One Summer Morning

by Biff Spork

Chapter 8

My father arrived a few minutes after Mani and I walked into the parking lot. We piled in to the car and I introduced Mani and my father.

"Hi Mr. Klein," said Mani. "Thanks for picking us up and letting me have a sleepover with Kevin."

"You're welcome, Mani," said my father. "What did you guys do today?"

We told him about frisbee and swimming and then about our afternoon trek up to Hiram's Falls. I let Mani answer most of my father's questions so they could get to know each other. By the time we finished talking about Hiram's Falls we were turning into the driveway that curved around up to our house.

"Wow!" exclaimed Mani. "What a fantastic house! You guys live here?"

My father laughed. I could tell he was pleased by Mani's reaction. I had never thought much about this new house. It was really big and had a lot glass in the front so you could see the ocean from the living room and most of the other rooms in the house. I knew my father had designed it and I always enjoyed my big bedroom with its own bathroom in a wing of the house apart from my parents' bedroom. Seeing it through Mani's eyes made me realize it was a unique and interesting house.

"Dad designed it," I said.

"Designed what?" said Mani.

"He designed this house and had it built for us," I said.

"Wow!" said Mani.

We went into the house and took our shoes and socks off in the foyer. I knew Mani would be more comfortable with bare feet. In the kitchen Mani met my mother. I could tell she liked him right away and he liked her right back. I practically had to drag him away so we could dump our stuff in my room.

"Fifteen minutes til supper if you guys want to wash up," she called as we ran up the stairs and down the hall to my part of the house.

In my room Mani looked around and sat down on my bed. "Wow, Kevin," he said. "You never told me you were rich."

"Oh," I said, surprised. "We're not rich, just normal I think."

"Kevin, I know 'poor' and I know 'normal' and this ain't 'poor' or 'normal'. You're a lucky kid and you got good parents. I just met them and I like them already."

"Yeah, I really am lucky because I got a good friend, too," I said as I sat down beside him and put my arm around him. "I really am lucky."

"Me too," said Mani then jumped up and walked over to where my mounted rock specimens hung. "Wow!" he said. "Did you do this? It's fantastic!"

I went up behind him, laughing. This was too much! "Mani," I said as I put my arms around him. "Nothing I've ever done is as fantastic as meeting you." He turned around inside my embrace and we had a good hug and kiss.

I noticed there was a cot set up against one wall of my bedroom even though I had a double bed. My mother must have put it there after she talked to Jack on the chance we might not want to sleep in the same bed though we would probably want to sleep in the same room. I suspected she had put fresh bedding in the guest room in my wing as well, just in case.

"C'mon," I said, "let's wash up and then go down and dazzle the folks while we eat supper."

He continued to gape wide-eyed as we went into my bathroom with its walk-in rain-shower and view out over the ocean to the mountains on the other side of the inlet. We washed our hands and went downstairs to the dining area. But tonight my mother had set the table out on the deck that extended off one side of the balcony in the front of the house. Out there we seemed to be floating above the tree tops. And what a feast she had prepared! The table was covered with a half dozen different dishes steaming with delicious smells.

"Kevin tells me you're vegan, Mani," said my mother.

"Yes, ma'am," said Mani.

"Well, so are we so you can eat anything you see here, or anything in the house for that matter. There's nothing here but vegan food." Then she gave him a guided tour of the table telling him what each dish was and asking him if he was allergic to this or that and if he liked this or that and did he want to use chopsticks or did he prefer a fork. Mani just went from blush to blush and with every blush I could tell my parents just liked him more. I loved him naked on the beach but I was proud of him here and proud of the way my parents were treating him. It made me happy that all the people I cared for were liking each other. Suddenly my wildest dream seemed to be within reach.

"I love this house," said Mani looking around when we finished eating. "And how did you design this? I mean this place out here where we're sitting. It's like we're sitting on a cloud."

"It's built on cantilevers that project out from the side of the house," said my father. "Come over here," he said as he stood up and went to the side of the deck. "If you look down underneath here you can see one of them. Mani followed him to the guard rail on the deck and my father lifted him up and held him while he bent over and looked down where my father pointed.

"It must be neat to know about cantilevers and stuff like that," said Mani as my father set him on his feet again. "Like how to imagine something, like a house, and then make it real."

I helped my mother clear the table. Mani and my father were bonding like that instant glue. We finished with chocolate mousse, my favorite dessert. Mani continued to ply my father with questions about design and after dessert he went with my father into his home office and studio where his drafting board and other design tools were. I decided to help my mother in the kitchen putting stuff away and cleaning up.

"Mani seems like a really nice boy," said my mother.

"Yeah," I said. "He really is. We've been having so much fun since I met him. He's the best friend I ever had. Do you think I can go down and stay with him for a while? Like a couple of weeks?"

"Oh, your father and I haven't decided what to do about that yet. It's probably okay but not right away. Not tomorrow. We still have to sort out a few loose ends. Try to be patient, okay?"



"Thanks for being so friendly to Mani and for making such a fabulous supper for us. I don't think he's had much of that in his life, people treating him special, but I know you did it as much for me as for him."

I gave her a hug then went to find Mani and my father. They were just coming out of the studio.

"What are you guys going to do now?" asked my father.

"Maybe just watch a movie and then hit the sack," I said. "We did a lot of stuff today."

"How about tomorrow? You want a ride in the morning?"

"Yeah, that'd be great Dad. Maybe about seven thirty? Or eight?"

"Okay, eight o'clock we leave here so you guys need to be up by seven. Okay?"

"That's great, Dad." Mani and I paused on the stairs and said goodnight then went to my room. I found the remote that slid the tv out where we could see it from the bed and opened the cabinet underneath that had all my dvds in it.

"You wanna see a film?" I asked. "or maybe we should have shower now and then if we fall asleep watching the film it's okay."

"Yeah," said Mani. "Let's have a shower."

My walk-in shower was big enough for both of us but after a little soaping we ended up occupying the minimum space by holding each other in a long slippery hug. We didn't really need a shower since we had bathed so well at Hiram's Falls and the swelling erections we were both sporting suggested bed.

"You know what's probably better than watching a movie," I said when we went back into my bedroom. "Watching the sunset." I found the remote that controlled things in my room and hit the 'drapes' and 'balcony' buttons. The floor to ceiling drapes that covered one wall pulled back to reveal the glass expanse that passed for the bedroom wall and the wide balcony doors slid open. Outside we had an unobstructed view of forest stretching down to the ocean with the sun low on the horizon.

"C'mere," I said to Mani as I leaned over my double bed. He came and stood beside me and I said, "Push!"

The bed was on castors and slid quietly out onto the deck. We snugged it up against the wall, I put the brakes on and threw some pillows down so we could sit up. The deck was similar to where we had eaten supper but it was one floor higher and projected from a different side of the house. With its transparent railings it was also like being on a cloud.

"Wow!" exclaimed Mani. We can sleep out here?"

"If we want," I said. It's warm enough so we won't get cold. And it's high enough so nobody can see us, unless they had a drone."

I went back into the bathroom and came out with a couple of big bath towels. I jumped onto the bed, pulled the sheet back, spread the towels out and patted a place beside me like Mani always did when we laid on his bed on the beach. "Pull up a seat, podner," I said.

Mani got on the bed and snuggled up beside me. I pulled the sheet over us and we gazed towards the setting sun.

"Kevin?" said Mani. "This is special. I know we've already squirted come all over each other a couple of times but those times just happened. We didn't really do it. At the tidal pools and in my bed, I think those were just Mother Nature making love to herself through us. They were wonderful but I know we are going to do something else tonight. That's what the bath towels are for, isn't it?"

"Well," I said. "I was hoping things might get messy...."

"Yeah, me too. But when I said this is special I meant tonight we are going to do it and it's different from anything we've ever done before. It's not Mother Nature having her way with us. It's not gonna be an accident. It's us, you and me, deciding to have sex with each other because we really want to."

He slid down in the bed a little and turned on his side to look at me. "I know you want to have sex with me and I want to have sex with you. So I have a question."

"Ask," I said as I slid down beside him.

"When you think about me, about having sex with me, what is it that you want to do the most?"

"I want to do everything with you," I said.

"But the most?"

I thought for a minute then I knew. I had always known but hadn't wanted to admit it even to myself. "I want to suck your penis. I want to give you so much pleasure that you just come and come and come in my mouth so I can taste you and drink you down. And I want to do it again and again and again."

"Yeah," he said. "Me too. I have one other request. Please, if you can, go and lock your bedroom door so we don't get interrupted." He snickered, "I don't want to get my underwear caught on a thorny branch!"

I grabbed the remote from under my pillow and hit the 'lock' button.

Then Mani flipped around so his face was at my groin and his penis was straining right in front of my lips. "The most beautiful penis in the world," he said as he took my penis into his mouth.

I took his penis into my mouth and it was more wonderful than my most vivid dream. My mouth seemed made for his penis and my lips and tongue knew what to do intuitively. What he was doing to my penis and what I was doing to his seemed to merge into a single event, a single dance where a stroke with my tongue on his swelling glans would yield an intense sensation on the end of mine. I used my lips to push his foreskin down the shaft to reveal the bulbous tip and I caressed it with my tongue, gently, around and around and then pulled his penis deeper into my mouth, until that pulsing tip was in my throat. I squeezed it by swallowing repeatedly and then pulled back and rotated my tongue on the tip. His natural lubricating fluid was sweet and I swizzled it over my tongue like nectar. I did everything slowly. I wanted this to last as long as possible. I sucked and slurped and experimented to discover how best I could make my tongue and mouth serve his pleasure. I leaned even further forward and was able to suck his tender balls into my mouth. They lay against the inside of my cheek like the most delicate of tiny bird's eggs. I caressed them with my tongue and then went back to the head of his penis and stroked the sensitive underside.

Though I wanted to make this last I could tell my own come was approaching. His penis too was growing ever stiffer and harder and beginning to emit high frequency vibrations. And then it began. I felt his penis swell and harden and then the channel began to pulse and he shot into my mouth. I was so delighted I hardly noticed that my own penis was squirting simultaneously. He shot again and again a half-dozen times at least and I rolled his semen around in my mouth to taste it completely. I had to swallow then in order to gently milk the last few drops.

Mani pulled away, flipped around and cuddled under my arm with his arm across my chest. We pulled the sheet up and gazed at the horizon. The sun was deep orange and sinking rapidly. We watched it go down with our arms around each other.

"You know," Mani said after a while. "I used to hear people talk about happiness and I thought I knew what they meant." He paused and kissed the end of my nose. "I didn't understand. But now I know what happiness is. It's this. It's you in my arms and me in yours."

"Me too," I said. "I never felt so good in my life."

As darkness fell we drifted into a contented slumber.

A few hours later I awoke to a kiss and returned it. The stars were bright overhead and we kissed and cuddled and returned to our 69 positions without any discussion. We suckled peacefully and rose to our orgasms slowly and when we came it was almost unbearable it was so sweet. It lingered as we drifted back into sleep.

When next we awoke dawn light was just beginning to color the sky. We kissed and kissed and then I felt Mani's hand on my erection and I reached down and gripped his. I loved having his penis in my mouth. Having it in my hand was a different experience but no less pleasurable. We slowly stroked each other while kissing and as the sensations peaked I flipped around and said, "I've not had enough of you yet," and sucked him into my mouth. I felt my own penis enveloped in his mouth and a few seconds later we both erupted. We lay quietly then as the day slowly brightened. A half hour later the alarm sounded.

I rolled over to turn the alarm off and then back to look at Mani. He was lying there on his back staring up into the sky. Tears formed at the corners of his eyes and then rolled down to enlarge the dark patches already on the pillow.

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