Alex's Guardian Angel

by Anthony Lane

Chapter 43


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This is my first attempt at writing fiction. I was inspired to pick up the pen after reading several stories by David Lee which can be found in the prolific authors section on Nifty.

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It was the pain that brought Callum back. He struggled to open his eyes.

As he started to open his eyes he began to hear his father.

"I said get up boy."

It took a few seconds before Callum could understand what his father said. As he started to get up his legs went from under him and he fell back onto the floor.

"Do you want me to smack you about a bit more? I said get up boy."

"Yes sir," was the only thing Callum could think to say.

On his second attempt he managed to get up off the floor leaning on the chair to help him stand.

"That's enough of you lying to me boy, from now on the only time you go out of this house is to go to school or to go to church. You will not talk to that abomination or his brother, do you hear me?"

"What is wrong with Jerry?"

"No answering back or you'll get another one."

"Yes sir."

"Now get up those stairs and get to bed. In the morning we'll discuss what you will be expected to do now I am in charge of the church."

"Yes sir."

Callum was relieved to be out of his father's reach but really upset at the turn of events since he had left Alan and Rick's house. He was upset at the grounding, but he knew his father couldn't stop him talking to Jerry. After all he was in all the same classes in school. For the time being anyway.

He undressed and went to bed hoping his head wouldn't hurt so much when he woke in the morning.

"Morning little dude."

"Wha… what time is it?" asked Jerry struggling to open his eyes.

"It's six o'clock. I need to check a few things and then you can go back to sleep for a bit if you want."

"Couldn't it have waited till later Yuri?"

"Sorry dude, hospital rules. They want certain things checked first thing in the morning."

"Geez, I'm glad I'm getting out of here later."

"That's great news."

"Yeah, um Yuri?"


"I need to go pee."

"Ok, let me check your temperature and blood pressure and I'll go get a bottle."


"I see your brother brought you a few films to watch."

"Yeah, we watched one last night while he and Justin were here. Justin put the Lord of the Rings on before they left but I fell asleep watching it. Would it be alright if you put it back on for me in a bit?"

"Sure dude, let's get these few checks done, sort out your bladder and then I'll set it going for you."


Yuri quickly completed the checks and went out to get the bottle. When he came back he pulled the curtain around before moving the blankets back.

"Um Yuri, is it ok if I stand up to go? It feels like I'm peeing the bed when I do it lying down."

"I think we can cope with that."

So with a little bit of help, Jerry got out of bed and rested his bum on the bed before going bright red as Yuri lifted the gown and saw he was sprouting an erection.

Yuri realised how awkward this was for Jerry.

"Hey dude, don't be embarrassed, you're not the first guy I've seen with an erection; and it's not like you can control when they happen."

"I um…"

"We all get them dude. A lot of boys and men get hard-ons first thing in the morning. Knowing why we get erections doesn't make it less embarrassing," said Yuri as he placed the bottle over Jerry's cock.

"I… it's just… well…"

"Let me guess, it's the first time someone else has seen you hard?"


"Well hopefully for you there'll be a special someone you'll want to see lots of it in the future, but for now, don't worry about it."


It took Jerry a while before he could get his bladder to let loose but when it did he felt the relief flow through him.

"Ok Yuri, I'm finished."

While he had been peeing, his erection had gone down but when Yuri gave it a bit of a shake to get rid of any stray drops he started to get hard again.

"I'll get rid of this bottle then come back and sort that film out for you, is that ok?" said Yuri as he helped Jerry back into bed.

"Yeah, um Yuri?"

"Yeah dude?"

"What time is breakfast?"

"The trolleys will come round in an hour why?"

"Just asking."

"Back in a bit."

Yuri left the room taking the bottle with him and returned a few minutes later.

"Well you've definitely got plenty of choice of what you watch, are you sure you want me to put the disc back on or would you rather watch something else?"

"No the same disc is ok ta, but it will need changing over later if that's ok?"

"Sure dude, no problem."


Yuri set the disc playing and left Jerry alone.

Sam and Frodo had just bumped into Merry and Pippin stealing veg in the film when Yuri came in again.

"What do you want for breakfast this morning? We've got cereal or there's a version of a cooked breakfast or you can have both if you'd rather?"

"What's the cooked version?"

"Well you've got toast, scrambled eggs and tomatoes."

"Yuck, no thanks, I'll stick with cereal ta."

"Ok, any particular ones?"

"Frosties if you've got them please."

"Sure dude. If you don't mind, I'll sort everyone else out with theirs and then I'll come and help you with yours."


"How's the film?"

"It's good."

"I won't be long."


Yuri placed a bowl of cereal on the table with a carton of milk beside it before leaving Jerry watching the film.

"Hey Yuri, that's perfect timing," said Jerry as Yuri came back.

"How's that dude?"

"The disc just finished."

"I aim to please. I actually have a favour to ask. A boy was brought in last night; he's around your age. I was wondering if it would be ok if he watched some of the films with you? He needs a bit of cheering up and sitting in bed watching morning telly isn't going to help. So is it ok for me to bring him in?"

Will he be able to change the films over?"

"Yeah, he can use both his hands."

"That's cool then; bring him in and we'll see how it goes."

"Let's get you fed and then I'll go ask him what he thinks."

"What's his name?"


Jerry didn't say anything else while Yuri fed him. Though as he was eating he remembered what Justin had said about a boy being brought in unconscious. He wondered whether that was the same boy or if there was another one in the hospital. Knowing how strict hospitals could be with privacy he felt it was best not to ask too much.

"Before I go and ask Declan, I'll get the wash stuff and clean you up."

"I'm not that bad am I?"

"Not really but a wash in the morning will help clean the cobwebs out."


Yuri wasn't long in returning after he had washed and dried Jerry. This time when he came in he was pushing a wheelchair.

"Jerry, this is Declan, Declan, this is Jerry."

"Hi," said Jerry.

Jerry thought Declan looked in a bad way. Declan's face looked like it had been used as a punch bag, both his eyes were black and his nose showed signs of being broken.


"Before I go, can I ask you to do me a favour Declan?"

"If I can."

"As you can see Jerry needs help to do things. Would you ok helping him if he's thirsty? If he needs any other help come and get me."

"I can manage that I think."

"Good, well I'll leave you boys alone for now and I'll check back later. Just keep the volume down boys ok?"

"We will Yuri," said Jerry.

"So Declan you want to watch a film?"

"Yes please."

"You're going to have to help me sort out the player though."

"Oh yeah. Um, what do I do?"

"Well what film are we going to watch? There are a few to choose from."

After a few seconds of going through the discs Declan asked "Do you mind if we watch this?" holding up the cover for Gone in 60 Seconds .

"You can put whatever you want on. I've only seen the first Fast and the Furious and the first disc of Fellowship of the Ring."

"Oh cool. Now what do I do?"

"There should be a button to open the lid, then just change the discs over and close the lid."


Declan quickly found the button and changed the discs over, putting the one out of the player back in its case. The film started to load and play as soon as he had closed the lid.

"Do you like coke Declan?"

"Yes why?"

"Well my brother and his friend came around last night and brought a few things, there should be some coke left in the cupboard there."

"Ok, do you want some?"

"Yes please and you can have some as well."

"I'm ok thanks."

"Well it's there if you want it."


The main menu for the film appeared as Declan was pouring some coke into a beaker. He gave Jerry a drink before selecting the movie option and pressing play.

"Can I ask you a few things?" said Jerry.


"I guess the first would be how old are you?"

"I'm fourteen, you?"

"Thirteen, what about school, which one do you go to?"

"Lewis Heights, well I did. What about you?"

"Connor High."

"I thought I hadn't seen your face around school. Do you have any brothers or sisters?"

"Yeah, I got a brother, Alex he's sixteen. You?"

"Not that I know of."


"I was put into the foster system when I was three, I don't remember any, but that doesn't mean there aren't any."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be."

"Can I ask why you were fostered?"

"My mother was a junkie, she overdosed one day but paramedics got to her before she died. Social Services took me away from her that day and I've not had any contact with her since."

"Oh my god, that's awful."

"I got over it years ago."

"What's it like being fostered?"

"It's all I know so I don't really have something else to compare it to."

"So how come you got here? It's alright if you don't wanna say."

"No it's fine, the boyfriend of the woman fostering me would get drunk and use me as a punch bag, only this time she wasn't there to stop him and he went too far, the next thing I know is waking up here."

"That's terrible; surely they won't put you back there?"

"It's possible, it all depends on whether there's somewhere else they can place me. See as you get older, there are less and less foster families prepared to take you in. How come you ended up here?"

"I was in the car with my father on Friday when it crashed. He was killed and I got my arms broke."

"I'm sorry."

"You wouldn't be if you knew him."

"You didn't get on with your father then?"

"Nor my mother; she's disowned me since the crash so I guess I'm the same as you."

"I know I'm being nosey but why did your mother disown you?"

"We argued about something and she didn't like it that I was standing up to her, so she told Social Services that now my father is dead she doesn't think she would be able to cope with me."

"Couldn't she get your brother to help out?"

"No, he doesn't live with her either."


"Yeah, but that's his story to tell."

"That's cool. So if your brother doesn't live with your mother, will you be going to live with him?"

"Yeah, the family that took him in have also agreed to take me."

"That's lucky; I've known a lot of brothers and sisters who got split up by the foster system."

"Have you had a lot of foster families then?"

"I've had four different sets of foster parents and quite a few foster brothers and sisters over the years."

"Wow, do you only get to stay with one family for so long then?"

"No, if you get the right family, you can stay there until you're old enough to live on your own, it's just a few different things have meant I've had to move on. The first family were good but the woman got run over and the husband didn't want to carry on fostering without her. The second family I was with were pretty old; which was more like living with grandparents I guess. Because of their age, there were things they didn't know a lot about like computers and the internet. After a few years he had a heart attack and they decided they didn't want to carry on fostering. The next ones were good, but when he lost his job they had to sell the house and couldn't afford one big enough to take me, and this last one, well she's more interested in the money she got for me than actually looking out for me."

"That's terrible, how can they treat you like that, it's like you're an animal or something?"

"You don't get a choice, if they say you gotta go, you gotta go. The only other alternative is living on the streets."

"Wow, I knew Alex was lucky to find Sarah, I never realised just how lucky. I thought that the foster system was good."

"I think finding families to take kids in is a good thing, it's better than dumping us all in one big home; it's just some of the families they use are not all that good."

"I wonder if Sarah would be able to help you somehow, she knows people in Social Services; perhaps she can work something out?"

"Don't worry about it, I'm used to it."

"Well I'll ask anyway. Do you enjoy sport?"

"Yeah, I love most sports, I try and watch football when I can, I love playing it as well."

"You'd get on well with Alex and Justin then, they are both footie nuts."

"You don't like it?"

"I prefer rugby."

"I like rugby too. I don't get the chance to play it though. The school I was in before did rugby and I enjoyed playing, but when I had to move I had to change schools and my present one doesn't offer so much choice; it's either football, cricket or basketball."

"That sucks, I'd be stuffed at that school, I don't like any of them."

"You can get away with not doing much in cricket so a few of the boys go for that option."

"I don't know if I could deal with that, I like running about."

"Apart from sport what else you into?"

"Not a lot, my father thought that anything that interfered with school was bad for us, we hardly watched a lot of telly and rarely watched movies that weren't religious in nature or made in the fifties."

"What about music?"

"Nope, he thought that the music that was about now was too explicit or suggestive, he said it would corrupt us and stopped us listening."

"Now that sucks, I don't think I'd cope without my music. Even though I've moved around a bit, I've always had music."

"You boys ok?" asked Yuri as he stuck his head in the door.

"Yeah Yuri," replied Jerry.

"I'll leave you to it then, don't forget if you need anything just use the buzzer."

"Ok," said Declan. "What do you think of Yuri?" he asked when Yuri was gone.

"I think he's great, he's been really good with me, and it's nice that he's not that much older than us. Because of my arms, I need help doing everything. When Yuri helps me go to the toilet, it's not so bad, I can think of him as an older brother which doesn't make it so weird, but when that nurse was on last night, he was old enough to be my father, now that felt awkward. But Yuri is cool."

"He seems nice enough."

"I know this is off track but you into cars?"

"Why do you ask that?"

"The film."

"Not really, it's just I've seen the film before and enjoyed it."

"Oh ok."

"Have they told you how long you'll be in here for? I'd imagine with your arms like that it's gonna be a while?"

"Nope, I'm outta here today."

"Wow, that's lucky."

"Yeah, like I said, having Yuri help me isn't too bad, but I'd rather be away from here. What about you?"

"I don't know, I guess I'll have to see what Social Services plan. If they're gonna put me back with Susan and her boyfriend, I guess it'll be pretty soon."

The boys continued to talk, getting to know each other while they watched the film.

As Alex woke up he could feel Junior pressing against his arse and Justin's arm holding him close. He still couldn't believe that only two weeks ago the thought of what he was now doing would have made him cut his arms up. Now he was too happy to even consider it.

Alex's bladder started to let him know he wouldn't be able to lie with Justin for as long as he'd like. Getting out of bed without disturbing Justin was easy enough. As he stood up he noticed his cock was standing to attention. He knew going to the toilet was going to be difficult.

Still not sure he was completely ready to walk around the whole house naked before he knew others were, Alex grabbed a pair of briefs out of the bag and headed to the bathroom, picking up a towel as he went.

After using the toilet, with difficulty, he grabbed a shower, dried off, put the briefs on and headed for the kitchen. Not sure if Alan and Rick were still asleep or up to anything else, he didn't know if they were up until he checked the living room and kitchen.

He felt strange being the first person up. He checked the clock on the wall and was surprised to see it was only just coming up to six. Wondering what he should do, he decided that rather than get back into bed with Justin, which was very tempting, he'd have a cup of tea and make a start on some revision.

After putting the kettle on he popped back upstairs to get his school stuff, while he was in the bedroom he grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and put them on before going back downstairs. When he got back to the kitchen he made himself a cup of tea and sat down at the table to start working on one of his exam papers.

It was gone eight o'clock before somebody else showed their face in the kitchen.

"Morning," said Alan as he walked into the kitchen.

"Morning," answered Alex lifting his head up. It only took a quick glance to see that Alan was naked.

"You're up early this morning," he said as he went to put the kettle on.


"What time did you get up?"

"Not too sure, must have been around half five, I guess; I had a shower before I came down and it was just before six when I put the kettle on."

"Wow, that is early. Did you have a problem sleeping or something?"

"No, I just woke up early."

"So what have you been up to? Have you had breakfast yet?"

"No, I've been doing some revision."

"You know you could have done yourself some breakfast."

"It's fine; I wasn't that hungry when I got up so I just started to crack on with the papers."

"What about now? You ready for breakfast?"

"Yes please."

"You know where everything is, help yourself."

Alex got up to get himself some cornflakes

"Can I ask you something Alex?"


"I hope Rick and I haven't made you uncomfortable by walking around naked?"

"It was strange yesterday, coming down and eating breakfast with no clothes on, but that was because I've never done anything like that before. Until I stayed here, the only times I was naked had been when I was getting changed or getting a shower. Please don't think you being naked around me is something you have to change. Apart from the scare with Jerry Friday night, I have really enjoyed spending the last couple of days with you and Rick. I mean that, you have both been great; you haven't treated me like a leper or with kid gloves, you've been more like big brothers."

"Well I'm glad you feel like that. We've enjoyed you being here as well and I don't think Justin could have wished for anyone better for a boyfriend."

"I'm sure he could have, but thanks for saying that."

"You haven't seen how much Justin has changed since you've shown up. I think Justin has always been comfortable with the idea of being gay, but he's been afraid of others knowing; which is why it is only since you've arrived that he's got the confidence to tell us and his parents. As a result of that, he's able to be more relaxed about himself and around us all. There's not some big secret on his shoulders now weighing him down. You have also made him very happy. How or why doesn't matter, but I know Sarah and Simon will be forever grateful to you for what you've done for Justin."

"He's the one who has done everything for me, I've done nothing."

"When you showed Justin you trusted him enough to tell him your biggest secret, which happened to be the same secret he had, you gave him the confidence he needed to take the next step himself. That may not seem like a lot to you, but it was a massive thing for Justin; to know he had someone his own age he could talk to about being gay and not have to worry about getting outed to the whole school. The fact that you're the very type Justin finds attractive was a bonus for him."

"That's another thing I don't understand. He keeps saying I'm hot, but I don't see it."

"Trust me you are. If I was to take you to a gay club, you wouldn't have to pay for a single drink; they'd be climbing over themselves to get to you."

"You're another one who needs to go to the optician."

"I'm sorry Alex but you've got three men in this house who disagree with you. I'm not going to try and convince you because I don't think I ever will and that's part of why you are attractive, because you don't know it."

"That doesn't make much sense."

"Ok, I've seen a lot of attractive men about. Some, like you and Justin, don't play on it because either they don't accept the fact they're attractive or because they're not stuck up. But there are some who know they're hot and milk it for all it's worth; which for a lot of people is a big turn off. Do you know what I mean?"

"Not really."

"Well some who are attractive, strut around like peacocks, shoving it in your face. And it's that attitude that puts people off."

"I know what you mean now. I still think you're all nuts, but I'm not gonna argue."

"Are you looking forward to Jerry getting out of hospital later?"

"Yeah, I know to some people, losing your parents in one day is a tragedy, but since I've known Sarah and Simon, I've seen what real parents should be and Jerry will be so much better off away from mom; and dad."

"I can't say much about your father because I never met him, but the little bit I saw of your mother was pretty bad."

"She was mild compared to my father. And Vicar Stephens was ten times worse. But no more about them, they're all history now."

"So are you going to stay here tonight, or go back home with Sarah and Jerry?"

"Sarah suggested that as we're still gonna go swimming with you guys tomorrow, it makes more sense to stay here and meet up with them afterwards, then she's gonna take the three of us clothes shopping before we go back to school on Tuesday."

"Sounds like a good plan. What are you going to do if Jerry is kept in another day?"

"Well if he's in another night it doesn't really make a lot of difference. We were staying in this afternoon anyway so I'll just spend the time doing more studying. If Cal shows up he can play chess with Justin while I do some revision. Then tonight if it's ok, we can visit Jerry and when we come back we can all watch a film."

"What if we go to the cinema instead after we've been to see Jerry?"

"I'm happy watching a film in the living room, but a trip to the cinema is good too."

"Ok, so we'll check later what films are playing and we can decide as a group then. Now, I think I've left him up there for long enough, I'm going to go and kick Rick's arse out of bed."

"Sure, but if you're not working and we're not planning on going anywhere, why can't he sleep in?"

"I noticed yesterday that we're running low on a few things so we planned on doing some shopping this morning and I'd rather get it done early."

"Do shops open early on a Sunday?"

"Oh shit, I'd forgotten it was Sunday. No the shops don't open until later. Oh, I know what needs doing. Back in a bit."


Alan left Alex alone in the kitchen eating his cornflakes while he headed upstairs.

Rick was the next one to show his face in the kitchen. Just like Alan, he was naked.

"Morning Alex," said Rick as he started to pour himself a cup of tea.

"Morning Rick."

"Alan said you were up. It looks like you've been up for a while."

"Yeah, I've been doing some revision."

"What time did you get up then?"

"Sometime before six."

"Wow, and you left Justin in bed all this time?"

"I didn't need him for anything and just because I'm up early doesn't mean he has to be."

"I wish Alan thought like you. I'd love to get to lie in now and again but Alan thinks that if he's up I should be up."

"I think he has a few plans for you before you go shopping later."

"Oh he's already told me what he wants doing. He's gone to get Justin up so he can help out."

"I don't mind helping if you need a hand."

"It's alright, he only wants me to cut the grass and I only need Justin to rake up the cut bits, so you stay put and get on with your revision. That's more important than Justin getting an extra hour in bed."

"I really don't mind helping and a break is supposed to be good for revision."

"Why don't I let you and Justin work it out between you, I think I hear him and Alan coming down anyway."


Alex wasn't surprised to see Justin walk into the kitchen in his birthday suit. What he was a little surprised at was Junior standing to attention.

"Morning," said Justin heading for the fridge.

"Morning," replied Alex and Rick.

"So what's this job you want me to help with?"

"Alan wants me to cut the grass and he thought you could rake it all up for me."

"Sure, but did it have to be so early?"

"Alan wanted to go shopping for a few things until Alex pointed out it's Sunday and the shops don't open so early. And he thought it was a good idea to get the garden done before we had a shower, that way we only have to have the one shower."

"Makes sense I suppose."

"Now will you tell Alex that you and I can cope with it while he studies?"

"Sure we can, it's not a big job. It usually only takes me about ten minutes to rake it all up and besides there's no point in both of us getting covered in grass."

"I don't mind helping and besides, I've been revising for over two hours already."

"Wow, you got up early. Why didn't you wake me?" asked Justin.

"What for?"

"I could have got up with you."

"When I woke up I went to the toilet and jumped in the shower before coming down for a cup of tea, then I noticed the time, I decided to work on some revision so there was no point waking you up just to sit with me."

"Ok, well being as you've already showered there's no point in getting dirty again helping me rake the grass up. If you want to have a break you can always watch us."

"Alright, you lot win, I won't help. Rick, there was something Justin wanted to ask you and Alan."

"There was?" asked Justin looking quizzically at Alex.

"Yeah, remember you mentioned it last night before we went to sleep?"

"Oh that, are you sure?"

"Yeah it's fine."

"Ok you two; are you going to let us in on this?" asked Alan.

"Well, it's just… you know how we don't normally get dressed until after breakfast when I'm here."

"Yes," replied Rick.

"Well we were talking last night and we wondered if perhaps the next time we're here for the weekend, we could do like you guys did with Rory and Thom and spend the weekend without clothes unless we need to go out for something or someone comes calling?"

"Well I don't see a problem with it providing Alex is happy with it, I mean at the moment it looks like it may make him uncomfortable," said Rick.

"Why do you think that Rick?" asked Alex.

"Well you're the only one dressed around here."

"There's a good reason for that. I know Justin had told me about how you guys don't get dressed first thing in the morning, but I wasn't sure if anyone was up when I was walking about earlier and I was a bit nervous bumping into you or Alan. If you were naked then it wouldn't have mattered but I would have been really embarrassed if I was naked and you weren't, so I put a pair of briefs on when I came down to get a cuppa. When I found it was so early and I was the only one awake I decided to do some studying and while I was getting my school stuff, I grabbed a t-shirt and shorts. It seemed silly sitting in the kitchen studying with no clothes on; like one of those nightmares you hear people talking about. Where they're sat at their desk in school working and all of a sudden they realise they are naked."

"Ok fair point."

"I agree with Rick, as long as Alex is comfortable with the idea it's fine with me. Alex?"

"I think it would be interesting to try and it wouldn't be like this morning where I wouldn't know what to expect. If I knew what we were all going to do it wouldn't be so awkward I don't think."

"Well we'll see next time you're over, but don't feel you're pressured into it Alex," said Rick.


"So what's everyone having for breakfast?" asked Alan.

"What's there to have?" asked Justin.

"I think there are a few eggs there if you want scrambled or poached, we've got some bread left so you can have toast or there's cereal."

"I'll go with cereal then."

"You know where that is, so sort yourself out. You want some toast Rick, Alex?"

"Yes please," answered Rick.

"No thanks Alan, the cereal was enough for now thanks."

"Ok then, toast for two coming up."

There wasn't much talking while everyone ate their breakfast.

"Well if I'm not going to be able to help in the garden, I'll do all the breakfast dishes," said Alex as he got up and started to run water in the sink.

"You're determined to do something, so I'm not going to argue," replied Alan.

"So what are you going to do while we're all busy?" asked Rick.

"I thought I'd give Thom and Rory a call to see if I can start the ball rolling on those tickets and then I'd clean up down here."

"That's a good idea. Right, I'm off to get some ratty clothes on."

"Hang on, I don't have any ratty clothes," said Justin.

"Shorts and t-shirt would be fine Justin; I'm just covering my legs so I don't get cut by the grass flying off the strimmer."

Rick handed Alex his plate before he left the kitchen and headed upstairs.

"Well I'm going to go grab a shower before I make a start," said Alan as he handed his plate to Alex before leaving the boys alone in the kitchen.

Justin got up and wrapped his arms around Alex from the back squeezing in tight to Alex.

"Mmm that feels good," said Alex.

"I know what would feel better," said Justin as he grabbed Alex's cock through the shorts.


"So when do I get my kiss?"

Justin continued to play with Alex's cock as Alex lay down the plates and turned around to face him.

"Will you leave him alone; you'll have him standing to attention any second now?"

"I love playing with him, and besides you have something on so you can hide it, unlike Junior who is telling everyone he's awake."

"I thought there was something poking at my back. But it's nice he's awake, he's so cute."

"Do I have to ask again?"

Rather than answer; Alex moved his face closer so they could kiss. As they were kissing he moved his hand down and started to stroke Junior.

Just as they were getting into it they heard a cough.

"Um, best let him go get his clothes Alex, unless he wants to rake the grass up like that?"

"I wouldn't mind watching that," said Alex.

"Well I don't think the neighbours would really appreciate it somehow."

"I don't think I'd wanna do it either. All those strangers ogling at Junior; no thanks."

"So leave Alex alone and go and get dressed."

"Alright, I'll be there in a few."

"Ok, see you out there."

Rick headed outside leaving the boys alone again.

"I'd better go get dressed, if I don't go now, I'll only want to have more fun with you."

"You are one horn dog aren't you?"

"What? Is it my fault I think you're sex on legs?"

"Yeah yeah, sod off and get dressed."

"Yes sir."

As Justin was walking away, Alex slapped him on the arse.

"Hey!" said Justin.



With that Alex turned around to finish the dishes and Justin headed upstairs to get dressed. Before Alex started back on the dishes though, he rearranged his cock to make it more comfortable.

An hour later Justin and Rick had finished in the garden and both were showered.

Alex was just making a fresh pot of tea when Justin walked back into the kitchen.

"There's only one smell I like more than fresh cut grass."

"And what's that?" asked Alex.

"I'm sure you already know."

"Not really, I may have seen you naked, played with Junior, and even slept naked with you, but there are still some things about you I don't know."

"The smell I'm talking about is all you."

"What you talking about?"

"You have a smell all of your own, and I think it's the best one in the world."

"Oh ok."

"So what's next?"

"Well Alan is gonna have some tea and then I think he and Rick are off shopping. I'm gonna crack on with another exam paper and you, well that's up to you. I guess you can do whatever you want unless Alan or Rick has something they need you to do."

"Ok, I'll go and ask Alan."

Justin kissed Alex before heading into the living room to talk to Alan.

"Alex said you and Rick are heading out in a bit, is there anything you want me to do while you're gone?"

"Not really, most of what I wanted done has been."

"Ok, so I guess I'll do some reading while you're out. What's the plan for food later?"

"I thought we'd have a few sandwiches and something. I don't want to make plans for tea until we know if Jerry is coming over or not."

"That makes sense. If Jerry doesn't get out, we're going to the hospital again right?"

"Sure, why?"

"Well can you get some more coke and treats when you're shopping just in case Jerry is kept in?"

"Yeah, no problem."

"What's no problem?" asked Alex as he came in carrying two mugs of tea.

"I was just asking Alan if he could get some things for tonight just in case Jerry doesn't get out this afternoon."

"You don't have to Alan, I'm sure Jerry will be fine."

"It's ok Alex, if Jerry comes out this afternoon, we'll all have them then, if not they're ready for later."

"Thanks. Can you go and get the other two mugs from the kitchen please Justin?"


Justin came back into the living room just after Rick.

"Now were all together, I've got some news. I've spoken to Thom. I know I should have asked you two first, but I didn't think you'd mind me telling him you were a couple?" asked Alan.

"I'm only worried about kids in school knowing. I don't think I have to worry about that with Rory or Thom, so it's fine with me," said Justin.

"Me too, you said they're going to be moving down soon so we're going to be seeing a lot of them in the not too distant future, and that means they'll know eventually, so may as well be sooner."

"I'm glad you both don't mind. Thom is happy for us to stay overnight with them if he can get tickets. He thinks there's a good chance because he's got a contact at the club who should be able to help out. All we need to work out is who wants to go and let him know," said Alan.

"Wow, that's amazing," said Justin.

"I can't believe it," said Alex.

"Well it's not definite yet, but Thom was pretty sure he'd be able to sort it out for us."

"Great, do Rory and Thom believe in the same dress code for breakfast as you two?" asked Justin.

"They do when we're around. I'm not too sure how they'll feel with you two around, but that's something we can discuss nearer the time," answered Rick.

"That's going to be an awesome weekend," said Justin.

The four watched the news while they drank their tea, then Alan and Rick headed out and Alex went to the kitchen to study. Justin went upstairs to the bedroom to get the book he was reading before he headed back to the living room.

"Hey little dudes, you ready for lunch?"

"Wow, is it that time already Yuri?" asked Jerry.

"What choice do we have?" asked Declan.

"Well you can choose between chicken or ham salad sandwiches."

"I had the chicken yesterday, can I have ham please?" asked Jerry.

"I'll have the ham as well please," added Declan.

"Ok dudes."

Yuri headed back out and quickly returned with the sandwiches.

"We have tea as well if either of you want some?"

"Sure Yuri, when you're done with that, I need the toilet please," said Jerry.

"Sure thing dude, do I need a bottle?"

"No it's the other one I need."

"Ok, can you hold it for five minutes?"


Yuri left Jerry and Declan watching their film.

"I would have taken you if you'd asked you know?"

"Helping me after I've taken a dump isn't the same as helping me take a drink."


"You can help me with the sandwiches though, please."

"Sure. Do you want some before Yuri takes you or wait till your finished dumping yesterday's lot?"

"I'll wait ta."

"Ok. I was going to go the same time as you but I realised there's only the one toilet so I'll go now and that way we won't leave all this in here unwatched. You don't know if there's some tea leaf on the prowl."

"Good idea. Put the film on pause then and we can put it back on when we've both been," said Jerry.

While Jerry was on his own, he thought about how he'd enjoyed spending time with Declan all morning and how he was glad Yuri had suggested it. He hoped Sarah would be able to get Declan somewhere good to stay. He also hoped that whatever happened, Declan would want to keep in touch.

"You ready to go dude?" asked Yuri.

"Can you hang on a minute Yuri? Declan has just gone and he's going to watch this stuff while I'm in there."

"Sure dude, it makes sense not leaving this unguarded."

"Is there some sort of tea leaf around then?"

"You never know in a place this big, you don't always know who is around."

"I guess. Yuri?"


"Thanks for suggesting Declan come and watch the films with me. It's been great to have someone to talk to."

"Well you've done just as much for him; he would only be stuck watching daytime telly if you had said no. Not the most exciting prospect for anyone under the age of sixty."

"I know, it was sooooooo boring yesterday until Alex and Justin showed up."

"I'm done, you can take him now Yuri," said Declan.

"Ok dude, are you ok to walk or would you rather I get you a wheelchair?"

"My legs are fine Yuri, I can walk alright."

"Let's go then."

When Yuri brought Jerry back he helped him up onto the bed.

"Are you ok to help Jerry eat Declan or would you prefer I do it?"

"No it's fine, I'm sure there's some old codger who needs you more."

"Ok dude, I'll check in before I head home."

"Ok Yuri," said Declan and Jerry.

"You ready to watch the rest of this film?" asked Declan.

"Yeah, wait where's the tea Yuri promised?"

"I think he forgot. Do you want it, coz there's more coke here if you're thirsty."

"No the coke is fine; you can drink it as well."

"Thanks. Ok, let's get this film going and then we can sort out our food and drink."



"If I get out today and they keep you in, would you be ok with me visiting tonight?"

"Sure but why would you want to come back?"

"Well remember I said my father was a bit nuts?"


"Well he controlled who I got to spend time with. I got to spend time with Cal, he's my best friend, but that's only because our parents went to the same church. Other than Cal I only got to spend time with my brother and I've really enjoyed talking with you today. Add to that, I know how lonely and boring this place can be."

"Well if you want to visit, I'd like that, but don't feel you have to."

"Yeah, I don't, but I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want to."

"Well I guess until we know whether you're going home there's no point talking about it."

"True, so how much of this film is left?"

"I think we got half hour left why?"

"If it's ok with you can we watch Little Shop of Horrors next?"

"You know it's not a horror film right?"

"Really? I was hoping for some scary movie."

"No it's a comedy but sure we can watch it."

"Have you seen it before then?"

"No, I thought it was good for a scare but when I read the cover while you were in the toilet, it said it was more of a comedy."

"Ok, do you want to watch it then?"

"Why not."

"Well that's sorted then."

"Ok you ready for your sandwiches?"


Declan helped Jerry eat his sandwiches and gave him some coke to wash it down while they continued to watch the end of the film. When it finished, he changed the discs over putting Little Shop of Horrors on.

"Hey, how are things going?" asked Simon as he entered the living room.

"Dad, what are you doing here?"

"Well your mom's gone to see about getting Jerry out, and she told me about your plans for him to come straight here, so I thought I'd come over. Besides Man U take on Arsenal later and I thought we could watch it together."

"Sounds good to me."

"So where's Alex?"

"He's in the kitchen studying."

Just as Justin finished explaining, Alex walked into the living room.

"Hey Simon, what are you doing here?"

"As I just said to Justin; Sarah has gone to the hospital to see about getting Jerry out, and I thought that as everyone will be here this afternoon, I'd come over and join in. And there's a game on later we can all watch."

"Oh cool, who's playing?"

"Arsenal against Man U, so it's going to be a big game for Justin, Rick and Alan and then Man City play West Ham after."

"I think I've done all the revision I can do for now. What time is Sarah coming over with Jerry? Does she know?"

"When she left she wasn't sure, that is assuming he's going to be able to leave of course."

"Well do you think Justin and I would have time to go for a run? I've been studying all morning and need to clear my head."

"How long were you thinking of going for?"

"We'd probably be gone for about an hour, but we should be back in plenty of time for the game.."

"That should be fine, if Jerry does show up before then, it won't hurt him to spend time with the four old fogies."

"Four?" asked Justin.

"Yeah four, or don't you count Rick and Alan as old fogies?"

"Nah, they're not that old."

"Oh charming, see what cheek I have to put up with Alex?"

"Well you did sort of call yourself an old fogy Simon."

"Oh yeah, you got me on that one. Well you two head off for your run then and I'll see you both when you get back."

"Ok," replied Justin and Alex.

"I'm sorry, I forgot to ask if you wanted to go for a run, are you ok with that?"

"Of course I am, I'll go and get changed a bit quick and then we can go."


Justin headed upstairs to get changed leaving Alex and Simon alone in the living room.

"Simon, I want to thank you for being so generous."

"What do you mean?"

"You could have said no to me moving in, and now you're letting Jerry move in as well."

"I will admit that I was a little nervous when Sarah first told me about what she had done, but all my worries and concerns were washed away that first night I met you. It has been a pleasure having you around. You won't know this because you didn't know us before your birthday, but there have been a few changes in Justin since you've joined our family and they have all been for the better."

"Alan said something similar this morning, but if it hadn't been for you all, I would have been out on the streets living rough or worse."

"Well I'm just glad Sarah saw you that day. So no more talking about it; you are grateful to us, and Sarah and I are grateful to you; so go and enjoy your run with Justin and then we can watch that football later."


Alex got his trainers on while he continued to wait for Justin to come back down. When Justin came down the two headed out and started up the street.

They followed the same route they had run on Friday when they went for their second run. They passed Cardiff City Stadium, went down and around the shopping units before stopping in the park for a break before they headed back to Rick and Alan's.

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