Sea of Tranquility

by Rick Beck



When Levi first stood in front of Moony Brown's house, he'd thought he might stay for fifteen or twenty minutes - if they let him into the house at all. He didn't know he had a thing in common with Moony, once you got beyond the race they'd run against each other, but never would again.

Levi didn't have any close friends. His buds from school were just that, buds. They shared the private school experience, without wanting to discuss their feelings, or anything to do with a deeper meaning to life. Athletes weren't supposed to have feelings about anything but athletics.

On the first day he visited Terry, in the second or third hour they were together, Levi felt like he was getting to know Terry. They might have been from different worlds, but they were a lot alike inside. Levi felt a connection.

By the time Levi was pushing Terry across the finish line, being cheered on by his teammates, both boys felt like this was the beginning of a real good friendship.

The End of
Sea Of Tranquility

Happy Pride, 52 years on!

The fight goes on. Complete equality for all people the goal.

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