Yard Boy

by Backwoods Boy

Chapter 6

Like many businesses, Hernandez Landscaping sent out billing statements at the end of the month. That next Tuesday morning, Tiago stayed home to learn the process. It wasn't complicated - a matter of entering Diego's records into the computer, checking them carefully, and setting the process in motion. Some of the bills went out electronically. The rest were spit out of the printer, along with envelopes, after which Tiago prepared them for mailing.

While he was working, his phone rang. It was Carolyn, and after polite greetings, she got down to business.

"Not to rush you, but do you know when you'll be starting work on the Lockerbie contract?"

"We have the plants and supplies ordered. We expect them within a week, and then we'll start immediately."

"Excellent. Now, a non-business issue. Are you free tomorrow evening? Connor has a soccer game at six o'clock and asked if you would come."

"I'll be there."

"Thank you. I know he'll appreciate that. Now, what he doesn't know is that the coach and I are planning a surprise birthday celebration afterwards. Can you stay?"

"Of course."

"Great! And one more invitation, we're having a birthday barbecue and swim party for him at five o'clock on Saturday. We asked who he wanted to invite. You're included, of course. Can you make that?"

"I'll plan on it. Thanks for the invitations."

"Thank you for accepting them. I'll see you tomorrow."

When the billing was finished, Tiago had some questions for Juanita.

"Has Chico been in to do the paperwork?"

"When Carolyn called yesterday to approve of us hiring him, I sent her the forms to fill out and sign. I also reminded her to get him a work permit. We'll finish up on Monday morning."

"Did you order his uniform shirt yet?"

"Do you expect him to wear it?"

He grinned. "Of course. Diego will insist on it, and so will I."

"Do as I say, not as I do?"

The grin widened. "Uh-huh."

"I'm going to do that next."

"Could you have them put his name as Chico instead of Connor ?"

She laughed. "I was thinking the same thing."

"Can it be here by Saturday?"

"It's a local company, so we can have it by Friday. Why the deadline?"

"I wanna give it to him on Saturday as a birthday present."

Juanita smiled. "An excellent idea."

Tiago headed for the door to ride his bicycle to the morning job site. As he was leaving, Juanita handed him the outgoing mail.

"Please put these in the mailbox. And I have a request. Ricardo and I need to do some shopping tomorrow evening. Could you look after the boys?"

" Carajo! I just committed to... Wait a minute. Can I take them to a soccer game with a birthday party right afterwards?"

"Can you manage them in those situations? They can be a handful."

"The game will entertain them, and as for the party, they'll be the entertainment."

Juanita thought for about two seconds. "Yes, that will all work. You've looked after them often at home, so it shouldn't be a problem at the soccer field."

Tiago gave her a goodbye kiss. "Thanks. They'll have a good time - and so will I."

Carolyn had been surprised at Connor's four guest choices for his birthday barbecue. While most of his friends were celebrating with him at the soccer-team party, there were one or two from school she had expected him to invite.

His eighth-grade science teacher had declined due to other obligations. Carolyn suspected there might have been professional reasons too. Getting too close to a student outside of the school setting, especially at that age, could pose problems.

That he chose Tiago didn't surprise her. The connection was current, and Connor was enchanted with his new friend.

Including his long-time babysitter wasn't too surprising. They had a long history, and because Nick now worked for her husband, Connor still saw him occasionally, either at the office or at business social events at home. It was a choice Carolyn could have done without, but it was Connor's party.

His selection of Kenzo was the most intriguing. She'd seen them talking frequently while he worked around the pool, and swimming was a common interest. But apparently they were better friends than she had realized.

Only Tiago could be considered a peer, and even with Tiago there was more than a year difference. However, being a single child in a household with two professional parents, he'd become used to interacting with adults. Perhaps his choices were more reasonable than she had initially thought.

"We'll be back by seven-thirty. Have fun with the twins."

Tiago grinned. "By the time you pick them up, they'll be the team mascots. I guarantee it."

Delivered to the community soccer complex, the twins wore red shorts, the team color. Tiago took the boys by their hands and led them towards the playing field. In the pack on his back were supplies to entertain two four-year-olds for two hours, if necessary. Included were water, snacks, and a size-three soccer ball for their own use if they got tired of watching the game.

The game was already underway. Climbing to the top of the bleachers, their noisy arrival drew the attention of the team members' parents, including Carolyn who waved at them. Tiago waved back and smiled. Having determined the new arrivals were legitimate observers, the parents went back to watching the game.

Once seated, with a twin on each side, Tiago pointed out Connor, the goalie. That got their attention. No strangers to watching soccer games, they carefully watched the action, and cheered loudly, as did Tiago, each time Connor deflected a potential goal.

"Yeah, Chico! That's the way to go!"

The parents looked at one another in surprise. Tiago heard more than one mutter, "Chico?" He smiled to himself. Connor was going to take on a new personality before the afternoon was over.

At half-time, Tiago took the opportunity to wave at Connor. The boy's return wave and the excited grin on his face raised the curiosity of his teammates.

As the game continued, Tiago looked on with pride. His new buddy was a spectacular goalie. At the end of the game, the score was four to zero. The opposing team never scored.

After taking the congratulations of the other team, Connor's team came to the sidelines. Tiago hung back. The twins did not.

"Chico! Give me a horsey ride!"

It came from both of the boys. Connor swung Matias to his shoulders and turned to his closest teammate.

"Ethan, give Miguel a ride."

Ethan picked him up with a grin. The parents were all laughing. Now Tiago came forward. Connor shook his hand.

" Hola, Tiago. Cómo estás? "

Connor had been studying. Tiago would support his efforts.

" Estoy bien, Chico. Y tú? "

Connor got it quickly. " Estoy bien, gracias. "

Tiago pushed him a little further. " Un partido de fútbol excelente, amigo mío. "

It took a couple of seconds, but Connor got it. " Gracias, amigo. "

By this time they had everyone's attention. Ethan poked Connor in the ribs.

"Chico, who's your friend?"

Connor's nickname had been quickly adopted. He smiled. " Mi compadre, Tiago. "

Tiago knew where he'd learned that.

Ethan inquired. "What's a compadre ?"

Tiago responded. " Compadre can mean several things, but Chico means I'm his buddy. He could have said, mi mejor compadre , because we're best buddies."

From the expressions, they were all impressed, and most of them jealous. Regardless of sexual orientation, an outgoing, muscular guy like Tiago was an asset as a best friend.

Tiago glanced at Carolyn, who was quietly taking it all in with a very pleased smile as she preserved it for posterity with a camcorder.

The pizza delivery arrived, on schedule. The coach spoke up.

"Boys, I hate to interrupt, but besides your great playing today, we have something else to celebrate. As of today, our goalie is fifteen years old. "

The wide grin and the look of surprise on Connor's face verified the secret had been kept. Everyone cheered. As the pizza delivery boy placed his wares on a nearby table, Carolyn took over.

"Let's gather around the table, boys. Pizza and soft drinks are courtesy of your coach and me."

The twins' feet never touched the ground. Every member of the team wanted a turn, and as they consumed the pizza, they passed around the twins, both of whom were eating slices of their own.

When Ricardo and Juanita returned at seven-thirty as promised, the party was still in full swing. Tiago introduced them to Carolyn, and then stood back and observed. Like he'd told Connor, he liked to get some fun started and then just watch it happen. This was his greatest success so far, and he was loving every minute of it.

Lying naked on a chaise lounge by the pool, Connor basked in the warm morning sun. Half asleep, he barely heard Kenzo open the door to the pool shed and get out the cleaning equipment. When the pool boy turned on the hose to clean the enclosure, Connor sat up. It had been several days since his night with Tiago, and it no longer hurt to sit.

"Am I gonna be in your way?"

Kenzo smiled at him. "Not at all."

He worked in silence for a few minutes before continuing.

"Where's your white Speedo? I've never seen you without it."

"I couldn't find it this morning."

He watched until Kenzo's bare back was visible. Yes, the symbols were the same.

"It's cool that you have your name tattooed on your back that way."

Kenzo smiled. "How did you learn it's my name?"

Connor tried not to look too smug. "A little online research. I also know your name has eight meanings, depending on the symbol. Yours means humble ."

The kid had done his homework. Kenzo paused to reply.

"I'm impressed. That's a lot more effort than most people would go to."

Connor smiled. "I was interested."

He watched Kenzo work for a few minutes.

"How long have you been friends with Tiago?"

"Ever since he started spending summers here. Four years ago, I think."

"You must know each other very well by now."

"Yes, we've become very good friends."

Connor was silent, trying to figure out how to proceed.

"I think I saw you in a video recently. I recognized the tattoo."

Kenzo laughed. "You're pretty sharp, buddy. How did you like the video?"

Connor grinned. "It was hotter than hell."

"What did you like about it?"

Connor thought for a few moments. "I like the way you screwed him raw and hard the way he wanted it. I like your poster of Anton Hysen - he's one of my heroes. And I like that you know two languages."

Kenzo smiled. "Three. English, Spanish, and Japanese." He paused. "Did Tiago screw you hard?"

Connor grinned. "Yeah, he... Wait a minute. How did you know Tiago screwed me?"

Kenzo chuckled. "I didn't. But I do now."

"Smart ass. Yeah, he was rough, and it was great."

"Have you been screwed gently yet?"

"Well, no. My only experience was with Tiago."

"Maybe you need other experiences."

Connor smiled to himself. Now they were getting somewhere.

"Are you gentler than Tiago?"

Kenzo sat down on a chaise next to Connor.

"To answer your question, yes, I am. I'm also more than four years older than you - close to five. Stick with Tiago. You need to ask him to be more gentle and loving. I know he can do that, because I taught him how." Kenzo smiled. "And gave him a chance to practice."

"He screwed you too?"

"Oh, yes. We've had quite a bit of fun together the last couple of years."

Connor was silent for a long time. He'd hoped for more than advice, but he understood Kenzo's decision. He looked up with a smile.

"Thanks, Kenzo."

Kenzo put his hand on the younger boy's knee.

"You're welcome, buddy."

The committee meeting had served as a good excuse to get out of the house. It had been boring, perhaps more than usual because of what she had planned for afterwards.

Tiago's summer lodgings were exactly where Connor had described them in his enthusiastic report about his sleepover with his new buddy. Parking her car behind the shed, Carolyn carefully moved through the moonlight. A surprise visit appealed to her sense of adventure. Opening the door without knocking, she slipped quietly inside.

In the warmth of the shed, Tiago lay naked on top of the bedding, his hands behind his head. The only air conditioning was a faint breeze flowing between the open windows. The only light was the full moon shining directly on what she had come for.

He watched as she removed her clothes, still trying to remember the name of that book. As she joined him on the bed, it came to him - Lady Chatterley's Lover - that was it. Turning towards her, he kissed her on the lips.

"Welcome to my modest abode, your ladyship. Can your humble servant get you something to drink? A glass of wine, perhaps?"

She laughed. "No, I don't need a drink, thank you. You're not surprised I'm here?"

"Of course not. But you should have made a reservation. Sometimes there's a line."

She laughed quietly. "You're rather full of yourself, aren't you?"

He smiled. "So I've been told." He turned on his side and caressed her face. "But I'm sure you didn't stop by to discuss my ego."

She grasped his pole. "Not unless that's what you call this."

"No, that's the Mexican Burrowing Python, the source of my ego."

She laughed, and rolled over on top of him, grinding his pole between them.

"I want the snake inside me this time."

"My fingers and tongue weren't enough?"

She showered him with kisses. "Your fingers and tongue were excellent, but I want the real thing this time."

Smiling, he rolled her over on her back. "I'll be happy to take care of that."

She didn't seem interested in foreplay, so he went directly to the main event. Bracing his knees between her legs, he reached between them and positioned his pole. She moaned softly as he slowly slid it in and began to move inside her. His hips rocked rhythmically as he slowly pushed in, and then gently pulled back.

As her hands explored his back and arms, Tiago unhurriedly explored deep within her. For several minutes, their bodies moved together in a slow-motion dance of pleasure, their sexual excitement growing.

The tight grip on his back told Tiago her climax was approaching. Then a loud moan escaped her lips, and her hips pushed up seeking more of him. Smiling with satisfaction, he pushed in hard and filled her with jizz.

She leaned up and kissed him. "That was unbelievable. You could become a habit."

He grinned. "Hopefully, not a bad habit. Would you like that glass of wine now? I find that cold Chardonnay pairs well with hot sex."

She laughed out loud. "Yes, a glass of Chardonnay sounds good right now, if you actually have some."

He stood up. "I do. Cheap, but drinkable."

She sat on the edge of the bed while he pulled two wine glasses and the bottle out of the refrigerator.

"I'm sure the experts would say it's over-chilled, but I left my wine cooler in Ensenada."

She laughed. "Are you always this entertaining?"

He poured and handed her a glass. Sitting down beside her, he replied.

"Only after dark, and when engaged in an illicit sexual encounter."

"All of your sexual encounters are illicit."

"True. But some are more illicit than others."

They drank for several minutes in a silence enforced by a train going by. Once it had passed, Carolyn set down her glass on the table.

"How do you manage to sleep?"

He smiled. "You get used to it quickly. At least it doesn't sound its horn."

She reached for his pole and found it hard. "Are you ready for more illicit sex."

He set their empty glasses on the table. "If you wish."

She pushed him onto his back and straddled him.

"I want to ride it this time."

He put his hands behind his head, in the same position as she had found him, and smiled.

"I wondered when we'd get to that."

Sometime around midnight, she kissed him goodbye and departed as silently as she had arrived. He smiled to himself. Although he preferred to have Connor in bed with him, it had been an enjoyable evening - and once again profitable, considering the token of appreciation she'd left on the dresser.

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