One Summer Morning

by Biff Spork

Chapter 3

We ran into the frigid water until it was up to our waists. Then Mani said, "On three, we duck. One – two – three!" By the time we came up our rampant erections were completely gone and our penises were rapidly withdrawing to warmer regions. Mani chuckled as his penis retreated and said, "Now isn't that the fastest boner cure on earth?"

I looked down. My penis had nearly disappeared. "I just hope it isn't permanent," I joked.

"Spread your legs," commanded Mani. Then he swam between my legs and stood up with his own legs spread. "Now you!" he said. I duck-dived and torpedoed between his legs, then stood up with my legs spread. He duck-dived again, swam around behind me and erupted between my legs so I was lifted on his shoulders. Then he dumped me. When I surfaced I could see him standing wide-legged and laughing. I swam behind him and came up under him. I could feel his crotch against my neck as I lifted him up and threw him off. He came up out of the water, grabbed my shoulders and dunked me and we splashed around and grabbed each other in different ways. After a few minutes I think I had touched pretty well every part of him. And, though the cold water numbed my skin I think I felt his hands on everything between my head and my toes. We wrestled and threw each other around in the icy water until our teeth were chattering and we were beginning to shiver.

"Okay," Mani announced. "That's enough!" He wrapped one arm around my shoulders and pulled me toward the shore. Then we ran up to his campsite and he located his frisbee. When he came back into the sun he stopped and looked at me with a worried expression.

"C'mon," he said taking my hand and leading me along the beach. "There's something we gotta do first."

In a couple of minutes we had arrived at Jack's blanket. He was sitting up and watched us as we came up.

"Hi Mani, howya doin'? Who's your friend?"

Mani bent down and shook the offered hand and said, "I'm fine, Jack. How are you today?"

Jack said he was fine and Mani continued, "This is my friend, Kevin, and I'm worried about him."

"Oh," said Jack sympathetically while nodding at me. "What seems to be the problem?"

"Look at him," said Mani. I was glad the cold water had rendered me practically sexless as Jack scanned me up and down. He seemed to spend a long time on my crotch.

"He looks fine to me," said Jack. "In fact, really good."

"Yeah, his legs and arms are tanned but his middle is totally white and if we don't get some sun-screen on him he's going to get a bad burn. So, the question is, do you have any sun-screen we can use?"

Jack rooted around in a duffel bag and handed a tube of sun-screen to Mani. Mani turned me so I was facing away from Jack and then pushed me down to sit on the blanket. "Okay, Jack," he said, "Gimme your hand." I saw Jack's large hand come out palm upward and Mani squirted a big glob of sun-screen onto it. "You do his back, Jack," said Mani. "I'll get his front."

Jack started at the top of my shoulders and very carefully spread the cream down my back and massaged it in. At the same time Mani applied some to my collar-bones and worked it down my chest and belly til he reached my crotch. I thought of insisting on doing this myself but Mani was in charge and clearly had dominion over both Jack and I. My penis had come out by then but was still at its smallest. Mani grinned at me, quickly pulled my penis through his greasy fist a couple of times, rolled his fingers over my pursed ball bag and moved on to my upper thighs. By this time Jack had finished my back down to where my butt crack began. Mani had me stand up and turn around. Then he smeared the cream onto my bum and down my legs while Jack gazed thoughtfully at my crotch. His penis was sticking up by that time, quite amazingly large. I had never felt anyone's hands on my bum before. It was exciting. My penis emulated Jack's and I decided the only course was to ignore everything and maintain a steady gaze on the horizon. If Jack wasn't worried about his erection why should I worry about mine?

"You did the best bits," said Jack somewhat morosely.

"Don't complain, Jack. I did let you help, didn't I?" said Mani. He slapped my bum lightly, and turned me around.

"Yes," said Jack. "And very nice it was. Thank you Mani and thank you Kevin. It's been a long time since a boy let me touch him."

Mani bent over Jack, hugged him and gave him a kiss on the forehead then pulled me away while I thanked Jack for the sun-screen. I looked back as I was dragged down the beach. Jack waved. I waved back.

We threw the frisbee back and forth and made spectacular catches, darting and running all over the beach with brilliant championship moves. It was so much fun I completely forgot about my penis waving around out there where anyone could see it. I discovered that being naked was not just about my penis. It seemed to make my whole body work better so that I could run faster and jump higher. I was swift and agile like never before.

A naked old guy stopped to watch us play, then sat down on a nearby log. Mani threw the frisbee to his feet and called, "C'mon Peter, you can throw a frisbee."

Peter picked up the frisbee, threw it to me and said, "Thanks Mani, but I'm too old for that. I'm happy just watching you kids run around."

"Where's Mary today?" asked Mani.

"She put her back out so she's home. She sent some cookies for you. I'll bring them down later." Peter continued his stroll down the beach

By the time Peter had passed Jack's blanket and we had made a few more great catches we were both hot and exhausted. Mani threw the frisbee into his campsite and we raced down into the water again ducking and splashing just until we were cooled off. Then we walked tiredly into the shade of the giant arbutus. He led me deeper behind some piled up drift logs where a sleeping bag was opened out beneath a large tarpaulin tied between trees. He folded himself down onto the bag, stretched out and patted a spot beside him. "Take a break, podner," he said with a fake Texas accent, "ah'm bushed."

"Just a minute," I said and went back and got my pack. Then I sat down beside him. "I just remembered I have some juice boxes here. You want orange or grape?"

"Wow! Grape for me, please."

We sucked juice for a few minutes. Then I pulled out a couple of granola bars and we made them disappear.

"I love your pack," said Mani. "You got anything else in there?"

"Nope," I said sadly. "That's everything I brought today."

"That's okay," said Mani. I'm not really hungry, just curious. I wanna know all about you."

I lay down beside him. "I'd like to know all about you, too, Mani. I think you're amazing. I never had so much fun as today with you. It's been the best, absolutely the best."

"Yeah," he said. He turned to look at me. "We had some good fun. I'm really glad you came down here to spy on us. You wanna spy on me tomorrow?"

"That'd be great. And I still wanna try see the osprey. What time does he fly over?"

"It must be pretty early but it's different times every day. I can't say an exact time because I don't have a watch. Just come down as early as you can. Okay?"

"Yeah, I'll come earlier tomorrow," I said.

"Usually about this time I have a little snooze. Is that okay?" asked Mani. I felt him tuck one of his feet under the sole of my foot. Then he just slid it up and down a little, cuddling my foot.

"Whatever you like to do," I said, "that's fine with me. I took my glasses off, folded them and put them on a nearby log. Mani got up on one elbow and looked down on me.

"It's interesting," he mused.

"What?' I said, dreamily. I wasn't usually into afternoon naps but the long walk, the big lunch, the cold water, the hot sun, the excitement and the wild frisbee play were like a drug and I could feel myself succumbing to the sun-drenched afternoon heat.

"Your face," said Mani. "With your glasses on you look very focused, very intelligent, very sort of busy and maybe a little worried. But I noticed with your glasses off when we were swimming and now, you just look sweet, really good looking and lovable and not so sharp-edged."

"Which do you think is best?" I asked sleepily. I was so comfortable and so sleepy I couldn't keep my eyes open.

"Oh," he said. I felt him lean over and brush some sand off my forehead. "I like them both. A lot." He cradled his head on his arm and closed his eyes and we both drifted off.

I don't know how it happened but while we were asleep we just got closer together and when I woke up, maybe an hour later, we were completely wrapped up in each other's arms and legs and both our penises were pushing into each other. It felt really nice, like floating in a mild orgasm that didn't rise and fall but just maintained a steady flow of pleasure. I opened my eyes and looked at his face about an inch away. The tips of our noses were touching. His eyelids fluttered open and we stared into each other's eyes for about a minute.

"Kevin," he said. It wasn't a question or a call that required an answer. It was just Mani tasting my name in his mouth. I shifted a little and he added, "Don't move. Don't talk. Don't think."

I closed my eyes and he pulled me closer to him, pulled me into the tightest hug possible. I could feel his erection pulsing against my belly and knew mine was squeezing against him. I pushed my arms further around him and pulled us even closer so that every inch of me was pressed against him.

We lay like that for a minute then he jumped up and said, "C'mon, I'll show you where my pee tree is."

I followed him into the woods until we reached the base of a tall fir. "I don't actually pee on this tree, said Mani. "That would be disrespectful. But I like to pee nearby, then the tree can take it or leave it. I think a big old tree like this probably likes to get a little boy pee from time to time." He took a few steps back and stuck his groin out. He was still quite erect and at first the stream shot upwards but as the flow increased his penis slowly descended. I followed suit and by the time we were finished both of the penises were back to dangling like they normally did. "Ahhh, a good piss," he sighed giving his a little shake. "That's another great boner cure!"

I remembered I still had an hour and half walk back to the parking lot and then an hour's bike ride before I got home.

"I've got to go," I said sadly as we walked back to the campsite.

"But you're gonna come tomorrow?" he said.

"Yeah," I said. "I'll come real early. Is there anything I can bring for you?"

"Nah," he said. "Just bring yourself."

I sat down on the log near the fireplace and began to get dressed. It felt weird. I had only been nude for a few hours but it already felt natural, right, and these clothes felt strange and constraining. Putting them on was like going back into my old life, life before Mani. Though the clothes were light summer garments, as I put them on it felt like I was erecting a wall between me and Mani, between me and this new world I had stumbled into. I realized happily that somehow that day I had become someone else, a different, better person, someone I had always been but had forgot. Mani had hugged me. He had said that I was lovable and maybe it was true. I fervently hoped so.

Mani insisted on carrying my camera bag and walked with me to edge of the nude beach at Johnson Point. We stopped and looked at each other and he took the camera bag from around his shoulder and put it over mine. Where the strap touched my neck it was still warm from his body.

"Come as early as you can," he said in a low voice. "Then we can wait and watch for that osprey together."

"I'll come early," I said. I couldn't put my feelings into words. We stood for an awkward minute then grabbed and hugged each other, both of us sort of laughing. I turned and walked over the promontory onto Johnson Beach.

There were still a few swim-suited sunbathers on Johnson Beach but my mind was full of images of Mani. By the time I reached the entrance to the forest trail I had a raging erection and as soon as I was in the deep forest I struck off the trail and hid myself behind a large tree. Confident I could not be seen from the trail I dropped my shorts and briefs to my ankles and put my hand on my swollen penis. Two strokes was all it took and I came so fiercely I fell trembling to my knees squirting semen in all directions. I squeezed out the last few drops and returned to the trail. I felt relieved, yet fifteen minutes later I had to seek the cover of another large tree where I could drop my shorts again. It took more than two strokes but when I came, it once more left me gasping and shaking. With my penis still upright and oozing I leaned against the tree to recover. Then I heard a twig snap. I looked up to meet the wide-eyed gaze of a young couple, hand in hand.

"Oh! Sorry!" said the young man.

"No problem," I replied gaily while wishing I had a hand grenade. Really, what are people like that doing, sneaking around in the bush?

"Are you okay?" asked the girl. I appreciated her concern but my rating of female intelligence sank by several notches.

"I'm fine, my underwear just got caught...on thorns...and...." I muttered while bending over and hoping she had somehow managed not to notice my stiffly throbbing penis ju tting out and dripping with seminal fluid.

The young man pulled his girlfriend around and they went back to the trail, where they should have been all the time. People are very stupid.

Thankfully though, that second orgasm seemed to ease the tension in my body and I made it back to my bike without further digressions. I arrived home just as my mother was clearing up after supper.

"There you are," she said. "We were starting to get worried that something had happened to you. We've eaten but I made a plate for you. Just sit down and I'll bring it."

Holding a newspaper in one hand my father peered through the door between the kitchen and the living room. "Ah, you made it home," he said. "Is everything all right?"

As I looked at them I realized that not only had I changed but that change meant that everything else had changed as well. I looked at my parents' faces and suddenly saw nothing but loving concern. And I saw that they were a little afraid of me, shy, and fearful that they had not managed to win my affection or guide me to happiness.

"Everything's fine," I said. I had no idea how I could begin to make up for the years I had taken them for granted and neglected them.

"Did you manage to see the osprey?" asked my father.

"No, but some people on the beach said he flies over early in the day so I am going back tomorrow morning as early as I can."

"If you want to go real early I can drive you and your bike to the park before I go to work."

"That would be great, Dad. Thanks."

"What time? Maybe we leave here at say six-thirty? That'll get you to the park by about seven."

"That should be early enough," I said

"Okay," he said. "We'll do it."

"I'll make you an early breakfast," said my mother.

"Thanks Mom. And thank you for the great lunch. I'd like an even bigger lunch tomorrow since I got real hungry today. And more fruit – the cherries and the orange were really good. Maybe a couple of oranges and some bananas."

She put a plate of food down in front of me. "You look a little pink," she said, brushing my hair off my forehead. "How do you feel?"

"I'm fine, Mom. This looks great! I'm starving."

"It's that special veggie patty you like. Do you want ketchup?"

"Yes, please."

I suddenly thought of Mani and the "horrible foster family" he had left behind. I felt so lucky and so selfish to be enjoying this cocoon of affection while he sat alone in the gathering darkness on the beach. And I knew then what I could give my parents. I said, "I met a really nice boy on Haystack Beach. We played frisbee all afternoon. It was great."

"That's probably why you look a little browner," said my mother.

"Maybe he could come and have supper with us sometime?" I said

"That would be nice," said my mother. "I'd like to meet him."

"Does this frisbee boy have a name?" asked my father.

"Mani," I said.

"Is that short for something?" asked my father. "Like Emmanuel?"

"No," I said. "It's not short for anything. It just is."

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