Prairie Dogs, Pronghorns & Penis Sheaths

by Biff Spork

Chapter 16

Surprise Visitors

The Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) is a species of artiodactyl (even-toed, hoofed) mammal indigenous to interior western and central North America. Though not an antelope, it is often known colloquially in North America as the American antelope because it closely resembles the true antelopes of the Old World and fills a similar ecological niche due to parallel evolution. It is the only surviving member of the family Antilocapridae. Pronghorns have distinct white fur on their rumps, sides, breasts, bellies, and across their throats. Adult males are 4 ft 3 in – 4 ft 11 in long from nose to tail, stand 32–41 in high at the shoulder, and weigh 88–143 lb. The females are the same height as males, but weigh less. The pronghorn is the fastest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere, being built for maximum predator evasion through running. They can run at 55 mph for a half-mile and greater distances at slightly slower speeds. The pronghorn has been observed to have at least 13 distinct gaits, including one reaching nearly 8 yards per stride.

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After breakfast we considered going to bed, but since neither of us was tired we decided to return to Dogtown for an hour or two. Because we expected a visit from Jason and Anna in the afternoon, we planned to have a nap before lunch so we wouldn't be falling asleep when they came.

I had gradually been getting more upright in my approach to the neighborhood of Big Mama's burrow. That morning for the first time I got up and sat in the lotus position. Big Mama and the pups had accepted me so completely that this didn't disturb them. The pups came and climbed over my legs into my lap and Sleepy, the pup who always fell asleep first, had a little snooze on the upturned sole of my foot. I started to feel sleepy myself after an hour and signaled to Marcus that I was ready to return to the campsite.

A gnawing in my belly woke me around noon and I got up and put some soup on the fire. Marcus emerged from the tent a few minutes later with our kotekas , in preparation for Jason and Anna's visit later in the afternoon. I went over to where Marcus stood and asked, "Can I make you hard and put your koteka on?"

"Mmmhmm," he hummed. "You always make me hard. But just one squeeze. No more or I'll make a mess."

"Okay, one squeeze, but I can feel your balls too. I love how this heat makes them hang down in their bag."

After I had my squeeze I gently inserted Marcus' boner into his koteka . I cupped his loose-hanging balls in the palm of my hand, knelt and kissed them, such delicate, tender things. Then I carefully tied the koteka string under them. He squeezed me and slipped my koteka over my bone. Every time that koteka enclosed my penis it felt nicer. It was a perfect fit and always felt smooth and welcoming.

"You know," said Marcus thoughtfully. "It's very nice when someone just holds your boner for a few seconds. Much more friendly than shaking hands. Imagine that, when you met another boy, if you just reached over and squeezed his boner, briefly, and he squeezed yours."

"Yeah," I said. "But clothes are the problem. You don't want to be groping around trying to find the dick. First we gotta consider getting everybody to go naked, then we can introduce the 'dick-shake' as a friendlier custom than the 'hand-shake'."

"And if the other boy didn't have a boner, then you could just squeeze and fondle him a bit until he was nice and hard."

"It would definitely put relationships on a more amiable footing immediately," I said, "and it would not take more than about a thousand years to get people to accept it."

Marcus laughed. "Yeah, we are definitely getting out of touch with what's normal. Probably like five thousand years."

"True, but I love our perverse little reality. It's easy to think that everybody would like to live like this. But if that were true, then why is everything so screwed up?"

"Hmmm," said Marcus. "I dunno. When you figure it out, let me know."

We had just finished washing our dishes after lunch when we heard the arrival of Jason and Anna's ATV. We walked through the woods to meet them and help carry the supplies they brought. Two ATVs had parked. My parents were there. Jason and my dad were getting out of one ATV and Anna and my mom were exiting the other.

I wasn't prepared to meet my mom and dad wearing nothing but a koteka , but there was nothing to be done but brazen it out, so I ran up to my mom and hugged her. Then I said, "Hi, Dad."

My mom hugged me back and my dad laughed and said, "Hi, Bumper. Well, Jason and Anna warned us about those gourd things but they look better than I expected."

"You boys are so brown, and you look so good," said my mom holding me by the shoulders and looking at me. She hugged me again and said, "I missed you, Bumper, a lot."

And then it was just okay. The kotekas saved the day. I didn't feel nude and everybody seemed to accept them as clothing. We unloaded the ATVs and walked through the woods to our camp. My dad wanted to know about our prairie dog research project, so after we had given them a tour of the campsite, Marcus suggested a stroll to our observation hill. We split up at the bottom of the hill. Marcus took our visitors toward his observation post on the summit, and I dropped down and crawled around the base of the hill towards Big Mama's burrow. Once there, I sat up in the lotus position. It was early in the afternoon for the dogs to be out, but after I had sat there for ten minutes, Big Mama emerged from her burrow with the pups tumbling after her. They all came over for kisses, then Big Mama went off to forage and nibble in the grass, while the pups played in the shade I cast. I was beginning to suspect I was being used as a babysitter. As he had done before, Sleepy crawled into my lap and stretched out on the upturned sole of my foot. I sat there perfectly still and let him sleep for five minutes. Then I felt a light touch on my shoulder from behind. Surprised, I jerked in shock and looked around. It was an antelope, a pronghorn antelope.

When I suddenly turned to look at the little antelope he leaped away and we stared at each other in wonder. Then he came close again and touched me with his nose. I slowly reached up and scratched his neck. I looked around then and saw another half- dozen pronghorns, mostly bigger than the little antelope that had approached me. The young one sniffed and licked my cheek a couple of times, then moved past me, neatly cropping the grass as he went. They grazed a bit around the bottom of the hill, but at a sharp cough from one of the bigger ones, they all bounded away and were soon lost in the distance.

I met our visitors and Marcus at the bottom of the hill.

My mother grabbed me and hugged me. "Oh, Bumper," she cried. "That was the most beautiful thing I ever saw." My father patted me on the shoulder. Everybody seemed happy and surprised, and embarrassed that they were, as if they had not expected to see anything interesting, and instead saw something so awesome that they were ashamed to have expected less.

While we walked back to the ATVs, the grownups told us that they had been discussing things, and they thought that even though our period of compulsory isolation was over, if we wanted to stay out camping longer, it was fine with them. Because of the pandemic, they thought it was safer for us to be out on the prairie than hanging out in the mall, riding around town on our bikes or sitting in our rooms playing video games.

After we waved them goodbye, Marcus and I looked at each other, then turned and ran through the woods until we reached our tent. We crawled inside, removed our kotekas and clutched each other tightly.

"I love all those people," I said. "But after I see them I have to get real close to you immediately. I have to get on you, like this. It's like some kind of spring gets wound up in me when I am with them, and it doesn't relax until I am back in your arms."

"Me too." said Marcus. "I don't understand it. It's a bit like there are two kinds of people in the world: You and everybody else. When I'm with 'everybody else' life is okay but just sorta so-so. But when I'm with 'you', like glued to you like now, life is a whole different experience, way better than 'okay'."

"Marcus," I said, "you're my home; in your arms is the place where I don't worry about anything, where I can just be myself, where I don't need to wearing this or that or pretending to be something I'm not. When I'm with you, I'm not afraid of anything."

"Mmmhmm," murmured Marcus.

We spent the next hour wordlessly sampling each other's smells and feels and discovering new kissable areas. That seemed to be one of the benefits of not having sex—we could lie together and kiss and snuggle for hours, without getting tired of it. If I got up to pee, coming back into Marcus' arms after a five minute absence was as wonderful as if I'd been away for years.

Later when we were relaxing beside the fire after supper, Marcus said, "Seeing you with that pronghorn was incredible. I've seen them before but I've never been able to get close like that."

"I bet it was because I was with the prairie dogs. Sleepy was actually having a nap on my foot when that little pronghorn came up to me. Because the prairie dogs weren't afraid of me, the pronghorns weren't either. I think different kinds of animals communicate with each other. Also, I was low down, sitting, not standing up. Those pronghorns are not very big, but sitting down, I wasn't any bigger than them."

"Everyone was amazed when the pronghorns suddenly appeared from around the base of the hill," said Marcus. "I told them all to stay quiet and still, but someone must have moved after a while, because I saw one of the pronghorns suddenly look up at us and then in a flash, they were gone."

"I think what we're doing here is good for my parents and maybe for Jason and Anna too," I said.


"Now they see that we can get along okay without them, out here, and do interesting stuff, they may be a little more okay with not having us around all the time. They're starting to realize we're not little kids anymore."

"They're getting a little time for themselves too, and that's probably good for them," said Marcus.

"Yeah," I laughed. "It's been hard bringing up my parents but I'm quite pleased with the results. I do believe they are turning out alright and will soon be able to cope without my guidance."

"Let's have a swim before bed," suggested Marcus. "It's so hot, I'm all sticky again. I'm really glad we're not bothering with clothes out here, when it's like this, but if I could, I'd take off my skin right now."

"God! What a thought! And if I took mine off too, and we pressed close together maybe we would start to grow together, to fuse into one thing, one giant muscle."

"Now look what you're done!" said Marcus pointing to his erection.

"Yeah, but it's even too hot for a boner. Let's hit the river."

The coolness of our swim only lasted for a short while after we went to bed. We didn't need the sleeping bag over us and just sprawled on top of it. It was even too muggy for us to cuddle like we usually did, and we fell asleep after dark, holding hands and touching toes.

It cooled slightly during the night. It was so black when I came awake that I could not see my hand in front of my face. Marcus and I often awoke at the same time, so I leaned over until I felt his ear with my lips. I whispered, "Marcus?"


"Can I hold your penis in my mouth?" I said.

"That sounds dangerously like sex, Bumper."

"Oh! You think so? Seems to me it's just a friendly thing to do, you know, like holding hands, or if I was to put my arm around your shoulder," I said. "I mean, what's the difference between putting my arm around your shoulder and putting my mouth around your dick?"

"Oh, Bumpsy, that's quite a persuasive argument, but…."

"It's just the kind of thing a pal might do, you know, a buddy just sharing his dong with his best friend. It's a cozy thing."

"Buddies, pals, friendly. Hm. Cozy. Yes, you make it sound quite platonic."

"Absolutely," I said, "Nothing sexual about it at all. I promise not to move, no licking or sucking. I just ache to hold you like that, just to have you in my mouth."

"Promise me, now. No licking or sucking, no tongue swirls, no pushing the foreskin down."

"I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die."

"Okay. Flip around so I can hold yours too. And remember we have to lie perfectly still, no thrusting or convulsive jerking."

"Okay," I said as I got into position on my left side and nosed forward in the darkness, until I felt his boner. "But I warn you that I might explode in your mouth. I feel like there's about a gallon of jizz under high pressure down there." I bent my left leg up and pushed my thigh forward to pillow his head.

"If it happens, it happens," said Marcus as he mirrored my position "I'd love to have a little snack of your bodily fluids, if it happens."

"Yeah, me too."

A second later I had his beautiful penis in my mouth and his beautiful mouth around my penis. We floated then in the dense blackness for a time, both of us focused on the hot hard flesh we held in our mouths. As we lay there, everything else fell away and it was like we were suspended in empty space. A delicious itch of sweetness began to swell deep inside my loins. I watched it buzz and glow and felt a syrupy flow seeping into my veins and muscles. Marcus' penis began to emit high frequency vibrations like a tuning fork and he trembled. We clenched each other more tightly as the tremors increased. Our penises swelled larger and stiffened. Marcus' nectar splashed into my mouth while my joy overflowed into him.

When we had cleaned up the last drops and shared our tastes with kisses, Marcus said, "You knew that was going to happen, didn't you?"

"Yeah," I admitted. "It's been about a week since we had a squirt and, you know, we are thirteen. Hormones and all that. I woke up and all I could think about was how beautiful your dick is and how much I wanted it inside me. I could feel a cum lurking in my balls, but I didn't want it unless I could have it with you."

"Me too," said Marcus. "I knew I was just going to grab you and spurt all over you very soon unless we did something. I thought our solution was very restrained and satisfactory. And dear Bumper," Marcus paused, then exclaimed, "Oh God I loved it, I loved you squirting in my mouth. It was the nicest thing ever."

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