Finding Nico

by c m

Chapter 8

Dinner is toad-in-the-hole. There's something about sausages and batter and onion gravy that just always seems to hit the spot.

'Thank you Mrs. Cummins, that was delicious,' says Josh, cleaning the remains of a second helping off his plate.

'I'm pleased you enjoyed it – and please, call me Katherine.'

'Now, Nick,' she says, turning to me, 'I've organised a delivery from Waitrose for tomorrow between 12 and 1, so if you could make sure you're around to put the stuff away that would be helpful. There's plenty of food in the fridge, or there will be once they've delivered, and we'll leave you some money for fish and chips or a takeaway of some sort.'

'Thanks, Mum, I'm sure we'll be fine.'

'Good. Now if you wouldn't mind just helping to clear the table, I'll sort out the dishwasher and the rest of the washing up.'

'We'll do that for you, won't we Nico?' says Josh.

'Err…yes, of course.'

'That's very kind of you, Josh, but you're our guest.'

'No…it would be our pleasure wouldn't it, Nico?'


'Well, in that case….'

Josh and I clear away. I load the dishwasher – my slight OCD tendencies mean I have a way of arranging things, and Josh just smiles as I take out some of what he's put in and rearrange it.

'Why don't you start on the pans; I'll do this,' I say.

'Sure thing. Didn't know you were all precise like that.'

'One of my many failings. You'll get to know them all eventually.'

'Being neat and precise is hardly a failing.'

'Just wait 'til I start on your underpants.'

'My underpants?'

'Yes…they need to be straightened out and folded up when they're put away in a drawer.'

'Ah…I thought you were suggesting something else entirely.'


'When you said you wanted to make a start on my underpants…'

I giggle.

'Yes, well, the contents of your underpants will probably need straightening out as well.'

'I think the contents of my underpants are straightening themselves out all by themselves right now….'

We both start to laugh. Then Jules appears.

'What's so funny?'

'Oh, nothing…just boy talk.'

'I see. Well. I just thought you'd like to know that I've talked to Mum and Dad about maybe seeing Alex again and they're sort of OK with it. They still think the distance thing is an issue – and I suppose it is – but I said we'd work it out. I'm just going to talk with Alex now.'

'Good luck,' we say, almost together.

She looks at us and smiles.

'You two really do make the most disgustingly attractive couple, you know.'

'Well...thanks for the compliment...I think.'

I hear her going upstairs to her room. I hope the conversation with Alex goes well. I turn to Josh.

'Want to watch some TV…or we can play a game in my room?'

'I think your room sounds attractive. For one sort of game or another.'

'You're sex-mad.'

'Which is why we're perfect together.'

'I rather think we are.'

'Come here.'

He takes me in his arms and we start to kiss. And then my mother walks in.

'OH!...ahh…yes…excuse my interrupting, but I was going to say thank you for doing the clearing up...' She pauses. '…and I know everyone kisses all over the place these days but….'

'Sorry Mum. We didn't mean to embarrass you. We'll keep this for upstairs from now on. We were just going up anyway.'

'Thank you, darling. Not that it isn't nice to see that you two boys…like each other…so much.'

'Yes, sorry Mrs. Cummins. My fault,' says Josh.

'No fault involved. And it's Katherine. Will you be down again, or should I say goodnight to you now?'

'I think goodnight now would be the safe option.'

'Very good. Sleep well both of you.'

'Will do, Mum.'

She leans up and kisses me. And then does the same to Josh.

'I've always kissed my son goodnight, and I'm treating you as my second son. So you get kissed as well. I hope that's alright.'

'It's fine, Mrs…Katherine.'

'See you both in the morning.'

'Night Mum.'

I stick my head round the lounge door on our way upstairs.

'Night, Dad. See you in the morning.'

'Night boys. Sleep well…eventually,' he says the last word half under his breath – but loud enough to make sure we can hear. He has the hint of a smile on his face as he says it.

As we make our way up the stairs, Josh says,

'Did he just say what I thought he said?'

'Yeah…he's just letting us know he doesn't have any problems with us…doing what we do.'

'Amazing. I really like your parents, Nico.'

'I guess they're OK…most of the time. And I'm pleased you like them.'

Once in my room, I rifle through the various game options I have, and we end up playing Hitman 3 for an hour or so before Josh puts a hand on my knee.

'This is fun...but I think there's something else I'd like to play with right now…if that's OK with you.'

He moves his hand further up and gives me a squeeze.

'I was just thinking the same thing.'

We strip and climb into bed. It's not a huge king-size thing, but it's what they call a 'small double', so there's room for two – but not much space left over. Which is just fine.

'Would it be OK if I just…played with you...for a bit?' Josh asks.

'Be my guest.'

He uses his hands gently but firmly, bringing me close before letting me back down again. Then I do the same for him. Once we're both close, he straddles me, takes hold of both of us at the same time, shaft to shaft, and takes us to the climax we are now desperate for. Our seed mixes and merges all over my chest and stomach. He runs a finger through it and holds it to my lips. I suck it into my mouth. I can taste us both, him and me. Then he leans down and licks my chest.

'Spoog cocktail; yummy,' he says. 'Got something I can clean the rest of it up with?'

I hand him a handkerchief and he uses it to wipe the rest of the sticky mess off me.

'I love doing oral with you,' he says, 'but there's something about the feel of you in my hand, the way you kick when you come, that feels so good too.'

'Everything feels good with you, Josh.'

He lies back down beside me.

'Are we going to let your sister have an undisturbed night's sleep, or do you want to do some more…moaning and groaning?'

I giggle.

'Right now, I don't think I've anything left to give – and we could both probably do with a good night's sleep…but if we wake up and the mood takes us….'

He smiles.

'OK...if we do…I'll moan, you groan.'


We kiss and I turn out the light. After five minutes I turn onto my side. A minute or so later I feel Josh spoon into my back and he puts an arm over my chest. I snuggle back into him. His groin is tight up against my bum. I feel him slowly getting hard.

'Sorry,' he whispers.

'Don't be. It's nice,' I say.

And that's how we fall asleep.

I don't wake up until nearly ten o'clock the next morning. I can hear the sounds of my family moving around downstairs. I give Josh a shake.

'Wassup?' he says, opening one eye lazily.

'We need to get up, Josh. My folks are getting ready to go.'

'Mmm…OK…have we got time for a cuddle first?'

He reaches sleepily for my groin.

'Quick cuddle, yes – sex, no.'


'Plenty of time for that once they've gone.'

'OK. Give me a moment to wake up properly.'

'Right. I'll go and use the shower.'


I have a quick shower and then wrap a towel around my waist. When I go back into the bedroom, Josh has fallen asleep again. He's lying there on his back, naked and erect, his hair splayed all over the pillow. He looks so sexy it makes me catch my breath. It's all I can do not to throw myself on top of him.

'Come on sleepyhead,' I say, shaking his shoulder.

'What? Err...oh…sorry…' he says, coming to.

'Come on, into the shower with you.'

I more or less shepherd him into the shower and turn the water on.

'Thanks,' he mumbles.

He clearly needs waking up. I turn the temperature handle all the way to the right. To cold.

'Aargh! FUCK! You bastard….'

Satisfied that he's now awake I go back into the bedroom and get dressed.

'That was very mean, Nico,' he says, as he emerges, towelling his hair.

'It did you good.'

'Hmm…I'll get you back.'

'I'm sure you will. But in the meantime, can I have a kiss?'

'I don't know what you've done to deserve one, but I suppose so.'

He drops the towel and we embrace. His naked flesh against my clothed body makes me feel oddly excited. Curious, I think to myself, but true. And it brings back memories of doing the same thing the other way round in the hotel. As we kiss, I run my hands down his back and give his bum a squeeze.

'You have a very sexy bottom,' I say.

'Too kind,' he murmurs.'

'But right now…'

I give his bottom a quick slap.

'Ouch! What was that for?'

'Time to get dressed.'

Downstairs, Dad is packing up the car. Jules is sitting at the kitchen table finishing a banana.

'Morning sis…we tried to keep the moaning and groaning to a minimum.'

She smiles.

'Yes. I noticed. Thank you.'

'And how did the call to Alex go?'

'Oh. Yes. Of course. It went great, thanks. We agreed that what we agreed isn't working. So we agreed that we'd have a new agreement. We've agreed to meet up. Don't know when exactly, but I can't wait – and neither can he.'

'I'm really happy you've…agreed…sis,' I say with a smile.

'Me too,' says Josh, 'and I know that Alex will be overjoyed.'

'So, what do you two plan to do for the next forty-eight hours – other than catching up on the moaning and groaning you missed out on last night, presumably?'

'Well, Will's coming over later to fill the other thirty minutes…'

She laughs.

'That's good. You'll like him, Josh. And he knows Nico almost as well as I do – so he'll be able to tell you the whole ghastly truth about him.'

I give her the finger.

'I'm looking forward to meeting him, Jules.'

Josh and I have a bowl of cereal while my parents make the final arrangements before leaving. When all is finally ready, my mother says,

'OK, darling, well we'll see you in a couple of days. Remember there's a grocery delivery coming in an hour or so, and try not to burn the place down while we're away.'

'I'll do my best. And give my love to the Grands.'

She gives me a kiss and follows Dad out to the car. Jules hangs behind just long enough to say,

'Have fun you two; I'm so envious of you both. Bet I don't get the place to myself with Alex if he comes to stay…'

'Just have to get a lock on your door, then. And maybe soundproof the room too.'

'Soundproof my room?'

'Well, what with all the moaning and groaning that will be happening…'

It's her turn to give me the finger.

'Have fun, sis. See you Monday.'

'OK…oh, and I'm reckoning less than two minutes,' she says.

'Two minutes?'

' 'til you two are naked in bed together once the front door shuts.'

'I'm reckoning one minute,' says Josh.

'God, you're as bad as he is…'

She's still shaking her head as we accompany her out to the car. We both wave them off before heading back indoors. Josh looks at me.

'Well…have we got time? Before Will arrives?'

'Probably…but maybe not before the groceries do. And I want us to be able to take our time, not have to worry about the clock.'

'Yeah. You're right. Good call.'

As it happens, Waitrose deliver about five minutes early, so it was a good decision. We put the various items away and I tell him a bit about Will.

'Both our families moved to this area at about the same time when we were both eight. We started at the same school on the same day, and, as the only new kids in our year, it was natural for us to hang out together. It took us less than a week to become buddies, and less than a term to become best friends. We're pretty evenly matched academically, and we're both decent, though not exceptional, at most sports. We like the same sort of music and he's a good gamer – better than me - but it's his sense of humour and the fact that we see the world in the same way that's brought us so close. And he's always there for me. Even when I do something stupid. We've done all the usual things best friends do…gone on holiday with each other's families, had sleepovers...all that. Until we were about eleven, if he stayed over we even used to bath together.'

'Ever fooled around with him?'

'No. Not before I came out - and after I came out, that would have been open to all sorts of misinterpretation, even if he'd been interested – which he wasn't.'

'But he's fine with you being gay?'

'Totally. He couldn't care less.'

'And is he doing the same subjects as you for A level?'

'No...he's doing sciences like you. Not that he wants to be a doctor; marine biology is his thing. That's the subject he wants to do at Uni - and then as a career. He learned to dive last year and I did the scuba course with him, actually, you know…to keep him company. It took four days last summer. At a diving club. It means we're now both qualified to dive to twenty metres. He's gone back and done the next level up...'sports diver', I think, which means he can go to thirty-five metres. It was really interesting and a lot of fun.'

'I always knew you had 'unexpected depths'…'

He gives me a cheesy grin.

'That is a truly terrible joke…'

'Sorry. So have you got all the gear?'

'No. we used the Club's stuff on the course, and if I want to dive on holiday or whatever, it'll be easier just to hire it. I expect Will will end up with all his own gear, though.'

'Does he live close?'

'A mile or so away. He'll probably cycle round.'

And sure enough, about ten minutes later, there's a tap on the door. I open it and there he is.

'Hi Will, come on in.'

We give each other our usual quick hug.

'Will, this is Josh. Josh, Will.'

They shake hands.

'Pleased to meet you, Josh. So you're the boy Nick goes all doe-eyed about every time he mentions you.'

'I do not go 'doe-eyed'!'

'He does,' Will says to Josh, 'which is great, actually. He deserves someone to love. And someone to love him. I mean, I love him to bits already, but I mean 'love' love.'

'Doe-eyed, huh, Nico?' Josh says with a smile.

'God, I'm never going to be allowed to forget this, am I? Thanks, Will.'

'Don't mention it. So you two met on holiday?'

'That's right,' says Josh. We pretty much bumped into each other in the swimming-pool changing room, got talking and well…found we liked each other…more than liked each other, in fact.'

'Yes…so I understand...though what drew you to this dubious specimen of humanity I cannot imagine.'

This is Will all over.

'Thanks, Will,' I say

'Don't mention it.'

Josh just nods. 'Well…I mean, clearly one has to overlook his many faults…' he says.

'Don't you start as well…'

'Many, many faults,' says Will.

'Indeed…but underneath it all, it turns out he's really rather a nice, sweet - dare I say sexy - bright, amusing and rather charming boy who I appear to have fallen for head over heels.'

'Fuck, Nick, how much did you pay him to say all that?' says Will, turning to me.

'What can I say? Truth will out.'

Will just rolls his eyes.

'Good to meet you anyway, Josh. And to avoid me putting my foot in it, Nick, is it safe to assume that you two are sleeping together?…actually, thinking about it, there's probably not much sleep involved, so let me rephrase that…do you…share a bed together.'


'Oh, come on Nick…we don't have any secrets. And I think it's wonderful if you do. I'm not being judgmental or anything.'


Josh interrupts.

'Yes, Will, we sleep together. And there is sleep involved. When we're not doing something more interesting with one another.'


He shrugs. 'I'm OK with direct.'

'I like him already, Nick,' says Will.

'And are you having sex, Will?' asks Josh.

Will looks at him, then bursts into laughter. 'Fair enough. And 'no' is the answer. Or not yet, anyway.'

Interesting. He didn't say 'I wish' or 'worst luck' or anything most teenage boys would say. Maybe he really isn't interested in sex. Something to think about.

But whatever his nature may or may not be, the conversation has well and truly broken the ice, and we spend a very enjoyable afternoon together, talking about...well, almost every topic under the sun. Josh particularly wants to know more about scuba diving and marine biology, and Will's passion for the subject comes across as he talks about the threat to reefs, and the importance of everything from algae to sharks - and his desire to try and make a difference. I've rarely seen him more animated.

We chat for maybe a couple of hours. Then Will just stands up.

'It's been lovely to meet you Josh – and always good to see you Nick – but I'm sure you have other ideas on how you'd like to spend your precious few hours together that don't involve me. I'm sure you want to…what was it you said…'do something more interesting together'…so I'll leave you to it. But I look forward to seeing you again, Josh. And I think you two are perfect for each other, so I hope it all works out.'

He gives both of us a hug.

'Oh…I nearly forgot. My mother says would you like to come and have dinner with us on Tuesday, Nick?'

'Sounds good. I'll double-check with the 'rents when they're back, but I'm sure it will be fine. Josh goes home that morning so it will be good to have something to cheer me up.'

'The pain of true love, huh?'

'Something like that.'

'OK, well, take care the both of you.'

We walk him to the front door. He's left his bike propped up against one of the porch pillars. He puts his helmet on and then straddles the bright green frame of the bike. He holds up one hand in a sort half wave, half salute.

'Bye for now.'

And he cycles off. As we walk back indoors, Josh says,

'What a lovely, lovely guy, Nick.'

'I think so.'

'And what a great friend to have.'

'I know. I'm very blessed. With him as my best friend and you as my boyfriend, who could ask for more?'


He puts his arms round my waist.

'And now how would my boyfriend feel about taking me to bed?'

'I think your boyfriend might feel very good indeed about that.'

'Thank God for that…I've been hungry for you ever since you woke me up this morning and said we didn't have time for sex.'

'Come on then.'

We spend the next couple of hours in bed. They are, perhaps, the best, and most intimate, hours that we've spent together yet. Yes, we bring each other to a couple of thoroughly enjoyable climaxes along the way, but it is more a time for exploring each other's bodies in detail. To find those things that bring a hiss of pleasure to our lips. The things that make us squirm with pleasure. We discover the electric thrill that comes from the other person running their fingers along the ridge of skin that runs from behind your balls to your pucker. And when Josh runs a finger over my entrance itself, I twitch with pleasure.

'You can try pushing your finger inside me if you want.'

'You sure?'

'Just be gentle.'

He tries, and maybe gets the first knuckle inside me. It's not unpleasant, but it's not comfortable either. I ask him to stop.

'We need lube, Josh. And we probably need to be…properly clean…too.'

'You're right.'

We go back to stroking and touching and kissing. We use our tongues as well as our fingers. Different parts of him taste different. From his armpits to his groin. From his tummy-button to the soles of his feet. From the hard nub of his nipples to the softness of his earlobes. From the crinkly sensation of the hairs on his legs to the soft silkiness of his inner thighs. It is a journey of infinite variety and infinite reward. We end up with me laying my head on his chest as he gently runs his fingers through my hair.

'It seems impossible that only a few weeks ago we hadn't even heard of each other, Nico.'

'I know. It's amazing. Extraordinary.'

'Can two people really fall in love so quickly?'

'I hope so. Otherwise it's just…lust. And I do feel lust for you, Josh. Doing what we're doing now excites me more than I can say. But I feel more than that. Much more.'

'Me too, Nico. It was never more than a…sexual release…with the other boys I've been with. So I know this is different.'

'I just love being with you.'

'Me too. It's great isn't it?'

We kiss – and then my stomach lets out an almighty rumble. I realise that we haven't had anything to eat since our bowl of cereal this morning.

'Are you as hungry as I am?'

'Actually, yes.'

'We can either go get some fish and chips, or order something in…or see what's in the fridge and I can cook something.'

'How far's the chippie?'

'Maybe…half a mile.'

'I think a walk might do us good…we can always come back to bed later.'

'Sounds like a plan.'

We get dressed and head out of the front door. It's approaching seven o'clock, but the day is still warm and we enjoy the evening sun as we make our way out of the drive and along the road. There's a bit of a queue at the Chippie – which is always a good sign. It takes about ten minutes for us to get to the front of the queue.

'Cod and chips twice, please.'

'Salt and vinegar?'

I look at Josh. He nods.

'Yes, both on one, just salt on the other.'

I've never been much of a fan of vinegar.

A fresh batch has just been taken out of the fryer, and two golden, crispy pieces of fish are laid out on separate pieces of greaseproof paper. A shovel of chips is added to each. A generous shake of salt is added to both and a dousing of vinegar to one of them. Then they're wrapped up and put in cardboard boxes along with a small wooden fork.

'There you go. That's twelve pounds, please.'

I hand over the cash and we start to walk home. The smell of the fish and chips is irresistible.

'I don't think I can wait to get home. Let's eat them on the way.'

'I was just going to say the same thing.'

We open the boxes and unwrap the paper. I use the fork to break the fish up a bit, then use my fingers. Josh does the same. The fish is still very hot, and it almost burns my fingers and my mouth as I pop translucent pieces of it, along with shards of crunchy batter, into my mouth.

'oh…'y 'od…is 'ot...' I say, trying to talk whilst keeping my mouth open to breathe in some cooling air.

'es…'ut 'licious' replies Josh, fanning his mouth with his hand.

By the time we get home, there are no more than a couple of chips left in either of our boxes. We put the rubbish straight into the bin, then go inside and wash our greasy fingers under the tap.

'That was wonderful,' says Josh.

'Certainly was. I think there's some ice cream in the fridge if you fancy it.'

'Love ice cream – as you know.'

'It's not in the same class as Aldo's Gelateria,' I say, taking out a tub of chocolate ice-cream from the freezer,' ...but it's not bad.'

Ten minutes later, the tub is empty.

'That was yummy too. I feel restored,' says Josh.

'Good. Because we need to keep up our energy.'

'You bet,' he says with a smile.

We go and watch some TV for a bit, and then the phone rings. It's Mum, wanting to make sure we're alright.

'Just wanted to make sure everything's alright at home.'

'Everything's fine.'

'And did you put the stuff from Waitrose away?' she asks.

'Yes, Mum.'

'And have you had something to eat?'

'Just had fish and chips.'

'And Josh is OK?'

'Josh is OK…there's really no need to worry, Mum.'

'And you've got everything you need?'

'Yes, Mum. Stop worrying.'

'Sorry, darling, it's just…'

'Look. I'm fine. Josh is fine. The house is fine. Everything's fine. Now, how are the Grands?'

'Oh, they're fine; they send you their love.'

'Send ours to them.'

'I will. And I'll call again tomorrow just to… know…'

'OK,' I say with a sigh.

'I know you're seventeen, darling, and I do trust you…'

'So trust me. Love you, Mum.'

'Yes. Right. And I do. And I love you too...and give my love to Josh as well.'

'I'll pass it on.'

'OK, darling…bye for now.'

'Bye Mum.'

I put the receiver down with a shake of my head.

'Your Mum worrying about us, then?'

'Yeah…and she sends her love.'

Josh comes and puts an arm round my shoulder. 'I know it sort of irritated you, but it's nice she cares.'

'I suppose.'

'Cup of coffee?'

'Yeah…why not.'

We make the coffee and bring it back into the lounge. Josh kicks his shoes off and comes and sits beside me on the sofa, legs tucked up under him, one knee resting against my thigh.

'So…plans for tomorrow?'

'I thought maybe we should go into town to the chemist. Maybe get some…lube. I liked it when you touched me…there…earlier. I don't mean we should have full sex or anything, but I wouldn't mind, you know…doing the finger thing again…if you want to, that is.'

'I'd like that. And for you to do it to me too. If you want.'

'We won't know if we enjoy it until we try, will we?'




'Have you ever thought about…you know…when we go…all the way… whether you'll, you know, just want to do it one way…you know, give or receive…or whether you'll want to do both?'

'I suppose I've always assumed I'll want to do both. Or at least try both. Like you say, I won't know if I enjoy it until I try. How about you?'

'Oh, both I think. I mean, at least to try.'

'What made you ask?'

'I suppose it was talking about buying lube…it reminded me of a conversation I had with Piers.'

'The boy on holiday?'

'Why did lube make you think of him?'

'Oh, it was a conversation about masturbation…when I saw he was circumcised. I asked him if he thought it made any difference. He said 'no' except that he sometimes liked to use lube when he wanked.'

'Ah, OK.'

'And then he went on to say that he was basically a bottom boy…you know, he preferred to receive rather than give. And that Jarrod was very much a top. So they fitted together well…if you'll forgive the pun.'

Josh smiles.

'But it made me think…I mean…what happens if we both turn out to be tops? Or bottoms?'

'Maybe we should cross that bridge when we come to it. If we come to it. I expect we'll work it out. I think if you love someone, love will usually find a way. '

'How come you always know the right thing to say? '

'Because I'm incredibly wise….' he says with a grin.

'Incredibly wise?' I say, lifting an eyebrow, 'Right.'

'And incredibly horny all of a sudden.'

'Now there's a surprise…'

'Your fault with all this talk of topping and bottoming.'

'So nothing to do with you being a horny little sod?'

'That's rich coming from you.'

And then we're laughing – and then we're pulling each other's clothes off. And then we're top to toe on the carpet.

Well, with all these rooms in the house, it seems a waste to use only the bedroom for sex.

It also means that when we go to bed, apart from a quick cuddle, we fall asleep almost at once.

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