The Gulf and The Cove

by Rick Beck


A Rick Beck Story

Editor: Jerry W.

© OLYMPIA50 2018 all rights reserved

Thank you Jerry for your contribution to the Gulf series. For years you've helped to make my stories easier to read. Without your input there may have been no Gulf II, and now I've written Gulf III.




The Gulf series is dedicated to the young men and women of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland Florida.

You are the tip of the spear piercing the shield the demagogues hide behind.

Courage with poise creates legend.

Thank You.

Peace & Love,

Rick Beck


The Gulf & the Cove is a story about Ivan being home to stay. He has big plans for the cove but the old Bait Shop and a dozen slips in the marina hardly amount to the empire Ivan envisions.

Clay lets Ivan back into his life faster than he thought was possible. Ivan is saying the right things. He's making the right moves. This piece of Clay's life comes together but his career is coming apart. Recapturing his passion for the sea is impossible. On the rise as an expert on the Gulf of Mexico and things in the sea, Clay struggles to regain his momentum.

Ivan's plan for the cove takes shape, Clay doubts Ivan can pull off such an ambitious project but Captain Popov allies with Ivan.

Popov controls the cove and the businesses there but he can't control the unexpected spate of trouble. The cove has been a port in the storm far from the world that's always in troubles.

Ivan's instincts have him refusing to back away from danger. If more trouble is coming, he'll face it head on, but trouble has a habit of coming at you when your back is turned.

Popov's vigilance pays off. He isn't far away when trouble returns.

Will the Russian captain of the fishing fleet be able to save the people he loves?

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