Making Nico

by c m

Chapter 11

For the next two days, Josh takes things very gently. We do the ice thing – causing an equal amount of swearing and laughter – and Josh does as much walking as he can. The doc was right; shortening his stride to about half normal makes things a lot easier. His scrotum is showing signs of the bruising coming out, and we experiment with various ways of making sitting as comfortable as possible. When I change the dressing, the wound looks clean with no signs of inflammation. Josh hates not being able to shower and is convinced he must stink. I tell him he doesn't, but we end up compromising by getting him to stand in the bath where I then wash him as far as I can with a flannel. Ollie keeps Josh up to speed with his course work, and Nikki, quietly and unasked, takes on one or two of the household duties that Josh can't do. I tell her how grateful we both are.

'That's fine. Why wouldn't I? You guys are just the best and this has to be the best student accommodation in the whole of Bristol.'

Day three arrives and that means Josh can finally take the shower he's been so desperate for. The dressing is nominally waterproof, so we leave that on and change it afterwards. Showering together after three days of no sex has the inevitable effect on both of us. Josh is at once relieved at the proof that everything is working OK in that respect, but not quite sure if and how to do anything about it.

'Won't know until we try, I suppose,' he says.

'Happy to try…purely in the interests of science,' I say with a smile.

'Yeah, right,' says Josh with a grin.

'Let me see if I can help…just stop me if anything hurts.'

I kneel down and take him in my mouth. I put my hands round his bum to hold him steady and start to give him a gentle bj.

'All OK?' I ask after a minute or so.

'Deffo. No pain. And I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to last.'

I go back to work, and suddenly Josh has got his hands in my hair and his breath is coming in short gasps and then he utters a mighty groan and then…whoosh…my mouth is being flooded with his seed. Once he's – finally – finished, I stand up.

'No pain when you came?'


'One testicle certainly doesn't appear to have affected the amount of stuff you produce. You nearly drowned me.'

'Three days' worth. And now it's my turn.'

'Don't do anything to put a strain on the wound.'

'I won't. And kneeling down takes the pressure off my scrotum, if anything.'

Which is what he does. And he does his thing. His wonderful, sensuous, amazing thing. And it's my turn to erupt in a fountain of pleasure.

'Well,' I say, 'based on that, everything's pretty much back to normal…bar the swelling.'

'And there's at least one type of swelling we know you can take care of….'

'Hmmm…you really ARE back to normal, aren't you?'

He laughs.

Over the next two weeks, Josh's scrotum slowly returns to its normal size and colour, and the fact he has just one, rather than two, testicles becomes more evident. I rather like it, and I tell him so.

'Why, Nico?'

'Because most boys have two, and the fact that you've got one just makes you special. And you are.'

He's still a little too sore to risk my fondling it, but his sitting and walking are virtually back to normal. And we can indulge in oral sex and mutual masturbation without worrying about accidentally causing him any pain. His scar also seems to be healing nicely, and he's due to see the surgeon tomorrow for his check-up and to have the stitches removed.

The surgeon gives him a thorough examination, and then gets a nurse to remove the stitches and take some takes bloods to double-check that the results are normal. He professes himself pleased with the way the scar has healed and asks Josh how he's feeling.

'Pretty good, thanks. I'm back to doing virtually everything I did before the op.'

'Good. You've obviously taken care of the wound, and the bruising to your scrotum has all but disappeared. And no problems with achieving and maintaining an erection or ejaculating?'

'Umm…no,' says Josh, looking slightly embarrassed.

'Excellent. And you're happy with the way things look with just the one testicle?'

'Absolutely. We both are. Everything is really me. And the op is just part of my story now.'

'That's a very positive attitude. I congratulate you. Any other questions?'

'Umm…do you think everything's healed enough for Nico and me to…resume…full sex?'

He smiles.

'Probably. But you're the only one who will really be able to tell. Use a position that puts as little strain on the wound as possible, take it gently, and if anything starts to hurt, stop and give it another week or so.'

'Will do,' says Josh looking at me. I nod.

'I'll be writing to your GP to give them a formal report on what we've done and the results, and ask them to arrange for you to give bloods every three months for the next year. If they're all clear, we'll just do an annual test. I'm reasonably confident that you'll be in the clear but it's prudent to check.'

He stands up and shakes Josh's hand and then mine.

'I wish you every success in becoming a doctor, Josh. And well done once again for having checked yourself and found the lump in the first place.'

'Thanks, Doc.'

That night, having been given the provisional go-ahead for full sex, I'm sure it's no surprise to learn that we waste no time in putting things to the test.

'Top or bottom?' I ask.

'Both I hope,' he says with a grin, 'but maybe top first?'

I lie on my left side with my right leg bent at the knee towards my chest. This lets Josh slide into me with a minimum of stress on the wound. We take it slowly.

'I can't tell you how good this feels,' I say.

'For me too, gorgeous.'

'Groin all OK?'

'Seems to be. Just need to keep it slow and easy.'

'Suits me.'

The sex may be gentle, but it lacks nothing in intensity. I'm getting wave after wave of pleasure that's finally crowned as he empties himself inside me. He wraps his arms round me and kisses my neck.

'I hope that was as good for you as it was for me,' he says.

'It was wonderful. Having you inside me is always wonderful.'

'Ready to swap places?'

'Mmm…yes please.'

He turns onto his right side and lifts his other leg as I did, and it's my turn to slide gently inside him. I check he's OK.

'Perfect, Nico.'

I try to keep things as slow and easy as possible. Josh begs me to go a little faster. I increase the tempo a little and am rewarded with a contented sigh before, a few minutes later, it's my turn to hit my climax. Still inside him, I ask if he's OK.

'More than OK.'

'No pain?'

'Maybe a little, but nothing to worry about.'

'Josh! If you were in pain you should have said…we should have stopped.'

'It was nothing, and there was no way I was going to let you stop. It felt so-o-o-o good.'

'Well, I hope we haven't done any damage. Explaining how it happened is not a conversation I want to have with a doctor.'

Josh giggles. 'Perhaps he'd ask us to demonstrate….'

And that makes me laugh.

Karim is due to come down at the weekend. We talk about sleeping arrangements, and apart from the fact that Josh is still not 100% recovered, neither of us feels very enthusiastic at the thought of having a threesome with him. Perhaps it's the after-effects of the scare we've had, or maybe it's to do with this not being the villa, but we hope Karim will be OK with it.

As it turns out, we have nothing to worry about.

'I understand completely,' he says, 'I just wanted to see you guys – and make sure Josh is all OK.'

We've told Ollie a bit about Karim and told him that he's coming down to see us, and asked him if he'd like to join us for dinner that evening. He's jumped at the offer. And over dinner, Ollie and Karim get on like a house on fire, laughing, exchanging stories and generally thoroughly enjoying each other's company. And as the meal goes on, it also becomes clear that they can barely take their eyes off each other. Once we've finished eating, we sit round the table over coffee and a bottle of grappa that Karim has brought with him as a memory of the villa. Ollie wants to know all about the villa and Karim explains about the way we all know each other and the fantastic place that the villa is, and the generally relaxed attitude to being naked there - without going into any details about the sexual side of 'villa rules', although he does hint at it. Ollie is far from stupid, and I can see him starting to put two and two together. Just before midnight, Josh and I announce that we're going to bed. We tell Karim we'll leave the door unlocked and not to be in any hurry, and the two of us leave him and Ollie deep in conversation.

As we get ready for bed, Josh says, 'I reckon it wouldn't matter if we DID lock the door. I don't think Karim will be sleeping in here with us tonight.'

'You think he and Ollie will be….?'

'I'd bet the house on it.'

And sure enough, in the morning, the pull-out bed hasn't been slept in and there's no sign of Karim.

'Looks like you were right,' I say, 'want a coffee?'

'Love one.

When I go down to the kitchen, Ollie's already there. He's moving somewhat gingerly.

'Good night, Ollie?'

'Oh. My. God. That Karim. I've never been fu…er…that is, I've never had a night like it in my life. He's…amazing – and such a nice guy too. I'm just making us both some coffee. It's no problem if he and I have…a bit of a lie in, is it?'

'None at all.'

'Only...he's your guest, and…'

'Ollie. You're both grown-ups. If you want to continue shagging each other's brains out, that's absolutely fine.'

He blushes, and I can't help but laugh.

'Don't be embarrassed. You've probably worked out that Karim, Josh and I don't have many secrets on that front. So enjoy yourselves.' I pour coffee into two mugs, before adding, 'especially his tongue.'

Ollie nearly drops the mug he's holding.

'Oh god. That tongue…'

'Have fun. See you later.'

'Thanks, Nick.'

I take the two mugs of coffee upstairs and tell Josh about my conversation with Ollie.

'Well, good for them. Ollie's a nice guy and he's unattached. And whatever he may have said, I'm sure Karim was disappointed not to be able to share our bed. I wonder what time they'll emerge?'

'...and if Ollie will be able to walk at all…'

Josh snorts with laughter. 'He'll probably think it's a price well worth paying.'

Ollie and Karim finally show their faces shortly after midday. Ollie has a sort of faraway smile on his face, while Karim is his usual bouncy self.

'If you two are as hungry as I imagine you are,' says Josh, 'there's eggs and bacon in the fridge that you're welcome to help yourselves to.'

Karim comes and gives us both a kiss, and Ollie says,

'Actually, we were thinking of going out to the Crafty Egg for brunch. Want to join us?'

'We've already eaten, but thanks. And if you guys want to spend the day together, that's no problem, Karim.'

'Are you sure?'

'Of course.'

'Thanks. I just need to grab my jacket from your room.'

Josh and I accompany him upstairs. Once inside our room, Josh says, 'OK…spill.'

Karim grins.

'Ollie is such a nice guy. With an enormous…'

'Whoa. Enough information,' I say, holding up a hand.

'I was going to say, an enormous sex drive,' continues Karim with a smile. 'Never met anyone like him.'

'I'm sure you matched him…how can I put it…blow for blow.'

Karim giggles. 'He was more interested in being fucked than blown, but I did my best….'

'I just bet you did,' says Josh.

Josh needs to do a few hours work to catch up on what he's missed, and I go off to do some archery with the Club. I've improved a lot and am on the edge of being selected for the second-string University team, so plenty of practice is very much the order of the day. Mikey is there too, and he has a new girlfriend in tow, who's come along to watch. She's a pretty girl with close-cropped hair and almost boyish looks. Mikey introduces me.

'Tash, this is Nick, one of my housemates; Nick, Natasha, Tash for short.'

We shake hands and her eyes meet mine in a steady gaze.

'Nice to meet you, Nick.'

'You too.'

'You're doing the same subject as Mikey, yes?'

'Yes…English. You?'


'Cool. How did you two meet?'

'Mutual friend.'

'It's very noble of you to spend an afternoon watching Mikey play Robin Hood.'

She laughs. 'I know. Must be love I suppose.'

Mikey gives her a kiss.

'I guess your girlfriend is too sensible to spend an afternoon like this,' Tash says.

'It's my boyfriend actually, and he has to work. He's just been in hospital for an op and missed classes so he's doing some catching up.'

'Oops. Sorry. I shouldn't have assumed. You should have told me, Mikey.'

'Sorry. Didn't think. But it's not important, is it? Josh - his boyfriend - is lovely, by the way.'

'Why was he in hospital, if it's OK to ask.'

'He was diagnosed with testicular cancer - very early I'm pleased to say, so they removed the affected testicle and fortunately he doesn't need any further treatment.'

'God...that sounds terrible. Cancer at his age.'

'Twenty to thirty-five is prime time for that particular one. All of us guys should check ourselves regularly. Josh did and that's how he found it. I hope you check yourself, Mikey?'

'Umm…no…I've never…'

'Well, you should start. Or get someone to help.'

I look at Tash and smile. She grins back. Mikey just blushes.

'OK, guys, enough chit-chat,' says Ally, the team captain, coming over to us, 'time to actually shoot some arrows.'

We get down to some serious practice. Mikey is in excellent form, me slightly less so. Not rubbish, but not in the top six that I need to be. This session has done nothing to improve my chances of making the team. Ally takes me to one side.

'You've got some talent, Nick, but you need to invest in a decent bow of your own if you want to progress. I know it's not cheap, but you don't have to pay the earth. Five or six hundred pounds would get you a very decent competition-quality set that would get you to the next stage. Depends on whether you just want to continue to shoot for fun, or take things further. Something to think about, anyway.'

'Thanks, Ally. Like you say, something to think about.'

Mikey comes over.

'What was that about?'

'He was just saying that if I want to improve and take things further, I need to invest in a decent bow.'

'You should. You're really good for someone with so little experience.'

'Thanks, Mikey.'

'I mean it. And it would be nice to have someone like you on the team.'

His eyes meet mine and we both smile.

'So…how long have you known Tash, and when are you going to bring her back to the house?'

'I met her a week ago. Early days. I'm sure it won't be long before I bring her round.'

'She seems very nice.'

'Yeah….things feel…good between us. But, if you'll excuse me, we need to run.'

'Sure. Take care.'

Five or six hundred pounds. Guess it's time I got myself a part-time job.

I talk to Josh about it when I get back to the house.

'Do you want to take it to the next level, then?' he asks.

'Yes…yes, I think I'd like to…well, at least to see if I'd be good enough.'

'Then you should. What sort of work did you have in mind?'

'I don't know. Bar work? Barista work? Something like that.'

'Sounds good. Go for it.'

'It means we'd have less time together.'

'We'd still have lots of time together. Every night for a start…and it'd be good for you to be earning some money.'

'You sure you're OK with it?'

'Certain. I think it's great, actually, that you've found an interest that's got you fired up.'

'OK. I'll put some of what I earn towards a balloon for you.'

'Don't be daft. They cost thousands. And where would we put it anyway? There are more than enough opportunities to balloon without having to own one. But it's a sweet thought.' And he gives me a kiss.

Then I tell him about the conversation I had with Tam. 'I hope you don't mind my having told her that you had cancer.'

'Of course not. It's important to spread the word about self-checking…and let people know that if you catch a problem early it's easy to cure. Is Tash nice?'

'Seems to be. She's pretty in a slightly boyish way.'

'That's probably why you find her pretty,' he says with a smile.

I laugh.

'Maybe. I said it would be nice if Mikey wanted to bring her back here sometime.'

'Cool… be nice to meet her.'

At this point, there's a tap on our door and Karim comes in.

'Good day, Karim?' I ask.

'Great, thanks. Ollie's good company.'

'Josh and I thought we'd order in pizza tonight – does that suit you?'

'Sounds great.'

'Do you want to ask Ollie if he'd like to join us?'

'If you're sure. I'm quite happy just to spend some time with you guys if you'd rather.'

'It seems mean to leave him out if he's here.'

'OK. But I'm paying.'

'That's kind of you, Karim, but…'

'No buts. You invited me down, you gave me a lovely meal last night. You introduced me to Ollie and I've abused your hospitality by spending all day with him. It's the least I can do. And I can afford it, so no arguments please.'

Josh and I exchange looks.

'Well, if you're sure, that's very generous of you.'

'It will be my pleasure.'

'Karim, if you don't mind my asking, you and Ollie, is this just a bit of weekend fun or is it more?'

'We like each other, Nick, but we're both realists. We're at different universities a hundred miles apart, and I'll return to Bahrain, at least for a while, once my course is over. Ollie – like Josh – is on a seven-year journey to becoming a doctor, followed by who knows what. It's been a lovely bit of serendipity meeting him here at a time when you and I can't sleep together. Assuming you'd even want to. Neither Ollie nor I have had sex in months – sorry if that surprises you but I truly don't just jump into bed with anyone, despite how this may look – and we…well, let's just say we were both up for a bit of fun. It's been thoroughly enjoyable for both of us, but we have no great plans to meet up again. Well, not after tonight. If he's in the mood. Last night was…exhausting.' He grins. 'That said, if he finds himself in Oxford and I'm still single and fancy-free, then I'm sure we'd be pleased to see each other. Now, what time are we ordering pizza?'

'I suggest we meet up in the kitchen at about 7 and we can all choose from the menu. In the meantime, make yourself at home here…have a bath or a shower if you want – or go and find Ollie...whatever you wish.'

'A bath sounds nice…haven't had one in ages. My muscles could do with a bit of a soak. Would that be OK?'

'Sure. Do you want me to go and tell Ollie about pizza?'

'That would be great. Oh…and who's that good-looking guy with the black hair I saw downstairs?'

'That must be Mikey. He's one of our housemates. And a good friend.'

'He's cute.'

'And straight,' I say, 'and haven't you got your hands full with Ollie?'

'Doesn't mean I can't appreciate sexy when I see it.'

I shake my head and go to find Ollie.

Karim strips off down to his boxers, gets a towel out of his bag and disappears into the bathroom. Josh and I both follow his retreating form with our eyes.

'I'll just go and find Ollie,' I say, once Karim's shut the bathroom door behind him.

'OK. See you in a few. And if I'm not here when you get back it's probably because I'll be in the bathroom molesting Karim. I'd forgotten just what a great body he has.'

'Molesting, huh?

'Bet you would too…'

'I'm saying nothing.'

'You don't need to.'

I stick my tongue out at him, then make my way down to Ollie's room and tap on the door.

'Come in, Karim,' Ollie says.'

I open the door. 'Sorry, it's not Karim, it's me.'

Ollie is in the process of pulling on a pair of boxers. There's a towel on the bed; he's clearly just had a shower. It's the first time I've seen him naked, and it has to be said that he has a pretty good body. Amongst other things.

'Oh, hi Nick. Shit, sorry, I thought you were…apologies for the nakedness,' he says, hurriedly pulling up the boxers.

'That's OK, Ollie. I hear you've had a good day with Karim.'

'You bet. He's unlike anyone I've ever met. Can't wait to see him again.'

My mind registers that this doesn't quite seem to be the same story Karim has given us.

'You mean, after this weekend?'

'Oh yes. I mean I know he's at Uni in Oxford, but I'm sure we can arrange to get together.'

'Forgive my putting this bluntly, but do you mean for sex or for something more?'

'Blunt is fine. More I hope…but just sex would be fine too.'

'Long distance relationships are difficult. And I'm sure you'll find someone here soon. You're a good-looking guy.'

'Well, thanks Nick, but whoever I found wouldn't be Karim, would they? He is just so special.'

I've pushed the conversation as far as I'm prepared to. This is something they'll have to sort out.

'It was just to say that Karim has offered to spring for pizza for all of us tonight if that appeals to you.'

'Sounds perfect.'

'OK, we've agreed to meet up in the kitchen at 7 and sort out what we'd all like.'

'Triff. See you there.'

I shut the door behind me and go back upstairs to our room. Once inside, I hear voices in the bathroom. I go to investigate. Karim is laying back in the bath with a glass of wine in one hand. Josh is sitting on the loo-seat also with a glass of wine.

'Molestation in progress? ' I ask.

Josh laughs. 'No…not that I wouldn't, but Karim fancied a glass of wine so I brought him one. There's a bottle open on the side – go and help yourself.'

'Will do.'

As I leave, I hear Karim say. 'What was that about being molested?'

I return with a glass of the Pinot Grigio that Josh has opened. Karim looks up at me.

'You're both very welcome to molest you if you wish,' he says.

'I think you need to keep your strength up for Ollie,' I say.

'You're probably right. Though the thought of being molested by you two is…quite arousing.'

'So I see,' I say.

Karim is sporting a full-on stiffy that he makes no attempt to hide. 'Well,' he says, 'aren't you going to at least help me out with this?'

'I'm surprised you've got anything left to give.'

'Doesn't stop me from getting aroused around you two.'

I look at Josh. He smiles and nods. I take hold of Karim under the water and stroke him. He lets out a sigh of pleasure.

'This brings back happy memories,' he says.

I speed up the pace a little, and not long afterwards Karim gives a groan, a shudder as he comes, and then a sigh of contentment.

'You,' he says, looking at me, 'truly are a first-class wanker.'

Which makes us all laugh.

'Josh,' Karim says, a few moments later, 'would it be out of order to ask to see your scar? I'm kind of…intrigued.'

'No problem.'

Josh comes over and stands by the bath. He drops his trousers and underwear.

'OH!' says Karim, 'I didn't expect the scar to be there…I sort of expected it to be on your…scrotum.'

So Josh explains about the need to remove the cord as well.

'Is it OK to...touch your…ball. God, it sounds weird to use the singular.'

And it does. It makes us all smile.

'Go ahead.'

Karim takes Josh's scrotum in his hand. And, well…when you're being fondled by a good-looking guy, who wouldn't get an erection?

'May I?' asks Karim looking first at Josh and then at me.

Josh looks at me as well. I nod. And Karim goes to work. After a couple of minutes, he swaps his hand for his mouth and a minute or two after that takes Josh over the edge. It's very arousing to watch, and I get a very large and very obvious lump in my pants. Karim notices.

'Seems rude not to help you out too,' he says.

Well, who am I to argue? I unzip and step closer.

Oh, that tongue.

With all this out of the way, I decide that I need to share Ollie's view of the future with Karim.

'I'm not sure he sees it quite the same way you do.'

Karim's face clouds.


'I think he's hoping to see more of you…at Oxford. And he's hoping it might be more than just sex.'

'But we discussed this. He said he understood.'

'Maybe he told you what he thought you wanted to hear. And he probably has no idea that it's the sort of thing you and we would talk about.'

'Possibly. I'll talk to him again tonight.'

'I know it's not in your nature to hurt people, Karim, but it would be unkind to leave him thinking there's more if you're absolutely sure that there isn't.'

'I know. I know. And he's very nice. If I was here…who knows. But I'm not. I'll try to make him understand.'

'Good,' I say, and give him a kiss. 'Come on Josh, let's leave him to it; I guess his muscles really could do with some relaxation now.'

'Well, one of them has certainly been relaxed.'

Karim giggles.

'I won't be long. And thanks for the wine.'

As planned, we all meet up at 7. We all choose different pizzas from Pizza Express and order them through Deliveroo, along with dough balls, salad and desserts. Josh opens some beers. Half an hour later, there's a knock at the door and the pizzas are delivered.

We all end up having a slice of each other's, as well as opening and finishing a bottle of Chianti. As we're finishing, Nikki pops her head round the door and introduces a nice-looking guy with a neatly-trimmed beard.

'This is Miles. We'll be going out for a while in a bit, but he'll be staying over tonight. Just thought I'd introduce him in case you bump into one another in the morning and wonder who the heck he is.'

'Hi Miles,' says Josh, 'nice to meet you.'

'You too. Nikki's told me a lot about you…and Nick. This is a lovely place you have.'

'We like it. Have fun both of you.'

'Will do,' says Nikki, 'you guys be going out too?'

'I thought we might go clubbing…probably to OMG. Haven't really thought about it yet.'

'OK. Well, you have fun too.'

'Catch you later.'

Nikki and Jake disappear upstairs.

'What's OMG?' asks Karim.

'It's a really great gay bar and club. Very student-friendly. Nick and I aren't great ones for clubbing, but when we go out, we mostly go there. You probably know it better than us, Ollie,' says Josh.

'Yeah. They have all sorts of fun evenings. Good call…if that sounds like your thing too, Karim.'

'Sounds great.'

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