Making Nico

by c m

Chapter 7

I wake up to the smell of coffee. Karim bends over and gives me a kiss.

'Morning Nick. I've brought you up some coffee.'

'Mmm. Thanks. You'll make someone a perfect boyfriend.'

'I wish it could be you.'

'Thanks for the compliment, but I'm taken.'

'I know. Worst luck. Still, a boy can dream.'

'Got any plans for today?' I ask.

He gives me a sly grin.

'Well, we're not in any hurry this morning are we?' he says.

'No…not as far as I'm aware.'

'Well, I hoped maybe once we'd had coffee, that might give you enough energy to top me again. Last night was…so special, I'd really, really like a repeat performance. And before you ask, I'm not sore. Well, not enough to stop me wanting to do it again anyway.'

'Slave driver,' I say, 'I take you to bed and now all you want to do is treat me like some kind of sex machine…'

'What? Oh…you're joshing,' he says as he sees my smile. 'So is that….OK?'

'If you're sure your delightful bum is up to it, there's nothing I'd like more.'

This time I take him missionary style, his legs ending up wrapped round my waist. My climax, when it comes is as intense as the previous night, even if the volume is little more than a dribble.

'Now,' I say, taking hold of his erection, 'what would you like me to do with this?'

'Umm…I don't suppose…would you be up for having me inside you again?'

'It's a long time since I've been on the receiving end three times in one night,' I say, 'and you'll have to be gentle, but…hell, why not?'

I find myself thinking that if it had been Piers asking me this, I'd have said no. So what is it about Karim that makes me feel excited at the thought of having him inside me again? Maybe it's just the newness…or the feeling that he's slightly forbidden fruit, despite Josh saying it's OK. But as I roll onto my side and feel him enter me, all these thoughts get lost in the sheer pleasure of what he's doing to me and how it makes me feel.

He is as gentle as he promised to be, but once he's emptied himself inside me, I can tell that I'm sore. The sting of hot water in the shower that we share afterwards confirms this, and I tell him that he's going to have to wait a couple of days if he wants to do it again. His only response is that his own bum is fine and he's happy for me to be the one doing the topping until I'm recovered. I tell him any sort of sex is off the agenda until my balls have had a chance to recharge as well.

'So no sex for a couple of hours, then,' he says with a grin. I give him a gentle cuff on the side of his head before we go down for a – very – late breakfast.

As we sit down, Zak asks me if we had a good night and I tell him that we did. I don't say anything about Karim asking me to top him; that's up to him to tell – or not. But Karim obviously tells Piers, because Piers grabs me in the kitchen a little later and asks if it's true.

'Perfectly true.'

'So he's no longer just a top, just like I'm no longer just a bottom.'

'That's factually true, but I don't think you should take that to mean that he's suddenly going to be happy to change roles. It's very early days, and…has he told you the story of what happened to him the only time he'd been fucked before? Well, I say fucked, he was pretty much raped. Hell of a way to lose your virginity.'

'What? No, he hasn't. Oh my god. Poor Karim. No wonder he feels...felt…as he did. What happened?'

'I think you need to ask him that. By the same token, I didn't tell Zak that I'd topped Karim – and I don't think you should either. These are very personal things. And I'd hate Zak to jump to any conclusions about what was or wasn't OK.'

'Of course. And you're right. But I'm pleased he told you and even more pleased that he trusts you enough to have...found a way to move on. But…well…if you and he are now…fully engaged with each other, does this mean that you and I won't get to do stuff again this holiday? '

'No, it doesn't mean that, Piers. I won't deny that I found sleeping with Karim exciting, but you and I, well…I'm sure we'll find time, I promise.'

'Good.' He embraces me and gives me a hug.

'But,' I add, 'it won't be any time soon because I am sore as hell after last night, as well as totally drained.'

Piers looks at me and then starts to laugh. 'So how many times did he….?'

I hold up three fingers.

'THREE! Fuck me, no wonder you're sore.' Then, with a grin, 'Would you like me to rub some cream in?'

I give him the finger.

I choose to spend that night on my own in my own bed. I'm in no mood for sex and I also want to talk with Josh. He picks up my call after the first ring.

'Heya, gorgeous! How's you?' he asks.

My heart does a flip. I can't help myself. Whatever I may be doing with Piers or Karim, this is the boy who makes my heart beat faster.

'I'm fine. But I wish you were here.'

'Oh Nico, I wish I was too. I'm missing you like hell. I should have come with you and bugger the balloons.'

'C'mon, you know you don't mean that.'

'Well, the balloon thing is fun, but…our bed is a cold, cold place without you. And next week I don't think a tent is going to be much warmer.'

'Now you make me feel guilty.'


'Because…I'm here having fun with Piers and Karim and you're all alone. It's not right.'

'Nonsense. We agreed. And talking of the lovely Karim, how are you two getting on?'

So I fill him in on all the details.

'Oh my word, it all sounds very exhausting. And I'm envious.'

'Don't say that; it makes me feel even worse.'

'Nico…I love you and you're having fun. Enjoy it. I'll have you all to myself again in a couple of weeks.'

'But if you can go without sex for two weeks when I'm away, then maybe I should too. It feels a bit like I'm cheating on you.'

'Nico…stop beating yourself up. The villa is a special place with special people and special rules. You're not cheating on me because I know all about it, and because I'd be doing the same thing if I was there.'

'But you don't know Karim.'

'I liked him when I talked to him. And he's part of the villa now, part of villa rules. And I trust you, Nico. I'm jealous that they get to share your amazing body, but it's only two weeks and then that amazing body is mine and mine alone.'

'I feel like you should have someone you could do stuff with while I'm away…if you wanted to.'

'That's not the same, Nico. The villa is the villa. Maybe next year I'll be there and you won't. How would that make you feel?'

'Jealous' I say…but I can't help but smile. Josh knows what to say and do to make me feel better like no-one else.

'Good. Then given the chance, I shall shag them all rigid and tell you about it every day,'

'Don't tease me, Josh.'

'Then stop feeling guilty. If it makes you feel better, send me some naked pics of Karim so I can jerk off to them!'

'JOSH…!' and I start to laugh.

'That's better. Keep having fun, and give my love to everyone… and see you in a couple of weeks.'

'OK, Josh. Love you.'

'Love you too, sexy.'

I feel a lot better after the call, and get an uninterrupted night's sleep.

I wake up to the unexpected smell of coffee. I open an eye and there's Karim.

'I hope you don't mind, but I thought you might like a cup as I was making one for myself…'

'Of course I don't mind. It's a lovely thought. Here, come and hop in beside me. Did you have a good night?'

'Very...quiet. I missed having you there beside me. Funny how quickly you get used to things. Did you speak to Josh?'

'Yes, we had a nice chat.'

'Did you tell him about our night together…about…everything?'

'Yes, I hope that's OK. We don't have any secrets from each other.'

'Of course it's OK. I think you two have the most wonderful relationship. I can't believe that he doesn't mind…sharing you with me. And Piers for that matter.'

'The villa has…special rules.'

'And he doesn't get jealous?'

'No. A little envious this time because I'm here and he isn't but…not jealous.'

'It would be nice if he was here too…although I suppose that would mean that you and I wouldn't be able to have our nights together.'

'True. But we might make a more interesting threesome than you have with Piers and Zak.'

'Omigod! Can you imagine…that would be just…awesome. Does he…like me then?'

'He thinks you're extremely sexy. He joked that we should send him some pictures of you so he could use them as wank material while I was having the real thing!'

'He didn't!'

'He did.'

'Well…why not, then?'


'He's being generous enough to share you with me; I think he's just as sexy as you, and he thinks I'm sexy. Why shouldn't he have some pictures? I mean, if he was here he'd be seeing and having the real thing, wouldn't he?'

'Yes, but…are you serious?'

'Why not?'

I start to smile at the thought of Josh opening his inbox to find pictures of a naked Karim.

'What are you smiling about?'

'The thought of seeing Josh's face when he opens his inbox…'

'Well, let's give him something special then.'

'Are you sure?'

'Absolutely. Here, take my phone. I'll pose, you take the photos.'

Karim is, of course, already naked, but we start off with just a top-half shot of him, smiling into the lens. Then I take a full length of him standing, and then one of him lying on the bed blowing a kiss.

'That's great,' I say, going to hand back his phone.

'No, wait. I think he deserves to see me hard as well as floppy.'

'If you're sure…'

'Perfectly sure. Why don't you…give me a hand…'

He says this with a big grin. I take hold of him and start to stroke. He hardens instantly at my touch and lays back on the bed. I take another pic with Karim lying spreadeagled, fully aroused, with his hands clasped behind his head.

'Give him a close-up too.'

I zoom in and click.

'Now,' he says, 'I think a little video too.'


'Would seeing me come turn him on?'

'It would blow his mind.'

'Then that's what we'll send him. And a little message. Ready?'

I switch to video mode and start off on Karim's face.

'Hi, Josh. We thought the least we could do is send you those pictures you asked for. We both wish you were here too. It would be lovely if you were doing this to me instead of having to do it myself.'

I let the camera travel down his body to his groin, where Karim is stroking himself, gradually getting faster and faster. I see his balls tighten up and then he says 'I'm coming Josh,' and moments later his seed is spurting over his chest and stomach. I pull back the focus so that his face is back in the shot. He smiles and draws a finger through the pearly white streaks and blobs before putting it up to his lips and licking it slowly clean.

'Hope you enjoyed that, Josh. And hope we can be doing it for real sometime.' He blows the camera a final kiss, and I cut the video.

'Fuck,' I say, 'that was one of the hottest things I've ever seen.' I'm now sporting a full-on stiffy myself.

'Shame to waste that,' Karim says, and he takes me in his mouth. His tongue works its magic and I can feel myself getting close. So far, we haven't come in each other's mouths, but this time he's still locked onto me as he takes me over the edge.

'God, Karim. You didn't have to do that.'

'Do what?'

'Swallow my stuff.'

'I wanted to. And I'm glad I did. Now, show me the photos.'

We sit beside each other on the bed and I flick through the various shots. And the video.

'Good work, Nick. Maybe we should start up a porno business.'

I laugh.

'So,' he says,' you going to send them, then?'

'Are you absolutely sure?'

'Absolutely...unless you think they're not good enough and that we ought to do a reshoot…' he says with a suggestive wiggle of his eyebrows.

'You are just a horny little sod.'

'I know,' he says with a happy smile, 'and with you here beside me, why wouldn't I be?'

'Because I'm still recovering from two nights ago. I shouldn't even have let you give me that bj.'

'I'm pleased you did,' he says, 'and to be fair you didn't exactly try to stop me.'

'I know. That's the problem with lust.'

'Ooh,' he says, wrapping his arms around my neck and giving me a kiss, 'you lust after me, do you?'

'Of course I lust after you. You're hot as hell.'

'Well thank you. You know you're pretty damn sexy yourself.'

He slides a hand between my legs. I remove it.

'No. Much as I might like to, no. We'll both enjoy it more when we're fully recharged.'


'You know you'll thank me for it. Now, let me send Josh that email.'

I title the email 'Open this somewhere private' and add a couple of appropriate emojis in the body of it, along with a kiss and then hit 'send'.

'Gone. I wonder how long it will take him to respond.'

The answer turns out to be about ten minutes. WhatsApp starts ringing on my phone. I open it and there's Josh.

'I take it you've opened that email.'

'Oh my fucking God…thank heavens you said to open it somewhere private. I couldn't believe my eyes. And that video…fuck…is he still there with you?'

'Sure is.'

I hand my phone to Karim.

'Hi, Josh…hope you liked what we sent.'

'It was… jaw-dropping.'

'Well, Nick said you'd said you'd like some pics, and we both thought you more than deserved it so…my pleasure.'

'That was hot as hell, Karim. And now I'm even more envious of Nico than I was. But thank you…thank you very much, it's a lovely gesture. And one I will be regularly reviewing.'

We all laugh.

'OK, guys, I gotta dash,' he says, 'but just had to say thank you…take care and see you soon Nico. Love you…and love you too Karim.'

'Love you,' we both chorus. The call ends.

'He is so nice, Nick. And so sexy.'

'I know,' I say, 'God alone knows what I've done to deserve him.'

'He's every bit as lucky to have you.'

'It's kind of you to say so, but I think I'm the winner in this particular exchange.'

'Hmmm…honours even, maybe.'


'Definitely. But I'm the real winner right now because I have you here in the flesh.'

His phone buzzes.

'It's an email from Josh,' he says, looking at the screen.

'From Josh?'

'Yes. Hold on. It says…'only seems reasonable to let you have this'…and there's an attachment.'

I come and look over Karim's shoulder as he opens the attachment. It's a full-length picture of Josh…naked. He's standing there with his hands held out in a sort 'what am I supposed to do' gesture and with an expression on his face to match.

'Oh my god, Nick, the rest of him is as gorgeous as his face.'

'I's sickening.'

Karim turns to me and laughs. 'And I apologise for what I'm about to do in front of you, but I'd like a closer look at...'

He zooms in on Josh's groin.

'His zabr is just like yours,' he says.


'Sorry…it's Arab slang for dick or cock.'

'Oh…good word. I'll remember that. And yes, we are pretty much alike in that respect.'

'May I ask you…hard as well as soft?'

'You may ask, and yes…hard as well as soft.'

'Then I definitely hope that I'll have the chance to compare them…in the flesh, sometime.'

'Who knows? Maybe.'

'I'd like to take a picture of you like this one of my memory of this holiday...if that is OK?'

'That's fine.'

'Can we do it now?'


I try to mirror Josh's 'what the heck' pose. Karim laughs. 'Yes! That's exactly it. See?'

He shows me the pic and it's true…it's almost exactly the same.

'Wait, let me…hmmm…I think…'

He clicks between various apps on his phone and then shows me the result. He has combined the two photos so that Josh and I appear to be standing almost side by side making the same gesture. It makes me laugh.

'I will be able to do it better on my computer, but thank you, this will be a perfect memory of you.'

'Well, that's been an unexpectedly fun start to the day. Thank you for the coffee and the…entertainment. But now I'm going to shower and get dressed. See you downstairs.'

'I could shower with you…'

'You could, but we both know where that will lead so take your horny little self back to your room.'

He sticks his tongue out at me. I give him a slap on his bottom.

'Ouch! And I can't help being horny around you….'

'I reckon you're horny around everyone…'

'Maybe. But especially around you. See you in a bit.'

I watch him leave. I can't help but smile at the way he makes me feel. Shower time.

When I get downstairs, Piers is there but there's no sign of Zak.

'Zak's not feeling well,' says Piers when I ask. 'He's still in bed. He must have picked up some bug in town. I'm just about to take him up this Covid test.'

'Oh, poor old Zak. Hope he's feeling better soon.'

Twenty minutes later, Piers is back.

'He's tested positive. We all ought to do a test as well.'

We do, and – so far at least – we are all clear.

'We need to leave Zak in isolation for a few days. He's a terrible patient so it's not going to be much fun for any of us. But I'll take him up food and stuff and make sure he's got the right medication.'

'How unwell is he, Piers?'

'He's really not very well at all…coughing, headache, temperature, no energy…but not so bad he needs hospital treatment – or not yet.'

Despite all his bravado, I can see that Piers is upset. I give him a hug.

'I'm sure he'll be fine Piers. Don't worry. I'll pop up and see him in a bit.'

'Don't get too close. The windows are open but wear a mask.'

When I go up to see him an hour later, I tap on his bedroom door.

'Yes,' says a very un-Zak-like voice.

I open the door. Zak is lying in bed and, to be fair, he looks awful. I stay standing in the doorway rather than entering the room.

'How are you feeling?'

'Like total shit, I….' He breaks off in a fit of coughing. 'Bloody cough.'

'Can I get you anything?'

'No…thank you…Piers is like a bloody nursemaid already…'

'You should be grateful. And he's worried about you.'

'I know. And I am. I've just never been a good patient, I hate being unwell. And this really…' he starts coughing again.

'Don't talk; just try to rest.'.

'Tell him he doesn't need to worry. I'll be fine.'

'I hope so, Zak.'

'Don't you bloody start. Anyway, how's things with you?'

'Oh, all good with me.'

'And how are you getting on with Piers' Arab friend? I hear you spent the night with him…did you manage to persuade him to let you fuck him?'

There's something in Zak's language and tone that I don't like, but I put it down to him being unwell. It's not like him. That or something's not right between the three of them.

'Zak…Karim was raped when he was fourteen. It's no wonder he feels the way he does.'

Zak looks at me.

'I'm sorry. I didn't know that. Poor guy.'

I relax; this is much more like the Zak I know.

'But you still had a good time with him?'

'I had a very good time. We both did.'

'Good. And I didn't mean to be unkind about Piers either. Try to cheer him up.'

He starts coughing again.

'I will, Zak. And you concentrate on getting better.'

'Will do. And thanks for coming up to see me,'

'Catch you later.'

I close the door and make my way downstairs. Piers and Karim are in the pool. I shuck off my shorts and dive in to join them.

'So how was Mr. Grumpy?' asks Piers.

'He was…OK, I guess. But you're right, he's not very well. But he's grateful to you, Piers, and he knows he wasn't very nice to you earlier. I think that's just a sign of how unwell he is.'

'Probably. Karim has been telling me about your…photo session for Josh earlier on.'

I smile. 'Yeah…that was fun.'

'Do I get to see them?'

'You better ask Karim. He was the star of the show.'

Piers turns to Karim. 'May I?'

'I guess. They were for Josh – but there's nothing in them you haven't seen. I'll show you when we're out of the pool.'

When we've splashed around for long enough, Piers goes inside to fetch us some drinks, and Karim sits down beside me on the edge of the pool our feet still in the water. He turns to me.

'I don't want to show Piers the video, Nick. I don't know why, but I don't. You won't say anything will you?'

'Of course not, Karim, not if that's what you want.'

'It is. I don't mind him seeing the photos…but not that.'

'I respect your decision, but can you tell me why?'

'Because I was…doing it for Josh. No-one else. I mean, I'm fine with you seeing it...well, you had to, you were the cameraman and you're Josh's boyfriend so that's all fine but…it was…personal. Special. I know I joked about making porn, but that wasn't porn. It was a gift for someone I like. Does that make sense?'

'I think it's lovely, Karim.' And I give him a kiss.

'Hope I'm not interrupting,' says Piers appearing out of the door, bearing a tray with glasses.

'Not in the slightest,' I say, jumping up and going over to him. 'Here's one for you too.'

'Mmm…thank you. Now, beer wine or Coke? And Maria says lunch will be ready in fifteen minutes.'

Karim shows Piers the pics. 'Hope Josh enjoys them,' Piers says once he's flicked through them all.

'Oh, he did,' I say.

Piers smiles.

That night, Piers says he'll sleep in one of the spare bedrooms so Zak can be properly isolated. I tell Karim that this is another no-sex night for me. He looks disappointed. Once I've showered, I go and tap on Piers' door.

'Oh, hi Nick…come in.'

'I wanted to make sure you're OK. You've been very down all day…and I promised Zak I'd cheer you up.'

Piers smiles. 'Seeing you always cheers me up. And I'm sorry if I've been a misery guts. Zak means everything to me, and I hate seeing him unwell…particularly this unwell. I want to be with him to hold him and comfort him…but I can't. It's horrible.'

'I think you need some company tonight. Strictly no-sex company, but company. Would you like me to stay?'

He doesn't even make a pretence of arguing. 'Thank you, Nick. I'd really like that.'

He pulls, back the covers and I slip into bed beside him.

'Could I have a hug?' he asks.

'Of course.'

We hold each other close, and I give him a kiss on the tip of his nose. He kisses me back.

'I love having you in bed with me, Nick. I know Zak is my forever boy like Josh is yours, but we, the two of us, have something good…something special, don't we?'

'We do, Piers.'

It's nice having him in bed beside me. And we manage to keep our hands off each other.

In the morning, Piers goes off to check on Zak. While he's gone, I go downstairs to make us both some coffee. Karim is already in the kitchen.

'Oh, hi Nick, I was just going to bring you up a cup.'

'That's kind. Well, carry on, but we need three cups.'

'Three? Why?'

'Because Piers needs one too. I spent the night with him.'

'But I thought you said….?'

'Strictly no sex. He just needed some company. He's worried about Zak. But no reason why the three of us shouldn't all have coffee in bed together...why don't you come and join us?'

'Thank you; I will.'

By the time we're back upstairs, Piers is already back in bed.

'How's Zak? And it's OK if Karim joins us for coffee isn't it?' I say.

'He's…much the same. And yes, of course it's fine for Karim to join us. Nice in fact.'

Karim arrives moments later with three mugs of coffee. He gets in on one side of Piers and I get in on the other.

'It's good that Zak's no worse,' I say.

'I guess, but he's no better either.'

I put an arm round his shoulder.

'What can we do to cheer you up, Piers?'

'Just being here with you two makes me feel better. Sorry. I'm being silly, aren't I?'

'Worrying won't make him any better any quicker. We can always call a doctor if you think it's necessary.'

'Of course. And you're right. And thanks for the coffee.'

'Our pleasure.'

We finish our coffees and I put the empty mugs on the bedside table.

'That was lovely,' Piers says, 'I feel better already. And what could be nicer than being in bed sat between two very sexy boys.'

He puts an arm round each of our shoulders. Karim leans across and gives him a kiss. And then another. And Piers responds. He removes the arm that's round my shoulder and uses it to pull Karim to him. Karim puts a hand on Piers' chest, before slowly letting it run down over his chest and stomach until it disappears under the sheet. There's no doubt where it ends up and then they're grappling with each other as Piers pulls Karim on top of him. The sheet gets kicked off as they slide down the bed until Karim is laying flat out on top of Piers.

'Well don't just sit there,' says Piers, looking at me, 'join in.'

'Join in?'

Karim raises his head.

'Have you ever had someone inside you while you've been inside someone else?' he asks.

'No. This is the first time I've ever been involved…invited…to a threesome of any sort.'

'Would you like to try?'

'How do you feel about that Piers?' I ask.

'Karim and I have done it with Zak. Him in me, me in Zak….so it's more about how YOU feel about it.'

How do I feel about it? It's something I've never tried. I'm really not sure if it's what I want, but maybe I'll only know if I try. And it's villa rules.

'If I did, who would you want in whom?' I ask Karim.

'I would love to see you topping Piers,' he says, '…I know you two have something special between you…and if I could be inside you, Nick, while you're doing it…that would be…wonderful.'

I consider this. This is new territory. Territory I'm not sure about. I'm not averse to the idea, but I don't want Karim to think he's the only one giving the options.

'Or I could fuck you, Karim, while Piers…well…Piers could go on either end of the chain as he wished.'

'If that is your wish,' says Karim. 'Being…on the receiving end…is still a little new to me, but as you wish.'

And I suddenly feel a little bit ashamed. Karim has come a long way already, and asking him to bottom in front of Piers when he may not be ready is selfish and stupid of me. And he'd clearly rather not, yet he's said he'd do so to make me happy. I'm about to apologise when Piers solves the problem.

'Nick….if it's OK with you, I'd love you inside me, and I know Karim would love it if you were the meat in the sandwich, as it were.'

'Then let's give it a go. You'll have to fill me in on the order in which things happen. This is a first for me.'

It all turns out to be very simple. Piers lies on his back and I enter him, then Karim kneels behind me and enters me. The only tricky bit is synchronising our movements, but once we've done so it all seems to work. It's certainly different. And educational. But it's not wonderful. It's not as good as having each of them individually. It feels…what's the word…artificial? But Piers and Karim seem to have a thoroughly good time, so that makes me happy enough.

Afterwards, Karim says,

'If you wanted to do it again, Nick, I'd be happy to be the meat in the sandwich next time. I don't want you to think I don't enjoy having you inside me. I loved it when we did it.'

'But still early days, no?' says Piers. 'I think perhaps you need a few more times with someone you trust…with Nick...before doing anything more…adventurous.'

'Exactly,' I say.

Karim smiles. 'Thank you. Thank you both. It's not that I don't want to, it's just….'

'Memories take time to fade and new experiences take time to bed in,' I say.

'Exactly. And Piers…I would like to explore my new experiences with you too sometime, but…can you be patient with me?'

'As patient as you want, Karim.'

And I take note that Zak's name hasn't been mentioned.

Later that day, they both, individually and at different moments, come up and ask me if I enjoyed my first threesome. I say the same thing to both of them.

'I'd rather have sex with you on our own.'

'Me too,' they both reply.

When I go up to see Zak, as well as having that same cough, he also seems to be a little short of breath. I tell Piers that I think we should at least get a doctor out to see him. Piers makes the call.

The doctor comes and examines Zak. He is reassuring.

'I don't think he is unwell enough to need to go to hospital. Sitting up in a chair rather than lying down should help with his shortness of breath. If it doesn't, call me and I will review the situation. Give him some honey to help with the cough and plenty of paracetamol. He is young and fit. If he is no better in three days, call me again.'

And in three days' time, Zak is a lot better. He is still very tired, but the cough is much less troublesome and his breathing is back to normal. He is sick and tired of being in isolation, but he understands why he has to be. But we all agree that there is no reason why he can't go and lie by the pool provided we are all properly distanced from him. This cheers him up a bit, and a bit of sun on his body does no harm either.

Two days later, he is almost back to his old self. But he's still very tired. He takes me to one side and asks me to go upstairs with him.

'Umm…there's something I'm a bit worried about. It's…embarrassing…'

'What's the problem?'

'I don't seem to be able to...oh shit…this is so awkward…it's just, since I got Covid I can't…I don't seem to get…properly hard. You know…down there…'

'How not properly?'

'Like sort of semi….'

'And you want me to see if I can….help?'

'Would you mind? I mean, it's not as though I've any secrets from you in that regard.'

'Can't Piers help?'

'I was hoping I could…find a solution without telling him. He's been worried silly as you know, and I don't want to burden him with something like this…and I certainly don't want him to think that he doesn't excite me enough to get it up for him anymore.'

'OK. Let's go into my room.'

We do, and Zak drops his shorts. I take hold of him and start to stroke. He thickens a little but there is no doubt that he doesn't get much beyond a semi. I reckon that If I'm going to help, he's going to have to feel some desire for a start. I kick off my shorts and then put my hands on his shoulders. I give him the lightest of kisses on his lips.

'You, Zak, are one of the sexiest boys on the planet and I want you – right now.'

I take one of my hands off his shoulder and run it slowly down to his groin and take hold of him again. By now I'm fully hard myself. Zak is, after all, a very cute boy. There's no need for any pretence about the arousal he causes in me. I take one of his hands and wrap it around my erection. I can see desire come alive in his eyes. And he starts to respond.

'Let's lie on the bed, Zak.'

I wrap my hand more firmly around him and use it to lead him over to the bed, where I lay him down on his back and replace my hand with my mouth. Within a few seconds he's at full mast and whatever the problem was seems to have gone. But I'm happy to take him all the way. He's been ill and on his own for a week; he deserves this. I take him to the edge, hold him there for a bit, and then send him over it. He erupts with an intensity that takes me by surprise. His chest and stomach are soon one sticky mess.

'Oh fuck,' he says, 'omigod…geez…that was…'

'Problem solved, apparently,' I say.

'Thank you. I promise I haven't been able to…it wasn't just some ruse to get you to…'

'I know. I saw. I expect the fact that you were worried about it when it happened just made it worse. I'm happy to have helped.'

'Let me at least show my thanks by helping you out, too.'

'You don't have to.'

'I want to. Fuck…I love doing stuff with you.'

And he gives me a first-class bj. Afterwards, he asks, 'Now that you've slept with both Piers and Karim, tell me, which one of them do you prefer?'

'I like them both equally, Zak. They're different – wonderfully different - but both very fulfilling. In and out of bed.'

'No wonder they both love you to bits.' He pauses. 'Umm…I think I need some time just with Piers for the next few days. Would you be OK leaving him to me and looking after Karim? I don't want any threesomes with him involved. Just Piers.'

'Of course. No hardship there.'

'Thanks, Nick. For everything.'

'My pleasure.'

And it was. And he's right that he and Piers need time together. And interesting that he doesn't want Karim involved. And no problem if he wants me to look after Karim all on my own.

Piers is delighted that Zak has recovered, and he's fully on board with spending lots and lots of time with him over the next few days. They have a great deal of sex. I know this because Piers tells me so. Not that Karim and I are exactly celibate. He is thrilled beyond measure at having me all to himself and is increasingly keen to be on the receiving end of things as much as the giving, which is great as it means I don't get too sore. He's a lot of fun, and a great storyteller too, and being in bed with him is no longer just about sex. Like Piers and me, he and I become more like lovers and less like just a pair of rutting teenagers. My only worry is that he's developing feelings for me that go way beyond anything I can return.

'I love you, Nick…I mean really, truly love you,' he says to me one day as he lies, head on my shoulder after a particularly satisfying session. 'I don't suppose there's any chance I could persuade you to leave Josh for me?'

'I love you too, Karim. But Josh is my soulmate.'

'I know. And I didn't mean it. You two belong together. Even if I wish it could be different.'

I prop myself up on one elbow and put a hand in the middle of his chest.

'You are one of the most interesting, engaging, funny and intelligent boys I have ever met. Never mind that you're also so damn sexy. When you get to Oxford, you'll have your pick of hundreds of boys throwing themselves at your feet, you'll see.'

'And not one of them will be able to hold a candle to you.'

'You think way too much of me, Karim. Your only challenge will be to choose the right one. Or ones. Don't be in too much of a rush. Don't sell yourself short. You are a diamond and many of them will just be glass. And Josh and I will always have the honour of being your friends.'

'Perhaps you might be more?'

'Maybe. But we will not… the real thing. When you find the right boy, he will be the one you love, the one you want to be with, the one who will make you happier than you ever knew you could be. And that boy will be the luckiest guy in the world to have won you….' I look him in the eyes. '…not to mention the boy who gets to have the most mind-blowing sex in the world.'

He starts to giggle. 'Are you saying that I'm…?'

'That you are red-hot in bed? I most certainly am. I hope whoever you end up with is fit, because they're going to need to be…'

'You keep up with me.'

'Yeah, well, Josh and I are at it pretty much like rabbits.'

He laughs. Then his face is all serious.

'If I were Josh,' he says, 'I don't think I'd want to let someone as gorgeous and lovely as you have sex with other boys like Piers and me.'

'That's one of the many reasons I love him, Karim. We know we belong together but we also know that if you hold a butterfly too closely in your hands, you kill it. That doesn't mean we feel free to sleep around – quite the reverse. And I wouldn't want to. Josh is everything and more that I need in that department, but it also means that a place like this, the villa, can have a place in our lives too.'

'I hope I can find someone with whom I can have that sort of relationship. I didn't ever imagine such a thing could exist.'

'Well, understanding that it can exist, being a part of such a thing in the way that you are now with me and Josh, is the first step in finding it in your own life.'

'A philosopher as well as a total babe. Are you sure I can't persuade you to leave him?' he says with a laugh.

'Total babe, huh?' I say.

'You bet.'

I try to call Josh that evening, but I get the automated 'unable to take your call' response. And Piers acts really weird around me at dinner. I hope things are OK between him and Zak.

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