The Chav Prince


By Michael Arram

Nathan's mouth had gone dry and his face had flushed scarlet. They had been totally caught out. Justin gripped his hand hard, and it was he who responded with a coolness that quite flabbergasted Nathan.

'Brilliant shower, Mr White.'

Nathan looked closer at the dazzling face of the man and knew him. It was a face he had seen on the TV and on billboards: Matthew White, the TV presenter and model. The man gave them both a sweeping gaze with his profound dark eyes, and he pursed his gorgeous crimson lips. Nathan felt like he was going to faint. Then the man smiled, quirkily.

'OK boys, introduce yourselves.'

'Er... I'm Nathan Underwood from Andersons, we were working in your garden...'

'Yeah, and I'm Justin Macavoy, also Andersons, and we got pretty filthy so we thought we'd borrow the shower. I hope that wasn't too much of a liberty, sir.'

Nathan was astonished. Justin could do civil and polite creepily well. Matthew White continued to smile.

'And you were soaping each other's backs?'

Justin was straight in again. 'We're lovers sir, and... y'know the way it is.'

Matthew White laughed, 'Yes, I guess I do. OK. I'm not pissed off at you, boys. I was impressed you left the muddy boots in the kitchen. That was considerate. Also you've not left the bathroom a mess. You can borrow the shower any time you want. I can spare the odd towel. No problem. Two polite boys like you make a change from some of the kids we get round here. Andy... he's my partner... got pretty badly abused by one little sod in the garden last week, some kid on day release from a young offenders' institution. I'd beat the crap out of him if he tried it on with me.'

Justin was beaming. The bugger's enjoying this, it registered on Nathan. 'We gotta get back to the beds, sir. Thanks for being so understanding.'

'No problem, boys. Use the kitchen too, any time you want.'

They padded downstairs, still hand in hand. And as they emerged into the garden with their boots back on, Justin grabbed Nathan's face and kissed him deeply.

'You're a nutter, Justin Macavoy,' Nathan laughed as they broke off their lip lock.

'And you love me, don't you.'

'Yes, I do. I've never met anyone like you.'

'What a boring life you've led then. Hey, can you do us a favour, Nate?'


'Yes, but later. But can you pick up some ciggies for me? Twenty Players. I got no money at the moment, and they don't let me out. But I'll pay you back, honest.'

'I thought you were giving up,' Nathan said, not too happily.

'Me? You're kidding. Old Man Anderson'll be paying me something at the end of the month. I'll pay you back then. OK?'

'Yeah, I guess. Look. I don't like cigarettes, Just. When we've done it up to now you've not been smoking. I don't want to have to kiss an ash tray next time, know what I mean?'

Justin too now looked troubled. 'No probs. I'll smoke them through the window back in the centre, not when we're together.'

Nathan looked relieved, but Justin looked irritated. His chain had been jerked, and if it had not been for the ritalin, for all the links that now bound them, Nathan might have been dealing with a different Justin, retaliatory and aggressive. Deep down Nathan sensed this, and it did not add to his sense of security.

Mr Anderson turned up at five. He surveyed the garden with some satisfaction. 'This is really good. Tell me Nathan, how much is you and how much is Justin?'

'Half and half, Mr Anderson, honest. I told him what to do and he did it. No arguments and no skiving. He's been great.'

'I've been thinking. You two work together well. We'll keep you as a team from Monday onwards. Is that OK?'

Justin and Nathan gave broad grins. 'Couldn't ask for better, Mr Anderson,' Nathan said.

'Doan' forget the ciggies,' Justin hissed at Nathan as he got out of the van.

'What's up, Justin?' Tanya asked him that Saturday.

'Nuthin', why?'

'You've been whistling round the house and smiling to yourself.'

'Must be the ritalin high.'

'There is no ritalin high.'

'How about all the open air I've been getting?'

'Hmm... maybe. I rang up George Anderson this morning. He's been singing your praises. He said you've worked as hard as his best apprentice this last week, and he's dead impressed. No other of our placements has ever been so enthusiastic about gardening, he said. But...'

'But what?... I do like it. Honest.'

'It just makes me suspicious... have you found a way of cultivating marijuana in someone's flowerbed?'

Justin laughed happily, without so much as a hint of a sneer in his voice. Tanya shook her head, the boy was actually being pleasant, and when he laughed like that he was even attractive. 'Your case reassessment meeting is on Wednesday morning, and it looks as though it might be interesting.'

On Monday, it rained. Nathan arrived with a set of wet weather gear from the yard: waterproofs and an Anderson's kagool, Justin changed in the back of the van, blowing kisses to Nathan behind Mr Anderson's back.

'Off you go, lads,' the old man said, as he dropped them outside a church near Hornsey viaduct, 'and be careful.'

'What did he mean?' Justin asked.

'He meant he doesn't want us losing a limb with this chainsaw. We're pruning trees today. Can you go and get the ladder from behind the church hall?'

Nathan spent a half hour explaining the way the chainsaw worked and safety procedure. Justin impressed him by actually listening and even asking serious questions.

'It's just cos you want to use this, isn't it?'

'Yeah... I so wanna live the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.'

'Be good, Justy.'

Justin also listened when Nathan explained the way to prune trees and take out limbs. It was hard and rough work, and Justin was exhausted well before lunch time. The physical work was taking its toll of his untrained body. Nathan could have gone on, but he stopped for Justin's sake and they sat under the dripping eaves of the church hall. Nathan pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and threw them to Justin.

'Aw cheers, Nate, you're a good un.' He lit up, took a drag and looked happy. 'Tell me Nate, you got family?'

'Mum and dad, that's all.'

'Yeah, I'm an only kid too, me mum couldn't have another one after me.'

'What... like the Antichrist sort of thing?'

'Very funny. Why didya leave school at sixteen, Nate? You seem pretty bright to me.'

'I just wanted to get out there and work in gardens. I wanted to do it since I was small. My mum's keen on gardens too, and she knew Mr Anderson. But I'm on day release from Andersons doing two HNDs at Hornsey College. I'll get qualifications, and I might go off to agricultural college one day... see how it feels.'

'Where do you live?'

'With the parents out in Winchmore Hill.'

'What do you do when you're not working?'

'There's the gym, and swimming. I don't have any serious mates any more. They all wanted to go on to sixth form and thought I was mad... I used to go to private school, Goldsmiths' Company Greycoats in the city of London. None of my school friends lived anywhere near me anyway. It was great when you turned up at Andersons, someone my age to talk to, I thought. Then you turned out to be a total screwed up arse.'

'Until you totally screwed my arse...'

'Ha ha! You wanna talk about what you did before you ended up in secure accommodation, Justy? I suppose I may wish I'd never asked, but I gotta look interested now don't I?'

Justin looked pensive and took some time before replying, 'I never hurt anyone, Nate. Be sure of that. It was only myself I was at war with. But shoplifting, bunking off, vandalism, even a bit of dealing... yeah, I was a bad boy.'

'And you seriously got an ASBO?'

'Three of 'em. The first one when I broke every window in that shithole of a school they forced me to go to... I got expelled too, which was a bonus. Then there was the night I got a little too high and made an epic car aerial collection, without asking the owners' permission – escaped me mind – the problem was that the police station car park at Seven Sisters was the chief contributor. They took it bad. The cameras caught it all, naturally, but I wasn't arsed about that. The best one was opening the emergency floodgates at the sewage treatment plant in Crouch End, and sending thousands of gallons of liquid crap into the Haringey social services department... it was a sort of message.'

'Deeply symbolical,' agreed Nathan, laughing now.

'So I was a one-boy crime wave, according to the Holloway Advertiser – I kept the cutting. They got me at the end for breaching a school attendance order, just a minor one, bit unfair really.

Nathan looked at Justin's quirky grin and had a warm feeling. This was a bad boy, no doubt about it, but a funny one and – to him – a lovable one. 'What's going to happen to you, Justy?'

'Dunno. It's never got this far before, in secure accommodation an' all. Talking to the other lads, they say that it's usually psychiatric reports, a short stay and then fostering or a supervised flat. I'm sixteen, so it could be either.'

'Maybe if you make a success of your placement with Andersons, it'll help.'

'Maybe...' then Justin looked a little shy, 'but I think what helps most is you, Nate. I'm different with you. I don't need to be cocky and crude, to shock and to annoy. I don't swear so much when I talks to you. I've never met anyone like you, so hot and so kind.' he grinned, 'Giss a kiss.'

They kissed long and lingeringly, with instant results between their legs. Justin went to his knees, pulled down Nathan's trousers and pants and transferred his lips to his lover's member. He sucked and slurped industriously, glancing up to catch the look of ecstasy he was creating on Nathan's face, and smiling round his cock. Nathan came to a very satisfactory climax, and offered to reciprocate, but Justin smiled and said he was too shagged out.

They wandered down to a convenience store and got sandwiches and strolled back, laughing and joking, with Justin on his second smoke.

'One thing though,' Nathan finally said, 'You're really bright, Justy. And you can be cool as the proverbial cucumber. Why didn't school work for you?'

'Teachers. The only ones I ever met were obvious dickheads... even when I was in primary school, I could tell they were lazy, ignorant and badly prepared. It pissed me off. I took the trouble to turn up, and they couldn't take the trouble to make it worth me while! Yer see, for me the problem is that if someone's a dickhead I gotta tell them. It's only fair. But strangely adults don't like to be told by eleven year olds that they are dickheads. I never worked that one out.'

'So you didn't finish a single GCSE?'

'Nope. Life's gonna be a bit of an adventure for me as a result, doanchya think?'

They got back to work, and the job was already done when Mr Anderson turned up at three with the shredder and a trailer to take away the sawdust.

'You two are a marvel,' he said, 'a natural team. You move round each other like you were telepathic. I'm going to be sorry to see you go, Justin.'

'Wha ..?'

'Fraid so. Tanya says that after Friday the placement's up.'

Nathan looked thundertruck, 'But, Mr Anderson. That can't be right. Justin's been brilliant. You can keep him on! You've got to!'

'Woah now! Yes Justin's been good, but we're only offering job experience here, not jobs. You should know that. I know you two have become friends, but you can stay friends and you've got your mobiles.'

Nathan looked at Justin, who looked stunned. They worked silently at the shredder, looking disconsolately at each other from time to time.

What put the cap on it for Justin was that in the case conference on Wednesday they were very pleased with him, but not so pleased that they would listen to his request to extend the placement. His highly cogent argument was that he had finally found a work environment that had met his needs, and that they were depriving him of its beneficial effects. It was a measure of how determined he was that he was articulate, used long words that Tanya had never guessed that he knew, and never swore once.

They agreed that he had benefited from his spell at Andersons they said, but a possible foster home had emerged in Chelmsford, and he would be moved out next week. Justin was silenced.

Thursday was Matthew White's garden in Highgate again. They had finished power-hosing the patio and re-laying the gravel path, and were sitting out in the sun on the patio steps.

'Chelmsford, bloody Chelmsford,' swore Nathan.

'I can't go there,' Justin said simply.

'No,' agreed Nathan hopelessly.

'I'm gonna have to do a runner, Nate. You gotta help me.'

Nathan astounded himself by not even thinking twice about the rights and wrongs of what Justin was suggesting. 'Yes I will, Justy,' he said firmly, 'But where you gonna run to?'

'That's the problem innit. I can't go back to my mum, she's hopeless, poor cow, and thass the first place they'll look. I got no one else but you to turn to.'

'How long could I hide you in my bedroom d'you think?'

'Not long enough, and your mum would notice eventually you think?'

'Oh yeah. We couldn't get away with you as a sleepover who forgot to go home, could we?'

'Let's think... no, let's not. Let's fuck while we can.' Justin took Nathan's hand and they went inside, leaving boots and socks in the kitchen and padding upstairs. The house was empty, apparently, and Justin led his lover into a side bedroom. He grabbed a towel and laid it on the cover, then he dropped his shorts, pulling down Nathan's and devoting himself to his straining cock.

Gasping, Nathan said, 'Justy... I want you to do me this time. I thought about it and I really want it. And if we don't do it now, maybe we never will.'

Justin looked up, 'You sure?' Nathan nodded. 'OK then, but it'll hurt the first time.'

'I know,' said Nathan, 'I was researching it on the web last night. But I got some lube from the chemists – it's in my shorts pocket – and we can borrow another condom from Mr White.' He disappeared into the bathroom and returned with a packet. Justin sat on the bed, and Nathan knelt between his legs, sucking him erect. He looked up, carrying on stroking Justin's member. 'What I gotta do, Justy?'

'Get up on the bed, lover. My fingers have to get busy.' Nathan lay on the bed on his stomach, and Justin shoved two pillows under his groin, pushing Nathan's backside into the air. He marvelled at the beautiful sight of those muscular soft mounds. He licked his index finger and began stroking Nathan's brown and furry hole; then his tongue got into action, while he pulled apart Nathan's cheeks with his thumbs. Nathan was moaning softly now, thrusting his groin gently into the pillows. Justin squirted lubricant on his fingers and into the crater of Nathan's anus.

'Ooh, that's cold,' Nathan said.

'It'll be hot enough soon, Nate,' Justin replied, pushing three of his fingers steadily into Nathan, turning and flexing. He worked away patiently but assertively, ignoring it when Nathan yelped. Eventually he had a fourth in deep and was stretching the ring wide; his lover was gasping and squirming. Now was the time. He folded a condom down on himself, put a drop of lube on the tip and without any warning slapped Nathan hard on the backside. As the boy cried out he thrust deep into him. 'Aaargh! Ow!'

'Sorry, Nate,' Justin gasped, 'but there's no easy way to do this. The hurt'll go away soon, I promise.'

There were tears in the blue eyes that looked back at him, 'S'OK Justy, I'll be alright, I want you so bad. I don't care how it hurts.' Justin leaned up over his lover's back and joined mouths with him. They kissed for as long as it took Nathan's anal muscles to get use to Justin's violation.

'God, I do love you,' Justin groaned. The feeling in his dick was fantastic. This was far tighter than when he had entered girls, and the smell of hot boy in his nostrils was sexy beyond belief.

As he felt Nathan relax, Justin pushed in as far as he could. 'Ooo. God you're so tight, Nate. I'm gonna start fucking... ready?'

'Oh yeah... do it.'

This was it, he began with slow and small strokes, just as he liked done to him. Nathan moaned his approval, and moaned even more when Justin stopped and rotated his cock in him. Pulses of ecstasy were beginning in his anal ring and Justin was finding his prostate every time. The tempo picked up and soon Justin was banging into his rectum ruthlessly, his cock emerging almost fully then plunging back in with a satisfying slap and squelch.

'I love this, Justy... aah... this is the best.'

Nathan's submissiveness under the punishment his arse was taking was driving Justin nuts. He was holding him now under his armpits, thrusting as deep as he could and moving his tool around inside Nathan's gut ruthlessly as he held it deep in him. He was resting high on the other boy's broad back, and he began licking and then nipping on his shoulders and neck.

'Oh God! More!' Nathan was shouting now, careless of whether he was heard. It was too much. Justin's ejaculation filled the condom and as he fell forward in ecstasy, he could even feel some of it trickle out on to his balls as he moved in Nathan.

He lay on Nathan's back, kissing now those shoulders which were covered with the red weals of the bites he had given him.

'That was passion,' sighed Nathan.

'How's your arse.'

'Hurts like hell and I can't wait for you to do it to me again, lover.'

'Then we gotta find a way I can, Nate.'

They got up and tidied the bed, then carrying their shorts went into the bathroom and took a leisurely shower together, Justin sucking off Nathan as he cleaned him. As they resumed their boots in the kitchen, Justin pointed out a side door.

'Does this place have a basement, duya think?'

'We could look.'

They went through the door and down some wooden steps. As Nathan snapped a light switch a whole series of dim cellars was revealed, divided by brick walls and arches, almost a catacomb. Some of it was filled with junk, and one bay was stacked with rack after rack of wine.

'Over here!' called out Justin. In a corner towards the garden was a small lunette window opening on to the lawn below the patio. Justin tried it and it opened, if a little stiffly. The bay behind it was more of a small room, there was a tap and a deep porcelain trough; perhaps it had once been a scullery.

'Are you thinking what I think you are, Justy?'

'It might do as a temporary refuge. That guy White ain't often here, is he? I know how to get into the garden from the back, so his PA bloke woan' see me. I'll oil the hinges and leave it open before we leave. I doan' think people ever come in here much... I can wazz in the sink and stuff.'

'You're seriously going to do this?'

'Yeah. I ain't goin' to Chelmsford. But you gotta help me, Nate.'

Nathan looked at the determined face of his lover and had little trouble deciding that he would help all he could. He told Justin this and got a glorious smile in return, and then an embrace and kiss followed.

'I knew I could count on you, Nate. You won't ever let me down.'

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