The Heart of Oskar Prinz


By Michael Arram

'You should not be so hard on Felip. His problem is that he loves me,' said Oskar, sadly.

'That makes it worse. Hendrik knows that he does, isn't that right? He was teaching you a lesson, and using me.'

'That's the problem when you put yourself in the power of men like Hendrik. They use it. Still, there is this. You impressed the crew, who were happy to spread around how you cut Felip down to size; he's been showing off recently and he's not so popular as he was. You're already a star at Falkefilm in a small way, and your web pictures are causing a real interest round the office. You may outshine me at this rate, Jason.'

'But he bit me, Oskar.'

They were in bed. Oskar took his lover into his arms, and kissed the mark gently, then licked it. They kissed and Will wanted to go further, but Oskar said no. 'No sex now until the filming; we have to gush for Uncle Hendrik. Also the thrush has to clear up. Then we fuck bareback forever... bravo!'

They spent Friday and the weekend at the Spa. Will was beginning to draw up their final report for Matt, but it was possible to pack in some serious sunbathing, for Will's sake. Finally he was changing to tawny, and the tan was all over.

Now the die was cast, Will was less nervous about the way he had compromised his life. What was done was done. He had done a dangerous and potentially disastrous thing. But it was for a good reason, he firmly believed. What would be would have to be. If anything bothered him, it was the ease with which the porn industry had sucked him in, and abnormal had become normal. He needed Jason Williams to keep the whole situation at a distance from William Vincent, who was, it seems, a born whore. The whole thing had exposed an unexpected and alarming side to his character, the one that both Oskar and Hendrik had so readily sensed. He had to revise his own self-image. He was a man who could easily attract passion in other men. He could seduce people.

They woke up on Monday early, and Oskar led Will to the bathroom. He asked him to shave his upper body, if he found stray hairs, and then his balls. Then he reciprocated for Will and gave his underarm hair and pubes a thorough thinning and trim. He made him bend over and separate his buttocks so he could clip round between them. 'You are hairy down there, my Will, not like me. You brunettes have a disadvantage compared to us. Now we are ready to go. Make yourself look like a Yankee. I will adopt the guise of an innocent Strelsener boy, about to be seduced by a big city westerner.'

'Oh yeah,' Will sneered.

They took a taxi to the airport where the director and cameraman were already on the concourse. A small bribe allowed them to film Will emerging from Arrivals, with his bag over his shoulder. He acted the part of the stranger to Strelzen, scanning signs, unfolding a map, and querying innocent passers by. He was filmed taking the walkway to the station, boarding the bright and modern shuttle train and staring out the window as the city approached. Oskar grinned at him from back up the carriage.

Will got off and walked the station concourse, looking at souvenir shops; then they did a variety of street scenes in various locations: walking Mikhelstrasse and the Rodolferplaz, leaning against King Henry, and sitting by King Ferdinand's fountain feeding the pigeons. Finally he got to meet Oskar, walking down a narrow lane behind Lieuwen Pasacz. Will arranged it by having himself absorbed in a foldout map, barging accidentally into Oskar and falling back convincingly on his bum. Oskar picked him up and eyes met. They shot this twice from different perspectives so both faces would be seen. The dialogue was up to them, and the boys wickedly went to town, helped by the fact that the crew knew little English.

'Jeez, I'm sorry, man!'

'You are American!'

'Yeah... but I'm still sorry.'

'This is not yet another attempt to impose domination on lesser former Communist countries?'

'No, just the usual. Blundering into situations we don't understand and fucking up.'

Oskar, or Marc, laughed at this point and took his shoulder, 'I didn't know Yankees could be so funny.'

'You've not watched the Simpsons then?'

'I can't get cable.'

'Look, I'm Jason, and I'm lost. Any chance you can direct me to the... er... whassis? Rodolfoplatz?'

'Rodolferplaz. Yes it's not far. I can walk you there. My name is Marc.'

Exeunt chatting and laughing. As they disappeared down the lane what Oskar was actually saying was that the standard of their repartee and improvisation would make everybody else look totally limp in future. 'It's sabotage my love, intellectual warfare, and since this is my last outing for Falkefilm, I could not frankly give a damn.'

Hendrik had taken over Club Liberation for the afternoon. Oskar said that he suspected that Hendrik actually owned it anyway.

A number of the new Falkefilm boys were hanging round and some of the production staff, as well as the usual bar staff, hired for the afternoon. Oskar and Will were filmed in the foyer in a fake queue with fake bouncers.

'So, I'll like this place?' Will said.

'It's cool, Jason, all the Americans come here.'

'Yeah, but where are the dames?'

'It's a special club. Men only.'

'Oh I geddit... it's a gay joint.' He laughed. 'What do you take me for, Marc?'

'I think you know very well, you rascal. You touched up my butt when I picked you up in the lane.'

'It's some butt.'

'Yeah, I like it. Anyway, you have to be gay.'


'Dramatic necessity, my American friend. This is a porn video.'

'Fair enough, Marc. You gonna stick with me inside?'

'I think not, but no doubt we will meet again.'

'Dramatic necessity?'


They moved inside and Will roamed the floor, followed by the camera. He bumped deliberately into a young model called Pavel, and their eyes locked, soon they were moving together intimately. Will liked Pavel, and the kid wasn't a bad dancer. Will took him by the hand to the (brightly-illuminated) dark room, and pretty soon had his lips round the boy's rather large member, with his trousers round his ankles, while Will's were down to his knees and he was masturbating himself. The camera moved round him, which was distracting, and the director kept annoying him with whispered instructions. Pavel overdid the panting, but it wasn't his problem. It went on for ages and Will's knees were just about giving out when Pavel was finally allowed to unleash himself over his face. He remembered to shut his eyes at the crucial point, but took it in and around his mouth and, without instruction, climbed up Pavel and shared the cum with its owner.

After cleaning himself up with a thick wetwipe, and giving Pavel a thank-you kiss and a smile, Will moved back out to the floor, and danced with various partners for the sake of continuity shots, shedding his top at one point and getting really into heavy petting with one boy for the camera. Then there was the next encounter with Oskar, which they decided to shoot as the boys accidentally bumping each other, with this time Will knocking Oskar over, and picking him up.

'You again!'

'Can't get enough of you, Rothenian babe.'

'So it seems.'

'Marc, I've seen all the babes in this place and the hottest one turns out to be you. Wanna teach me some Rothenian?'

'The rude words?'

'They're the important ones. You gotta classroom where we can hang out?'

'I think maybe you could be quite advanced on the practical side.'

'I can show you my diploma, if you'll show me yours.'

'I keep it rolled up at home.'

'Then let's go look for it.' They took hands and pushed out through the artificial disco crush, the cameras following. And that was it for the day, apart from returning for a night-time shoot in Rodolferplaz, where the crowd round Liberation hooted and cheered at the sight of Marc Bennett live with cameras. He grimaced and signed arms and bare chests for his fans. Will was bemused at the thought that in a year this might be him, mobbed by drunken gay tourists. He kept in the background, scanning the crowd. He saw the familiar face he was looking for, caught a smile, and felt more than a little relieved.

The next shoot was the following day around a house Hendrik owned in a quiet street beyond the Osten Tor, the city's medieval river gate. Hand in hand the boys were supposed to cross the bridge, and sneak around a side alley. Overcome by passion, they had to start ripping off each other's clothes in the open air, with Will taking Oskar in his mouth and then Oskar taking Will against a wall.

Fortunately it was a hot and sunny Strelzen day. Filming went on for ages, with cameras shooting from every angle, even underneath, with every detail of Oskar's penetration in close-up. But they forgot the cameras, and the noises they made and the kisses they gave were purely for each other. They more or less ignored the director's instructions, and he had the sense to let them get on with it. Oskar had coached Will to know how to make sure the camera had access to the main action and was not obscured by misplaced limbs. The crew was very quiet when they wrapped up.

They moved to a furnished bedroom with a skylight in Hendrik's house. They started with the foreplay, which made Will ecstatic. The oral scenes were just as good, and they gave each other head luxuriously and patiently. The director and cameras evaporated in their heads, even when they laid the camera underneath them for the vertical shots. Will saw those laughing eyes looking up at him through the heavy blond fringe, his cock in that wide mouth, and he was in heaven. It must have showed on his face, because a big close up tracked round him, as his eyes closed with bliss. The crew was completely silent.

The director eventually coughed, and said it was time to move on to the anal shots. Will lifted off his lover's cock, and looked up at him.

'I've got an idea, Marc'

'I can read your mind, Jason.'

'You have a penetrating intellect, babe. Or should I say, your intellects are all about penetrating.'

'Is that good? I don't know enough English words.'

'And I don't know many Rothenian ones, but I do know this, Ai du lebst.'

'And I love you, too, Jason Williams. Your eyes, your laughter, your mouth and your ass, especially your ass.'

'They're all yours Rothenian boy, especially my ass.'

'Then I'm annexing your American ass in the name of the government of the Republic of Rothenia, my Jason. And I shall now formally take possession by raising a Rothenian flagpole in it.'

Will laughed happily and not at all falsely, and he kissed the top of the flagpole, presenting himself for a glorious rimming which had him gripping the duvet and moaning. Familiar fingers followed, and Oskar's pole succeeded them after a brief gap as he wrapped it with film and lubricated it off camera. The vertical camera was underneath him as Oskar entered, and he groaned into it without any artificiality at all. Then he put his head back over his shoulder waiting for the kisses as Oskar sank home in him and leaned over. They gasped and panted, and Oskar started whispering his words of love into Will's ears as he moved back upright and began his patient strokes into his lover. They were away in another world, as Will realised when Oskar kept sighing 'Eio men Willemu' over and over again. He had forgotten Jason. Will hoped the microphone wasn't picking it up. After an age of anal stimulation, they slumped on their sides, and Oskar lifted up Will's leg for a sideways fuck for the camera's benefit. Will was in seventh heaven and precum was leaking out on to his glans, which the camera greedily picked up. The camera focussed again on his face, as he bit his lips and sighed in a very real sexual delirium.

It must have been ninety minutes before the director wound up the scene. Oskar pulled out of Will, and rolled and snapped off the plastic. When the director nodded, he began on his climax, with Will kneeling in front of him presenting his backside. He spurted high over Will's back within a few pumps, spattering him down to his ass. Will wished Oskar would lick it off, but a crewman had a wipe, and then Will had to recline on Oskar and bring himself off. 'Ooh,' whispered Oskar, 'Rocket Man,' as Will gushed several times up his chest and trickled down his length. He stretched langorously on top of his lover.

They sat together naked as the crew went outside for a smoke. 'How was that, Oskar?'

'A unique experience of hot sex, my Will. I don't think such a performance has been seen here ever. Did you see how quiet the boys were. They felt it.'

The director came in, and asked them to climax again for the cameras. This time they brought each other off, and kissed. Oskar at least managed another genuine gush.

'Well that was my last ejaculation for the cause of Falkefilm,' concluded Oskar, as he clinked glasses with Will in Ribaud's that night, 'and we've been paid too!'

'It was my first and last. What a sad end to such a promising career,' replied Will. 'But I must say that, think what you like, sex in front of cameras is amazing. Come what may, and I may regret it in the end, yet still it was the most powerfully erotic experience in my life.' Will paused, 'Oh fuck, what does he want?'

Felip had come in uncertainly from the Radhausplaz, seen them in a corner, and was heading in their direction. They stood up and did the Rothenian thing, and invited him to sit.

Felip had been hurrying, and he was perspiring. He looked hesitantly across at Will, 'I've just seen the first rushes, and I had to come and say something to both of you. Oskar, Will, I'm really sorry. I've seen the cameras do many things, but that's the first time I've seen them capture true erotic love. Will, I was jealous of you, and I was cruel to you because of it. But now I've seen what you mean to each other, and it's made me ashamed.'

Oskar's face was surprised, but then it was compassionate. 'Oh, Felip. You are a funny boy. I had written you off as a cock on legs, and then you do this to me. You make me feel mean. Come kiss me.' Felip smiled gently and kissed Oskar, then he took Will's hand and kissed him, and it was as he did so that Will caught again, stronger this time, the odour of his maleness.

'I was glad to be there when you two began. God go with you.' He got up and left.

Oskar smiled round at Will, but the smile froze on his face when he saw the troubled concentration on Will's face.

'What is it, my Will?'

Oskar,' Will said with deliberation. 'How did Tomas know that I was mugged by a man with a knife, when all he saw was the man running away?'

'I beg your pardon?'

'And what did Felip mean when he said he was there when we began.'


'And how come the mugger had the same male odour as Felip?'


'And when you said you found me wanton and erotic when you first saw me, it wasn't in the Lindenstrasse or your apartment that you were referring to, was it?'

Oskar was looking at him uneasily. 'No, it wasn't,' he said quietly.

'I think I want the full story. I won't say, the truth, because I know you don't lie.'

'Thank you at least for that, Will,' Oskar sighed unhappily. His blue eyes engaged with Will's brown ones. There was a long pause. 'Very well. The truth which you so want. The story began six weeks ago when Hendrik first turned his mind to the idea of an "American in Strelzen", the idea we have just successfully brought to a conclusion. You know my circumstances and my need for money. I desperately needed the production to get off the ground. Hendrik was happy for me to help it along, and knew that for it to be successful we needed a genuine Anglophone, but one I could work with.

We had been looking for a week when you turned up that night in Liberation with Dr White. I was there with Hendrik and Felip and when I saw you dancing, I knew that you were the one... so passionate, so free with yourself. You were a very special boy, I knew it. We had to give it a try, and to know more about you. So I rang up Tomas to bring round his little car, and we piled in and waited till you all left in the limousine. We followed you to the restaurant, and when you walked down the hill alone, we followed you, passing and repassing. I couldn't believe my luck when you turned on to Lindenstrasse. Tomas roared along to my apartment, and we sketched out a quick plan. Felip pretended to rob you, we shouted at him, he threw your wallet at me and took off for home. I, on the other hand...'

'... you seduced me.'

'Yes, I seduced you.'

'It was not love.'

Oskar looked unhappily back at him, 'You call on me to be honest, my brother?'

'Like the nobleman you are, Oskar zu Terlenehem.'

Oskar's face grew composed, 'No, it was not then love.'

'Did it ever become love?'

'You need to ask that?'


'It became love, Will. But not for a while, not until...'

Will interrupted him loudly, 'Wait a minute... the visit to the gym. Rudi's injections. What a fool I am. Vitamins! Those were fucking steroids! He was waiting for me. You brought me to the bastard for fattening up, like some sort of fucking stock animal. He was getting me ready for Hendrik's stable. Oh my God!' The people on the next table looked curiously at them.

Oskar's eyes were wide and horrified. 'No Will, you mustn't think that.'

'But it's true.'

'There would have come a time - soon - when I would have confessed. And you would have understood why it had to be like that. When the case had been won, when my family's lands had been restored.'

Will abruptly stood up, and Oskar too stood. They looked silently at each other. Then Will said low and furious but quite distinct, 'You whore!' He drew back his palm ready to slap his lover hard, and Oskar stood waiting for the blow, with no intention of evading it. But it did not land. Will's hand was caught in a powerful grip and lowered to his side.

Terry said, 'Will, me babe, you're frightening the locals, I think you'd better come quiet with me.' He looked coolly at Oskar, 'I assume that Mr Bennett here won't be joining us.' With one last cold look, Will walked out of the restaurant alongside Terry. Oskar sat down heavily, and stayed looking vacantly at the table cloth for quite some while afterwards.

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