Kaiser's Rodeo

by Bensiamin


It was the Friday of the third week of September, three weeks after Labor Day weekend, and the train was ten minutes late. Nate had run inside to check and was now back at the Cherokee letting Jerrod and Roger know. Jerrod said, "We'll need to wait in the parking lot," and Nate hopped in the back seat. Kaiser leaned over the back seat and nuzzled the back of his neck. Unthinkingly he reached back and rubbed the side of the Golden Retriever's face, pulling it closer to his neck and appreciating the softness and warmth.

"You guys must have given Kaiser a bath, his fur feels so soft." He turned his head and nuzzled his nose into the soft fur behind Kaiser's ear. He added, "He smells good, too," just as Roger said from the front seat, "Yeah, we bathed them both yesterday. Oatmeal shampoo and mango conditioner. Pretty sexy, huh?"

They talked about dogs and how they were adjusting to going back to a one Sunday only therapy dog day after working full time in the summer.

"It was a summer job for all of us, just like you kind of had one," Jerrod said. "Still, now with school starting, only working Sunday will be great again."

"And being back at Doernbecher instead of rotating through the other hospitals is really good," Roger added. "All the other hospitals and patients was a super experience, but our hearts are with the kids, and Kaiser's is, too."

After a few more minutes, Jerrod pulled out of the parking lot and back to the passenger pick-up spot in front of the train station, and as the back door opened, he said, "Go get 'em, cowboy."

Nate turned as he closed the door and leaned in the window. "Michael's the cowboy, you know?"

"Oh yeah? You sure look like one… or am I dreaming about the boots, the Wranglers and that new ivory cowboy hat?"

Nate's smile turned into a grin. "Well, I had to dress appropriately, don't you think And, yes, for the record, I'm dreaming about the weekend."

"I'm guessing you're mainly dreaming about taking his Wranglers off and getting into his pants," Roger said from the passenger seat with a laugh.

"That is definitely on my list for the weekend, along with a few other things. We'll be back in a few."

Ten minutes later two young cowboys walked out of the terminal doors hand in hand. Michael was carrying a duffle bag and Nate was carrying his pack. Jerrod and Nate were watching them and Jerrod asked, "What's that line from As You Like It you told me about? That Shakespeare quote?"

"You mean 'the sight of lovers feedeth those in love,' is that the one?"

"That's the one, and looking at them makes me appreciate what I've got and love you more."

"Aw, you're so romantic, selle ."

They both jumped out of the Cherokee to meet the boys at the curb, pulling Michael into a huge hug.

"Welcome back to the bright lights," Roger said. "It's great to have you back."

Before he could reply, Jerrod added, "Nice to have our regulation cowboy back in our life. Kaiser's been so excited."

"Kaiser has, but I'm guessing you haven't," Michael replied with a grin.

"Oh, I think it's okay… you know just another out of town visitor." Jerrod grinned back and popped the rear door on the Cherokee. As it rose open, the two dogs were right there waiting.

Jerrod said, "Stay!"

Michael tossed in his duffle bag and leaned forward to embrace both dogs and pull them into a hug. "Hi, you guys. Did you miss me as much as I missed you?"

He rubbed his face back and forth between the two as they tried to lick his face, knocking his cowboy hat off in the process. Nate said, "They got baths yesterday, just for you!"

"Yeah! They do smell good! Okay, thanks you guys, now Sit." He waited till both of them sat and then closed the rear door and said, "Where are we going first?"

"To Lewis & Clark. It's got a beautiful campus, and we can get something to drink in the Student Union and then sit on the lawn overlooking east Portland and talk."

"Wait! Did I come down here to visit college campuses?" Michael grinned as he asked.

"Looks like that's the way it's going to work out. After you're done at the hospital in the morning, your boyfriend, Matt and his girlfriend are taking you to see the PSU campus.

"I can't join you, even though that's where I attend, because we have a regular tennis game with Eric and Kim," Roger added.

"Sounds good to me," Michael said. "Let's get going."

They piled into the Cherokee, and Jerrod could see in the rearview mirror that as soon as the seatbelts were clipped, Nate had pulled Michael over for a serious kiss.

"Looks pretty sexy back there, but keep it under control boys. We promised Nate's mom we'd have you both home by six because she's cooking dinner for you two and Matt and Jessica."

A muffled reply came from the back seat, and Roger and Jerrod laughed as they pulled away from the curb.

A couple of minutes later Jerrod saw them separate and sit up, but Nate was leaning tightly against Michael.


"What do you mean 'well,' Jerrod? I think Nate missed me as much as I missed him." He turned to his boyfriend. "Is what they said the plan for tonight?"

"Oh, yeah," Nate replied. "It'll be a real home coming. Matt and Jessica will be there, and mom and I talked it all out. We're boyfriends, everyone's on board, and you're sleeping with me. No separate rooms or twin beds."

Nate leaned forward and poked Jerrod and Roger in the shoulder to make the point.

"Some boys have all the luck," was all Roger said.

Nate continued, "We thought it'd be cool after the hospital that we show you the PSU campus. It's just down the hill from the hospital anyway, and then tomorrow night we're all having dinner at David and Jackson's. Eric and Kim will be there, too, and maybe Eric's parents. So, the way I figure it, you'll get a clean bill of health tomorrow morning, you'll be all caught up on friends and acquaintances in Portland, and you'll have some idea of what colleges in this city look like by the time you go home."

He hugged Michael. "What's not to like."

"Nothing. I'm liking everything I'm hearing so far. I'm especially liking having you back in my arms."

They parked in front of the Student Union, all got a coffee to go, went back to the Cherokee to get the dogs, and with them on leashes walked across the lawn and found a bench they could all sit on.

Michael had been looking around, appreciating the beauty of the Lewis & Clark campus and commented on it.

"It is a beaut," Jerrod replied. "You know I grew up back east, and in a lot of ways it reminds me of colleges on the east coast. You'll see PSU is different."

He looked at Roger who added, "Indeed. It's an urban university in the city, so it doesn't have older style architecture and wide expanses of lawns and stuff, but it has a strong curriculum."

"You're happy there? I mean the campus and being apart from Jerrod?"

Roger grinned. "Well, we're only apart during the day… so that's tolerable. Also, I ride with Matt and Jessica and Kim, so we've got our group and that's very cool. We're only three weeks in, but it's working out fine so far."

Michael looked at Jerrod, "And Eric's going here, too?"

"Sure is, and he rides with me, and his dad is Chair of the Music Department so that's a cool connection, just like David being Dean of Students. Not like we get any special treatment or anything, but it's a really cool connection." He glanced at his boyfriend and then added, "Roger's being modest. He really likes PSU. Not just because his dad is on faculty, but because he thinks it's more European."

"So, you guys are happy campers! What about Matt and Jessica?"

"They had a great summer together, and are totally in love," Nate replied. "I'm betting they move in together before the school year's over… no later than next summer. They both really like the programs they're in. You can ask them tonight."

Jerrod looked at them pensively.


"I'm worried that there's so much going on, we've planned so much stuff that you two won't get any alone time together."

Michael and Nate looked at each other and then Michael replied, "It's all good. Alone time or not, we'll be together with our best friends in the world, so how can that be beat?"

"Plus, like I said, Michael's sleeping with me. We'll have our time together at night." He wiggled his eyebrows as he grinned mischievously.

"You two should do something alone together on Sunday."

"My plan was that we sleep in," Nate quipped.

"You mean after you fuck like rabbits on Saturday night, in order to recover on Sunday morning?"

Nate got a prim expression on his face and said, "Something like that, yes."

"You know I'm just giving you shit, right?" Jerrod looked momentarily concerned.

"I do, and no worries. Mom has been totally open and accepting and she wants this weekend to be as good as it can be. She and Michael's parents have talked a lot, and she's talked to David a bunch, too. I think it'll all be good."

"That's all good, but still, think about it. Maybe you guys just take a hike together in Forest Park or something. But some alone time would be a good thing. Trust me, okay?"

Roger glanced at his watch. "Well, if we want to make sure the first night starts well, we've got to get going so we can get these boys home on time."

They headed for the Cherokee and down the hill and then over the Sellwood Bridge toward home.

Jerrod and Roger dropped them off and they walked into the house together then through to the kitchen where Nate's mom was working on dinner. She had only met Michael once, at the end of the beach weekend right before summer began, but they had spoken on the phone. She beamed widely as they walked in, "Look at this! The two best looking cowboys I know."

"Mom, we're the only cowboys you know."

"That may be true, but my statement is factually correct, and I stand by it. Welcome to our home, Michael." She wiped her hands and stepped over to pull him into a hug.

"Thanks for having me and letting me stay."

"I had little choice in the matter," she replied, looking at Nate with a wide grin. "That said, though, we want you to be here and be perfectly comfortable. So, why don't you two take your things up to your room and spend a little time catching up."

Nate softly said, "Thanks, Mom."

She smiled at both of them. "It may be hard to believe, but I was young once and remember what it was like when you're dad came home after being gone for a couple of weeks. But…" and here she paused… "I expect you both down here by six-thirty because that's when Matt and Jessica said they'd be here, and we are having dinner together."

Nate grinned and Michael said, "You sound like my mom… Mom! You two have been talking haven't you? Thanks a lot."

Nate grabbed Michael and pulled him out of the kitchen and down the hall. When they got inside the door he dumped the pack, spun around, made Michael drop his duffle bag and backed him up against the door and said, "Finally! You're mine… alone."

He pulled him into the kind of passionate kiss that was needed to make up for three weeks apart. Almost immediately he was unbuttoning Michael's shirt and undoing his belt.

"Is this cool? Your mom said we've got to be back in… "

"We've got twenty-five minutes, that's more than enough. And, it's cool! I don't know about the idea we had about not jacking off this week, I'm so horny for you I can't stand it, and I can't wait another minute."

Michael's zipper was down and Nate's hand was in his briefs. He heard his boyfriend groan as he grasped the semi-hard cock. Then Nate pushed Michael's Wranglers and briefs down as he dropped to his knees and kissed his cockhead and then took it into his mouth.

He heard the groan deepen, felt his boyfriend's fingers run through his hair and was thrilled as he felt the cock harden in his mouth. His excitement raged as he tasted precum and felt himself getting painfully hard in his own pants.

Michael pushed his head off, saying, "Fuck, that's amazing, and I'm as horny as you are, but let's do this right. Take your pants off and lets 'get on the bed. Way better than leaning on this door."

Nate locked the door as Michael pulled him toward the bed, both of them kicking their boots and pants off. They flopped onto the foot of the bed, their feet still on the ground, and Nate pulled Michael hard against him.

"I love you so much. God, I missed you."

"Me, too, love… me, too!"

His lips found Nate's as they began to stroke each other's cocks. Their tongues danced together matching the rhythm of their hands.

"I love the feeling of your cock. So hard and so smooth," Nate whispered.

"I love it, too, but I'm not going to last long. I want your cock in my mouth. Let's turn around so we both can."

Nate grinned and changed position as Michael slid further up on the bed, then he felt Nate's mouth close over the head of his cock as he licked up the underside of Nate's and then took him in. It started sensuously, but they were both quickly overcome by the passion of the moment and within a minute Michael heard Nate groan and then say, almost in a whine, "I'm going to cum." He knew he was very close, too, and the sudden gush of Nate's seed in the back of his mouth, the overwhelming feeling of the viscous fluid filling his mouth and the sensation of Nate's taste once again, was the trigger and he came as well.

Nate moved around, and they collapsed in each other's arms, softly kissing and stroking each other.

"I could stay here forever, you know. In my cowboy's arms after a cum like that. I love you so much, and I've had three weeks without you to make me absolutely certain that being your boyfriend is what I want."

"I've been thinking the same stuff, and I feel the same way. You're the one for me."

"I've got to say it again, and I'll only say it once, but I'm sorry for that whole thing with Ashley, but the more I think about it the more I kind of appreciate that it happened because it was my wake-up call and it kind of crystallized something between us."

"Thank you, love. I know what you're saying and know what you mean. But promise me, no more apologies. That's over and gone, okay?"

"I know it is. I just want you to know how much more I understand now than I did a month ago, that's all."

As Michael kissed his forehead, they heard footsteps in the hall.

"No worry," Nate said softly, "Matt's home. We've still got time."

"Cool. I love you. It's so great we can be together like this in your house, too. That you mom is so hip, and everything is working out." Michael was stroking Nate's stomach as they talked, letting his fingers drift down into his boyfriend's pubes.

"We don't have time."

"I know. I'm just letting you know I want more later."

"Trust me on that, so do I. I want you inside me again. I want us connected as deeply as we can. We may not see each other till Christmas, so I want all I can get of you."

"I think I can accommodate that wish… as long as you reciprocate."


"Well, yeah. I feel the same way as you do." Michael pulled Nate close to him and whispered, "Plus, like Jerrod said, we're supposed to fuck like rabbits while I'm here."

They both fell into a fit of giggles.

Nate made sure they didn't fall asleep, and they quickly cleaned up and walked into the kitchen hand-in-hand before six-thirty. Jessica was helping Nate's mom with dinner and Matt was sitting at the counter. He turned, grinned broadly, and extended his arms toward both of them.

"Cowboy love! Look at you two. Come here and give me a hug, Michael."

Michael walked up to the larger boy and was pulled into a vigorous embrace that included Nate.

"Are you taking good care of my little brother?"

"Of course. I mean, he's my boyfriend."

Matt's voice dropped. "I know that. I meant have you taken care of him since you got here, 'cause he sure has seemed jittery the last couple of days."

Michael could hear Nate whisper, "Matt, shut the fuck up. We agreed, didn't we."

Matt grinned again. "We agreed on house rules and privacy and stuff. There's no rule that says I can't harass you. Anyway, I like your boyfriend a lot, and it's kind of fun to get one up on you."

They were interrupted by the maternal voice from across the kitchen. "Are you boys done acting like elementary school children? Perhaps it would be good manners to let Jessica say hello to Michael." She was smiling, and Jessica walked over and pried Michael out of Matt's grip for a hug.

"Howdy, cowboy. You look better than last time I saw you back in June, and you look pretty good dressed this way." She paused, then went on, "I have to say, your boyfriend looks like an impostor. Somehow dressing a city kid up as a cowboy doesn't do it. At least not for me. Now, you, on the other hand, you look like the real deal!"

She daintily stepped back before Nate could grab her, and softly said, "Touchy, aren't we?"

Nate grinned at her. "Well, you are giving me crap, you know. Grandpa said I looked like I fit in when I was in Pendleton, and it worked at the rodeo, so that's good enough for me." He looked directly at Jessica, who he really liked a lot and said, "And, by the way, thanks for sharing!"

Jessica chuckled, messed his hair and went back to help finish dinner.

And that's the way the rest of the evening went. Michael felt himself as accepted in Nate's family as Nate had found himself in Michael's. The difference being that Nate had a brother and a soon-to-be sister-in-law, but he felt himself fully accepted.

They woke with Nate spooned back into Michael, who had an arm over his waist and was softly breathing into the nape of Nate's neck. He loved the feeling. The warmth, the rhythm, the sensation as the exhaled breath flowed through his hair and over his neck. He thought back on the night before and was supremely content.

The dinner and the rest of evening before had gone very smoothly. Everyone got along and the conversation ranged from the summer in Pendleton, to Matt and Jessica's summer jobs, to the Scout project, to what they were all experiencing starting school again. Nate's mom had mainly sat and listened, proudly and happily taking in the banter.

Eventually Matt said he had to take Jessica home and while she said goodbye to Nate's mom, Matt whispered, "Her parents won't let her sleep over. You two see how lucky you are? Enjoy yourselves tonight, okay… but don't be too noisy. I'm right next door, remember. I'll wake you up in plenty of time to get to get breakfast and then up to the hospital."

They nodded their thanks, and shortly after Matt and Jessica left said goodnight to Nate's mom and headed down to their room.

"That was nice," Michael said. "I mean the evening, the whole thing. I feel like I'm part of your family."

"You are! No doubt about it. I'll use the bathroom first, and leave the enema bulb in the sink for you. The lube's in the nightstand." He kissed Michael lightly on the lips as he wiggled his eyebrows and squeezed his boyfriend's crotch.

Nate lay back on the bed while Michael was in the bathroom, and compared their earlier passionate love making to the slow and pleasurable lovemaking they'd done while camping. When Michael returned from the bathroom Nate smiled seductively and raised his legs to expose his pucker. He watched a grin of desire form on Michael's face and could happily see his cock harden as he walked to the bed. Michael crawled between his legs from the foot of the bed, cupped his balls and kissed the head of his cock. Then he felt his knees being supported and the delicious wet feeling of his boyfriend's tongue licking and then probing him. It was so delicate and so sensuous that he shuddered.

"Michael, please… fuck me now. I missed you so much, I want you… I need you inside me, now."

His plea was met with a loving smile and Michael had reached for the lube saying, "I'm not going to stroke you off because I want you inside me right after I cum, okay?"

Somehow, they'd managed it, mainly because they'd both cum before dinner, and the result was a crescendo of ecstasy as they made love facing each other so they could kiss and watch the waves of pleasure on each other's face.

As he continued thinking about the night before in that early morning semi-dream state, Nate realized he was getting hard. He reached up and stroked his middle finger over the back of Michael's hand. Involuntarily, Michael pulled his hand closer against Nate's chest, and the feeling of love and unity overwhelmed him. Michael's hand softly moved down to his stomach, made circling motions and then the fingers moved down through his pubes to his cock. He knew they'd have to get up soon and face the day, but this was just one small expression of the physical intimacy between them. Nate realized how much he needed it. And how much he loved it.

They showered and were greeted by the smell of breakfast as they walked into the kitchen and said good morning to Matt and Nate's mom. She smiled devilishly and said, "Good morning, boys. I won't even ask how you slept."

"Thank you, Mom. That's very thoughtful."

Matt nodded and simply grinned as Michael said, 'Good morning,' and followed Nate. He watched Nate pour two cups of coffee and then hand Michael the cereal box as he sat down.

"You two look very rested to me," Matt said, "whether you slept a lot or not is another thing." He paused to let his comment sink in, and before either boy could swallow their cereal and reply he looked at Michael and asked, "Are you ready for the hospital visit?

"As ready as I can be. It's not something you can do much to get ready for. It's a CAT scan and a couple of tests to confirm the cancer's still in remission."

Michael's mom placed a plate of scrambled eggs with toast before each of them and then sat down and asked, "And how do you feel about that?"

"That it's in remission. I mean, I haven't felt anything out of the ordinary. No tiredness or weakness or anything like that. Honestly, we've been so busy during the summer and now with school that I haven't had time to think about it at all."

Nate looked up from his plate, smiled devilishly as he looked directly at his older brother. "It's true he's not weak at all. In fact, he's strong… like a bull."

Matt and his mom both grinned, Michael blushed, and Nate started to giggle.

Matt turned to his mom and said, "Michael told me we should be done at the hospital by noon, so we're going to have lunch, then hook up with Jessica. She's got a gymnastics training class this morning. We'll have lunch, then show Michael the campus, then hang out for a while. We'll be back later in the afternoon, in plenty of time to get to David and Jackson's for dinner."

Their mom nodded her approval, and shortly they set off for Doernbecher. It was just as Michael had described it, and after the blood was drawn and the CAT scan taken, they had to wait forty-five minutes for results. They were in the Oncology waiting room when a nurse called Michael and he went off with her to get the results from the oncologist on call. He came back with a broad grin.

"Clear! No sign on the CAT scan, and the first blood test is already back and clear, too." They all high-fived and Matt said, "Let's get out of here and go celebrate."

They did, after a fashion, over lunch, and the conversation was upbeat and exciting. Not just that Michael had had his immediate future handed to him, but that Michael and Nate's near-term plans suddenly looked more and more probable.

After lunch they met Jessica who was equally thrilled with the news, and then she and Matt spent a couple of hours showing them the PSU campus. They stopped for a coffee and Voodoo Donut later in the afternoon and were home in time to clean up for dinner at David and Jackson's.

Matt left before them to pick up Jessica, and the boys rode in the Volvo with Nate's mom. They were both in the back seat, and Nate said, "You should have brought the Scout. Driving that would have been a trip."

"Next year, love. It's going to be our daily driver when I move down here."

"I heard that," Nate's mom said from the front seat.

Michael blushed. "I know we haven't formally asked you, but I think Nate told you about my idea of going to PSU the first year so we can be together. Today's test results kind of make me feel like planning for the future is really possible… instead of stuff you just talk about."

"I'm so glad to hear you put it that way, darling. If you end up going in that direction, then know you are welcome here. I've learned a lot over the last year, including how important it was that Jerrod lived with David and Jackson for his last year of high school. Consider yourself welcome, and your mom and I will sort out the details. Is that agreeable?"

"More than agreeable… Mom. Is that okay, to call you Mom? Nate says my mom is his second mom, and you already feel that way to me."

"I think it's lovely, and I'm honored and proud."

As they pulled up in front of David and Jackson's house, Nate said, "Here we are, the hobbit house. Remember?"

Michael grinned. "Sure do. It's so cool."

Eric and Kim were already there sitting with Jerrod and Roger and the two dogs. David introduced everyone while Jackson took drink orders. David then sat Nate's mom down with Eric's parents. She and Sam knew each other from the times Sam had visited Nate during his therapy after the hip surgery. They brought Will up to speed, and Sam commented, "They both certainly have recovered completely from their medical events. Jerrod told us Michael already called with clear test results."

The adults chatted and a few minutes later Matt and Jessica arrived, and David welcomed everyone to what was likely the last warm garden party of the season. "We've had a couple of rainy bouts already, and it could be an early and wet winter. So, enjoy the time and the food. Jackson and I are thrilled to have you all with us tonight. Just to be sure everyone knows, Michael got clear results today on his six month follow up tests, and it looks to me like Nate has fully recovered from his surgery. At least he survived a summer on the ranch in Pendleton and Michael has pretty much turned him into a cowboy. You should have seen the two of them in action at the Round Up when a bucking bull escaped!"

There was a round of cheers for Michael and they all returned to their to conversation before dinner. David and Jackson pulled off their usually exceptional dinner skills, offering grilled salmon or steaks, and it wasn't long before dinner was cleared, and dessert was consumed, and the group settled back to revel in their time together.

The conversation came back around to the summer on the ranch and the Scout project, and finally to how the boys would be handling being apart for the school year.

Michael said this trip down to Portland showed it wouldn't be that hard to see each other occasionally, and that they'd have to talk a lot by phone.

Nate looked at his mom and said, "Michael's parents got him a mobile phone so they could stay in touch with him." He wiggled his eyebrows and smiled plaintively. "What do you think?"

"Your brother has already brought that to my attention, and we're looking at whether we can do a family plan with one of the wireless carriers so you'd both have phones."

"Whoa! That'd be outrageous," Nate replied, throwing a grin at Michael.

Matt took that opportunity to look at his little brother and say, "It looks pretty good, and if we get mobiles, we can all stay in touch. You and me, you and mom, you and your boyfriend. Now, I've got to ask you, have you told him yet?"


"Have you told your boyfriend what you're doing at school? It's important, don't you think?"

"Yeah, and I planned on telling him, thank you very much."

"Nate, I know I'm putting you on the spot, but you're my little brother, and that's what big brothers are supposed to do. Didn't you get the memo?"

"Ha, ha, bro!" Nate paused and took his boyfriend's hand. By this point Michael was certainly curious, and also getting a little suspicious. What might Nate be doing at school that his brother was making such a big deal about?"

"So, Michael, what my big brother is making out is so important is that after school started back up, you know how on the first day you register and get your classes and stuff?"

Michael nodded.

"Well, I did all of that. And then there's the part about signing up for sports and extra-curricular stuff like clubs and all. Anyway, Jerrod and Roger and I talked a lot on the drive back from Pendleton. I spilled my guts, meaning I told them everything about our summer and how I'd gotten all caught up with myself. I told them about that whole mind trip thing about being bi and what it would mean to have a gay boyfriend and letting Ashley flirt with me… and how it had almost blown up and I realized that I could have lost the best thing that's happened to me… and that I also had to sort out why till then I couldn't tell you how much I loved you."

Michael was quiet, but wide-eyed.

"Anyway," Nate went on, "I joined the GSA at school."

"Wait! You did what?"

"I joined the Gay Straight Alliance, though they'll probably change the name to something more inclusive than just gay and straight this year."

"You did?"

"Yeah. And when we introduced ourselves, I told everyone I was bi, but I have this really cute cowboy boyfriend who lives in Pendleton. Is that okay?"

"Okay? I think it's amazing. Can I ask you why? I mean, I think I know, but I still want to ask."

Nate looked around at everyone collected in David and Jackson's back yard. They were all family in one way or another, and among them were the closest people in his life. Most of them knew some, if not all of this already. He felt happy with himself and smiled as he looked back to his boyfriend.

"Because I learned a lot this summer, and by the time I got back here I knew I had to do it to be true to you… and to be true to myself."


"Really! That's also why I didn't tell you. It was something I had to do for me… and for us, too, but first for me. I knew I'd tell you at some point soon, but it's been really neat." He looked around, and went on, "These guys, meaning Eric and Kim and Jerrod and Roger were all in GSA last year, and it worked pretty well for them. So, I figured you're in GSA up in Pendleton then I needed to be down here. No big deal, really, do you think?"

"Well, in some ways no, but in other ways…"

Michael paused and swallowed. He felt his emotions rise and his eyes moisten. He intuitively understood that Nate had done something on his own, in his own town, in his own school, by which he crossed a social line and said 'I'm with that guy in Pendleton. I'm one of these people.'

He was immensely proud. He just looked at Nate, smiling softly, eyes glistening, saying nothing.

After a few seconds, Matt said, "I think you guys need to hug or kiss each other or something." He looked around at everyone and said, "Here's to my little brother and his boyfriend!"

Everyone lifted their glass and hooted and hollered. Matt looked at his mom, who had been quiet, and said, "Mom, is there anything you want to say?"

They watched her swallow and then she said, "Actually, yes. I want you all to know how happy I am seeing how good these two boys are for each other, how in love they are." She looked around the dinner party and added, "Much like the other couples here. I just want them to know we all love them and want them to be happy together. I've had a lot to think about these last few weeks and months, and I'd like to share one thing with all of you. I'm not religious, but somehow in spite of that my sons both have biblical names: Matthew and Nathaniel. I don't remember how or why those were the names we chose when they were born, but Michael's mom asked me about that some time back. She asked me if I knew what Nathaniel meant? I didn't and came to learn that in Hebrew it means 'God's gift' or 'gift of God.'" She paused again, clearly getting emotional, and then said, "So, what I want to acknowledge is how much of a gift Nate has been to me… and to our family. And by extension, to others… to all of you. Now, I'm going to stop before I say something that embarrasses Nate, but I just wanted you to know." She looked at her youngest son. "You're special, Nate. Always have been. And, not just to us, but I think it's fair to say to all of these folks and particularly to Michael."

Her comments were met with another round of hooting and hollering, and Matt stood up and pointed at both boys and said over the noise, "I think it's time for that kiss we were talking about."

Later that night after they'd all said goodbye and promised to stay in touch, and when they'd ridden home with Nate's mom and then said goodnight to her, they were lying together on their bed. It was a soft and warm cuddle, one that characterized the vibe of the day.

"I'm so glad you're here. I feel so good just being right here, in your arms, having you hold me and kiss me."

"I guess we're kind of alike, 'cause I feel the same way. I kind of like the idea that you're God's gift… to me!" Michael slipped his hands across Nate's chest, tweaking his nipples, and then down to make lazy circles on his stomach.

"Guess what? You're treasure trail is getting more pronounced. Compared to last summer, I mean?"

"Really? I hadn't noticed."

"Oh yeah. It's very sexy. Like everything else about you… very sexy. And very loving… and very honorable. You blew me away with what you said tonight about joining GSA."

"I had no choice. I love you. And I remember David talking about that saying, 'to thine own self be true.' Jerrod and Roger and I were talking about it on the drive back from your place. That's kind of what did it for me."

"Well, it did it for me too! I mean, wow! So honest and so bold… in your own high school. And I'm not even here. Do you know how major that is?"

"What's major is that I love you. That's all."

"You do?"

"Yeah, of course? Are you wondering?"

"Well, no… of course not." Michael's fingertips had moved down Nate's treasure trail and into his pubes and were brushing up against the base of his cock. "I'm beginning to feel how much you love me… if you know what I mean."

"I love you every way there is to love you. Including that way. You're my boyfriend, so you're supposed to make me hard, aren't you?"

"Well, yeah… among other things." Michael was holding Nate's half-hard cock in his hand, softly stroking it.

"That feels so good, so sexy." Nate leaned over and kissed Michael and reached for his cock to reciprocate.

"Looks like we're both responding the same way, even if it's been a long day."

"That never stopped us before, so… yeah! You know what I want to do, though, if it's okay with you?"


"I want to ride you. Remember we read about it in the gay sex book? The drawing was so cool and so sexy. I want to see how it feels, but I want you to feel great, and I want to see you, see all of you. Watch your face, watch you fuck me."

"Can you tell it's fine by me? I'm hard already just thinking about it."

Nate reached over for the lube and rolled up and onto Michael. He kissed him passionately, stroking the sides of his face and running his fingers up into his hair. Then he sat up, straddling Michael's thighs. He leaned forward holding his cock against Michael's and rubbed them together. Michael let out a groan that became a sigh, and Nate applied some lube to Michael's cock, then reached around and worked some into his pucker.

Their eyes were locked together, and Nate smiled softly as he rose up and guided Michael's cock against him. He was relaxed and anticipating this, and settled slowly, feeling the head of Michael's cock press against him, then slide in as he relaxed further.

He let out his own sign of pleasure as he felt Michael enter him and watched his boyfriend's eyes widen as he processed the sensation. He lowered himself slowly, feeling the wondrous stretching feeling as his boyfriend's cock penetrated him. Soon he was there, with Michael's cock fully within him. It felt wonderful and he slowly began to raise and lower himself, feeling the fullness within him.

He heard Michael groan in pleasure again, then softly say, "Ride me, cowboy… ride me!"

The words were sexual and passionate, but they meant so much to him. He leaned forward, stroking Michael's chest, tweaking his nipples as he pumped himself up and down. The sensations on his prostate were intense, and after a minute he leaned back, resting his hands and weight on Michael's thighs. He loved the different sensations and the new way his prostate was being stimulated as he moved up and down. He was moved to a higher level of sensation when he realized Michael's hand had taken hold of his cock and was stroking him. Nate thrust into the warm hand that wrapped his cock, overwhelmed with the sensations.

Michael made a high-pitched groan that meant he was about to cum, and Nate realized he was there, too, shooting over Michael's chest as he felt himself filled with his boyfriend's seed. Then they were done, and Nate dropped forward onto his boyfriend's chest, wrapped in his arms, happy not just with the sex they'd just enjoyed, but that he was with the person he loved with all his heart, doing exactly what they should be doing.

Many thanks to my editor, Michael, for the time and effort to proof and edit this story and make it a much better experience for you, the reader!

The historical events in this story such as the murder of Matthew Shepard and the release of Brokeback Mountain as a story addressing homophobia all took place… as did the creation and continued work of the International Gay Rodeo Association. Their efforts to overcome stereotypes and positively promoting the LGBTQ western lifestyle is still sorely needed.

International Gay Rodeo Association acknowledgemnt and link

Banner copyright International Gay Rodeo Association ( www.igra.com ), reproduced under fair use copyright law. Image photos copyright CowboyFrank.net and used with permission. More IGRA rodeo photos (including authentic Wrangler butts!) at: http://cowboyfrank.net/galery.htm

The International Gay Rodeo Association was founded in 1976, originally to raise funds for those suffering from HIV/AIDS. While still raising funds for charities, IGRA has evolved into a nationwide rodeo organization aimed at overcoming stereotypes, supporting amateur sportsmanship and promoting in a positive way the LGBTQ western lifestyle.

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