The Chav Prince


By Michael Arram

They woke together again in the cellar to the distant peel of church bells. Justin kissed Nathan and asked, 'How're you feeling?'

'Bit of a headache, Justy. But I'll be OK.' Justin snuggled into the warm body of the bigger boy feeling strangely safe and peaceful. Nathan kissed his head repeatedly. He felt Justin's hand fondling his morning erection, and then the boy's head dived down, and a warm mouth closed on it. He took his time but eventually Nathan shifted, arched and fountained in Justin's mouth. The tousled head resurfaced next to him, licking its lips.

'Mmm. Thass breakfast sorted. Now I just need some exercise.'

Nathan laughed and pulled the sleeping bag open. He pulled back his legs and Justin got to work on his crack and hole. Nathan was soon sighing, rubbing his chest and sucking his lips. Justin did the necessary, climbed up on him, engaged with his mouth and pushed steadily into him as Nathan moaned out his passion, 'Juss keep going as long as you can, Justy. Make it a long, long fuck.'

A long and sweaty time later, Justin gave a muffled yell and pumped his load inside his lover, falling on to him gasping.

Nathan held him tight, 'God, that was the best, my Animal. Ooh, you put a love bite on my shoulder.'

Justin looked up at him seriously. 'Do one in the same place on me, lover.'

Nathan complied, and licked all over Justin's upper torso, savouring the salt of his sweat. They cuddled and drifted off again. When they woke again at ten, Nathan put Justin on his knees and took him vigorously from behind. After a little breakfast, Justin took him the same way. It was early in the afternoon before they were exhausted from their sex play, rutting continuously like the strong and hormonal boys they were.

Nathan finally said. 'We stink, Justy, and the bag's soaked with our sweat. Our personal hygiene's going downhill and I need a crap.'

'I know... I felt a turd in you when we screwed, just didn't like to say.'

Nathan looked, faintly disgusted, into his laughing face.

They stood in the big sink together and soaped each other, gasping at the cold water, which was all they had. They took turns at kneeling down and shampooing each other's hair. Finally they dressed, and Nathan found Justin some more of his clothes.

They looked out of their refuge and into the quiet garden. No one could be seen or heard in the garage flat. 'We'll just have to risk it,' said Nathan.

They swarmed out and shot across the lawn into the bushes, pausing to take a breather.

They found a public loo in Muswell Hill Gardens and relieved the anxiety in their intestines, then they wandered off to find a late lunch, which turned out to be a pannini, cake and coffee in a high street café. Smoking was allowed, so Justin lit up. It was a measure of how much he loved Nathan that he puffed the smoke anywhere but at him. Nathan noticed and smiled. His lover had settled into his new style, and if you had been told that Justin was an A Level student at a local college, you would have believed it.

'Time to plan the next week, Justy. I gotta good idea for tomorrow and Tuesday. I gave up college last week to be with you, so I'm taking two days out of work. I can do college in the morning and meet up with you. My parents are at work till late, so we can sneak home and get you properly clean and fed...'

'... and shag in a real bed.'

'That too. We can also clean your clothes and get you some more stuff. I love your new look. What do you feel about it?'

'Iss OK, but me mum wouldn't recognise me. I felt everybody was lookin' at me to begin wiv, but we match and thass good, it makes us less obvious. Iss a disguise, cos I'm on the run, inn I.'

They agreed to meet up on Muswell Hill Broadway at one thirty.

That night, Justin was on his own for the first time in the cellar under Matt White's house. There was no warm body and light breathing beside him and he felt lonelier than he had done for a long time. The wind got up in the night, and the old house creaked and cracked. Time and again as he was dozing off he thought he heard footsteps on the floors above him, and snapped awake. But there was nothing. The house was empty still.

The next morning he stayed curled up in bed, feeling disconsolate. When he finally got up he found the camping stove uncooperative and gave up on coffee. Since Nathan was not there, he had a smoke instead. He washed, dressed in yesterday's kit, and headed out, taking with him a shoulder bag full of dirty clothes. Sneaking cautiously around the garden, he got to the garage office and found it empty, and he was pretty sure that the upstairs flat was empty too. He was more or less certain that Dave and his mate were gone away, which was good news.

He was waiting by the bus shelters when Nathan appeared, beaming happily. Justin's heart leaped. He had never in his life so wanted to see and be near another human being. Nathan set him tingling with physical excitement, and - strangely - he knew that he did the same to Nathan. The idea that he was loved by such a lovable boy stirred strange feelings in him. He knew he was not worth it. He wished he could kiss the boy in the street, instead he had to be satisfied by Nathan's arm casually thrown over his shoulder in a mate-like way. They waited for the Winchmore Hill bus.

'So I never asked you, Nate,' he began, 'what does your dad do?'

'He's an academic. Works at Imperial studying superconductors.'

'Glad I asked, and how about your mum?'

'A civil rights lawyer in the Upper Temple.'

'Wow... no wonder they were a bit off about you leaving school.'

'Yeah, I had to use my pocket money to retain mum to defend me against dad. It was hairy for a while. They expected me to try for university and become a professional like them...'

'... and instead you became a gardener's boy and fell in love with a petty criminal. I can see that they might think you did the wrong thing.'

'Seems the right thing to me... oops, there's a copper coming this way, look innocent.'

The policeman strolled by and if he had stopped it would have been because Nathan went rigid and red and kept looking guiltily at him. When he had passed, Justin tugged Nathan's sleeve and said, 'I think we'll ave to do some work on this looking innocent thing, Nate.'

'I don't have your brass neck, Justy. You were awesome that night in Camden. Wish I could be like you.'

Justin looked serious, 'Please doan' ever say that again, Nate. Doan' ever wanna be like me.'

The bus came and they were dropped at Winchmore Hill Green. Nathan led the way up a leafy street lined with town houses that gave way to even bigger houses, set well back off the street. Nathan led Justin into the biggest of them all, with lawns and a whole grove of trees towards the road. It was stuccoed and painted white, and if Justin had known anything about architecture he would have recognised that it was a lot older than the surrounding suburban houses.

'Christ iss a palace. You live ere?'

'You might comment on the garden, Justy.'

'Iss beautiful. Do you do it?'

'Yup.' Nathan looked pleased and proud. 'All those beds I put in when I was ten with my mum, along with that shrubbery round the side. They've matured nicely. When we go round the back, you'll see my award winning pergola. It's a pity it's too late in the year to admire my azalia hedge.'

'You're amazing.' Nathan laughed and led them to the big front door. Inside was a large pillared hall with a Regency staircase.

'How long ave you lived here?'

'All my life, and it's been in the family since... oh I don't know, Queen Victoria at least. My dad's dad left it to him, but my uncle got the rest of the estate.'

Justin's ears pricked up, '... rest of the estate?'

'Come over here, Justy, and meet grandad.' He led him through tall doors into a gorgeous drawing room with an oil portrait over the marble chimney piece. A hawk-faced old man in some sort of blue uniform and silk robes stared disapprovingly down on Justin. 'That's grandad when he was lord lieutenant of Middlesex, when they gave him the order of St Michael and St George. Justy... meet Sir Lewis Philip Augustus Underwood, seventh baronet.'

'You're a lord?'

'No, but Uncle Phil has the title and lives on the country estate in Suffolk. '

'Why didn't you tell me this?'

'Does it matter?'

'It does if you're rich.'

'We're well off, not because of family money, but because of dad. He's made a fortune setting up his own research companies. He's really clever... not like me. I'm more like Uncle Phil, who's a country gentleman through and through. He wants me to go out to Suffolk and run his market garden and garden centre when I finish at Hornsey College. Anyway, enough about me. Let's get to the laundry.'

Nathan led a wondering Justin back out through the hall to some narrow passages and into a corridor of utility rooms looking out on to an extensive back garden. A tennis court and swimming pool could be seen to one side. 'OK. Strip off, Justy.'

Justin laughed and undressed, though in the present circumstances he felt strangely exposed. Nathan bundled his clothes into a washing machine, along with the other dirty washing in the backpack, added softener and powder and set the programme going.

Nathan slapped his forehead, 'Oh dear, here you are quite naked. If I'd thought about it, I could have had some fresh clothes here for you. But as it is, you'll have to follow me naked through the entire house. I hope you don't feel embarrassed.'

Justin laughed, and then hurled himself on Nathan. He wrestled him the ground and held him down. He began pulling off his clothes, and soon had him as naked as he was. He met only minimal resistance. Hand in hand they padded back through the house. In the hall they kissed and then Justin ran after his lover upstairs and into his bedroom on the first floor. He was amused at the way Nathan's cock and balls swung between his legs as he ran up the stairs in front of him. It was so sexy.

'Wow.' Justin stopped and admired the room. It was large with a double bed and a sofa under the windows. At one end was a desk and computer, at the other a door into a proper bathroom. There were potted plants and flower arrangements everywhere.

Nathan pulled Justin on to the bed. 'Look Justy. I was inspired by your attitude. I went into the chemist near work and got a whole bottle of lube and a big box of johnnies. I didn't flinch, and the lady who served me even gave me a big smile.'

'My hero,' laughed Justin.

They put the equipment to good use, Justin inviting his lover to ride him hard, and taking a lavish sucking off as his reward. Then they showered together.

Nathan came out towelling his auburn hair busily, he opened his fitted wardrobe and began throwing clothes on to the bed. 'Let's try you with these knitted tops, babe. They'll look so good on you. I grew so fast last winter that half this lot don't fit me. Some of it I hardly wore before I grew out of it. Then there's these jeans and even... wow, try those Rockports. They must be your size.'

Justin scrambled into the items Nathan had selected, and stared at himself in the big mirror. 'Do I really look like this?' he asked, half to himself.

Nathan, still nude, held him round the waist. 'I told you you were beautiful, even with clothes on. And yes, you do look like this. Clothes maketh the man, or in your case boy, and boy, do they make you handsome. You may not be a hunk, Justy, but you got a fantastic arse and a good figure. That chav crap you wore just made you look anonymous, but dressed like this, you're somebody.

I'll get dressed, and we can go and chill downstairs. I got three sets of clothes for you, which'll do till Thursday when Anderson's drops me officially off at Mr White's house once more. I can bring you more stuff then.' Nathan filled the backpack again, and they went to the kitchen, where he had a stack of essential supplies ready on the table. It included a new mobile. 'It's fully topped up and we can reach each other in emergencies, can't we?'

'Or just to talk dirty.'

'That too,' Nathan agreed.

They watched TV lying together on a sofa, they talked, laughed and kissed a lot. At tea time, Nathan made them a hefty meal, which left Justin feeling euphoric and absolutely stuffed. They ate it in the big Provençal-style kitchen.

'How can you wanna come and live wiv me in a grotty bedsit?' Justin wondered.

'Cos it's the only way I can be happy in life, Justy. Near you.'

'You're giving up an awful lot.'

'I don't think so. I think I'm gaining a lot more. 'Sides, one day soon I have to leave home and go out into the world. I can't be a kid forever. This way, I'll go out hand in hand with someone I love, and who loves me. But we gotta get you sorted first. We gotta get you that bedsit of our dreams. I think we should try the agencies and newsagents' windows in Finchley first. I made a list from yellow pages last night when I was missing you.'

A car pulled into the drive, Nathan shot up. 'Christ,' he swore, 'of all the days for her to be early, she picks today. Damn. There's no escape. Upstairs now with me.'

They raced upstairs, and Nathan hastily packed Justin's bag for him. 'OK, Justy. Be as cool as you always are. You're my mate Justin from college, doing... I dunno.'

'... GNVQ in criminal behaviour?'

Nathan gave a boyish, gurgling chuckle. 'Perfect.'

They came down into the hall as Mrs Underwood entered, throwing her car keys into a basin on a side table by the door. Justin looked her over. She was very like her son in colouring, but elegant and willowy in build. She had a nice face, kind and humorous. She gave an abstracted smile as she saw them.

'Hello dear, I don't know your friend.'

'Hi mum. This is Justin from the college.'

'Hello Justin. Are you doing the horticulture course too?'

'No Mrs Underwood. I'm studying criminology. Pleasure to meetcha.'

'Aren't you staying?'

'No I gotta get home to Highgate. Bye Nate. Thanks for the... snack and stuff.'

'Cheers, Justy. See you tomorrow after lunch, same place and time?'


The door closed on him and Justin trudged off to find his bus and get back to his hideout.

Justin hung around Muswell Hill for a while, waiting for it to get properly dark. He bought a couple of things in a supermarket. It was crossing the road to head down to Archway Road when someone called to him from across the road out of a group of kids lounging round a pub.

'Fuckin' ell. Animal!'

He scanned the group. A couple of the girls looked familiar. He was pretty sure he'd had his tongue and possibly more down the throat of an anorexic blond with cornrows. But it was a boy who had called to him. He briefly thought about ignoring them, but he did not underestimate the remorseless curiosity of the street kid. He strolled over casually.

'Lo Tommy. Wha' the fuck you doin' ere?'

The boy looked cunning, something he did pretty well. 'Aw well, me uncle Jace is in ere wiv some mates. They're gonna take me down to the dogs, in' they. Whatchoo done to yourself.'

'Whadya mean?'

'The cloves and hair, mate. Not your usual style is it?'

Justin looked over Tommy in white shell suit, ball cap perched back on his head and bling necklace. His white socks were visible below the tracksuit bottoms. No, he thought, it isn't my style any more, that's for sure.

'Foster home. They gave me this crap, so what could I do, eh? Gotta go anyway. I gotta curfew. See ya.'

'Yeah... see ya, Animal.'

Justin moved on and it was properly dark when he got to the garden of the house in Highgate. He sat up on the wall for a moment to get a good view of the garage flat. It was dark and empty still, so he took his time getting over to the cellar window. He slipped in and locked it behind him. He lit the lamp and boiled up the little kettle, this time with success. He sat on the bedding and sipped slowly, and wondered what it had been like to grow up in a house with a mum and dad who were intelligent and loving, to have money and ambitions and good holidays. He had seen pictures of a younger Nathan in scuba and ski gear in his room. You could not but be envious, he concluded. What did such a kid see in a loser like him?

He undressed and snuggled into the sleeping bag, sniffing around to find the bit that smelled most of Nathan, and drinking it in. It made him feel less lonely.

He awoke in the dark of night to hear noises above him in the house. He froze, then forced himself to relax. He was in the unused cellar. No one would come down here. He looked at his illuminated new mobile, it was 2:27 it said. Odd time for the owner to come back he thought. And then he thought, oh shit, burglars. But the alarm system had been up and running when he had got back, or so he thought. Why didn't it go off? Steps paced the floor above him, steady and confident. Sounded like Matthew White was back.

Then his heart quailed... oh double shit, he thought, old houses have ghosts. Maybe it was haunted. He was suddenly in a state of abject terror. As a little boy he had watched far too much late night telly and films not intended for those as young as he was. As a result, his imagination generally leaped to the bizarre and horrible in a crisis. He lay in a cold sweat, and actually buried his head under the pillow, which was not a fact he ever mentioned to anyone when he told the story later.

He lay cowering until his courage reasserted itself. Someone... or something, as his imagination inserted... was upstairs, but it wasn't coming down. He sat up and snapped on the camping lantern, switching it to its dimmest setting. He found his boxers and pulled them on. He padded out cautiously into the maze of pillars and found the stairs. One question was answered. The red sensor light was off, so either the system was down, or someone had turned it off.

As he peered up he saw that there was no light visible from under the upstairs cellar door. So it was intruders. As this sank in, the cellar doorhandle was tried. He shot back into the dark and hid behind a pile of rubbish, remembering to turn off his lantern. His heart pounded. Flashlights swept the bay at the bottom of the stairs. There were at least two people in the cellar with him Then a male voice spoke, 'Will down here be alright?'

'Should be OK. Reception won't be a problem with these wooden floors. It's securing and hiding the thing that's the tricky business. Is that a wooden post? It'll do. Got the toolbox?'

The steps went over to the other side of the bay. There was a click and a noise of someone turning over a box full of metallic objects. 'Hold the torch steady,' said the same voice. There was the subdued sound of drilling, and it was succeeded by several minutes of discussion, sawing and hammering.

'Looks pretty good. Wipe some dirt on it and no one will ever guess we've been here. Perfect. You go upstairs and test it out. I'll tell Laurie .. he'll let Johnny know.'

A brief and uninformative mobile call followed. Then there was the sound of a metal box being packed up, the snap of locks and the sound steps ascending the stairs. The door closed and Justin was alone again. He waited a while, but everything was quiet. He was about to go over and check out what had been done on the other side of the bay when he noticed the sensor light was on once more. He retreated to his bedding and thought out what he had witnessed and what he should do about it.

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