Kaiser's Pavilion

by Bensiamin

Chapter 1

This story picks up kind of where Kaiser's Rodeo leaves off. Some aspects of the story and the character's experiences will be clearer if you've read that story first (or the entire Kaiser series, for that matter!), but it's not required. Four young couples deeply in love and two Golden Retrievers—surely a match made in heaven!

Kaiser's Pavilion

Nate woke on Sunday morning in the place he loved to find himself as he began a new day—on his side spooned back against Michael's chest, a warm and loving arm over his side, and the feel of soft and warm breath stirring the nape of his neck. Michael being a year older and just a little taller, it was a comfortable fit.

It had been an amazing weekend. His boyfriend had come down to Portland from Pendleton, and Michael's twelve-month check had come back clear—no sign of recurring cancer. They'd had a terrific celebration dinner party at David and Jackson's with their friends and family. Afterwards, Michael and Nate had made love in an amazingly passionate and sensuous way, both realizing that it was their last night together for some time.

Nate ran the tape of the entire weekend in his mind, and as he reached the end felt Michael stir. He realized that he was probably the cause, due to his growing hard on as he thought back on the previous night's sex.

He heard the words softly whispered in his ear. "Feels like my boyfriend's hot to trot this morning."

Nate giggled, then said, "I was thinking about last night, and it was so hot I just got excited again."

He felt Michael's fingers exploring as they moved down his stomach, into his pubes and then stroking the base of his cock. Then he heard, "You are excited. Full attention. Good for you!"

"I can feel your cock hardening too. We don't have to get up right away and rush this morning. Can we just stay here for a while. I want you to hold me as long as you can. You are leaving this afternoon, you know."

"I know, and we will. Matt told us to sleep in, remember? I've got to go pee, then you should, then maybe we kind of nod off a little more… and then somehow starting the day with a sixty-nine seems incredibly appropriate to me."

They fell asleep for a while afterwards, then made love, and when they'd showered and had come down for breakfast, they found Nate's mom reading the newspaper. She glanced up brightly and said, "Good morning, sunshines! You two look all fresh and rested up."

Nate happily said, "We are. Thanks, Mom. Thanks for everything."

She nodded and then said, "Matt and Jessica are studying together today, but he said to make sure you understand that he'll be back early afternoon to say goodbye," and here she looked at Michael, "before you head home. So, what do you want for breakfast? What are your plans for the day?"

The conversation was light over breakfast and Nate asked if they could take the station wagon to drive to Oak Bottoms Park and take a long walk. "Jerrod told us we should have some alone time this weekend, and I didn't think it mattered… but now I realize it's important. Is that okay?"

He looked at his mom, then to Michael and back. Michael was grinning, and Nate's mom said, "I think that's a wonderful idea. Be back here by two o'clock, though. I'll have some sandwiches made for you for lunch, and then there'll be plenty of time to get organized before Jerrod and Roger pick you up to take you to the train station."

They had a pleasant and peaceful walk, much of which was in silence where they appreciated just being together out in nature. When they did talk, a lot of it was about next steps, how they'd get through the year with Michael living in eastern Oregon and Nate in Portland, and Michael's hope to start college in Portland so they could be together during Nate's senior year in high school.

They'd had lunch and were packing Michael's duffle bag when they heard Matt come down the hallway. He leaned in the doorway to Nate's room.

"Everything under control?"

"Pretty much."

He looked at the two boys. "I can see the packing is under control. I mean are the emotions under control?"

Michael and Nate looked at each other and both could feel the impact of the question, and both felt some moistening in their eyes. Matt walked into the room and swept them both into a huge hug.

"It's all good, you guys. You're supposed to feel this way. You're in love, remember? David keeps reminding me about being in love with Jessica when I start to get down." He paused as he felt both boy's arms embrace him. "Not to worry, though. You've both got the largest young love support group, and it's spread across the state, for God's sake! We're all here for you. It's going to work out. You've just got to get through the next nine months. I mean, it's so obvious you two are made for each other, it's not that long to be apart, and it's not like you won't be seeing each other at all."

"Thanks, bro. You're the best," Nate said softly into Matt's shoulder.

Michael smiled at him, "I've always wanted an older brother, and what's so great is I don't just have a terrific boyfriend, but he comes with a pretty cool older brother too!"

"Count on it! I'll be in the kitchen with mom when you're ready."

They finished the packing and were lounging on Nate's bed when they heard the doorbell ring. It obviously was Jerrod and Roger, and they were all together in the kitchen when Nate and Michael came down.

Nate and Matt's mom watched them walk into the kitchen and saw the almost sad expressions. She smiled at them and said, "Now, listen up you two. No downcast faces. No all bummed out behavior. You lovebirds just had a great weekend together and spent time with your best friends. Michael got a clear result on his check up, and you know we're all in this together. It's the middle of Fall quarter, so it's just the rest of the school year to get through."

"Thanks, Mom. Matt gave us a pep talk a few minutes ago, too, so just thanks."

Michael was quiet, and Jerrod looked at him and said, "Your chauffeur service is ready to depart and usher you to Union Station. If you're really good, we'll let you make out in the back seat."

"No way. They're not making out next to me."

Jerrod looked at Matt and grinned. "So, you're coming with us to the station?"

"Sure am!" He looked at his mom and then Jerrod and Roger, and then said, "These two look like they need some kind of life support to get them through. And, who better than me to harass… I mean… coax them into understanding that everything's going to be just fine?"

Nate rolled his eyes, and then Michael said goodbye to Nate's mom, and they all trooped down to the Cherokee waiting at the curb hat had two Golden Retrievers in the rear cargo area.

"It always amazes me," Nate's mom said, "that they both stay in the back where they're supposed to, and don't jump over onto the seats."

"It's their space," Roger replied. "They know their space, and that they can only move up when the seats are down. That doesn't mean they don't lean over the seat backs and spend a lot of time giving people tongue baths… but that's another story."

Nate's mom gave Michael a hug after he'd put his duffle bag and pack in the rear with the dogs, and watched as they all got into the Cherokee and then pulled away. The conversation was light as they headed toward downtown, and eventually Roger turned to look at Michael and said, "There was so much we wanted to talk about while you were here that we never got around to. You know, all the things that went on during the summer and that's going on at school and stuff."

"No worry, Roger. I think we covered all the important stuff."

Jerrod grinned wryly and then looked at Michael in the rearview mirror. "I don't think we told you what Matt and Jessica started doing this summer with Sean, did we?"

Michael looked suspiciously at his boyfriend's older brother. "This has to be good, right. You've all told me what a cool kid he is."

Matt laughed. "Of course, it's good. I told Jessica about him and how I'd started meeting him at the park with these guys and the dogs last spring during school. It was harder with me working full time during the summer, but I made it on a couple of Thursdays and then about every other one, but Jessica came with me the second time. She's going to be a coach and started talking to him about what else he liked to do. She found out he really likes basketball… like he's an addict, but he's got cerebral palsy, so he can't run and dribble all that well, but he loves basketball. Anyway, she told him that we'd start working with him."


"Yeah, I know! She committed both of us, but what could I do. She's my girlfriend and she wanted to help and I'm his friend and I want to help… so, you know… what it ended up being was that we'd pick him up a couple of evenings per week during the summer and do basketball drills and stuff."

"But wait. You played baseball and football, and skied. What do you know about basketball? And doesn't Jessica play volleyball?"

"Yeah, she's a killer volleyball player. Her team won state championship. But she also played basketball. I'm only as good at basketball as the average guy, but we had fun and could help him develop."

"Wow! That's so cool. I'm way impressed." Michael looked at Nate. "Did you know about this?"

"I found out when I got home from your place at the end of summer. It didn't seem like that big a deal, but it is pretty cool, don't you think?"

Roger added, "It was beyond cool. It kind of like added another dimension to Sean's life." He paused and looked at Michael and Nate. "What are the plans for Thanksgiving or Christmas?"

"We don't know yet," Nate said, looking at his boyfriend. Michael glanced at him and then back at Roger. "We want to get together for both, but we've got to work it out with the parents, you know."

They were pulling into Union Station and Jerrod stopped at the curb by the front entrance. He leaned over the seat and looked at Nate. "Are you going to insist on walking him inside?"

"Of course, I'm not just giving him a hug on the sidewalk." He sounded insulted.

"Well, okay! And, Michael, don't forget to say goodbye to Kaiser and Chloe."

"Like that'd ever happen! Thanks for the ride both ways. You guys are all the best. I'll call when I get home." All the humans got out of the Cherokee and gave Michael a goodbye hug. When he opened the rear door, he pulled the dogs in for a close and tight embrace before he retrieved his bags, then they all watched Nate and Michael disappear into the railway station.

"These midterms are going to kill me!"

"Why's that, Matt? Yours can't be any worse than mine."

"Well, the difference is you did well in high school and learned how to study. I'm having to learn how to study while I go to college and do a ton of extra reading to kind of like make up."

"Poor boy." Roger grinned at him.

"I know, I'm just whining now. It's really great having you and Kim. Between the two of you, you're in a lot of the same classes I am and are really helping me out."

"Jerrod and Eric are a team, too, at Lewis and Clark."

"Yeah, but all you guys are A students to start with, and neither of them started college behind the eight ball, like me."

"Okay, but we've all got our own hurdles to get over. Anyway, you're now ahead of us in other ways. As in, you made lots more money working construction last summer than any of us did, and you bought your own car. For which we thank you every day you drive us to campus, and especially those days we make financial contributions to helping you pay for gas." Roger gave him a wry grin.

"It was a good summer, that's for sure. And having my own wheels makes a huge difference."

"I'm sure, and not just on the getting to work part of life," Roger quipped, "but on the romance side as well, right?"

Matt grinned. "For sure. It's way better for a date than driving mom's station wagon." He paused, "Oh, and speaking of driving freedom, Nate told me that Michael got the green light from his parents to come down here for Thanksgiving. And he's going to drive the Scout."


"Yeah. I'm pretty sure his parents knew it was going to happen for one of the holidays, and it was easier and safer to say yes to Thanksgiving."


"Well, Christmas is more a family gathering and all the gifts and stuff. Also, the weather is way better around Thanksgiving and that matters if he's driving the Scout down to Portland and back from eastern Oregon. There's mountains and the Gorge and stuff."

"Is it safe? Will it make the drive?"

Matt laughed. "Well, it won't be a fast drive, that's for sure. But he's kept working on it according to Nate, and his dad's mechanic friend has been working with him and says it's mechanically sound. I mean they put on new brakes and tires, and did all that other work during the summer and Michael's done more since. So, it sounds like it. We'll see. Who knows, maybe he'll call in a panic and Jerrod will have to drive halfway to Pendleton and tow him into Portland if it breaks down!"

"That probably wouldn't be too much fun."

"No, but shit happens. Hopefully not this time. What time is Jerrod picking you up?"

"In about an hour. He dropped me off after we worked the dogs at the hospital, then did his studying, but wants to spend some personal time together. So, we've got time to get through the main parts of the rest of the chapters in this algebra text and then spend some time doing equations."

"Okay. I need the help with the equations. Then after that I've got to spend some reading time in English Lit."

An hour later they heard Matt's mom answer the front door, and then Jerrod come down the hall. He leaned in the doorway. "You boy's all studied up and ready for tomorrow's tests?"

"Wipe that grin off your face," Matt replied. "I've still got work to do. I think I'll do okay, though, thanks to Roger and Kim."

"Cool. We're counting on you getting good grades thanks to your Portland State support team. You sure have worked hard enough at it. David and Jackson are impressed."

Matt just smiled back, almost shyly. "David keeps telling me that when we meet, and I've gotten to the point I can accept it at face value. You know though, that they also set huge expectations we've all got to live up to, right?"

"Sure do. Even though they don't intentionally lay that academic guilt trip on you, the expectations are still there. Still, they don't ride you about it like they ride us. They act like they're our parents or something!"

That brought a round of laughter, and then Matt said, "We've got news. Nate told me Michael's coming down for Thanksgiving. That means he'll be back in a couple of weeks. Has he called you yet?"

Jerrod shook his head in reply and then added, "He usually calls on Sunday nights, so probably later. That's very cool." He looked at Roger who was loading textbooks and his workbooks into his pack. "You ready to roll, selle? I've got almost all my studying done, but I want to have some time with you before I have to go home and do a little more reading."

Matt grinned at Roger wryly. "You're at home this weekend? Parents still won't let you move in with Jerrod?"

"No, and I get it. I mean they want me home more than every once in a while, and we've figured out how to make it work with staying at each other's house every other weekend, but living together is what we want eventually."

"Good luck with that. I'm way envious 'cause you know my scene with Jessica. You gay guys don't seem to have to live up to the same standards of social behavior."

"If you just mean the having sex part, then it seems like it," Jerrod said with a salacious grin, "at least there's that part. We figure we'll have to threaten Roger's parents that we're going to get our own apartment next year if they don't lighten up. We thought they'd go for us pretty much living at David and Jackson's because of the two dogs, but they don't want to let go of their little schatzy!" He grinned affectionately at his boyfriend. Then he added, "And I get it, they love their son and I know my parents miss me a lot, so… we'll just have to work through it."

He paused, trying to appear thoughtful as he looked at Matt. He was suppressing a grin, but then said, "It's not like we have a tough living situation, like you say. And we do get to get it on when we want to. If you and Jessica decided to live together, what could her parents do? It would solve two problems at once for you guys!"

"You don't know her parents that well! They're great people and I like them a lot, but they're pretty traditional."

Jerrod grinned back in sympathy, then said, "That sounds like my parents. I know they don't condone the sex we're having, but like you said, it's easier for us." He changed the subject, "Did Roger tell you about the pavilion?"

Matt shook his head and looked at Roger.

"When we were at the hospital today, we found out about a construction project that got started last summer is going to take out some of the courtyard in the center of the hospital. You know, the one back by the elevators. That's where the outside pavilion is located that we all use to rest the dogs and give them a break out of the weather when they're working. They don't know if there'll be a tent up this winter or what, but it could be a total mess"'

Roger shouldered his pack, and they headed down the hall, stopping at the door to Nate's room. Jerrod and Roger leaned in the doorway and encouraged him about his homework. "You are one lucky dude," Roger said. "Only two weeks and then your boyfriend gets to come visit you. What a deal."

Nate just grinned. "I guess I'm living right, don't you think?"

They waved goodbye, said the same to Matt's mom and headed down to the Cherokee.

When they got to Roger's house, they spent a few minutes with his mom, then retreated to Roger's room. Roger dropped his pack by the desk as he headed for the bed, pulling Jerrod by the hand behind him. "Can we just snuggle for a while?"

Jerrod settled down beside him, kissing his neck and feeling Roger's longish blonde hair rub on his face. "Sure. With you it's as good as sex," he said softly.

"Not that I'm ever not up for sex with you," Roger softly replied, "but it was a pretty great weekend at your place. Meaning I suppose one would describe it as a multiple orgasm weekend. Now that I've got the midterms to face mainly apart from you it's way different from when we were in the same school, and I was riding with you to school, and we were taking a lot of the same classes and could study together… and I just want to hold you close. Is that okay?"

"Just how I feel, actually. Did I tell you how much I love you last night between all the groaning and gyrating?"

"You did! You're a pretty vocal lover, in all the good ways. Not at all the guy I met the summer before last who was so uptight."

"That was a long time ago," Jerrod whispered back as his tongue danced on Roger's ear, "on a planet far, far away. Now I know who I am, have found my soulmate who turns out to be a pretty fab boyfriend, we've both got two great uncles in David and Jackson, and we have those two dogs to keep us honest and in touch with our emotions."

"All true." Roger was silent for a few seconds, then said, "I love it when you're in touch with your emotions. Meaning you tell me how you're really feeling. We can be so honest about ourselves with each other, don't you think?"

"Oh yeah," Jerrod softly growled into Roger's ear. "I especially love telling you how I feel when I'm deep inside you and it feels like my whole life is centered in that one point of contact between us."

Roger giggled and said, "It feels that intense for me, too, you know. I wonder if the sex is as good for other couples? It can't be for most, do you think? I mean most parents don't want it to happen or deny their kids are gay. Even for straight kids like Matt and Jessica it's tough. Like David says, most families are embarrassed to talk about sex, and most kids don't have families like ours who accept us and understand that sex is part of the relationship."

Jerrod's hand had been rubbing Roger's groin and he said, "That's for sure. I thought I understood how sex fit into the program with a lover when we got together, but I really had no idea how good it could be, how intense, the way it makes us more and more one."

"Yeah," Roger whispered huskily, "it takes the idea of soulmates to a different level. And, if you keep rubbing my cock like that, I'm going to cum in my pants."

"Can't have that," Jerrod chuckled. "I guess I'll just have to say goodbye to little Roger in person." He undid the snap on Roger's jeans and lowered the zipper, then carefully pushed them down Roger's hips. "There he is, in all his glory!" He kissed Roger's lips as he slid back the remainder of Roger's foreskin and whispered, "He's beautiful, just like you. And he needs some personal attention."

Jerrod went to work on Roger's cock, and it quickly turned into a final sixty-nine to end the weekend.

They went to the kitchen before Jerrod left, and Roger's dad was there with his mom. They talked for a few minutes and informed them that it might be a big Thanksgiving dinner in as much as Michael was coming down from Pendleton.

"That sounds wonderful," Roger's mom said. "I'll call David and we can start some planning. It probably means dinner at David and Jackson's because they have the largest dining room, and that table can be lengthened to seat so many people. But we can all prepare part of the dinner. I'll coordinate with Matt and Nate's mom too. Does that sound good?"

"It sounds like a wonderful plan, Mom."

They talked briefly about the remaining homework to be done before class the next day, and then Jerrod was off home to finish his studying.

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