Alex's Guardian Angel

by Anthony Lane

Chapter 36


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Most of the places mentioned, and none of the characters exist in real life. Whilst there are references to celebrities in places, no inference should be taken as to their sexual orientation in real life. This story is completely fictional.

This is my first attempt at writing fiction. I was inspired to pick up the pen after reading several stories by David Lee which can be found in the prolific authors section on Nifty.

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The next fifty five weeks were almost like torture for the three boys. They'd worked out that sleeping together on weekends and holidays would mean having to wear their underwear to bed. Even then they sometimes woke up with a stray hand on a morning stiff cock. They spent a lot of time over those weeks talking, kissing, cwtching and cementing their love for one another, but despite the temptation to go further they managed to avoid it. In a way to try and ease some of the tension they felt, they tried to channel it into their training, spending more time at the pool than they had previously.

When Aaron's seventeenth birthday came around there was a lot of anticipation in the air, the boys knew there was only three more weeks of their forced celibacy left. A surprise from Danny made Aaron even happier. When he arrived he announced that he was leaving the army and was home for good. Despite there only being three weeks between Aaron's and the twin's birthdays, the time seemed to drag like they'd never experienced before.

All three boys were excited when they found out the twins' birthday was going to be a teacher training day, meaning not only were they going to have the day off school, as their birthday was a Friday, they were going to have a long weekend where they could do whatever they wanted. When the last school bell rang on Thursday, all three headed to the twins' house. As there was no school the next day, Aaron had had permission to sleep over the extra night. While they were walking home Aaron suggested they sit down and talk about what each of them were hoping to achieve that weekend.

After grabbing a drink they headed to the bedroom to talk, just like normal all three stripped down to their underwear before they started to talk. Liam went first and said that for him, there wasn't much that was off limits, but he did think he wasn't ready to be fucked. Lucas followed by agreeing with his brother. Aaron told the twins that that wasn't on the cards for him either as he felt they should look into it more rather than rushing into it, he said that fingering each other wasn't the same as fucking and he was happy to wait for that. Liam suggested that as they had waited for fifty five weeks to have sex, they blow each other just after midnight so they could go to sleep feeling content rather than frustrated. Aaron and Lucas thought that was a good idea and just thinking of it had all three of them hard.

After their dinner the boys went to the bedroom to watch a few films. As midnight approached they spent more time watching the clock than the film. At the stroke of midnight, all three lost their briefs in a split second to reveal three hard cocks. Aaron looked at them to try and work out how they were going to do this, when Liam suggested they lie in a triangle so that each of them had a cock to suck on at the same time. As it happened, Liam got to suck his brother's, Lucas got to suck Aaron's and Aaron sucked on Liam's. It wasn't long before they were all shooting their loads into mouths.

Whether it was frustration from the lack of sex or just the heat of the moment but within a few minutes all three were ready to go again. They swapped around so they were sucking on a different cock than the first time. This time though it took longer for them to cum. The boys swallowed all the cum before cwtching up and going to sleep.

They had a shock the next morning when they were woken by Danny. He told them to get dressed because he was taking them out for the day, refusing to tell them where. After they'd had their breakfast and birthday things from their parents, Danny whisked them away. While they were in the car he sprang another surprise on them. The twins' parents were going to be leaving at lunchtime to see a show in London and wouldn't get home until the boys were back in school on Monday. Danny told them that he had agreed to look after them until they got home. All three boys were happy with the news.

Lucas was the first to work out that Danny was taking them to Alton Towers again. They all had fun going on ride after ride. Lucas saw the ride Th13teen advertised, it was one they hadn't gone on the last time they were there. He felt in a mischievous mood and dared Danny not to make a sound all the way round. Danny always up for a laugh took the dare but suggested they make it more interesting. He said that if he made a noise anywhere going around, he would let Lucas decide what he had to do, but if he kept quiet all the way around Lucas would have to clean his car inside and out. Lucas thought about it and decided he was on to a winner, so agreed. Liam and Aaron were sure Lucas was going to be cleaning the car; after all, Danny had just spent three years in the army.

Danny managed to stay quiet right up until the last few seconds of the ride. The cart dropped twice in quick succession in total blackness and it was on the second drop that Danny let out an audible 'Oh my god'. Seeing the look on Lucas' face when they got off the ride, Danny was certain he had just got himself into a whole lot of something. When he asked what Lucas wanted, all he got was a 'you'll see'.

They enjoyed the rest of the day, stopping for an hour to get some food. When they were in the car heading home, Lucas, Liam and Aaron talked about what they could have Danny do for losing the bet. Liam suggested that Danny spend the weekend as their slave, while Aaron was a little more conservative with his idea of Danny taking them to the beach the next day. Lucas came out with a number of different ideas. The more the boys talked, the more Danny realised just how much he'd underestimated the twins. Each new idea they talked about was more devious than the one before. He was glad to pull into the drive of the twins' house.

When they were in the house, Lucas announced that as the parents were gone for the weekend, their normal routine of wearing just their underwear was going to change. He said that as they were all used to seeing each other naked, there was no need for underwear the rest of the weekend; before he stripped down to his birthday suit. Liam and Aaron were already in on this plan as they'd discussed it while Danny was in the bathroom between rides, so were quickly following him.

Danny wasn't so sure about it, he had seen all three boys naked when they showered at the pool; but spending the whole weekend without clothes on was something he had never thought about even when he was alone, never mind with three teens around. He decided to keep his clothes on as he went about making some sandwiches for them to snack on.

While Danny was making food the boys took their clothes upstairs. When they were in the bedroom, they spent about five minutes making out before going back downstairs. As they walked into the kitchen they were oblivious to the one thing that Danny couldn't help but notice. All three were sporting erections. Danny was surprised at how comfortable they were showing them off, before he realised that they were used to seeing each other hard, he was the odd one out.

Although Danny considered himself straight, he was finding three cocks standing to attention a bit of a turn on. He didn't know whether it was the connection his mind made between erections and vaginas or whether there was more to it, and with one of those cocks belonging to his brother he wasn't sure he wanted to find out.

Liam wasn't going to let Danny sit around fully dressed when the rest of them were naked, he started by asking him how he was still dressed, when he got some feeble excuse of being busy making food for everyone, Liam got up and moved over to him and started to help lift his t-shirt off. When the other two saw what was happening, they joined in and within a few seconds, Danny was naked just like the other three.

Aaron was surprised to see his brother's cock wasn't as soft as he expected it to be when he pulled Danny's boxers down. With Danny naked, the four of them set about eating the food Danny had made.

When they were finished, Aaron said he'd do the couple of dishes as it was still the twins' birthday, but Danny suggested he leave them until they'd had pizza later, reasoning that it was pointless doing two lots of dishes. So with that decided; Lucas suggested they pick a few movies and watch them on the big telly in the living room.

While the twins were selecting the movies, Danny put his t-shirt and boxers on before going into the living room to turn the blinds so people couldn't see in. While he was doing that, Aaron was pouring drinks for them all; he was carrying them into the living room when Lucas and Liam came down the stairs. They went into the living room to see Danny sat in one of the chairs.

Liam suggested that they move the coffee table out of the way, chuck a few cushions down and then they could all get down on the floor together. He proposed that they cwtch up just like they would in the bedroom. He realised as he said it that the four of them couldn't cwtch up the same way he, Lucas and Aaron did, so he suggested he cwtch up to Danny while Lucas cwtched up to Aaron and then they'd swap around as the rest of the night went on.

As the others were sorting the furniture and cushions out, Liam put The Day After Tomorrow on before getting down on the floor and cwtching up to Danny. He instantly noticed a difference as Danny had hair on his chest that he found tickled at times. As the film played, he moved his hand all over Danny's stomach, enjoying the feeling of the hair under his hand before he left it resting just above Danny's pubes unsure of whether to go further or not.

Danny couldn't believe how good it felt having Liam rubbing his hand over his stomach and he found himself wanting Liam's hand to go lower until he could grab hold of his cock instead of stopping just short. He could also feel Liam's cock getting hard against him which was turning him on as well. He couldn't understand what was happening or why he was feeling like this; he'd always told his brother there was nothing wrong with it, so why should he worry, just let things happen and think about it another time.

The longer he felt Liam's hard cock pressing against his side, the more it turned him on and helped to make his own cock swell and harden, so much so it started to brush against Liam's hand.

Aaron and Lucas were enjoying being close too. Lucas had fun stroking Aaron's cock and rolling his balls around as well as getting a few long kisses in.

When the film finished Lucas got up to change the disc over, putting White Squall on. As he was up, Liam moved over to cwtch up to Aaron. When Lucas got down he cwtched up to Danny and got the same thrill of running his hands over Danny's stomach as Liam did. There was one major difference though, in that as Lucas moved his hand over Danny's stomach, he couldn't help brushing against Danny's cock, which was now fully erect and lying flat against his stomach. When Danny didn't offer any objections to Lucas' hand brushing against his cock, Lucas got more adventurous and started to do it more and more, before finally moving his hand down to cup Danny's balls.

While Lucas was moving his hand around his cock and balls, Danny moved his hand down Lucas' back till he was able to cup Lucas' arse, squeezing the cheeks every now and then. The more Lucas played with his cock, the more Danny found he wanted him to. It almost drove him mad with pleasure when he felt Lucas start to suck on his nipple. As Lucas continued to suck, Danny squeezed his arse, pulling him in tighter before finding his finger slipping down the crack of Lucas' cheeks.

Lucas feeling the finger slip in the crack, started to move his hips to try and get the finger into his hole. It didn't take Danny long to realise what Lucas was looking for, but being unsure of what he was doing, he ran his finger gently down the crack until he felt the anal muscle. He had a good feel around, pressing and releasing where he felt the right spot was. As he kept up pressing and releasing, he felt the muscle relaxing and getting larger but something didn't feel right. Then he had a thought and brought his hand up to his mouth and sucked on his finger to wet it before moving it back down to Lucas' ring. He did this a few times until he felt there was enough saliva around the muscle before trying to slip his finger in properly. It slid in so easy it surprised Danny a little, but it felt right to him somehow.

Liam feeling like he had missed out while he cwtched up to Danny, made up for it when he cwtched up to Aaron. The film had barely started when Liam took hold of Aaron's cock. He was content to just hold it while he explored Aaron's mouth with his tongue. Completely unaware of what Danny and Lucas were doing, Aaron started to play around with Liam's hole, pressing his finger around until he had it going in and out; Liam was helping by moving his hips so he was humping Aaron's leg. The pre cum that eventually leaked out made it more interesting. They saw very little of the film because their lips were locked together for most of it but Aaron did notice when the film seemed to be coming to an end.

He got up when the credits started to roll to put Thelma & Louise on, but as he put the disk in he thought he'd better use the toilet before they settled down for the film. As he was heading to the bathroom, the other three decided to do the same. Aaron didn't bother closing the bathroom door but he did have trouble using the toilet with an erection, something the other three found just as difficult.

While he was waiting for the others, Aaron went and made drinks for them all. Lucas and Liam were soon in the living room cwtching up together waiting for Danny and Aaron to get back. Aaron carried the drinks in on a tray and was just putting them down when Danny came in. Danny asked them if they were ready for pizza and if so, did they want to order it for delivery or get in the car and pick it up. Lucas was all for getting it delivered, but the other two wanted to pick it up. The next decision was whether all of them went to get it or just Danny. Aaron thought all four of them should go. After a few seconds thinking about it, Lucas and Liam agreed all going was the better option; so they all got dressed and headed to get the pizzas.

When they got back, the twins suggested they eat in the living room while watching the film, as they were taking their clothes off, but Danny refused, saying there was nothing wrong with sitting at a table to eat. Danny placed the pizzas on the worktop. As he was getting undressed, the twins got the plates out of the cupboard and Aaron got the drinks he had made before they left. All four tucked in and enjoyed the pizza.

While Aaron and Danny were doing the dishes, Lucas and Liam went back upstairs to get a few more films. When they got back downstairs with them, Danny was just finishing with the dishes and Aaron was in the living room setting Thelma & Louise to play.

When they were waiting for Danny, Lucas and Liam got down either side of Aaron and started to kiss and suck his nipples, gently pushing him onto his back. Within seconds Aaron's cock was standing at full mast and the twins' weren't far behind. So as Danny walked in and saw what was going on he couldn't miss the erections all three were sporting. Seeing Danny, Lucas and Liam got up and moved over to give him room to get down with Aaron.

Aaron was nervous about cwtching up to Danny. They had seen each other naked before but until earlier that day, they had never seen each other with erections and now he was going to be pressing his hard cock into his brother's side. Danny could feel his brother's nervousness but the only way to make him comfortable was to show that he was ok with what was happening.

Danny got down, gently pulling Aaron closer until Aaron's head was resting on his shoulder. With the hand he had behind Aaron, he started to stroke his back, moving his hand slowly, feeling all of Aaron's back and even brushing the top of his arse cheeks.

Seeing Aaron and Danny were ready, Liam started the film before he got down to cwtch up with his brother. He rested his head on Lucas' shoulder and started to move his hand over his stomach, noticing the difference between his brother and Danny.

Aaron found having his back stroked relaxing but it also turned him on. Like Lucas and Liam, Aaron slowly started to move his hand over his brother's stomach and chest. Feeling the hair under his hands was a new and interesting sensation.

It didn't take long with Liam's cock pressing against his side to turn Lucas on. He moved his hand to lift Liam's face so they could kiss. He pressed his lips against his brother's pushing his tongue in at the same time. As they were kissing, Liam moved his hand down to play with his brother's cock and balls. Remembering how Danny had sucked his finger a few times to help when he fingered his hole, Lucas did the same to his brother.

Danny was finding Aaron's cock pressing against him as much of a turn on as when he had the twins' cocks there. Just like he had with Lucas, Danny started to slide his hand further down Aaron's back until he could cup his arse cheeks. He fondled them for a while before he let his finger slide down the crack between them.

Liam enjoyed the feeling of having his brother's finger going in and out of his ring. He broke off the kissing and moved so he could start sucking on Lucas' cock while his brother continued to finger fuck him.

Aaron's hand brushed against Danny's cock a few times by accident, but when he felt his brother's finger find his hole, he couldn't help but start moving his hips to encourage Danny. He also started to move his head up towards his brother's. By coincidence, Aaron's lips brushed against Danny's just when Danny's finger entered Aaron's hole.

Feeling his brother's lips against his sent Danny into overdrive, he continued to move his finger in and out of Aaron's hole, but with his other hand he brought Aaron's lips back to his own. When he felt their lips lock, he pushed his tongue in to meet his brother's.

Lucas rolled Liam over onto his back and straddled him so they were in the sixty nine position; allowing them to both suck each other's cock while still letting him finger his brother's hole. This new position also allowed Liam to finger Lucas which he quickly started doing.

Aaron's mind exploded when he felt Danny's tongue wrestle with his own. It wasn't that he had always fancied Danny or even considered exploring each other's bodies, but actually doing it was more than he could have imagined. He reached out and started to play with Danny's cock and balls. It wasn't long before Aaron wanted to taste his brother's cock. He could already feel the pre cum Danny was leaking all over his hand. For a split second Aaron felt disappointed when he felt his brother stop fingering him, until he felt Danny move.

Seeing Lucas and Liam move into the sixty nine position, made Danny aware of just how much he wanted Aaron's cock in his mouth. So Danny moved his hand away from Aaron's arse so he could get himself into a better position for Aaron to straddle him. When he was flat on his back, he lifted his brother into position. He opened his lips and brought Aaron's cock towards them.

When Aaron felt himself being lifted he realised what his brother was doing and when he came down onto all fours, he quickly moved his mouth to start sucking Danny's cock. He even moved Danny's legs apart so he could play with Danny's arsehole at the same time. Aaron followed his brother's moves by wetting his finger before trying to push it into Danny's hole. Aaron couldn't believe how amazing it felt fingering and blowing Danny. He realised just how lucky Liam and Lucas were to have each other and couldn't thank Liam enough for instigating this.

Whether it was because they hadn't sucked each other off for so long, seeing Danny sucking cock for the first time, seeing Aaron sucking his brother's cock for the first time, seeing two other brothers enjoying pleasuring each other or a combination of all these, Lucas started shooting his load into Liam's mouth just as Liam was shooting his load. Both Lucas and Liam swallowed what shot into their mouths before Lucas moved around so they could cwtch and kiss while still watching Aaron and Danny.

Danny couldn't believe how amazing it felt having Aaron fingering him. The feeling made him want to go further and have Aaron fuck him, but he knew there was a whole lot of difference in wanting to and being ready to. Just as he was thinking how good it would feel to have Aaron's cock in his hole, Aaron's cum shot into his mouth.

The second he started to shoot his load into Danny's mouth Aaron realised his brother may not have wanted to have cum in his mouth but he didn't feel Danny moving so he concentrated on bringing Danny to climax.

Danny had always assumed that cum would taste vile and hadn't even tried to taste his own, but having Aaron's in his mouth allowed him to see if that assumption was true. He found there was nothing wrong with it, whether he could see himself wanting to swallow loads of it he didn't know, but he didn't feel the need to spit it out.

As Aaron continued to try and bring his brother to climax with his mouth and tongue, he also kept fingering him but to help him he used his other hand to stroke Danny's cock. A few minutes later Aaron got to taste his brother's cum. He swallowed it all before moving around to kiss Danny. As they kissed, Danny wrapped his arms around Aaron, pulling him in tight.

After a few minutes of kissing, Aaron slid off Danny's stomach so he was back where he had started when they began to watch the film. He quickly realised that they'd missed a lot of the film while they'd been exploring each other's bodies, so he suggested they switch it off and put another film on. Liam got up and put Wild America on before getting back down to cwtch up with Lucas.

When the film finished Danny suggested they turn in for the night and work out what they were going to do the next day when they got up. Lucas thought it was a good idea and suggested Danny and Aaron sleep together in the guest room while he and Liam sleep in their own. Danny said he didn't want to take his brother away from his boyfriends on their birthday. Liam said that he and Lucas had plenty of time to share Aaron but felt it was something Danny needed. Danny couldn't argue that, he still felt the need to have Aaron close.

Liam turned the telly off before all four of them headed upstairs. They all used the toilet and brushed their teeth before heading to the bedrooms. Aaron cwtched up to Danny and tried to go to sleep.

Danny hadn't been able to relax; feeling Aaron's naked body beside him, the memories of what they had done earlier, the desire he had to feel Aaron's cock pounding his hole, were all going around his head and he needed to talk about it.

Danny checked to see if Aaron was still awake before he asked if they could talk. He explained how, until earlier that day, the thought of sex of any kind with another boy had never entered his head, even after he came out to him; pointing out that he had never even jerked off in front of another bloke. He admitted that he had snogged plenty of girls, even fingered one or two and had a few give him a blow job, but he had never gone down on one which to him meant he had gone further with him than any girl he'd been with, as he had never fucked any of them.

Aaron didn't know how to help his brother because he had never been confused about his sexuality, what he did say though was that Danny didn't have to be gay just because of what they had done. As much as he had enjoyed it, he understood if Danny preferred it never happened again.

Danny lifted Aaron's face to look him in the eyes before telling him that it was the most special thing that had ever happened to him, and he wanted it to happen more, providing that didn't cause problems in his relationship with the twins.

Aaron asked him if they were to explore sex together, was it going to be limited to the two of them or if he could see himself doing something with Lucas and Liam, because he knew how their minds worked and was almost certain they both wanted to explore Danny's body further.

Danny knew the answer straight away. He had been turned on feeling Liam's naked body against his and more so when Lucas started to suck on his nipple. He explained to Aaron how he had felt when he was cwtched up to both brothers and how fingering Lucas felt right. Danny asked if that meant he had been fooling himself for years by thinking he was straight.

The only thing Aaron could say to try and help Danny was to ask if the thought of his cock being in a vagina, or going down on one with his tongue, filled him with excitement or revulsion. Danny thought about it and found it was something that made his cock react, which had to mean he found it exciting.

Aaron explained how the same thought filled him with revulsion; this told him that if he was still turned on by the thought of doing it with a woman, despite enjoying what they'd done earlier and desiring to do stuff with Lucas and Liam, it didn't mean he was gay, maybe bi or even straight with a little gay.

When Danny asked Aaron what he meant by straight with a little gay, Aaron explained how some men loved having sex with women but also found there was a special place in their lives for one particular boy or in Danny's case, three boys. He went on to ask Danny if, after what they had done, he wanted to do those same things with any boy or was it just with him and the twins.

Danny thought about it and found Aaron was right, he did only feel that way towards his brother and the twins. This helped settle him a little but he still found his attraction to those boys a little unsettling and realised it was something that he would have to adjust to over time. Danny asked Aaron if he and the twins had fucked each other yet or if they were waiting for a particular time.

Aaron explained that they'd rimmed and fingered each other but hadn't gone further, although he was certain there was a mutual desire to. When he asked why, Danny explained that while Aaron was fingering him, he'd wanted to feel his cock there and still did, but knew he wasn't quite ready for it. Aaron said that if that was how he felt, maybe all four of them should talk about it together. Danny kissed his brother deeply, before thanking him for opening up such a wonderful part to their relationship.

Aaron asked if there was anything else on his mind. When Danny said there wasn't, he suggested they try and go to sleep or they'd be too tired for anything the next day. Aaron gave him one last long kiss before cwtching back down, gently stroking Danny's stomach.

As Danny woke the next morning he found that he had rolled over onto his side during the night and was spooning Aaron, with his hard cock pressed between them and his hand holding Aaron's cock. He slowly started to stroke Aaron's cock as he began to move his hips in and out. The movements helped wake Aaron, who lay there enjoying the feeling of what his brother was doing for, and to him. He particularly enjoyed the feeling of Danny humping him. He remembered back to the morning he had done something similar with Liam. He remembered how good it felt with his cock going in and out between Liam's legs so he reached back and moved Danny's cock so it was between his legs just below his own balls.

Danny wondered what Aaron was doing to begin with, until he could feel his cock sliding between Aaron's legs. He started to pump in and out and within a few seconds there was enough pre cum leaking to lubricate Aaron's legs enough to help his cock slide even easier. He couldn't believe how amazing this feeling was, he moved around so he could nibble on Aaron's ear at the same time. Seconds before he shot his load on Aaron's legs, Aaron came. After a few moments to recover, Aaron got up to look for something to clean up with; he found a pair of Danny's boxers. When he had finished cleaning up he got back onto the bed pushing Danny onto his back before straddling him, kissing him deeply while grinding his cock against his brother's.

Around the same time Danny was shooting his load over Aaron's legs, Lucas was waking up in the other room to his brother sucking his cock. He wasn't going to let Liam have all the fun, so shifted so he could suck Liam's cock as well. The boys lay on their sides sucking each other until they had both shot cum into their brother's mouth. Rather than swallowing, they kept it on their tongues until they kissed. Liam let the cum he had slide into Lucas' mouth where it mixed with his own before Lucas shared it with him.

They both got up after spending a few more moments snogging to find Danny and Aaron in the kitchen making toast. When they sat down, Danny placed a plate in front of each of them before Aaron offered them the toast.

While they were eating, Danny brought up the conversation he and Aaron had had before they went to sleep. He explained about the feelings he'd had when cwtching up to Liam and how he'd really enjoyed having Lucas play with his cock while he fingered him and how he hoped they could do more together in the future but understood if they felt differently.

Liam said he and Lucas had talked when they went to bed as well. The main topic of the conversation was Danny. Liam was jealous that Lucas had managed to play with his cock and got fingered by him. They had both found watching Danny and Aaron sucking each other's cocks extremely hot. They also discussed how they both wanted a chance to do the same with Danny assuming both he and Aaron were ok with it.

Lucas explained that when Danny was fingering him the night before, he couldn't get the idea of having Danny's cock there instead of his finger. He also said that it wasn't the first time he had thought about someone's cock being there and it was an idea he and Liam had talked a lot about. They had done a bit of research on it and found that while a lot of places didn't offer the best advice, there did seem to be a consensus that said stretching the muscles for a period of time before attempting anal sex was the better way to go.

Aaron asked him what he meant by stretching and Lucas explained how a few sites described getting a number of different sized butt plugs or dildos. Starting with the smallest size you could get you'd wear it for perhaps an hour each day to get your muscles used to something being there. After a week or so you could move up a size and repeat it until you had reached a size similar to a normal cock. That should mean that when you attempted to have proper anal sex it wouldn't hurt you or damage you either.

Danny went on to explain he had felt the same as Lucas had when Aaron was fingering him. He asked if Lucas or Liam had looked at getting the butt plug. As they weren't eighteen they weren't able to go to the local sex shops and buy them or use credit cards to get them online either. Danny suggested that if it was something the four of them were going to try together, then it was possible for him to get them.

Lucas was the first to ask what they were going to do with the day. Aaron thought that it was unlikely Danny would have another chance in the near future to be alone with Lucas and Liam which meant it was the best time for them to explore each other's bodies. They had all day and the night which meant there was no rush for them to do everything in one go. He came out with the idea that they repeat what they had done the night before. Watch a few films while cwtching up to each other. Liam was thinking the same thing and quickly agreed with Aaron.

So with their food finished, Liam and Lucas did the few dishes while Aaron and Danny cleared the rest of the things away before they went into the living room to watch the telly.

Liam put Thelma & Louise on before he got down and cwtched up to Danny. He kept his head close to Danny's so they were able to kiss for the first time. They were enjoying a deep kiss when he began to move his hand over Danny's hairy chest and stomach. Danny moved his hand up and down Liam's back before settling on Liam's arse, finding the crack with his finger just like he had with Lucas and Aaron the night before.

Aaron and Lucas just enjoyed cwtching up to each other.

After pressing his finger around Liam's hole for a bit, he brought his hand up to add saliva to his finger before transferring it to its target. Liam jumped when he felt the wet finger poke around his hole but quickly settled. While Danny had been starting to play with his hole, Liam began to fondle Danny's cock and balls and even straying down a bit further to his hole. When he felt Danny's finger slide easily into his hole, Liam moved his head so he could taste Danny's cock for the first time.

Aaron was surprised at how turned on he felt watching Danny and Liam go at it. He moved so he could get Lucas on his back before he went down to start rimming him. Lucas wasn't going to be the only one left out though and he moved so he was under Aaron so he could suck Aaron's cock while he was getting rimmed.

It wasn't long before the film was ignored for the second time as each boy concentrated on exploring the body of the boy he was with.

Lucas and Aaron were well versed in what each other liked, so it didn't take them long to bring each other to climax. After they had both relaxed a little, Aaron moved around so he could kiss Lucas and share the cum he had in his mouth. Sharing the cum after they had climaxed had been something he had missed the previous year. After kissing and sharing the cum with each other, Aaron and Lucas cwtched down and watched their brothers enjoy each other.

It wasn't long after his brother had climaxed that Liam was shooting his load down Danny's throat while continuing to bring Danny close. When Danny shot his load into Liam's mouth, Liam kept the cum on his tongue before he moved up to give some of it to Danny. They continued to kiss and tongue wrestle for a while before Liam cwtched down into Danny's shoulder.

When he saw his brother and Danny were finished and happy, Lucas suggested that they go to the pool for a bit, saying that they could spend a few hours having fun at the pool and still have plenty of time to have fun back in the living room.

Danny pointed out he didn't have a swimsuit when Aaron suggested that one of his Speedos would fit him, and they were in the twins' bedroom so they didn't have to go to their home to get them.

On the way back from the pool, Lucas suggested they stop at McDonalds and get some food to save cooking, but Danny wouldn't entertain the idea. He said he could cook burgers that were healthier and tasted better. He pulled into a supermarket to buy the things he needed to make the burgers before heading home.

Lucas allowed Danny to keep his clothes on when he was cooking, so no stray splash of oil or something scolded him, but insisted that when the cooking was finished, he get naked again.

When he had eaten his second, Lucas admitted that the burgers Danny'd made for them, were better than the ones he'd had from McDonalds in the past. There wasn't any left over when they'd all finished and just like the day before, Danny suggested they leave the dishes till they'd had their tea later in the day.

Rather than watching another film, Danny asked if there was any objection to putting the football on. When none were voiced, they all got down on the floor. Aaron cwtched up with Liam and Lucas got down with Danny.

Lying there watching the football with Lucas gently stroking his chest, Danny started to wonder about what had happened that weekend. He still couldn't believe he had sucked two cocks and was close to sucking a third. Nor could he believe that he had wanted Aaron to fuck him and still did for that matter. He started to wonder if by allowing the boys to get him off, he was taking advantage of them. But then he remembered how much closer he felt towards Aaron, holding him in his arms after they had brought each other to climax.

Lucas continued to stroke Danny's chest and stomach, enjoying the feel of the chest hair under his fingers. He found Danny stroking his back a massive turn on, it wasn't long before his cock was hard and poking at Danny's leg. He moved so he could kiss Danny before he started to suck his cock.

Aaron and Liam weren't far behind Lucas in looking to suck on each other's cocks and it soon became another round of two couples in a sixty nine position. Lucas copied his brother in sharing Danny's cum with him before cwtching down again. Aaron and Liam shared each other's before they cwtched down.

Sleep soon took over all four boys. When they woke up it was getting dark out and they realised they'd all slept for a few hours. Danny asked if the boys wanted pizza again or if they wanted a Chinese or Indian takeaway, he told them to think about it while they got dressed. Liam and Lucas loved sweet and sour dishes so opted for the Chinese, while Aaron only said he didn't want pizza again. Danny had fancied Chinese himself so when they were all in the car he headed to a local takeaway where they got a few different dishes before heading home.

Also on their trip out Danny stopped at the Blockbuster store where they rented a few movies to see them through the night. As soon as they were in the house, Liam insisted they stripped off before they sat down to eat.

After they'd all had their fill, the four of them worked together to clean the kitchen, before going back into the living room and cwtching up to watch the movies they'd just rented. For the rest of the night, Aaron and Danny cwtched up together as did the twins. They watched two films with nothing more than a few long kisses being shared.

It was after midnight when Danny said it was definitely time they all went to bed as they had to be up for school. Aaron and the twins didn't argue and all four headed up to the bedrooms. Danny not wanting to assume what the sleeping arrangements were going to be, asked his brother who he was going to spend the night with. Aaron told him that as he slept with the twins every weekend and he didn't know when he'd get the chance to share his brother's bed again, he was going to sleep with him.

Later that night, Danny could tell Aaron was sleeping, but his mind was going over what he had said earlier about not knowing when he'd get the chance again. He knew his parents wouldn't understand the change in his relationship with Aaron, especially when he couldn't explain how it had happened. So knowing this, he also deduced that there was no chance of lying in bed with his brother in his arms while he still lived at his parent's house. This meant he needed to find a place of his own. He was going to start a well-paid job in a couple of weeks' time thanks to a buddy he'd made in the army. That should mean he had plenty of chances of getting his own place. The decision he needed to make though was how big a place. He could just hear what his mother and father would say, if he had a one bedroom flat and agreed to have his brother spend the night. The only way to keep their sleeping arrangements between the four boys was to get a flat or house with at least two bedrooms. As soon as he had worked that out, his mind started to drift off to sleep.

Not wanting to get Aaron or the twins' hopes up about how soon they could repeat the weekend they'd all just enjoyed, he kept the decision he'd made to find his own place to himself. Aaron and the twins went off to school leaving Danny waiting for Myfanwy and her husband to get home from London.

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