Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 16


Charles looked at the boys and then at the camera.

"Well gentlemen.... We're waiting... As you can hear... and see... obviously Levi has some issues with going back to....!" Charles started to say.


"Precisely why we... Especially you two boys.... need to go back!" Rex interrupted.

"Huh?" Levi grunted.

"I want to see... to try and explain how.... Two boys... one from the late 1900s and one from 2014... ended up lying in the street of Gold Strike after a gun fight!" Rex explained.

"What the fuck?" Charles blurted out.

"Let me explain. The enhanced photo is coming to you right now. I was able to reconstruct the gun fight street photo you sent me.... The computer restoration is not perfect because the photo is not the greatest quality but... the software predicts with 75% certainty that the two images in that photograph taken 102 years ago by a reporter for the Arizona Journal Miner are indeed...... Levi and CJ!" Rex stated.

There was another silence in the room as Levi, CJ and Charles digested what Rex Stein had just said.

Charles opened a new window on the computer and there it was. It was obvious and could not be denied. CJ and Levi's faces were the two boys in the picture. Lying on the ground next to Levi was his back pack.

"Now let me ask you... Is that a back pack lying there next to Levi?" Stein asked, "And if it is... I think that's pretty obvious proof---!"

"Never mind the fucking back pack.... That IS me.. and that IS CJ!" Levi cried.

"Then we have another reason to go back there!" Charles said, "Or rather you two boys have a reason to go back... The rest of us have a need to.... end what has been going on there for over a Century!"

"End?" Levi asked.

"We have to seal up the cave. Blow the fuck out of it so no one else can ever.... Don't you see, Levi.... Fifty people vanished? You said there was evidence that people had been hanging out and partying at the cave.... From the beer cans and condoms and what not you said were there.... What if fifty people all got one way trips to.... who the fuck knows where? They might be trapped in time somewhere... unable to get back....!" Charles explained.

"So how DO they get back?" Levi asked.

"They probably won't get back! Ever!" Charles replied, "But we have to act to keep it from happening again! You were just the latest... And by good luck... the grace of a God or whatever.....!"

"And help from Hok'ee!" Levi interrupted.

"What's a 'Hok'ee?'" Rex asked.

"It's not a 'what,' ...He's a 'who!'" Levi replied.

"Oh!" Rex mumbled.

"Anyway.... You were lucky.... Levi.... you could have been stuck there forever.... But for some reason... Because you're smart.... You figured it out... You had help... You were motivated by finding CJ... What-the-fuck ever..... YOU lucked out and got back to where you belong.... And you brought the boy you wanted with you!" Charles finished.

Levi smiled at CJ.

Charles turned to the young boy, "CJ.... I.... I.... I am so sorry for ever doubting your story.... And you too, Levi... It all sounds so incredible.... But... I do now believe every word of it... And CJ.... you are such an important part of Levi's life now.... You can rest assured I will do whatever it takes to help you adjust to your new life here!"

CJ and Levi started crying when Charles made his promise.

"So do I understand correctly that we actually have a living.... breathing..... person from the late Nineteenth Century right here now?" Rex asked.

"YES!" Levi and Charles replied.

There was another silence in the room.

"Well if you want to seal the cave up then Randy Owens is your man!" Milo suggested.

"I'm already contacting him now! I want to put together an expedition with all of us... Say in a week or so.... Randy can do whatever pre-trip reconnaissance is necessary and we can end the terror of Gold Strike once and for all!" Charles suggested.

"Who is Randy.....!" Levi asked.

"He's a top man in demolition technology and explosives... Former Navy....!" Charles started to explain.

"And no doubt he works for my Company too!" Levi laughed.

"Yes!" Charles shot back with a smile.

CJ had been largely silent through the whole exchange. He was still staring the the picture of him and Levi lying on the main street of Gold Strike.

"I ...do ...not..DON'T!!!!.want.to.go.back ...there!" he said softly, "Nothing.good.can.come..of..it!"

Levi hugged the young boy.

"Relax! There will be ALL of us! It won't be like before!..And Charles....!" Levi said.

The man looked at the teen.

"We go on a day with no... I mean a big fat fucking ZERO chance for any kind of storms!" Levi said.

"I understand!" the man replied.

The Skype session ended and Charles proceeded to make the trip plans.

"It ...does ...not.make ...any ...difference!" CJ said softly, "There ...is.bad There is.... evil.... there.... It won't make.... any..difference!"

Levi stared at the young teen. Clearly CJ was sensing something the others didn't.... but what?

The rest of the day CJ remained in a funk. Levi tried his best to bring the boy back to normal but it seemed like CJ was carrying some kind of weight on his shoulders.

"Look! You're not going anywhere I'm not going! We'll be together there... And with Charles and the rest... Nothing is going to happen to you or me... We won't go near the fucking cave. Certainly not inside it.... For any reason.... I mean if Charles or one of the others got trapped inside... Fuck it! I already told him... You and me are NOT going in to haul their asses out!" Levi tried to comfort the boy.

CJ remained unchanged.

"It does not matter.... We will be in danger the whole time we are there!" CJ said softly.

Levi was starting to get upset. Not with CJ, but because something was bothering the boy. Severely so.... CJ had balls of steel.... He stood up to Trapper, got shot and almost died, beat the crap out of three punks, saved him from dying on the streets of Gold Strike... and now the teen seemed terrified.... of. what????

The next few days saw the "old" CJ start to return. The young teen's mental funk had not impaired his sexual drive. Every day he repeatedly pounded Levi and left the older teen's ass dilated and loaded with so much cum that it constantly flowed like a river out of the boy's gaping sphincter. At one point Charles noticed Levi walking funny and asked asked if there was a problem. Levi just smiled at the man and said "Nothing I haven't wanted all my life!"

Charles just shook his head and smiled.

"If he's happy then I'm happy too!" the man thought.

Charles was starting to notice CJ more and more. The boy was highly intelligent especially given his history and real. Very real. No attitude. No preconceptions. A truly open and honest person. And most importantly, Charles could plainly see that Levi and CJ were more than just a couple. The two boys doted on each other. They instinctively knew what each other was thinking. They were never far apart. Levi had even started using the weight room... Apparently CJ was starting to tone himself up even more and Charles heard the two boys playfully taunting each other about who had the best looking body.

Charles smiled at the thought of Levi working out with weights and doing any daily physical exercise. The boy's parents had tried to interest him in that for years to no avail. Now that Levi had motivation in the form of CJ, participation was automatic.

CJ was fast learning how all the "magical" devices common to the Twenty First Century worked. He helped CJ with the dishes using, of course, the dishwasher and the laundry. He was fascinated by the vacuum cleaner and the tools used by the landscapers as they worked on the grounds.

Levi was also slowly teaching CJ the basics about using a computer. First CJ had to learn to type. Hunting and pecking was okay for starters.... Soon CJ could open Firefox or Safari and begin wandering around the internet. Levi was always there to help the boy out as questions flowed at the rate of about a million per minute.

It was when the two boys were alone together that their love really radiated. Every day... several times a day.... Levi let CJ fuck him hard. The more Levi got fucked by his young stud lover, the more he wanted it. CJ didn't neglect Levi either. If Levi didn't have a spontaneous orgasm while getting nailed by CJ's horse cock, then CJ would go down on his friend in a second. Draining him.... COMPLETELY draining... Levi's balls until the boy was totally satisfied.

Levi had not approached CJ about letting him fuck the younger boy. He figured if that ever happened, it would happen... Otherwise, he didn't care. He loved things just the way they were.

Finally Levi decided it was time for CJ to meet some other people nearer his age. He decided to throw a small "get together" with his two best friends: Tyler and Melissa. Both completely understood Levi's desire for a boy friend and were obviously comfortable with Levi's sexuality. Tyler even more so since he was Levi's savior from High School and the two had even had sex... Well... Levi got to suck his hunky friend's fat 7" jock cock.

Saturday arrived and Melissa showed up first.

"LEVI!" she said gleefully, "You are still the hottest boy in Phoenix!"

"Wait until you meet CJ!" Levi replied.

Levi had told Melissa about CJ; just enough to pique her curiosity. Nothing about exactly WHERE he had found the younger teen....

Leading her into the den, Melissa spotted CJ diving off the board into the pool.

She gasped as CJ's deeply tanned, tight body sliced into the water.

"WHERE did you find him?" she asked, "He's ADORABLE! Are you sure he's gay?"

Both giggled at her remark.

"Oh yeah.. Gay all the way!" Levi quipped.

"He's kind of.... How old is he?" she asked.

"Sixteen!" Levi replied.

"So you cradle robber!!" she laughed as she playfully jabbed her friend in the ribs.

"He may be young but he's......!" Levi started to say.

"Hung?" she shot back,

Levi blushed a crimson red.

"More than you know!" he laughed.

"But I bet YOU know!" she retorted.

"Well I have been walking with a limp!" he replied.

"But I bet you're not limp!" she cracked.

"Well.... After he gets through with me... Yeah... I am sorta.... until next time!" he laughed.

"And I bet 'next time' takes all of about five minutes!" she laughed.

"You are such a man whore!" Levi laughed.

"No...I'm jealous cause.look at him!" she gasped.

CJ was standing on the board again and his fat cock strained against the skimpy speedos.

"WOW!" she cried, "He's making me wet!"

"GROSS!!! T ...M ...I!!!!" Levi laughed.

CJ saw Levi and Melissa. He hurriedly dried off and scampered inside the meet his first Twenty- First Century friend.

"CJ! This Melissa... Melissa... CJ!" Levi beamed.

Levi quickly brought him a robe to cover up what was straining to escape the skimpy speedos.

He laughed, "It makes CJ a little more presentable!"

"You took away the nice view!" Melissa laughed.

CJ blushed at the compliment.

"You're too fucking distracting!" he laughed, "And I don't want anyone getting any ideas about trying to steal you away from me!"

CJ smiled; his dazzling teeth and cute button nose made Levi's heart melt again.

"I ain't a-goin' nowhere!" he laughed, "I never wanna leave you!"

An emotional cascade hit Levi every time CJ said that comment; it made the older teen well up with tears of joy.

"God I love you so much!" he whispered.

"Well if you brought a suit we can all go swimming!" Levi said.

Security called and announced that Tyler had arrived.

"You're gonna love him!" Levi told CJ.

"Is he the boy that saved you from....!" CJ started to ask.

Levi had told his friend about the perils of high school and how Tyler had come to his rescue when some of the "jocks" (that required an obvious explanation) had started using Levi as a punching bag. CJ was starting to realize that while being gay in 2014 was more accepted than in his era, it was still not without perils.

"I woulda kicked all their asses!" the young boy said softly.

Thinking back to the rest stop incident, Levi had no doubt that CJ could have, and would have, made good on his promise.

Tyler arrived and Levi did the introductions. It didn't take long for Levi to notice that his friend seemed a bit distant. That perception sharpened when Levi and CJ sat down together as the older teen began his story.

"Uh.... What I have to tell you might seem a little..... hard.... to.... believe....!" he said, and then the story was revealed.

Levi used all the pictures he had taken plus he showed his two friends the evidence of an altered time line with the before and after museum articles.

It was becoming a regular occurrence in the house: after he concluded both Melissa and Tyler sat in stunned silence.

Tyler was the first to speak.

"So.you.two actually..went..back in time to the 1900s..." he stumbled.

"No, silly!" Melissa interrupted, "Levi went back and found CJ and they came back together!"

"That's not possible!" Tyler said, "Time travel is not possible! It's all bullshit from 'Back to the Future' or the 'Terminator!'"

"Tyler! Stop being an ass! You're calling them both liars and I don't appreciate that at all!" Melissa barked.

She turned to CJ, "So what is.... uh WAS it like living in the 1900s?"

CJ replied with one word, then he expounded with two, "HARD.... FUCKING HARD!"

Everyone except Tyler laughed.

Melissa and Levi went in the kitchen and got some snacks.

"I've never seen him act like this before!" Levi commented.

"Well I know he broke up with.... Uh.... Oh Hell I can't even remember her name!" she replied.

"Again? Another one?" He goes through more girls than I ever did with guys!" Levi laughed.

"Oh I don't know about that one!" she retorted, "But.... Listen to me Levi.... Look at me... I can see.... When you were telling us your story... Which I believe even though I don't understand all of it... Mainly because you have never lied to me EVER.....!!! Anyway... I can see how you and CJ..... you're two parts of a whole! I've seen a lot of guys who said they were in love before...But you two... REALLY ARE IN LOVE!"

Levi hugged Melissa.

"One last time!" she laughed, "Are you sure you're both gay?"

Levi laughed and said, "OHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH!"

The afternoon turned into evening as the four swam, ate, played video games, watched movies (Levi stuck with westerns, which Melissa didn't mind but Tyler seemed disinterested), and, of course, both answered questions from the two about their adventure..... As well as the pending expedition to go back to Gold Strike and end the town's appetite for swallowing up people from the Twenty First Century.

"Fifty people gone? Really?" Melissa asked.

"Yeah.. at least... Charles is researching it right now... But it looks like a lot of people have kind been siphoned off from this world and... who the fuck knows where they've ended up!" Levi explained.

That remark brought a snort of derision from Tyler.

"Bullshit!" he exclaimed, "People just don't disappear unless either they want to or there is foul play involved!" he asserted.

"TYLER!" Melissa barked, "STOP BEING SUCH AN ASS-----!"

Tyler interrupted her, "Look. If making up a horseshit story like this is your way of justifying fucking around with someone under age then fine... But don't expect us....!"

He glared at Melissa, "Don't expect ME to swallow a load of shit like you two have spun!"

CJ bolted upright and faced the older boy.

"Are you calling Levi a liar?" he asked.

Tyler could see the shine in CJ's eyes. It telegraphed a clearly dangerous intent on the part of the younger teen.

"Even if I am... Just what the fuck are you gonna do about it?" Tyler snapped.

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