The Fall


By Michael Arram

Mattie figured a walk would be good for them. The Oscotts lived deep in the heart of the Nuevemesten of Strelzen, so any park was a long hike away. In the end, he decided to take Yuri to Bila Palacz.

It was a glorious summer day, and Yuri had dressed in a short, flowery frock which barely covered his knickers. His legs were bare, coltish and hairless. He wore light, strapped sandals, and it was all Mattie could do not to stare at his pretty feet. Although the heels were high, Yuri seemed not to have any trouble walking.

When Mattie observed this, Yuri giggled. 'Helen and I had fun learning how to walk in them. Look at this!' He put a hand on his hip and adopted a gait appropriate to a catwalk. He looked absolutely gorgeous, petite and elegant. Why can't life be simple? Mattie groaned to himself.

They walked through the crowds, Yuri's eyes dancing everywhere. He bubbled with questions and when Mattie bought him an ice cream he squealed with delight at the taste. 'It's ... mmm ... amazing! And so cold.' He took an ambitious bite. Then his face changed. 'Oh! My nose, it huuurts! Ouch!'

Mattie took his hand. 'It's okay. We call it brain freeze. It'll pass.'

They resumed walking, Yuri keeping his grip on Mattie's hand. Mattie was deeply troubled. To begin with, his penis was rigid against his lower belly, to the extent that he knew people saw it. Unfortunately, he didn't dare to adjust himself, or Yuri was sure to ask why they'd stopped. He could no longer deny to himself that Yuri sexually excited him. And walking hand-in-hand with what otherwise appeared to be a slim and beautiful teen girl had him in seventh heaven.

'Fuck it!' he swore to himself.

'What's the problem, Mattie?'

'No problem.'

Yuri prattled on as they crossed Festungstrasse and into the park, where they walked slowly down to the South Lawn - probably not the wisest of destinations, for there it was quite permissible to sunbathe and play naked. Many were taking advantage of the perfect weather, including some of Mattie's friends.

A boy and girl tossing around a Frisbee called the two over. 'Hey, Mattie! Wanna join in? Who's this?' The couple eyed Yuri with interest.

'Oh ... right. Yuri, this is Tibor and Dalenka.'

Yuri beamed at them. Dalenka smiled at Mattie. 'She's so sweet. Do you go to a Gymno, Yuri?'

'He ... er, she's just moved here,' Mattie cut in.

'I'd like to play with the disk,' Yuri decided, immediately lifting off the dress. There was no bra, and Yuri's more or less flat chest was exposed. Yuri kicked off his sandals, then pushed down the knickers that were the only thing covering up the truth. Yuri straightened and Mattie stared. No dick, just a tiny patch of dark hair in Yuri's crotch and the hint of a fold. Yuri was a girl. Oddly enough, the shock put paid to his erection. Soon he and Yuri were running round naked chasing the Frisbee, and as he caught Yuri's gloriously exalted grin, Mattie Oscott was happier than he had ever been in his life.

'You feeling okay, Mikey?'

Mike Atwood gave a hesitant smile at his friend, as if trying out the effect. 'I think so. I worry about my brothers though.'

Marky nodded. 'I can imagine. You can't but feel responsible, even though there's nothing you can do.'

'I feel as though I want to fight someone,' Mike said, unconsciously balling his right fist and punching his left palm hard.

'We can work out a bit,' Marky suggested.

'I'd like that.'

'You can spot for me.'


'Manage the weights when I'm on a press bench. I'm allowed to use the Osraeum gym, cos I can't get a membership anywhere till I'm eighteen.'

So they strolled along the boulevard of Lindenstrasse, talking enthusiastically about matters military, which were a joint obsession. Marky signed them both in at the security point and they found themselves in the well-equipped and under-used palace basement gym.

Marky stripped down to shorts, and Mike copied him. Then they spent an hour on weights and machines, Mike in absolute delight. He was a delight to watch, too, as his muscles rippled with the exercise. Marky could not but stare, and he found his stare increasingly returned.

After the hour Marky dropped his shorts and led the way to the showers. 'Marky! Nudity! Not manners!'

Marky turned and found a boyish grin plastered all over his friend's face. He finally seemed to have caught on to humour. 'It's okay Mikey. No one ever comes down here.'

Mike had stripped and his formidable endowment was on display, fully so as he was very erect, his thick penis curving way above his navel.

Marky gasped and as he did his own member rapidly inflated.

Mike came closer. 'I know why my penis does this, and I think you cause it. You too ...'

The bigger boy's hand took Marky's erection and began stroking it, as with his other arm he pulled his friend close. Then they were lips to lips. After some intense kissing, Mike pushed Marky down on a bench, belly up.

There was no request for consent. Mike was going to take him and in the way Mike himself wanted. And that was what Marky wanted too. The bigger youth's expressionless stare excited him further as his legs were separated and fingers probed hard up into him. Then Mike's fingers were in his own mouth, acquiring a coating of saliva, which he again and again applied to Marky's hole. Finally Mike hauled him effortlessly high by his ankles, exposing his crack and spitting copiously on to his anal crater. He leaned over Marky and just pushed into him. Eventually, after stifled cries and agonised squirming, Mike bottomed out.

As the hauling out and slamming in of Mike's epic-sized member began to grow frenetic, Marky realised this was the sex he had always wanted and dreamed about. It was not just the passive subjection to a bigger man's will, though that was part of it. What moved him almost to tears were the eyes staring into his. As Mike gasped out his first orgasm, they were no longer expressionless. They had become indescribably tender and loving.

Theo Lobowicz was beginning to get bored with Tobias. His eyes glazed as the boy maundered on and on endlessly about his feelings and what he believed to be the nature of love. Didn't the kid ever talk of anything other than himself? It was as if Tobias were the only person in the Universe: no one so self-obsessed could have a clue about love or what it meant. Theo was also bemused to discover that the boy's beauty had ceased to move him in any way. The bruises and marks had disappeared rapidly once they left the island, and Tobias was as perfect and flawless as before. It was, however, a clinical aesthetic as far as Theo was concerned, about as exciting sexually as any cold, marble statue.

If the boy hadn't been so undeniably dangerous, Theo would have been happy to say, 'Just get over yourself, douche-bag,' and walk away. But that sort of self-absorption was symptomatic of a psychotic personality, he knew. So he sat there, an unwilling audience.

He was almost surprised when the relentless flood of narcissistic drivel dried up. He glanced at Tobias.

The boy was pondering the tumbling water and picking absently between his toes. Finally he stared narrowly at Theo, whose heart paused in its beating. 'What do I do with you, Corporal Lobowicz? I could return you to Earth. No one would believe your story, but how to account for your return from the dead?

'No, you must die. I'll drop your body in the sea and that'll take care of it. You may have a while to prepare yourself. I can give you this much mercy, however. It'll be quick and I can at least assure you that death is not the end of things for your sort. That's why I want you all dead and out of my hair. You're better off there, and I won't have to feel sorry for you, all that pain and squalor, fear, misery and disaster. Why doesn't everyone see it?'

He was gone. And fear flooded the heart of Theo Lobowicz.

Damien sounded unaccustomedly nervous as the two couples penetrated into the Chamber of Princes. 'Er ... this it? The portal place?' He held Helen's hand tightly.

Reggie, despite the circumstances, was fascinated by their excursion into the historic mausoleum. 'Look, Lance! It's the Field Marshal Prince of Tarlenheim. Wow! Amazing!' He navigated his way through the ranks of leaden sarcophaguses to admire the striking monument to the Rothenian national hero, the victor of Metz and nemesis of Louis XV.

A certain amount of daylight filtered into the chamber from a dirty, glazed dome high above them. Lance looked around gloomily, then began taking off his trainers.

'This it then?' Damien asked.

Lance pushed down his jeans and lifted his shirt over his head. 'This is it, guys.' He removed his underpants, and stood naked in that place of the dead, placing car keys, watch and handij on the top of a princely tomb. His glorious beauty and superhuman vitality stood out in sharp contrast to the grime and gloom of that place. The others silently stripped and all four stood naked amongst the dust and litter of the centuries.

Lance took Reggie's hands and clasped his lover to himself. 'Daimey, hold Helen to you like this. It'll be better if we're embracing when it happens.'

Daimey suddenly cracked a grin in Helen's face. 'Do I get horns like you, Lance?'

Lance laughed in reply. 'I have no idea. Gavin didn't, but the transformation has its own logic. Your new body will fashion itself according to all sorts of arcane processes, not to mention your sexuality and personality. But I can guarantee it will be beautiful, because you are a good and noble man, much though you like to pretend you aren't. I'm sorry it will not be pain-free. It will be the sort of agony you've never experienced before or ever will again. Child-birth ain't in it, Helen. It's way worse, because it's a spiritual metamorphosis as much as physical.'

Damien's reply came through gritted teeth. 'Then go for it, mate.' But before Lance made his move, Damien kissed Helen passionately, stared in her eyes and affirmed, 'I love you, my own girl. You make me whole. I'll never love anyone else as I do you.'

She held him hard. 'Same goes for me, super-stud. You're my man forever.'

Lance looked across at them and chuckled. 'Upstaged for once! Now, let me concentrate.'

For some moments nothing happened. Then, as Helen stared Damien in the face, his features shifted, his eyes growing larger and their blue becoming luminous, as if a light had gone on behind them. She registered the surprise in them as Damien seemed to observe something similar happening to her.

Then the pain hit, and as Lance had promised, it was like nothing she had ever experienced. At first every nerve protested as if seared by fire. Her head seemed to explode, blinding her with the agony. After the first wave subsided, another took its place, swamping her with the sensation that all her bones had shattered simultaneously - which perhaps they had. In her torment she clung hard to Damien, who gripped her as tightly. His skin was furnace-hot.

Helen blinked away tears, and when her vision cleared she was gazing at a face that resembled Damien's, yet was not quite his. Rich black locks fell over a pronounced brow, veiling burning blue eyes the colour of the evening sky before the stars came out. His ears had flared out and grown to points. His eyebrows too had turned up. He looked much more elven than human. The body she clasped was amber-brown and superbly muscled.

At that point the third wave of agony hit, but it was different. Her body tingled unbearably, because it was growing. She experienced a heavy blow to her lower back which caused her to arch in Damien's powerful embrace. She was aware of something new: unfamiliar limbs and muscles were sending confusing messages to her rewired brain.

Wings had sprouted from Damien's back, huge blue and red pinions that spread high above them. She knew she too had them, but could not see what manner they were.

Then Damien's mouth widened and he howled so piercingly the glass above them shattered, raining shards down on the tombs. Robust horns, red and gold-tipped, burst from above his brows, curving out and upward.

The pain stopped, and at last Helen could breathe again. She and Damien unclasped and studied each other. The power and vitality in her transformed body was indescribable. Her wings made strokes of their own accord - a sort of emotional reaction, she guessed. Her limbs were slender and ivory and her wings pure white. She clutched at her head, finding her ears had become pointed and larger, like Damien's, while her hair was thick and golden. Her body had retained its femininity, though the wider chest she now had made her breasts seem smaller. Her nipples were much enlarged and red, as was her swollen vulva. The hair at her crotch was wiry and bright gold, where it had been dark brown before.

She looked at the corresponding place in Damien's anatomy. Black hair was thick around his genitals, and heavy on his brown thighs, which somewhat moderated the effect of the awesome size of the penis and balls below it, bigger than Lance's.

She looked over at Lance, who was his familiar angelic self, spear in hand, his huge black wings looming shadows in that gloomy chamber, almost grazing the roof. His pinions were larger than any of theirs.

Reggie bore little resemblance to his human form. He had grown no horns, which somehow did not surprise Helen, who also lacked them. His body, though bigger than Helen's, was not as muscular as Damien's or Lance's. On the other hand, his genitalia were enlarged and his butt tight; he looked not at all effeminate. He shone flawlessly white in the gloom, and was entirely hairless apart from thick silver-blue locks tumbling round his face. His wings were peacock blue and green, highlighted with gold. His eyes were a profound silver-shot grey, and he was very beautiful indeed, more so even than Lance. His body had taken on the essential purity of the soul within, much as Gavin Price's had.

It took a while for them to stop staring at each other. When Damien spoke, it was with his old voice, though somehow more resonant. 'It fookin' hurt alright. You didn't lie there, Lance mate.'

Lance chuckled. 'So it seems my powers have increased. I could liberate you. I love the look, you two. Matching pointy ears. Sweet. And your faces ... you look like family.'

'It's your love for each other,' Reggie's voice added, and it was very different in tone: tuneful and ringing with fearless laughter. 'Your bodies have fashioned themselves in sympathy. You look like a new species, an elven Adam and Eve ... quite beautiful.'

Damien gave a sheepish grin. 'Beautiful, me? Tell me dad. Like the new dick, though. Must be about six sizes bigger than the old one.' He eyed up his girlfriend suggestively, and the look she returned was not discouraging. 'What's next, Lance?'

'I'm going to take you to a place outside this Universe, a place Henry and Ed have been to. It's not the World Beyond, but a borderland.'

'Eden,' Reggie stated.

'That's one name for it,' agreed Lance. 'But it's a cosmic crossroads. And one branch leads to that place where all you humans must one day go.'

'The world of the Dead?'

'Precisely. We can't go there directly. It would be terribly dangerous. You need time to get used to your bodies and their capacities. You have great power in this form, but you must learn to control it.'

'And we'll be able to return to this form as we wish from now on?' queried Helen.

'Yes, but at a cost. The pain will always be intense at transformation. And another thing ... the more you do it, the less easy it will be to return to being human. Gavin and Max are already finding this, and soon must choose in which form to remain. Now, hold my hand, Reggie mine. Daimey, hold Helen's, and ... here we go!'


'Yes, darling?'

'Someone's asking for me again.'

The queen regent of Rothenia gave a troubled glance at her elder son. 'Are you asking me if you can go?'

'Yes. It's a long way away. A boy's in really bad trouble.'

'Can you get there safely?'

'Yes, I think so.'

'Will you be safe when you're there?'

'I'm ... not sure. But if I don't go, I know really bad things will happen.'

'Then go, baby, and be very careful.'

'I will. Bye, mummy!'

Her son was abruptly gone, and for a long time Queen Harriet stared at the vacant place on the sofa on which he had recently been sitting with his X-Box controls.

'One! Two! Launch!'

Four sets of wings beat a gale and four bodies rose above the trees into the blue sky. Helen and Damien whooped and cheered as they climbed.

'Easy!' Lance warned. 'Okay ... glide! Now beat! That's right, guys! We're gonna go for some height. We'll ascend in circles. Follow me and no jostling, Daimey, this ain't a race.'

Helen called up to Lance. 'What's that stream down there?'

'It's something special. It's called the River of Life, and it flows from those mountains you can see in the distance, where it rises out of deep springs. It runs on to those plains beyond the forest, and eventually it'll lead us where we are going, for Life in the end flows into the dark waters of Death.'

Reggie observed with a laugh, 'I love this place. Even the landscape is metaphorical.'

'It is wonderful,' Helen observed. 'The greens are like nothing I've ever seen. Is it my new eyes?'

'No. Colours here are newly painted, as if they've never been seen before. There is no entropy here, and no death. This is a landscape without a stain on it.'

'Lance!' shouted Reggie. 'I don't think you're right! I can feel something bad down there.'

'You can, baby? I can't. You must have developed a unique sense. How does it feel?'

'Like something horrible had just crawled out of a perfect piece of fruit.'

'Then we have to investigate. There should be no evil here, and as the Satan it's my duty to defend this place. Follow me down and be prepared for anything.'

Mattie and Yuri got off the tram on Domstrasse, she keeping a grip on his hand. He couldn't stop smiling down at the pretty teen girl walking alongside him, and she smiled back.


'Yes, Mattie?'

'You're ... really nice.'

'I think you're nice too.'

'No kidding?'

'None. You're kind and happy and I just feel safe with you.'

'Gee! Wow!' Mattie, for all his bliss, had to ask the hard question. 'There's just one thing.'


'Are you really a girl or a boy?'

Yuri stopped and stared at him.

Mattie's heart sank. Had he upset her?

She merely shrugged and replied, 'I'm a girl. Oh ... I know I can shift around a bit. But that's only till I make my mind up.'

'And have you?'

'Oh yes. I want to be your girlfriend, like Dalenka is for Tibor. They're awfully in love. She told me they're thinking of getting married.'

'Really? I didn't know that.'

'And she told me he was, y'know ... amazing in bed. He has a huge thing, doesn't he?'

Mattie blushed. 'You looked?'

She giggled. 'Couldn't not. It sorta stands out.'

Mattie laughed. He stopped the girl in the street, just before they reached his house. She looked up at him expectantly, and made no resistance when he bent down to kiss her. Her little tongue shot into his mouth and his heart pulsed with happiness and excitement.

Finding no one at home, they resumed kissing in the hall. Yuri kicked off her sandals and discarded her dress. Her nipples stood out, her small breasts swelling behind them. Heart pounding, Mattie slipped his hand inside her bikini briefs, feeling for the slick folds he knew now would be there.

She shuddered as he delicately separated them and probed. 'Oh! That was ... exciting. Mattie, I want you ... please.'

'Are you sure? Baby, I really want you too, but ...'

'I don't know if I'll be here tomorrow, Mattie, and if I'm ever to have sex, this may be the only time I do. Besides, you're the boy I would have chosen if I had all the choice and time in the world.' Yuri gathered up her clothes in one hand and took Mattie by the other. Once in his room, she sat on his bed as he undressed, her legs wide, fully exposed to him.

Naked, he knelt on the bed between her legs as she took his raging erection and explored it, then she ducked down and Mattie gasped as her hot little mouth closed around his glans, licking and sucking. God! She was happy to do oral! His friends were always complaining their girls wouldn't touch their cocks, but Yuri was avid for it ... hot for him, chubby Mattie Oscott.

He had condoms, and when she pulled off him, he sheathed himself. If she was now a complete girl, he didn't want her to become a mother prematurely. Her sweetness and submissiveness were deeply exciting to him.

Since Yuri could only be a virgin, Mattie was going to try to make it easy for her. He put her on the edge of the bed and, standing behind her, stroked and separated her lower lips. He entered her slowly and gently, whispering tenderly into her ears as he covered her. There was a catch when his rigid cock met an obstruction. She squealed and gasped as he increased the pressure till the hymen gave. Then in one go, he ran deep into her. Mattie Oscott was at last a lover, and the girl in his bed was beyond any partner he could have dreamed of.

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