Mark and Me

by c m

Chapter 5

The next morning there was an answerphone message waiting when I went downstairs to make coffee. My aunt had had a serious relapse, and my parents were going to stay for another day, probably two and maybe three. They wanted to make sure I had everything I needed. I made coffee and headed back upstairs. Mark's hair was sticking up all over the place as he sat up.

"My folks are going to be away for another couple of days." I smiled my biggest smile.

"Really?" Mark leaped at me, wrapping his arms around me. "Then we have two more days!" Then realisation struck. "But my folks are coming to pick me up today. Can we get hold of them?"

"We can try."

Mark made the call. When he came back, I could see that he wasn't very happy.

"My folks say that they need to come and get me...but," and here he smiled, "they would be happy for you to spend the next few days with us, until your parents get home. I know it won't be the same, but it would be a chance for them to get to know you. And they are fine about all the gay thing. I've got a truckle bed in my room that you could use...what do you say?"

I thought about it. I would have liked to tell my parents that I was gay first, but I couldn't turn down any opportunity to be with Mark - and getting things straight with his parents would have to be faced at some point as well. I hoped that they were as understanding as Mark said. Or this would be a very uncomfortable few days. Well, I suppose that I could always catch a train home if necessary.

"Sure Mark. Are you certain that they are going to be OK with all this...with me. You sure they won't think some senior has seduced their little boy?"

He snorted. "If necessary, I'll tell them that I seduced you. Which would only be the truth. But they won't think that. Don't worry. I've talked about you - you know, the hockey, the way you've helped with my course work. They are going to love you."

"I'm scared, Mark."

"Don't be. It's going to be fine. Come here." He grabbed me and pulled me into bed beside him. He put my hand on his cock and he put his hand on mine. "Wank buddies. That's how it started. Let's celebrate."

So we did. We wanked each other slowly and sensuously. He ended up sitting on my thighs, rubbing our cocks together and making us come together. Then we showered, got dressed and had breakfast. I cooked, and I called my mother to tell her that I had been invited to Mark's. She was pleased and gave it the okay. Then I packed an overnight bag and, just after 11, his mother arrived to collect us.

On the journey to Mark's house, his mother asked me loads of questions. About my parents and what they did. About my family. About school and hockey and A-levels. About what we'd done for the last couple of days.

"Mark's talked a lot about you. How you've helped him - how smart you are."

"Mrs.Taylor, Mark really doesn't need much help. He's going to ace his exams all on his own."

"It's kind of you to say that, but it's been nice to know he has a friend who shares his interests."

At this, Mark nudged my leg and gave me a look. I stifled a laugh. "Yeah, the hockey and stuff. We just seem to get on."

"Well, it was very nice for Mark to have the chance to spend a few days with a friend. I hope you didn't get up to too much mischief and that your parents will find the house as they left it. We are only too pleased that we have the chance to repay their kindness so quickly. I've made up the guest room for you, so I hope you'll be comfortable."

"Oh Mum, I thought Chris could use the truckle bed. Seems a shame to use another room."

"Well, it's done now, and the guest room has its own shower and loo which would be a lot nicer than having to share the bathroom. And it has a double bed which is a lot more comfortable than that truckle."

Was it my imagination or had she paused before the words 'double bed'? I looked at Mark, but he was still thinking about how to get me to share his room and I don't think he had noticed.

Mark's house was an elegant affair situated on a private estate of five other similar houses. His was at the end of the drive. His mother parked the car in the garage and then showed us into the house.

"Why don't you take Chris up to the guest room, and then pop down to the kitchen while he sorts himself out. There's a couple of things I need to go through with you."

As we went upstairs, Mark was talking about me just moving into his room anyway. I stopped him.

"Your Mum's made up the guest room. It would be rude of me not to use it. And has a double bed. Maybe might not that be...convenient?" I saw a slow smile spread across Mark's face. "Does your Mum know that I'm...that we..."

"No. But I suspect that's what she wants to talk to me about. She's always asking if the friends I bring back are gay."

"What will you tell her?"

"What would you like me to tell her?"

I paused and took a deep breath. "I'd like you to tell her that, yes, I'm gay."

Mark smiled. "And if she wants to know if we are a couple?"

I nodded. "Tell her...yes, we are."

"And if she wants to know if we're sleeping together?"

I stared at him. "She'll ask you that??"

"Probably. They are very open. I told you."

I looked down at the floor. This was all going so fast. I felt Mark step towards me and lift up my head with his hands. He looked into my eyes. "It will be OK, Chris."

"Are you sure? Really sure? I can't have them telling my parents. Mark, I've only admitted to myself that I'm gay two days ago. I'm not like you...I haven't known - or at least acknowledged it - for a long time. I haven't had time to get comfortable with it. I love you Mark, nothing will change that but this is all different. It's not how I have been brought up. I wish it was but it isn't."

He held me to him. "I promise you it will be alright. I know that this is all a lot to handle. You've come miles in no time. But I'm here for you. And we are about to have two more days together in my house. And you are in a room with a double bed. Now, if she asks, is it OK to tell Mum that we are sleeping together?"

I smiled and shrugged. "In for a penny I suppose. Yes, OK, tell her that we fuck like rabbits all the time." I looked at him and Mark spluttered into laughter. I grinned at him.

"On balance, I don't think I'll put it that way."

"OK. I'll unpack my vast array of things and you go down and have that talk."

It must have taken me all of two minutes to unpack my small bag and hang up the shirt, put away my spare underwear, put my toothbrush in the shower room and stick the other few bits and pieces beside the bed. It was a nice room that looked over the garden to the rear of the house. I sat down on the bed and bounced up and down on it experimentally. It was firm - and it didn't squeak. I smiled to myself, and then got up and went downstairs.

I followed the sound of voices to the kitchen. as I entered, I heard Mark's mum saying "Well, he's a very charming boy as well as being very handsome. I'm sure your father will enjoy talking to him."

"Hello, Chris. I hope you found the room satisfactory?"

"It's very nice. Thank you. It's kind of you to have me here for a few days."

"It's our pleasure. And I'm delighted Mark has found such a lovely young man as his first boyfriend."

I looked across at Mark who just shrugged and held out his hands in an 'I told you so' way.

"I expect he's told you that he told us he was gay when he was thirteen, and I want you to know that we are very comfortable with that. I am assuming that as you have spent the last three days together on your own that you are sleeping with each other."

I couldn't believe this conversation was happening, but Mrs.Taylor just kept going. "So far as the sleeping arrangements here are concerned, we would prefer that you used the guest room rather than sharing with Mark, so that we can at least have the illusion that we are not encouraging you to have sex, but we realise that what you do once you've gone to bed is entirely your affair. We will not interfere. We are interested only in Mark's happiness and his safety, and he has convinced me that you are to be trusted. His father may want to talk to you, but as far as I am concerned, I would like you to know that I like you very much. I am delighted that my son appears to have very good taste in men." She smiled.

"Thank you, Mrs. Taylor." I said in a slightly strangled voice. "I don't know exactly what Mark has told you, but our...relationship...has only really...developed...during his stay with me. I'm not like Mark in that I didn't know...or at least I didn't admit...that I was gay until I realised what I felt for him and what he means to me. And I only recognised that three days ago. I still haven't told my parents, but I will. Your son is the most special person in the world, Mrs. Taylor. I will never hurt him or give him, or you, cause to regret my coming into his life. He's changed everything about my world."

"What a nice thing to say."

Mark ran over and hugged me, before planting a huge kiss on my cheek. "He's one in a million Mum. I told you so. I'm so happy."

I saw his mother smiling. "I can see he makes you very happy, darling, and that makes me happy too." Mark tugged at my arm; "Let me show you my room."

I followed him back upstairs and we went past the guest room to the next room along the corridor. It was a good size, with a bed in the corner, a chest of drawers and a fitted wardrobe with mirror doors on the front. A bookcase stood beside the bed and there were various items of sports equipment against the wall. A record player and some LPs were on the floor in the corner.

"Welcome to my humble abode." He shut the door behind us and pulled me into a kiss. "See? I told you it would be alright. She loves you. And we have, in effect, permission to sleep together provided we don't rub my parents nose in it. When we go to bed, I'll say goodnight to you and then, five minutes later, I'll be snuggled up beside you in the guest room."

"If I decide to let you in..."

"Why you..."

"Come here."

I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. He put his mouth on mine, his tongue flicked against my lips. I opened my mouth and let him in. He pulled me backwards towards his bed and we crashed down on it. His hands reached for the zip on my trousers.

"No, Mark. Not now. Let's do this properly later. And what was that about your dad wanting to talk to me?"

"Spoilsport." He pouted grumpily at me. "Dad? Oh, that will be alright. He trusts Mum but he'll want to see for himself that I haven't fallen victim to some bully who wants to use me and abuse me. He'll love you every bit as much as Mum. Incidentally, and at the risk of making your big head even bigger, she thinks you're absolutely gorgeous...which you are. In my view, however, the best thing about you is that you have exquisite taste in boyfriends."

I rolled my eyes. "That'll be you, I suppose?"


We were sitting in front of the TV in the lounge when Mr. Taylor got back from work. We heard him talking to Mrs. Taylor in the kitchen and then he appeared at the door, G&T in hand. I stood up, walked over and shook hands.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Taylor."

"So, you must be Chris. Tash has told me about the conversation she had with you earlier. It's fair to say she approves. I'm sure I shall feel the same. Of course Mark had talked about you but I didn't know that you were, that is, that you were more than just... school friends."

"Well, sir, until very recently we weren't. We had some things in common and we liked each other...but...well...things have a way of overtaking you unexpectedly...or me anyway...and we found that we liked each other... in a whole new way. A whole better way. I think it's wonderful that you brought Mark up to be comfortable with his sexuality and that he felt confident enough to talk to you about it. I wish I could have done that with my parents. Your son has shown me what I am and has made me...OK...with it. More than OK. I owe him and you and Mrs. Taylor a lot. And I know that you must worry about him and who he will choose to have a relationship with - especially his first relationship. Thank you for trusting me - I won't let you down.'

A slow smile spread across Mr. Taylor's face. "Thank you Chris...thank you very much for that. I can see why my wife likes you. As for you," he added pointing at Mark, "You treat this man well. I'm not sure you deserve him."

He headed back to the kitchen.

"It's pleasure to meet you; yes SIR, thank you for trusting me SIR...what a creep!" Mark was in fits of laughter.

"Hey...just remember what your dad don't deserve me."

He stopped laughing and looked at me. "It's true. I don't. Oh Chris, you are so lovely, you seem to know just what to say. You have both of them around your little finger."

"We'll see. Maybe they'll think differently if they walk in us when I'm balls deep inside you with you screaming in pleasure."

"I don't scream."

"Bet I can make you.2

"I'll look forward to you trying."

At that moment, Mr. Taylor poked his head back round the door and asked Mark if he could spare him and his mother five minutes.

"Errr...sure dad." He turned to me, "Back in five." I smiled and shooed him out.

When Mark came back, he stood in the door and said, "Come upstairs with me." I stood up and followed him up to his room. We sat on the bed.

"So what was that about?" I asked him.

'That was about Mum and Dad being worried about me - in a nice way I guess. They said that they trusted me and that I was old enough to make my own decisions...and that they liked you very much. But they wanted to know when we stopped being friends and started being boyfriends and they wanted to make sure that I wasn't being taken advantage of as a gay boy and that you weren't asking me to do anything I didn't want to do, and finally they wanted to be sure that we were being 'safe'. I told them that we had only become a couple during the last seventy-two hours. I told them how I had been the one wanting you for years and that I was the one who seduced you, not the other way round. I told them that what we did was not really any of their business, and that despite being bright you were pathetically innocent when it came to sex. As for being safe, I told them that since it was the first relationship for both of us they could relax on that score, and that, whatever else might happen, at least neither of us would end up pregnant. Mum nearly dropped her drink when I said that and I could see that Dad was having to try very hard not to laugh. They thanked me for being open and honest...and said that they couldn't have wished for me to bring home a nicer, politer or more good-looking boy. I was almost sick."

"Wow. What an amazing chat to have with your parents. I can't see mine doing that. God, I hope it's all OK when I tell them."

"I'm betting it will be fine. They love you...that's all that counts."

I nodded unhappily. I hoped he was right. We all sat down together for dinner that evening. Mrs.Taylor had cooked a lovely fish pie. We talked about all sorts of things - it just felt like I was part of the family. Some of my stories made them laugh. We even talked about the conversation Mark had had with his parents earlier. They apologised if it had sounded like they were doubting me. I told them that I understood. Which I did. If Mark was precious to me, how much more precious must he be to them?

After dinner, Mark and I sat in his room and listened to some music, sprawled on the floor. I asked him if he had done much stuff with other boys since he had known he was gay.

"Nothing like we've done, Chris. You know about Fergus at school - and Johnny, though that doesn't really count as I just wanted to get to you, and it was only a couple of times, and I'm sorry about that - other than that, my friend Jamie and I touched each other once when I was fourteen, but he didn't want to do it again. We're still friends but that was a one-off experiment. Other than that I'm a virgin - or at least I was until two days ago...' He grinned. 'How about you?'

I shook my head. "I played around with a boy called Neil at Prep school. Nothing more than touching. We did it three times just before I left to go to the school we are at now. Like you and Jamie it was just experimenting - and I think Neil was probably more into it than me. He was the one who initiated it. Though maybe it did kinda wake some feelings up in me. Then after that there has just been Johnny - and you."

"How many times have you jerked off with Johnny?"

I paused. "Hmmm...let's see...three years with three eleven week terms is ninety- nine...and average twice a week makes about...two hundred."

"Two hundred! Fuck...that's a lot."

I giggled, "It's a lot of wanky hankies, that's for sure. How about you and Fergus?"

"We didn't start until the start of my second year, so two years times thirty three weeks at about...less than once a maybe fifty times. Hah! It turns out that the gay boy is less experienced than the one who didn't know he was gay!" Just after ten, Mark's Dad knocked on the door. "Night, Mark, Chris. Mum and I are off to bed. I've got an early start in the morning. Chris, I am truly so pleased that Mark has found someone like you." He went out of the room, but then popped his head back round the door. "Don't get pregnant," and with that closed the door behind him.

I looked open-mouthed at Mark. He shrugged. "If we're busted, we might as well take advantage of it. C'mon, let's get to bed too. It's been a long day and I need a serious cuddle."

I went into the guest room and got ready. I stripped off and put my clothes in the wardrobe which was pretty similar to the one in Mark's room. I picked up a towel that Mrs. Taylor had left on the bed for me, and went into the shower room. This turned out to be a wet room, with a drain in the centre of the floor. The shower was an all-singing, all-dancing affair with jets that sprayed you from unexpected angles which it took me a few minutes to work out, but once I'd sorted out the controls, was thoroughly enjoyable. I reckoned I'd have to get Mark in there with me at some point over the next few days. Having washed myself thoroughly all over, I turned the water off and towelled myself dry, wrapping it round my waist before stepping back into the bedroom. Mark was already lying propped up in the bed. I could see a pair of boxers on the floor so I guessed he was naked.

"Your hair is sexy when it's all wet and sticky-up like that. Let's hope that's not the only thing that's all sticky up soon..."

"You are a total tart, Mark Taylor." I dropped the towel and slipped into bed beside him. "You sure this is OK?"

"Mum and Dad sleep at the opposite end of the house. And you heard Dad, he knows perfectly well what we are going to do."

"And what ARE we going to do, my little sex fiend?"

"That's rich coming from you. You may have been a slow starter, but you are certainly a fast learner."

"I had a brilliant teacher."

"Shut up and kiss me - and then I would really, really like you inside me. I'm all clean and nice. Incidentally, you know that you can use the shower in your bathroom to clean yourself out? No need for the douche?"

"Err, no, I didn't discover that. There were an awful lot of buttons and things though."

"I'll show you in the morning."

He passed me the tube of KY which was more than half empty.

"Looks like we need a shopping trip tomorrow."

He lay on his side and pulled his top leg up towards his chest.

"Just slide into me from behind. I want you, Chris. Please. Now."

I lined the tip up against his entrance and pushed inside. It seemed to slide in more easily than before.

"Mmmm...feels good. I love having you in me."

I slid gently in and out of him for a few minutes, but I wanted to be able to see his face. I wanted to look into those liquid eyes as I made love to him. I told him what I wanted.

I pulled out and he rolled onto his back and lifted his knees to his chest then spread his legs. I knelt between them and pulled his thighs against mine before re-entering him. It slipped in all the way. Mark moaned. I began to move in and out, our eyes locked together. It felt like oiled silk as I picked up the pace. As I built to a climax I could hear his breath getting faster and shallower. He was stroking himself, and the little squeaks and moans of pleasure got more frequent, his eyes closed with pleasure, and I felt him wrap his legs around my waist. I knew I was close, and then with a final thrust, I was shooting inside him.

"Fuck... that was amazing, Chris. You just get better and better. I'm tingling all over. Finish me off too.."

I took hold of his cock, working it hard and fast. I took a firm grip on his balls, too, and heard a sharp intake of breath. I closed my thumb and forefinger tightly around the neck of his sack. I could feel his balls trying to pull up but I held them down. Mark was now bucking on the bed.

"Just do it. Please. Please finish me. Let me cum. I need to cum." I took him in my mouth before releasing my grip and seconds later he was flooding my mouth with his seed.

I put my head on the pillow beside him. "That was mean, Chris, stopping my balls from emptying." "But it felt good when you came didn't it?"

"Verrry good." he kissed me. "Come on...we need to sleep. And I'm not going back to my bed. I'm staying right here beside you." "If you're sure that won't cause trouble."

"It'll be fine. And they need to get used to the idea that we sleep together."

I shrugged mentally. They were his parents. He knew them better than I did. And they seemed pretty cool.

I woke up to the sounds of movement in the corridor outside. I glanced at the clock. Seven am. I guessed it was Mr. Taylor getting up. I heard his footsteps pass the door and carry on up the corridor. They seemed to pause briefly then carry on. I wondered if Mark had left his door open. And then I wondered if he had done it deliberately.

Mark was still asleep beside me. He had thrown an arm over me while he slept. I carefully lifted it off, and he just murmured in his sleep and turned over. He was beautiful asleep. His features relaxed and his unruly hair spread over the pillow. I kissed him lightly and went into the bathroom to use the toilet.

Back in bed, I scooched up behind him and put my arm over him. He snuggled back against me, and if he was aware of my hardness he didn't do anything to indicate it. I heard a car start downstairs at seven-thirty and reckoned that that was Mr. Taylor going off to work. I was happy just lying there with Mark asleep against me. I let my hand drift down between his legs and felt him hard and thick. I was tempted to stroke him, but I just wrapped my fingers around him and held him. I must have drifted off. The next time I looked at the clock it was almost nine. As I rolled over, Mark lifted his head off the pillow beside me. "What time is it?" "Almost nine." His head flopped back onto the pillow. "Still early. Where are you going?" he asked as I got up and wrapped a towelling robe from the wardrobe around me.

"I want coffee. Is it OK to go and make some?"

"Mmm...sure. Bring me one too."

"At once your Majesty."

He opened one eye and gave me the finger. I went along the corridor and downstairs to the kitchen. I saw that there were jars of coffee and sugar and two mugs sitting beside the kettle all ready and waiting. I switched the kettle on and went over to the fridge to get out the milk. As I closed the fridge door, Mrs. Taylor came into the kitchen.

"Oh, I thought it would be Mark getting you coffee, not the other way around. I apologise for my son's bad manners."

"Oh that's alright Mrs. Taylor, he's not really properly awake yet," then I realised what I'd said. I blushed. Mrs. Taylor came over and put a hand on my shoulder.

"It's alright Chris. We know you two spent the night together and we really don't mind. Mark is old enough to make these decisions for himself and his Dad and I are already very fond of you."

She stood back from me and looked me up and down. "And I must say, you really are a very handsome boy - especially in that robe. No wonder Mark can't keep his hands off you." I blushed again.

She added, "Now, I have to go out for the day. Could you tell Mark that I'll be back about six."

"Certainly Mrs. Taylor." I grabbed the mugs of coffee and headed back upstairs.

"Coffee for sir," I said as I got back to my room. I kicked the door shut behind me. Mark sat up in bed.

"Mmm...thank you."

"Your Mum says that she's going out and will be back about 6. Oh, and she knows we spent the night together."

Mark started to say something.

"It's OK. They don't mind."

I also told him what his mum had said about him not being able to keep his hands off me.

"Hah! I think she fancies you too! If you were straight, I reckon you'd be in toy boy territory!" He started to laugh. "Either way, she's dead right about me not being able to keep my hands off you. Come back to bed."

We finished our coffee and then had a cuddle.

"Mmmm...I especially can't keep my hands off this part of you," Mark said, putting his hand between my legs.

I let him play with me for a while, loving the feel of his hands on me.

"Why don't you show me that stuff about getting clean inside with the shower."

I saw his eyes grow big. "You mean you want me to..."

I put my fingers on his lips. "We'll see. I just want to see how to do it for now."

Mark showed me how to take the shower head off the side attachment and adjusted the water so that it wasn't too hot and the flow wasn't too strong.

"Now, hold this just inside you and let the water fill you until you feel full. Take the hose out and just let all the water out of you. Then do it again until everything is clear."

It worked. In two minutes I was clean. I stood there for another minute or so to let all the water drain out of me. It was all mildly erotic and I was stiff as a board by the end. I looked at Mark and knew what he wanted. And I knew that I wanted it too.

"Can we do it standing up?" I asked Mark.

"I don't see why not. Are you sure you want me to? We don't have to."

I nodded, "Yes, Mark. I'm sure." "Hold on." He went and got the tube of jelly and squirted out the last bit. He put some in me and the rest over himself. I braced my arms against the wall of the shower and opened my legs a couple of feet apart, bending slightly forward with my bottom sticking out towards Mark. I felt him pressing against me, and then he was inside.

I don't know if it was the effects of the water or me relaxing or what, but this time, when Mark pressed against my inner ring, it barely hurt at all as I felt the length of him sliding all the way inside.

"Wow Chris...was that as easy for you as it was for me?"


He started moving in and out of me gently. I slowly started to feel a glow working its way through my whole groin. I took hold of my erection and started to jerk it. Mark saw what I was doing and reached a hand round to take hold of it himself. I could feel myself getting close.

"I'm close, Mark." He started to work me harder and then I was past the point of no return, my juice hit the shower wall and the contraction of my muscles around him brought Mark to his own shuddering climax moments later.

I crossed my arms on the wall in front of me and lay my head on my arms. I felt physically drained. Mark leaned forward and put his arms around me. His head on my shoulder.

" That was...oh god, I love you."

He kissed me. I felt him slip out of me. I turned him around to face me.

"That felt so good. Much easier than before. Looks like I might enjoy taking it as much as I enjoy giving it."

"Goody," was all he said. I turned the shower on fully and Mark and I stood in the crossfire of water that all the jets produced. I took hold of Mark's shoulders and turned him to face one of the jets that delivered a blast of water straight into his balls.

"Ow, fuck, that hurts. You bastard, I'll get you for that."

We started to wrestle but ended up in a laughing heap on the floor of the shower, water raining down on our heads. I turned the water off, and in the sudden quiet and stillness we just hugged each other where we lay. Mark looked into my eyes.

"I love you, Chris Alexander."

"Likewise Mark Taylor. Likewise."

We got dressed and went downstairs to get some breakfast. As were getting it, the phone rang. Mark answered it. He spoke for a bit then turned to me.

"It's my friend Jamie. He and Steve are going to see a film this afternoon and wanted to know if I wanted to go too. I said I had a school friend staying and they said for you to come too." "Sure, why not."

Mark confirmed the arrangement over the phone.

"Is that the Jamie you experimented with?" "Yeah - and he knows I'm gay. He's fine with it. Steve knows too."

"Do they know about me?"

"Well, I've probably talked about you to them over the last three years. You did tend to crop up in my conversations. Quite often, thinking about it. You know... the fact that there was a very good looking boy I really fancied. With whom I stood no chance. Because he wasn't gay. They sometimes ask me if I've found anyone...another gay boy... and the answer is always 'no'. What do you want me to say about you - about us? They are sure going to be curious - especially if they realise that you're the unattainable god I've talked about." "Shit." I held my head in my hands. "I'm not ready to be 'out' to everyone Mark. Can we be friends and can I be staying with you because my parents are away? I mean, it's not a lie - and we were friends before it became...more. I'm so not ashamed of you and what we have, it's's all happening so fast."

"That's fine, Chris. We may not get away with it, but that's fine. But if they do work it out, I promise it will be OK. They'll be happy for me - and they will envy the fact that I've got the loveliest, best looking guy for miles as my boyfriend." He came over and hugged me. "It's hard for you, all this, isn't it?" I nodded. "I'm sorry. I've been open about it - with my family and friends - for so long that I forget how scary it must be for you."

"I think once I've told my parents, it will be easier. Though we can't be out at school - you know that."

"Don't worry. I know that. Even I'm not out at school." Which, when I thought about it, was true. I felt a bit better.

We cleared up the breakfast things before heading out to do some shopping. Mark's mother had left a short list of things for us to pick up if we decided to go out, so we took that with us. We walked to the end of the road and took a bus into town. We picked up the things Mark's mother wanted from the supermarket and the butcher and then headed to the chemist. Mark looked at me.

"Don't worry, I'll get it," he smiled.

"I'm a real wuss aren't I?"

"You've come a long way very fast. You're allowed."

Mark picked up a large tube of jelly and also found some soothing skin cream and some vaseline. He paid for them without so much as a guilty glance and we headed back out into the high street. Feeling hungry, we popped into McDonalds and had a Big Mac, before making our way to the bus stop and heading back home.

"Do we go back there this afternoon to the cinema?"

"No, that's the other way. Jamie's mum has said she'll pick us up. We can either get a lift back or stay there after the film and get a bus later."

Once back at Mark's house we put the groceries away and Mark put the various creams in the cabinet beside my bed. "The vaseline is useful if your skin gets sore."

"I bow to your superior knowledge."

I lay on the bed and Mark sat down beside me. I put a hand on his thigh and squeezed. "Do you think we'll ever get tired of sex?" "Can't see it happening."

"Me either." I pulled him down onto me and we kissed.

Shortly before two, a car pulled up outside, and a tall, blond-haired boy jumped out and rang the doorbell. Mark opened it.

"Hi Jamie.Jamie, this is Chris; Chris, my friend Jamie." We shook hands. Jamie looked at me.

"Mark, this isn't THE Chris is it?"


I was aware of Mark shaking his head and Jamie clearly got the message. Mark had skilfully implied that to say anything more would be to embarrass both him and me. Jamie got the message. I clearly didn't know Mark was gay and he mustn't say anything about how Mark fancied me. I was impressed.

Jamie's face cleared. "Hi, good to meet you. Mark's mentioned you - you play hockey together, yes?"

"Yes, that's right. And we're in the same house at school. It's good to meet you too."

"Cool. OK, if you want to get your stuff, we'll be in the car."

He headed back to the car where he clearly had a brief conversation with the boy sitting in the back - Steve, I assumed. Presumably putting him onside with the situation. Meanwhile, Mark and I had grabbed a lightweight jacket each before locking up and heading down the path to the car. In the car, Mark introduced me to Jamie's mum and to Steve who was sitting in the back. Mark and I squeezed in beside him. I was sitting behind Jamie, who was in the front, and I had Mark to my right. Steve was a good-looking boy with dark hair and brown eyes that met mine and held them as he stretched across to shake hands. A firm, dry handshake which he held a fraction longer than was strictly necessary. I smiled at him and he smiled back. Nice teeth.

At the cinema, we loaded up with popcorn and drinks and settled down to watch the film. We picked a row of seats towards the back. Mark went in first and I sat next to him with Steve next to me and Jamie on the end. It was warm inside and I laid my jacket across my lap. The lights went down and the opening credits started to roll. I enjoyed the film. I enjoyed even more that, after about ten minutes, I felt Mark's hand take hold of mine and squeeze it. I squeezed back and pressed my leg gently against his, being careful not to make it too obvious. I felt him press back against me. Perfect. What was slightly less expected was that about thirty minutes in, I felt a light pressure on my other leg. Steve's leg had touched mine, but he had moved it - as though it had been accidental. But then it happened again - and he left it there. He made no other attempt to do anything else, although I was conscious of him looking at me from time to time. I turned once and smiled at him and he hurriedly turned back to the film. The seats were close enough together for the contact from his leg not to be overtly deliberate, and it wasn't firm pressure - but I wondered. At one point Mark tried to pull my hand between his legs under the jacket he had also laid in his lap, but I thought that that was too risky and gently shook my head.

As we walked out after the film ended, I threw an arm around Mark to my left and Steve to my right in an 'all boys together' way and asked what we planned to do next. "Well," said Mark, "we could all go back to my place if your Mum wouldn't mind coming back to pick you up later, Jamie?"

"Sounds good. I'll ask her when she arrives." It turned out that his mum was happy to do that, and we were duly dropped off back at Mark's house.

"I'll be back at seven."

Inside the house, we headed for the family room and all sat down in the comfortable chairs and sofas.

"So how long have you and Mark been friends?," Jamie asked me.

"About six months I guess. Obviously we were aware of each other a long time before that, but when Mark started playing hockey in the same team and then started on the same A levels as me, we just seemed to drift closer - and it turned out we had quite a lot in common. And we made each other laugh...and that was it really. I guess you two have known Mark for years?"

"Yeah...we've kicked around together since primary school. There's not much we don't know about each other." He looked at me. I wondered if that was some kind of hidden message. I suddenly made a decision. "Look, if you mean about him being gay, I know that. I'm gay too."

Mark gasped. "Geez Chris, you don't have to do this."

"Look, Mark, they are your friends. I'm your friend. Why shouldn't they know?"

"And are you two...?" Jamie asked.

Mark looked at me. I looked him in the eyes. He mouthed the word 'sure?' at me. I nodded.

"Yes...Chris and I are more than just friends. As of three days ago." He gave Jamie a huge grin.

I hadn't been sure how Jamie would react. But he was great.

"That's terrific Mark. I'm so pleased for you....and he knows how you've been wanting him for years, yes?"

"Yes...I've told him all about the conversations we've had about me lusting after him."

I smiled. "Jamie, Steve. Please understand I have only come to terms with last few days. Mark made me realise what I am, but nobody else knows."

"Hey, that's cool Chris. You can trust us. We are just happy for this guy."

Steve spoke up. "And you were right Mark...he is bloody gorgeous."

I blushed. "Hands off...he's mine." We all laughed.

With the ice broken and everything out in the open, we all relaxed. It was soon like all four of us had known each other for ever. Mrs. Taylor got back just after six to find us all hooting with laughter at one of Steve's stories. She came in and said hello to all of us, and then asked Mark if he could go and sort the logs out for her in the garage; apparently something had dislodged the pile and they were all over the floor. Jamie immediately offered to help, leaving Steve and me alone.

"So," said Steve, "you just worked out that you are gay?"

"Yes...I suppose I must have known but I never faced it. It isn't so much a case of working it out as acknowledging it. It was only when I realised that I had feelings for Mark that went way beyond being friends that well...I couldn't pretend any more."

"Is it hard?"

"Yes, it's hard. It changes everything. I have to tell my parents for a start. I hope they are as understanding as Mark's. But they love me. I'm sure it will be....OK."

I could feel my voice waver as I said the words, and next thing Steve was beside me with his arm around my shoulders. There was nothing sexual about it, he just wanted to comfort me. I gave him a brief hug.

"Thanks, Steve."

"Hey, why wouldn't I want to put my arms around a gorgeous hunk like you? You are the type of guy who makes straight boys wish they weren't."

I laughed. "Really?"

"Yes, really. And if you weren't with Mark, I'd definitely make you my exception."

"I'm flattered...and if I wasn't with Mark, I just might let you." We hugged again - a little tighter and longer before he sat back.

"Ummm....can I ask you something personal? You don't have to answer," said Steve.

"You can ask. I'm not guaranteeing I'll answer."

"Do you and Mark...sleep...together?"

I had two choices. Did I tell him to mind his own business, or did I treat him more gently? I decided I liked Steve and I didn't want to spoil our - or his and Mark's - friendship.

"I'm not sure that that's really a question you should ask, but..."

He looked down at the floor, embarrassed. "I'm so sorry, forget I asked..."

"No, no. You asked. It's OK. Let's say that we go to bed together, but there isn't much sleeping involved. Or there hasn't been for the last four days." I smiled. He blushed.

"It's all very new to me. But now may I ask you a question, Steve?" He nodded. "Was it my imagination or were you pressing your leg against mine in the cinema?" He put his head in his hands. "Yes...that is to say, no, it wasn't your imagination. I am so sorry. I don't know what came over me."

He looked up at me. "The thing I find sexiest in the world is beauty. And you, god help me, are beautiful. The most beautiful boy I have ever seen. I've never felt attracted to guys, but I was overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed now. And I am so jealous of Mark knowing that he has that beauty beside him all the time. I just wanted to touch it. Touch you. I'm so sorry."

I was touched. It could have been cheesy, but I didn't think it was. I thought that, actually, I had just been given a glimpse into his soul.

"It's OK, Steve. In fact that is rather beautiful." I stood up. "Come here."

He stood in front of me, and I put my arms round him and pulled him to me. I could feel him shaking as he put his arms in turn around my waist. I knew with absolute certainty that Mark would be OK with this.

"Have this to remember me by." And I kissed him, very lightly, on the lips. Just once. I sat down but he just stood there. He raised his hand to his lips and then looked at me.

"Thank you," was all he said.

"Hey, come on, let's go and see how those wasters are doing in the garage."

In the garage, the stack of logs was mostly restored. "What is taking you two pathetic specimens so long?" I enquired.

Steve giggled. Mark straightened up. "So sorry to be so tardy, my lord. I assume that you've been doing something backbreaking like changing channels on the TV?"

"Don't be ridiculous, I've just been seducing Steve."

"I wouldn't put it past you at that. Be very careful, Steve, he is sex mad."

I wondered how Steve would react, but he caught the spirit of it perfectly. "He is an absolute stallion. He has ravished me twice already." We all laughed.

By now it was nearly seven, and we saw Jamie's mum pulling into the bottom of the drive. Jamie gave me a hug and so did Steve before getting into the car.

"Great to meet you, Chris. Hope we'll see more of you soon."

"Not as much more of you as I hope to see soon," Mark whispered into my ear.

"You are incorrigible."

Once back inside, I told Mark what had happened between me and Steve. "I hope you don't mind."

"'s cool. Rather lovely really. And you are very sexy. Do you think he'd want more if he could have it?"

"Maybe. Why? Do you want him to have the chance?"

"How would you feel about that?"

"Right now I just want you."


"I like Steve - and he is kind of cute. But I don't want anything to get between you and me. And you are all I want right now." We went back inside to find that dinner was almost ready. Moments later, Mr. Taylor's car pulled into the drive. Mark and I went upstairs to tidy up before we ate. When we came down, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor were already sitting at the table. A big bowl of chilli con carne was in the middle of the table, along with dishes of rice and a tomato and cucumber salad.

"I hope it isn't too spicy for you, Chris."

"I'm sure it will be fine, Mrs. Taylor. We have it quite warm at home."

It was delicious. Mark's parents wanted to know all, about the film and they asked me how I had got on with Mark's other friends.

"Very well, I think. They were really nice guys."

At the end of the meal, Mr. Taylor said. "One thing. Your Mum and I know that you spent last night in the same bed. We've talked about it and we agree that that you are old enough and sensible enough to make these decisions for yourself. A nd if you want to have sex together you are going to find a way whether you share the same bed or not. So we are happy for you to share the guest room. I think it's better to be open and honest about these things.'

There was a pause. I saw the flicker of a smile on his lips. "But you are responsible for washing the sheets, OK?"


"Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Taylor. We really appreciate that don't we, Mark?"

"Yes, we do, thank you. ...and just let us know if we're being too noisy." Mark grinned.

"If you're too noisy we'll come in to tell you to be quiet in person - and that would be truly embarrassing for you."

"Daaaad...that's gross."

"So don't be too noisy..."

At that point the phone rang. It was my parents. They were on their way home and would come and collect me tomorrow about midday.

"That's nice, isn't it," said Mrs. Taylor.

"Yes," I lied, "and thank you for all your kindness over these last two days."

"It was our pleasure. I'm so pleased we have had the chance to meet you so soon into your relationship with Mark. And we would both like to say again how happy we are for both of you. You are a truly lovely boy and you both obviously care very deeply for one another. We couldn't have wished for him to meet anyone nicer."

I thanked them and then Mark put his arms around my shoulders. I knew he could feel my distress.

"I think we'll say goodnight to you now if that's OK Mum and Dad...we..."

"It's OK Mark, we understand. Goodnight."

Mark took my hand and led me upstairs. "Oh Mark, I'd hoped for another day at least. It's so soon. I don't want to leave. I want to stay with you."

He hugged me. "I feel the same way, Chris. But we'll meet up again soon. I know telling your folks is going to be difficult, but once they know, then it will be so much easier for us to have time together."

I realised that he was right. I nodded.

"But for now, we need to make the most of every second we have left before midday tomorrow. You have no idea how much sex I want to cram in before then."

I laughed. "I don't care if I'm rubbed raw and my balls beg for mercy."

We undressed and showered - inside and out - before getting into bed. We made love slowly, enjoying one another's bodies. He rode me the way he had before. I loved being able to see him and play with him. Then he took me, my legs over my shoulders as he buried himself as deep as he could inside me. Later we sucked each other and later still, now sore and with aching balls, we stroked each other to a final climax before falling asleep.

The alarm woke me at seven. "What the hell time is it?."

Mark poked his head up from under the covers. "I set it. I wanted to have as much time with you this morning as possible."


I suppose teenage bodies are designed to recover quickly. Although we were a little sore, we managed to make love twice more that morning.

"What am I going to do without you? We've had so much sex I don't think my body will survive another four weeks without you - and even then, we're hardly going to be able to do this at school."

"Maybe we can meet up again before that. If not, we are going to have the strongest wrists in the school from all the wanking we'll have been doing."

We lay in each other's arms until ten. Mrs.T knocked on the door and said she'd left some coffee outside, which we gratefully consumed.

"Come on gorgeous. Time to shower and have something to eat before you go."

We showered for a long time - washing each other all over, enjoying the feel of one another's hands on our bodies. We stood together in front of the mirror. Side by side, then turned sideways and kissed, able to see ourselves reflected in the glass. We dressed and I packed my things back into my bag and went downstairs.

Mrs. T had cooked us a lovely late breakfast, although I hardly did it justice. My heart was heavy at the thought of leaving and at the thought of telling my parents that I was gay.

"Mrs. Taylor, when Mum and Dad arrive, could I please ask you not to say anything that will make them know I'm gay or that Mark and I are more than just friends. I'm not ashamed of being gay, and I'm certainly not ashamed of Mark, but I have to find the right time and place to tell them."

"Of course, Chris. I quite understand. And when you do tell them, tell them that they are welcome to speak to me or my husband if they want to know how we feel about things."

I smiled. "Thank you. You've been so kind to me."

"Oh Mark, Steve called and wondered if you and Chris wanted to go swimming with him at the leisure centre this afternoon. I explained that Chris was leaving at midday but he said to ask you anyway."

Mark turned to me, "Anything to see you in just a pair of speedos, methinks."

"Don't be unkind. I like him."

And to my surprise, who should turn up at quarter to twelve on his bike, but Steve.

"Mark's mum told me you were leaving today. I wanted to say goodbye." He smiled at me.

"Thank you, Steve, I hope we'll see each other again soon," and I gave him a hug. He squeezed me back hard.

When Mum appeared at the door just after 12, Mrs. Taylor simply told her that I was the most charming and polite boy and how happy she was that Mark and I were friends.

"Why don't you two just check upstairs to make sure you've got everything?"

Mrs.T was a diamond. Mark and I went upstairs and hugged and kissed as if we would never see each other again. He came with me to the car, along with Steve, and they were both there waving goodbye as we pulled away round the corner.

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