One Summer Morning

by Biff Spork

Chapter 5

Mani pursued me and caught up just as we reached the rocks. We faced each other like sumo wrestlers. He lunged forward and we tussled and twisted until we were on the sand, rolling over and over. I ended up on top and held him down by the shoulders. I said, "Aha, now I've got you. It's time for the Mondial Grapple," and I bent down and pressed my lips to his. I felt his sandy arms come around me and we stayed locked in that embrace for a long time. His lips were so sweet and I marvelled at how they could be so firm and so soft at the same time. Then I moved my mouth to his ear and said, "Do you give up? Surrender?"

"Yeah," he said, "I give up. You can do whatever you want to me. But, your bum crack is full of sand and is slowly grinding my boner off. There's a nice warm shallow tidal pool where we can lose the sand and relax. Let's go."

I jumped up and said, "Sorry for grinding you. I hope you still have a bit of boner left?"

"I hope so too or I'll have to use yours from now on!" he retorted as he trotted over the black rock. It looked like it had been poured onto the beach, lava I guessed, from an ancient volcano. It was pitted with circular depressions full of water. Each contained a variety of sea life. Further up the shoreline the rock pools were larger but shallower with sandy bottoms. We lowered ourselves into one as large as a backyard swimming pool. The knee-deep water had been heating in the sun all morning and was warm. We paddled over to the far side and idly brushed the sand off our bodies.

Nobody was visible in any direction except Jack and he was just a dot of color far along the curve of the bay. I slid over beside Mani, put my head on his shoulder and wrapped my arm around his chest. In the warm water our erections were not inhibited and waved gently as they flexed. Mani put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me up for a kiss. Then I floated half on top of him, my eager penis rubbing against his hip. His erection occasionally brushed against my hip. We kissed for a long time.

I reached down and wrapped my fingers around his boner. I never felt anyone's boner before. It looked the same as mine but holding his was an utterly new experience. I didn't do anything with it. I just held it like a precious thing. It was Mani in my hand. I felt his hand grip my erection. He too just clasped it, squeezing it a little from time to time. We kissed again, a tender kiss for a moment that stretched beyond time. Then I felt a slowly mounting, then an insistent, bursting pleasure in my penis, impossible to resist, and it erupted at the same instant that I felt hot semen hitting my wrist from Mani's penis. We held each other tightly and both penises sprayed and squirted again and again. The pleasure lingered as we lay quietly. Mani's penis remained hard and erect in my hand and jerked and throbbed occasionally as it softened. Mine was doing the same.

"Wow!" breathed Mani. "That was something else. It was like a wet dream. But it wasn't a dream. It was you and me, here and now. You're something else, Kevin. You know, yesterday after you left, I was thinking about you as I walked back along the beach. By the time I got to my campsite I had a really huge hard-on so I went into the woods to my pee tree to jerk off. I only gave it a stroke or two and I was spraying come all over the place. I was coming in my legs and my knees went all weak. I kinda collapsed and ended up kneeling on the ground."

"Yeah," I said. "Me too. On the trail yesterday I had to go behind a big tree and jerk off. It only took two strokes and I was wrecked. I ended up on my knees too."

"But that's not all," said Mani. "After I got up and walked back to the campsite I built a fire and put some beans on to cook and then I had to go back to the pee tree and fertilize it again. It only took about half a minute and I came all over the place like a dam bursting."

I laughed. "God! Me too. After the first one I walked up the trail about fifteen minutes then I had to go find another tree. When I came again it was huge and I could hardly stand. Guess what happened next?"


"I heard a sound and looked up and this guy and his girl-friend were standing there staring at me. My boner was still poking out and oozing and dripping jizz and the girl asked me if I was okay."

Between gasps of laughter Mani asked, "What did you tell her?" By this time he had pulled himself out onto the rock and was lying on his back holding his belly.

I knelt over him, poked him in the ribs and said, "I told her my underwear had got caught. On a branch. With some thorns on it."

Mani crowed with laughter and rolled away from my jabs and pokes. Between gasps he said, "You're standing there with your shorts and undies around your ankles and your dick sticking out and dripping with come...gasp...and you tell her that it's because your underwear got....gasp...caught...gasp...on a branch?"

"Well, I thought about making up a bear attack...gasp...but the...gasp...branch thing...seemed more...gasp...realistic."

"Realistic!" shouted Mani and he curled into fetal position while peals of laughter poured out of him. "A bear," he choked. "Why not an elephant or a rhinoceros?"

"I should have said a velociraptor!" I said and poked him in ticklish spots whose location I was discovering and memorizing.

When we recovered Mani said, "Oh, I'm dying." He took a deep breath then continued, "And that second one I had wasn't the last either. After I ate my beans I was sitting thinking about you and I just had to go and do it again and that time it was just as total. I didn't think I could come so hard so many times in a row. You're too sexy, Kevin."

"You too," I said. "I took a shower before bed and had to do it again."

"And, then, just now, that was really incredible," said Mani reflectively. "I mean we didn't even stroke our dicks and we came and came and came. It was beautiful but almost a little scary. I didn't know you could come like that – I mean, just from kissing someone."

"Maybe we should do more sex things," I suggested.

Mani looked at me for a minute then said, "For now, let's have a look at these tidal pools. They're really neat." He led the way over to a pool and we knelt down at the edge and peered in. When we first looked into its depths it was like nothing was happening but the longer we looked the more different animals we saw moving around and chasing each other. There were small fish, crabs and snails and attached to the rock at the edges there were little flower-like things. Mani said they were called anemones and they were animals, not plants. While we watched, a big orange one opened up and waved its tentacles.

I looked at the anemone and said, "I wonder what it would be like to stick your boner in that thing. It looks really sort of soft and neat, all those little tentacle fluttering around."

"You're disgusting," said Mani. "I'm going to have to keep a close watch over you and make sure your balls are drained at all times."

"I said I wondered what it would be like to stick YOUR boner in it, not mine," I said.

"You think you can just stick my boner anywhere you like?" said Mani.

"And you think you can just drain my balls any time you want?"

"Yeah, I've got a top-secret ball-draining tool, high-tech, just suck those little balls of yours inside out in no time flat," said Mani and we continued to razz each other like that, peer at the pond life and point out interesting creatures. There were about fifteen of those pools carved out of the surface of the rock and we examined them all, one by one because they were all a little different, with different colors of anemones, bottom fish and minnows, mussels and hermit crabs. When we stood up from the last pool we were hot and hungry.

We ran all the way back to Mani's camp. The beach had grown busier. We passed about twenty nude people, mostly single older men but a few couples and four or five younger guys who looked like body-builders. Mani knew everybody's name and we waved and called out to them as we flew past. Everybody knew Mani and shouted and waved back. It was like we were in a parade.

When we got to Mani's we jumped in the water for about one minute and then tore up to the camp beneath the trees to devour the provisions my mother had packed for us.

We started with some chips and guacamole and moved on to graze through a tub of potato salad. Sandwiches followed and we capped the feast with bananas, grapes and cherries. I fed Mani an orange and it was as much fun as the previous day. When we were stuffed he reached into a big plastic storage container he had and pulled out some cookies.

"These are from Peter's wife, Mary," he said. "She knows I'm vegan and makes them special for me without any eggs or butter or anything. "They're really good."

We munched. I said, "Mani, I've got a few more questions."

"Okay. Ask away."

"This is great," I said looking at his campsite and the beach, "but what are you gonna do when it starts to get cold, like in September?"

"I dunno. Mostly I don't think about it because I don't know what I can do. I just hope they don't catch me before summer ends because this is really good, especially since I met you."

"Do you think they'll catch you?"

"They always did other times. One thing is that my last foster placement, those people are only in it for the money. There's a good chance they haven't even reported me as missing yet, as long as they get the support cheque. So I might be able to hang out here until summer ends."

"What happens if they catch you?"

"They usually just put me in a group home for a while until they can find another foster placement, someplace else to dump me."

We sat in silence here for a minute while I digested that information. Then Mani said, "Jack said I could come and live with him in the winter if I wanted. It'd be okay except I know he'd want me to sleep with him. I don't want to do that so it would be uncomfortable for both of us and not fair to him."

"Okay, here's another question: You must have some clothes – let me see them, please."

Mani dug around under the overhanging tarpaulin and came up with a t-shirt, shorts and a hoodie, all pretty threadbare and grubby. Then he produced a pair of worn running shoes but no socks.

"That's it?" I said.

"Yeah, when I was making my getaway I didn't want to carry anything except what I really needed to camp with."

"Have you got a comb or a hairbrush?" I asked. A plan was beginning to form in my head.

"Yeah, I got a comb," he said and produced one after searching for a minute.

"Okay," I said as he handed me the comb. "Sit up and turn around." I sat down behind him with my legs around him and began to comb his hair. He put his hands on my feet and played with my toes. There were a lot of knots and frazzles in his hair but it was a nice thing to do while I thought of how we could keep on being together.

I paused from combing, grabbed my pack and put it down in front of him. "Mani, dig around in that front pocket and you'll find a piece of paper with my address and phone number on it. When I finish combing your hair you can put that in a safe place so if they catch you and I'm not here you'll know how to get in touch with me. Okay?"

"Good idea," said Mani holding up the piece of paper I had prepared the night before.

"You got any money?" I asked.

"No. You want some?"

"No, I've got lots," I said. "Dig around in that same front pocket and you will find a twenty dollar bill. Everybody should have a little money in case they ever need it. You keep that twenty."

"Are you kidding me? I never had twenty bucks in my life."

"Shut up and put it in a safe place. You might need it some time. You can pay me back when you're rich and famous."

All tousled and tangled, his gold-streaked brown hair provided a delightfully chaotic contrast to his even and perfect features. Now, when it was combed it was fully as beautiful but in a completely different way. He looked like a prince or an angel.

I handed the comb back to him, patted his shoulder and wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him from behind. "You're so beautiful, Mani. I'm so happy you're my friend."

"You wanna smell my farts? I could kill you with one fart. Be careful!"

"I'm sure they smell like roses," I said. "Now if you dig around inside my pack you will find some other stuff I brought down for you to eat when I'm not here."

He stowed the organic ramen, vegan cookies and some of my other favorite eats in his food chest and I felt a little easier about his living arrangements. My mind was still ticking over and considering other ways I could make his life better when he pulled me to my feet and said, "No more questions, no more thinking. It's time for a swim and some frisbee. Let's go!"

We were developing a routine for our icy ocean dips. The object was to feel every inch of the other's body while dousing and dunking him thoroughly. There was no chance of this turning into a full-on sex romp since all the genitalia were shrunk in hypothermic retreat. It was fun to pick Mani up and hold him in my arms like an infant and then chuck him as far as I could. Though he could barely lift me, Mani liked to grab my legs, swing me around, then fling me into the ocean. I loved growing familiar with his bum crack and his armpits, his shoulder blades, the wonderfully sensitive soles of his feet, his belly button, and that irresistible spot behind his knees that caused him to collapse in giggles when touched. It all had to be done fast since we could only stand to be in the water for ten minutes.

Then it was frisbee and soaking up some heat while racing around and leaping in the air like gazelles. I never ran so fast or jumped so high before as that afternoon's frisbee catch session. Sometimes after a dip we'd just loll on the sand until we had dried then play some more frisbee catch. We played until we were exhausted, then had a quick dip and straggled up to the campsite.

"Snooze time!" said Mani as he threw himself down on the sleeping bag we had returned to its place under the tarp.

The morning's exploration of the tidal pools, the heavy lunch, the icy dips, the wild frisbee session, the drug-like afternoon heat, all weighed on my eyelids and I faded away contentedly as soon as I laid myself down beside Mani.

Perhaps an hour later I awoke refreshed and happy to find that while sleeping we had again gravitated towards each other and were now completely entwined, arms and legs entangled. Though awake I didn't open my eyes. I could tell by Mani's nose touching mine that his lips were but an inch from mine and I pushed forward until I could feel those wonderfully firm and smooth lips of his. I always thought of them as sweet but it was not a taste, it was a feeling, a sweetness of the flesh. While I was enjoying that feeling, I became aware of his tongue searching between my lips. I parted my lips and his tongue pushed through into my mouth.

Our kisses until then, though sensually delightful, had only been lip to lip. This was a whole new experience. His tongue was inside my mouth. Mani was inside my mouth, and I realized that his mouth was open to me, that I could explore it, tongue-stroll around his beautiful white teeth and play with his pink tongue. And oh, he tasted so good. Our tongues met and began to examine each other, to twiddle each other, to dance and wriggle against each other like two blind worms that had suddenly discovered that they were not alone, that there was another just like themselves in the darkness, another who wanted to be caressed and loved. I don't know how long we kissed but the kissing and the writhing together led to another massive orgasm and we squirted semen all over each other while groaning in intense pleasure.

Some time later Mani peeled himself away from my sticky groin, grinned at me and said "I'll race you to that big blue bathtub we have here!" Then he leaped up and I charged after him. He got to the water first but I was no more than an inch behind him and leapfrogged over him as he bent to splash some water on his crotch. When we were clean we strolled arm-in-arm up to the campsite. We emptied a couple of juice boxes and then went to the pee tree. Then I began to gather my stuff. These days, though they were so full of wonder, went so fast! I left the binoculars with Mani since I wouldn't be using them at home. I emptied my pack except for the empty food containers so a few extra juice boxes went into Mani's food box. That gave me room to put the camera bag into the pack so I was very compactly loaded.

"It's still early," complained Mani. "You stayed longer yesterday."

"I have an errand to do before I go home. And here's another question. Will you come home with me tomorrow afternoon and stay for supper? I want my parents to meet you. And after supper I want you to stay with me overnight, to sleep-over. Okay?"

"Wow! I'd love that. But come early tomorrow morning, please, even though we've already seen the osprey. Waiting for you is really hard and I wake up early."

When I was packed up and dressed Mani suddenly disappeared and popped up a minute later dressed in his t-shirt and shorts.

I looked at him with raised eyebrows and he said, "Now I can walk with you all the way to the lagoon."

It was the first time I'd seen him with clothes on. Naked he was like a young god. Clothed he was definitely a human boy though a very attractive and appealing boy. I grabbed him and hugged him. "Thanks, Mani. When was the last time you wore clothes?"

"Must be nearly two weeks since I had these duds on. It really feels weird. I know I'll be tearing them off as soon as I get back."

"I'm hoping that if all goes well with my parents tomorrow and you stay overnight then maybe I can come down here and stay with you for a few days."

"Oh God, that would be so good. What a great idea! We could just be naked together all day and all night. We would have so much fun. Oh please let it all be okay." As he spoke Mani was actually jumping up and down.

"Calm down there, podner," I said. "I'm a little worried about how they will accept you not having any parents or other adults taking care of you. Maybe we can cook up a story that will not be too far from the truth but still more acceptable than you being a runaway from a foster home and having social welfare after you. Lets both think about it and we can talk more tomorrow."

Mani ran around the beach in a big circle yelling, "Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo!"

I set off towards Johnson Point and he ran up beside me. "I'm so happy, Kevin. I've never been so happy. Thank you. Let me carry the pack until we get to the lagoon."

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