Kaiser's Pavilion

by Bensiamin

Chapter 7

It was kind of a somber dinner as the boys briefed David and Jackson on the vet's diagnosis and the treatment. David's counsel was practical. "Focus on doing what's best for Kaiser. Alternate who's handling him and keep him stimulated and happy, while the other works with Chloe. There's no reason he won't be able to do his dog therapy work, right?"

"True," Jerrod said. "The vet said he can't be jumping on and off things, so that'll make getting in and out of the Cherokee a challenge. How do we do that?"

Jackson grinned at him, but didn't say anything.

"What? It's not funny, Jackson."

"I'm not implying that it's funny at all. But I do think you're getting a little overwrought. This isn't the first time a dog has had this happen, and it likely isn't the first time the dog owner had a car either, right?"

"What does that mean?"

"Have you seen handicap ramps for vans to get wheelchair patients into them?"

"Yeah, they come to the hospital. The fancy ones have lifts instead of ramps, though?"

"So," Jackson went on, "if they have ramps like that for wheelchairs, what might they have for dogs?"

Jerrod looked at Roger who had remained silent, but was smiling at him softly with his blue eyes twinkling. He tried to glare at Roger and failed, so turned back to Jackson and said, "Okay, what am I missing? And, for the record, I'm not overwrought!"

"You're missing that tomorrow the first order of business is to go to Pets Mart and see if they have ramps that dogs can use to get in and out of vehicles. Then he doesn't have to jump. Problem solved!"

"You think they make stuff like that?"

"I don't know, actually, but given the number of dedicated dog owners like you in this country, I've got to believe there's something like that."

Jerrod looked at his boyfriend, then back at Jackson and David. "Okay, you're right. Why didn't I think of that?" He paused, then added, "Sorry if I'm being stupid about this."

Roger reached up on the table and took his hand. "You're not being stupid, liebling," Roger said. "Rather, you're concerned. We all are, but you have a very deep personal connection to that dog and somehow, you're letting this get to you like you think it's your fault or something. It was just bad luck, so tomorrow first thing after school we go looking for ramps. Problem solved!"

As soon as Roger got to Jerrod's house the next day, they were off to Pets Mart, where they discovered that Jackson's hunch was correct, and they sold ramps. They spent some time with a friendly clerk who even walked out to the Cherokee to see how the likely choice would fit. They tried the side passenger door, but though it was a less steep angle for the ramp, there was a jump up onto the rear area. Roger looked at Jerrod and then said, "That means a jump down onto the ramp when he gets out, right?"

Jerrod nodded and they tried the rear door where the ramp rested on the top of the bumper. The ramp was steeper but only required a small step up into the back of the Cherokee. Roger looked at him and grinned, "And only a small step down too! Think we can train him to do this?"

Jerrod nodded back. "Yeah, he's a smart boy." They thanked the clerk and went inside to pay and then headed home to start the training. David was already home, and they explained how they'd decided what to buy and he agreed to entertain Chloe while the training started. Roger got a few treats, and they headed out to the driveway with Kaiser. They showed Kaiser the ramp and then as Jerrod walked Kaiser away, Roger opened the rear door and put the ramp in place. Jerrod walked him back and Kaiser's ears and eyebrows went up as soon as he saw the strange new thing attached to his vehicle. Jerrod walked him over and let him sniff it and check it out, but the dog gave no indication of being interested in going up the ramp.

The boys looked at each other and then Jerrod looked down at the dog and said, "Kaiser, you're supposed to go up the ramp." Kaiser looked up at him with a curious expression.

Jerrod flashed Roger a frustrated look and then said, "I'll walk him out and back again, then we'll try to coax him."

Roger observed the frustration, which was really unusual for his boyfriend, and then said, "Cool. I'll get inside." When Jerrod looked at him, he added, "So I can call him while you line him up. You'll probably have to coax him a little. Remember, though, it's new so he'll naturally be hesitant."

Jerrod nodded and walked Kaiser down to the sidewalk and when they came back, he stopped Kaiser directly in front of the ramp. The dog looked at it, then looked at Roger inside the Cherokee, and then up at Jerrod with the same look of curiosity.

Jerrod heard Roger giggling. When he looked up at him in the back of the Cherokee, his boyfriend said, "You know what he just asked, don't you?" Then he burst out giggling again.

"No, Roger, I missed it. I don't know what he asked. Tell me." Jerrod sounded a little irritated.

"His question was 'what the fuck?' You didn't hear that?" Then Roger started giggling again.

"Selle, were trying to train the dog to use the ramp."

"I know, liebling, but we're not in the Army. You're being pretty hard core about this. You're very uptight. I can see it in your body language, so for sure Kaiser can feel it. We can make it fun, can't we? Let's chill and I bet he will too."

Jerrod looked at Kaiser, then back at Roger and finally said, "Sorry. I don't know why I'm so uptight about all this."

"Easy. It's because you care so much," Roger replied. "Now, just chill out and let's make a game out of this. You hold Kaiser right there and I'm going to crawl to the back door on my belly and put a treat at the top of the ramp. Kaiser will light up for that, for sure. You walk him out and back a few paces and I'll start calling him to come to me, and you softly tug him towards the ramp as if you know he's going to go up. Also, you get to figure out a command that means 'go up the ramp.' Easy, huh?"

Jerrod said nothing but did as Roger suggested and carefully turned Kaiser around, so he was facing the ramp again. Since he held Kaiser's leash in his right hand, when they approached the Cherokee this time he walked directly to the left side of the ramp. He felt tension on the leash as Kaiser hesitated, but then he heard Roger softly say in an enticing voice, "Kaiser, come. There's a treat here." Out of the side of his eye he saw Kaiser look up at Roger, saw his nostrils twitch, and then Kaiser put a paw on the ramp.

"Good boy, Kaiser," Roger said in his most positive voice. He and the dog were looking at each other and he said a little more assertively, "Kaiser come." Jerrod tugged softly on the leash as Roger picked up and extended the treat. Kaiser put his other front paw on the ramp and then hesitantly moved forward. "Good boy," Roger cooed, slowly holding and then withdrawing the treat so Kaiser had to move up the ramp to get close to it. As he did, Jerrod said, "Kaiser, load."

They both saw Kaiser's ears flicker as he heard the second voice in command mode, and then watched as Kaiser realized walking up the ramp was no big deal, and the aroma of the treat got the better of him. Roger sat back on his knees with the treat, and when the dog had all four feet in the cargo area of the Cherokee, he gave him the treat, followed by a round of praise and patting.

Roger looked at Jerrod as he stroked the dog and said, "Good command choice. Now we've got to get him to unload."

They carefully turned Kaiser around in the cargo area, so he was facing the ramp and Jerrod grinned at his boyfriend. "'Unload' sounds so similar to 'Load' that I wonder if he'll be able to tell them apart?"

Roger grinned. "It probably doesn't matter. He'll hear the 'load' part and pretty quickly will figure out if he's looking up the ramp or down it."

Jerrod stepped back to the foot of the ramp with a loose leash and pulled a treat out of his pocket. Kaiser watched him carefully, and then Jerrod said, "Kaiser, Unload," and tugged slightly on the leash. The dog's eyebrows wrinkled, and he hesitated for a moment and then started down the ramp.

Jerrod met him at the bottom on his knees and pulled him into a close embrace. "Good boy, Kaiser. What a smart boy." He looked up at Roger and grinned. "One more time, or do you think this is enough?"

"I think one more is fine. I'll move away from the rear door, and we'll see if he got the basic message."

Jerrod walked Kaiser away from the Cherokee and when they came back, Jerrod again walked to the left side of the ramp as he said, "Kaiser, Load." The dog moved onto the ramp and momentarily hesitated. Jerrod gave his leash a very soft tug as Roger called him from inside the Cherokee. That's all it took, and the dog happily walked up the ramp.

Kaiser got another treat and much praise as the boys looked at each other and grinned. "Enough for now," Roger said. "That was a great start. Let's unload him and then you need to take me home."

When they walked back in the house, they filled David in on how it went, and he grinned slyly and said, "Chloe and I watched through the window. You boys did a great job." He scratched behind Kaiser's ears and added, "And you are a very smart dog."

Twenty minutes later, as they were approaching Roger's house, Jerrod took his boyfriend's hand and said, "I'm sorry I was so uptight. I don't know what's wrong with me."

Roger kissed the back of Jerrod's hand as they pulled over to the curb. "Stop worrying about it. Like I said, it's 'cause you care so much."

"Well, yeah, there's that, but I was being a dick. You had to tell me we aren't in the Army, remember."

Roger nodded and kissed the back of his hand again."What do you think is going on?"

"I don't know… I mean, I've just been so worried, that's all."

"Worried about what?"

Jerrod was looking out the windshield, but then turned to look at Roger. "Well, it's the first time something has gone wrong, his first injury."


"And I guess I've been overreacting."

"About what?"

Jerrod paused, his eyes moistening as the emotion appeared on his face. "That I'd lose him. I know it's totally stupid. It's a fucking shoulder injury, not cancer or something." He stopped and the beginning of tears appeared. "I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm so emotional about this."

Roger pulled him close to him and kissed the side of his head and said softly, "Wasn't he the dog that chose to come sleep on your bed? The one that sent you the message that you were okay when you were going through all that shit in your life? Kaiser was a kind of pivot in your life. At least that's the way I see it. His coming onto your bed that night changed your life, didn't it? I know if it hadn't happened you would have gone home to New Jersey after ski camp, and we never would have met. You wouldn't be living with David and Jackson; I never would have met you and I wouldn't have the best boyfriend in the world."


"Jerrod. Quit being embarrassed. Think about it. Kaiser was a pivot in your life. That's pretty fucking important. It's no wonder you're so concerned. And like you said, it's his first injury so it has to be scary."

Jerrod was silent and finally Roger said, "Are you okay?"

It took a couple of seconds, but finally Jerrod said between sobs, "That's what it is. I've been so scared. I haven't been this scared since you went through your epilepsy thing, and I thought I was going to lose you."

Roger pulled him close and kissed his neck as he said, "Let it out. Mom always tells me crying is good sometimes."

It didn't go on long and then Jerrod swallowed and wiped his eyes and said softly, "Thank you, selle. No one else would understand like you do."

"Trust me, David and Jackson would too. I remember David talking about the gift of tears meaning a person is in touch with their emotions. I think you were just projecting how you'd feel if something really bad happened, but the good news is that something really bad hasn't happened. Instead, you got a lesson in how important Kaiser is to you and how deeply you care about him."

Jerrod turned Roger's head and kissed his lips softly and said, "And a lesson in how much I care about you too. I couldn't live without either one of you."

"I feel the same way. I don't think I could live without you, and probably not without Kaiser and Chloe either." He paused and wiped the tears from Jerrod's eyes and then kissed them softly. "Feeling better now?"

"Yeah, thanks for getting me in touch with what was really going on inside of me. It's kind of like the old days where I stuffed away my feelings. I guess I've still got work to do on that, huh?"

"Uh… yeah. But we can do that some other time. Let's do another ramp session tomorrow after school, okay? Then we can take the dogs to the park."

Jerrod nodded and kissed Roger's lips softly. "Deal. I totally love you. You know that for sure, don't you?" His eyes were still expectant and full of emotion.

Roger kissed his forehead and said softly, "I do for sure. Just the same way that I love you. Now, I need to ask you if you want me to run inside and get some clothes for tomorrow and go back home with you?"


"Yeah, I know… it's a school night, blah, blah, blah. My boyfriend needs to be held tonight, seems to me."

"Would you? I don't want to sound like a baby, but that would be really nice."

"Nice is good! Stay right here. My books and stuff are already here in the pack, and I'll just run in and tell Mom and Dad what's up and grab some clothes."

David and Jackson were preparing dinner when they got back. Both looked up in surprise as Jerrod and Roger walked in the kitchen door, and both dogs trotted over to say hello.

"To what do we owe this pleasant surprise?" David asked the question with a smile on his face.

Jerrod looked at him, "I had a kind of emotional moment and my boyfriend decided I needed to be held tonight. I'll tell you about it later. Can you handle one more for dinner?"

"Always. We're half an hour out. So, Roger, why don't you go start your therapy session and we'll give you a shout when were ready to eat."

Roger grinned knowingly and led Jerrod by the hand down the hall to their bedroom. He dropped his pack and small duffle inside the door and kept right on walking to the bed, where he turned and pulled Jerrod into his arms as they dropped onto the mattress.

"Let the therapy begin," he whispered softly as he nuzzled his lips below Jerrod's ear.

"You're the best, selle, totally the best."

They kissed and cuddled for some minutes, and then nodded off in each other's arms. They were roused from their nap when Jackson knocked on the door and called out, "Dinner's on, you guys. Come and get it."

It was a pleasant time with no conversation pressure, and it was halfway through dinner when Jerrod looked at David and Jackson and said, "So what happened is that I've been acting weird since Kaiser got injured. You saw that when I was kind of being stupid about the ramp. But my beautiful boyfriend here got me talking about it on the drive to his house and helped me get in touch with what was really going on. That I was scared. Afraid of something happening to Kaiser, of losing him, and that I was doing that emotional shutdown thing I used to do."

David and Jackson were quiet, knowing it was best to let the boys do the talking, but they glanced over at Roger. "He's been tense and kind of defensive, so I just asked myself what kind of questions my good friend David, the psychologist, would ask. It only took a couple and Jerrod described exactly what he just said."

The older men looked back at Jerrod. David softly asked, "Do you want to tell us anything about that?"

"Basically, that I was overreacting because this isn't a major injury or illness, and I was going right to what would happen if it was and I lost him." They all watched Jerrod swallow hard, and then he added, "And then Roger got me connected with the reality that Kaiser was a pivot in my life. That night when he came to sleep with me, and the next day you guys told me that he was telling me that I was okay." His eyes were moist as he relived the event.

"I remember it well," Jackson said softly. "He was absolutely right too. You're one of the good guys, and there's nothing wrong with you connecting with those emotions, that's for sure."

"In fact," David added, "doing so is very healthy. At the basic level there's the fact that humans outlive dogs. Beyond that is the emotional connection you have with Kaiser, and that's intertwined with your relationship with Roger. And, I'll just add as a therapist, seeing that you have no qualms about sharing the emotions is a very healthy thing. The very fact that you could tell yourself that you were reverting to how you used to emotionally shut down is a pretty good indicator that you're on top of it."

Jerrod was quiet, then said simply, "Thanks, you guys. You're the best."

They talked a little longer and then Jackson said, 'Why don't you two take the dogs out for a short walk while we do the dishes and clean up. Leave Kaiser's brace on, and if they need to go out again later, I'll handle that." Then he looked at Roger and said, "I'm guessing your boyfriend needs some special loving tonight." He was wiggling his eyebrows and grinning.

Roger grinned back knowingly, and replied, "I agree. First, though, I've got to text Matt, so he picks me up here on the way to campus tomorrow."

When they got back from walking the dogs, they chatted with David and Jackson for a few minutes and then Roger announced, "Loving time! Come on, liebling," and then led Jerrod down the hall to their room.

Jerrod had been following Roger's lead, and that continued as they walked in and shut the door. He felt himself pulled into Roger's embrace and heard soft kissing on first one ear, then the other, then a long slow lick up the side of his neck. He shuddered and then heard Roger say, "You use the bathroom first, then I'll follow. Then I'm coming back here looking for my boyfriend, and I have plans for him."

"You do?" Jerrod tried to sound serious.

"I do, but I promise you're going to love every bit of it." He grinned lasciviously and wiggled his eyebrows before he passionately kissed Jerrod.

When Roger walked back into the bedroom, Jerrod was just where he wanted him. Lying naked on the bed, his legs slightly spread apart and his arms resting by his side. He was still slightly pink from the hot shower, so Roger knew he was clean, relaxed and prepared. Their eyes met, a soft smile formed, and Jerrod watched Roger slowly approach the bed, loving the view of his lithe form and damp blonde hair.

Roger climbed up from the foot of the bed, moving up between Jerrod's legs which he spread further apart. Then he clambered over Jerrod's legs so that his knees were on either side of his hips, and as Roger sat back on his upper thighs, his flaccid and uncut cocky settled directly above Jerrod's, resting in his pubic hair.

Jerrod grinned. "I like this kind of therapy a lot already."

"You like the therapy, or you like my cock?" Roger grinned back conspiratorially.

"I love your cock and I like the therapy. There! Does that help?"

"It tells me all I need to know," Roger said softly. He leaned forward and passionately kissed Jerrod, sliding his arms under his boyfriend's shoulders so that his hands were below Jerrod's neck and could pull his head forward. Their tongues danced sensuously as Roger massaged the back of Jerrod's neck, and he could feel Jerrod harden beneath him.

"I realized that we make love a lot, in a lot of different ways, and it's all great. But I also realized that it's been a long time since I showed you how much I love your body. Your whole body. A long time since I went really slowly and made you understand how sexy you are and just how much you mean to me. A long time since I kissed you all over."

"Yeah? I wasn't aware of that."

"That's my point. I've been taking some things for granted, and I'm going to fix that now. But first you've got to accept that it's therapy and it's being given to you, so your job is to receive it." Roger paused, then slowly leaned forward and kissed Jerrod again, and then said, softly, "I'm going to kiss you all over, so I need you totally relaxed."

"Uhmmmm!" Then Roger felt Jerrod spread his arms and legs wide on the bed.

"Good boy," Roger whispered as he leaned up and rubbed his nose into Jerrod's hair, inhaling deeply and smelling that deep aroma that was Jerrod mixed with the shampoo he'd just used in the shower. He kissed Jerrod's forehead and feeling his eyes close, he kissed both of them, feeling the lashes caress his lips. He let his lips slide down Jerrod's nose and when they dropped down to his lips, he found them partly open. He sank into them, thrusting his tongue in and being met with a passionate response. He made his tongue dive deep inside, dancing with Jerrod's tongue and sucking it forward into his mouth.

He could feel his own cock hardening now, resting above Jerrod's hard cock on his smooth stomach. The kissing was so animated and passionate that he wanted to stay, but instead he left Jerrod's hot mouth and licked down his neck and onto his collar bone. He felt Jerrod shudder just as a thought flashed through his brain about Jerrod having a collar bone while Kaiser didn't. But he banished the thought and licked out over the shoulder of Jerrod's right arm, kissing and licking down the upper surface to his hand, then kissing every finger. He could see a soft smile on Jerrod's lips.

He returned up the underside of his forearms, paused to lick the inside of Jerrod's elbow, which elicited another shudder. Then he licked and kissed up to Jerrod's armpit, where he paused to lick again and was happy to feel that he'd generated a stronger shudder. He licked again and it tasted of Jerrod. No antiperspirant, no salt, just pure boy – the boy he loved dearly.

Jerrod had been groaning softly, but the assault on his armpit brought a deeper sound from him, followed by "Oh, selle!" He tried to raise his arm to stroke Roger's face, but Roger softly said "No, you're getting loved now, so stay still," and pushed the arm back down to the bed.

Roger licked across Jerrod's collar bone and repeated the oral caressing down and back up his other arm. Kissing and licking his other armpit brought an even deeper groan from Jerrod, and Roger grinned to himself when he felt Jerrod shudder again, knowing he was connecting with some deep and sensuous pathway.

He allowed his tongue to move up onto Jerrod's chest and move to explore first one, then the other hard and protruding nipples. He sucked and softly nibbled on each only to hear the groans intensify and his boyfriend's body involuntarily wiggle on the bed. He realized his hands had been stroking Jerrod's sides and he worried that he might be tickling him, so he slid them down to Jerrod's hips and let his lips and tongue follow the line from Jerrod's sternum across his abdomen until it encountered his treasure trail. As soon he became aware of his tongue in the soft dark hair that stretched from Jerrod's navel down to his pubes, he felt himself harden further. He dearly loved this part of his boyfriend's body and was aware of an almost desperate urge to just drop further right then and take that wonderful cock into his mouth.

That was not the purpose tonight, though, so he consciously bypassed the now throbbing cock standing erect from Jerrod's dark pubic bush, and let his tongue settle on the inside of Jerrod's right thigh. Not silky, but smooth and warm and virtually free of hair, which in Jerrod's case began below his knees. He caressed and licked his way down to Jerrod's knee, letting his hands follow on the outside of his boyfriend's leg. Down, across the strong calves, across the top of his foot and then kissing every toe on this foot. Then he moved over to the other foot and began to move up Jerrod's left leg.

By the feel of his legs, Roger knew that Jerrod was now completely relaxed, and as he kissed and licked his way up above Jerrod's left knee, he knew exactly what Jerrod would expect was about to occur next. So, he expected that Jerrod would be surprised when he softly said, "Turn over," accompanied by a turning movement from his hands on Jerrod's hips. Jerrod, caught by surprise said "What?" Then he turned as Roger sat back on his knees.

His eyes glowed as he watched Jerrod settle face down, having to adjust his cock for it lay flat between his stomach and the bed. Jerrod's legs were now spread wide enough apart to let Roger view his next goal. He kissed and licked the top of his crack and then up his spine and he ran his hands up and down his firm back. When he returned to the top of Jerrod's crack, he spread the round buttocks apart, watching with pleasure as the rosebud come fully into view.

Roger and Jerrod trusted each other totally, and he could see that by just how relaxed Jerrod was, completely going with the flow of what was happening to him. Roger leaned forward and kissed and then licked the small cleft and the base of Jerrod's spine, and then extended the attention across one and the the other buttocks before beginning to slip his tongue down Jerrod's crack.

He heard Jerrod groan deeply and gutturally as he wiggled against the bed, and spread his cheeks apart so he could bury his face between them and put his tongue to work on Jerrod's pucker. The thoughts flashed through Roger's mind: Clean; Jerrod's taste; my love. Then he felt it relax and open. Pure joy.

He wasn't done, though, grasping Jerrod's hips and lifting them up a little so he could run his tongue down his boyfriend's perineum to the back of his scrotum. He heard another deep groan and knew it was as much a lament that his tongue had moved on, as it was one of pleasure. Knowing he would be driving Jerrod to higher levels of passion, he soon moved his tongue back to Jerrod's pucker, holding his hips slightly as he went to work, and this time feeling his boyfriend push back on his tongue. He pushed it in as far as it would go, actively striving for as much stimulation as possible.

He heard Jerrod's groans intensify and so he softly pulled back and then guided him to turn over once more. Jerrod's cock stood hard and proud, leaking precum, which Roger gently licked from the head. He leaned forward, looking into Jerrod's expectant eyes and whispered, "I love you more than life itself."

He watched Jerrod mouth the words, "Me too." Then he slowly settled back between Jerrod's legs and put one and then two fingers in his mouth, moving them around to cover them with saliva. He watched Jerrod's eyes widen and a smile of anticipation appear on his lips. Roger then put his finger against Jerrod's pucker, slowly circling and then slipped his middle finger in, reaching for his prostate. He heard the sensual groan when he made contact, and felt Jerrod's hips rise slightly off the bed. He stroked softly, and when Jerrod had settled back onto the bed, he positioned himself to continue his prostate massage as he took his boyfriend's hard cock into his mouth.

Jerrod let out a moan of pure joy. Roger didn't expect him to last long now, and he was right. Within two minutes Jerrod's hips rose off the bed, his cock fucking itself into Roger's mouth as his orgasm began. As soon as Roger felt the first shots of cum hit the back of his mouth, he slipped his finger out and with both hands held Jerrod's hips up off the bed as he finished.

In short order he felt Jerrod collapse onto the bed, and he softly stroked his stomach as he came down from his orgasm. Then he slowly crawled up until he was laying on top of him, kissing the side of his face.

"Oh my god, Roger. What you did! You have no idea. I've never… " The sentence trailed off as Jerrod wrapped his arms around his lover and pulled him tightly against him

Roger chose silence rather than words, and simply wrapped his arms around Jerrod and kissed the side of his face.

Jerrod wasn't sure if he'd nodded off or not, but when he came back to full consciousness, he felt a deep and abiding peace. He understood completely that the peace part was the kind that followed the sexual release he'd just experienced, and that it had been brought about by the lover whom he was holding in his arms. He opened his eyes to find himself looking into a pair of bright blue ones that were looking back at him.

He felt the smile begin on his lips and widen as they looked at each other, and then he leaned forward and kissed Roger's lips. "Did I fall asleep?"

"Just for a minute. It was pretty to watch you become so at peace."

"Peace. That's what I felt when I came to. The kind of peace from such an intense orgasm and being loved so intensely, because both came from the same person. You." Jerrod was holding Roger with one arm and stroking his chest with the hand of the other.

"Well, you know how much I love you," Roger said softly, "and you did cum hard. Was it good therapy?"

"I told you, you have no idea!" A wry smile formed on Jerrod's lips, and he continued, "It seemed like the best ever… but maybe because I needed some therapy!" He grinned teasingly as his hands were stroking down onto Roger's stomach and into the top of his pubes and onto the base of his cock.

"You're not hard anymore." He made the statement sound like a mix of fact and surprise.

"Well, I was watching you, and it was almost as if I got off too. It sure looked intense!"

"It was." Jerrod's right hand was now stroking Roger's cock, softly rolling the foreskin back off the head. "I see you're coming to life." His eyes glistened as he said it.

"Sure am. There's something about your touch."

"Yeah?" Jerrod reached up and wet his fingertips and thumb with saliva and reached back down to Roger's cock and swirled his wet finger around the head. "How's that touch feel?"

Roger shuddered and then replied, "I think the word is amazing. You can keep doing that all night."

"That would be nice, but you know it's not going to happen. I want to give you something now, but I also need something."


"Yeah. You made me feel so amazing, it's my turn to make sure you do too. It's only fair, don't you think?"

Roger leaned forward and kissed Jerrod and said softly, "I'm not arguing with you about that."

"Good. See how nice and hard you are now. It's probably a good thing you had a little rest with me, because I want you inside me. As deep inside me as you can get. I want to feel you so deep in me that it's like we become one."

"Geez, liebling. When you say it that way..."

"I'm serious. I want you to cum like I did a little while ago, but I'm desperate for you to fuck me. I need to feel you inside me and feel that magic when your cock does that final lengthening and the head swells just before you cum. That's when I'm full. Full of my selle and one with my selle."

"I like the sound of that."

"And I want the feeling of what happens next, when you come inside me. When you shoot your hot cum as deep inside me as you can."

"If you keep talking like that, liebling, I'm going to cum right here in your hand."

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