"It's OK, Jürgen. It's fine to feel that way. Honestly, it's fine. I'm not at all upset."



"I guess I'm just curious."

"Curious is fine, Jürgen. And if you were a bit older, I'd offer to show you."

"I'm sixteen. That is old enough."

"Let me finish. A bit older...and if I didn't have a boyfriend."

"I see. But if you won't do things with me or show me things because you have a boyfriend, then why was it OK for Sigi?"

"Because Max said it was OK."

"Maybe he would say it was alright for me too, then"

"Maybe. But I'm not going to ask him, Jürgen. Maybe I shouldn't have done it with Sig, really."

I put a hand on his shoulder.

"It's not that I don't find you sexy Jürgen; God knows, I do. But if you are going to do this at all - and curious isn't the same as wanting to do it - then you need to find someone else. I'm sorry."

"It's OK, Chris. I understand." He looked me straight in the eye. "But I think I would like to do it with you."

I thought it was probably the alcohol talking. But taking advantage of a sixteen year old boy who had had too much to drink was not my style – even if I hadn't had a boyfriend. "You'll find someone Jürgen." I could see the disappointment in his eyes. "Hug?"

He smiled. "Yes...and thank you anyway."

He gave me a long, very close hug. I could feel what seemed to be a very hard lump where his groin pressed against me. I got a good look into those violet-tinged eyes. His face was soft against mine. Despite myself, I felt my loins stir – so I broke the hug before Jürgen could notice.

"Maybe see you in the pool sometime."

His eyes sparkled. "Maybe. That would be nice, I think."

The party drew to a close until there were just six of us boys left. Sigi, Jürgen, Friedrich, Dieter – one of Max's friends – and Max and me. It was hot and we'd all had a fair bit to drink – and Max suggested a skinny dip. Minutes later six naked bodies were diving into the swimming pool.

Max was right about Jürgen – he had a great body to go with his looks, though I was slightly surprised to see that he was circumcised, given that his brother wasn't. What didn't surprise me, given what I'd felt as he hugged me, was that he was handsomely equipped between his legs. All six of us horsed around; we formed two teams and threw a ball between us trying to prevent the other side from getting hold of it. Jürgen was on the other team, and I noticed that he took every opportunity to put his body against mine as he tried to intercept the ball when it was thrown to me. At one point he wrapped his arms round my chest and pulled me back against him, his cock pressed against my bum. After about half an hour we were all pretty exhausted, and one by one we got out of the pool and dried off. As the others were talking, I took the chance to ask Jürgen about why he was circumcised when Sigi wasn't.

"Oh that. It was done for medical reasons when I was twelve. The skin was too tight. It was necessary. " He looked down at himself and turned his cock towards me. "Why – do you think it looks ugly?"

"No, Jürgen, not at all. Your cock is like the rest of you – beautiful. I was just curious."

"Ah, OK. I think it would be nice if it still looked like yours."

"I don't think it makes any difference, Jürgen."

"Maybe not – but it makes me unusual. Not many German boys are like me."

"Then enjoy being different, Jürgen. I'm different because I'm gay, you're different because you're circumcised. Different is good."

His lips slowly creased into a smile. "Thank you, that is nice. Then I will enjoy being different."

With that we both pulled our shorts and shirts back on. And that was that.

I only had a couple of days left before I was due to fly back to England, and Max and I decided that we were going to be very selfish and spent as much of that time on our own with each other as possible.

We talked a lot about our plans for the future. We spent a lot of time just holding each other close. Our love-making became longer and slower and more sensuous – as if we were trying to fill our minds with as many memories of what the other felt, tasted and smelled like. I remember Max kissing me from head to toe, his lips brushing over every part of me. There were tears, but there was a lot of laughter too; we just couldn't help making each other smile.

We talked again about the challenges of being apart; the desires we would both have; the possibility that we would meet someone new. I don't think either of us seriously thought we wouldn't stay together – but I think by now that we were equally pretty sure, and had accepted it, that we wouldn't be able to stay celibate for three months. We talked the rules through again – but ultimately we trusted each other and we had shared ourselves often enough with others for us to know what was and what wasn't OK. I thought again about Mark, and how he had taught me to share – and I knew that Max was cut from the same cloth.

Sigi popped round a couple of times and tried to persuade us that what we really wanted was for him to fuck us – but we didn't and we kept telling him so. In the end he understood how we were feeling and he was very sweet about it, apologising for being inappropriate. He was impossible to dislike and I gave him a big kiss.

"You have to give him full marks for persistence," I said to Max later.

"He never gives up – and he'll keep trying. Not that I blame him – if I were him I'd want to fuck you too."

"You do fuck me."

"I know – and that's what drives Sigi mad!"

We both laughed.

"Now my English lion, all this talk of fucking has made me very horny, I don't suppose…..?"

"Get 'em off."

"Oh, so romantic..."

I jumped on Max and we wrestled each other to the floor. I ended up sitting on his chest. I pulled his T-shirt up over his head and then felt behind me to pop the button on his shorts and unzip him. He wasn't wearing anything underneath and his hot hard cock popped into my hand.

"'re still dressed."

I pulled my own T-shirt off as Max unzipped me, taking hold of my erection in both his hands.

"Let's get rid of these shorts," I said, standing up.

Max shuffled his shorts down around his ankles and kicked them off. As I looked down at him lying there stark naked with a goofy grin on his face and his cock pointing stiffly across his belly, I felt full to bursting with love for him. He just held his arms up to me.

"Come here and kiss me."

I knelt down with my knees either side of his groin, my balls touching his. I leant forward and put my hands either side of his face then brought my lips slowly down to his. I felt his tongue flick over my lips and then I was lying on top of him, our tongues entwined.

"I love you so much, Max Schell."

"Good. Because I am mad about you."

I rolled over, pulling him on top of me and we just lay kissing for a long, long time. Max propped himself up on his elbows.

"I want you in me."

He sat up on me, then spat into his hand and used it to make my cock slippery before putting it against his hole. He sat back on me slowly, taking me deep inside him. I felt my foreskin being pulled back hard by the friction – and then I was inside. Max rode me slowly at first, gradually speeding up until, panting with exertion and with his hands on my chest, he came in a glorious fountain over my chest. Seconds later I was pumping my seed deep inside him.

"I can't wait another three months for this, Chris. I'm going to die without you."

"I don't want to wait three months either Max. God I wish you could come with me."

"One more year Chris – then I get to come and study in England. God willing, at Oxford with you."

"God willing."

On the morning that I was due to leave, Max and I made love for a final time before breakfast and then we loaded up the car to head for the airport. As we were putting the cases in the boot, Sigi and Jürgen arrived to say farewell.

"Goodbye, Chris. I hope you will come back soon. It has been a pleasure to meet you."

"It's been wonderful to get to know you too."

He stepped forward and hugged me. As he did so, he put his lips close to my ears.

"And thank you for the oral sex – it was wunderbar, but next time…"

I put my hand on his mouth. "Yes, I know, time you'll look forward to fucking me...or maybe not." I grinned at him.

"You tease me. But it's OK – I forgive you anything because you are beautiful."

I kissed him and he kissed me back. And then he went over to talk with Max.

I turned to Jürgen. "Hi."

He blushed. "Hi Chris. I'm sorry you are going too."

I pulled him to me and gave him a hug and a kiss. A kiss that he returned with interest.

On the way to the airport, Max and I sat in the back of the car holding hands. At the departures desk I checked in and then it was time to go through Passport Control. Time to say goodbye. Max and I clung onto each other wordlessly. We were both desperately trying to hold back the tears.

"Write to me, Chris. Tell me all your news. And good luck at Oxford. I love you."

"I promise, Max. And I love you too. So much. I can't wait to see you after Christmas. Now, please don't say anything else or I'm not going to be able to hold things together."

Max nodded, tears in his eyes. We hugged one last time and then I walked through Passport Control. When I looked back, he had gone.

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